Mob Psycho 100

Do you think Season 2 will satisfy the shounenfags who just want action more than Season 1?

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No, they'll never be satisfied

>last episode
>still only HS releases

Mob is the anime of the season, why didn't anyone pick it up?

Nah because shounenfags just want EPIC HERO POWERUP TO WIN.

Every-time without fail.
Hell I love the fight in the manga with Claw's boss because it does have a huge fucking fight with amazing visuals, but its resolution doesn't come from that bullshit, nor reigen just wisdom-bombing cunts left right and centre.

Mob psycho is like HxH in that it seems to have a shonen structure but manages to resolve everything in very different ways.

I would guess because HS's subs and encodes were anomalously non-shit for once, so the real groups are waiting to do BD batches.

>reigen just wisdom-bombing cunts
Reigen is literally wrong and the only resson why others listen to his retarded shit is because he pretty much brainwashed god when he had 5 years old and made him his pet.

t. Ishiguro

t. DaEdge.

Ishiguro is another idiot for following Claw's leader. Shou is the one who is right. Teru was right too before he lost his balls when he got fucked by ???%

>I have 20 and I have life figured out
Nice try Reigen, what would you be without Mob again?

>mfw Ishiguro wasn't a cute girl


It's like there wasn't an entire arc about that

i wanted to fug him before face reveal

What groups are even still alive?

Underwhelming ending.

>but muh character development

I still want to fuck him desu

>Season 2

Tsubomi is cute! Cute!

Don't stare, user.

Listen if Madhouse can make a second season I have faith for anything

Not as cute as Rei.


She's pure.

I liked this show until POWERLEVELS and AURAS and BEAM STRUGGLES.

Now it's just meh.

No because it's not shonen trash

Wanting to fuck Ritsu and Teru isn't slutty, it's common sense.

Is she relevant in any way besides being Mob's motivation to better himself in terms of social skills?

is there a gif of 100% to 1000%

Unless season two is two cour, it won't have Claw Boss, so no.

Which psychic power from the whole series is your favorite?

Hard Mode: it cannot be Mob's Explosion, or any specific Explosion for that matter

Not really.

Shou's light bending invisibility thing. I want to be able to turn invisible so I can spy on people talking shit about me.

>nobody will ever look at you the way Teru looks at Mob


Sealed Chamber.
Literally unbeatable.

So, Cred Forums, Tsubomi or Mesato?

It means that Mob is the protagonist of Teru's life.

>first Mob's thighs and bulge
>then Ritsu's ass
>then Teru's hips
>now Shou's abs
Explain this Cred Forums.


What about Reigen?

Has Murata done some art of Mob?

People have bodies.

Mob is best

Saitama in a wig

They're trying to turn the viewers into shotacons.

Reigen's everything.

She's Saitama's illegitimate daughter

Oh boy, are you in for some feels later on.

h-has Cred Forums forgotten about her?


I wish there was a way to make the anime come out faster. Season 2 is gonna be so far away and it's only gonna get to the exorcism arc. I want more now!

Why is she so different in the anime? In the manga she looks like she is meant to be an elegant traditiona japanese beauty but the anime made her generic cute bubbly girl, not sure if I like it.

I would never forget my waifu.

It's the hair clip

You're not even wrong.
I want to show him that he's perfect.

what about the eye shape and facial expressions/body language? I can't recall being as cheerful as in the anime at all

>No more mobdays until season 2
What am i supposed to do now?

I want to take Shou's virginity.

I want Tome to put her face uncomfortably close to mine!

read the manga weekly with us and give me sauce on your picture

Watch/read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Toriko, or something else i unno

cry and fap

I already do, but mobdays where a different kind of wonderful


Then let us all be just partners in suffering much obliged

Is there a translation of Reigen's character song?

>tfw Mob keeps getting bitches but he has tunnel vision for most boring girl

>more lewd broccoli Teru art

That's what I've been doing to cope for the last hour or so.

Someone who genuinely has no interest in him LOL

Granted, there was a time where she does think he does cool shit.


>The Mob Psycho app devs gave a gym outfit Mob to all the players

Have you seen the monkey shirt? Ugly as sin. There's apparently supposed to be a pink version too.

My god, they've CLAMP'ed everyone.

the monkey shirt is cool you asshole

>no meido ritsu
What are they thinking? It's like they want to lose money.

nice quads
nice quints

Ending wasn't hype like the mobfags said it would be

get btfo

It's not a shirt, it's a cotton abortion, but the Nips consider the "I survived a thrift store explosion" look to be cool, so they like it.


I don't know how to find it but he made Tome a huge hottie

There are other groups that speedsub still?

Most just wait for BD now.


I've been trying to roll something that isn't a fucking Dimple since I started playing so I'll be glad to take an ugly ass monkey shirt Mob

As of now I have gotten:
- Security guard Dimple x 2
- 1 normal Dimple
- 2 Dimple supports

I started out with a Teru, but I maxed him out ages ago

At least we're getting schoolgirl Mob and Reigen.

Are there any emotions that we haven't gotten that you would like to see Explosion'd?


>Mob Psycho
>Doesn't actually go psycho in the last episode
shit ending

At least he has good taste

Mob psychology my dude

Good taste, user

What the fuck I thought she was ""a qt loli ""

I've been reading scans and there seems to be a shitton of stuff missing, skipping entire plot points and fights, and several websites do it
What's the best way to read MP100?

