One Piece

Well Viz cleared everything and confirmed the 4 brothers are regular kids that got modified.
Plus the whole Momji stuff.

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first for reiju a bitch

>viz cleared it up
Well it only cleared it up for the autistic. I thought it was pretty clear

Sanji and Nami are a miracle of the universe.
I love both of them lots and lots



She's still a bitch

In the next chapter of One piece

Dadji made his wife have quintuplets with science. Momji dies in childbirth.

I thought the same but Dadji tells Sanji to stop following his mom's shadow so that means Sanji did meet his mom.

you're getting a you

>four children
So, poison-eating sister is not part of the program?

Yes and what makes it more amazing that she was able to keep up with the other 3 with their training.

Just another mistake I think. Because in the first page of the flashback he is talking to all 5.

user she's just as modified. That's why she can't gulp down poison without problems.

>Gin left the scene, to "die" of poison off-screen
>Reiju can suck poison out of people
>Gin promised Sanju they will see each other on the Grand Line
>Germa 66 has information about Baratie, maybe from someone who has been there

Nah, don't worry, I will not spam this shit in every thread like all those other faggots who like specific one-arc-characters. I still find it an interesting connection to make, but I doubt we will see Gin again.

Friendly reminder that cedar the pharmacist will be joining after this arc

>That's why she can't gulp down poison without problems.
or she ate a devil fruit

I don't think so. I think he's just talking about them since they were all literally born basically at the same time.

>m-my daddy doesnt make mistakes
You are a retard,
Heres the page, he is clearly talking to all 5. Notice how Reiju responds dumbass

user of course he would be talking to her. She's genetically modified as well. But the doctor his self was stating how all which were born at the same time was modified at the same time(reiju is older and was done before them) and it should have worked, seeing as they are all the same being quadruplets. But sanji's didn't seem to take out of the four. So stop being retarded

Yeah could be but I doubt she would be able to keep up and beat genetically modified kids. And we have yet to see her wings when she doesn't have her suit on.

>Ichicji wears a black shirt instead of white
I'm sure this is of some significance

Is there an archive of the viz weekly scans of OP somewhere? Sick of reading mangastream for some of this slightly older but relatively current stuff.

He's also not in sequential order

Yeah he's the leader of the bunch

>inb4 another fucking chapter that takes place before the wedding rehearsal

>reading comprehension
reiju is older. the doctor was monitoring the new batch.

Post Sanji and Nami kissing please

can someone tell me what he means by this?

Shits been spammed constantly. It has lost all meaning.

There won't be no wedding rehearsal. Idiot


the family get together or whatever

Oh yeah, they are having dinner. But next chapter will most likely be Chopper and carrot stuff.
If not what happened with Luffy

caesar for nakama get

Hody Jones should have been a revolutionary like Hack, at least from an in universe perspective if he wasn't so immature and edgy
They both face the same problem,Prejudice against their kind but Dragon is trying to attack the source of the problem
Jones chose the easy way with short term results and failed

It seems to be a flashback chapter. They have a lot to uncover yet, like how Sanji escaped, who is the mother, how did he crossed the Red Line...

But Hody Jones' entire motivation was prejudice and hatred.

Reiju was likely the first experiment as she's older. The training program was specifically for the four boys, which she also got involved in because you know..more training.

>Retard of the thread

Where is any indication she's not older? She refers to all of the boys as little brothers and she is evidently older as she is taller/more mature than the boys even when they lined up at the beginning. Her being numbered zero indicates she was pre-made, coming before the 1-4. She also completed the tasks they all did with ease greater than the other boys.

>Claiming it's Oda's mistakes when you can't interpret information

Shit antagonist

I don't think you understood Hody Jones's motivation if you think he wanted change.

I don't understand. Oda is revolutionary?


Let's make this a Robin thread

She can ate my dick

>She's still years away from reappearing

this slut is not needed

*Books: Noland the Liar
Nice touch.

>no domino
what the fuck is this shit

>you will never EVER lick Perona's sweaty dirty sour lolita feet after a hot summer day


It's been 723 chapters later and we still haven't seen even a glimpse of this said island.

It's just so amazing how big One Piece is, to the point that one lifetime might not be enough for it.

>Has Oda elaborated on this Joyboy dude yet?

The wikia page summed up some stuff from the manga which I forgot.


not for another few years at least

Not yet. That's a long way out I imagine.
I've got a feeling it may come up after Wano. I don't see it being a massive/major arc however. Basically by the time we get there it'll be after the stand off with Kaido, and I don't really see there being many major enemies beyond Kaido aside from BB/Sakazuki.

Come to think of it, it makes me a little sad to think that Kaido is up next, because once he's faced there wont be any threaten villains left (aside from the two above), meaning the chances of getting any more major arcs with antagonists are lowered considerably.

Well, we just don't know what the WG has up their sleeves. They are clearly arming up with Pacifistas, so the Navy really isn't their only army force.

The true biggest threat might come from the celestial dragons rather than BB, and that might be revealed at the Reverie. We will have to wait and see, but I do agree with you that after Kaido there isn't really much left.

Well, who knows what Oda has saved for us? Enel is on the moon after all, Vegapunk is a thing...

Elbaf doesn't exist. Read it backwards.

Fuck it I'll take a random stab at the antagonists faced in the future by Luffy following on from Cracker:
>Luffy vs Cracker
(Likely has just won this)
>Luffy vs Weevil
(Educated guess that he's around Cracker level)
>Luffy vs Kaido
(Team fight, with at least 2 other people)
>Luffy vs some giant antagonist on Elbaf, likely around admiral level
>Luffy vs Ryokugyu
If Luffy defeats an admiral solo, it'll prove his worth as Kaido will be a team fight)
>Luffy vs Blackbeard
Fight for One Piece
>Luffy vs Akainu
Fight for the world's outcome

That's all I can imagine for now.

>Well, who knows what Oda has saved for us? Enel is on the moon after all, Vegapunk is a thing...
I don't know if Vegapunk will end up being all that antagonistic to be hoenst. He seems like a neutral person. Also, Enel confirmed his return but that'll likely be during the final war, in which I think he'll side with Luffy.

