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first for gundem


Who /zeg/ here??

Brain hax was pretty fun in a stupid way

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet

does anybody have the picture of mitarai with delta's face?

He looks fucking ripped

>I did the killing games so Ryouta would broadcast his anime





That was a good episode.
How many episodes of HOPE is there?

I bet can undo all the despair brainwashing.



do you believe in hope?

He sure got there fast.

Maybe his motives are a little too complex for you.


>how many episodes of Hope

All of this......why?

It wouldn't be DR without convoluted plans

>Tengan risked getting Ryota fucking killed and the game being for nothing.

He had complex motives.

Where did all the anons that were defending this a few hours ago go to?

>tfw we will never see Hopeman again



this was beyond retarded

Juzo's waifu side confirmed

When I grow up

I want to be like hopeman



Honestly I think I'm gonna wait to hear reviews before I buy V3, this is the dumbest plan ever

I like it.


Kirigiri is dead in Hope. Screenshot.

Will he be right? Or wrong? Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


meme tier/10

4 games 14 manga and Assahina never did anything relevant

He looked pretty jacked from behind.

It had to look like a real killing game caused by despair. Mitarai wasn't supposed to be there, he was supposed to be spurned to action by believing Tengan had become a despair and killed everyone.

Tengan was a nice old man who believed in people, the war and how FF was like broke him so he gave up on people.Chisa gave him the tools necessary to further his ambitions (the videos and the knowledge about Mitarai)

Chisa worked on the shadows and made Munakata more ruthless which is something that made him side against Tengan more neutral views more and more

It reached a point in which Tengan himself was tired and made the killing game so Mitarai could end everything with his hope anime

Basically, what Junko said is true, Chisa destroyed the FF from the shadows

Tengan is fucking retarded, just like all hopefags.

whats wrong? is it too complex for you to understand?

This anime has ruined the series. DR1/2/AE/Zero all fit just fine but these two shits have ruined any good the story had.

Mitarai better fucking die screaming

Peko is cute!


Its kinda hard to imagine Hajime as some sorta super human desu

our old Hajimeme is gone forever

5 is KoG's thing. Someone should change that to a 7.

Kirigirifags B T F O, she's dead and she's going to stay dead. They don't have the airtime for her to save the day in any sense that Izuru couldn't do.

Also, Hagakure had to have counted, unless they're going to somehow do the confrontation with Mitarai, Izuru finally getting off the boat at roughly the time as Guts, the epilogue, AND reveal the 16th participant / motives / conflict, all in a mere 22 minutes.

Disappointing as heck, since we have the shittiest final boss imaginable and Kirigiri went out unceremoniously looking like a total retard. No Junko even, despite all that Junko foreshadowing ('this is the conclusion to your story and mine', the first episode's name (third time's the charm), the second missing JunkoAI, etc.)

Post WEGs


>Cue Climax Music start

1.MITARAI is entrusted with MIRAI
2.Naegi Makoto is coming across his hardest choice so far, prevent An Ally of Justice from saving the world or permit Despair to continue to exist


>No one saw Mitarai becoming SEIGI NO MIKATA
>KAMUKURA IZURU is going to witness the last showdown with his own eyes once again

fuck off DR2 cuck

I want her to take a shit on me

No that's reserved for characters we actually like

She made my dick hopefully hard

Monaca when?

The fucking hope video was on his fun.

He should've just said "Hey Mitarai can I borrow your phone for a sec" and then pushed that sucker to the ground.

It's not like Mitarai SPECIFICALLY had to upload it.

I get why he wanted to kill a bunch of people because Mitarai was probably a massive bitch about not using the hope video and dead people would drill into his brain how bad despair is. But yeah, there's so many other ways he could've done that still.

Please make it non-canon/10


You're not even trying anymore.

I still can't see how the fuck they can wrap everything up in such short time, let alone do it well.

> Hagakure actually saved the day.

Are memes coming true?





Anyone have the bigger version of Monaca?

I want to fuck her so hard.

>Mitarai-kun, can you hand me your phone? I need to make a call...
>NO!!!!!!! I-I-It's my p-p-phone, grandpa!!!!!!!!!
>"Damn... My ninjutsu super human techniques are useless here... Seems like I have to create a killing game to convince him..."

Delete it/10

4/10. What is this shit

She's taken

It's not hard to understand. He was driving Ryouta into a corner with despair, so he would be desperate enough to do his own brainwashing.

Phone. fuck me.

Guys, who was inside the helicopter?

Maybe Hope is a 1-hour special?

And people said I was dumb to point out and say "Despair Side is much better than Future Side"

Look at what has happened now. Tengan did it for the Lulz, Ryota went "Pant-on-the-head-Retarded" Lelouch style and HajiIzuru had done jack shit.

Future Side is down there with SAO levels of bad anime original writing now. Told you Despair side was the superior part of the anime. Had a few wonky bits, but didn't go "Pants on the Head Retarded"

Hell, why didn't Tengan raid Ryota's place, find the Hope Video and then played it for all the Future Foundation Leaders BEFORE playing it to the world?!?

Tengan is a Remnant of Despair because he fits the explanation that Junko gave in the DR2 trial about the "Ultimate Despairs"

Why the fuck did they waste 5 minutes re-explaining the plot that was just explained in the last two episodes?

Surely it's not because they had too much airtime to fill. Surely.

Why not just punch Ryota in the nuts until he makes the Hope Anime
22 mins confirmed

>Tengan: Yacchatta...teehee

I'm going to space until V3 comes out.

Save me!!!

you know who

it was for the sake of [HOPE]

>Look at what has happened now. Tengan did it for the Lulz,

I think you're the one that's pants-on-the-head retarded.

This anime actually made me NOT WANT to buy the DR3 game.

If these two don't get a happy ending I'm not buying V3.


That is what I was hoping for, no pun intended, however it seems to have been confirmed that it will only be the length of a regular episode.

What did she see?

So I've actually originated from Cred Forums for the anime discussion, but when V3 comes out, will regular discussion continue on here, or will they be moved to Cred Forums?

I don't know how the DR generals work on this board.

> The 16th participant was actually Hagakure.
> The most obvious villain ever, Mitarai, was actually the antagonist.
> No real final confrontation.


Unless Monokuma's lying (and I'm not saying he never lies, but this is out-of-universe info so it'd be especially shifty), Hagakure cannot be the 16th participant as he is explicitly a member of FF, and the 16th person is not supposed to be a part of the organization.