I was just now able to get on and see your cake, but it looks wonderful user! Great job.It's very yummy looking.

Also did you ever decided to make an account somewhere or something? I'm going to miss your art once these threads die.

Everyone's too hot. Telepathy Club wouldn't have been in danger of shutting down if Tome looked that good.

The amount of fucking asshurt animeonlyfags are expericing after its revealed this guy was some old fart is absolutely delicious.
People actually thought he was a loli
im fucking laffin

This was a really underwhelming last episode.

How often does Ishiguro browse Tumblr?

every day for at least two hours. and speaking of tumblr


>shou looks like he has a skin disease
>ritsu is ambiguously brown


I honestly don't understand who thought this was an ok standard. I can understand making western like art because it's what westerners know. But freckles literally everywhere and facial tumors need to die.

Then when you ask the artist why, they give a roundabout answer that doesn't say anything but blank chatter and makes little sense.

Does Shou have holes in his face?

It's gonna be a complete adaptation, s1 adapted 50 chapters and some side stories, the manga should end on ch 100 so s2 will cover the rest.

>I honestly don't understand who thought this was an ok standard.
I don't either, but I hope it dies off eventually.
It makes me sad to see pretty ok/good artists making shit like this.

Mukai is infinitely cuter than the both of them combined.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.
And no not yet I just really don't like the idea of settling down somewhere I guess. I will update you if I do though.

So I went with a blend of manga Tsubomi and anime Tsubomi in this POV pic. The story behind it should be like so:
Sensei, you saw them right? I know you've been watching me. Ah, if you don't do exactly as I say I'll make sure you never teach again. OK? Now let's start by you taking off your pants.
Students blackmailing their teachers/self insert. The others will probably be more lewd and only linked from imgur.

I am starting Voyeur Ritsu again (third time's a charm) and hope to have it finished by tomorrow evening.
There are shots of the first and second attempts in the album at the bottom. Obviously dick size is not consistent between the attempts.

>that crease in the panties

Some people even thought it was gonna be Tsubomi behind that mask

you're great man

Ah, alright. Well I'll make sure to keep an eye on these threads as long as they're around then.

Also your Tsumbomi turned out really nice, great work again!

also that stuff in the imgur album holy hell...I feel so bad just looking at them haha
but very very nice

what didn't you like about them if you don't mind me asking?
I noticed that some parts were blacked out

>you will never be banged within an inch of your life by reigen

why live?

I loved how proud Mob looked when Teru said his master was amazing. Fucking cute.

>that voyeur comic

It's best not to think about it too much, user. ;_;

I'd rather bang Mob within an inch of his life desu.

I want to pay Reigen's exorcism fees by letting him ravage my butthole


So what chapter should I start reading from to continue?
I'm assuming there will be a season 2 eventually but why wait, y'know?

That fucking shirt.
I'd rather be clumsily made love to by and inexperienced red-faced Mobu.

Start from chapter one

>violence doesnt solve problems
>invisitwink saved everyone using violence

I honestly wonder how he'd react to such a proposal, if he found the client attractive. I like to think he'd get embarrassed as fuck.

I'd rather teach Mob about the importance of safe sex and the harmful effects of STDs

God damn it, son
Answers, real answers

>it's another show that shits on it's viewers and tell them to be a filthy normalfag

>Season two gets animated
>But they leave out the Reigen arc
Would you accept a deal like this?

Anime ends at chapter 50

I cry every night because I'll never have Reigen inside of me.

No. Give me Reigen or give me death.

what would even be the point?

Thanks senpai
He gets a whole arc?
Shit I'm pumped.

oh shit son go read it right fucking now

>leave out the reason MPO is better than OPM
>keep in the shounen shit action that is inferior to OPM

for what purpose?

I know that feel

>Hating Mogami Arc

if you're , then prepare your tissues.

Requesting this gif as a webm

When are we getting the OST?

Mid November, iirc

>Rely on adults
>Society is much more important than the individual
>You aren't special
>The nail that stands out gets hammered down

This is the most Japanese moral lesson I've ever seen. Is it really good for young Japanese boys to hear this propaganda?


yes, it could help with the decreasing birth rates

what's the point?


Glad you guys like them.

Yeah a lot of it is pretty taboo so that's why I'm reluctant to settle down. It's no problem. Ritsu just looked off, I couldn't change it no matter how I tried since I didn't flesh it out completely before inking. I also censored the text as I'd like it to be a surprise when I finish.

If having powers doesn't make you special why does he insist to Mob that he's a psychic

I feel like the message was, Don't get so full of yourself /be short sighted. You don't have to do what everyone tells you to. You can rely on others. Be humble and try to be a good person.

What if you, make a shonen anime.
Put shonen cliches on them.
Them proceed to shit them on the last episode.
That would surely make it popular among shonen fans and will have a second season, right?

Mob came to him for guidance because he thought he had powers like him

During the Claw Boss arc, these messages come across as being much more about human connection than about society.

Glad you guys like them.

Yeah a lot of it is pretty taboo so that's why I'm reluctant to settle down.
Ah, Ritsu just looked off, I fucked it up since I didn't flesh it out completely before inking. I also censored the text as I'd like it to be a surprise when I finish.