Is the girl to the far left who's hidden behind a tree supposed to be her or Rouge?

Akainu is not much higher than the other Admirals, Luffy defeating an ordinary Admiral is just plain unnecessary and won't show any growth.

>Sanji is reading a book about Devil Fruits
>It's how he knew about Absalom's fruit
>It might be the book Vegapunk wrote.

looking forward to seeing how pudding reacts around big mom during the upcoming dinner.

bad news user itll be around christmas or new years before any real progress happens as far as the wedding is concerned. Think about how long Dressrosa lasted, and that was just a few hours. When they say the dinner tomorrow, that means it's a good 2-6 years away.

the upper left panel reminds me of the it's Goofy time meme

"it's time to not cook"

"no dad no"

Well they're having a meeting with BM and pudding that day. I doubt we will be seeing what happened to luffy next chapter. So either we get more flashback or we're shown the dinner

The current arc isn't anywhere nearly as congested as Dressrosa was for now

it takes roughly 80 days to sail around the earth hitting every continent. How long have the mugiwaras been traveling for in-universe? maybe 6 months?

We've already transversed though at least 3 days in Totland in not many chapters. This "all arcs will take several years" meme isn't applicable outside of Dressrosa

Please Oda, give us another Vinsmoke chapter this week.

I want a Jinbe or Brook chapter.

Yea but log poses and weather and shit

Naw I prefer for oda to wrap shit up. Like I feel he should have shown what happened to jinbe instead of leaving it on a cliffhanger, or the ending of luffy fight. Brooks the only one who hasn't ended on a cliffhanger really. So I just want sanji to go to at least the dinner before it switches

Remember dressrosa? Oda set up all the fights then put all the executives down from 770-780 or so. It took like 1.5 years of set up...

Oh yea. I hadn't considered the flashback. Okay, the story may stick with Sanji for now but after the flashback it well jump to another storyline.

>Luffy and Law finally make it to the castle to face Doffy + Trebol ~ch760
>jump to two month flashback
>flashback over ch768
>send luffy to bottom of castle with bellamy, law left upstairs
>proceed to executives falling for the next ~4 months

It took like 6 months from Luffy + Laws initial confrontation with Doffy to the actual fighting.

You take that back.

For the love of god, don't go back to Luffy's crappy fight then go on break next week.

So its basically confirmed that Sanji could 1v4 his siblings, right? I mean, we know that hes a jobber but for this storyline of Sanji, the normal human, to be driven home he really has the wipe the ground with all of them at some point.

It's what most of us are waiting for, yes.

It's pretty obvious. He almost wiped the floor with Ninji and he already kicked Yonji's ass.

He could easily defeat Niji, Yonji and Dadji.
Ichiji will probably be his main enemy.

I feel like Ichiji is the guy who's actually going to turn out good. Yonji and Niji would be bitter assholes but Ichiji would respect Sanji if he realises Sanji got stronger.

I'm basing that on thin air but eh, it's just a feeling.

Interesting perspective. I could see it. Pressure from being the strongest got to Ichiji and he has a different opinion on the family than either Niji or Yonji.

We're not due for a break until the following week aren't we? We're back to 4 chapters on 1 off

And I feel like it's a common trope. The Strongest in a Family tends to be the nice guy. Relatively nice in this case. Of at least has a different outlook from the others.

>Fishman Island has 5 million population
>all of it got subdued by 6 Fishmen on drugs and a 4 legged psychopath with a lame devil fruit
For fucks sake.

Why doesn't Shirahoshi just command sea kings to find raftel?

>Syria has 23m people
>all of them are forced to accept Islam, women being treated like meat and civil war that was started by a tiny minority and instead decides to flee the country instead of defending their turf and forcing a democracy to be established

Oda never forgets

Because Raftel isn't something you can just stumble upon.
Cred Forums pls

>6 Fishmen
You forgot the 100.000 soldiers army.

But its the exact same situation. The Hodi and his niggers were as strong as hundreds if not thousands of normie fishmen.

don't forget the steroids or crystal meth

Jog my memory, but where is the current Zou team headed? Kinemon's team is already splitting off to go to Wano and Neko's is looking for Marco, but is the Zou team leading Zunisha somewhere in particular or are they just still travelling to who knows where?

Momo wants to learn more about Zunisha or figure out how to talk to it more or something along those lines.

inb4 it's revealed that Dadji has some weird ass hair color like smaragdine in the next volume cover and Momji is the blonde one.

Yeah, but are they headed anywhere in particular? I actually forgot the four teams and thought it was 3, and I thought that the Wano team was still on Zunisha and it was walking to Wano. We know that the Momo needs to be present for Wano so I'm surprised they didn't stay on Zunisha and direct it towards there.

wherever the elephant feels like going

I fucking love One Piece.

Nah, Zunisha is just walking. Maybe Momo will learn to command it and go to Wano with it.

Generic soldiers of which the Royal family has more of, and they are even more well equipped.


Next chapter will most likely go like this:
>continuation of the sad flashback
>some tear-jerking revelation
>back to present Sanji after-beating
>"So you better do what you're told, Sanji, or else *insert threat to baratie or okamas*"

And then two options:
-> First
>we get back to Luffy v. Cracker
>Cracker beat up and Luffy exhausted
>"Sanji I'm coming for you!!"


-> Second:
>Sanji is brought to BM + Pudding
>small chit-chat, Sanji still defiant, Pudding blushing
>some 'shocking' revelation about Vinsmoke/BM's plans

Sprinkle some Pedro&Brook, Chopper&Carrot, or BMs crew/related bits here and there and that's it.

>end of ch.841
there will be no One Piece next week

I don't know why, but I can't stop myself as seeing Niji being red. Normally blue comes first before red, leaning towards Ichiji being blue, as well as red being a more evil/sinister colour and blue being more calm/cool, and based on this the red/blue coordination of them should be swapped. Ichiji seems a little more neutral/good than Niji too, which makes me feel like the blue would suit him better.

>there will be no One Piece next week
It's only been two weeks since the last break.