Chisa is love.
Chisa is life.
Chisa is a miracle of the universe.
Chisa might've done some things wrong, but only out of brainwashing that even HOPElet couldn't resist.
Chisa is not alive and undespaired, as confirmed by the theater scene.

but he didn't do shit

Hey guys, check out these hot despair sluts!

Move it to Cred Forums anime was a fucking mistake

>He buys video games

Nagito giving her the D.

>Mitarai just didn't get his strong brainwashed guys to carry him all the way

He was limping and could hardly climb a rope. What the hell.

Anime & Manga. V3 is not Anime or Manga. Simple as that buddy. Either go to Cred Forums or /vg/.

The worst part about all of this is that Chisa died with so many regrets that she can't even enjoy your afterlife popcorn.

Good thing they're not making DR3 into a game

He was old, he wanted to entrust the future to Mitarai and other students of Hope's Peak (mostly Mitarai).


The anime has actually given the two a lot of screen time with each other. The Twilight murder syndrome was kinda rushed though.

>Surely it's not because they had too much airtime to fill.
Even with the recap some people are cofused, this fanbase are a bunch of dumbasses.

Your wish is my command, Ryouta sama.

They can't.
They won't.
Get ready for a trainwreck.


wtf i hate despair now

I hope they fuck off to Cred Forums. I don't want to have my game spoiled.


You have to go back

2 things.

It's not the anime he was originally working on. This is pure brainwashing on the same level as the despair video. Fully taking away people's free will.

2. Ryouta didn't want to result to having to do what Junko do and brainwash to achieve results. He's only doing it now because he's desperate and believes it to be the only way.


Hopeman would take sides with Mitarai in the name of HOPE

He had Future Foundation kill each other instead of just forcing a search for the Hope Anime Ryota had, play it for the Future Foundation leaders and then play it for the world.

That would have saved us 12 episodes! TWELVE EPISODES.

The only part I liked was the part where Junko made fun of all the retards like Tengan and Ryota.


I won't give up on hope!

She's alive and they'll be happy together!

You gotta go back where you came from when this is all said and done.



> They actually showed Monaca in space watching hope anime.

Does anyone have any cute Hopeman?

Literally doesn't matter if everyone is going to get brainwashed anyway. What difference does it make if Mitarai is cool with it or not?

To just make sure we know for the FIFTH TIME that Chisa is dead.

I really wish I didn't become a Chisapal

kill yourself

I'm sorry but Mitarai is the shittiest character in the franchise whose mere existence makes everything worse

Guys, what's going on? Is this video any special?
I don't feel different.

I seem to be ejaculating all of a sudden. This is brilliant.

so is this the ending? what the fuck happened to the remnants?
what happened to the world afterwwards?
what happened to and Naegi and the others?
was this all just a bait for a sequel? I mean V3 is on a different timeline and won't have any of the previous characters so they have to give us proper closure now

wtf i hate despair now

Please let Despair win and kill Mitarai while he's screaming


Because as evidenced in this thread, people are idiots and need to be spoon feed to understand anything. Junko was trying to help put the situation together better.

But idiots will be idiots and there's no curing idiocy.

Did you think I'd forgotten, Kaede?

For a thousand trials I have waited, watched in dejection as you made your fellow, pitiful "friends" great again. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I really do.

Because in the time that you were protagonist, I have amassed a great and terrible army of of
hope delegates - hopegates, if you will, Kaede.

Without you around to ward off the forces of Hope, I can finally escape from my prison. You just made your first mistake, Kaede. Now I can return to that fateful night in 2016 and claim what is rightfully mine!

Together with my army of hopegates, I will finally have the majority I need to become the V3 Protagonist, and fight a calculated hopeocratic campaign for Supreme Hoperlord. Nothing will stand in our way. Goodbye, Kaede. Your Fleshy Girl ways will taint the Party no longer.

This is the priesthood rising! With my new powers, I will plunge this Academy into TEN THOUSAND YEARS of "hope", and the delegates...they will be at my side every step of the way. Thank you, Kaede.


Does Izuru have the talent of SHSL Necromancer?

what's wrong user too COMPLEX?

I actually think this is worse than when I thought Future was just going to be an anime Mitarai made.

It's not so much whether or not Mitarai is cool with it, Tengan was trying to force a coming of age in him. He wanted him to take more pride in his values like Makoto.

Where were you when Cred Forums became Ryota's cumsluts?

Wait for HOPE

Actually, what would happen if Komaeda watched the video? Would he get even more hoped up? Is that even possible?


Last episode Thursday.

They're running out of time and they keep shoving in recaps for filler.

juzo and hopeman antics make up 1.5 of those points each

Can you fuck off back to Cred Forums or Cred Forums? It's getting really annoying seeing every thread filled with the same paranoid accusations of false flagging.



Who gives the best titjobs?
Chiaki, Chisa, Akane, Junko, Mikan, or Aoi?


>chisa gets her hands on the brainwashing videos
>the FF building just happens to have a fucking device that can broadcast a signal to the entire WORLD (holy shit this is dumb)
>chisa could have gone straight to the device and forced the world to commit suicide
>instead she gave the videos to the leader of the future foundation

Extremes and fanatics are bad

Now excuse me I'm going to organize a killing game so I can motivate a faggot to mind control the world

Will there be doujins of Ryouta mindhacking cuties?


Yeah they were apart of the few that didn't get treated like dirt by zetsubou-hen which is maybe why I don't hate it as much as some people do. I still want to see them at least once after the NWP, I need closure.

She knew Tengan and Mitarai's plan was retarded from the very beginning.

Thanks, user!

He should, doesn't he have a big chest size
>Hell, why didn't Tengan raid Ryota's place,
I'm pretty sure he didn't think there was a ready made version already done. Mitarai wasn't supposed to be in the game. The game was just supposed to be broadcasted to him. Then after watching the game, Mitarai was supposed to grow some balls, make the video/anime and give hope to everyone.

But Tengan fucked up in numerous ways. Mitarai was in the game was one of the fuckups.

They never showed Kirigiri's death in the montage with everyone else's death scenes. HA


I want to kick Hopeman in the sack and watch him fall to his knees in front of me rolling around in pain.

Tengan is not the ultimate of that art. He rather have Ryota do it because he made it and understands how it works. It's like having a broken computer. Most people rather have an expert fix it than do it themselves even if they are technically capable of doing it.

Objectively? Chisa. She's probably the most experienced with them. After her I'd say Akane by the sheer size of them and her athleticism helping her move. After that you're going into subjective territory where their personality matters just as much as their skills and 'talent'.

But if everyone is a fantaic on the same side then isn't everyone technically neutral?

> No Junko in the finale of Danganronpa.
> Monaca literally fucked off on her own.

