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Zamasu didn't deserve this

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He totally did.

Will we ever see Whis go all out?

Bring me coffee or tea, preferably tea.


He's still fine in the future.

Until he got mafuba'ed

he knocked out beerus when he was spiced up, so there is that

How come nobody gets that Trunk's world is an alternate dimension? How come people keep calling it "the future"?

he deserved this insteadb

They get it, it's just simpler to say "the future".

Zamasu was a GOOD BOY!

He didn't do nothing!

At the very least, Beerus "I killed him, so he won't exist in any other dimension ever again!" The Cat surely doesn't.

because that's how the show keeps referring it as, same thing with ningens

Could someone please piece together a Gendo Zamasu?

I hate how Toei screwed us over on the Mirai Buu Saga

Buu doesn't even appear m8

Babidi Saga

whatever, we got shortchanged

Trunks mentioned that to Beerus actually

Actually, all timelines except the one where Cell used the time machine are alternate.

The manga is superior and Toei sucks. Nothing new.

We already know from Toyotaro's adaptation of Toriyama's story that Black isn't from Trunks' timeline and that all the Supreme Kais in the Mirai multiverse are dead

>Please don't do this Beerus, not in front of the ningen...

>Zero Ningen Plan

In some part he did, on the other, better that than being killed by a ningen.

I wonder if Damo likes anime.




>that meddlesome God of Destruction



Hope Gowasu does the tea by himself since now

Gohan. Not in the sense of completely wasting my potential, but rather in that I'm juggling several things at once and it's difficult putting time aside in my day strictly for training in my respective martial art. Though when I train, I train.

I'm always told of my potential. And though I know I have it and more, sometimes I don't know how to believe in it until it's made apparent to me.

I've also got a bit of a hero complex.

I hope the Tea kill him


I'm wondering if some of these plot points about all the other universe's kais being dead and traveling parallel worlds are upcoming in the anime or totally different.

Either way I prefer the manga but this monthly shit is killing me.


Zamasu got fucked


>I removed you from every timeline
>In the preview Zamasu is alive
Beerus is a fucking joke.

he's probably not wrong, but they'll explain how they got around it next episode

dying of anticipation fuck

tfw kid Trunks is the last shota.

Did he just get a glowing boner so hard it erased him from reality?

>believing this
Is a rushed piece of shit m8

It's propably because he got his wish granted in the future

What about Goten?


>It's over Black
>I have the high ground

Who's Goten?

Don't even reply to mangafags. They don't care if the manga rushes through an entire arc in 3-4 chapters, they'll still say it's better.


Goten's Tori's attempt to add a cute kid in the series because cuteness sells.
Trunks would've done perfectly fine even without Goten around as a permanent character.

i would take even more hits in the animation department if they keep up the humor

>9m subs
imagine the variety and amount of tea that gowasu could buy with that kamitube shekels.

So, I haven't read the manga, but is it vastly different than the anime?

What's your favourite xXxGowasu420xXx video?


It's barely the same story at times.

The Ningen Culture Revolution Livestream was very informative, even though the justice troll in the comments made having a civil conversation impossible.

he's been pretty quiet recently though

dragon ball needs to take a page from pro wrestling so the cast doesn't get saturated with characters who really do nothing.

i'd get rid of the fat buu already if this were a promotion.

To parallel this with wrestling, they badly need an interesting mid-card. Goku is just as stale as Cena.


it's not even rushed, our Trunks flashback is juicier and even better than what little we got on screen.
Eat shit Toeishill, come back when they learn how to draw his hair for once.


How do people still not get it? When using god ki goku becomes super saiyan god.When going super saiyan while using god ki he becomes a super saiyan blue. Remember that super saiyan blue used to be called super saiyan god super saiyan.

>Cred Forums - Animu and Blogs
I'm Piccolo, intelligent, nihilistic and a wicked sense of humor. Fuck off.

Maybe it's because that Zamasu is immortal. Every other Zamasu is dead most likely.

Piccolo never had a wicked sense of humor did he?

now they need to explain why, it may even hold the clue to whatever the next arc is

Except for the part where Goku during his pink SSj God phase he could regen a direct stab from Beerus no problem and he can live in outer space no problem.
Both traits do not happen in the blue form.

>Previous weeks had speed subs
>This week there are none

Are the mexicans that blown away by the episode?

Batman had subs out a little later than usual, some shitty site had them out quick

It's kind of fucked up how the Gods deal with these things. You fuck up? Your whole existence in the omniverse disappears. Here's to hoping there's an opposing faction against these Gods. But then again it's Dragonball.

Beerus' theme kicking in as he grabbed Zamasu's hand was pretty slick, honestly.

>he can live in outer space no problem.
technically that was upper atmosphere, besides in the newest episode he was briefly in space no problem too.


>toriyama realized after decades that his best-looking villain was his MC all along
Can we make Freeza an hero now?


episode 62 please come soon my boy Trunks about to go in.

only if we make pilaf a waifu

No, but Beerus definitely did. Beerus, and to a lesser extent Whis, are the best things to happen to Dragonball in awhile.

Zamasu being erased, Black not actually an evil Goku, whatever. There is one INCREDIBLE plot point they totally ignored this episode;

Who will get Gowasu his tea?

>Trunks can use the Z sword
Do really hate Gohan isn't...

zamasu will return, black is his evil side while the future zamasu is the pure side of him, remember what they discussed about justice being a balance of good and evil? he's pure ningen hatred so nothing you can do about it.
if you make them fuse, then you get old zamasu back.

Only took 59 episodes to show beerus is actually a god.

So "future" Trunks carried the whole thing by his own in the future?
Holy shit he is truly the best character

Gohan wasn't there to supply the energy to revive buu and vegeta wasn't there to pride it alive. All trunks had to do is kill dabura, which ss2 was easily capable of.

>he's probably not wrong

He's objectively, unambiguously wrong.

was he even a ssj2?

No he only reached 1.5.


At that point, yes.

Gohan was able to take on Dabura neck and neck despite being weaker than the version of himself that beat Cell.

Trunks on the otherhand was much stronger, considering he was swining around the Z-sword with ease that Gohan's weaker than Cell form had could barely handle.

On top of that, he fought SSj3 Goku with Vegeta commenting how they're practically equal.

Like Vegeta said, half-human half-sayain Hybrids are much stronger. Trunks is the probably the strongest non-god in all timelines.

He definitely has the highest potential it seems.

I know that "Goku saves the day" is a thing even though that's not always how it works (Vegeta fight, Cell fight) but I suspect that Trunks might save the day in the end here as a way to leave Trunks in a position where he could conceivably continue to protect his earth without any other z fighters around (or senzu, or dragonballs) and without him having to keep running to the past in a time machine.