Have you ever seen a super sentai?

does big bad beetleborgs count

As in the leader being red? Yeah I guess, but character-wise it feels a little obscure to me.
Also, is Sanji the yellow or black one? I see his character colour as both/either.

Does anyone else think the wedding would be a perfect time for Vegapunk's introduction? Both his former partners Caesar and Judge are present.

He's over with Smoker and Tashigi

That was like 2 weeks ago.

Which of the Yonko crew would you join?

I'd join Kaido, he seems pretty awesome.


3 Sweet Commandres

whos the fourth one?

Shanks or Kaido's

If you're notable enough you get a Wife when you join Big Mom, although it is a bit of a gamble what she'll look like

why'd yo turn her into mecha krillin

what about the Savory Commanders?
Cheese and Nuts
Peserpero seems to be the candy minister

what if Cheese ate a devil fruit that allowed him to make himself into fromunda cheese

Hodi is an ass, but he isn't wrong. He showed a good example of how bad an idea it is to leave murders and crazies walking unpunished.

One Piece is so full of stupid character who are in love with ideals and utopia.

>Jinbe praises her for being an angel with more strength of character than anyone on FI for this







I don't think I've ever wanted to see a group of characters get their shit pushed in so hard for a long time.

Jinbe completely underestimated the severity of the situation, and overestimated himself.

Brook really is such a great character. It's a shame there are so many low-level readers of this series that can't see characters beyond the basics.

Forgiving Hody and following Otohimes will was a nice idea but only if he regrets it, otherwise you're just letting a killer go free
Shirahoshi is the most naive and ignorant character in One Piece anyway

You don't have to hate a violent murderer to want him locked up

Why does Keimi have such large breasts? She has a rather modest bust by One Piece standards. It was a nice change of pace.

>One Piece girls just chilling, if a bit lewdly dressed
>brunette with a BDSM gag getting molested by a blonde
Who the fuck even are those girls?

>Who is Baby5 and Sadi-chan
Did you skip Impel Down, PH and Dressrosa user?

The art style threw me off. They really don't look anything like the official style there, even among the other similarly changed designs. It's also been awhile since Impel Down and I guess the crazy female assassin didn't leave much of an impression on me. I can remember a lot now that she's been pointed out to me, but honestly I just sort of forget her because of the limited role in the overall plot.

I keep thinking I need to reread the entire thing, and I keep not being able to work up the time for it. Which means I delay it and the potential reread only grows longer.

Just read a few chapters whenever you have time. I've reread 3 times now whilst having to deal with full-time study and work so it's definitely do-able, and extremely worth it.

I forgot what a cutie Sadi-chan was. Shame her pussy is now getting wrecked by poison dick.

Possibly fake spoilers on onepiece-naruto are out.

It says we'll get another Vinsmoke chapter.

>Luffy defeating an ordinary Admiral is just plain unnecessary and won't show any growth
Why? As is the current kind of ranking is Doflamingo < Yonko commander < Admiral so Luffy beating an admiral would reinforce his advancing. Sakazuki now is probably around Yonko level too. He wasn't far off during Marineford.

Reminder that Oda said Sakazuki would be pirate king in 6 months if he tried.

Most likely fake spoilers
I hold no trust to the fanfic trickery they try to pull out each week
It's embarassing how they keep pushing it, I dont know how people keep taking them seriously
However, I can see this chapter being a full and dull nothing-happens flashback

>Possibly fake spoilers on onepiece-naruto are out.

Please for the love of god get the fuck out

It will be a flashback chapter, I'm sure of it.

Make me faggot.


I have transcended beyond needing to explain why I post this every thread

I have a request Cred Forums. Can someone compile an image showing every manga page where Blackbeard has just slammed someone into the ground.

I know he did it to Sharky's in Bellamy's crew.
To Hannyabal
and to Luffy.

There's just something so based about the way he just casually does it every time

>Why? As is the current kind of rankin
stopped righ there

Haki sure made a ground 0 point, specially against logia users, but OPs powers and strength are pretty far from falling on a objectively measurable scale



>spend 20 years looking for a fruit that lets you do what you can accomplish with haki
Until he grabbed Whitebeard's fruit power I thought Teach was kind of a dumbass.

that's Zou

How is Luffy supposed to beat Big Mom, Kaido and this fucking guy?

fuck you, I really need to know

He needs to learn to rubber EVEN HARDER

he might not have had the talent to learn haki. who knows, maybe he is just a massive idiot

But he injured Shanks.

he'll awaken his fruit to create a bouncy castle and use spring hopper deluxe

Refer to The Beatle's song "With a Little Help From My Friends"

I suppose you would need the perception haki for that, but not necessarily the color of arms.

Luffy will eat Bellamy to combine their devil fruit powers and use the power of friendship for a final nakama rubber spring attack that is nuclear.

Can't wait to see how Reiju saved Sanji.

So wait what kid of devil fruit lets you transform into a murder of crows?

you're on the same delusion boat as /onepiece-naruto/fags
think about that carefully

These are all his "slamming" scenes iirc. Excuse the half colour/half b/w, turns out kissmanga has removed a shit ton of coloured chapters and the b/w for earlier ones seem to have gone back to shit quality.


Why would you need haki to do that? Shanks isn't a logia.

I was more referring to the "no talent, massive idiot" stuff.

Yeah batoto and powermanga got nuked too I think. Fucks sake. I may just get Viz scans now that I have a job.

Actually scrap that one guys, I remembered I had the other two scenes saved from a while back.

And yeah it's a pain in the ass, I'm running out of places to reread.

That wouldn't be a problem if you bought the tanks like I have. Ohohoho!

Good now we can use this image to revel in Blackbeard's greatness and to use against shit posters

I would buy the entire series if they released a coloured version; perhaps one day in the future.

>that bulging vein when he's chopping Ace's neck
>those tendons
Little details make all the difference.

Let's be real here, a handful of strong people in OP can destroy infinite fucking mooks and no names.

There is a coloured series, it uses Oda's colour scheme too

>early viz
No thanks

Yeah, that's what I've been using to date, but parts of it keeps getting taken down from the sites.

Crow Logia

Just download the bakabt torrent. That compliles all the best quality scanlations, including Nitoryu's HQ redone volumes.

