Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Betelgeuse just wanted some love.

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Why does Subaru-kun pretend to be insane?

come on guys ! post rem!
ruin it!

If anyone's interested, someone apparently translated Tappei's tweets from this Sunday.

Tappei is going for despair end and there's nothing we can do about it

Any good covers? Probably I'll have to wait a few months for them.

s2 never


This along with short #13 all but confirm there will be no S2.

here ! if you want make some hd Webm of it and post so everyone can cry at it! i'm sick of trying and my pasta still lay around sometimes

Horrible subs

00:12:45,000 --> 00:12:48,000
I followed all the serie! bought the Light novels and read the WN!

00:12:49,500 --> 00:12:52,000
It can't be! IT CAN'T BE!

00:12:52,000 --> 00:12:54,000
now take this goddamnt shit with you...

00:12:54,800 --> 00:12:57,400
and piss on it like we did!

00:13:00,00 --> 00:13:04,000
The... Web Novel!!

00:13:07,000 --> 00:13:10,400

00:13:14,000 --> 00:13:20,000
It... Won't... it will not-desu... there will be a second...

00:13:22,000 --> 00:13:24,000
As for what we care...

00:13:24,000 --> 00:13:26,000
No, it is over.

00:13:27,000 --> 00:13:30,400

00:13:31,000 --> 00:13:35,400
(Aka: its over, anime second season NEVER)

00:13:41,000 --> 00:13:47,400

00:13:53,000 --> 00:13:55,400
TV Anime's Sequel'

00:13:55,400 --> 00:13:57,400
is in the Novels

At least we have the manga

How so?
I didn't find anything in those tweets that'd point towards there not being an S2.
Even though I don't believe there will be one anyway.

Betelgeuse was the weakest archbishop, but he is the one most dedicated to the witch. Gluttony/Greed/Lust/Wrath don't give two shits about her; and are in the witch cult only because the gospel will lead them to their ideal future. Also; all the other archbishops are insane all in different ways...except for Ley (Gluttony having 3 archbishops is iffy, Louis Arneb seems to fit the troupe of presenting himself opposite to his sin)

What's the song that plays during the part where Subaru jumps off the cliff?

He even looks like a younger Okarin, though they're the same age.

>No idea why you are trying so hard
Why did you even feel the need to involved yourself, frankly? There wasn't an argument over interpretation until you waltzed in, it was a casual conversation. We don't fucking know what that other user was thinking, which is why I was reserving doubt.
>Simply dying has 0 utility and nobody gives a fuck about it.
He is literally saying "whether or not you can return by death" right there in his post.
>How the hell isn't it beyond obvious.
Because "whether or not you can return by death" is a clause that completely changes the context of what's being discussed. That's all I noted and I otherwise was agreeing with that poster.

>maybe, just maybe, 'some things are worth dying for" just means 'some things are worth dying for".
>he discussion was about the use of Return by death, which is, you know, activated by death.
These two statements of yours about the interpretation of this other dude's post directly contradict each other. You have no idea what you're talking about.

I think it was straight bet.

STRAIGHT BET on the STYX HELIX Single release.

Oh please don't let this series die

>I have volume 11, the two volume special, the alive short, and store special to do.

Alive short?
Store special SS?

TLs never


Just finished episode 25 today after starting Re:Zero a few days ago. I loved it, it was seriously awesome. Episode 18 and Wilhelm's "ai shiteru" scene made me cry a little.

S2 please

Remember to always say it was a masterpiece. Pisses off so many people for no reason.

You should read these then. There are the events that happened after episode 25

FYI there is no such thing as a happy ending.

>“–Who is Rem?”

Its gonna die.

We aren't getting an anime any time soon, but i don't see what this proves.

Who is best girl, Satella or Echidna?

What are Echidna's chances of winning the Barusubowl?

it can return by death i suppose if it dies!

Zero. Subaru hates her right now.

In the latest "what if" she win the ToyotaBowl, but it isn't really a route with a good ending in it.

Emilia is like a mindless doll at the hands of Mitsubishi, and doesn't do anything before her owner give her permission in fear to not get a dog biscuit at the end of the day for being a good bitch.
Ram doesn't bully him anymore.
And Honda kills himself even if someone drop the salt on the floor.

Satella is the true heroine

>inb4 Rem-posters
Rem is the best tho.

we know , we know.
As Flugel is the real Mc , just both of them forgot their identity.

Just look at Suzuki eyes in the first ep to understand it.y

But what if Subaru's dad is Flugel though?

We're not that fanatical user.

Besides having to deal with Echidna herself, a lot of that sounds fucking amazing.
>Emilia is like a mindless doll at the hands of Mitsubishi, and doesn't do anything before her owner give her permission in fear to not get a dog biscuit at the end of the day for being a good bitch.
This is the fucking best. Ultimate waifu. See , .
>Ram doesn't bully him anymore.
Good. Just bully her over every little mistake she makes while never making a single one. What a useless maid.
>And Honda kills himself even if someone drop the salt on the floor.
That's too much. There needs to be some reservation.
But otherwise, all that's just peachy.

you mean satella is his mother?!

your statement open so many theories !

Subaru real father is Flugel, and left him in the Isekai, in hope to save him for her mother, and sealed Emilia.
>Emilia is Subaru's sister.
>Emilia is Satella.
>thats why satella threat subaru with some
motherly instinct at fist
>Subaru Real Father is Flugel and Subaru is
also Flugel reincarnation so as Emilia is the
daugher of Flugel and supposed Vessel for
his Wife
Subaru Father ran away from his World in Isekai and forcefully erased his memories as Flugel, marrying the summoned girl of the Isekai : a japanese girl.
Satella sees he as his father so "he loves him"

Ok someone fuck these theories up more than i did!

maybe someone by saying something dumb and senseless will even win the Tappei plot lottery

That doesn't sound too bad to me.

Not as good as the Rem AU, but then again nothing will be unless Tappei makes Rem the canon endgame.


Subaru's dad went to school and stuff, so while there may still be a link there are some wrenches in the works.

Subaru Subaru Subaru kyun
Subaru Subaru kyun kyun kyun

HAI ODORI nioi wo dashiteee

How much from the novels is missing from the anime? I want to start reading, and I figure there was quite a bit skipped in anime to progress the the story.

Well the first question is can you read Japanese

i got to work tomorrow , i have like 6hours of flight to do and the first rule of a pilot is to have enough sleep each day before the flight
but Subaru Subaru Subaru kyun
Subaru Subaru kyun kyun kyun
is more important than sleep, or work, or safety of the passengers

The headlines, i can see them now.

>Pilot drives plane into sea as he whispers "Subaru Subaru Subaru Kyan Kyan Kyan"
>More news of the incident at 11

Ureshii handan

Apparently all of the Bishops have some kind of complex about love, according to a poster in the last thread. So, we've got Betelgeuse with his belief in being honest and diligent in love and working for it, instead of slothfully waiting until it's too late. Then we've got these guys.
>Just going off memory but
>Gist of Regulus is only looks matter, if everyone's treated equally then that's a proper marriage and being a harem doesn't conflict with the concept of a proper marriage, more focused on the family unit side of love and effectively shitting all over it. Capella has a rant about how the only real aspect of love is hardcore animal planet pure bestial fucking and everything people say about love that isn't about the fucking is just BS window dressing to the real action which is the fucking. Sirius is all about the kiznaiver mind meld empathy becoming one stuff while also being a crazy stalker.
So, what kind of love do you think the Gluttony trio will advocate? Going by their physical resemblance, and the fact that there's three of them, I imagine they'll care more about familial love. Louis has apparently said that he thinks eating isn't about what you eat, but who you eat with. But who do people generally eat with? I'd say they usually eat with their family.

whisper ?! hell no! i'm going to transmit it to the Flight information if i really have to go rampage and fuck shit up!
Here more Subaru Subaru Subaru kyun
Subaru Subaru kyun kyun kyun

Welp that answers my question.

Maybe one day when my kanji isn't horse shit.

>That means, since such an amazing anime was made, the original work will be pressured, or rather, I have to work hard or else.
>Right now, I am desperately fixing arc four, the special book for the anime disc, and quite a few other things I was asked to do. It’s tough to rebuild the entire plot of the arc.
>I thought arc 4 was quite interesting, but had a lot of waste [pointless content?].
So, what do you think is going to be cut from Arc 4?

