There are people on Cred Forums with less than 200 days of watched anime

>there are people on Cred Forums with less than 200 days of watched anime

Get out of my board pleb scum.

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>today I'm going to make a thread complaining about an anime trope like I'm the first person to ever notice it
>today I'm going to make a thread bashing a shit show that everyone knows is shit so I can feel intelligent and tasteful
>today I'm going to make a thread complaining about how boring SoL is

He has a 13XXXXXXXXXXXX.jpg, he's probably above the 80% oldest people on the board.

i've been watching since '98
what now pleb

I've reawtched DBZ on tv enough times to be over 300 days.

You can easily download those pictures from the archive.


>caring about somethings this irrelevant

Hi meme edgelord from neo-Cred Forums. How are you?

Would have believed that when foolz was up, but today it's unlikely.


This thread has the only 12 and probably one of the first ten 13s I can remember seeing this year.

>watching anime


Had to do some digging to find any "12s"

Here you go senpai, one rare 11 for free

Rate me, senpais!

>there are people on Cred Forums who keep track of how many anime they've watched

This is the only 12 I managed to save from my old HDD

Rate me.

>literally giving a shit about the numbers n the filename
That you trying to impress everyone OP?

>there are people on Cred Forums that is able to drop garbage as soon they notice it

good for them

Some things never change.

Have you reached magician status yet?

Muh first waifu

>having this much time
>having an obsession with completing everything you watch
Jesus user, how do you have this much time to watch chinese cartoons, you a NEET?Should have used MAL to see how much time you spent watching all this shit.Learn to drop some shows and develop some taste lad.

I'm pretty sure he didn't finish all of them

How much days is the whole Naruto series

>above 80% oldest

This is the oldest Cred Forums image I have saved

Just because you watched and rewatched every episode and filler episode of every long running shounen doesn't mean you can be an elitist.

The board is flooded with crossies (etc) posting 14s, you should do a better survey next time.

The irony is not lost on me anyway


Tetora best girl.

Not according to this official hierarchy

>Mari not in the front
fuck off anytime

>implying the anime producers don't have shit taste

>there are people who have an average rating of 5 and above
Kill yourselves.

She's not last and that's what counts

>there are people on Cred Forums with less than 200 days of watched anime
I made a MAL account and was planning to put in all the shows I had watched, but I realized seeing how many days or years I'd watched anime would make me depressed and I stopped during spring 2016.

I don't even know how many shows I have watched. A bit too many I guess.

>tfw newfag and can't watch things that are not in HD

Did you have more than 500 entries on your list?

You're going to miss out on a lot of good shows that way. They didn't start to make 720p shows before around 2006, and then only a few of them were 720p. Widescreen also started around then.

I'm currently watching Mirai Shounen Conan, but it's remastered so it's pretty good quality. I downloaded Kare Kano on nonremastered DVDs, and the quality is really poor and it's kind of hard to watch, but I manage. I even watched the DVD screener of Kimi no na wa two times.

>there are OPs on Cred Forums that actually have a mal account

Get out board pleb scum.

You're an autist if you don't use it to keep track of what you've watched.

I managed to fill out 12 shows before I got bored. I have no idea how many shows I've watched. So I really don't know if 500 shows are many or few compared to what I've watched.

>You're an autist if you don't use it to keep track of what you've watched.
You could just, you know, not keep track of what you've watched like I do?


>you're an autist if you don't have the brain capacity to remember if you have watched something or not

If you're going to be a faggot who uses MAL you might as well just use a .txt document instead or just keep everything you download on external drives.


>there are people on Cred Forums

It's actually just you and a complex algorithm generating shitposts resembling coherent discussion. Sometimes.

That itself is autistic, user.

>brain capacity to remember more than 600 shows watched.
Sorry that I am not as smart as you.

You're an autist if you have to keep track what you've watched.

>600 shows
not that guy but lel

Have another 11. This is the oldest one I have.

it's not possible to remember all ovas and specials i watched

let's stop this circle jerk of autist and admit that it's impossible not to be autistic here

>It's actually just you and a complex algorithm generating shitposts resembling coherent discussion. Sometimes.
Actually sometimes Cred Forums feels like this. I'm sure I'm just entertaining myself talking to an advanced artificial intelligence. Sometimes I don't even know what people are talking about.

Not an argument.

If you start a show that you have already seen and can legitimately not remember ever watching it, then yes you probably have autism. I've seen over 600 anime and I have no trouble distinguishing what I have seen from what I haven't.

Holy wow.

>not being a Markov chain

It's like you don't know how to recommend the anime or Pico of go back to Cred Forums and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will yes


I have a feeling a lot of you don't even know what an autist is. Seriously. If you'd been a high functioning autist you'd have alphabetically sorted every show you'd watched in a nice excel form with date watching it, so you knew exactly the day which would be best for rewatching. And if someone ruined this with dinner or something, you'd throw a fit.

Fuck off autist

I think you might be exaggerating things a little bit.

I have watched all naruto and one piece episodes so I guess that I'm an oldfag now

I have a brother with Asperger's syndrome.

I do not.