It's a zoan. The dwarf zoan users were shown to call animals bugs similar to their species.

So Sanji didn't want the invisibility fruit for peeping but for escaping his abusive family?

What if Sanji's brothers fought in the battle where Nami and Nojiko where found by Bellmer?

They would have only been like 3 years old, which would be before their training began in this chapter.

Agreed, this is still my least favorite scene in the whole series.

What if the five Vinsmoke kids can form or power a giant robot?
Also, all five kids were vital to Judge's plans, so does that mean Sanji has a replacement?

Damn the feels... Well can't wait for Sanji to kick every single one of their asses with his fire haki flambage shots.

oh right. Well maybe Judge could have been involved, he is obsessed with North Blue, and we don't know where Bellmer found Nami and Nojiko, IIRC, it could have been North Blue or maybe he was already running his mercenary business around, alongside the scientific research with Vegapunk

No but his is on another level. Haki only allows you to touch real bodies. His compelety cancels them out.

>i-I have never powerrangers
How about you go google up the episode when all the leaders from every generation comes together

Who is he?


It's going to happen whether you like it or not.

it won't though. sanji hates her.

Well my country has no issues with the translations.

That doesn't necessarily mean he met her

I don't believe that.

>sanji hates her
I don't think sanji really hates her(well at least before the handcuffs) even though she's a bitch, all she really did was laugh at him to fit him.


Well aren't you mentally challenged


> Laughed at him
> Never took his side once
> Was a casual observer through

Reiju is actually worse than her brothers. They are pricks sure but at least I know they are pricks who are true to their nature rather then someone who supports me but doesn't want to be seen doing it.

Fuck Reiju. She is a coward.

cara, vai se fude
voce simplemente acorda todo dia e pensa"nossa, vou fuder o topico do one piece postando esse lixo de casal que eu me maturbo pensando neles todo dia porque sou um gordo miseravel e perdedor"
se nao for um gordo aposto que voce é um japones de merda com um pinto de cinco centimetro.
seu lixo!
ve se crece seu merda
para de posta essa merda
faz um topico so pra fala disso seu filho de um puta

Sounds like you have sister problem buddy. Does she treat you bad?

>they should swap since blue is calm/cool while red evil.

Ichiji seems just as evil if not more then niji. He keeps the demeanor of a final boss. He had just killed a man's family and then told him "fuck you and your family " before killing him. Then he was the first to remind sanji of zeff if he kept attacking niji. The biggest difference between him and the other siblings is that he acts more mature and calm about things.

That was reiju he was talking about.

No shit faggot but your are self inserting your emotions to it because you have a shitty sister and wish she would be open about helping you.
Don't blame Reiju for not being an edgy retard that doesn't think about the consequences

How come? He's the one who wasn't present, and Niji has beef with him.

I don't have any sisters you stupid dipshit, this is a casual observations. Kill yourself. Not like you contribute anything to society or this thread. Don't bother replying to me.

bisket or doflamingo? who would win?

Did I hit a nerve? You just proved my point

Can Doffy control the biscuit clones?

Biscuit casually.


Luffy stated his haki is the hardest he has faced. Luffy didn't need to use Gear 4th gatling on Doffy.

Cracker actually was able to cut through Gear 4th haki on Luffy's arms while Doflamingo's attacks had bounced off.

His name is Cracker

3 autists saying biscuit instead of cracker.

looks pretty strong desu

Sanji was Yellow turned Black

>I-I did know
>you're self inserting faggot
Stop false flagging, you really thought that he was talking about his sister you. If you didn't then you wouldn't have been so easily butt hurt by my comment.

Also how is sticking up for someone makes you edge? Stop being retarded user, using words you that you don't even know what they mean.

>saying no shit means you are butthurt
School is staring Jimmy you better hurry or you will be late

Because that would literally be like cutting yourself.
She knows what will happen if she tries to stop them.
Doing something basically would be self-harm.
I am sure she had a plan to help Sanji when they were little.
Just fucking wait and see, she will be the one who helped him escape his family or some shit.


This might be random but anyone else feel there is a missing class of pirates between the yankou and supernova? Besides the shichibachi, I just feel there isn't much there.

>class of pirates
It's not the military, not everybody gets a special widdle rank.

Pretty much just all pirates, there's not really a "class", but just blank areas in which everyone else falls into.

What would you even classify it by? The Supernovas are rookies, Yonko are the top 4, and Shichibukai are influential ["gatekeeping"] pirates.

Not really, look at the existing supernovas. Most of them are either signing up to be in Yonko crews or getting their shit kicked by them.


Gear Fifth

He will punch them hard

Didn't know that was a thing. Definitely going to do it, just to have a backup. Thanks, user

He's talking about Elbaf, user, not Zou.

>onepiece-naruto spoilers

They were fake last week, they've been fake all the weeks before that, and they'll be fake this week. It never changes.

> Sanji sayin "Yes father"

Maaan this is sad.

Is not that they are fake.
The first spoilers are fake.
The real ones come out 3 hours before spoiler pics. Which is usually at 10:00 pm CT

They are so cute!!

>spooky jolly skellington
>ice powers
great all-rounder

Who gets BTFO tomorrow night? Sanjifags again?


Miss fatty gets BTFO once again.
Can't wait


What is a "Buggyfag"?

You motherfuckers need to stop posting on your phones.

Well I'm sorry user not all of us can be home 24/7 like you

You can wait until you get home to post on Cred Forums. Mobileposting has really lowered the bar on quality posts.

>R-Reiju isn't a bitch
aye lying fag don't forget you're the one who thought pudding was setting a trap

>I will be at Port
>wasn't a the port
>still thinking pudding is good

That wasn't me though. You keep saying that but it wasn't me.
>i-it wasn't me
Yes, there were too many people thought that

Poor kid just wanted Dadji's approval.

I...would love that. Fits the super sentai stuff.

What's the complete roster of the never-ever pirates?

So far I can think of



was law in the running? he has his own crew

we cant say anything about the current arc, who knows what shit oda will pull

hooray haha cause man is she ugly or what

Wrong. She will join the crew after she marries Sanji.

Luffy wanted him to join, people latched onto that.