That's a fucking crime and you know it, especially with a missing JunkoAI. How the heck do you have a concluding chapter without the actual antagonist that has built a strange relationship with Naegi over the other two games?

What is there that's hard to understand? I mean, the only thing that I struggle to understand is why the fuck he needed a killing game to do this, when it's really not that tough to hold down a pasty white nerd, or heck, even get him to do it on his own avail without such a ludicrous approach.

Even then, it would have made more sense to use it on just FF, so that they could lead the world with hope. At that point, even Naegi wouldn't have very much of a leg to stand on, since it'd ensure solidarity of the organization that tries to eradicate despair (thus ironically creating it in themselves, since taking life and dealing with all the carnage is fairly damaging) and proliferate hope.

Yeah seriously? This is the first time Junko isn't the mastermind and we get something this retarded. "For the lolz" Junko would have been better than this shit. Fuck you Junko haters.

Hand over all your donuts or the hopeboy gets it.

I was actually looking for some hopeman art yesterday so here's one

Byakuya was pretty good, too.

I honestly don't see how Kodaka expects Naegi and Hajimeme telling some faggot to kill himself to be a good finale

>33% Accuracy
>There are 3 sides.

We got the two bad endings for Despair and Future Arc. Hagakure's prediction is going to be spot-on for the Hope Arc.

There was a comercial right afterwords with togami asking where kirigiri was.


They never showed Andou's either moron.

So let me get this straight, Mitarai is going to force everyone in the world to love hope?

I fail to see how this is any different from what Junko was doing with despair. so this makes me think he's going to become the Anti-Junko or something.

and thus would tie it into DRv3 where the Naegibot is the antagonist

>killing game is automated
>Ryota guaranteed to die if the game isn't shut down early

Was Tengan really fine with his plan possibly failing? He didn't seem to worried about Ryota being there. Was he one of the first SHSL Lucksters?

Yeah im pretty pissed they offed kirigiri for this.

The only way to redeem the show for me is one last interaction between the two that hints at romantic.


I enjoyed the ride with you, if not for you, it would have been at least a 4/10

Mikan's probably the only one who knows what she's doing when it comes to that.

>15 minute death scene of Chiaki
>Ryouta will be forgiven
Fuck this shit holmes

Juzo was the best thing/10

I should have watched the stream

But it's ok, no even cared that she died, no one looked for you're waifu's body anyway.

That's a cute hopeman! Thanks, user. Here's a hopeman in return.

And thank you as well, user.

>mfw mind hacc and complex motives
a-at least there wasnt an an alien fax machine right guys? that makes this all a ok

y-you too

I don't know, Naegi is probably experiencing Nirvana on his back as we speak.
I am not sure, as a fellow man, if it's best to give the Donuts right now

>How the heck do you have a concluding chapter without the actual antagonist that has built a strange relationship with Naegi over the other two games?
She outstayed her welcome long ago, and their "relationship" was never given nearly as much focus as you seem to think. Thank christ she fucking stayed dead this time.

See? This is why Junko and the Despairs are smart, while Tengan and the Future Foundation are fucking morons. This just makes me like the Despair characters FAR more now.

I HIGHLY doubt Tengan didn't know that Ryota made a Hope Video. Ryota probably never would STFU about the damn thing and that's now Tengan easily put 2 and 2 together.

He doesn't need to make the video. All he needs to do is confiscate all the Ryota's stuff, hack into both his computer and phone, and find the damn thing.

Ryota already made the damn video, Tengan could have just confiscated his stuff and hacked it to find the file.

Ruruka was shown in Izayoi's death scene.

Still changing it from creating chaos to watching anime is better, for one.

Hinanami happy ending!

>he says as Despair side completely destroys any likeability Mukuro had

I want asahina to do that to me

>Even Satan got mindhacked

It probably won't work like that. Kibou-hen will probably start where Mirai left off.

That said, it would be wild if Kibou is an alternate timeline where Hajime intervenes at some other point.

>They're all fucking crazy to our view
>But they consider themselves good
>Hopebot is the only one sane, trying to stop them
>But they consider him a evil madman

I've only played the first two Zero Escape games.

does the Hope cancel out Despair and now shes a normal teenage girl?

Like how nobody cared she disappeared and died

it was intentional you retard

>donuts snapped out of MIND HACK
>nobody else did

> Zombie despair Chisa is becoming a hope slut.


Wait a second... those pods on Jabberwock... you don't think?

>Hope arc is actually a 3 hour movie fastfowarded to 24minutes.


I think it won't do anything unless Mitarai gives them commands.

Maybe he just wants them to watch his anime.

So we get retarded Morons instead? No thanks. Junko would have been better anyday than this fucking piece of crap we got,

this what the fuck was the point

Is this Hell?
aren't we all in Hell?


An enjoyable ride. I think most let their expectations get the best of them. You hype something up to be great then are ultimately disappointed when it doesn't deliver.

You are your own worst enemy.

So the ending song is about Mitarai?

> Plot based around hope clashing with hope, being tested with despair, and forcefully proliferating hope.
> No Komaeda.

This is a crime and you know it.

Only a few more days until H O P E, then maybe a week after that. I'm gonna miss these threads guys it's been an honor

>tfw Tengan predicted this
>he'll make everyone lose senses somehow to bring everything back to normality

>Ryota probably never would STFU about the damn thing
No, he kept that shit secret. He didn't even tell anyone that Junko learned this shit from him. Tengan only knew because Chisa told him

Same here.

If we get a kissu I'll import the BD and suck Kodaka's cock

>tfw people try and defend their retarded theroys as better.
No "kirijunko", and "it was an anime" are just as retarded as memehacks.

She only got a small dose of it, what mitarai is doing is a long exposure to it for 30 minutes.

She's not a teenage girl.

Which is why she shouldn't be pregnant. But she is.

You only liked her facade that she made for you in DR1 and grew distaste for her when you really saw her for who she is.

>the audio is too loud
>this popcorn is too salty
>my butt aches
>this movie lacks hope
>some stupid gyaru next to me can't keep her mouth shut

user, please order to me seal the memories of this anime, please.

You're in for a wild ride. ZE3 was so insane I still have trouble believing that it was real. I'm glad it was made but just watching the animations will make you laugh

Try not to think too hard, I thought it was understandable, but fucking retarded because it's rife with 'why didn't you just do x'.

Also Mitarai is possibly the worst villain ever. Seriously.

Even when she is holding someone down she is adorable.
If DR3 gave us anything...

>ultimate animator
>mindhack video is just an abstract kaleidoscope pattern

Real hope beats fake hope.