I've never really been into shota until this anime haha

I'd like it to be a surprise
ah nice, I'm looking forward to it when you finish it then

>Read about people getting mad at Mob because he didn't become a psychotic murderer
>They agree with Shou

Absolutely disgusting.

a-album link?

Mob agreed with Shou later on though.

At that point, Mob was ready for the responsibility.

I can't say Mob was ready until COURAGE happened.

>Be kind

I thought it was about their attitude.

Reigen said before that everyone has their own talents and having certain abilities doesn't put you above everyone else because at the end you are still human, and here you have these guys who think they should rule the world just because of their powers.

Ddipeople honestly have trouble understanding what Regein meant by Espers not being better than commoners?

He's saying you can have an amazing and special talent but still have all the stupid flaws and dumbassery of regular people (With the stupid chuuni outfit as an example). It's what makes you human.

I thought it was
>Vengeance is a hollow, short-term goal
>Improve yourself and your connections with others to find greater satisfaction in your life
>Actualization of self > psychic powers/talent

Mob goes through a couple of arcs where he questions his restrictions on his powers, what kind of person Reigen is, and when he should use his powers. He eventually finds a balance as is shown in the Claw boss fight.


I want you to take a close look at the modern generation of first world people raised on the idea that everyone is special, you can do anything you want, and that you need to accept everyone no matter how much you disagree with and dislike them.

I don't know how people don't understand this

Even fucking Danganronpa has touched on the "Just because you have talent doesn't mean you should treat others like shit" and "You shouldn't hide behind your talent in lieu of self-improvement" shit

>when you trying to make a webm but your program fucks ups

Why is Reigen Arataka the greatest spiritualist since the fall of the USSR?

I thought the whole moral was
>being "special" doesn't make you Special, and that's okay

Freckles aren't even black, it's like they've never seen them in their life.

I want Murata to draw Tomoko now.


The moral is "Stop being an entitled and immature little shit and get a fucking real job".


Holy fucking shit

I'll try to not disappoint you.
and welcome to the dark side of lewd boys.
There is a lot of stuff mixed in there. Some /ss/ and shota just a heads up.

That entire Tsuchinoko omake animated closer to the manga style was truly a love letter to ONE.

(and before someone says it was animated by ONE, no it wasn't. He only drew the final shot, with the matsutake and Dimple.)

I hope we get more hero Reigen another time in the manga.


>implying getting a job would make you stop being entitled and immature

Your art is great, trust me I won't be disappointed.

I said "Stop being entitled and immature and get a fucking real job", not "Get a job and you'll stop being entitled and immature".

In other words "Grow the fuck up".

>He gets a whole arc?
>Shit I'm pumped.

Mob starts questioning his rules about how he uses his powers and comes to realize Reigen is actually just a regular person with no powers. He ends up taking a break from work for a while and leaves Reigen to deal with jobs alone. Meanwhile their business is booming and they're enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame. But Reigen ends up walking into a trap on live TV set up to expose him as a fake and becomes a laughingstock and outed as a fraud with people coming out of the woodwork to make false claims against him. He comes to realize just how important Mob was to him and his business and just how much Mob has actually grown as a person since he first met him. Mob ends up helping him out of the situation and decides whether Reigen actually has powers or not doesn't really matter.

>Mob starts questioning his rules about how he uses his powers and comes to realize Reigen is actually just a regular person with no powers.

didnt he already know that before the reigen arc?

Reigen arc is kind of the boiling over point for it.

I really liked the end of it when Reigen asked Mob if he already knew, and Mob replied he always knew his Master was a good person.

I would have literally never guessed this was Mob fanart outside of the context

Anyone have the rest of these?

You could grow the fuck up without getting a job, user.

You can sense the exact moment my heart broke.

>You aren't special

Indigo child go away

Why? If anything, it should have been healed by that moment


I was thinking Teru reminds me a little bit of Killua, but this is a parallel I never expected...

It's not necessary since the thing that you do after relying on adults is grow up.

>Reigen is Genos

I didn't know that

He kind of knew but it wasn't an open thing.

It's mostly about Reigen's perspective on their relationship. Mob at some point in his growing years must've figured it out already since he said to have sensed psychic people at a glance, but still stuck with Reigen because he was his long time role model, and only friend at the time. Reigen didn't really grow past his first impressions of Mob, which is why they had a bit of falling out. Mob was slowly changing and he was still using him out of his own selfishness.

that tome is way too attractive for her own good

It's the Murata curse, his meter is set only to three options. Ugly as shit, background character, and HOT AS FUCK.

How is his "ugly as shit" character and why didn't he put it on Tome?
Has he drawn ugly girls before?

I don't really think Saitama is all that handsome when he's drawn "seriously", he just look slightly above average.

Genos certainly looks a lot more pretty boy but even then it's mostly because of his personality.

Sonic's rather attractive I guess but in a trap way and not in a conventionally attractive man way.

I do mostly agree though, he likes to make people look good, and honestly her disgusted look in that image is what really sells it to me.

>I don't really think Saitama is all that handsome when he's drawn "seriously", he just look slightly above average.
He looks the same as any other hot guy he draws, just with no hair

I dunno I think he looks different than Genos and definitely Sonic.

