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hi mom

JoJo girls are for hugging!

Gappy makes me happy

First for Weather Report is here now.

Part 5 anime will be so much better than the manga
cant wait desu

Gappy might make a certain user happy but who makes YOU happy?

You posted him.

Josefumi makes me gloomy

gold e is my only


People who post Aida Mitsuo quotes.

Jolyne makes me want to settle down and start a family

Post 'em

too bad youre a neet


I just want to fuck him in every way possible.
Is that so bad.


Hey buddy I've got a job, you'd better take that back. I'm going to make Jolyne my wife and you'll just have to deal with it.

8/10 pretty good
i'm glad c-moon is well-liked here. it's a cool stand

>yfw Aida Mitsuo became a well known poet after his book Ningen Damono (Because I'm Human)
>Jobin is evil because he's human and because of innocence

I want Jolyne to fuck me with her futa dick

>Jotaro stopping time was an asspull!
Star Platinum having time powers is foreshadowed literally every single time it gets used.


Anasui please go.

It only counts as sex if you put it in the vagina, which Narancia lacks meaning you should be safe to fuck him however you please. It's not a sin unless it's in.


So I can fuck him in his ass and still be safe?

same my nigga, same

Safe from damnation and hellfire sure, but shitdick is still a concern.

Italian Catholic here. Very false information

I was rusing Naranciafag into hell and you had to fuck it up.

As long as I don't burn I'm good.
How is this false?
Nice to meet someone with good taste.

>i want to fuck this
>i want to fuck that
>i want to fuck this part
>i want to fuck that part


Jobin doesn't like Joshuu and neither should you

did someone say fuck?

>tfw I'll never fuck Narancia

Fuck off Rapist.

Jobin's an asshole.
Joshuu is cool.

I do since he's my wife.

"He" is my "wife"????

>tfw no cute trap husbando

He, narancia, is my wife.
You have a problem?

You've gotta be an asshole if you're the main villain

i can confirm this, died after getting fucked in the ass and didn't go to hell because of it, i went there because of all of those children i murdered

I'll buy him my dude

He's not for sell, my dude.

He is now. Sold to me for 5 autism dollars

What if you both pretend you're single for one night?

Narancia posting i see?

post panels

>so much Naranciaposting already

Remove this tumor.


here you go perv.

Listen to me very carefully fucker.
He loves me and only me.
Now why would I do that?
Yes we are.
I'll never let me and narancia fade away ever again.
I will save him.

I love the way Araki draws metal

>you will never turn Jotaro into your personal boytoy

Jolyne stimulates my ochinchin.


Joshu best boy

How about 5 bucks and I just stick it in for a couple seconds? No thrusting, just bliss.

I'll up the bid to 10

For 5 buck he'll grab it for half a minute nothing else.
No you won't

>No you won't
what makes you think that user-kun?

>avatarposting is against the rules
>still mods don't ban naranciafag

I'll stop you from doing anything to him.
I've been banned many times mane.

Nothing like an entire double spread for a guy menacingly folding a note.

You haven't been banned as much as you should.

And how many times is that?

>Not liking Naranica
What's wrong with you virgins

As many times as Diavolo died.

If they don't add Mario I'm dropping on a heartbeat

So you just want me to give up and never post again?
And to also be permabanned?

Doppio always brings a smile to my face

I'm not going to be surprised if they change the colors, considering Janken Polnareff

Josuke makes me soft & wet

If you're just gonna keep Naranciaposting, yeah.


What could possible be so harmful about me posting cute pics of narancia?

I want to protect his smile.
I don't want to see him crying again

does anyone know the name of the piece that plays in this video

why did they change his orange hair?

God, these threads are gayer than the steven universe threads on Cred Forums, why is the jojo fandom so gay?

wait, that was a dumb question, wasn't it


Fuck off midler

Reminder that Koichi is just a regular sized person that got shrunk in MS Paint.

People like myself like Narancia for what he does in VA and don't want to be confused with who I assume is you

Speaking of I am sad narancia got downgraded to radar bitch near the end

Because they decided he's Polnareff's bastard child

Spamming and avatarposting is against the rules and it shits the thread.

If you wanna do that, just create a tumblr to post pictures of Narancia.

If your stand reflex your soul...
Fugo is fucked up

I want to violently facefuck Josuke and cum on his hair.

I'd let Diego dic me

Good taste

>There are no-name hentais with bigger budgets than the DiU anime's

I don't know man they really did Deadly Queen justice

>There are lots of jojo hentai that never will be scanned/translated

Fuck, when will somebody upload DiU's third Blu-Ray?