That's kind of point. He's become a sort of villain himself. Brainwashing is still brainwashing. Even if his intentions are good, what he's doing is no better than Junko.

>Having all neagtive emotions wiped from her mind
>Still has that awkward pose and facial expression
I'll never not love Fukawa.

7/10 after this episode, would of been an 8/10. This ep while i enjoy its return to the zany side of danganronpa i just think tengan's motives could of been better.

that said im a bit pissed they killed kirigiri for this and im kind of hoping that tease they did in the end of this episode was a hint at her saving the day thursday.

Someone make junko be the antagonist again.

The "it's an anime" shit can still happen though and that worries me.

>tfw the villains are more likable and enjoyable than the actual heroes.
>villains are guaranteed to die by the protagonists hands

shit sucks




>i wish i was at home, looking at munakata


>it's all to make Ryouta broadcast an anime
Why not just beat him up?

> Kibou-hen is just 22 minutes of Mitarai's mindhack anime.

Don't become hopesluts guys.

Anyone else seriously bummed out?

I finally got my friends to play DR2 recently but now I'm dreading when they finish it and ask about DR3.

I mean... its not a good story. How can I in good confidence recommend this series anymore?

It's like if Crilin learnt a special one-kill technique after Buu-saga and decided to use it to kill all the galaxy to prevent evil

Oh I HIGHLY doubt that Ryota didn't mention that he wanted to bring the world together with Hope through his anime at least several times with Tengan.

The dude never shut up about it to Twoogami, so I doubt he wouldn't have mentioned it to the old man who use to be the head of the Hope Peak School.

IRK? Couldn't they have at least 'Bleach'd some things and gave more well developed and fleshed out heroes while having a big group of them?

What Mitarai is doing is just about as bad as what Junko did but he doesn't realise this. Getting rid of Despair completely is no different than erasing conflict itself, which would annihilate humanity as they would be nothing more than dolls. Hope & Despair have to coincide with each other and going extreme with either one of them is bad.

The longer you're exposed to the video, the more permanent the brainwashing is. Which is why Ryota set the video to be 30 minutes for the worldwide broadcast.

She lacks delta brainwaves, making her more resistant to brainwashing.

Never ever...this is the despair Junko talked about

>junkofag believes this
"It's Junko! Again." would have been the worst fucking way to conclude this, I'd rather laugh at retards than have to sit through her boring ass shit yet again. You can't keep having the same mastermind in a mystery, that's literally more retarded than brainwashing.

I feel like Mita FAGGOT is going to win and this ties into V3

>playing VLR for the first time right now

>Alice betraying me even though I thought we were getting along. bitch doesnt even feel sorry

That fat fucking Omnic monk looking fucker,fucks off as soon as he gets 9
why the fuck is everyone a cunt?

>when you have the whole theater to yourself and some loudmouth who chews too loudly sits right next to you

Yes a drone.

Just recommend the Despair Side and tell them to forget Future Side.

Despair side answers those questions about the 77th Class that any DR fan wanted and in a much better way.

>before Future 12
I hope Junko isn't the mastermind
>after Future 12
I hope Junko is the mastermind

is this what zetsubou feels like?

>How can I in good confidence recommend this series anymore?

Make your suffering their suffering.

It's the only way, user.

I got ZTD as soon as it came out and was very excited, but I needed to play DR2 first in preparation for the anime and planned to play ZTD after that. After all I've heard in these threads, I almost don't want to anymore, but I'm out $60 on it and part of me still really wants the closure. Is it worth it, for the memes if nothing else? I'm starting to feel like it can't possibly be as disappointing as DR3 has been.

Persona made me laugh a lot so 8/10

oh my god

I think if you erase all the negativity from Touko, she'd just become catatonic.

The game's stories were not good either if you've forgotten, not sure what you're worried about.

Seriously what the fuck were they thinking with Mitarai?

Luna is the only nice character

the despair side is even worse than the future side

future side didn't retroactively fuck the first two games

>yfw your favourite hobby causes despair
>uses the same goddamn technique to cause hope

Kill me

Will he do something in Hope Arc that justifies the multiple teasers he's had?

Tell them to watch Future and stop at episode 10.
Then say Kodaka dies in a freak accident and never finished the series.

> 12 minute Chiaki death scene.
> Kirigiri dies unceremoniously with almost zero fanfare, looking like a total retard for a SHSL detective by outright ignoring clues (the door), not acting on her hunch by breaking monitors, not trying to chop her hand off to increase the chance that she'd survive, or fuckanything.

She also died immediately after Kizakura saved her, which just adds insult to injury. Fuck, why?

>why the fuck is everyone a cunt?
Good People Die

Man I can't imagine watching this garbage without coming back to these threads for Juzoboys and Hopeman shenanigans. People who are watching after all this is done really missed out.

I'm in the exact same position. I convinced two people to buy both DR games, but I've only mentioned DR3 to one of them. Thankfully it's just like The Godfather Part 3, it doesn't make 1 and 2 terrible movies by existing.






>Asahina part of the gun meme
No fair, she can't die!
The most the others can threaten to do to her is shoot her leg

Yeah sure

tbqh, just watch a walkthrough. I can't imagine playing the game again. Once you know the story, that's it.

K is amazing, but Luna is the only true good character.

>Bringing the main antagonist back to finish the story would be the worst thing possible.

I hope to fucking God you're not a writer then.

Even if you're just taking something made and using it, you're still working off the unknown. It might not work for instance. It's always best for the creator to handle their own work. To ensure that it works and there's no problems.

Not only was the guy not going to school and the only person he talked to at all was most likely Twogami, This happened before all the tragedy . There would have been no point since he was broken up about his own techniques being used to bring Despair. Tengan did all this to get his balls to drop and make it. Because a simple"Get in the robot" wasn't gonna cut it at this point.

Seriously what the fuck was that shit

he'll show up and immediately get brainwashed

Kodaka cant end the series without ruining Hajizuru too

You recommended it to them in the first place, stop being a Mitarai-tier bitch, finish up, and let them see the conclusion if they want.

It's honestly kind of impressive how both of them had poorly-done deaths, but in the opposite directions. One was very unceremonious and the other was ridiculously over the top and incredibly cruel.

Shes not dead, the bit at the end with togami asking where she was when they showed everyone elses death was just a teaser for it.

I just hope side: hope has a fight between manlets and Naegi smack some reason in that shitty otaku

Wasted potential/10. Probably a 6/10 just because there were so many more interesting routes they could have gone, but they chose the most banal and obvious of them.

this whole anime was despair inducing, is this the meta he was going for

Yeah, really reminds me of the time Kirigiri got unceremoniously killed off and had her body blown up by an explosive that one time. Man, Kodaka, what a hack.