He is truly the real MC here.

Wait, how did trunks knew babidi was coming?

I would be so happy if Trunks got the ultimate boost from the old kai and didn't job with it.

Because Akira doesn't give a shit, that's why. Too many plot holes in one serie...

The same reason he keeps calling the cyborgs androids.

Supreme kai

Why doesn't trunks just bring dende to the future to create new dragon balls?

> You fuck up?
Get the fuck out of here Zamasu.


>that doujin

it's v good

What you really should be asking is why didn't Babidi come earlier since he arrived in the "canon" timeline when Trunks was a kid.

The fight with gohan and cell may be the cause with all that Energy probably alerted them and came sooner than the Trunks' timeline.


So kid Trunks is now better than Gohan, right?

That means not only did Vegeta get the better wife, he got the better kid out of it too

What's up with his arms?



Not to mention Cyborgs 17 & 18 killed off all of the high power level people other than Trunks (and their power can't be sensed) so there's even less energy for Babidi to detect. AND if they did show up early, I don't think Dabura would be strong enough to take on both 17 and 18 at the same time.

>Frieza is now the filthy ningen underdog fighting the god hierarchy
Yes please


>not strong enough to take on 17 & 18

wtf am i reading

In the anime, SSJ God Goku's and Beerus' power was burning the atmosphere, and they had to rise even further to stop it. It seems to be just Toei bulshit though, considering how Goku should be stronger by now (since SSJ God was stated to be just as strong as SSJ post God) and that hasn't happened when he uses SSJB.

Yep, this is the biggest spoiler Toei did.

It confirms whoever Black is, used the Super Dragon Balls to get that power.

So it is probably Zamasu from a different timeline or Zamasu from future trunk's timeline who made a wish to get goku's body. They probably met by coincidence since Zamasu always hated humans, so their plan was always the same. To use the Time Rings/Green Time Rings. The immortal Zamasu probably then mentioned about Goku and co to Black (Zamasu v2).

We know Black is probably Zamasu due to similar ki, a kaioshin, and same sense of "Justice".

this perspective is crazy to think about.
for any powerful force in any universe for man and god alike, seeing this face is to realise a nightmare of nightmares. this scene means the fast painful death of you and you have no say in it.
i forgot that beerus was the god of destruction until watching that.

The likelihood of the immortal Zamasu that is currently in future trunk's timeline being future Zamasu from Goku's timeline is high. This is because the immortal Zamasu knew about Goku and specifically mentioned about wanting to kill him.

So we can treat this immortal Zamasu as the "original" timeline of Goku's timeline. Therefore, in this timeline Goku and co go about their way after the Champa tournament until the universal Zeno tournament. This is where the immortal (yet) Zamasu would've met Goku, since we know Kaioshins attended Champa's tournament as well.

Whatever happened here probably made the immortal Zamasu hold a grudge against Goku. Anyway after a while he probably initiated his plans, so he could've used the time rings and made his wish with the super dragon balls unknown to Goku and co. Then he would've used the green time rings as a fallback since he had no way of defeating a Hakaishin. This is probably how he ended up in future trunk's timeline and probably how he met Black.

So, with Black in future trunk's timeline, Trunk's then used the time machine to go back to Goku's timeline to the point after the Champa tournament. Thus this created another timeline split which is the one we are witnessing now.

I think they had to remind everyone that Goku still has no chance against Beerus if Beerus isn't fucking around

Didn't Dabura get his ass kicked by SSJ1 Gohan?

> he will never tenderly hold your hand and whisper HAKAI as he erases you from existence

why live

>Didn't Dabura get his ass kicked by SSJ1 Gohan?
no Dabura was keeping up pushing Gohan's limit as a mere SSJ1 after he lost his power to being siphoned.
Dabura is argued to be around Cell or Super Cell in terms of power.

Gohan had his full power back thanks to kibito

Goku says that Dabura is around Cell's power. Remember, even by the time Vegeta comes out of the RoSaT, the Androids are pretty much nothing to the new SSJs or Cell, and Goku and Gohan still got one power up on top of that, even before we get to SSJ2.

one more test


ok this time

No Kibito himself says that his power is not fully replenish-able because of his immeasurable Ki.

im more inclined that Zamasu revived goku in trnku time line and then fused with him. or a clone of him.

its been 10 year, so it can be up to 10 wishes.

remember the only thing that they are yet to reveal is why Black was a ki similar to zamasu.

or maybe the wish was "give me a body like Son goku" as all he keeps saying is "getting used to this body"

so that will also explain why he has a ki like Zamasu

You forgot even Beerus and Whis themselves said their are impressed by Trunks' power.


lol he used that word again

Why would he want one of the shittiest powerups in the series?

They wouldn't have been able to sense the androids. Probably not a compatible energy type, either.


hi sasgay

I guess Beerus never doing anything makes it so much cooler when he actually does something.

Why is he so perfect,bros?

Now that I think about it, Black and Zamasu do only have 1 kaioshin earring each

So Zamasu must've given it to Black




ok sasgay DONT say hi to me



why sasgay why do u do dis


>Zamasu tribute

666 has a different meaning in U10, desu. Don't defame Zamasu


so is sasgay going to spam again and be rude again?

Not even the best thing to happen in his series.

i can not imagine dragon ball without beerus and whis now. no character in gt made me feel like that.


My name is Hugh Mongus

It's perfectly ok to fell that way user

>tfw no thicc female saiyans

Reminder that Bio Broly did nothing wrong. He lived his entire life in that test tube and was just defending himself. The reason he was bananas as an adult was because he was stabbed when he was a baby. Bio Broly didn't go through that so he would have had his wits about him.

Would you adopt baby Broly?


taking of a baby with the power level of what 10,000 would be a nightmare.

trying to kill the number one authority in your universe kinda does deserve death

>Stand back Trunks, I'm ending this now.

Hugh Mongus what?

I always like how people perpetuate this myth that no one liked Gohan when he was the most popular character during the Cell Arc. People just need to accept Toriyama just didn't like Gohan for the role and backtracked. He does that, a lot.

Yet FT's version of the Majin arc was more detailed than the anime. I guess that makes the anime the piece of shit here m8

>So Zamasu must've given it to Black

He gave it to Black so that Black could use the Time Ring.

yeah. Gowasu promoted Zamasu for a short time to kaioshin that way for the time travel.
So the same goes here

what if kaioshin wishes for an immortal zamasu so he doesnt have to lose him again? or so that zamasu sees the error in his old ways?