>tfw I have multiple doujins but am unwilling to scan them because I don't want to ruin them

I want to buy and scan a lot of jojo doujins.
But 99.5% of the doujins in Mandarake are Jotakak or yaoi


They're all gay but at least they're not jotakak

I am plagued with a series of very voluptuous and sexy women but I am instead left with constant gay porn...

But I just want to love him

At least some doujins are funny

If it makes you feel better, one of them involves Lisa Lisa fantasizing about pimping out Ceasar and Joseph so it's kind of like femdom I guess

I don't give a flying fuck.






God, I love how fujos take everything appealing about the original design and turn it into utter blandness as well as adding their own shitty trademarks like huge hands, the same fucking faces, and the same fucking bodies


You know what they say, user:
"You aren't a true man if you can't hold your entire head in your hand while looking indistinguishable from everyone else"

I wanto tenderly eating out Josuke's asshole and put my fist in it

Thunder McQueen finds the corpse parts and obtain the ultimate luck
What happens?

Fuck you.

He had white hair in the covers that are officially colored by Araki


why does he look like a child casca?

If Diego can easilly dodge D4C's punches and smash its head into the ground, what chances does he have against pre-time stop Jotaro?

>Looks like Casca
>Has white hair

Too bad that's not canon

I wan to make him feel better, if you know what I mean.

I mean neither is the colored manga or the anime in that regard

Stardust Jotaro is God-tier in jojo.

>any color in Jojo being canon

Only that shit rohan wear in his head has canon color (green)


How many shitposts have you made?

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.


There were a few enemies who were easilly able to tear him a new asshole but just lost due to losing cool or down right stupid reasons.

Namely, Strength, Wheel of Fortune, and Anubis.

Now that you're asleep I feel like I need to tell you something.
I've been buying the shitty ointment you tell me not to buy because it attracts bugs so that way when you fall asleep I can undress you and jack off to your bug bites.
Good night Gyro.

Gappy makes me happy

Strength is insanely powerful, I'll agree with wheel of fortune and Anubis is powerful as fuck and counters somebody like Jotaro with a limited moveset

Is it?

Gappy is not happy

I think the few actual canon colored things are the red stone of Aja, Giorno's hair, and any stand named after a color.

Are you sure?

>Giorno's hair

>any stand named after a color.
>Star Platinum

I feel Diego wouldn't do to bad there. His highspeed vision specifically counters someone who dumps all his stats in speed and precision. Slower attackers are better off.Again this is pre-time stop I'm talking about.

Reminder that Giorno has better hair than Josuke

Koichi looks like a fucking toddler right here. I think this is actually my first time noticing hes in this panel at all.

B-b-but he's blonde, I swear!

>Silver Chariot
>Gold Experience
>Star Platinum
>The Invincible Crazy Diamond

Post the non-edit, it's fucking funny

More shiny golden blonde Giorny's hair.

Yeah totally bro

Anything looks better than a stake of meat for hair

yrah lets fucking forget Koichi specifically refereing to his Blond hair change you spergs.
okay that's the clear exception

tortellini > steak

Does anyone have that picture of soft and wet looking surprised at his bubble

>not wanting to make him your slut.

But I'm still not sure if he's platinum blonde or medium ash blonde.

DIO's blonde too by the way.

What the fuck did you say about my meat?!

Did Araki put himself on the money?

Didn't Black Sabbath say that the arrow didn't give Requiem to Giorno because he wasn't worthy at the time?

That sameface gets really boring after a while. Sure, it looks pretty good from an artistic standpoint, but it's so fucking blank.

His past self is also canonically black haired. Yeah Araki's doesn't give a shit when coloring but you can't fight text.


No shit bro!

The same as Dio
Im sure of it

i prefer giorno donuts.

What kind of silver is that?

Post rare shiny jojo

I'm glad you agree

hey guise michael jackson's hair was never canonically black cus it's colored differently here so that means it isn't canon mhm mhm

What kind of purple is that hermit purple?


Is MJ canonically black?


Nah, they retconned it

No fuck you

You fucking faggots can't understand that just because something's colored erratically in one image doesn't mean that there's no canon

Post stardust man

He was retconned to be white


He came.

My friend want to do a jojo cosplay.
Any idea ?




Moody blues being too sexy for Chariot to handle

Yeah, that's definitely Ghiacchio material.

Part 4 Stardust Man is the best.

Here's another pic.

which jojo


i have way too many stardust man.