Do you or don't you? Let's be clear about this.

Made me laugh. 10/10.

Is this the Joshiraku thread?

>he watches anime

You should be more careful with those, I won't save it with the same file name because I respect you, but there are people who will.


Most newfag shitposters don't know what autism at all. This isn't new or anything, sadly.

I can agree with that too


fuck off, reddit.

wew lad

I dont even remember Joshiraku, except maybe cute outfits.

Should I rewatch?


>less than 300


I'm working my way there pal

>rename image to 1.jpg
>become king of Cred Forums

>I dont even remember Joshiraku
dude you've got tissues


is on the right track
you sir, are the casual.

>Not watching your Anime muted while playing Beethoven's Piano Sonata No.8 and No.19, or alternatively one of his many String Quartets.

>Having the nerve to watch anime on a screen any smaller than 60 inches and at anything less than 720p, without a glass of wine or champagne that is at least equal to or above the caliber of Dom Perignon.

>Thinking that you can truly understand the Japanese tongue before having seen the Cherry blossoms in person as they fall upon your cheek while you run in a rushed, yet gingerly manner with toast hanging out of your mouth.

>Thinking that any Anime made by a director that doesn't suffer from depression and works with animators that work less than 18 hours a day should even make it onto your palette let alone be worth your time to judge the audio quality and its various versions.

>Not understanding that Anime was a mistake from the start and that despite the preparations you should make before watching it, mentioned at the beginning of this post, started going downhill (in terms of overall quality) after 1918.

I knew I was among casuals, just not casuals of this bottom scrapping quality.

I'm at 60 days, I get depressed when I see that time counter keep rising. Mari is best girl.

Pft, you think that's impressive.

OP is right though, you shouldn't be posting unless you've watched AT LEAST 2400 hours of anime, if not 4800 hours. It's not difficult.

Cred Forums here 10/10 I woke up my neighbors laughing.


Is this the ancient meme thread?

what about watch anime over 10 years but never post on Cred Forums?


>ctrl+f "autis" 13 results
never change Cred Forums

Greetings, plebeians.

I only have 115, Forgive me father for I have sinned.

>not having some kind of log of what you've watched or what you want to watch in the future
It's not really a matter of autism. Why do you faggots assume human memory is so splendid? Esp. in this age of digital media where HDDs die and you can never really tell if you've accessed some file.
Over the years I've forgotten too many great series I wanted to watch at some point, or I've actually started watching some 'new' old anime only to realize that I had already watched it years ago. All these MAL detractors must be really young.

You people exaggerate. 100 days of watched anime should be more than enough for a newcomer, as long as that number doesn't include 100+ episodes series and has at least 250 different franchises.

>I've actually started watching some 'new' old anime only to realize that I had already watched it years ago
Well, if you've forgotten what happens in a series then that's one reason to watch it again.

>there are people on this board with sub-120 IQ

How embarrassing.

>200 days
The requirement to post on Cred Forums is 300 completed.

Too bad most of Cred Forums hasn't seen more than 10 series

I've never seen Lucky Star or a lot of older shows above like 144p. I have the 40mb compressed videos on an external somewhere.

I've seen 20 whole animes, does that mean I'm the creme de la creme Cred Forumsnon?

Which is probably less than 200 days considering you can blow through a 1-cour series in a couple hours.

I don't have everything I've watched tracked on Taiga because I used to use notepad so I don't know how many completed 200 days would be on average.

i've got less than 20 hours and i feel like i've seen every anime worth seeing
>rates what he dropped
have you no class?

How would you even know the number of hours you've seen?

Haven't done this in a while.

This can't be real


>Dropped NNB.
>Dropped Shin Sekay Yori.
I'm sharing a board with THESE people?

>bumping the thread
you fool

SSY is trash. I wish I dropped it.


Not worth it.

Is there a manga read to day exchange ratio?

I have only 2000 hours.


>tfw I will never be this patrician

>71 people arguing completed anime days

I thought MALers crossbrowsing on here was just a meme. Now they make generals.

>Talking about it like it's a bad thing
Keep crying, Nips

What's exactly wrong with having a MAL account just for the anime tracking function?

You're supporting the system.

What system?

The MAL system of anime oppression where gintama is at the top

I can understand dropping NNB that shit looks really fucking awful and you should feel bad for liking it. SSY was great though.

There's nothing wrong with using MAL instead of Notepad. My point is that taking those numbers seriously to the point of willing to make a discussion about it, or even taking the time to meme around it, is a MAL forum tier practice and you should keep it there.

I've stopped watching anime completely. I only read LN and Manga now. Get on my level.

I have 1034 finished anime on my list but that includes ovas, specials and movies so I think I have about 850-900 finished series.

I am a newfag who have only seen less than seventy/eighty shows, what are you gonna do about it?

This is the reason why I rename all my pictures into numbers.

>297.5 days
>1053 completed

>tfw I watched a lot more anime since leaving Cred Forums a couple of years ago

welcome back we missed you

I missed Cred Forums as well, though it's gotten a lot more reddit than I remember.

>How much days is the whole Naruto series
Around 4.5 days? I dropped One Piece at 299 episodes and it shows that it lasted approximately 5 days.