>this delusion
my sides

pretty cute designs


Wait, to which timeline did the Trunks from Cell's timeline go to?

Because they have never used a time ring before. None of them are kaioshin.

For all they know, the 5 rings are like a captain planet/power ranger thing, and has nothing to do with new alternates.

>Zamasu in Freeza pose

Could this mean...!?!?

Naw. People that get absorbed by Buu never die. They just get sealed in a cocoon inside Buu. Fat Supreme Kai is in the same state as Old Kai. He's still technically alive.

There's no way for Black to kill him either because even Trunks took a whole year to reach SSJ3 levels as a SSJ2. He obviously wasn't SSJ3 level when he fought Dabura otherwise Supreme Kai wouldn't have died.

Anime Zamasu:
>What the fuck is a Son Goku? A filthy ningen?
Manga Zamasu:
>Shin told me about you. I heard you saved the universe from Buu. I hate you now for no reason.

So if the God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai are one set in terms of life-force, does that mean that for like a second, somewhere, a God of Destruction died because Zamasu killed Gowasu before Whis did a reverse Hit?

Nope. It's still Gohan. Trunks has ptsd of Gohan dying and carries a sword at all times. This would imply he does training even if it's swinging a sword in rage.

What does Gohan do? Study all day, yet still manages to keep a similar power level anyway. Gohan's potential is still higher, it's just not used properly.

I assume so

>all that power
>serves a scrub
He's pretty shit desu.

I know in the beggining it was said that the Gods of Destruction just go around and blow up shit just because.

But now they kind of feel like the Enforcers of their Universe, destroying in the name of justice. Kind of what Zamasu wanted to do, except not indiscriminately.

The DBS manga is superior in pretty much every regard the characterization of the characters (especially Goku), structure, delivering and expanding on information, art, fight choreography, humour etc
It's being drawn by Toyotaro a huge fan of the series with each chapter being overlooked by Toriyama whereas the anime is just another soulless cash grab for Toei.

Manga Zamasu hasn't even met Goku yet and hasn't shown any distaste for him. He was just surprised a mere mortal had God tier power.
Also, don't try an act like Zamasu characterization made much sense in the anime. He basically has a grudge against Goku because he lost in a sparring match, saw one planet out of the countless planets in the multiverse he didn't like and now deems all mortals violent. His answer to this problem? More violence on a universal scale.

God's of Destruction role is to unleash divine justice. Even in Battle of Gods Beerus was talking about wanting to destroy the Saiyans but let Freezer do it because he couldn't be bothered.

>They had Trunks VS Future Trunks OFF camera

For fuck FUCKING sake!!!

>God's of Destruction role is to unleash divine justice.
No it's not, the God of Destruction's role is to balance the creation of new planets by the Kais by destroying them

ITT: Delusional newfags who have never read a manga in their life insist that an anime is the accepted canon simply because it comes first, but someone other than the creator is doing it.

It's fine to enjoy it, hell even i'm enjoying it, but that doesn't mean that the manga isn't the true cannon, filthy secondary babbies

>Promotional material that skips over a ton of shit
>inb4 "Toriyama sees every storyboard!" meme

manga is made by someone else too, Cred Forumsermin

>Black fags are this delusional

Filthy ninggergen.

The Manga should be seen as supplemental material to be honest. IMO that's where it's at its best.

Maybe the manga will deliver. The anime skimmed through the Future Majin arc whereas the manga fleshed it out a bit.

What is the canon romaji spelling of this hot stud's name?


You must be pretty new to assume someone you disagree with is from Cred Forums. I also see you have no argument that shows even a semblance of intelligence.

I pity you.


>It's promotional because I say so. source: my dad is toei

Oh so you're not going to address his point?

>The madman, he posted it again

stay angry retard

It's promotional because it's monthly, because it started after the Super anime and because it's skipping scenes and dialog to keep up with the anime.


>I’m really grateful to you. I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!
>draw the continuation of my story!

How can someone read character so badly?

>someone has an idea in their head
>show them a mortal with godlike power which spooks the shit out of him because he thinks they're just barbarians
>to calm him down show him more violent mortals which only confirms what he already thinks, thus why the tea became clear.

He has Toriyama as oversight, everyone knows this except for the delusional people like you.

Why keep arguing with retarded manchildren? Have a good day and don't bang your head against the wall out of frustration.

Who cares. Just enjoy both.

>How can someone read character so badly?
I don't know you tell me.

>people think Toriyama is the dictator of canon

That's Toei. It will always be Toei. They own dragon ball, not Toiyama.

Do you think Beerus's destruction technique that he used to kill Zamasu was just a typical ki-based attack or was it something else? It was bizarre how he just made Zamasu disappear.

>Toeishill being this retarded
Top kek

It's not hard to see that Zamasu was already heavily inclined to this way of thought and all it took was some spooking and one bit of confirmation to make him go "right fuck mortals"

That's an entirely believable character.


>because it started after the Super anime

Before actually.

Pls respond filthy ningens

>all it took was some spooking
and that "spooking" was stupid.

>That's an entirely believable character.
No, not really.

Gohan is filler.

It's just how it works, like how Tomino doesn't REALLY have any say over UC canon. He accepted the Toei gig or deferred to them, if he wanted direct control then he should have tried to get the rights and publish independently now shouldn't he :^). (I meant to specify super but I didn't because I'm bad)


Holy shit. I knew there were some dumb people in this thread, but this takes the cake.

When people talk about how bad the super threads are, they're talking about you.

that was a shame.
Still. At least little Trunks had a moment with / against F Trunks

>Maybe the manga will deliver. The anime skimmed through the Future Majin arc whereas the manga fleshed it out a bit.

that would be a nice addition.

>hey Titus do you think all these germanic mercenaries are a problem?

Memes aside, there's a hell of a lot spooky with people you consider nothing but violent thugs suddenly being so powerful they can overwhelm you completely. Because to Zamasu it's not just Goku, ALL of them could potentially be that powerful, and they're thugs that will ruin the universe if he lets them get that far. That's an entirely coherent line of thought. Flawed? yes, but that's the whole fucking point.

>y-you too
>but that's stupid!
>not really
Are you even trying?

Yes I forgot that Shueisha existed for a moment, la-de-da. Doesn't really change the fact that corporate interest dictates canonicity and not the author. If you think otherwise you're an idealistic fool.

> >people think Toriyama is the dictator of canon

We have a winner,boys

>trying this hard to push your point
>authors don't get shit canned because they get the last word and fight with editors over such things

Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself. Whatever makes you feel better about being a jackass.

Mai is proud of kid Trunks. He's gonna get in her pants alright. Will be the youngest parents in the series.