Sailor Kira

Why is part 4 so shit? Every character is bad. EVERY
besides Yukako of course.



can he dye his hair and be melone? If not then Ghiacchio

>I've never been so disappointed in my century-long life...

>That Hey Ya! appreciation
naisu naisu

I can agree with p8 Kira

Gay priest
Gay priest
Gay priest hates Stardust man
They have a fight
Gay wins
Gay priest

Hazamada is the only possible option.

Was there any Part 5 female villain? Or are chicks not involved in gangster business?

>obsessively stalky bitch with serious temper problems

Because you're a filthy waifufag with no concept of proper characterization?

is he a manlet?
hazamada might be a good option

I think the lack of female characters in 5 is due to Trish always being there
Like Part 4 has a lot of female characters but they show up every now and then, while Trish is constantly on screen


I keep forgetting how sick Josuke looks early on in Part 4
Is it unrealistic? Maybe, but I still think he looks better swole


No girls. Only boys that looked like girls

Only real female with a name is Trish

1.79 cm

>implying Pucci couldn't just throw a disc at the bullet and somehow cause a sequence of events that leads to dead mista

gay priest, why do you hate the stardust man??


>Sends 4 stand users to take out the main character
>3 of which are completely shit for combat
Nice thinking there Pucci
No wonder how a child kicked your ass

I mean
1 m 78 cm

Narancia after the effect of Little Feet then


How did we go from this...

to this?


killed Heart Husband

/jojo/ better vote Valentine in the up coming election.

Gappy because he can make everyone happy.

Norisuke IV doesn't like Joshuu. Neither should you.

Not unless he announces a cross country horse race and I meet a man from Naples


Scary Diego is the ideal president. Just hunt down that guy who bullied his mom and you won't be dino food.

what happened with Jobin's wife again? That's her holding trap kid, right?

oh, im sorry then.

He let Nutman nut on her face and she died

>tfw star pupils are much better than heart pupils
>The actual factual reason Dio lost

>JoJo airs on Toonami in October


>We will have a jojofag crisis again

>subconciously posting Giorno "that's bullshit" Giovanna

Funny vorelentine

Diego is my only reason to life.


* to live (sorry)




tell him to do iggy

>look up a clip of the dub to see if atleast pre-stand parts with minimal changed names are passable
>Not only have I heard Wamuu's voice a million times, he sounds like some disappointed office employee. Nothing like a relative savage who lives only to fight.
>Solar Hamoon

Well at least they got the Sailor moon fags


>dat anatomy.
caesar looks ok.



Joseph are you ok?
You dont look too good

That's because Caesar always looks like that.

What you heard was the Warner Bros dub. The dub on Toonami is being done by Viz, so Warner's DVD is now a collector's item.

Nobody's heard Viz's dub yet, except for a small clip from SDC.


Did you even pay attention to Battle Tendency?

Yeah that's just your regular everyday Caesar Zeppeli

while I can't say I dislike what you're telling me. From what business standpoint does this make any sense? There's already a dub that isn't 4 kids levels of bad.
I said relative savage for a reason. He's not merciless but ultimately he takes being a warrior to heart at much higher levels that any modern man would find justifiable.

The voice in the dub clip i saw was much too calm. Needed way more ham.

was Tonio a Zeppeli?

Remember that part in Phantom Blood when Jonathan and Erina became criminals?

>From what business standpoint does this make any sense?
Two different companies? That, and Warner's dub sold horribly. Not only did they solely release it on DVD, but they were chanrging an arm and a leg for channels to air it. Since Viz was already localizing the manga, they bought the rights to the dub and everything else. Naturally, they had to start dubbing it from the top again.

>doesn't die
>never even saw a battlefield

No because he survived and didn't pull a Zeppeli

Considering that Part 7 confirmed there's a multiverse
This could've actually happen

Post soft and wet

Tonio was a Trendy



should I be Kira for halloween even though none of my normie friends have any idea who that is?

What are some good songs to listen while reading JJL? I am currently at Chapter 29.

Do it

just say you're david bowie to normies

Softo Ando Wetto

Jojolion op ?

you posted your cover

>not getting your friends into what you're into

You don't have to enlist them like some sort of religious missionary, but do you guys just not talk about your interests?

Cosplay as Dead Man Questions kira
He's fashion af

I don't have anyone to talk with about my interest. And if I end up talking about them, they get bored.

I wish the 1999 necklace stayed around.

And what the hell are his zippers for here? They're clearly not for his nipples.

Josuke's first design was aesthetic af

it was the 90's the era where clothing had an ungodly amount of zippers to be hip

we /sad hours/ now?