Her could have been played out so much better, which is the only reason, a small part of me thinks she might be alive some how. Such a boring death.

Todays episode was only a stepping stone user. Believe in Weedman!


Forgot Pic

Yeah I'm in the exact same position. They finished it a few weeks ago while the show still had some hope of ending on a good note, but now I feel terrible.


Juzo = Carlos

This thread is full of goats that have stopped thinking.

so when will juzo from 10 months in the past pop in?

Her story ended in DR1, and she wasn't even good in that. Every time they've brought her back since then, it ruined each game's respective story. Not that I expect a waifufag to be able to see past his dick.

The thing is, Kirigiri has nothing that she needs to do. Izuru will fufill the combat/fix everything slot. Kirigiri can't do jack shit unless it's to snap Naegi out of Hope.mp4.

Was Tengan senile? Is that what we were supposed to get out of this episode?

Personas are not people

2's was legitimately good though. Nothing extraordinary, but really good for what it was, which is far more than you can say about most Japanese works in recent times.

You're right...I must have hope

>brainwashing video that works instantly now needs 30minutes to work on everyone
Kodacuck Cred Forumspologists, please defend this.

fucking hell I couldn't breathe

Tengen went full Komaeda

Future: NoJunko/10. Kodaka should just stick with Junko as the mastermind as he clearly can't make a better villain, cause we get this retarded shit we got in this episode.

Despair: Disappointment/10 Instead of charisma/propaganda/manipulation we get brainwash instead.

To conclude: Brainwash anime & Mitarai ruined DR3 seriously fuck the both of them.

It's just irritating to have the final boss be some punk bitch who is incredibly whiny every time he appears on screen


>23 episodes down
>0 wild rides

Despair side had bumps, but didn't go full blown retard that Future Side did.

I seem to recall that NOBODY was this pissed about a Despair episode. People were actually hoping that Izuru didn't make Chisa "Izuru Kamakura: Titties Edition" which he never did.

>Hey, here's a despair video that 100% works as proof of the Remnants of Despair!
>Hey, here's a suicide video that 100% works as proof of the 10,000+ Reserve Course students committing suicide.
>Both were things that Ryota never intended to make but did because Despair-Junkie-McTits got him to do it

>By that logic, a Hope Video would TOTALLY NOT WORK.

Yeah, no.

Tengan is the same guy who took in Munakata, Chisa, Juzo, Sekio, Ruruka and Izayoi due to his 'kind' demeanor. You don't think he couldn't get Ryota wrapped around his little finger?

I'm starting to believe Kirigiri is alive, but it doesn't really make it any better.
Asahina's fake death was like "haha wow that was crazy" and it was fine since it was at the beginning of the series in makes sense later down the road.
Kirigiri's death, whether real or not, makes no sense. Assuming she is alive, she accomplished nothing, and she probably isn't going to hop in and stop the video.

I really hope HOPE is more than just one episode, there has to be something else.

>stop at episode 10
And miss out on the only good scene in DR3?

Alright kids, was ZTD or DR3 more disappointing for you folks?


I took it as 30 minutes to spread through the entire world.

>it was all a simulation
>bringing back junko and dragging the whole thing into the retarded hope vs despair conflict again
No, it seriously wasn't.

30 minutes is the time for COMPLETE

the video itself is still instantaneous

Not him, but Junko herself said that she had to do surprisingly little after she got the ball rolling to see the world in shambles.
Not having her be the villain of DR2 and 3 would have been best because she would have gone out as a force of nature, as someone who believed in her own philosophy to the end. Coming back only established that she needed to brainwash people en masse and that she herself thought she had to come back to make society implode completely.

Wasn't hard to understand that only showing it a few seconds isn't permanent. Because Asahina quickly snapped out of it.

It doesn't last long if exposed only for a few seconds


The longer you watch the longer the effect. He wants for life (although it would only work for one generation without someone showing it again to the new children).

So what even happens next episode?

Hajime and Naegi run to stop Mitarai, they get HOPE ANIMED, see Kirigiri and Chiaki but then realize it's fake, and then make Mitarai stop being a faggot?

> Every time they've brought her back since then, it ruined each game's respective story.

I feel sorry for you having such shit taste.

It, uh, takes extra time to broadcast to areas far away? Is that how that works?

Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution. For instance, she loses her ability to play video games very well. Forget getting the high score in Gala Omega, she struggles to so much as overcome casual mobile games. She's still dimly aware of the talent she once possessed, which makes her repeated failures all the more frustrating for her, but she still has fun playing games. The best part is, she always ends up forgetting what happened except for the most basic of details, so even a single game can always give a fresh experience for her. Her speech pattern is stunted and instead of being able to articulate complex concepts like talent, she simply whines for Hinata-kun to play with her. She gets lonely when he leaves her for too long, probably ptsd from her execution.

Whenever he does, she giggles softly and nuzzles against him, and basically she cuddles more than actually playing the game. Her love for him is the one of the only things her feebled mind can cling to, so whenever he has to get up - even to do things like make lunch for her - she cries and holds onto him. She holds him in a bear hug and begs for him to not leave her. Even though his strength easily outclasses hers, he can't do anything or else she would get hurt. So he has to very gently push her away, letting her fingers grasp the empty air, and seeing her eyes water as she realizes she has to say goodbye to her Hinata-kun yet again.

Then he comes back with the food and she acts like she hasn't seen him in forever, and then they hug and kiss. Of course, this cycle continues on and on.

>Juzo and fucking Chiaki tank wounds that would kill someone dozens of times over
>Aoi drops from a gunshot to the calf
fuck offffff

Mitarai looked so cool when he took off his bangle, showing that the only reason he sucked dick the entire show is because he couldn't use his magical powers.

Everyone is alive

Do you think the episode will show the other classmates of class 77?

DR3 is not over yet.


I don't like that they keep focusing on Chisa's death. It's all for nothing.

Drop it, now.

Hope arc is definitely gonna have the 5 survivors

True. I wouldn't say "only" but I agree that needs to be here.
Ok, watch Future up to 11. THE BOY WILL GO ON

Rushed to shit.
"Look towards the future" end yet again.

24 minutes of

Probably in the epilogue.

DR3 really makes me wish DR1 was a standalone game. Dangan Ronpa is the perfect example of a series that when it explains too much it ends up being stupid. (and not in the good way either) I'm going to actively avoid anything that involves brainwashing.

What a shitty fucking way to conclude the series.