>people you consider nothing but violent thugs suddenly being so powerful they can overwhelm you completely.
Goku wasn't violent towards Zamasu, annoying yes because of Toei's characterization of Goku but not violent. He even tried to help him up after the fight. How does Zamasu respond? By trying to attack him. So who is the violent thug again?

>Because to Zamasu it's not just Goku, ALL of them could potentially be that powerful
Well he should do his damn research, to know that Saiyans are exceptional.

>they're thugs that will ruin the universe if he lets them get that far
Him and Black are the only ones ruining the Universes plural.

>Flawed? yes, but that's the whole fucking point.
I don't mind flawed views in fiction if it makes sense why you have them but it doesn't with Zamasu, he's just a fucking hypocrite.

That's not good user, Gowasu is great

That's just the way he is.

It literally came about as to promote the anime, now fuck off

It has already been answered you fucking blind nigger

why didn't Trunks get the huge power up like gohan did?

he didn't accidentally break the sword and the sword was destroyed by dabura so no elder kai


Why does everyone die in the Future Timeline?

because trunks is the main character/hero of the timeline

In the god arc it just shows he wasn't really angry with earth when buu took all the puddings.

This guy will always be my number one kaioshin.
don't gimme that gowasu fanfic tier crap.

>old perv cliche
get some taste, user. tea lover>perv.

>That's Toei. It will always be Toei. They own dragon ball, not Toiyama.

is this person fucking raterded?

He accomplished more than Gowasu. He gave Gohan that huge power up (even if it ended up backfiring and making Buu stronger), he is the reason why Vegito existed, and he even brought Goku back to life.


could super saiyan 4 goku defeat beerus?

Zamasu's faggot level is almost up there with Frieza.

Hakai faggot.

Unlikely, even if beerus doesn't try to delete him.

not even close

>teleports in front of you
>grabs your hand
Psh...Nothin personnel, kid...

I wonder how painful this was. Zamasu went from looking slightly worried to screaming like a bitch in less than a second.

Shouldn't the God of Destruction of Universe 10 be pissed that Beerus is coming into his universe and destroying shit?

More than likely not, SSJ4 couldn't stand up to Omega Shenron.

But the better question is, could either Omega Shenron or SSJ4 Gogeta stand up to Beerus?

I'm sure they're grateful that he saved the life of the kai, thus saving his life in turn

the real question is where the hell is U10's hakaishin

>saw one planet out of the countless planets in the multiverse he didn't like
So the anime didn't mention this? (bottom right panel)

I imagine something similar to having every element of your being breaking apart simultaneously

>Episode 62 – Trunks’ Super Power
What power up do you think he'll get ?

>It's okay for the God of destruction to genocide people and destroy planets
>Zanmasu is wrong for doing the exact same thing

Hol up

How long would he last against recent villains?

Did you even read the page?

probably like an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH power up where he can miraculously damage black after his mom dies a 2nd time. either way he jobs because vegeta has a turn the episode after.

12 epiosdes+2 flashbacks and background storyjust kidding this ain't fillerpudden 2 eps max.

It's literally Beerus job, Zamasu has the job of the doing the exact opposite and being peaceful

Either SS3 or SSB, maybe both
It's going to be something they can merchandise

>not khkhkhkhkhkhkhkhhhkhhkkhhhhhhh


yfw it's ssj4

Speaking of old villains, I've always wondered if someone held Frieza or Kid Buu in place could Devilman kill them with his move.

Why doesn't he apply for God of Destruction seat, then?

Why is the Manga so much better at explain the timeline bullshit that the anime?

>fags still believe the anime is more canon than the Manga

Everything after Dragonball is not canon.

>implying any of Toriyama's works after Dr. Slump is canon

Frieza would die without a doubt but buu can regen

He was born as a Kaioshin and I would imagine they are not eligible for the job.

He could become a Makaioshin though...


He can't even fight SS Goku so there's no chance of him being picked for the job

How is the planet not exploding every time these guys punch each other?

always smart to take Bulma with you when you don't even know if Black and Zamasu are still around.

At least we might get some Bulma and future Mai interaction

Ki control

No, special abilities have a power limit. They can be shrugged off if you're strong enough. Chaozu's telekinesis didn't work against Nappa because he was out of his league.

>Cred Forums likes Dragon Ball Super now
WTF, I vote Hillary now.

>Not watching the new arc
>Not accepting the realization that the movie rehashes were pretty bad
>Not seeing the blatantly visible change in animation quality from this arc to the rehashes
The show is aimed at children user, even they understand these simple observations

It got better. No one will deny that the movies rehashed was terrible. But it got interesting again.

>There are """people""" that like Beerus

Gods of Destruction destroy planets to keep the balance between creation and destruction/

Zamasu want to kill ALL the Ningens and doesn't give a fuck about balance.

so, lived like a faggot, died like a faggot?

Loli Mai has a fat butt

>Loli Mai has a fat butt
even F Trunks noticed that

I really want to know what happened to Pilaf and Shu. I feel like the series has kind of been downplaying their connection. The Pilaf crew have always been pretty close and now they're completely unmentioned in the future.

Also Mai is much more Jaded. She used to have a little more respect for Pilaf.



I'm so glad Super hasn't already jumped the shark with the powerlevels.

It's clear the beerus is still leagues above goku, black and zamasu, even after all the super saiyan god stuff. Hell, whis is even stronger than that, and then you have zeno and his guards hundreds of tiers above them.

>future earth is permanently destroyed
>ftrunks goes back in time and becomes a permanent character
>there's a few SoL episodes of ftrunks and trunks fighting over wooing mai

We had an opportunity with Vados, but the anime team wasted that

Future mai?
Maybe after years of being without them, she became hardened and hasn't got time for pilafs silly shit.

Present mai
Starting to realise what a moron he is.

Is this the BLACKED thread?

You just know that if he stays in the present he will get reduced to a back ground character.
Or perhaps supreme kai of time takes him with her

>Goku get's jealous Vegeta trains with his son and tries to trick Gohan into training

So where should I start watching DBS? I heard that the first couple episodes were garbage

I want to see F Mai reuniting with Pilaf and Shu.

Watch the movies (Battle of Gods and Resurrection F), then skip to episode 28 of Super.


In Super. All the animators love goes to Bulma's breasts and loli Mai's butt

She either reverts back to her dragon ball personality and obeys his orders.
Or she tries to shoot him

He's currently busy pounding zamasu's ass

Fuck you dirty ningen.

now that looks like a super saiyan god


Why do insufferable mangafags have to shit up every single thread?