She won't join idiot
Yeah bitch is ugly as fuck
Stop shit posting faggit.

Ucy the bull

I'd be hyped as fuck if Weevil joined though

no he didn't, what the fuck?

She will marry Yonji lunafaggot

Why would she? She doesn't like Yonji.

They will meet soon. And it's not about liking or not. She doesn't have a choice. Maybe try reading the story for once.
Yonji will dress up as Sanji and marry pudding.

When will pic related happen?

>She doesn't have a choice.
Neither does Sanji.

If you mean for Luffy's sake, Luffy fucking HATES the idea of just going straight to Raftel. Rayleigh was totally willing to tell 'em all how to get there which most of them were pretty happy to take him up on but Luffy flipped his shit and was threatening to end his entire adventure immediately if they ever dared asking for even the slightest bit of information from those who'd already been there. He was pissed.


jinbe has a crew

vivi has a goddamned kingdom

Can someone make all of those Urouge?

>you can wait
I have waited before then user wants to complain about getting a reply hours later

>clearly seen she was being held up

Never, Chopper is doomed to always be a mascot.

post the topless edit

She doesn't have a twin that can dress up as her.
Sanji does

>it really wasn't me
>it could be anyone
That are hardcore SANAfags Who's are always shitposting fanfics, and calls everyone who isn't a SANAfag, a missy fatty? I know it's you. Stop false flagging

>it's you because I said is you

No its you because you haven't changed up your shitposting since then. So.its pretty obvious.

jinbe's crew disbanded

vivi was more than happy to abandon her entire kingdom, i dont think law was happy to leave his crew


>tfw loli nami will never return again


Is there any credence to the theory that, when Monet died, her Snow Snow Fruit became one of the oranges Nami's trees? ERGO there's a Logia just within grasp of the Straw Hats?

Then let him complain. You just admitted to biting bait.

It's just a meme.

never, thank god

Hello anons! What do think about chapter 842 - gear 5? (because its 2x421, and in 421 gear 3 was showed first time)

so that means 842 will be gear6?

No, just gear 5 and i dont have a hint, I just thought, it could be

what would gear 5 even be? i mean what more can you do with rubber?

>Gear 2
>Gear 3
>Gear 4
>Gear 5

I don't know what pattern you're seeing here user, if any

funny, you looked for all the chapters where the gears appears :D

there's three ways this could go

>If carrot actually is nakama, she ate the snow fruit in secret when everyone was starving, but just doesn't realize it until a dramatically important time (supported by ace not instantly knowing how to flame on)
>They discovered it on their trip to zou and they just threw it into the ocean because nobody wanted it and nami feels it somehow throws off her sentimental fruit trees
>Oda doesn't feel like using this particular plot point as forshadowing and does something else instead, which he often does with his writing, and so the snow fruit doesn't spawn in mikans

rayleighs words implies, that rayleigh and luffy worked on something stronger than gear 4

if "awakened" devil fruit means that you can go from being a blank-human to making objects around you blank too (like how doffy can just make strings pop out of everywhere) then luffy could finally become a robot like he always wanted by turning a bunch of nearby objects into rubber and combining with it

>Gear 2: blood
>Gear 3: bone
>Gear 4: muscles

Hmm.... Gear 5 could possibly be either nerves (possibly for increase of reaction time) or skin (making his skin as malleable and stretchy as Plastic Man). Those are the only two options left as far as the human body is concerned.

Carrot would be way too OP she were a logia user, besides it sounds very far-fetched.

"awakened" devil fruit users may have different awakenings dependung on the type of the fruit --> the awakened users in impel down had zoan fruits, but just became more animal like (couldnt speak, higher regeneration, but no control of the area like doflamingo)

Eeeeh, first one doesn't seem likely

1) Correct me if I'm wrong but turning to snow would happen if she were still physically attacked, right? As a reflex? I don't know if Carrot has been directly hit at all since she's gotten to Totland but if she was and didn't break apart into snow, there you have it

2) If she ate the fruit while they were starving, wouldn't she have melted or something in the boiling sea?

sounds logical

>Yonji will dress up as Sanji and marry pudding.

No he does not. He was talking about king Kong Gun

true, but both luffy and doffy are paramecias

all of this is conjecture (granted, so is everything I'm saying) because exactly how logias work in a pratical sense beyond "magic" is something that hasn't really been established. Like, if you're that element 100% of the time and can't at least on the surface just have regular skin, wouldn't that mean a stylish guy like crocodile never bathes? I always just assumed that logia phasing through attacks was some kind of reflexive action.

Carrot is kind of stupid even by the standards of one piece characters and I'm not even sure she knows what devil fruits are, it seems reasonable enough that she wouldn't have a reflex to do something she isn't aware she could do if oda wants it to be that way.

quote: "looks like you`ve got to come up with an alternative when faced with a similar situation again! gear 4 simply puts too much stress on your body."

>2) If she ate the fruit while they were starving, wouldn't she have melted or something in the boiling sea?

I'm not sure it would work that way. I feel like it would mean that it just forces you into solidity, like water does to Crocodile. So she'd probably be fine in the heat, just wouldn't be able to use her powers effectively.

That was the flashback for King Kong Gun. Read Viz

carrot has yuki yuki because snow rabbit, that's exactly the kind of dumb thematic reasoning oda designs characters around

that + the very conspicuous way monet dies just after introducing the concept of transferring fruits on death + carrot's weird focus despite having no actual reason to exist makes it pretty clear cut as far as I'm concerned

now weather she's going to be a nakama or just oda felt like doing a character like this, or if oda always planned a use for monet fruit from the start or just made some shit up later like he always does, I can't guess.

>throwing an expensive devil fruit in the ocean
fucking retard
>especially nami, the fucking jew of the crew

I think what would be likely to happen would luffy making any surface he touches rubbery as well if he awakened. Most importantly, this means that any surface that Luffy is thrown into by an enemy will just stretch, further reducing any damage he takes. Maybe it could also accelerate his attacks too.

Why doesn't Luffy have a full on giant mode yet? It's not like it's impossible for him, he's had gear 3rd for years.

because his pants would be destroyed. seriously.