The most known examples of the anime cutting things are the Aldebaran scenes, which set of an aura of mystery around the character, and the Rem romance scenes. By the end of Arc 3, Subaru likes that girl enough that he thinks he'd be willing to drink her bodily fluids. Same goes for Emilia's, because Subaru is just that kind of indecisive guy.

Oh, and they left out the epilogue where Rem gets put into a coma by the Bishop of Gluttony, and no one but Subaru can remember her.

The Love of Tragedy, that love is something more savorable when apart than together.

Emilia being his sister is the twist of my dreams as a remfag.

Family love feels like a very plausible and fitting idea.
While on the topic, I recently came across an interesting theory on the Gluttonies on 2ch. The theory is that there's actually four of them.
First, they have a naming pattern (their names romanised raw are Rai, Roi, and Rui. This leaves Rei and Rii open but Rii doesn't quite match so discard it and leave Rei).
Next, the three of them are named after stars which are not the brightest in their respective constellations, unlike the other bishops. The theory is that hypothetical Rei would be the ringleader and have the name of the brightest star. The constellation the nips picked out for this is the southern fish in pisces, with the brightest star being Formalhault, 'the mouth of the fish.' This fits with all the Gluttonies' stars being somehow related to eating in their mythology.
Next, in arc 5 one of the Gluttonies (I think Roy) names off the titles of the three gluttonies (gourmet, satiation, whatever the translation for Roy's is) and includes a fourth, overeating.

This theory actually ties into the family idea well. Two sons Rai and Roy, mother Rui, and hypothetical father/boss Rei. Plus pets. It's a whole nuclear family.

BTW I can understand how Louie happened but it still fucking boggles me that 'Ley' caught on as the name for baten kaitos.

>Right now, I am desperately fixing arc four, the special book for the anime disc, and quite a few other things I was asked to do. It’s tough to rebuild the entire plot of the arc.
>I thought arc 4 was quite interesting, but had a lot of waste [pointless content?].

That sounds real fucking scary user.


inb4 cutting out all the Rem scenes after seeing her popularity skyrocket from the anime

>They remove more Rem and plot scenes
>They add more Emilia scenes

probably some of his deaths/loops will be merged like they were in the fight with Betelgeuse.

In arc 4 i think subaru spends about 45 wn chapters in failed loops before his successful run, which is way too much really (for comparison, the time between Emilia and Subaru's fight and 'From Zero' in arc 3 was 27 wn chapters)

>but it still fucking boggles me that 'Ley' caught on as the name for baten kaitos.
I guess I did notice that the naming pattern was clearer in how their original spelling. Also, if Rui is a man, but still the mother, does that mean the father might be a woman?
>Next, in arc 5 one of the Gluttonies (I think Roy) names off the titles of the three gluttonies (gourmet, satiation, whatever the translation for Roy's is) and includes a fourth, overeating.
Now, this is really interesting. Overeating seems like a purer expression of Gluttony than all of the others. Still, that leaves me with one question. If their constellations are all linked to the great beasts of Gluttony, wouldn't the existence of a fourth Bishop imply the existence of a fourth beast?

But the Arc is already focused on Emilia. Rem only gets a few fucking scenes, and cutting them out would make it look like Subaru was a heartless monster who got over her really fucking fast.

Just as keikaku dorii'd

So he turns into the anime version.

I'm more worried he'll whittle down too much for arc 4, I mean he removed the Taida deathscene from the light novel and that death was dark and true to the essence of the story.

Can you describe it?

Betelgeuse had another power for the authority of sloth. It's name was literally Taida, it was a black wave that corrupted those who didn't know spirit magic. It caused a lot of hallucinations, pain and drove the victim near madness. It was to the point Subaru had the whites of his eyes showing, screaming while foaming at the mouth.

That sounds a lot nastier than the hands.

Not saying that he didn't have the unseen hand, taida was a secondary power so he had both the hands and the black wave.

Just started looking at the comments on the latest chicken update, and it looks like he's actually been talking with the guy who started on the second chapter. Things might actually start speeding up.

I'm actually kinda glad it got cut. It doesn't fit in as well with the rest of his Authority's capabilities.

I know he still had the hands, I'm just saying that Taida sounds like it's much nastier than those and makes him more threatening and creepy.

A lot of archbishops have secondary powers though. Sirius has advanced kiznaiver abilities and fire chain control, Regulus has object/personal time stop and the ability to reduce the weakness of timestop, Gluttony has the name/memory eating ability and it also has eclipse. Why does Sloth only have one?

Because his secondary power is switching bodies to his Fingers. Relying so terribly on his followers to get anything done is a power befitting Sloth.

ok people new chapter came out

Let the suffering continue!

The manga covers more I take it?

Just a part of a chapter. The good news is that it's looking like he's been in talks with other translators, which is one of the reasons he took a little longer getting this one out. It seems like he's looking forward to getting more translators on board.

yeah it cover more of Al scenes and other stuff too

Well, we've also got some translation projects going on for the WN and summaries to help us along. Lots of stuff was cut. But yes, the manga has some scenes the anime removed.
Funny thing here, is that Subaru gives this line to Emilia when he's talking about Rem in the WN translation.
>Subaru: “I was planning to keep relatively to one path, but I don't think a guy who could receive so much devotion and not have their heart moved would have blood or tears in them to shed anymore.”

That means, since such an amazing anime was made, the original work will be pressured, or rather, I have to work hard or else.
Right now, I am desperately fixing arc four, the special book for the anime disc, and quite a few other things I was asked to do. It’s tough to rebuild the entire plot of the arc.

Does this mean he won't leave Rem in a coma for another 3 years like in the web novel?

Why is it whenever I see Roswaal and Ram together it angers me?

Because you know The clown has a bigger cock than you.

Probably because you are a human being who doesn't enjoy seeing someone in an abusive relationship.

'cause you jelly of his swag and his clowncock NTRs all the Ramfags. But you're all masosub pigs anyway, so you know you love it.

Because she looks so very small and fragile, while he looks like this huge disgusting creep.

The fact that Rosewaal is the equivalent of an abusive boyfriend is probably one of the reasons.

Roswaal being a literal wifebeater helps

Because good onee-sama's don't deserve abusive relationships

So, this is one of the powerful witch beasts I've heard about from Arc 6, right?

It seems more likely that he means that he'll be cutting out unnecessary fluff for the light novel. I've heard somewhere that arc 4 is supposed to be even longer than arc 3. I doubt that Tappei will dramatically alter the plot from the web novel.

>That pic

Oh I hate this

poor mans Berg Katze

>unnecessary fluff
Good. Emilia's "development" was tiresome and poorly written anyway.

You could at least put some effort into it and put her face on the lower screen as well, I thought that was Emilia down there for a second.

Just look at every picture of them together. Look at how delicate she seems compared to the obviously sinister clown there.

What a shitty, cliche villain. Even the White Whale was better than him

Says you, I'm fanatical like a demon!

you just KNOW

That's not what the fucking book says

I ship it.

>Roswaal is the type of villain that will never pay for his crimes
>He is also the type of person that will never take action to redeem himself
>Will probably treat Ram like shit forever

Heartwarming story he said

It represents false-flagging user.

which anime is this describing?

Emilia clearly needs to have some sort of character development considering how absent she is during the earlier arcs. What makes her development in arc 4 "poorly written"?

He's not gonna be cutting that Remfag.

The fact that he's hundreds of years old in spirit, and still probably more than twice her age physically, added together with the fact that he's basically been the one to raise her since she was a child, just makes it seem even creepier. The size difference and her relatively flatter chest helps promote that sort of pedo vibe.

It could afford to be condensed down into a fewer number of stronger scenes.

no excuse

how slothful

It wasn't. It's just shitposting.

Re-watched ep18 9 times yesterday.

At how many times does it start to get tiresome?

>We find out Ram is pregnant

How much of a shitstorm would this generate?

That would be so fucked up.

What kind of people would even bother to false-flag?

Anyhow, have a cute picture of Emilia. Truly the best girl in the series, so fuck all of you degenerate subhuman Veganfags or something. All worshiping your nonexistent girl. Something, something BTFO.

How the fuck do Emilia's legs work?

Just the thought of it makes me real depressed user. Like the thought of Subaru leaving Rem with less than nothing kind of depressed.

I can see this becoming a meme kind of shitstorm

Rem's titties are the best in the series sans Elsa's

They're memeboy tested, memeboy approved!

Who knows?

I don't really see the issue in the relationship between Ram and Roswaal. Better for her to have something/anything to live for instead of being completely empty husk


So, OST2 is for December, right? Gonna be a long wait.