Welcome to Cred Forums

>tfw slowly starting to get tired of this arc and want to see the Zeno tournament arc

>I'm a dense retard
Good job you've entirely missed the point of them being wished young again. I'll give you a hint, pay attention to how they're acting now from how they used to. Also remember the phrase "second chance at life".

Explains you're lack of attention to dialogue, so used to not having any.


Poor Swamp Thing.

I think she's too jaded to revert back to DB Mai. But I'm sure she would be very happy to see her friends again.

He is the devil user.

they were so happy when they thought Zamasu's death would save their future selves.
Not happening of course.

if anything. F Mai would need to make a visit to the past to meet them.

I hope the second choise.

>I only saw movie 10 or any of the video games that use movie 10 broly, That only shouts kakarot.
Go watch movie 8, he talks normal there

>I'm from Cred Forums and underage
No faggot he's a shit character and he's not canon. Fuck off with your over compensating sexual fantasy.

I still don't understand how future Zamasu knows about Goku. Goku in Trunks' timeline shouldn't even be that powerful since he kicked the bucket rather early.

I just hope the fighters are a little less stupid this time around

Trunks didn't tell them did he.
That changing things don't alter them in a different time line

>not canon
everything is possible now since super started.
there is no such thing as canon anymore or else this wouldn't be a ting.


I never said he's a great character.
I never mentioned Canon.
You seem mad little boy
Did someone use broly in a online match against you and beat you so hard?

He's just frustated. Leave him .
He wasn't stupid, he just was overconfident.

Winnie Pooh + Kevin Owens

Oh it's just you, that stupid Gohan/Zfag that shits up these threads on the weekdays. Creator does with his creation as he wants, just like your parents decided not to abort you. So sorry you don't like Super but you're free to stop watching at any time.

Didn't frieza kill him even before going to earth?

But black had never met goku when they first met

All defense build. 0 points in offense

Why are you discussing games on Cred Forums? Go back to Cred Forums now.

>I never said x
>I never mentioned x
And you didn't have to. He's a shit non-canon character, just stating facts. No need to victimize yourself Cred Forums kiddy.

if F Trunks met F Mai only with the resistance force against Black.. and this actually worked like Beerus said... Than F Trunks's world would be saved at the cost of him never meeting F Mai

F Trunks would lose something regardless

Guess not. or they just forgot that in their happinesss

I'm pretty sure no.

The fuck you talking about faggot i like super?
i couldn't care less about gohan what i am saying is that super possibilities are endless and not restricted since toei is free to expand how they want.
stupid ass bitch.

He deserved better.

>stupid ass bitch
Calling me stupid in your nigger talk when you make posts that could imply your alignment as either or. Learn to properly word your posts and maybe I won't mistake you for that faggot.

you still a hoe you raging manlet cocksucker do the world and favor and go purge yourself will ya.
ugly ass spics.

Yeah I was talking about their past selves, since the future ones probably got killed trying to help Mai. If we go by that new calendar page she will probably visit the past.

user the super anime is not canon just like dbz never was canon.

filler=not canon
and no dbkai ain't canon either since they kept the frieza+cell watching the gokuvsbuu fight in hell which contradicts resurrection of F.

the direct and proper continuation would be the manga but that too is debatable ut at least there we don't see filler shit like gregory or what not.

underage faggot

Why is the Supreme Kai not a retard in Future Trunks's timeline?

He could just big splash Goku

>E-everyone's a spic but me!!
Spics are pretty based when it comes to Dragon Ball user, the American "fanbase" is actually known as the worst and most undeserving.


Fuck me he could just slammed Goku.

Did dbkai really kept the hell scene?
If so that would ruin the whole point of making it closer to the manga -.- wtf.

Spic here
fuck you asshole

post yfw you saw Goku Black and his gay lover Zamasu relaxing on the deck of their comfy forest cottage

I get the feeling the resistance won't be in the manga. I might be wrong, but it looks like one of those things added by Toei.

I hate Pilaf.

> the American "fanbase" is actually known as the worst

so true they don't know shit about the series.
i cringe at all those dragonball youtubers who think they know shit but they actually as dumb as it gets. Geekdom,forneverworld,double4anime to name a few.
pure cancer whose fanbase consist of 12yo

he hates pilaf!

Can't wait until you all leave my fucking country you cuckroaches.

Jokes on you Trump, I am not in your country.

Sauce porfa'.

trunks vs dabura looked so fucking trash in the anime i am not even joking. didn't even show how the kaioshin died.


You don't hate Pilaf?

Isnt he a spics tho?

Yep. Don't forget how they claim they're the "biggest" part of the fandom. They don't realize how much more popular Dragon Ball was in other countries, and how other countries actually adapted the series without massive censorship and alterations. Americans are always so fucking delusional I swear.

Did future Mai has a fat butt?

Except for the two faggots at the left, I lol'd at this.

Yes, more so when shoved over a table

Are you guys fucking retarded?
we are still the greatest dragon ball fanbase to date here in america. We sell the most dvd's and blu-ray releases. Both BoG and RoF earned more money during usa box office time that only lasted for a week then the whole of southamerica. Also videogames. If it weren't for us there would be no xenoverse 2. we even get an earlier release date than the japanese.
so who's ungrateful you fucking burrito cunts?

Somehow that makes me think about Hilary Swank on The Black Daliha.



At least we know our animes you americuck.

Damn zack relax a bit. your autism level is over 9000 go shoot a school or something and come back once you chill.

glad to see you finally deported

fuck off Cred Forums

the worst part about Cred Forums is it has too many latin americans

>Implying America is only one country and his south neighbor Mexico

The worst part is that americucks think Cred Forums is their property.

Whats up with all this whiny autistic murican fanboys? Why do they always need to shove their superiority on us. Even among weebs they still feel insecure. We get it you guys are beta cucks with a small dick now stfu and talk dragonball.

Who has the best butt and why is Mai?

you guys ain't shit with your butchered failnimation version and edgy ass techno rock music.

I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. ALLY TO GOOD! NIGHTMARE TO YOU"

congrats on ruining goku's character you cuckbois.

it doesn't get the same focus as loli Mai
F Mai does have a pretty nice breast size though

Yeah selling the most merchandise dvd, does that make a better fanbas for you? I can assure you most of them don't even know that there's a series previous to.dbz,people still buy those awful 90' orange bricks with shitty translations and techno music That's not the real db

The fuck are you even talking about?
>edgy ass techno rock music
That's Texas to you.

at least we don't pirate our stuff and support the franchise how a true fan should.
you inbred favela cunt.

>inbred favela cunt
That's Brazil user, not Mexico.


She's hiding her powerlevel under that Chensogam.