I didn't mention this because "the snow fruit is on a tree" or "the snow fruit is somewhere else on the ship so nami can sell it later" is the same answer to the question "what happened to the snow fruit", in both cases it's on the ship and I already covered that.

'sides, they were being chased by enemies and the mikan trees are a soft point for her, she coulda been thinking irrationally and just tossed it in a fit of anger. seems like a good gag setup when she realizes what she did and everyone does the one piece face

>We could have had Giant Luffy on Shirahoshi
>We could have had Nami and Robin firing Luffy's King Kong Gun

What's up with this weird checkered house that keeps showing up on various panels.

Hell it was already in the filler

wtf? his pants are big like the ship??

caesar next nakama when

He has the same tailor as the the hulk

>a qt giant literally expanded inside his body

>shingeki no luffy.png

She's just a bitch who goes a the path least resistance.
But that probably won't stop to make her look like a victim or at least "redeem" her in the eyes of most faggots

Did Oda say anything about Monet joining?

It's already confirmed

Did Oda say anything about Zoro using asura?

Thanks, can't wait

this is still the biggest asspull in one piece.

user, this is Hack

>Gear 3 was half a series ago.

Fucking hell I remember when it was still relatively fresh.

Luffy is the strongest because he has the properties of rubber and gum

Zoro has been using INNAR DEMNZ for a while.
Perhaps it's haki+intimidation.

Honestly you guys would enjoy one piece more of you did not come here or other forums.
Is just cancerous.
I just saw a post saying something like "who will get BTFO" really? That's all you are looking forward to the next chapter? This is what I mean, you guys don't even care about the story no more.

75% of my enjoyment for ant given Anime is discussing/shitposting it with other people.

Kill la kill would've been underwhelming if we didn't all get to share it every week.

Yonkou commanders like Marco, Cracker, Jack, Beckmann etc. are all pretty high tier.

On the contrary. I wouldn't read One Piece alone, but with Cred Forumsnons it's pretty fun.

Well I was not including autistic depressing people like yourself that get off on a reaction.
I was referring to regular people.


>enjoying something shared between you and others is autistic and depressing

I think it depends on the arc.

I didn't like threads during Dressrosa because the threads were full of anger and disappointment. With the current arc it's mostly just crazy memes and having a laugh.

but doesn't melt when hit by lightning.

>connecting and enjoying things with people is autism
did you graduate from high school yet?

>Reread OP
>Check out old threads for every chapter
I can't stop doing this, it's just so much fun

You literally said you would not read OP if it wasn't for shit posting.
Don't act like you aren't depressed kid

The only depressing person here is you.

Literally didn't.

Whitebeard completely outclassed him, so I kinda doubt it.

>Whitebeard completely outclassed him

Whitebeard at his most pissed, no-holds-barred aggressive couldn't seriously injure Akainu. Aokiji did more permanent damage than that decrepit old man.

And Akainu landed two or three of Whitebeards' WORSE wounds during the war.

It's cancerous, but i don't think i enjoy op less because of it. I just enjoy being here less.

literally not me retard, stop assuming that people who reply to you are the same as before

Guys, I miss them. I miss the Split Head Pirates.

whitebead was old and dying and had a stab wound through his chest.

If that battle took place a couple of years earlier Akainu would have been fucking dead

It was actually a year.

They'll absorb Shanks' crew in a Davy Back Fight, and Luffy will have to face Foxy, the last of the Yonkou.

Whitebeard didn't want to be Pirate King though. Would he just stand aside for someone who does? What was he doing? Was he really just living his life sailing around with his crew or was he actively stopping people from finding One Piece because Roger asked him to?

>Foxy challenges the Red Hair Pirates to a Davy Back Fight
>first game is rock paper scissors
>Shanks throws scissors, Foxy throws dynamite
>Shanks joins the Foxy Pirates


I though it was weird that Sanji read an encyclopedia on devil fruits. It turns out he does have the kind of background that supports it.

>mfw people actually hated foxy arc

First off that arc was comfy as fuck

Second, finally an arc that doesn't revolve around beating up the big bad but instead entertaining everyone over a bet.

Third, i need porche to poke me with her nose

What if cracker and mingo are related? They have the same eyes.

>Luffy stated his haki is the hardest he has faced.

Haki isn't the deciding factor in a fight, senpai.

Does cracker really squats so much that he needs pillows on his knees?

it was fine in the manga but anime ruined it and added two more foxy arcs

The better question is why did blackbeard read one in order to know about yamiyami

>more foxy

if toei did more stuff like that instead of just stretching single chapters to outrageous lengths with bad pacing the one piece anime might actually be watchable

>Pudding uses -san with Sanji
Into the Vivii,Viola and every other princess pile you go

cant wait for enel to descend from the skies and fuck shit up

i hope he teams up with luffy

or i can see him never appearing in the manga, but getting a movie vs luffy instead

>everyone used to hate the the foxy arc
>now everyone loves foxy

>Luffy stated his haki is the hardest he has faced.

Mangastream mistranslation.

Viz clarifies and he just comments how he can't break through the Haki at all

foxy arc was one of the worst and least interesting arcs sans how it added a little more depth to pirate behavior and culture

No one canhave taste this shit. It was easily a top 5 arc

It's been on a steady decline for me since Impel Down, EL being one of my favorites.

>The apparent wobble or variation in the visible side of the Moon that permanently faces the Earth, allowing observers on Earth to see, over a period of time, slightly more than half of the lunar surface.

the word is Liberation

the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.
"the liberation of all political prisoners"
freedom from limits on thought or behavior.
"the struggle for women's liberation"


>they don't get it

Your parents have my condolences. You probably don't realize the Kurouzu pun, either.

>a newborn child bears no sin

>Doffy was born as evil

Hack D. Oda

Oda dicksuckers BTFO

>different characters cant have different philosophies

>Cracker is a perfect match-up against zoro's asura
>G4 luffy gets to fight instead

Oda D. Hack

If you're gonna do it, at least do it right.

there's no contraction though. even if doffy was born twisted he hadn't sinned yet.