Get better friends.

just say youre David Bowie

are you gonna get the skull tie though?

excuse me? Survivor is a boost in favor of the bigger party, the other three guys can all do damage, including invincible skin melting Yo-Yo-Ma

As far as physical media goes, Warner still has the DVD rights, Viz only has Blu-Ray rights.


damo makes me homo


I mean, I do but I feel like nothing sticks beyond "it's that anime that user watches", a lot of my friends don't watch anime at all and those that do haven't seen/read JoJo. I tried getting my roommate into the anime but because we have different schedules we've only got halfway through BT.

yeah boi, I'm thinking of getting both the purple and gray ones. Still debating on whether I should be white- or purple-suit.

I've masturbated as a reward to myself each time I've deliberately provoked Naranciafag into calling me a fucker and I think I've Pavloved myself into having a fetish for it now.

What a coincidence I was gonna be Kosaku for halloween. I'm literally just saying I'm a boring business man who's fashionable.

I've always wondered how many "JoJo" puns can be made with the weird language quirks of various countries ever since I heard how Higashikata could be taken to mean "Jo" in Japanese. Any non-english speakers want to shine a light in how JoJo can be constructed in different languages?

Post Joshuu

Purple if you're going Bowie, White if you're going Kosaku.

Alternatively whatever you like, I like White the best.

Your friend should forget cosplay and do me

Survivor for that reason was the only useful one.
Dragons Dreams works against its user for shit and giggles, Planet Waves isnt really reliable since it takes a long ass time for the meteors to come near you, and Yo-Yo Ma only did damage because for some reason Anasui and Jolyne were ok with hanging out with him



>I heard how Higashikata could be taken to mean "Jo" in Japanese
Actually is "suke" what can be read as "Jo". Josuke first name is literally JoJo.

That's even weirder m8

Overall, David Production made a good anime.Objectively, a lot of the animation, direction, and music isn't terribly great, but I want to replace it in the context of a minor studio doing this job. It sorta evens out. It could have been better, but it would have been asking too much for DP. I can't say I love the anime though, it's a goodie, it's here to expose more the manga, which everyone should read.

To be frank, if the anime's cancelled, I wouldn't care much. Seeing the derailing that is DiU, I don't really want DP to continue adapting JJBA. JoJolion is scheduled for French publication soon anyway.

>for some reason
Speedreader confirmed. They had to let Yo-Yo Ma hang out with them because it ate the Green Baby, which they needed to retrieve. Annasui attacked it at first and only stopped when he realized that A) it didn't seem hostile and B) that they weren't able to beat the baby out of it.

So I recently got into the Persona series out of curiosity after hearing word that JoJo's concept of Stands low key inspired an entire franchise, plus Persona 5 had an interesting aesthetic and as a longtime JoJo fan, I figured I owe it to myself to take a look at the franchise.

Played through Persona 1, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment and Innocent Sin, Persona 3 FES (and Persona 3 Portable for the female protagonist's POV), and then when I got to 4, I was already drawing similarities to Diamond is Unbreakable such as the comfy town setting, the slice of life nature and even the murder mystery plot. Probably the only thing Persona 4 did original is that the theme and main character seemed a bit obnoxious and pretentious for my taste, although to be fair, this seems to be more apparent in the anime adaptation than the game itself.


I genuinely do not understand this "nrancia is a trap" meme. He doesn't look a girl in the slightest. In fact, Bruno and Abbacchio are the girly ones, not him

fucking perfect


Narancia was one of those characters where it'd make more sense if they actually were girls than if they weren't since he couldn't do math good after all.

fuck that was hot.


He's supposed to be a scruffy street punk and kind of an intense asshole, but wants to better himself for the sake of his gang.
He's one of my favorite Part 5 characters but a certain user kind of ruined his reputation.

He sounds and looks like a tomboy.

Abbacchio's a lot prettier than him, too.

Maybe it's just because of Narancia's height, clothing and (in ASB and ads, at least) voice? Abbacchio's tall and has a deep voice, and while Buccellati's less so at least he sounds like a guy.


>Dragons Dreams works against its user for shit and giggles
its neutral but ultimately the user reaps better benefits since he's a fucking expert at that style of fortune telling. Near the end FF pretty was at a permanent downhill streak of failling at everything. She was able to force a "tie" that nearly killed all her plankton but left him able and kicking by using water reflection to make him mess up the read.
>Planet Waves isnt really reliable since it takes a long ass time for the meteors to come near you
Fucking look at Jolyne near the end of the fight, she was a fucking corpse of wounds exposing her bones. I'm sure she only still had a heartbeat because her stand makes her body string.
>Yo-Yo Ma only did damage because for some reason Anasui and Jolyne were ok with hanging out with him
Had the item both parties wanted. Perfect choice of stand by Pucci.


he looks like a teenage boy, and sounds like one too in ASB

Higashikata means Toho


I'm sorry but I'm a relative newfag who saw most character in their asb form before reading the manga. I was sure this was a girl.