I'm a murican but I apologize for the autistic Z/Gohanfags we produce. There's a spike in autism today especially since everyone's still recovering from the presidential debate and Trump's defeat last night.

So only Mai and Bulma are waifu material?


Does it really matter ? Everything under the usa is trash anyway.

You can choose only one.

>Everything under Canada is trash anyway


You the worst piece of garbage ever.
Going against yoilur countryman.
Even though spics are trash they show pride for their third world country. Cucks likr you can fuck right off.

Stfu you not an american you a lil bitch.
Go suck on some nigger dicks you cunt.

You do know we have Frost right?
And no Frost is not evil like Freeza

Chi-chi fag, through and Through.
She's got that bun, hon.

2nd in the middle row
or 4th
I can't decide

Gotens' girlfriend is a qt

There is a reason the world world laughs at you guys. Where ever you guys show up you get triggered and start shit up.
And btw go back to Cred Forums


It's funny I'm guessing you're buying the manga on viz and buying all the dbs dvd and not actually downloading the episodes right???

>"guys I don't think killing him here really did anything to help kill the Zamasu that's actually a problem for us"
>"nah trunks it's fine lol"
>"but guys 17 and 18 were literally still alive back in my timeline when we killed them here"
"trunks brooooo it's cool"

out of these
Mai or 18

What is the consensus on Super? I didnt really start watching till Goku vs. Hit. But ive been enjoying it.

>only one
Guess i'll choose Mai
Tough choice with 18 around though

The manga is free on viz. Dbs isnt licensed yet here and no official streaming site so not my fault. I do however have the original manga and bluray collection of z unlike you donkeyfuckers who pirated since the original dragonball days.

>Black is defeated.
>Zamasu gets stripped of immortality.
>"ZAMASU! More tea."

I used to be a Pan fag, but now I see the pureness that is Marron.


Truth hurts bros I'm sorry.

Here's another picture from Super, just imagine Mai, Loli Mai, Gine, Launch, and Goten's Gf next to them.

why are you looking at me funny?
do you want me to go call beerus to go hakai on your ass you lil green smug ass punk.

Fuck that when you can have both Black and Zamasu serving tea

does anyone have the webm where beerus destroys zamasu?

The new arc is very good. Compared to the first two movie rehash arcs, I'm starting to think something went on in production.

Just wait, user. We'll get there

you a bitch deport yourself

Aint your bro you stupid spic


>Truth hurts bros I'm sorry
Nah its just the nigga dick you have shoved in your ass you cuck.

I'm American, white, male, and a republican. He lost the debate last night.

In the movie yeah, In Super they adapted the first draft of the movie where he would have more screentime

>Zamasu doesn't get stripped of immortality.
>spends the rest of his immortal life as Zeno's play thing
>start regretting that immortality.wish

ouw, i'm pretty stoned. thanks

maybe next time juanito

This time, however, the anime is the main canon ad the manga just serves as a promotional of it.
I mean, if the manga was the canon one then it would be published in WSJ

you mean Black. He's a copy of Goku + immortal and he functions as a body pillow.

Any chance Black gets redeemed? Because if he is just controlling Gokus body and at the same time controlled by Zamasu, then he has done nothing wrong!

>Black gets deleted
>not stripped of immortality
>turned into a human

>yfw Black is who Goku was talking about when he mentioned getting Zeno a playmate

>I mean, if the manga was the canon one then it would be published in WSJ

do you even listen to yourself? How does that prove anything retard.
plus akira overviews each chapter of the manga as in the anime toei is more free to do what they want.
that's why even tho the anime is more advanced in the story the manga has more lore explored. See no god of destructions in future timeline

Is launch still cannon? I think even Toriyama forgot her.

> cannon
no lunch is a human.

Wlecome to earth

What happened to her?

he probably did and when he did remember her.. he didn't bother to bring her back

she does shoot stuff though

Of course. She's always following Tenshinhan around though, so much that we never see her. She did make an appearance in Son Goku and Friends, minor appearance.

The manga is published in V-Jump, aka the magazine where most of its titles are just promotional shit or willy ou tell me that DBH manga is canon because Toyotaro wrote it?
>plus akira overviews each chapter of the manga as in the anime toei is more free to do what they want.
He overviews the anime too when it comes to the script and probably wants Toyotaro to replace him when it comes to DB shit
>that's why even tho the anime is more advanced in the story the manga has more lore explored
Don't forget retarded asspulls like the whole SSG/SSB shit with goku or how Piccolo was a jobber in the manga but yeah if you like shit i will not stop you :^)

Yeah. The thing with Launch is, that even among Toriyama characters, you could tell he was just getting bored of her. that's why she was always in her blonde form whenever you saw her. Because it's the most interesting aspect of her.

>ZAMASU is green.
>SHIN is purple.


>He's a copy of Goku + immortal

don't think he is immortal. Last ep had Zamasu suggest to black to get immortality if i remember right. so. he doesn't have it yet.

She had a couple of appearances at the beginning of Z where she interacts with Tenshinhan, trying to get him to stop fighting and settle down with her. He declined her to go train, and later was killed by Nappa. Her last appearance until Son Goku and Friends is where they show her drinking in a bar mourning Tenshinhan's death during Goku and Vegeta's fight. It's assumed after that she roamed around the world helplessly until he was brought back to life. Her, Tenshinhan, and Chouzu probably lived together happily after that.

Someone fix 18's eye...

>Don't forget retarded asspulls like the whole SSG/SSB

so you prefer the kaiokenx10 and vegeta being a total jobber explanation?
Piccolo lost the same way in the anime as in the manga and in both version goku told him he had no chance. yes i do agree the piccolo fight was much better but vegeta struggling hard and relying on final flash with magetta was that not bullshit?

>DBH manga is canon because Toyotaro wrote it?

you fucking moron since when does toyotaro decides what's canon.
you do know the author is akira

Last DBS arc will be Broly accessing god ki in hell and becoming Legendary super saiyan god super saiyan Also known as Super Saiyan Green.

Goku and Vegeta will have to fuse while being in Super saiyan god 2 super saiyan 2

Unfortunately Gogeta SSG2SS2 will defuse just before they could launch the god ki infused stardust breaker on SSG Broly and will get rekt.

Beerus shows up, hakais SSG Broly then Whis and him go take a dirty nap.


I fucking hate timetravelling

Oh shit, Krillin fucked his sexbot too much and she broke.

would of really liked to see a little scene of 17 and his family visiting 18 , Marron and krillin


>observed this world
black is zamasu
what i learned about secret indentitys was always go back to the first alias you thought was obvious. just like how everyone in the beginning thought tobi was obito but changed their mind.
just because we saw future zamasu doesn't mean goku black isn't another zamasu.