If it ever does happen what it implies would be chilling as fuck

How strong is a pre-horn Ram-tier oni with Roswaal magic?

Pride? How is it not wildly obvious Subaru is the Archbishop of Envy?

He is a pawn of the Jealous Witch, his powers are literally taking other sins powers, and getting extra lives, and he constantly drones on about wanting to change himself.

It's next month actually.

Probably just as strong as Reinhardt. Horned Ram is the third strongest being in the series if Ram still had it at her age.

See , .

Because Satella is still alive and has her authority.

I could use a source on that shit. On the official site, it says that the スペシャルサウンドトラック2 is due for December BD release.

Stop spreading bullshit, douchenozzle.

Satella also still has the hands.

how to acquire gf like Rem irl?

Tappei himself said Ram could have soloed the White Whale if she still hard her horn, so I don't get how that information is false, even if its just an assumption.

Be me.

>Q: What do you have to do to get Rem to love you?

>A: If you get killed 2, 3 times, save Rem while being half-dead in a helpless situation of being on the verge of death from having your whole body be chewed by dogs, and relieve her innate complex, you’ll get her to smile for you.

Well according to Tappei:
>If you get killed 2, 3 times, save Rem while being half-dead in a helpless situation of being on the verge of death from having your whole body be chewed by dogs, and relieve her innate complex, you’ll get her to smile for you.

I want to cuck Satella!

user pls

So.. manipulate her feelings? That's fucked up Tappei

Post the interview. But even if you've got a source on that shit,
>as strong as Reinhardt
Total bullshit.

She'd still be weaker than Reinhard probably, he's really stupid. Also would put her under Satella, but I suppose that's a given.


This is the guy who likes to create his story while chopping meat. You're still surprised?

You don't cuck Satella. Satella cucks you. And even if you did, she'll make it never happened and will trigger RbD after making you suffer an excruciatingly painful death.

How lovely.

I'm assuming Ram's child would be as strong as Reinhardt you little shit not Ram is as strong as Reinhardt. If we are going by genes.

>Q: Among the characters that have appeared until now, what would the five people with high battle strength look like when they are lined up in sequence?
>A: Reinhard, Ram(with horn), Regulus, Sekhmet, and Puck in his True form tied with Roswaal. Even though they are like dangos under Reinhard but these guys are capable of bringing down the white whale by themselves.

If you want to I guess, though I doubt that was the intention behind that post.

So since there won't be a season 2, looks like I'll have to read the LN/WN. Should I start from the beginning, or where the anime ends?

They'd have retarded magical power from that, but Reinhard is dumb because of completely bullshit blessings. Even raw power isn't really enough to surpass it.

IRL? Like, SUbaru IRL?

>Q: If Subaru grew up without ever going to the other world, would he live on without having an occupation? What would happen to Subaru if he went through “a life in a different world starting from no occupation” sort of thing? Specifically speaking, if he were to be middle-aged man with views of a high school student that tried to rush into the different world, he would probably fall into nothing but despair, huh.

>A: Nope. If he never went to the other world he would get scolded by Kenichi(his father) around the time he’d graduated high school and would withdraw from being a hikkimori. Kenichi would then support Subaru by rehabilitating him in his workplace. After about 2 years, he would enter university, graduate as a loner, become a working adult, and with stability of those reasonably essential qualities, he would honestly be living life as a full-fledged member of society, and then he would cling on to a kouhai with such a heart that-a Rem kind of heart-she would find his incompetence cute. They would have a normal marriage, and then he would live a suitably happy life until he died. There’s no way his dad would continue to be that irresponsible towards his son, you know?

Do this I guess.

People are mostly translating from where the anime left off. If you can read moon, it would probably be better to go from the start of the LNs or something because there's probably neat stuff that got left out. If you can't read moon you'll pretty much just have to deal with WN translations.

>So.. manipulate her feelings? That's fucked up Tappei
I'm pretty sure the intent was to show that Subaru actually had to do quite a lot to impress her the way he did, and that people may have overlooked how hard it all was.

We should spam the author's twitter for a second season.

Yeah, well I'm glad your waifu got her race practically scoured from the face of the earth, her retarded horn cut off, and is now the used up cunt of some clown who is going to possess whatever kid she shits out.

Wasn't her degree of power some inexplicable mutation anyway? There's no guarantee her kid would get anything.

Reminder that, even subaru manages to get Rem back from her Coma, he will either choose to leave Emilia and cuck her, or he will choose to leave Rem with nothing, because no one would remember her (Not even her sister).

Which ending do you think is more possible at this point?

He can't really help you there, I believe he's interested anyway. You need to throw money at Kadokawa.

>he will choose to leave Rem with nothing, because no one would remember her (Not even her sister).
Why would undoing one part of Gluttony's authority not undo the other? Its the combination of both things that are knocking her out.

harem end or forever alone end

To be honest Rem and Ram are inexplicable mutations, Ram just so happened to carry most of the powers.

He is assuming the worst of both sides user. Even then, Puck said it himself that its not that simple.

>throw money at Kadokawa
20k says they'd just use it for some other crap.



Well its probably not that simple to undo in the first place, but if you actually do manage to 'undo' it, why would it only undo one part?

Oh right, I guess I took it in a sarcastic tone.

But damn, sounds like a lot of work to acquire irl Rem gf

What if undoing one part sacrifices the other?

That doesn't even make any sense. That'd be like undoing either part killing her, or undoing one part deletes Ram instead, its just arbitrary bad stuff.

Because that'd be bad writing, and Tappei is not a bad writer.

I suppose this is like an anime recommendation request, but what is (1) other anime with an episode like re:zero episode 18? Or with feels just as strong?

Feels as in healing or feels as in getting cucked into oblivion?

If it were as easy as not throwing soybeans during Setsubun, we'd all be too busy banging a cute blue oni to post here.

What kind of feels user? If you are just looking for overall poweful feels then Uchuu Kyoudai is pretty nice.

>But damn, sounds like a lot of work to acquire irl Rem gf
Do you really think you'd deserve one otherwise?

Healing mostly


But Subaru throws beans at her during Setsubun and still has her.

>Uchuu Kyoudai

My brother

Apparently it worked so well he got rid of Rem in the canon timeline.
Good job with the fucking beans, Subaru.

Are you trolling?

God dammit user

So, are there 3 OST or some shit? There was special 1 before, then next month OST, then December for Special 2.
I don't really understand.

He's slothful, user.


I'm not. Which anime is it describing?

Just marathoned the entire anime, was it an accident or intentional that Subaru's relationship with Rem felt more fully fleshed yet he still decided to go with Emilia?



Who knows? In the WN and LN, he decides to go with both. Subaru's a weird guy.

>this fucker
This guy is a little bitch. Seriously, who gets that emotional for this fucking anime?

Well the entire anime is only a small part of the entire story, so the relationships are not fully fleshed out enough yet to compare.


Intentional. Needed to get the development in now Before putting her in a magic coma forever immediately after the anime ends. Well, technically its already happened. gg no re.

Alot of people are somewhat convinced its intentional, as well as Rem being the dark horse of the series. With theories and evidence to back it.

Keit-ai, it's a meme

Fuck Tappei, does she ever get out of it? I can't read the WNs if she doesn't

Some people are just sensitive user. I've had friends legitimately cry watching Ansatsu Kyoushitsu so I wouldn't be surprised.

Well, aren't onis supposed to be tall, buff and busty?

Unknown as of yet. She's still in it through arcs 4, 5 and what's written of 6. Getting her out of it is a sort of major goal for Subaru, but its not easy. Given a number of other hints and such she will almost certainly get out of it eventually, but it might not be pretty.

There is another OST coming in 10/25:

His relationship Rem isn't even the same with Emilia so it's not even comparable. Nor is there a reason for him to suddenly jump to Rem just because she feelings for him.

>—When he arrived in the Capital, he found Rem after the attack, and when he knew all was lost, without a shred of hesitation, Subaru stabbed a dagger into his own throat.

>What he felt at that moment, he could no longer remember. Everything had turned out so perfectly, so perfect beyond everyone’s expectations — But the truth is, throwing it all away in that instant, none of it mattered to him.

>If he lost Rem, if it meant walking into a future without her, no matter how many times he must endure that pain, he will —— Only this, Subaru clearly remembers.

>Penetrating his throat, in blood, pain, searing heat, and loss, he lost all consciousness.

>When he woke, what he saw was Rem lying in a bed.

>The save point had moved forward. The place of return had changed. Subaru saw hell, and only hell.