Persona 4 is Part 4 but with the ultimate self-insert protagonist so that you can hit on all the qt girls you become friends with. He's also literally perfect, almost like Giorno, to the point all your friends will suck your dick

Seriously, the main character's named Yu. This has to be completely intentional



hello fkg user

Finally got around to making one of these. Some of these were really hard to choose from.
Post and shitpost I guess.

oh shit they on to me.

God damn it, it gets me every time. I don't care how quality the anime gets

It's eons better than early Part 4

Who won the debate? Valentine or Johnny?

Koichi is literally a normal sized human shrunk down in MSpaint.

The one thing good about the anime is that it doesn't suffer from Early Part Design syndrome.

Is Part 8 the only part that doesn't suffer from Early Part Design Syndrome? Since it's coming off the end of Part 7 which is gorgeous

I mean, that's how short people work. They're just regular people but with less.

>almost like Giorno

Funny you should say that since they both share the same seiyuu

Is Duwang a full translation of Part 4?

Part 2 isn't too terrible. If anything it's basically just the second half of Part 1's design. Leading into Part 3 though for some reason it's God awful

Part 6's was just funky through the entire Part

early part 8 is still kinda weird

part 8 suffered from severe sameface syndrome. at the beginning.
thankfully that has gone away for the most part.

>Gone away

The same face is still very very real. Araki has traded expressions with whacky clothing designs.


Is it me or is every JoJo popular with girls? Just look at Jotaro during Part 3 or Josuke during Part 4.
If only Jotaro wasn't such an autist, holy shit

Duwang's a partial translation. The guys who did it gave up half way through because English was too hard.

Giorno wasnt very popular with the ladies.
Too fabulous. Jolyne got more tang than he did.


i thought it was because they were chinese and translated it through their own language without actually understanding english.

anyway, im back on stardust crusaders right now, why doesnt polnareff just stab enyaba in the head as soon as she shows off her army of mist-slaves.

Giorno had a scene with girls in the beginning.
It's just when your join Passione and see what they're like, your sexuality is definitely brought to question.

Gappy too.

Every JoJo has a powerful essence to them that emits through their muscles and attracts booty at will. This essence is commonly known as the Joestar Sex Drive. It is a powerful thing, however it only, truly is capable of connecting with a single, individual woman... For the most part. Other possibilities can occur, such as interaction with the Higashikata Sex Drive, which is even more powerful in attracting mates. Also, as DIO is technically not a Joestar, he has no control over his own Sex Drive and is forced to fuck bitches left and right

Not him, but here's a template for any user that wanted it.

Jonathan only ever really had Erina, I don't think he even spoke with any other women in Phantom Blood. Joseph came off as overbearing and rude to girls (as seen by his interactions with that reporter-girl at the start, Lisa Lisa, and his earliest interactions with Suzie). Jotaro's an asexual sperg. Josuke wanted a girlfriend and was popular with girls, but was apparently a bit of a romantic, and finding love was never his top priority at the time anyway. Giorno was never shown having interest in girls (or boys) even though they clearly liked him. Jolyne certainly caught Gwuess' attention but was largely disliked by other inmates. Johnny had tons of fangirls but only when he was famous. Gappy had that creepy little Daiya fall for him hard and fast, with Yasuho gradually growing feelings for him.

Why did MiH even emerge from Annasui's arm?

I was actually wondering that too.
That seemed to come out of nowhere.

I need Jolyne pictures. Lewd ones.

This counts, right?

who is the best girl in your opinion
I think Yasuho is pretty cute

No, it came out of his arm.

I think you would prefer cute pictures of killer queen.

Aren't lewds forbidden on these boards?



I honestly have trouble not thinking about her now

I want to see her more in the anime




>four lines of green text
You fucked up

heck of


27 - Kira's New Life Part 2 / Alien Part 1-4 (5)
28 - Alien Part 5-6 / Highway Star Part 1-3 (5)
29 - Highway Star Part 4-8 (5)
30 - Stray Cat Part 1-6 (6)
31 - Superfly Part 1-6 (6)
33 - Enigma Boy Part 1-6 (6)
34 - Cheap Trick Part 1-6 (6)
36 - My Dad is Not My Dad Part 1-2 / Another One Bites the Dust Part 1-3 (5)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust Part 4-8 (5)
38 - Another One Bites the Dust Part 9-10 / Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable Part 1-3 (5)
38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable Part 4-8 (5)
39 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable Part 9 / Epilogue Shit (4)


Who would win?