>when you see a shitposting thread at night and then you go to bed and you expect it to not last long but then you wake up in the morning and the shitposting thread is still there and all you can wonder is what the fuck are the mods doing since they delete other threads but not shitposting threads like these

I remember some user writing a script to randomly rename all his filenames once

Wouldn't that mean the image dates from the 1st of January 1970?

63 here. stay mad

>there are people on Cred Forums with less than 6k japanese vocab

Get out of my board pleb scum.

There are native speakers here with less than 6k english vocab so I would not expect any standards.

I've been watching and reading nip shit for years and I've only picked up maybe 20 words max and I can't read moonrunes still.

>There are people that only watch anime and never read manga, even if they have 200+days

Get out of my board pleb scum, Manga > Anime

>shitty thread trying to be elite
fuck this shit, where is my joshiraku S2?

S2 never.

The reason why I've watched around 100 days in the past 11 years is my extreme pickyness.

Honestly amount of something you've watched is just a terrible measure to compare on unless all you care about is literally amount watched.

Someone who has sat and watched TV for the last 40 or 50 years of their life all day everyday for 3 or 4 hours after work has likely spent many multiple years of their life watching TV but the majority of normalfags who do this day in day out still have terrible taste in TV shows and know nothing at all about the medium.

Protip: Watch as much as you want and you will still be pleb scum with terrible taste unless you take your time to actually research and learn about anime production, anime history and otaku culture.

I have 57.70 days on completed, and break 60 if I include everything.
Still have large gaps in my anime history, may have to break 100 to start running out of must watches.

At this point, I've probably spent more days posting on Cred Forums than I have watching anime

This. I'd like to see my Cred Forums stats - how many posts I wrote in last years. I never made more than 100 posts on other message boards but here it's different.

>It's another KuMETA thread

But what if you watched 200 shit shows?

>implying Cred Forums watches anime

Sorry, I've started watching anime this year.

It's quality bait, but
>Dropped: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (05)

Because it is shit.

Fucking this.

I remember making a MAL back in 2012, thinking it was finally time to make a list and try to put order into everything i've ever watched.
I gave up after the 600th entry as I realized I was doing this for hours and would have to keep going even further, fuck I didnt even put any ovas, movies or second seasons of shows too.
How did you faggots even do your lists? Did you just make one the day you started to watch anime or actually worked yourself off trying to put everything into one?

Days, not shows.

And it doesn't matter that much that the anime you watch is bad. If anything, it makes it better. At least if it's old. For recent anime, good>bad, but for old anime, bad>good, in terms of respect and social status. You get more respect if you watch I dunno Those Who Hunt Elves than if you watch Cowboy Bebop.

If you played MGQ before the hype you'd understand

Nigger if you talk shit about Those Who Hunt Elves I will hurt you.

I watched three different anime series in my entire life. Top that.

>Baiting this hard
You're nothing but hivemind.

I've been here since 2007 and I still copy filenames just to make it look like I had the picture saved long time ago.

Today I filled out all the anime I've ever watched on MAL. I just went to Wikipedia anime by year and added everything I remembered as I went through each year. It took like 3 hours.

I had a similar experience recently, but what annoyed me too was besides the time it was taking was even after I had gone through the majority of their list of TV shows alphabetically I still felt like I was missing shit I just couldn't remember instantly from the tiny picture and the name. So I just gave up and also having to add like K-On!, K-On!!, K-On!! Ura-On, K-On! Movie , K-On OVA 1, K-On OVA 2, K-On ONA 1-6 and so on for every single franchise separately just gets dull as fuck.

lol I haven't even seen it, I just assumed it's bad. Let's say Weiss Kreuz instead, then. Haven't seen that either, but probably not very good right

A lot of people liked it back in the day. It was never really my thing, though, so I'll let you get away with this one.

> lol I haven't even seen it, I just assumed it's bad
Fuck off.

> A lot of people liked it back in the day.
A lot of women and homosexuals.

1000 anime should be the bare minimum.

Yes, well, they are generally considered people too.

I've been watching anime since the 60s

I think I'm old...

is a NEWB!

fuck off to reddit faggot.


Agreed on how tedious it gets, there's 11 anime entries for City Hunter

Ennn Reddit whats that?
*cups hand to ear*
I can't hear you above all the snobbery, autism and snarky comments here....
"You Kids get off my lawn!" comment* is what most of this thread is.

I remember cutting deals with folks coming back from Japan to bring me VHS tapes in 1979. I remember anime watching parties. I remember going to cons to trade tapes and LDs. To be serious with some of the folks posting we have Netflix and Amazon for gods sake with Anime less than six months old. We have "real time" streaming. We have raws and fan subs coming out within a few days. It's a lot easier now. You can practice selective watching because you have choices.

And finally ...But seriously OP had a nice troll.

Go to bed user.

Agree that it's too easy to be picky these days. We practically have anime shoved down our throats these days. It sort of takes some of the magic away. Still love it though and I've probably been watching as long as you have.

Post more Kigu.




You really do a poor job of hiding how much of a faggot you are.