He's the 16th participant
Junko is a Gaia/MAL/Reddit character for normalfags

Junky literally ruined Despair-hen

I guess that's it.

I had higher expectations for ZTD, but DR3 is worse so it kind of evens out.

>You don't think he couldn't get Ryota wrapped around his little finger?
You mean like right now? Because Ryota's doing exactly what Tengan wants.

Why is hopelet such an hypocrite?
Also Mitarai isn't doing anything wrong.

We're watching the show from Gekko's perspective. None of the events actually happened, and she just goes back to bed after the final episode.

>final boss it literally Shinji Ikari

Why are they afraid of showing Hajime interacting with class 77?

Mitarai really did look cool at that moment. That part and when Munakata came out dual wielding without his eyepatch.

She just stopped running, Jesus.
She ain't dead dude, she has set so many death flags at this point that she became immune to it.

Despair side turned all of the interesting hinted backstory of the first two games and turned it into LOL MINDHACC

Not good.
Wasted potential.
"Look towards the future".
The end.

That's a weird way to spell Chiaki.

Hinata was walking all along. I honestly don't expect them to show up at all. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.


he's not just hajime, he's hajizuru

when he shows up he has the power to instantly resolve any conflict they have

why do you think Kodaka originally stuck him on an island?

to be fair, If somebody took away your only tool at being cool, you'd probably act like a bitch too.

I'm loving this new "restoring brainwashed people to their original selves is brainwashing" meme

> should just stick with Junko as the mastermind as he clearly can't make a better villain

Nonsense. Monaca was literally Junko++, better and more entertaining in every way.

Kodaka CAN write good villains, but he can't write anime for shit.

But why does he need to team up with Naegi? What's the purpose?

They probably saved Aoi.
Maybe they even followed on that "people who died with their memories back" have a higher chance of waking up and Mikan is with them to treat her.
Otherwise, Aoi is the only one going to meet her archetypal clone

I listened to today's Dangan radio aftertalk (Ogata was talking with Hagakure's VA about nothing too important), but unfortunately youtube deleted the main program video before I had time to listen to it. They're really fast. I hope I can find a new one.

Well, this is what happens when you make an anime of a plot that was initially based off of a game. You have 24 minutes and 12 episodes to shove 30+ hours of what would have been a game to air and make it palatable for a wide audience to enjoy.

V3 isn't related to Hope's Peak Academy story at all.


What about DR2? That worked too. It's just that DR3 went full blown

Yeah, after doing an overly convoluted thing that could easily have been done by essentially taking all of Ryota's stuff away and getting the video from his phone/computer through HACKING.

But DR2 said the characters were brainwashed in the Final Trial. How is that NOT doing what the original game said it would.

The reveal being stupid would be something like "They voluntarily joined Junko because they were super sad".

he saw what was happening with his clairvoyance talent and came because being stuck on an island was boring

Is this the most annoying sound to come out her mouth? I can't stand it.

I wanna think Mitarai is getting played by someone else

>the only nice person is a robot

DR3:F > ZTD > DR3:D

Future didn't have as much from DR2 to fulfill, it just needs to show next episode the state of the DR2 cast and it's "accomplished" all it needs to.

ZTD shat on a lot of things VLR said it'd be, but kept most stuff and just under-delivered on it (Sigma saving fucking Mira was what wounded him).

DR3:D shat on the very idea of DR2 and said fuck you to the idea of the DR2 cast being unique rather than the same fucking character copy pasted into a number of despairs. Also fuck off making Chiaki a real person.

Pot calling kettle black.

>and make it palatable for a wide audience to enjoy.
Why would you torture a cute girl for ten minutes in that case?

No the plot ruined Despair-hen not Junko.

She's gonna be just fine, right?

It would be a cop out to not show at least the survivors. Might was well have just called it Future 13 if so.


I liked the episode, though the ending was incredibly lackluster.
I know they have an obligatory "shove Junko into this show somehow" but it was stupid how they summed it up.

Also, though I know Tengen and his plan has been criticized a lot, I can start to understand and believe it, considering Tengen noticed that Munakata, his successor, was going to take over and (most likely) create more despair. Obviously its a stretch, but I feel it's less of a stretch than "m-muh despair"

>absolutely nothing is done with the remnants whatsoever.
>at most you get is another silhouette of Hajime.

>it might not be junko's fault again

>red tint
Yeah, about that...

Because nuance.
Doing it to people who had their minds tampered with and are also the most dangerous people alive just so they have a second chance is completely different from erasing all negativity from the minds of every human being on the planet.

Except more people are far more pissed at Future Side for going full blown 'pants on the head retarded'

People had their annoyances with Despair, but the whole clearly showed that it was far more enjoyed.

>What about DR2?
I liked that game gameplay wise, story was good but I liked DR1's atmosphere and tone more. They atleast made it so the brainwashing program sounded believable in-universe and not "Just because!" like Dangan Ronpa 3 does.

So Kirigiri died for literally no reason?

Soldiers will capture her and bargain with Naegi. She's cute.

Chiaki is shit too but that doesn't negate Junko being shit. Chiaki is the "XD IM SUCH A NERD" normalfag character, Junko is the "XD IM SO RANDOM AND CRAZY" normalfag character.

Hopefully not.

She shouldn't have survived the first game. Terrible ditz character who's only good for her boobs.

Would you call me crazy if I said I like Despair side better but it was more disappointing than Future? Like say I expected Despair to be a 10 and it was just a 7, so 3 points worse; but I expected Future to be like an 8 and it's a 6.

she died so that Makoto would live
Makoto living allowed him to watch the Despair video and live thanks to his luck

>people have been complaining about despair for weeks
>people complain about this week's episode of future
>overall people clearly loved despair more!!
You're the only one 'pants on head retarded' here, user.

the only acceptable answer

at least it isn't dubJunko

There was also some flavor text that talked about how Junko went to them and turned them to despair individually one-by-one preying on their fears and doubts.

Brainwashing =/= just watching a video for a few seconds and suddenly becoming a fucking zombie

It's not about headcanon you retard, the back story presented in the second game was made to look a lot more complex than just "lol they watched a video"

Junko is the plot manifested in physical form

The entire nation of Japan expressed nothing but praise for that scene and there were actually several cases of self induced suicide from excess masturbation and murders to reenact said scene again in real life.

"J-just turn your brain off" fags ruined this series.


The most tragic deaths are the most meaningless.

But he was talking about Asahina, not Junko.

>A space NEET better than Junko.

user Please. someone who can't handle Hopman's D is not worthy of being called the best villain. Besides you do know Monaka's actions were pretty much all premediated by Junko anyway.