I'm not sure what this means

he admires and respects mob in a completely straight and platonic way


I figured it was always pretty obvious that he knew from their exchange at the end of the "gratitude" power up. Reigen straight up asks him for more juice and Mob says that he's out. I always saw that moment as "this is kind of a serious situation so I forgot to pretend to not know" sort of thing."

I... actually don't think he's ever drawn an ugly as shit girl. I'm even thinking back to es21 and I can't recall any.

Dude Saitama isn't conventional animu boy hot, but he's still hot.



What fucker thought this was an OK thing to do?

But he's looking at Dimple.


This makes me want to star reading OPM for the wrong reasons

What do you guys think, keep it as the original Japanese?

Or translate it? I mean, it already says letters so maybe I should stick with English.

Best starter girlfriend.

>About one third of the voiced opinions hate the last episode because MUH final battle
Sasuga MAL

>reading MAL comments

I like the English one

If you're gonna write it with the English alphabet, then write it in English words. Spelling "Chin" is just dumb.

>Implying it's any different on here
Face it, most users here are from MAL.

>wrong reasons
They're the right reasons too.

True, people might get confused with different body parts. I guess I'll just go with dick.

Yeah, a few characters had their mannerisms or appearance changed. The other standout example is Mukai, who wasn't even slightly cute in the original.

Fear? ... Wait, did we already get fear in the Claw Boss fight?

Oh shit, thanks for posting best monster.

Where did all those shitposters in the last couple of threads come from?

I actually thought its going to be a small baby that moves his clothes with psypowers.

I mean, you weren't completely wrong.

>season 2
>Garou on the picture
Almost confused this for an OPM thread

Now I wanna see Shou and Garou interacting.

OPM shitposters.

>Season 2
implying Bones willl not be bankrupt by then.

Lazies studio around.

>"sakuga" fags hype season finale as the sakuga AOTY and event of the century
>episode airs and its animated like shit
>mob fags moving goalposts and pretending everyone is disappointed since he didnt go full retard, while the real issue whole series production was underwhelming

>blaming the series for something the fans imagined

Mob will never win the Tsubomi-bowl, right?

Nothing wrong with the animation though. It's just no sakuga fest due to the source material.

Probably not, though she thinks he's alright. He couldn't have a healthy relationship with her anyway without drastically rethinking the way he sees her.

No, but we went very close in the Mogami arc.

Tsubomi gangbang doujin with mob watching and goes 100% despair when?

Mob's suffered enough already, you cockmunch.

>>episode airs and its animated like shit
Don't talk about anime you haven't watched.

I mean, it wasn't as sakuga as some of the other episodes, but it was still good animation.

But it does look like shit when you compare it to episode 8's sakuga.

And every character looks like shit when you compare them to Reigen, but that doesn't make them bad.

No, not really. The animation was top notch as usual: there was simply less action segments to actually work with.

You mean with Teru.

I've got this one.

Also, I don't follow the stalker threads.
How well is this selling?
I really want a season 2, but it all depends on the sales.

Me either but I've heard it's doing aight.

What's Tome's deal? Why is she like that?

Even that's going too far. It might not have been as excellent as ep 8, but it was still great.

No, I meant Reigen.

They're both top tier.

> I... actually don't think he's ever drawn an ugly as shit girl. I'm even thinking back to es21 and I can't recall any.
If I remember correctly, there were fat ugly biker girls in the America Hell Training Arc.
They seemed nice, though.

Ugly as shit good-hearted delinquent girls are my favorite character type.

Would you give them candy?

Tsubomi doesn't like him in that way, so the chances of them ending up together are very slim. Mob deserves a better girlfriend, like Emi, Tome or Teru.

I'd give them "candy" if you know what I mean.

so im in the middle of the reigen arc and holy shit is reigen gonna really ''perform'' the exorcism?

Reminder that the last episode blew and you fags should be ashamed if you liked it.

Keep reading user. Prepare some tissues too.

aw man, this was a good ending

I'd give Mob and Teru candy, and then I'd give Reigen my vagina

The last episode is about telling you that you're a child for wanting mob to hurt people.

I'm so glad none of those DBZfags will be coming back if there's a second season

You could just read their minds.

A lesson in servility, a good way to indoctrinate slaves.
The exact opposite of One Piece philosophy.

>but muh epic shonen fight

What does this face convey?


1000% sadness due to no S2 announcement

Reigen... had a hard life

So based on this thread I can safely assume that Mobfags hate action scenes. The question is, why though? I mean there is action nearly every episodes so why would you watch a show with a lot of action scenes if you hate it? Second of all, why do mobfags belittle all the people who were expecting action in the last episode? Wouldn't this attitude be ironic since you mobfags consider yourself a special snowflake for not expecting action in this show? Now don't get me wrong, I like what they did in the last episode but it feels like you mobfags also missed the point that the anime was trying to tell you.

How come Ishguro never shows up again. Did he legitimately die?

>he says that when there will be a Goku vs Freezer tier battle in the later arc
wew lad.

>So based on this thread I can safely assume that Mobfags hate action scenes

How did you even make that assumption?

Possibly. He was pretty close to dying of old age anyway.

The last episode had lots of action in it. What people wanted was to see mob going around fucking people's shit up.
Reigen is talking to the audience too, and especially you.
Functionless shoulder pads, stupid head things, all that is dumb.

