How do we fix One Piece?

How do we fix One Piece?

Luffy's forms always looked silly.

A spinoff or side-story is the only hope

end the fucking thing

>How do we fix One Piece?

Nothing's wrong with One Piece.

You can't. Just let it stay a show for kids and ignore the manchilds who watch that shit like you ignore /mlp/

Oda has to leave his comfort zone and do something different and unpredictable for once. I'm sick of reading the same shit framed a different way every single arc.

By not fixing.

oy vey

I'm so fucking salty with this form, it looks fucking stupid. Dressrosa ruined one piece for me.

By not shitting up the board with multiple threads.

Literally the best arc.

>I dont like a design, 800 chapters of storytelling are wasted

how do we fix OP from doing stupid threads with no creativity and shit arguments?

underages are not allowed to post in this site

Make Haki only for fighting against logias or some shit that you could use only in certain circumstances.

The narrative you're trying to construct doesn't work when it's mainstream.

we have been discussing one piece here since 2004 you manchild

Isn't poundman the name of a hentai character?

one piss is a mistake

Remove any form of direct combat haki, but its too late for that.

Its at the point where it falls into place the only haki users of the crew fight the top tier enemies and the low tier non haki people fight other people or lose to haki users.

End this shit manga right NOW

Haki is something that only a select few can use to shield themselves from other haki users or stop devil fruit users.

Devil fruit users who can use haki at any level should be rare as fuck because having both is just broken bullshit.

Devil fruit are all canon potentially broken depending on who uses them.

Shanks gets his arm back

Ace had a daughter with a random female marine and she's being raised by Garp in secret.

What do you expect in a no ending story? No end means no purpose. An empty, yet pretty, shell.

>Ace had a daughter with a random female marine
Should be Moda instead

That sounds good.

but you don't mind the retarded character design of major characters important to the story?



Yeah, why can't he look edgy?

because Oda's too creative to run out of ideas.

One Piece will end when Hunter x Hunter stop being in hiatus
half way in Dragon Ball Super Kai
I love it anyway

>Devil fruit are all canon potentially broken depending on who uses them

This is true for Luffy's fruit. It took years of training to use his basic pistol attack effectively. In most people's hands it would simply be used for its protection against bludgeoning or being a rapey low tier villain.

you don't
this shit should have ended years ago but it keeps getting dragged on and on

>fix one piece
I thought this shit ended already

kill robin - save One Piece.

by staying in your fucking containment thread

Literally TWO YEARS

End this shit. Knock off the power creep, return the damn slabs, find the treasure in the grand line, then kill yourswlf

Glad we agree, now get the fuck out of here.