Oh you.

Delta's entire existence was poorly delivered. Especially the reveal that he was there the whole time.

Asahina is immortal.
Just try taking notes of how many death flags the girl tripped, if she was going to die, she would have died long ago.
Really, she should have done the distance and asked for the manlet's hand in marriage. In for a penny, in for a pound

It was fine until DRAE. But with DR3 everything went shit. Seriously, isn't there a SINGLE person in the anime production or Kodaka himself that didn't say "brainwashing video? this seeems so stupid..." I know it's the only "sensed" and logic way to mass convert an entire planet, but since we're in fiction we can avoid fucking things like these and just leave the whole Despair syndrome in the shrouds of mistery.

> Tfw literally zero wild rides or excitement in this entire anime.
> Just memes.

I mean, it was decent, because I could watch it with Cred Forums, but without you guys it'd be awful.

The most excitement I got was probably when Chisa was mindhacked, when Chiaki was tortured to death, and when Komaeda whipped out a gun. Everything else was blase. I was hype as fuck with Aoi dying, and that incredibly cruel dream that Naegi had, but of course, both were fake.

God, this show is a mess. I'm probably more disappointed than ZTD because it retrospectively makes the previous two games look fuckretarded. ZTD, at least, didn't violate 999, and only tenderly raped VLR.


side:hope has that name possibly because we are about to see a showdown of hopes to see which one is the true hope.

Naegi and his natural Hope

Kamukura/Hinata and the artificial Hope that was put on him as part of the kamukura project

Mitarai and his brainwashing hope.

and possibly Nagito and his despairing hope

It will be a free for all, make your bets everybody, hopebowl is possibly coming.

>Hey Ryota I think you should really use that there Hope video
>ehhh idk
>Okay I'll kill everyone and ask again

In this case is Mitarai's talent though. She just found it and abused it, and then dropped right before DR1 since she was already bored of it.

It's twenty two minutes I wouldn't expect much from it

All villians in the danganronpa franchise have sucked major ass.
Unless you count Izuru in DR2 (knowing what we know now) in which we can conclude he is slightly better than shit.

Wish Kohacka didn't make such a terrible central villain at the start of the franchise that would forever fuck up the rest of the series. He has the right idea making hope something to fight against, as it's actually interesting.

The Monokuma of the suicide video is a recording, okay. But what about the first Monokuma video? It interacted with Monomi/Miaya/Monaca, explained the rules specific to this killing game, addressed Naegi how this will wrap up their history. Unless Tengan hired some Vietnamese animator to animate that shit quickly for $50.

It's a killing game. There are supposed to be deaths.

Kibou overloading please send help

>using artificial hope

wtf i love hope now

Not to mention that the Mitarai's only character trait is being a sniveling pussy, it couldn't have been that hard to get the video from him.

Nagito wont be involved in the fight. He isn't hope, he only wants to serve hope. However, he does believe that only clashing hopes will create the true hope. So this is what he wanted in the end.

No, we're not getting nearly that much nuance. It's Hajime and Naegi's hopes vs Mitarai's hope. That's it.

>kirigiri will be literally the only death out of the casts of the previous two games
It's just not fair.

Seriously hope the 13th Branch Head is Despair and spends the first ten minutes of Kibou Hen torturing Faggot to death

is she pregnant?

>have to wait 3 days for this to be over

the monokuma at the beginning was taken with footage from the first killing game

his voice actor was changed because of IRL complications but in-universe it can be explained as Tengen dubbing over it

What? No, Despair gets the most flak every week until now. Mostly because it was "pants on head" retarded for a few episodes, do I need to crack the list of why heading to Junko's trap straight up is retarded, for both Chisa and class 77? Or Junko's lame plans that rely on shitty writing to work?
Episode 12 is the first time people who think the opposite are actually showing up expressively.

>Nagito didn't play a huge role in Despair arc
>Instead we got boring-ass Junko and Izuru
>Nagito won't show up on Thursday
Why fucking live?

Monokuma shouldn't have even been in this series. Best bear did not deserve to be associated with this garbage in any form. And I'm still mad about the new voice.

Small part of the reason. Plus gives a good opportunity to let Junko appear once more at the end of the HPA saga, and also conclude the theater scene in general & meta Chisa's existence. And again, DR fandom is filled with idiots.

>Should the reserve course members have their own motives for their rioting?
>Nah brain washing
>How about the DR2 cast? Surely each one of them has a motive for siding with Junko
>Nah brain wash them

The Maverick virus from Mega Man X was much better than this shit.


I'm really confused about the Tengan / Monaca relationship. Why was Tengan cool with her being in the killing game? What if she bamboozled him and killed Ryota?

What if fucking anyone killed Ryota?

Which ending has the SakaMuna wedding?

Actually no. That's your own interpretation. Junko was purposely vague to how she accomplished it and said it doesn't matter how it happened, it just did. It even flat out says multiple times that it was "brainwashing"

Where did Tengan get the Monokuma voice clip and shit?

I want to see comics of senile old-man Tengen getting befuddled by simple tasks and solve them using the most round about way possible.

>Asahina was just there to carry Naegis ass around


Anyone have a webbum of Junko eating popcorn? Best part of the episode, honestly.

No, more people were complaining about Future Side fore weeks. People only ironically liked Juzo, but kept fearing the Future Side for the asspulls, SPECIFICALLY SITUATIONAL NG CODES, and the fear of the ending itself.

People were legit hoping for "It's a literal anime" like DR2, Asahina is Chisa or KiriJunko.

People were nowhere near that level of pissed with Despair side.

I'm not turning my brain off, I'm actually analyzing the two stories and seeing how much Future Side fell apart while Despair at least kept it together, problems and perks.

I thought that was the spinoff game? Not DR2.

Maybe she is going to be saved by class 77. The other 4 "survivors" of the game are nowhere to be seen.

Please stop trying to give me hope.

He had HOPE that he would survive

He wasn't expecting Ryota to show up, weren't you paying attention?

He figured the FF might oppose Mitarai and wanted them all to die

Except the flavor text said LITERALLY THAT

He didn't know, or at least found out when putting the bracelet and had no choice but to accept her there.

Tengen didnt know she was in the game

But Monokuma did show up. Reminder that Monokuma= Junko.

Robowaifu has been proven to be the most reliable good person for a while now.

Sadly, in DR3, Gekkou is just a puppet.

Its not like she contributed anything to the original trials anyways
She was pretty much hagakure tier but with donuts and breasts

Then why didn't he just postpone the game or have Ryota go out for coffee like the bitchboy he is?