Because of posts like , and and the usual hateboner for Murata mobfags seem to share.

They had no choice but to cut down on the action in the finale because they had to make halfassed 2 seconds conclusions to all the terribly written arcs and useless side characters they introduced all along and forgot about until yesterday.

>mobfags consider yourself a special snowflake for not expecting action in this show?
This is just a meme. They're meming to cover up the failures of the show.

>Youtube animeonlies hated Gratitude
What the fuck?

Those are all You though. Don't you have AOTS/AOTY thread to create?

expecting action scenes on dialogue based show. Good shit.

forgotten characters? Are you retarded? The claw kidnapping interrupted that shit and it only happened in 1 night.

Youtubers are literally MAL who love rezero, what did you expect?

They wanted a cliché ending with Mob going wild and spanking Scar.

Man, ONE's art is so much better now.

would work better I think.

user, time to let go off the boogeyman meme. It's dead like this show's relevance on Cred Forums.

Key animating is one hell of a training arc for mangaka.

Stop it mobfag, this show will never be relevant so stop bumping this shit.

Reigen looks so old.

>Animeonlyfag exposes ignorance

That ending was pretty much exactly how it went in the manga. Nothing was really cut.


It's not like he did much.

The problem is not wanting action or battle scenes, the problem is that everything seems to boil down to the MC defeating everyone through violence and everything else is a disappointment. There are other ways of resolving conflicts.

Because it would be kind of silly for a non psychic to run a business as a psychic consultant.

You got meme'd on, son. All he did was draw one (1) still.

Because he didn't grow up himself.

Still counts. That one still is very important.

You will never make Rei all hot and bothered.

Why even esper?

Which chapter does the anime end on? I stopped reading after Reigen's press conference and want to reread

I need the soundtrack, now


Who wants some old manchild fuck around? I think Miyagawa and Muto don't show up again either.

rip miyagawa

Had a dream about Reigen last night
>watching TV in a hotel lobby
>all of a sudden reigen shows up in a scene posing as a used car salesman
>see a distraught Mob hiding in one of the used cars
>was excited to see Reigen in another show

I've definitely noticed he's started to actually improve a lot over the years, his lines aren't as shaky anymore and the facial expressions are still simple but at least every feature is properly aligned as opposed to something like early Saitama or early Reigen who looked mutated.



Best psychic of this century.

Told you, lads.

People that complain about no sakuga were expecting way too much. Everything from 1000% and onward was downright amazing
>500 kg tackle


Speedsubbing is dead, senpai. It's all just rips from crunchroll and BDs.

>ranked #99
It knows.


>Reigen is Genos with Saitama faces

it's perfect

>But freckles literally everywhere

This is exactly how freckles are and i always crave realistic freckles in my chinese cartoons

However they aren't black like this idiot drew them, they are pinkish/brownish

When does the full OP and ED come out?

Yeah, freckles are fucking tiny and everywhere, not just on your cheeks like most people draw them. But they're smaller and brown, not black.
The art in question is probably a stylistic choice because the freckle color matches the lineart, but, it's not a very aesthetically pleasing one.

>comes to realize Reigen is actually just a regular person with no powers

He knew all along



>comes to realize Reigen is actually just a regular person with no powers

I'm not fan enough to look forward for a S2 or read the manga, but was he really just a normal con-artist guy for 11 episodes? It would be an amazing variation on shounen clichés if it's true.

here's a bigger version of best boy

and then he got mob's powers for a few minutes and went back to being a normal guy again

jesus christ

>implying Teru isn't competing against Shou for the Ritsubowl

Teru doesn't even call Ritsu by either of his names

>It would be an amazing variation on shounen clichés

it's more surprising when ONE plays shounen cliches straight

I think Teru and Ritsu don't even interact until the fight with the blind cheeky cunt, and I'm not even sure if they do it there.

CR didn't translate it as "Are you Hyped?" just like how they didn't translate "You're a coward" as "You're a faggot"

Who hires these translators?

>Ending of the show done in ONE's style
>With fucking ONE animating


It must stay as it is. This is sufficient.

>Murata makes a better Tsubomi than BONES

that's tome

There is no way anyone is this retarded right?

where the fuck my picture went

BONES Teru is better than that.

wtf i hate mob now

>OPM anime comes out, as sakuga the anime
>Year later Mob Psycho comes out and outsakugas OPM
>Next year has OPM S2 in store, bring back sakuga with a vengeance
>Year after we're probably getting S2 for Mob

We live in an age with a ONE anime once a year, pushing the limits of animation. What a time to be alive.

Just wait until the Live Action moie fucks everything up

Fuck I meant to reply to

I agree

well,at least its resembles the original art

More like Mob pachinko 100

Setsuo Itou a cute!


Can we all agree that this was Kenji Kawaii's best soundtrack in ages?

Any version of Tsubomi is good for gangbang with a group of delinqunts and being fucked in all 5 holes while mob is looking.

They talked in episode 11. It was only like Teru asking him if they could count on him to escape and Ritsu said yes. Then he came up with a plan that was wait and see what Scar does and Teru agreed.

I've seen people ship characters with less. And Teruki is clearly going for the Mobbowl(cut) anyways.