You know, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Toriyama does decide to go around and make Broly canon.
If he did though it would be something weird like Broly being born with god ki and having access to the transformation 'super saiyan green', the legend of the legendary super saiyan being something about a saiyan being born with god ki inherently in them every thousand years or some shit.

Why aren't we funding this?

Daily reminder that Black is Goten in the alternate dimension.

I Couldnt care less if you have a bd collection or not I own the manga and other merchandise stuff so whats the point you're trying to make there??? you're watchin livestreams you're reading manga leaks that's illegal, you're not better than me

>female villain in dragon ball


Is he alive?
What if he reappears as Super 17?


I want to see how 17's kids look like.

He's married and has kids.

Reminder that the SSG that Beerus saw in his dream was not Goku, but Broly

Who reads DB for the plot anyways?
Okay I don't want this anymore

4 real?
>Tfw Toriyama might forgot about his existence too

17 is still alive. He's a Park Ranger, let him range the shit out of his park.

Nope it did not. Another point for the manga.

>After the conflict with Cell, Android 17 becomes a park ranger in the wildlife preserve area of a gigantic royal nature park, where he is well paid.

>He is an outstanding guard who does not hold back against poachers. It is an ideal job for #17, as he loves to be on his own and is not big on cooperating with others; since he is so good at his job, he takes in a high salary. Android 17 also marries a zoologist; they have one child and two adopted children, and live happily in an isolated house inside the nature park. He went and met #18 and Krillin one time, but did not talk about what he had been up to, maybe because he considers such a wholesome lifestyle embarrassing

>Who reads DB for the plot anyways?
it sure as hell isn't for the fights well at least nowadays. I love super but the fights are short and choreography is kinda repetitiv. so to be honest i follow it for the plot.

>I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Toriyama does decide to go around and make Broly canon.
Then you're stupid

>Okay I don't want this anymore

Too late now.

It was actually Trunks, he already commented on his power without him even having God Ki.
Toriyama actually did something with him awhile back, I don't remember what it was, Jaco maybe?

>Where’d Artificial Human No. 17 go after the Cell arc, and what did he do?

>He works in the wildlife preserve area of a gigantic royal nature park, as an outstanding guard who doesn’t hold back against poachers.2
It’s an ideal job for No. 17, who loves to be on his own and isn’t big on cooperating with others; since he’s so good at his job, he takes in a high salary. He’s married to a zoologist; they have one child and two adopted children, and live happily in an isolated house inside the nature park.

>He went and met No. 18 and Kuririn one time, but didn’t talk about what he’d been up to, maybe because he considers such a wholesome lifestyle embarrassing.

shy indeed

Because it's still in the future compared to the present. It's just also an alternate timeline. Waste of time to explain all the details to Zamasu/Gowasu and easier to just say "Yeah you're go to the future and fuck shit up".

Yeah, it was a bit ironic, I feel quite the same
I think the fight that got me the most excited was Goku vs Hit

Now make the boobs smaller and I'll buy.

>tfw that house out in the woods is the same one from Future Trunks' timeline where Zamasu/Black are staying out

I wonder what kind of dad 17 is.


9/10 GT Goten would hit that

I'll buy, make it canon!


A good one.
>There were androids No. 16, 17 and 18
>There were also another two androids; Dr. Gero and the fat one
>Octavius is android No. 8
>There is a movie with three more androids No: 13, 14 and 15
Anyboyby ever wondered what hapened with the other androids.
There's a gap between Octavius and No. 16

I miss horny teen Gotens

i just wanted to remind the gohanfag how pathetic he is.


How would sex with Fem. Broly be like?

Like sex with a pillarwoman.

Its talked about, they're just scrapped because they all had problems. DB Online shows Android 9 though, he's a cyborg version of Commander Red.

I think he'd like her to take off her...bra.

Depends on the form.

Base form is reserved and submissive. Will try to avoid eye contact.

Super Saiyan will be a bit more aggressive, a real power bottom. Will want you to pound harder but still show you affection.

Legendary Super Saiyan will break your pelvis and call you weak. Will hit you and bite you.

maybe seeing Trunks with Mai will start his change

Super Saiyan Green will Omega Peg you to the afterlife

threesome when?
any pic fampai?

No thats dabura


I don't personally have a pic of it, I'm sure you can find it somewhere. Looks like a Terminator Com. Red if I recall.

Me too, it's kinda difficult to picture him as a father.

Would Trunks want to share Mai with Goten?


He is ugly as fuck

So pic related is canon? A technique that obliterates the opponent by dissolving them into sparkles...

No Goten has Valese

people have been throwing this word around here and have no idea what it means.
sry to bust your bubble but your rainbowdash fag shit ain't canon.

Nah, we share it with the eurofags, britbongs, and Salvs.

waifufags disgust me. I still remember when Pilaf, shu, and mai released King Piccolo and got Krillin killed.


Shu and Pilaf paid for that though, in the future, user.

Ancient history senpai

Goten's got best girl

I guess there are things Trunks wouldn't want to share even with his best friend

Yeah and without the release of Piccolo the whole cast would have been killed off in the saiyan saga and we would have never received one the best written characters to ever come out of Dragon Ball, dumb fuck.

Yeah I want to see the Pilaf gang killed not turn into team rocket


meh. most of goku's friends started as villains and did bad things

>best written characters to ever come out of Dragon Ball
A pretty low bar to clear.

Yeah, sharing his waifu would be too much.

Are you retarded? I never said I wanted piccolo to remain sealed. It's just that pilaf, Shu, and Mai are irredeemable with all the shit they've pulled throughout Dragonball

That's only because he wants a rematch. Neither of those three are good fighters so Goku would be fine if they were killed. I don't think you understand Goku's character

You make him sound like a douche bag but Goku is a nice guy

I feel bad for Goten..

Do you remember when Vegeta got Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo and Chiaotzu killed and then became friends with everyone too?

that pilaf

He didn't speak with any of his friends for years after he married chi chi even though its easy for him. You also forgot he spared Vegeta because he wanted to fight him again even though all of his friends were killed. He was also going to spare Frieza because he was bored. I'll stop with the cell saga where fucking Piccolo told him he was cruel to Gohan

When you put it like that Goku is so fucking based

He has in the future.

He is a douche bag.

>He was also going to spare Frieza because he was bored
And people say SSJ didn't influence his personality

Goten needs to find his own girlfriend, user.

He is a retard.

>Not liking Piccolo
You....hate the character with the best development and with the most reasonable actions?