Such a cute and touching scene.

>Subaru's working towards it
Thank fuck, there's hope for it then. It would be a major ball buster for everyone if it doesn't. But still, that's a long time

Fuck that's rough, which is good. I think I'll stop reading spoilers and get onto the WNs now

Here, read this, it'll make you feel better, maybe.

Saved it for later since I'm going work. What are these? I'm guessing spin-offs where things turn out better for the 2. But if they are, are they the official ones?

It'd probably hit even harder if you knew about the scene in which Subaru confesses his love to Rem. The anime cut it out.

Rem AU where she runs off with him in episode 18. They are non-cannon in that they can't happen, but are written by the author and the first of them was included in the recent LN, so you're apparently intended to read them.

>AU chapters
>Making you feel better
>Not rubbing salt onto your wounds

Its like you want to hurt him.

Its why I said 'maybe' it depends on the person whether they feel any comfort or not, or just longing at would could be, but never will. Even so they can be a bit sad at times.

>Even so they can be a bit sad at times

Agreed, the Rigel chapter squeezed my heart, just a little bit though.

>not finding out about the coma the week of episode 18
Gotta aim for maximum sadness and despair.

Rem apologizing to him, and the stuff with her birthday does hurt a little bit.

>pic related will never be the canon universe in an anime episode, because it will never be canon and S2 never
Hold me lads

At least we get to still see his little family of 4 daughterus he adopted. At least we still have that.

>a shit girl is comatosed
>this is bad


Try harder next time.

Meili is not to be trusted

So is Annerose, but I'm sure some big bro/fatherly love will convince them otherwise.

She get a new pet or something?

The user is still shaky with the whole Elsa thing and the fact that Meili used to be from a mercenary company probably.

Well yeah, but can she do anything without a pet?

dubs of truth.

Meili can command any animal, she doesn't necessarily need to have a pet to train. Kinda like a twisted beast-tamer, Subaru and Meili fought together with her from time to time.

Well, she can tame almost any mabeast, so long as it's horn has been removed. She even acts as a replacement horn for the creatures, allowing them to use their original power.

So more useful Otto?

I bully because I love


Why doesn't he just fap, like the rest of us?

Are you kidding? He has probably chaffed the dick off every body he's ever jumped to. He probably uses his unseen hand and pretends its Satella.

Anyone disappointed that this OST didn't play at all in the anime?

I avoided this while it was actually airing. Was it a straight isekai that happened to have some somber moments or a deconstruction deal?

I wouldn't say more useful than Otto but she is useful. Otto still contributes more to the team though. Plus Otto has a number or things up his sleeve that Meili doesn't have.

Because he killed the only woman he ever fapped to with his own hands.

People throw around 'deconstruction' to mean dark or edgy and whatnot, and while it does punish the MC for some of his preconceived notions, it is essentially an isekai fantasy story. Its quite well executed.

Ram and Meili need to team up at some point. Make it happen Subaru.

Anyone disappointed that this OST didn't play in the anime?

I have no idea what happened with the video, i'm betting it was my sibling

Nobody is translating this, animation announcement possibly never...

Please at least turn this into a manga.

Pretty sure it doesn't work like that. And if it does, god help us all.

Maybe once she has her horn she'll stop clinging to that wifebeater Roswaal and cling to her true daughteru Meili

We'd get EX Volume 2 adapted rather than EX Volume 1, mark my words

Pretty sure she just makes Roswaal her personal dildo at that point.

I don't think Ram would be that crazy and stupid enough to do that... Right?

No, fuck you

Show ratings.

Horny Ram does what she wants!

From the WN though. I heard the LN is an extended version.

You only want that EX volume 2 adapted just to see more Felix, The Demi Human War seems a bit more important than an SoL series about Crusch, Felix, and Fourier until the tragic end of the Royal Family

Nice to see that its getting translated

Sol about Crusch, Felix and Fourier is exactly what I want. And I want it fucking now.

Man, Bordeaux used to be so jacked. Roswaal used to have tits, and Wilhelm was a fuckboi. The past seems really weird.

Thats the thing, the media won't cater towards what you want just because FERRI-CHAN, seeing the tragic end of the Royal Family seems pretty interesting to say the least but i'd rather have them adapt the Demi Human War instead since it seems to be more important to the story.
Heres a picture of Fourier just so you can stop hoping for a while, hope all you want I don't really care, just stop saying it nearly every thread

I'll stop saying it when somebody starts to translate it or animation or manga adaptation is announced.

The fuck am I supposed to be listening to here?

Thats the same as saying you'll never stop until it comes true. Thats a really arrogant way of thinking as you only want SoL stuff of Felix when theres better material to be translated, animated, and adapted
Seriously just stop and say it at most once a week for fucks sake, it can really annoy some people out just like that time with you posting "Julius is CANONICALLY GAY" post, its really annoying since its how someone views the situation not how its outright stated as true, I'll even post an image of Basement Felix if it gets you to stop posting EVERY DAMN THREAD

Post image of basement Felix pls and how did you know I was the one saying Julius is canonically gay?

Its pretty obvious once you start to filter the image files that have Felix in the name, they're coloured differently just so I knew which is the main Felixfag
Please stop doing it every thread and just do it once in a while
Felix is a subhuman, no denying it since he's a literal hybrid


>and Wilhelm was a fuckboi
He also resembles very much like an Emo.

>>how did you know I was the one saying Julius is canonically gay?
>Its pretty obvious...
Remind me never to piss this user off.

He kind of was an emo

>Do you like flowers?
>No, I hate them

Thanks for the pic

>they fucking cut this out

But WHY!?

I kinda want to see this, Ram beating the Echidna obsession of of the clown after he lost the master-slave bet, then the two led happy lives and Roswaal stopped body-jacking people.

In hindsight, all deliberate attempts at love is manipulation.

So, Regulus was right all along?

>It’s tough to rebuild the entire plot of the arc
WN wiki/summary/spoiler readers about to be BTFO by the LN changes?

Looks like arc 4 won't be the stardust crusaders of Re:zero.

Did this get moved in the LN anywhere? Its a neat scene, but it could almost be put in anywhere once they start moving closer to any other serious shit.

We don't really know what it means just yet. It'd be hesitant to think there are any major changes in terms of plot points, but we'll see. Could be cool to compare the two if they really end up differing a lot.

i believe it got moved to the prologue of volume 9 (since that's when Subaru first respawns in the LN)

I love Ferri

me happy

why did they do that to betelgoose me sad ): betelguse just wanted love u right brrother *cries onions*

Jesus fuck those artifacts. Honda can loop all he wants, he's not saving you from those.

Would you let Ferris fuck your ass? I would.

Enjoy your perforated colon from the barbed dick.

Daily reminder that Felix is canonically straight.


Damn, that's a fucking good OST. Anyone figured the name?

This. OTP

It wasn't moved. It was changed in so many ways it's not the same scene anymore.

It sounds almost like a variant on the opening notes of rondo of love and darkness. Also it shames me to say it but holy shit that gave strong homestuck vibes.

>*38位/*38位 (**7,608 pt) [*,*54予約] 16/09/28 Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 4 [Blu-ray]


I never remember how to read this



I loved the AU. Seeing Subaru with his happy little family was incredibly heart warming even if it isn't Canon.

Would you let Ferris fuck you?

thats how you ended up not enjoying stuffs user, fuck stop with the tough guy bullshit.

Where the cute Ferris pics at?
I am dangerously understocked.


New Mimi

In a way it did happen since apparently alternate routes are a thing. Remember Subaru was treated to what happened to the other routes where he dies.

Will Annerose become the Witch of Steel?

What do people see in Rem? I don't get her popularity at all.

Its time to find out which is the better one


You are born into the rank of knights. Your country is in danger. Who would you side with to save your country?

Priscilla. She is the one fit to serve the nation.

Absolute Devotion Waifu. Men dig that.

>Rem believes in Subaru-kun because Subaru-kun is Rem's Hero

eh nevermind

Crusch is probably best for all but Felt is more my style

Priscilla. Not for Cred Forums reasons, just because she'd be the most fun to work for.

Maybe I can get closer to that cute cat fuccboi~

I hope they shorten out Arc 4 to squeeze Arc 5 battle royale in season 2.

Who is this Meili person

Is this accurate?

1 Crusch-sama.
2 Emilia
3 Soviet Jew
4 lol Felt
98 Otto
99 Priscilla

Why does Otto have to be the benchmark for things that're low!?