Oda is a a good writter. It's a shame all the buttblasted bleachfags started the "lol is a hack XD" meme. They ruin every thread.

if every fight in one piece took place earlier luffy would have been killed by arlong. or shanks would have been eaten by the sea king with luffy and one piece would end after 5 chapters.

>Oda D. Hack
do you even japanese? family name comes first

>he thinks hackfags are actually hating Oda


>i-It's bleach fags
Gotta blame someone other than the hack right? That's how much you love him

When can we see Sanji beat the shit out of Ichiji?

june next year

>can get beat up by anyone with Haki.

I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a little weird, just like Sanji being from North Blue.

Foxy arc was fun as fuck, and a nice breather after Skypiea. Sure it dragged a little in the anime, but I'd still watch it over the current episodes Toei shits out.

Plus, anyone who shits on the Groggy Ring ain't muh nigga.

fuck foxy I fucking hate him

>Gin and Judge faces off, Gin easily and quickly takes off the explosions on Sanji's arm lighting face. Judge insults him for ruining his alliance with Big Mom, insulting Sanji as well.
>Gin breaks all of Judge's gadgets, completely humiliates and beats him in front of Big Mom crew and his own army without breaking a sweat.
>"Do want you want to him Sanji"
>Sanji proceeds to beat the living daylights out of his so-called-dad.

>No Rebecca

Truly this is the best One Piece girl harem picture.

Would you a kitty mink?

used goods

fucking cedar

I'm here only on chapter releases. As soon as the idiocy rears its head, I leave until the next chapter.

>no rebecca
>includes that stupid cunt sugar
severe autism

where the FUCK is Tashigi

>he thinks Haki decides every single fight

Hi, speed reader. I wish you faggots would leave.

>tfw a Shichibukai's crew is so Paradise-tier garbage

Has to suck to be any Shichibukai crew that isn't Doffy's. I don't think any of his top tier players would ever job to Pre-TS Luffy

>forgetting Oda pulled the "I won because my haki is stronger xd" with Zolo

kill youself sanafag

That's not how you get my attention baby.

why is this becoming a thing?

Fuck the wiki, man.

On Cracker:
>As part of the Big Mom Pirates, Cracker also shares the crew's fairy tale theme, as he was deceptively introduced as an individual much larger than he really is, like the titular character of L. Frank Baum's novel The Wizard of Oz.

Writer must have took a bite of gum gum, because that's a stretch.

since when was it a fairy tale theme? isn't it just food themed

Then just change it faggot. That's what you get for using the wikia. If you use it and don't like something then change it.
It is that easy

>since when was it a fairy tale theme? isn't it just food themed

You serious user?

>Huge-headed queen of Totland
>A white rabbit
>Three-eyed girl
>Bobbin is direct reference by name to a fairy-tail
>Tamago is clearly humpty-dumpty

the list goes on.

guess I didn't read carefully

then remove it faggot

Mihawk used to have a crew..they all left though. He just wouldn't cut them some slack.

Man Luffy looks so much better without sleeves.

>forgetting that Luffy beat two Haki users without having any Haki of his own

>forgetting that a Haki imbuned axe shattered like nothing against Bobby Funk without him using Haki

>forgetting that what allowed Doffy to own Luffy wasn't just his Haki, but his ridiculous devil fruit power

Haki doesn't decide fights. Tashigi knows Haki, and Enel would fry her like she's nothing.

Litterally my favorite devil fruit.

Porche more like Sexche am I right?

You don't understand do you?
Zoro literally said "I won because my haki is stronger" this is what Oda is doing now in the new world.

Gear 5th Awakening 『RUBBER WORLD』

Alrigghtt Cred Forums, spoilers time.

>chapter 841: Sea of Dreams
>reifu saves sanji on the verge of death
>here take this money and find the blue vessel
>sanji finds the blue vessel and escapes from germa kingdom
>the next day
>do nunc dea doc
>oh fuck chinese mafia
>the russians must be stopped sanji
>find the triad leader and stop the transaction
>or else the nuclear codes will be into dimitris hands!!
>you got it sir
>next day
>i have the contacts sir
>black tiger leader yuan is showing the missiles
>kill him sanji
>shit triad is coming here
>dont worry sanji
>its me john we were in nam
>we better get out of this mess john
>end of chapter

Doffy has sexy eyes though

I don't read/watch OP since the timeskip.

What are the best quality scans out there?

In fact, should I even go back? Might wait for this Yonkou arc to be finished but its taking fucking forever


>What are the best quality scans out there?
mangarule/powermanga, viz for the most recent chapters

plus Pekoms is a mock turtle

I don't think you understand though. If two people are fighting with haki, it is literally equivalent to if those same two people weren't using haki because it cancels out.

Think of it this way: Zoro vs Kaku;
>Kaku: You think your swords can cut through my tekkai? Good Luck
>Zoro is stronger than the defence and cuts through it
>Zoro: Seems like I was stonger than your tekkai

>it seems
Zoro did not say that. "I won because my haki is stronger".
Sure there are other factors but on fighters that are equal without haki it is all about haki and whose is stronger.
Another example I bet is Mihawk vs Shanks. Mihawk is better with a sword but Shanks haki will be stronger and thats how will would defeat Mihawk.

Ok then:
>"I won because I was stronger than your tekkai"
Happy user?

Candy Fruit guy is pretty Mad Hatter looking as well.

>Sure there are other factors but on fighters that are equal without haki it is all about haki and whose is stronger.
no shit? the point was that stronger haki alone doesn't guarantee victory, because other stuff like skill, power and DF factor in as well.

if all the other values are equal then of course the one that isn't will usually be the deciding factor.

Let's just agree that Haki is stupid.


Ok, y'all call me a faggot for explaining this but here it goes.
The meme refers to Jack, the character that attacked Zou in the previous arc and the way he got BTFO'd by the freaking elephant.

Name someone that wouldn't get BTFO by an elephant the size of a country.

man I was really hoping for something better, that makes too much sense and is boring but thanks



Can you even fathom the level of autism I have to post that picture with that exact same text that I manually type out almost every single day for the past 6 months

having realized the autism it took to do this, my face now resembles that of the cop in your pic

why is no one talking about the spoilers?