The fact that she can enter your body as a single long as fuck string, and turn herself into clothes was hot enough. Now you're making me imagine she can just just encompass someone in her strings to form around them. Trapping them within her body.

Can you FUCKING idiots please pick up the god damn phone already? I have been Ring Ringing for hours now.

yummy yummy yummy in jolynes tummy


>that one string can go into any hole it wants then form into a bigger shape anywhere

*sigh* hey boss *hmph* whaddup *lol*

>tfw dub Jotaro is voiced by Matt Mercer

I like to think they always opt to be Doppio when they need to relieve themselves, That way Diavolo can act as KC and dominate Doppio. It wouldn't work the other way around.

Do these fours frighten you?

Can someone explain this scene to me, why did MiH came out of Anasui's arm?

Jolyne turns herself into string, forces herself down someone's throat, and reforms


>relieve themselves
By this do you mean taking a shit or

>having to pretend your fine while you feel a 174cm skinny buff women's worth of string coiling around and churning every open inch of your insides

as in mastrubation/selfcest.

Diavolo puts his consciousness into KC and fists Doppio.

As in live a normal life. Diavolo is crazy, Doppio isn't. Doppio just wants a quiet life.

>Her face when she see the soft & wet giant super duper magnum dick

Lets be real. Gappy has two dicks as well. He's the anime version of double dick dude. Yasuho won't like that.

She already said there was thankfully only one dick, and the paramedics confirmed that on both Josuke and Kira's corpse.

pretty sure Yasuho basically confirmed its one dick with four balls.

Anyhow a girl not liking two dicks won't be the case so long as she's been warmed up to anal. Afterwards it's the exact opposite.

>one dick in each hole and they cum at the same time
I'm sopping wet.

which what-if-dick proves better? Kira's or Josefumi's? Will Kira win in the next universe?

I dunno, Josefumi had girls like Karera throwing themselves at him but he never realised because he hated himself so much and Kira would be able to pull almost any lady but he either isn't interested in them or has something else holding him back, which might be a small dick. Given the evidence available to us I can't come to a conclusion on which dick to pick.


Karera knows more than what we think
screencap this

im guessing you all read the clamp doujin where jotaro and kakyuoin have a baby from an egg...


I mean that's pretty obvious, she has that photo of the three of them together that she couldn't possibly have taken and nothing she says checks out with the timeline. She also says she and Josefumi made out once which can't have happened. Unless Josefumi knew more than he was letting on as well.

3 times


>posting online without identifying yourself.
fucking disgusting.

Man that pic is not out dated at all in the slightest

>identifying yourself in an anonymous board

>Karera is a time traveler

>from a future where Josuke loves anyone other than Yasuho

>From an alt timeline where she's secchan's cumdump

>Secchan cumdumping in a walking miasma

>Not cumdumping in a walking mismas from another world looking like a hot girl with 10/10 lips

>cumdumping in the first place when he has a lovely wife who can handle his double loads

Even this shit has better arguments than "Part V is shit"

>doesn't even have a trip
What a faggot

Foo will never be playable in any jojo game right?

disregard that. I suck cocks

>tfw Jotaro never meet FF
Fucking gay priest ruining everything

If only stand-users can see each other's stands, why doesn't Jotaro, Josuke, Jolyne, ect.. deploy their stands in public to see if they can spook someone into exposing themselves?

>Who are you?
>oh, I'm a bundle of plankton! my name is foo fighters! Nice to meet you Kujo-dono

Because they hide their porn

Yu is god tier though.

There's never a need to, the only times it'd be appropriate the enemy already knows they're there so it won't actually shock them.

>tfw no JotaroXFF h-doujins

>F.F. not in the final scene of SO

I was a bit upset


Post your favourite Jojo songs

>Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle OST - His Name is Diavolo


Naked Silver

>Jojo's bizzare adventure (arcade): Theme of Jotaro Kujo

I feel like Jotaro would be chill with most BroJo's and BroJo runner ups.

>adores Koichi
>invents a useful team move with Hermes within minutes of meeting her
>FF is straight up the perfect wisfu material for him
>"Gyro say something" "EAT SHIT ASSHOLE, FALL OF YOUR HORSE"
>would likely bro it up with Bruno and Mista aswell


Links exist remember

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle OST - Then Can You Tell Me... Who Am I?