I can see Arc 4 getting shortened no problem but Arc 5 seems to be way too much content to share a cour with Arc 4.
Unless they get 25 episodes again, which I doubt.

Can you imagine Otto "Initial R" Suwen as the leader of a country?

He'd be better than Felt and Emilia at least. He'd also look great in a priestess outfit.

Is Betelgeuse or Petelgeuse?

Might have happened, you mean. Remember Echidna herself said she didn't know if they were real.

S-shut up, let me keep a sliver of hope.

Emilia would be the shittiest ruler, that's a fact. Complete equality never works.

That is some quality translation right there.

>He'd be better than Felt

Felt is the candidate with the higher lulz factor ever, it makes me curious.

>and Emilia


She never talked about "complete equality" and never talked about that has something "revolutionary" like Felt. I get that hating on Emilia for no reason is a hot meme right now, but she is obviously the most sensible of the bunch.

>she is obviously the most sensible of the bunch.


Man, Heinkel comes off as really pathetic next to Wilhelm and Reinhard.

She never said anything about complete equality though.

>bringing more equality in a sort of medival-fantasy setting isn't a sensible thing.
>what the others said is more sensible than that.

That made me laugh, thank you. No idea why some people hate her in such a dumb manner.

That's the joke.

I am not hating her. I actually kinda like her. But you have to realise that reality is much harsher even just by watching how many times Subaru has to deal with the political bullshit to get the whale killed. Of course bringing equality is not impossible but it is hardest to achieve compare to the proposals of other candidates, even Felt's one sounds more plausible than Emilia's. Emilia's proposal, if anything, is very idealistic and not very sensible at all.

Also her aim for the throne is some selfish reason like she said in the last episode, completely different from what she said in the audience room at all.

I like these. I want some more.

>Of course bringing equality is not impossible but it is hardest to achieve

Not really, it's fantasy settings and if it worked in your world it could work even better there. Also, once again, she never talked about absolute equality, she just said that she DESIRES equality, as saying that she will work in that direction. It's a very sensible thing because the people who live in a medival setting clearly needs someone who works in that direction, much more than "let's tell the dragon who allegedly saved us to fuck off even if we don't know the consequences".
The rest of the proposals can't be sensible because they aren't even real proposals, and thinking only about themselves is the opposite of a sensible leadership.

>even Felt's one sounds more plausible

lol no.

From what I've read, it seems to me that there's probably only a single timeline with the AU's merely being potentialities of how the timeline could have gone. I say this based on rather skimpy evidence, but it seems that Tappei doesn't want to lean on a "multiple timeline" relativity clusterfuck where changing the past is truly impossible. Since it's magic, circumstances really are either being overwritten by Subaru going back in time (which fits with how Pandora's Authority of Vainglory, which is hinted to be parallel to Subaru's RBD, works) or his loops are precognitive "dreams" (and Subaru rather often references feeling like he's in a dream while experiencing the progression of a loop until the problem at hand is solved and the save point shifts).
This is just a theory, though, so I could be completely full of shit. But it kinda fits how hesitant Tappei seems to commit to a firm relativity-based view of the timeline.

Truly the strongest.

I can only listen to Stay alive because Wishing its so motherfucking sad that make my heart tremble
Hoy can i make this feeling disappear?

>How can I make this feeling disappear?
Isn't it obvious? You just need to forget her.

That is, if you're even willing to.

1. Crusch
2. Anastasia
10. Emilia
15. Felt

I'll never forget Rem, even if the memory rips my heart in pieces.

Officially it's Petelgeuse. However, slightly altering one of the katakana in his name makes it Betelgeuse, which is the constellation that his name references. It seems the change in name was intentional on Tappei's part (the name getting flubbed has to do with the setting's history somehow), It is a tad strange, given how Satella isn't quite "Stella," but the other Archbishops and Witches don't flub their names like this. Further complicating this is how "Petel" is written in Japanese is equivalent to "Peter," so if you wrote it like "Petergeuse" it begins to seem more like a typical name (but this is not the official romanization, to be clear, it's Petelgeuse). So at the end of the day it really doesn't matter whether you call him Betelgeuse or Petelgeuse, everyone will know who you mean.

It's similar to the Felix/Felis/Ferris situation. His name is obviously Felix. Felis is an actual Latin word meaning cat, but Ferris is presently the official romanization, which makes zero sense and doesn't quite logically follow as a nickname. So just use whatever, everyone will know who you mean.

He knows. He knows damn well. It's probably feeding into his attitude.

Wishing just hurts

When do you think Emilia will realize?


>Emilia = Satella
>Subaru = Fluegel

When will people realise this is just another time travel bullshit?

It would be nice if things turned out that simple, honestly.

Can't wait for my dose of paradox.

The most prominent theory is that it is some time-travel bullshit. Or at the very least a reincarnation story where Subaru has two different personalities, one being Subaru and the other Fugel.

Al and all the other people from earth make that simple theory a lot more complicated.

Al is just an experiment of Satella to make sure there is no damage on Subaru when she brought him to this world.

When she gets the whole thruth blown into her face.

At some point she has to find out about Subaru's ability and what he experienced to get to that point. If she remembers her past on top of that it'll probably drive her mad.

>The theory is that hypothetical Rei would be the ringleader and have the name of the brightest star. The constellation the nips picked out for this is the southern fish in pisces, with the brightest star being Formalhault, 'the mouth of the fish.' This fits with all the Gluttonies' stars being somehow related to eating in their mythology.
You know what? I still want to talk about this theoretical fourth Bishop of Gluttony. I did think it was odd that none of the others were the brightest star in their constellation, but I guess this is suggesting that Rei Fomalhaut would be the true one. Over eating also seems to be a purer expression of Gluttony than the rest. There's not much I know about that particular star, but I saw one detail wikipedia I thought was funny.
>The New Scientist magazine termed it the "Great Eye of Sauron" due to its shape and debris ring, when viewed from a distance, bearing similarity to the aforementioned "Eye" in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films.

This has been happening way before Satella user.

To be honest with you I've listened to Wishing a total of a least twice.

Because it ruined my entire week by making me feel like shit.

Now here's the obligatory comment about this.

But seriously, who thinks there actually will be a Rei Fomalhaut? Would there be an associated great beast?

The nips thought about that too
白鯨 White Whale
黒蛇 Black Snake
大兎 Big Rabbit
小魚 Little Fish (hypothetical)


>Implying its not a set-up to take them away from a loving adoptive father's arms

Knowing Tappei he's doing exactly just that

>it'll probably drive her mad.

every time I read something like that my heart trembles DESU

There is only despair in Subaru's future. Rem will never wake up or she'll come back wrong, he'll lose his lolis, his bros will either die or betray him and in the end Emilia will turn out to be the Witch of Envy's vessel right after they kill the one at the Witche's prison.
Why does he even try?

>How can I make this feeling disappear?
>Isn't it obvious? You just need to forget her.

I`m willing to forget her, but i just can't. I don't want to feel like this but i just can't help it
I think there is no bigger pain than the unrequited love
>mfw ywn have a rem gf irl

To be honest with you the vibe I'm getting from Emilia's visions of "impending disaster" feels like Emilia will end up betraying Subaru. But that could be just my interpretation.

While I think Subaru seems to have gotten a bit too popular with the people in the world, I'd rather not have Rem to be the one to pay the price yet again. It just wouldn't be fair if she was always going to be the sacrifice.
Someone needs to ask one of those translators for that scene, so we can all speculate properly.

So, what kind of theories do the nips have on everything?

Sure you will. If you can tolerate the 3D realm, just find a cute but submissive femanon, treat her with kindness and love, then make her your maid. You can do it, user. You just need to prey upon her insecurities a bit and lick her psychological wounds. You'll be in an affectionate relationship with a loyal and devoted girl who will do literally anything for you in no time! Don't take it for granted, though, because only forming a genuine bond founded on consideration and communication won't end in tragedy, you see.

The nips have shittons of theories. Well I suppose it's natural because they have more information to base theories off of. I don't check 2ch that often but when I do, it seems like the main thing they theorize about is that conversation with Al and Rem in arc 3 (so, same as here). Otherwise what they have floating around is theories about Rem being pride (their version of Rem being Satella theory?) and lots of top-tier shitposting as and about Regulus.