>Oda never forgets

Captain Usopp is not a liar. He just says things ahead of time.

Blackbeard is over 11'3.

What happened to Oda? Those 2 are hot as fuck.
Now he draws ugly ass triclops

>you will never have hancock gf

>t-that isn't Nami on the left
Oda is a hack that's what

>What's even the point of getting up every morning

The fact that they have reddish hair? Sadi's facial features look nothing like Nami's. A lot more variation that the bug-eyed sameface you get in literally every other anime.

>literally plunging the knife through my throat right now

>yfw you are usopp and get punched by Luffy after throwing a tantrum

>>you will never be tortured every day by Sadi-chan as Domino watches on intently

Life is meaningless.

>yfw you are ussop

Did we ever see Domino fight? I'm sure she'd have to be pretty strong. She did take the role of Head Jailer after Shiryu was locked up after all.

Does the claim that a "future crewmate for the Strawhats being a former enemy" have any credibility? If so it strongly makes me think Caesar.

>Sadi's facial features look nothing like Nami's
Not that guy but what? The only part of her face you can see is her mouth which is just covered with lipstick.

We never saw her fight. We never really saw Saldeth fight either.

From what we do see of her, you can kind of tell she has a longer and narrower face than usual, and her nose is also longer/narrower.

I'd rather have Caesar join than Jimbie tbqh

That looks exactly like nami to me just have her eyes covered with more hair.

it was said back around sabaody so it was probably referencing croc and buggy and them

>implying they both wont
There's two spots left. Jinbe's guaranteed, but the final one is up in the air.

is this why mihawk doesn't have one? literally the most level-headed guy in all of OP

he comes across as a rogue and definitely not a people person, nor the type to want to control others. all he cares about is swordplay

i really feel like aokiji was close to joining

god i wish...

it would be interesting to have an ex- marine on a pirate ship, especially an admiral

Nami has a rounder chin and smaller nose.

do you think zoro is currently better than mihawk?

or is my boi still on top? after all, we still havent seen him take a single fucking hit from anyone

Smoker for nakama

I doubt it, I imagine the difference between Mihawk and Zoro is probably similar to the difference between Luffy and Shanks for plot reasons


to be fair, we don't actually know how strong shanks is in general, much less compared to luffy. i just assume he's stronger for some vague reason

>fake new spoilers say Sanji worries about his beloved Nami-san
>mfw they turn out to be real

carrot was technically an enemy for all of three minutes

We also have not seen any notable feats from him though.

>lyingfags delusions acting up

On non-early releases do we usually get text spoilers in the wee hours of Wednesday morning? The consecutive early releases have clouded my vision

>What is green bull

I just want to see this fucker.

text spoilers drop like 6-8 hours before a chap
then snaps of the chap drop like 2-3 hours before a chap

mihawk? i suppose, but i dont think he really needs to do crazy things to cement he's the best in the world. he is pretty much known as the best by pretty much everyone in existence.

Whitebeard was the 'strongest man in the world' and look how that turned out. That's all I'm sayin.

I would wager that Shanks is a tier above Mihawk. I mean Shanks isn't really a "swordsman" as such, and I suspect their duels typically were a matter of Mihawk having far better technique, but Shanks offsetting this by being far faster/stronger.

At Marineford Mihawk sent a sword beam at Whitebeard because he wanted to "measure the distance" between himself and Whitebeard. His cut didn't even reach Whitebeard. If we take this symbolism to mean that Whitebeard is out of Mihawk's league, then I'd wager Shanks is as well given that he clashed evenly with Whitebeard (albeit on terrain where Whitebeard couldn't use his quake).

Anyway I imagine Zoro is probably better than Vista now, and Vista held his own against Mihawk just fine.

well now they're saying kaido is. even before WB died, they were still saying it.

but it still took an army and the full blackbeard crew to kill him. being the strongest doesn't mean you're invincible. The only reason whitebeard lost was because he went on a mission to rescue a specific person from a huge army. Mihawk would never do that, since the only thing important to him is his swordplay, so he's pretty safe

desu, we haven't seen mihawk take anything seriously yet. he's always been pretty half-hearted in every fight so far

Garp v Kaido
who takes it?


don't you remeber the quote?

"in a one-on-one fight, always bet on kaido."

Zunisha vs Kaido ?

Kaido would obliterate him.
See above.

Zunisha vs San Juan Wolf who wins?

in their prime?
Kaido, even garps strongest punch wouldnt hurt him, you saw how luffys gear fourth did, he wasnt mad but he was still trying pretty hard,
>gear 5th when
also is luffy even gonna fight kaido now?

>implying san juan wont job like wadatsumi

I stop reading after monkey madness mountain and this stupid shit is still happening. Do they ever stop sucking Komatsu's dick and have actual danger again or is it all shit?

almost looks like official art

Ok so.

Kaido vs Every worst generation crew but no BB Pirates?

Jinbe will try to get just as chopped in half as Monet even if it costs him his life

it's not shit, but it has powercreep levels that surpass even dbz. it isn't really played straight like a lot of anime though, and at times it even gets kinda silly, in a good way. you should keep reading, it's getting fucking crazy and hype near the end here

how do you update the clock?

Fuck Green Bull. We could have had Momousagi. Fucking Oda just couldn't bring himself to introduce another powerful female.

kaidou takes them all out just using his farts, however luffy is the only one left standing because of his increased resistance to poison, and then kaidou wins because 1v1

You think?

ha if only kylo looked that cool


I think she and Brown Boar had a cameo in Film Gold

Whatever Green Bull is won't be as perfect as her.

>rob lucci as kylo

Man, Saldeath got tall

New thread

Is that online yet? Will there be a release in American theaters?

I don't know about that user, I'm expecting a lot from him. If he's indeed based on Toshiro Mifune I'll be pretty pleased.

Couldn't you have waited a little longer?

>cow tits almost as large as head. Back problems ahoy!

>better proportions here

Fucking animators!

At least I'm not like those faggots that make it before bump limit

>Fucking animators!
Oi, what's wrong with the animators' proportions?

kek holy shit

honestly, this is progress
i fully welcome it

is there wsj spoilers tonight