I liked OPM's overall OST better. The only OST I liked in Mob Psycho was Mob, Teru and Reigen's theme and the only recurring theme was Mob's.

>all 5 holes

Claw 2.0 arc has enough of the three of them probably, but mostly Shou and Ritsu

OST tomorrow(or today? I don't know), I hope it's posted asap. I need Teru's theme.

Teru's theme played again in the handshake scene. And Reigen's theme plays all the time, what are you talking about?

The OST comes out in November.

user, I hate to tell you this, but the OST doesn't come out until November 23rd. What's coming out today/tomorrow is the first BD.

I thought it was the 28th?

I hope Bones fixed that particular one scene. You know the one.

Oh, people here have been saying the 28th ;_;

What's the Mob Psycho 100 spin-off the Wiki keeps mentioning? I have read the entire mangaI don't remember anything with this style, they don't have an article of said spin-off so it doesn't help

I think Reigen would have a lot to say about the JoJo characters' outfits.

Teru's theme was only used twice and I was talking about the theme that played on Gratitude.

which one?

I did not laugh.

Mob Psycho 100 Anthology

holy fucking shit hes so small. what a nice boy

If they make a Season 2, since it's going to be a lot darker with Mogami and all that, I hope they show Mob being a bit more creepy like in the manga. They did it in some instances in this season, but overall he just looked moe.

I'm re-reading the manga from the beginning and the difference is quite jarring (pic related).

Yeah, ONE usually draws him looking vaguely annoyed but BONES just made him cute, but, I don't see this as a bad thing. I think they did a good job in this scene(the one where Ritsu admits he's afraid of Mob) where he looks a bit creepier than usual.

The reason why Mob looks cuter in the anime is because of that round head. In the manga his chin makes him look shit.

alright thanks

There'll be a Season 2? I only know of OPM getting a 2nd Season. Nice.

It would also add to the caracter seeing those contrasts between when he's moe/happy and pissed off/scary.

How is BONES making me like all the characters 100% more?

Good lord he's a cutie.
What tight fitting pants.

I didn't really care for Teruki in the manga now I fap to him regularly.
I didn't take notice of Dimple guard in the manga but the animation made me genuinely miss him and hope he'd show up again.

The anime made Teru a qt.

Through mannerisms, voice acting and fujobaiting

Emi / Ghost Family - 1 episode
Urban Legend - 1 episode
Mogami - 3 episodes
Reigen - 2 episodes
Marathon / Boss arc - 5 episodes

What did I leave out?

I love these.

>people disliked Gratitude
what the fuck?

How ungrateful of them.

End it at Shou burning the house and Mob entering the house. Fill the season with as many omakes and ONE-written filler as necessary.

Then make a two movies for Claw 2.0 and divine tree

>Claw 2.0 ends with Serizawa witnessing the bottomless power of Reigen
>Divine Tree starts with the Youkai arc.

Nice. Sad it isn't the cleaned up version, though.

I really believe Boss Arc + Divine Tree Arc should go together, so let's hope it's a 2-cour second season. I can dream, right?

Why are there two Onigawaras?

Imagine Serizawa's mom seeing his on clean shaved and in a suit and presenting the boss of the company he joined: the famous Reigen Arataka that defeated the media.

I-I hope she's proud of him.

I'm sure she is.


I know ONE picked the winners himself but how canon is the Anthology?

Fuck, this is too cute.

i feel you

I just want NEET-kun to be happy. ;_;

It's as canon as you want it to be user, I don't think ONE has said anything for or against it.

Personally I hope all of it is, the stories are cute and Teru gets some much needed character development from it.
Also, it means he finally got acne cream for his ass.

Can someome please post that ishiguro fan art drawn like a blonde loli? it was pure gold

>You are a good guy

Reigen is too good dammit. Teru really needed to hear that. If we get something animated from the anthology I want it to be this. Unlikely but I can dream.

Honestly I always wondered how Teru seemed so happy go lucky after having his self esteem destroyed like that.

>violence doesn't solve problems
How many ways can stupid people misinterpret what the show was doing?

I thank Lord Psycho Helmet for the fujos every day.

I do have a single black freckle that i've had on my face since childhood.

Finally found it, it was a handful of threads back.

That's terrible

Are you joking? There's only one Onigawara, the other one is definitely a girl

That's probably a little mole and dark brown don't you think?

I can picture ONE's face when he stumbles on the fanart..

He idolizes Mob now, which isn't exactly healthy either.

Meant to reply to , sorry.

He probably would have been that cheerful without psychic powers, but they made him feel special and get so full of himself he childishly thought of himself as the main character of an anime, so everything would revolve around him.

Mob made him see how he was a commoner and now is trying to improve himself.
I liked his character in the manga even if he was a bit plain, but fuck did the anime made him a 10/10. Goes to show what a good VA and a couple of mannerism can do

It could be one of those flat moles but like i've said i've had it since i was a wee babber, and i've always been a freckle face.

>implying he doesn't fap to it every night

I sometimes feel bad about it, but he said he doesn't care about fujo art, so I guess it's okay.

>all of his distinguishing little mannerisms
>good VA
>terrible fashion sense
I didn't pay much attention to him in the manga, but, you're right, he is 10/10 now.

Is he best boy of the year?


He's best boy of the 21st century.