So literally every Re:Zero thread

Western fanbase hasn't mastered how to speak in Regulus

This thread is shit because no SUBARU A BEST, report in fellow subarufags

>just find a cute but submissive femanon
But that's not Rem. You'd have to dial up the aggression quite a lot, and then you might have someone like Rem. You have to have someone who can recognize what a shit you are, even tease or chastise you about it, but still love you at the end up the day. Good luck finding that.
>and lots of top-tier shitposting as and about Regulus.
They really love that guy over there, don't they? What's made him so popular?
>Otherwise what they have floating around is theories about Rem being pride
What points do they use as evidence? Also, would that make her Rem Pollux or Rem Castor?
>that conversation with Al and Rem in arc 3 (so, same as here).
Same basic theories, or do they have different opinions?

Thanks for the advice user
I don't know if what you said was sarcasm but this life continues anyway... in this shitty realm.
I'll look for a 3D Rem, i know there must be somewhere
Too bad theres no save point irl tho

I would like to spread message about Ferri to Nippon fans. Where can I do so best?

I can't read this shit, but can you describe how this would come across if I could?

How can you possibly ruin anything but adding rem?

Unless the Holy Spirit put the child in there , somebody dicked a mindless vegetable girl , and that's fucked up!

He said "Ram". Rem being pregnant would get quite a different reaction.
Well, good luck with that. You have to remember that between Rem and Subaru, it's Rem who is the creep in the relationship. Make sure you don't accidentally reverse the roles.

She will end up reading Subaru's book in the Tower Of Pleiades.
Mark my words

I can't even fucking describe Regulus. He's just so pathetic he loops around and becomes perfect.
Don't know what star name they give Rem or the details behind the theory, think it ties into the Al theory, like 'Al was involved with the attack on the oni village which was to subdue pride (Rem) and timeline fuckery's made it go wrong' or something in that vein. Their theories on Al are basically the same as the west except stewed and boiled for longer.

I honestly can't. It's like he's condescending in the most casual way you can imagine and every sentence has the implication the listener should try to match up to him (they'll never manage though), while simultaneously blatantly insecure.

Point, but I don't think that demeanor is any rarer than perfectly submissive girls and there's surely some overlap - people have it in them to be either very meek or nagging (for lack of a better term) depending on what they think you want to see from them and/or what you let them get away with. You just have to make them love you. People can modify their behavior by degrees, the problem is (obviously) when their fundamental mentality is entirely different.

>I don't know if what you said was sarcasm
It wasn't sarcasm. I was speaking from experience.
But I probably shouldn't blogpost like a faggot.




You have no idea how much I want Subaru having a book to be a thing. Hurry up and update and make it happen Tappei.

This week

Good luck trying to find one and keeping her happy though, Rems take alot of work.

Who will appear in the cover?
Ram and the BCD?

Echidna. Definitely.

It's time to see Echidna's design

I want to bite those pointy elf-ears

>Rems take a lot of work
"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life"
I'll definetly find her. Mark these words


Oh man, do I want to give you a lecture on how that quote is pretty misleading.

But then again, you go do you.

>I can't even fucking describe Regulus. He's just so pathetic he loops around and becomes perfect.
I think I know this kind of character. I understand the appeal now.
>Don't know what star name they give Rem or the details behind the theory, think it ties into the Al theory, like 'Al was involved with the attack on the oni village which was to subdue pride (Rem) and timeline fuckery's made it go wrong' or something in that vein. Their theories on Al are basically the same as the west except stewed and boiled for longer.
So, it's not just us here in the west who think that it's Rem who Al believes should be dead? Well, I guess it's good to hear that even native speakers interpreted the conversation that way. I was afraid that something might not have been coming across right in the translations. The idea of Rem being Pride is still pretty strange to me, unless she's supposed to become Pride in a future Al is trying to prevent, especially since Al seems like a better fit for that one.

That's one theory I'd like to hear more about, since it just seems so strange to me. As for why I suggested Pollux or Castor, that's mostly because those are the brightest stars in Gemini. Well, Castor isn't technically a star, but a visual binary star system, but you get the point. If Rem were to ever become something like a Bishop, I can only imagine her star being in the twins.

At that point Subaru could have been a drunk deadbeat like Homer Simpson and Rem would still give him her unending love.

Speaking of which what's the reasoning behind her being pride?

>At that point Subaru could have been a drunk deadbeat like Homer Simpson

Eh, I really doubt Rem would not give him shit for it though. Even Subaru says Rem scolds him a lot.

>[Yes, what a useless father and older brother aren’t they? Spica needs to get bigger quickly so she can scold the two of them.]
>[Hey hey, let’s not feed her ideas like that while she can’t understand words, okay?]
>Subaru suddenly imagines being scolded on both sides by the two, hands on their hips, after saying or doing something stupid.

They give him a lot of shit to be honest with you.

Subaru appreciates it because it shows they care. Part of his deal on Earth was that no one even bothered to scold him for doing wrong. I'd personally find it annoying as hell and would shut that shit right down, but it fits Subaru's character.

Dreaming is free, user. I will follow it until my end
Also Im willing to read your lecture, just ignore what the other anons say

no you wouldn't.

Well this inspired me to drop by the 2ch thread and see what they're talking about. They have this in their FAQ for anyone interested.

Q. 5章のスバルもジャージなの?
>A. ジャージに見える服を作ってもらったので、ジャージ風の洋服です。

Q: Does Subaru still wear his track suit in arc 5?
A: from
He had clothes that look like a track suit made for him, so he's wearing western-style clothes that resemble a track suit.

That's what they all say

To add to this, I'd personally favor Castor. While it's technically fainter than Pollux, it's the one designated as Alpha.
>Although it has the identifier 'alpha', it is actually fainter than Beta Geminorum (Pollux).
Though it's perhaps more accurate to say "They" are identified as the alpha.
>All three of the visual components are actually spectroscopic binaries and Castor is a complex multiple star system made up of six individual stars.
>I'd personally find it annoying as hell and would shut that shit right down, but it fits Subaru's character.
If they were an actual Rem-like girl, she would be more than strong enough not to let you.
Well, that's interesting.

Here I am hoping for a black/yellow knight outfit from Subaru.

What about the cape
Does he wear one in arc 6?

This is just off my memory but yes. They're in a desert so they have capes and shit.

Or I guess you'd rather call that a cloak. Like a sand cloak.

That fucking bell looks like its pierced into his chest.

I want to be like Christopher Walken in the Dead Zone.

>born too late to discover the world
>born too early to discover the stars
>born just in time to discover Rem

Doing something you love like loving science. You tolerate and appreciate it most days and love it some days. As well as hate for a few moments.

Those who love something spend their lives savoring tedious little bits as well as the big flashy facts. Not to mention you would need to get comfortable knowing that your days will be boring, mundane and not too special, with a few exceptions. That in itself is surprisingly hard to maintain especially in a relationship, as people as it is can barely take care of themselves, let alone another person. The only merit you should look for in something like that is the fact that the nights will just be a little bit warmer and the house will be a little less quiet, after a hard day of working.

When you love something it will definitely feel like you are working agonizingly hard, its just after a years maybe even a life of dedication, boredom and sometimes frustration it would feel like it was worth it.

Though that's just coming from personal experience.

i think it's time to blogpost, user.
I want to hear your love story with your irl Rem

I want to marry you


>If they were an actual Rem-like girl, she would be more than strong enough not to let you.
If they were an actual Rem-like girl, physical strength wouldn't matter when you can punish her emotionally with such trivial ease. Rem's self-confidence is fragile. Assuming she cares enough about me to offer her opinion, she would also care enough to not want to be disliked. Simply reacting with active annoyance would get her to seriously question her behavior. She can read the atmosphere - it's why she's only full of kind words about all of Subaru's positive qualities during chapter 52/episode 18. I'm skeptical she would even critique as often as she does if Subaru didn't welcome it upon himself.

Again, i appreciate your advice. That reminds me the dopamine (and other neurotransmitters) that your brain produces when you are in a relationship, with time your brain becomes resistent to dopamine so you will need a bigger amount to get the same effect and when that finishes (like the end of the relationship) you get an abstinence syndrome what brings you suffering.
I know what im getting into. I just want someone to see me as her hero because i will act according to that

Do all Remfags give legitimate relationship advice or something? Because it seems like a common theme among these threads.

But what's the point of a Rem if you prey on her weakness instead of helping and allowing her to be strong?

It's their thing.


You guys really think you'll find a rl girl who'll be like your anime waifu? Why do you wanna bring 2D perfection to the filth that is 3D?

Well we are hypothetically speaking here. Its not like anyone going to actively look for one except for that one user. We are just dwelling in fantasies for a little bit and speculating.