Jotaro is actually the chillest dude of all the JoJo's. Everyone else has some lame quirk that makes them more eccentric or more docile than they need to be while Jotaro is perfectly calm at all time and is just down for whatever, you know?

Honestly, the only reason people hate Jotaro is because he reminds them of themselves because of his autism but unlike the audience, Jotaro is actually cool, he's actually strong, and he's actually attractive, so he makes the aspies jealous of him.

it's old, but gold


While I agree with him being a fun character who cops too much hate, he's not remotely chill at all.

When Polnareff innocently asked the only other English-speakers in the room for some help with the menu, Jotaro fucking savaged the guy.

Alright /jojo/, it's time. Post 「DONUT STEEL」 stand ideas.

I just finished Phantom Blood part 1 and I have to say... not so Bizarre so far.

Well no, he isn't exactly chill all the time. And said "autism" is noted in universe.

Dry yourself off, fujoshit. Your drivel is reeking up the thread.

She was the rain.


He isn't too fond with french people, which makes sense since they are weak by default

What do you want, a fucking cookie? Part 1 is bnuthhg


Takes the form of a little fat green kid made of clocks. The body mostly does jack shit. However, whenever the user is directly attacked, the baby turns back time 10 seconds, and only the user remembers what happened. 7 seconds later, the attacker remembers, too.

FATAL WEAKNESS: If you attack indirectly, he has no defense at all.

Pic semi-related

I'm pretty sure that liking Jotaro doesn't make you a fujo, dude.

Why is Black Sabbath so cute

that is clearly a frog

dumb frogposter

You're right, when people really piss him off, he pops off. But other than that, what is he? An autistic person who's powerful, smart, and sexy, everything autistic people watching him aren't. That jealousy complex is probably 90% of the reason why people hate him.

Just look at the comparison between lady JoJo fans and guy JoJo fans. Men in this fandom HATE him, ranking him either 2nd or worst JoJo of all 8. Girls though? He's either 2nd best or otherwise Top 3 JoJo's of all 8. That gender difference is what leads me to believe that men hate Jotaro because they're jealous of him, while women love Jotaro because they NEED him. It makes sense to me.

>kept calling his mom a bitch for being too nice to him

go to sleep Anne

Thats concept art for the green boi, actually.

I plan on picking up part 2, but went in almost completely blind. It's... not very interesting yet.

He's just tsundere towards her

a e s t h e t i c s

are you watching the anime or are you reading the manga?

Watch the anime, you dip

the manga for the early parts are mostly shit.

switch to the manga halfway through SC.

This is what i am hoping/expecting

Stop spewing your weird Jotaro cuckold fantasies. I like him and you're making me wish I didn't.

>switch to the manga halfway through SC
Are you fucking defective? The anime for the Egypt arc is great, it's the anime for the first half of SDC that's a shitpile due to being strung-out as all fuck.

The Manga. Picked up part 1 along with a bunch of other stuff from Kinokuniya the other day.

>halfway through
>missing out on Vanilla, Barbie and N'doul
For what purpose

I'm curious as to where you collected your data on female fans.

For the love of all that is good, please don't skip parts. For starters, nearly every part is connected to each other and thus you'll be spoiled if you skip. Also, not everyone will simply say "Go read the manga.", some will spoil it for you.

So in summary:

Read the fucking manga. Don't skip.

Whatever, as long as he's on the manga in time for DiU.

Also, once you finish Part 4, skip Part 5. Trust me on this one. It sucks bigger dick than the Phantom Blood Manga, and thats WITH the good scans.

In the latest chapter of Fairy Tail Natsu the MC showed the power to move in stopped time.
Was that a reference to Jotaro vs Dio?
It's more because "superior power" than "samy type of ability" but still
sorry if my post is cancer desu

its better than part 3 outside of a weak start and the final boss fight.

Not to mention Alessi and Polnareff. I still think that was the most tense and chilling episode David's made at all.

>reading fairy tail

Well, theres your problem

Chill out friend, Jotaro's not black, so he isn't cucking anyone. He can be my papi, though.

Actually, thats false.

It's passed your bedtime Anne.


Thank god, i dropped jojos bc part 5 was so bad but at least now i have some hope for the rest.

What are you talking about?
The first half of sdc anime is prefect, everything mostly lasted one episode
>b.but but they made The Sun an intire episode!
And what the fuck where they sopoused to do? make it a 5-10 minute long episode?
The second half was the one that was streched out to shit, Alessi did not fucking need two episdoes

Don't talk about part 5 again guys

>462 posts
>97 posters

>tfw Josuke will never offer you a cigarette
>you will never have a smoke on a hidden area of the school during a lunchbreak with the part 4 gang

Why do you think I'm Anne? Feel my chest up again to be sure..