I kinda imagine him making a slightly sad and disappointed, but overall unimpressed face, basically his usual face

ONE loves all his fans regardless of what they are into

Because he's best boy.

This picture is gold

god dammit someone beat me to it

Don't make Reigen lust after a tiny 90 year old

Download where?

>you will never be on top of Reigen
Ishiguro is a lucky piece of shit and he never even realized it.

just insert yourself in ishiguro's place or something

That's Jesus

ONE is Jesus
A-aren't we Cred Forumsnons going to share our friend codes? ;_;

>Reigen will never be on top of you


>implying he wouldn't be the type to ride your dick and love it

does the reporter girl show up more in the manga? she was the best

why? she barely does anything.

A bit, not much though

Either would be good, I'm not picky.

He's merely pretending.

The anime actually cut a lot of her scenes out. She's quite a bit more important than the anime made her out to be.
If you decide to read the manga, you'll probably begin to hate her

Mogami is way more interesting than Claw so I can't wait to see his arc animated.

Because despite his huge insecurity about his psychic powers and what place in society they should grant him, he's always been a pretty emotionally stable guy with a very strong ego (I don't mean it in a bad way, obviously).
He always struck me as the kind of person who'd manage to bounce back easier than others after going through tough times, even though the spectre of said hardships are still lurking around the corner.

His remarks throughout the manga do seem to suggest that he's still struggling with what happened during his arc and what exactly it means to him though, probably because he might have yet to realize that "you can't be the protagonist of the world" doesn't mean you have to start worshipping the first psychic powerhouse who shous up and knocks you off your high horse (i.e. Mob)

If the anthology is canon, then must have helped him a ton.

I've always seen a parallel between Gon Killua and Mob Teru


I was hoping Dimple would brainwash him to fight Mob and reveal how he feels exactly. Not in a fujo way of course. Another anthology story showed that he knows despite his best efforts he will never be near Mob in terms of power. That must be a hard pill to swallow for someone like Teruki.

Mob has a better chance with Teru than Tsubomi. It's like comparing a 5% chance to a 0% but it's still a better chance.

Why not?

I don't understand the hate for the monkey shirt. I think it looks great desu.

Minors aren't allowed here, Teru.

If there is ever a second season then i guess it will end with Mob beating pic related.

That's nowhere near enough content to fill 12 episodes.

Which arc is that from? Mogami?

There isn't? I think One Punch Man has even less chapters than Mob Psycho but that ins't stopping them from doing a second season

Are you implying that Teru doesn't love Mob?

Yes. I wouldn't be surprised if this girl ends up winning the Mob bowl

As cute as it would be Mob's pretty straight

No, there definitely is, I mean that from where the anime ending to that specific part user pointed out there's not enough material for 12 episodes.

Oh. But then where it would end? all the chapters before the Mogami battle doesn't have the end of season feel

Maybe they can skip some stuff to get there

It will end on the cliffhanger with Mob's house burning

From the Election/Emi mini-arc to the end of Mogami you'd have 6-7 episodes at best. Why wouldn't they cover the Reigen and marathon festival mini arcs as well? Plus the house burning cliffhanger seems like a much better spot to end the season.

Reigen arc would be a good stopping point I think, and that way they wouldn't have to skip anything and can even expand on some things if they felt like it. It's not an action-y arc, but Mob isn't supposed to be about the action. And it even has a decent cliffhanger with the Psycho Helmet cult members noticing Mob in the video footage.

Then the show would need at least 4 or 5 seasons if they want to cover all the manga and i can't honestly see that happening

I hope Teru's still conscious, somehow: some more development for him would be greato.

I'd also like Shou and Serizawa to join in, but unless Mob gets BTFO'd so hard he needs to call for reinforcements I don't really see that happening. I really want ONE to take his time with this arc.

I think they could do it in three: second with Urban Legend, Mogami and Reigen, ending on the burning cliffhanger, and third with Claw Boss and Broccoli.

Actually never mind, the house burning is a much better stopping point, I somehow forgot that.
Not really, if the manga really is ending soon then they'd only need a third season to cover Boss + Broccoli.

If I were an animeonly fag I would die

Mob doesn't like him like that

I really liked the show but i can't read the Manga cause i know sooner or later they will make a second season. I don't want to get spoiled. Hopefully they announce it next year for 2018 or 2019. If OPM can get a second season then everything is possible

>implying you can predict what Master ONE is planning

Believe in miracles, user.

I feel like if it happened it would be if Teru asked Mob out on a date and Mob agreed, but thinking he's just being friendly.

>Kageyama-kun, I li-like you!
>?? Oh yeah, I like you too Hanazawa-kun.

If the manga ends on Broccoli arc then a third season would be all that's needed (not sure about the number of episodes though; really depends on how long Broccoli turns out to be). Alternatively movies/OVAs to cover Boss and Broccoli arcs could be nice (though it's mostly because I think Claw Boss really deserves to be a 2h-long sakugafest).

Ishiguro's voice with the mask reminded me of Mammon from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
It was exactly the same kind of girly creepy


>no Serizawa until season 3

is mob season 2 confirmed?

Y-you don't know that!

>Teru's actions get increasingly gayer, but Mob just thinks that's how friends act because he doesn't have enough experience to know otherwise.

>adding Shou calling his daddy, who says "Soon, very soon"

If Season 2 is happening, it's definitely including Boss arc. They wouldn't make a season without the Suzukis after that cliffhanger scene.