>Pilaf, Shu, and Mai are irredeemable
No I didn't actually think that would be your main argument considering how fucking stupid it is. Take a look at all of their friends for just a moment

>Piccolo Daimo
>Android 18
>Majin Buu

And you think "Team Rocket" is irredeemable? Fucking how? One of the main very APPARENT themes of fucking Dragon Ball is that Goku's pure heart befriends everyone, including his enemies. Almost everyone he knows has has some distaste for him in the past but has changed through his kindness. user this shit is written for children to understand, you can't possibly tell me you're this dense.

He was worse in the Buu saga.
>I could stop this but whatever
>Let me just not mention to everyone that Gohan was alive
>Muh newfound Saiyan pride makes me not want to fuse
Honestly his attidude makes him the best shonen protagonist for me

Considering he screamed at Gohan, called him boy and acted like he was about to smack the fuck out of him, and then went on a monologue about rage, I'd say it affected him plenty.

People are dumb.

F. Trunks is so powerful because he's like a 34 year old virgin, he's a wizard.

Anyone can use the Z-Sword, it's just a really heavy sword.

>Goku's pure heart befriends everyone, including his enemies. Almost everyone he knows has has some distaste for him in the past but has changed through his kindness. user this shit is written for children to understand, you can't possibly tell me you're this dense.
This is why you don't watch the dub. Toriyama said that Goku merely wants to fight and that every good deed he does is a coincidence

So your saying Chi Chi ruined Goku?

I need Pie Pie magazine.


Good you've just proven my point. Yes he does what he does to fight, but he's pure of heart while doing so. This affects everyone he meets. Thanks user.

Toriyama also said he has no concept of a family and only really views them as companions to be around.

Goku is an asshole, and don't forget that now with Minus, he was correct when the mango started that he was 14. That head bump never did shit to him, he's always been Kakarot, he's just been biding his time, and his time has come in the Future.


His best friend had just died, along with Piccolo in critical condition. Gohan trying to be there to fight when Freeza could have killed him put him in dad mode.

Not to mention SSJ amplifying his aggression.

It's funny because they're also responsible for Future Trunk's timeline being shit. If Bulma and Gohan got to use the dragonballs his world would be saved. I wonder if Future Trunk's knows that his girlfriend is partly to blame for his shitty life

>dad mode

>he's like a 34 year old virgin,
Poor F Mai if that lewd night actually comes one day.
34 years of pent up frustration unleashed on her

No, Kakarot was last seen upset from being separated from his parents. Once he hi

It was Pilaf who made that wish, he's the one to blame.

Stop it user

Except the wish was for all of them

>companions to be around
That's the definition of family thou

>Once he hi

Toei ninjas got user...

I don't think you understand Goku couldn't care less about his parents. Kakarot may have been a nice kid but Goku is the perfect Saiyan.

Observe the following:

Here is where Goku meets Goten.

toei did better

But user I want Kakarot to show up.

It was Pilaf's idea and Shu told him it was a bad idea to make such a wish at that time, also Mai was confused about what was going on.

After a few pages of cowering behind Chichi from Goten, here is the next scene. Is Goku trying to get to know his son, maybe get him to open up? Nope he's catching up on old times. That's literally all Goten got from his long last daddy. A fucking asshole.

Wrong, any action not taken would have fucked them over in other regards. Funnily enough his girlfriend inadvertently caused his own birth.

>No pilaf gang
>No revival of Piccolo Daimao
>No Piccolo to help Goku fight Raditz
>Raditz kills Goku
>Vegeta and Nappa never go to Earth
>Trunk's parents never meet, never fuck, and he's never born

Everything happens for a reason user.

>Gine sniffling

What did she mean by this?

That explains why Trunks is so thirsty for handholding. Let's hope Mai can handle his lust.

Goku hugging Goten

Maybe that's why Goten is a Gohanfag?

I'm talking about Future truck's timeline where they used the dragonballs right when Bulma was going to use them to turn off the androids

fucking toryiama why even bother designing shit when you gonna recton it into trash.

It hurts when it's true ;_;

Far too little, far too late.

Well I'm sure they're on his team user, just offscreen?

Fucking Toei


It makes Goku a lot more interesting but in DB he was nice guy as he was serious about avenging Krillin unlike in DBZ where he let Frieza go so he could get another fight in the future. I guess Old Kai was right about overusing the dragonballs

Old Kai never got to touch Bulma. Goku is an asshole.

Yeah but still hurts when your dad is an asshole
Specially in real life ;_;

they got replaced by some skinny casual normie

Oh user...;_;


My point flew right over you user. ANYTHING, done DIFFERENTLY, than from what WE HAVE NOW, will have PROBABLY, MADE THINGS WORSE.

Think about what would happen after the androids get shut off. What effect would that have with


The Butterfly Effect user.

Gine was part of that group, she no longer is by that point. Its a pretty simple retcon if you want to combine the two.

Well death is a vacation. It got so bad that Goku used the enemies looking for him excuse so he could stay dead and have the training he wanted


>tfw your dad was and still is an asshole and spent most of his time laying drunk and on drugs

It could always be worse user, it could always be worse.



Oh... I'm sorry to hear that.

i'll never forget this two. Heck the bald one looked straight up badass too.

Alright Cred Forums, which version would be better parents?

Future Trunks and Mai live in a dystopian world with limited resources but are adults.

Present Trunks and Mai have access to Capsule Corp but are younger.

>yfw you realize that if Vegeta was crippled at the end of the Saiyan Saga Goku would have let Krillin kill him

Future Mai with present Trunks living in modern Capsule Corp.

Ah, shit happens, no big deal.
>Gine was a big dumb dorky adorable tomboy klutz that was a wonderful mama


akira rates seinfeld


>With Vegeta dead Gohan and Krillen die to the ginyu force
>Story ends


Where's new thread?

Search your inner feelings, you all know the real best ship

The future ones. I think the present one's kids will be very spoiled.

I'm not disagreeing.

>What sort of person was Bardock’s wife — in other words, Goku’s mother?

>Her name was Gine, and a long time ago, she fought on a four-person team together with Bardock.

It looks like the team got killed..


New thread

> four person's team.
but the special shows 5...

Gine didn't want to work with another women eyeing Bardock...

There's not, Go ahead and make a new one

Before this thread dies, this will be my last words: fuck you.

maybe others joined later or were replacements

I assume that maybe there is a difference between the Hakaishin role and the Hakaishin itself. Yes, the Hakaishin role is to balance the creation of new planets (life) by destroying them, but also there is a huge role on the Hakaishin personality that influences the way they destroy planets.

Literally retarded. If Piccolo, Vegeta and Beerus can be redeemed, so can the Pilaf gang.