It's not bring 2D to 3D. It's find the 2D in the 3D

Well she already does that.

And better than you ever could.

It's always that one user desperate enough, I suppose.
He's just tossing himself into absolute despair. Gotta just accept that 2D ought to remain in its perfect form and survive with this reality we have.

One thing I've found if common with alot of Remfags are that they either self-insert as Rem, they have qualities and personality quirks they share with Rem or are willing to be completely commited and dissolved within a relationship.

If only some of you faggots were girls

Honestly, I'm just participating in whatever discussions that are ongoing. I'd rather talk about any kind of speculation or theories, such as what role the Dragon might play, but that's not what people seem to be interested in at the moment.

I'd rather have Rem as my daughter. I'm not entirely sure why, but there that is.

Regarding the dragon I wonder what kinds of miracles can his blood grant. Can the dragon give Ram her horn? Maybe give Ram and Rem two horns?

What if that's what Subaru is going to use to fix his managate?

You are not alone.

desu i self inserted as Ferrari until he rejected her
no fucking idea how. I know for myself i would have fell instantly in love if a girl like her would tell me shit like this while i'm in full despair shit.
i'm sucker for gentle cute grills who offer affection, gentleness and kindness.

being on suicide watch and medicine probably doesn't help me too

Commited and dissolved user reporting

To be fair Toyota in the WN eventially realized he loved her as well.

Unlike the anime where he only had eyes for emilia and took rem completely for granted


I wonder what would happen if the dragon ever meets Subaru, I also wonder would happen if the dragon sees him as Fugel.

Anime Mitsubishi will realize he loves Rem as well if they continue the story in a new season once he sees Rem's comatose body. Because that's what would bring the greatest despair.

So, in retrospect, what was the biggest shitstorm/explosion the show caused?

Rem being rejected i think

Episode 18 definitely, it would've been episode 25 to trump episode 18 but we all know what happened during that fiasco.

I only watched it after it finished airing but remember seeing a lot of threads around ep15

That was great. There was also all of the shitton of NUCELAR edits.

>witch-bitch wants back alive
>creates emilia
>get's king killed
>throws subaru at her

>witch-bitch wants subaru to make emilia queen
>when emilia is queen she will try to take over her body and do evil witch things

this is not theory this is truth
pay money now


Manga/Anime/Translation PLEASE

I think Volcanica is actually a girl, and who knows? Apparently its miracles are able to overpower reality altering authorities, so the dragon is no joke. It may not have the same kind of combat power as Reinhardt, but there's more than one type of power. The Holy Dragon, despite being a dragon, doesn't seem to be much of a fighter compared to many other beings.
We'll see. I get the feeling that the Dragon is one of the true players in the setting, who actually knows what's going on and is directing events. Rather than being a poser/pawn like Roswaal.

wow goodfriend
you have greatest knowledge
this is truthful

I pay money now

>Emilia has parents
>Emilia was born around 100 years ago
>Dragon stone is the one that decides who is the candidate for queen race, not the witch

The only advantage i think of for the witch, is if Emilia becomes queen, they get to talk to the dragon and possibly may kill it.

Holy shit, that explains everything.

>witch-bitch wants subaru to make emilia queen
>when emilia is queen she will try to take over her body and do evil witch things

That would be interesting, but Satella didn't seem so sensible.

Subaru will never be able to be by Emilia's side like this.

how does dragon stone work?

If Satella really wanted to take over Emilia, she'd have made sure Subaru sided with the Witch Cult, given that Petelgeuse was trying to use Emilia as a vessel for Satella.

Satella's just trying to buff her hubby first by getting him to kill these chumps.

I imagine it's some prophecy type shit, or maybe it's the dragon's will choosing?

There's literally almost no info on the dragon. He could be a giant asshole for all we know, or a really nice being.

The witch does not control the cult, nor does she want then. The one pulling strings in then is Pandora and we don't know what her deal is.

That's because Saburu can't be a proper knight when he's born to be Emilia's king.

So the main plots and subplots that need answering are:

>The reason for Subaru, and every other person who came from earth being sent to that world
>Al's possible connection to Satella, and his supposed knowledge of Ram
>Coma Rem
>Pandora's plan
>The REAL reason the cult was formed, cause i doubt it's simply to let maniacs get their wishes
>What the dragon requires for the contract and his position in all this
>What exactly happened 400 years ago
>Flugel's connection to the witches
>Where did Echidna go after possessing Lewes's main clone
>What was behind the sealed door Pandora wanted Emilia to open in the forest
>Where do Witch genes originated from, and why Flugel apparently gave sloth to Betelgeuse for safe keeping
>Floor's 7 and 0 of the Pleiades tower

Did i miss anything? Also for some reason the whole floor 0 feels like some sort of secret area in a game with a ultra powerful boss waiting.

Hopefully that implies Rem being queen.

Subaru can't be a proper knight when he doesn't even wear the fucking outfit. Come the fuck on you have that thing get it out of the closet before moths eat it.

What is sage candidate any why is Subaru one. Or maybe more succinctly just what is Subaru

I was going to ask why Rem had a bottomless dress and then I realized it's actually an apron.
Fucking sexy the way I saw it first though, I can't unsee it

Cant unsee

I see it now too.

Rem will be first consort. Emilia has to be the queen.


Felt will be Queen

this is porn isnt it?

At least one man in that image is hard.

>"Emilia's king" implies Rem being queen.

Dude, that "interpretetion" needs so much power of imagination&delusion that my brain trembled when I tried to put those contradictory concepts togheter.
Remfans are amazing, in their own way.

Indulge them. It's their despair from seeing Rem turned into a vegetable with no salvation in sight.

When watching the anime I was expecting a plot twist where Satella was actually good.

You never know user it just might happen

I need an end to this ride

>When watching the anime I was expecting
There's your problem

Holy shit this anime didn't have enough time to express what it needed to

tEmilia and Satella are physically the same and one is good and one is evil [imagine a threesome with them[/spoiler] i can't, i'm heavily depressed today

That is one form fitting apron.

Why is everyone so depressed in these threads? Is this the power of despair?
Don't give up, damn it! It'll turn out alright! Rem will wake up, Emilia will reach happiness! Subaru might have to die for good for that tho'

Because I'll never have a cute strong oni gf.

this has nothing to do with Cred Forums mate, i'm most likely bipolar, and now my down phase is consuming me

I just want Rigel and Spica to be canon god dammit.

I'm not buying the theory of Rem being pride. Not at all, she isn't prideful enough, not even in the least. Absolutely nothing about her represents pride and she doesn't show a lot of it. If anything it might be something Ram could have become due to being incredibly powerful prior to losing her horn. If I recall correctly, Tappei said that she would be just below Satella and Reinhardt in terms of power as an adult Oni with a horn.

Me too, me too...
Please, make the pain stop

She also doesn't seem to meet the qualifications, otherwise Pete would've noted them. Even with her self-depreciation and many of the Archbishops being anti-thesis to the sin the represent they still actually have some twist on it that still represents the sin. Unless Rem wakes up pissed off, stinky and arrogant I really can't see that happening.

So apparently Felix meeting Crusch for the first time after her memories are erased is a new scene added to the LN.

Where I can find translated chapters with Wilhelm from his childhood?

Yeah, the WN doesn't seem to go into all that great of detail of happened when they first found Crusch and Rem's group. You just sort of get a 'Hetaro found Felix and brought him here, then they put everyone on wagons and brought hem to the capital'

Pretty sure he also regrew Crusch's arm, but it never really seems to be stated.

>If anything it might be something Ram

Pretty much, and Al was interested in Ram, not in Rem. No idea why some people put Rem in it, it's just forced.

It is implied in the WN that Satella wants Subaru to kill her. We also know that there's a sort of ritual by which she can take over another half-elf's body. Remember the portion where they talk about Satella being immortal? They specifically refer to her body as immortal. We know that Echidna, the Witch of Greed, created artificial spirits, such as Beatrice , so perhaps the witch version of the Greed Authority lets her artificially create life. We also know that artificial spirits are great at magic. Again, see Beako for evidence. Know who else is later revealed to actually be a very powerful magician, of the ice Element? Emilia. We know that Satella absorbed the authorities of the other witches, or at least can make use of them, as she is a master of the Unseen Hand and can produce 2000 of them.