The best part is Mob looking annoyed in the background.

2 cour season, then?

How the fuck is ONE such a great writer? Did he write a lot in high school? is it natural talent?

Teru's entire thing was that he made himself into a Gary Stu
People liked him for what he could do, not who he was.
But he mistakened people's affection for him as a show of his personality rather than the natural tendency for people to flock around very strong people.
That's why he went around calling himself the main-character, he literally thought he was destined to be loved and be powerful no matter what.
Mob's entire character development is built around trying to be a better person in terms of inter-personal skills and kindness.
Hence, why Teru said "I lost completely" at the end of their fight. Because as his lackeys leave him, the Body Improvement Club comes to see if Mob is okay. At least Mob had real friends where Teru lacked them

How the fuck would they fit everything in 12 episodes?

Unless it's 24 episodes

He is literally this series' Ocelot

Not necessarily, they just adapted the manga the way it is, and they couldn't just remove that scene because they probably want to leave open the possibility of season 2.

fujos don't waste any time

I love ONE, but he isn't good at all regarding gay characters

It should be 24-26. First half for Mogami and Reigen, second half for Boss + Divine Tree (depending on how it ends).

Unfortunately, that would mean we'd have to wait a long time for a second season. Another option would be a 1 cour with 13 episodes, and lots of rushing.

>Another option would be a 1 cour with 13 episodes, and lots of rushing.
I'd rather wait for years than get shit desu

What do you mean? NEET-kun has been around since Claw Boss.

I meant editing his portrait from the puzzle game into his cleaned up version.

He's gonna look cute as fuck in season 3 ;_;

>Mob dressed like a real maid because he's pure
>Teru wearing a slutty maid costume because he's a slut
I like this image

>we might not see this in our lifetime

There were actually two pics.

How can Serizawa be so pure and relatable?

Ah, my bad. The game outfits are cute, aren't they?


This mob looks like a loli-fied version of Roberta. Reigen also reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it.

The best part about the last episode was Reigen's tragic backstory. I never knew he suffered so much, and it makes him more relatable.

>that Reigen
Fuck, why is he like this? I love him.

Mob would look so cute in gothloli.

Is Serizawa the best side character in Mob?


>ywn share your bento with shota Reigen

Vaguely related, but I wasn't aware that ShouTeru was a thing.

What interested Shou about Ritsu? I didn't read the manga yet.

Are those two the same in power?

His "potential" and edgy attitude.

Shou is gay as fuck. We don't know exactly since their battle happened off screen, but it's probably the fact that he's not scared to use his powers, unlike Mob. He would have probably been interested in Teru too.

I don't really get Teru/Shou, Mob/Shou and Ritsu/Teru. I don't get Mob/Ritsu either, but there's always gonna be incest...

They spent a lot of time together during the Claw 2.0 arc, Ritsu actually gets to understand him and his motivations and Shou looks up to him and trust him enough to ask for his help during that battle.

Tumblr artists got into the age swap thing and I didn't know it was something I needed so bad

The go-to explanation is that he wants the D.

The most likely explanation is that he got good vibes from Ritsu and instinctively figured they'd get along, which turned out to be true (he does have good instincts and read people pretty well, after all).

He wanted to see his smile


I think RitsuMob is pretty easy to understand, when you look at Ritsu.


that's all I have, someone link me to more artist that do age swap

To some fujos, it's like having two different flavored chocolate bars that are both your type. Sometimes you wanna eat both those chocolate bars at once to maximize the flavor.

Why do dumbasses thinks introducing a psychic ability like transferring of power is an asspull? if that's the case then everytime a new ability shows up, it's an asspull.

Brat Reigen a cute, and I would a cool, serious older Mob

Does this even exist?

>you will never open a bottle of milk for cute lil Mob

Ritsu A CUTE


You wouldn't believe the things I've seen

>That Mob
That should be against the law for an adult man to look this cool with a bowlcut.

the best

I would if you'd post one.

Didn't save them cause I'm not interested in Mob/Shou, but there was some stuff on pixiv a few days ago.


I'm disappointed there are no more disguises after the schoolgrills

revolocities on twitter

>Dimple terrorizing kid Reigen with a roach
Poor Reigen

Can we have another thread? ;;


what would the tag be?

Please. I'm not ready to let go ;_;

Hard to believe it's over, heh?

back to the shitty Mondays we go. I'll miss this anime season 2 pls get announced soon ;_;

>Mob's finger
>Those digits


Teru looks wrong with brown hair.

You can tell that art is pre-anime

Blond fits him better, but I'd love him either way.

This particular fanart reminds me too much of Goro Akechi though

At least we'll still have manga updates to keep us busy for a while. Goddamn, this is hard. I've never felt this way about an anime ending since Tiger&Bunny ;_;

Wasn't it mentioned somewhere how Teru bleaches his hair? It's probably naturally brown.

Me neither

He kinda looks like a vampire in that pic. I like it.

The mNga apparently refers to him as 'chapatsu'

How did I even fuck that up?

When he finally takes off his wig I hope he to goes natural for his hair color.

Same, still waiting for T&B season 2. MJ manga has almost ended too since there is just a bonus chapter left.

The look on dimple's face is just too good.