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nyanbo thread

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This shit already got lewd.


As close as to a Yotsuba anime we will ever get.

This is pretty well made and enjoyable, though it hardly counts as anime. And people expecting some kind of Yotsuba spinoff will be disappointed too.

What a slut.

>though it hardly counts as anime
What board should we take it too?

>And people expecting some kind of Yotsuba spinoff will be disappointed too.
I don't think they even know nor care about it hence only 3 people.

This warmed my cold, whithered heart.

Someone shop cum into that image.

Enjoy your ban.

>Romi Park
>Rie Kugimiya
>Naruto's VA
>Yuko Sanpei back from maternity leave

Pretty stacked cast for a 3D kids short.

>reddit/imgur filename

Holy shit

Can someone make a webm of the cat playing with the nyanbos?

Maybe Yotsuba will bring m00t back.

I don't know how to feel. Fuck.

feel sad

Sorry it took too long, I needed to figure out how to disable subs and convert to vp8 since I updated ffmpeg.


Is it just me or does rendering on all the Nyanbos make them look like pencil erasers? You know, the really smooth shitty kind.

>Hipster photography made Danbo more popular than Yotsuba herself

We /metaphysical/ now

>cat banana
>now cat box

This is really high quality for a 5 min kids short

This shit is cute, might as well keep up with it.

Nice double Triplets OP
I really enjoy it, and the ED really make me hope for a Yotsuba anime sometime in the near future

Shiro and Tora are way too cute.

>>Yuko Sanpei back from maternity leave
She's finally voicing iDOLM@STER's Ryo Akizuki again, too.

They look like they're made of plastic rather than cardboard. What's really weird is that they even have that feel of slight translucency you'd expect from thinner plastic, so it must be a specific choice for the materials.

so cute

nice trips but how does this show compare with the masterpiece from last season (bananya)


How long is this? Is it another 2 minute show or is it a bit longer?

5 minutes

5 mins

What if this is a proof on concept for a 3D Yotsub& anime?

I felt sad yet happy. I want to believe she sung the OP

Why this ;_;


It very cute.

sound version

They are aliens! So it might be weird space material.

Why is Shirou such a slut?

Same VA.

This is it. This is AOTY.

I just realized they're in an attic they snuck into through the sunroof.

Azuma will never allow perfection like Yotsuba to be adapted and sullied. Give it up.

>and the ED really make me hope for a Yotsuba anime sometime in the near future
If it's CG like the ED we fucking riot

What the fuck is up with all of the Amazon product placement?

Fixed sound version. Seek broken.

What the fuck was his problem?

bad catnip

He's a fucking cat, he probably thinks the nyanbos are weird-looking mice.

>EP2: 00d 03h 56m


I never bothered with watching ANY of the Gatari shows.

This was painful.

I wonder if all those Cred Forums fags that made that stupid frog popular even know who she is.

which is better, this or nyabanana?

why the spoiler?

Because I did not want it to hurt anyone else.

Its going to be a comfy season that all 7 of us can enjoy huh?

who cares

It has been posted several times and I post it again.

The first time we see Yotsuba animated and she's 3D

Just because they don't care about that doesn't mean I don't.
It hurts everytime I see it no matter how many times its been posted.

Wait, I didn't come here in a year; what the fuck is going on?

She could had been a deplorable.



Cat version of Danbo inspired an anime.
Yotsuba is animated in the ED.


>the spoiler image is Yotsuba as well




Now in webm!

Shit, forgot to crop out the first second

Here is the webm version.
Sound version:


I wouldn't mind a CG Yotsuba anime.

They probably call her the 404 girl.

>404 girl... that's a name I haven't heard in years

I didn't know what was so bad until I saw this.

So why does it hurt? I don't seem to feel any pain.

>I wouldn't mind a CG Yotsuba anime.

I am here to stay.
CG Yotsuba anime is better than no Yotsuba anime.

no it isn't

You probably liked new berserk too didn't you?

I haven't watched it.

Then you do not know pain.

I do not know pain then.

You should've posted that webm where Nina slaps Casca instead.

>all those dupes

Kuro a best.

Who likes Shiro?

great now I have a Nyanbo folder.

Are box cats > banana cats?
box banana cats

What happens if I eat a banana cat?

What happens if I eat a box cat?

It gets digested I guess.

It wouldn't taste good.

cardboard is an acquired taste.


thanks, looks nice. i should probably learn to make webms myself, there a guide over at worksafe gifs but I'm lazy.

>hardly counts as anime
well, it's voiced by seyjuus and it's aired by crunchyroll and subbed by horriblesubs, so it's anime in my book.
it'd be fun to show it to my niece and nephew, the quality was rather good.

Its not really hard, the only challenging part is burning subtitles in the video and getting the file size right at file size limit.

i used to make funny youtube videos with videolan and some editing before, I made a Suguha edit with crawling in my skin four years ago that was pretty funny.

So if a film is voiced by "seyjuus" then it anime?
>subbed by horriblesubs
Its ripped automaticly by horriblesubs

>Its ripped automaticly by horriblesubs
.. that's the joke.

I forgot it was a joke.