For further info, Part 6 is pretty stale, but still worth it, and Part 7 is godlike. the jury is still out on part 8.

>the jury is still out on part 8
nigger it's been 5 years

Can you fuck off with this meme?
Its stopped being funny a year ago





Let's talk about part Jorge

Hes a nice boy you dip shit

It's not good tho

It isn't. Plot develops throughout the adventure rather than just the premise. Villain is actually active through the thing and doesn't just wait till the heroes get to him near the end.

Protagonist is criticized as boring but that's mute in comparison to Jotaro. he also actually allows the rest of the party to shine, where as the only thing to ever directly challenge Jotaro in part 3 and not get beat by him was Death 13, who took away his stand.

There also isn't a sudden influx of fights which are just Tom and Jerry skits in the third quarter.

Lets not

I love the evil guy helping the good guy or becoming a good guy himself.
Kars-senpai is the best senpai

>The Lovers part 2
>Judgement part 2
>High Priestess part 2

It's normal. LSDfag just likes to memepost.

DAE think kira kira should fuck 69 kars's on uranus?

Outside of the main character and villain who are very debatable whether or not they are good its good
fuck off
This meme is staler than the Dio or Duwang ones

How the fuck did kira learns the spin?
What the fuck did he spin? hands?

Why the fuck didn't Kars eat Jorge, he sounds insufferable and he'd remind him of Joseph

This is a joke, right?

>This meme is staler than the Dio one

He helicoptored his dick, you Mongoloid! Do you not know Spinny Willy Thermodynamics?

it is not. Feel free to argue with the points if you'd like.

Because Kars respect the humans or some shit like that.
The human spirit is unstoppable etc etc etc

Just yesterday I thought of this:
>A multiverse where DIO was obliterated by Jonathan

This is what would happen:

Part 1:

>Jonathan kills Dio with his Overdrive, and moves to America with Erina.

Part 2:

>Joseph would learn the Ripple by both Jonathan and LisaLisa. Jonathan would meet Caesar Zeppeli and inform in on what happend to his grandfather. (They still fight the pillar men)

Part 3:

>Jotaro and Old Joseph would never aquire their Stands, therefore Stardust Crusaders would not exist. Jotaro would not jail himself in. They never met Polnareff or Iggy (Kakyoin might begin at Jotaro's school). Jotaro becomes a Marine Biologist without trouble.

Between part 3 and 4:
>One of the arrow sets would be in Morioh, but the other would still be in the hands of Eyna the Hag

Part 4:

>Josuke would not gain Crazy Diamond (exept if he was shot with the bow and arrow)

Part 5:

>Giorno Giorvanna was never born, therefore no Ventro Auro

Part 6:

>Jolyne would be born without a stand, making Stone Ocean more challenging for her

Part 7:

>Diego would not change, neither with Johnny or Gyro

Part 8:

>Nothing new in JoJolion

In other words Jojo's Bizzare Adventure would be a LOT different than what we are used to

im not lsdfag im generic effectsfag

That's bullshit, he can still respect humans while digesting Joseph's retarded alternate dad with his abs

I think i'm good laughing from over here, mate.

Jolyne would've not gone to jail in the first place since that was staged between Pucci and Johngalli

you're leavemealonefag now

Congrats, you understand cause and effect better than Araki

>If Jonathan just didn't fuck up everyone would've lived a happy life



Google says: Dead Jimae

Is it ever explained why Jotaro became a marine biologist of all things? Did I just miss some side-conversation about dolphins or some shit?

>your favorite band gets two characters named after them for a Monster-of-the-week arc
>it's one of the best in the Part

It feels so, so good.


Daily reminder Johnathan is best JoJo

He mentioned being thirsty as early as Part 3.

>shinjimae: drop dead/go to hell

It's never stated, just like how Joseph becomes a real estate man

>almost die in a submarine
>almost die to a water based stand
>almost die to a literal water stand
It's a mystery, just like how he obtained a wife

He got an erection when at runaway girl's side both in the ocean and on Strength when she was butt naked. He mistook this as loving the ocean, rather than fucking her which is what they both really wanted.

Ironically this false sense of love to the ocean made him an overblown career man that ruined his relationship with his own flesh and blood little girl.

damn lolis ruining everything

>Dies to water based part

new thread since bump and image limits reached already