Now connect the dots, user.
Emilia was artificially created by Satella. Once the circumstances are in her favour, she would possess that body so she can die, being tired of her immortality, because let's face it, being alive for an eternity, not master of your own mind because you took in incompatible witch genes, sucks massive donkey dick. Not sure where Subaru ties into this but there are theories that he's Flügel, the Sage, or a reincarnation of him. Tappei is dropping hints, either to imply it or to mislead us, and doing so in ambiguous ways. For example, Kawasaki's dad is named Kenji. It is written in a certain way in the WN and LN, containing a kanji that (roughly or directly, not sure how this works) translates to "sage". It's Strange that Subaru's dad is the one where the hint is dropped. Speaking of, the witches called the sage an "old fool", and Kenji is known for messing around and always being at the center of happenings, most often being the cause for them. Quite the fool I'd say. Fucking Tappei, I bet he's doing this shit on purpose to lead us on. Love the guy.


He had to cause you can see both of then there.

It wouldn't be that hard since it was a clean cut.


The Dragon is a support characters.
The original party of three that subjugated Satella were a DPS (Sword Saint), a Support Caster (Volcanica) and (probably) a time mage

If the theory about Al being the one who did the dehorning is true he might have assumed he did it to Rem and assumed she died.

It's not implied, she literally tells him that he should kill her when they meet.

Just how straight is Felix for Crusch?

The guy who did it exploded, although he was the golden god of Witch Cultist mooks.

He got the name jumbled, he was fine with Rem being Ram, but not fine with Rem being Rem with a sister named Ram. It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, but it clearly relates to both of them somehow.

Making this theory even more plausible because it cements Satella wanting to die as canonical. Thanks for clearing that up.


>It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, but it clearly relates to both of them somehow.
Also worth noting that there might be other shit going on, because he didn't think it was an issue that needed murdering right away, it just put him in a bad mood. Also the 'thing' he makes reference to might be neither of them. Its all kinds of weird and I really want to know more about Al.

I hope someone translates all the different things that don't happen in the WN.

>people think there won't be a season 2
There will be
It just won't be until like 2018 or 2019 when the LN has enough content to support it.

Where did this theory come from? I thought Al was a cool dude.

In the anime they cut two short scenes about Al.

He is sort of a cool dude, but the anime cut basically everything about him and Priscilla.

For one thing, he's from Japan, which he explains to Subaru while they are riding to the Royal Selection. Second, when Subaru visited Priscilla to try and secure her help he had a very weird reaction when talking to Rem. There's another thing later where he is intimately afraid of Satella, but at the same time became angry when the illusion of her was dispelled.

His main motivation for staying with Priscilla is that she wins easy, so he wants to be on the winning team.

>she wins easy
does she even have anything other than sun power? you just fight her at night and she's fucked

She has literal super luck. Think Nagito. Everything works out for her in the end, it doesn't matter what other blessings she has.

What Roswaal got to the oni pussy first?

He already has.

I read some spoilers about arc 5. What the hell is Reinhard's problem? Why is he such a jackass?

The Clown'd jokes would literally never stop. Its already bad, but you would probably not ever be able to talk about Ram.

You did see the anime, didn't you? It got as implied as possible with that scene in Roswaal's office that he pounds Ram whenever he wants. She even states that her body belongs to Roz.

I'm pretty sure she's been clown'd several times already, dude.
I wonder if Rem ever schlicked to the sound of Ram being pounded.

Roswaal needs to die.

She has, but that would pretty much cement it. There are still those that kind of deny it.

Because he has a really strong sense of justice. He always believes he is right.

Or at the very least somehow make Ram independent.

But seriously, someone take her away from that clown.

But didn't she pretty much win him as her personal dildo slave after Arc 4? Or maybe I misread the spoilers.

Nah there is a bet if Subaru is somehow able to deviate from the gospel that Roswaal will follow Ram's orders. As well as quit Echidna. If not Ram and Subaru will follow Roswaal's orders.

Subaru is winning that bet btw.

I think the terms got screwed up and he sort of just fucked off.

But Subaru still managed to make Roz behave for the time being, right?

Joker and harley

I always saw Roswaal as more of a David Bowie imitator than a clown.

They did win, and Roswaal did state Ram is now the one giving orders to him.

The problem is if she wants to change the status quo to not disturb her Roswaal.

Lel not forgetting seasonal waifu

>The problem is if she wants to change the status quo to not disturb her Roswaal.
Oh for fuck sakes Ram

Clowns got the biggest dick in the show. No wonder she is so obediant

Clown cock is the strongest. Can't beat the clown cock.

I'm saying "IF".

So far it doesn't seem like she's going out of her way to do change it much, but she does seem to keep him in check, but not that much.

can no one save her?

Reinhard's dick might have a blessing for that

oh well hopefully it doesnt go back to her being obedient

Is Roswaal like the Orochimaru of Re zero or some shit?

Reinhard's dick is already getting Felt up

Oh right, that little detail about Roswall now filling the void Rem's vanishing left in Ram's heart.

Maybe Rem.

Subaru better saves her quick.

If it turns into Ram being a kinky sadist towards Roz and keeping him in check he might get redeemed by retribution.

>Filling her demon pussy full of clown power


Give her some mana, bitches love mana.

You mean dolphins?

The only way he can be redeemed at this point is reviving a demon village and taking away his powers.

The demon village massacre wasn't his doing, or his orders, he just let it happen, which technically doesn't make it his fault, just means he was complacent about it in order to get Ram and Rem.

>Dragon's blood

Wait for it

No, I mean clown dick.

Rem and possibly Gaaf. But Gaaf has Mimi now.


He lets lots of things happen doesn't he? Isn't he basically responsible for every arc through 4, either through actually doing something or just being suspiciously absent?

Is there anything actually forcing him to follow her orders beyond him being a surprisingly good sport?

Oni pussy

so cat loli got a bigger cat now how did that happen?

>There was a time when people paried Ram and Gaaf through hell and back

They must be squirming in their graves right now.

i think it's just the bet, so he could just fuck her over if he feels like it.

He devoted his entire life to the book, it's not like he has to considering how powerful he is, but he imagines that he now needs to count on everyone else and mainly Subaru to get to revive Echidna.

He followed that book religiously, now that is was proven to not be flawless, and Ram burned it, he lost his will, and wants to count Subaru.

Basically yeah. He has the power to stop it, and knows it's going to happen thanks to the gospel, but doesn't do anything, or let's it happen because the book told him so, and to see if Subaru can fix the situation.

All of this just for some witch pussy.

He's honestly not the entirely shitty person Ramfags make him out to be. He's just really smug and very misguided.

Reinhard plowing Felt? noice

>All of this just for some witch pussy.
Why is Roswaal so obsessed with her to begin with, really?
>Wiki: "In actuality, his body is possessed by his ancestor, whose purpose is to meet his teacher Echidna again at any cost"

>there is no such thing as a happy ending
There is, only if Subaru goes through inhuman amounts of suffering.

hey man those witches are top tier waifu

Why the fuck does anyone do anything in Re:Zero.
Especially unrequited or lost love.

Love is a powerful thing user, it's also the main motif through the story for most people.

>Subaru's love for Emilia, and Rem, his for all of those close to him
>Wilhelm's love for Theresia keeps him revenge thirsty for years
>Satella's love for Subaru which most likely brought him into that world
>Rem's love for Subaru which drove him to continue and saved her from her self doubt
>Emilia's slowly rising love for Subaru which makes her less unsure about herself
>Each Bishop's "Love" for a certain thing, which is their driving force

And so on.

Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Pandora is somehow doing this for love too. Maybe love for Satella?

You can't beat witch pussy. No, you can't.

Not witch pussy. Nope.

Anyone make a new thread?

is Pandora a girl or guy?

At most you can match it closely. With Oni pussy.

>Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Pandora is somehow doing this for love too. Maybe love for Satella?
What little we know about Pandora is so extraordinarily rich with implications it's astounding. At the moment, it's not unlikely she's actually Satella's mother. She may very well be doing this for Satella's sake, perhaps to end her miserable eternal existence. On the other hand, the alternative is that she used - sacrificed, even - Satella before to bring the Authorities together for her own ends, although who knows what exactly those are.

Oni pussy with horn(s) activated.

who is Pandora all I know she fucked up Pete life right?


The Witch of Vainglory, a subsidiary sin that was removed from the main seven that historically represented "an expression of pride through boastfulness that birthed envy," and the leader of the Witch Cult, essentially making her the de facto true main antagonist at the moment.

well shit whats her power?

so she either continues the theme of being motivated by love or is so absurdly lacking in love that she reinforces the theme anyway


reality warping