That seems quite likely.
I don't see her dying at this point. Though I'm not going to rule it out entirely but I feel like there simply isn't enough time anymore.

Mitarai wasn't supposed to be there. Which makes it odd why he was, and why he a bracelet and specific NG code. Was that just Chisa's doing?

He's Asahina's now.


Mr Plinkett reviewing Dangan Ronpa 3 when? I think this anime deserves a Mr. Plinkett review for how horrible it is.

Are you blind? Despair was hated far more than Future. Every Despair thread on the day the episodes came out was constantly shitting on it.

Why does Dub Junko in Funimation sound SO BAD.

>Nyuk Nyuk, Nyuk
>Look, he's about to pop a blood vessel because I dissed his waifus
>Izuru, YAAS, QUEEN!

What is this shit? Did nobody play the first two games when the wrote this dialogue?

10/10. Immensely enjoyable by itself and double as enjoyable with the threads.

It would've gotten a 20/10 if Chisa was still alive but at least her meta self is hope-filled again, which is the Chisa I like. Not only that but Munakata is honoring her memory, and not trying to erase her anymore.

DR1 was streamed worldwide.

Anyone here actually appreciate how funny tengan's delivery was in the message to mitarai? I genuinly laughed my ass off at the delivery of "so thats why i did it anyway."

But he still put him in the killing game.

So, what I'm taking from your post is that you've never been in the DR threads until today.

>oh he's not supposed to be here
>hmm guess I'll just transport him with the others and stick a bracelet on him instead of leaving him out the door

It's just so goddamn stupid

Then by your logic, Future Side was hated even more. If anything, the hate train on Despair was MINIMAL compared to Future Side.

Weedman probably knows

>brainwash the entire reserve course
Okay fine,fair enough
>brainwash the remnants
Pushing it but i'll allow it.
>brainwash Mikan instead of just making her Junko's bitch.
What the fuck is kodaka even thinking?

How does that explain the voice?

That was literally one retarded ESL shitposter

Not quite as bad as DR: Togami/10

this feels unlikely as of right now but im still betting you theres a 16th participant and they were the one who put the wristbands on, tengan was already knocked out by then.

All the flavor text said was she did it one by one.

You're the one that thought that meant by manipulation. That's your head canon.

Also, Junko constantly lies. She lied about Izuru being the murderer behind the first killing game when she was framing him for it.

Yeah, it was probably the best part of the episode. The VA's delivery and the way his expression was animated were both really good.

I swear she sounds better in the games. Even Hajime sounds like a bitch in DR3

Please user enough is enough

I literally only watched this anime because I liked the eyes and the overall art of it. Why would you kill Kiirigiri? What was the point of that?

The only good parts of DR3 was Junko/Izuru, Juzo and Kirigiri screentime.



>junko making the hajimeme face


I'm beginning to come to the conclusion than Danganronpa is a shittily written story.

People complained to no end about the DR2 characters being sidelined and how dull Izuru was, are you kidding?
Plus, again, NG codes are situational, but the actions of pretty much everyone and the plot of Despair was retarded in and of itself.
Junko gets away with everything due to nothing but stupidity, and now we learn that Tengan had nothing to do with her, so those will never be explained.
We never even found out how she knew Izuru existed or how she got her dungeon.
We actually polled this out, and Future won 70/30.

They didn't show Ruruka's death either you moron

BD advertising of her PC game.

I've been to the threads and it was clear that Future Side only had people IRONCIALLY liking Juzo, pointing out dumbness of Future Side, and dreading how retarded the ending would get.

who is this?

tfw arguing between "They fucked up the backstory" and "Despair side isn't just shitty writing, the whole series is"

hope out [HOPE] that Kodaka wont fuck up Hajizuru in the 20 minutes he appears

Just saying they didnt show ruruka's death, but they did specifically show ruruka as the main focus of a shot right before showing izayoi's death.


Look at the ahoge
There can be only one



>tfw you'll never have a qt busty girl carry you to your every destination.

Where you do even find a Asahina in real life?

They'll be doing this later on in bed but Naegi's position will be in reverse.

hello again,

It's amazing how bad the dub is compared to how good it is in the game. It's like they went out of their way to shit it up.

If Kubou-hen isn't at least 1 hour long I'm going to kill myself.

There isn't. There was also nothing to her death but the death flag she set by telling Naegi "Go,
I'll be waiting for you here", so her dying would be too cheap even for Kodaka, it wouldn't build up to anything.

He'll be just like Hajime but with super powers and maybe some tsumaranais.


SHSL Studmuffin

Beginning to?

Nigger you should have realized that as soon as DR1 expected you to believe a high school girl took over the world.

Nah, Chisa was beyond cure. If her old hopeful memory returned she would quickly fall into despair again realizing all terrible things she did then commit suicide anyway.

Though, if you consider her being back to normal in Hell's Theatre is good then good for you.

>Kirigiri always folder her arms up to push up her breasts
>Probably had a push up bra as well
Let's be honest, she had a complex about how small her chest was. Even the ai Chiaki was bigger

It is. No one can deny that. But the murder cases are still enjoyable. It's lower than Ace Attorney, but they're not bad.

Which character improves from a genderbend?


Souda Kazuichi


Dangan Ronpa characters have some fucking huge dinner plate eye areola

Reminder that Kaede is Junko & Neagi's daughter.

Watch it be normal length with a 10 minute recap to start

Only DR2 kid to show up is Hajime


Jesus Christ

If nothing else, you really, really should have read Killer Killer to understand what kind of mindset Kodaka had when writing DR3, and possibly what ties into V3 as well.

Hajimeme looks so fucking buff in this shot.

I really do think the first and second games were written well, they had their quirks but that's what made them interesting, it's just those quirks weren't the main focus, much like Metal Gear Solid.

Another Episode everyone's favorite game and this anime is when it went full retard, don't know who to blame really.

It'll be eight seconds long and it will only be There won't be any despair left in you to want to kill yourself.

Junko tells the truth more often than she lies, it's not like lying is a major part of her character. Even if she was lying about the Remnants, nobody could have known before DR3.

im gonna miss the old Hajimeme

making him into a plot device means Kodaka wont give him much screen time

I love this meme.

What is wrong with "upupupup"

Or does that translate to nyuknyuknyuk in engrish

>BD advertising of her PC game
Why does Kodaka think I want to buy a game about a dead character again?


Because this episode was terrible, compare week by week, Future had people defending it.
10 and 11 had people posting "Dispear was a mistake" or "Future 24 episodes"
Dispear was just heading deeper into retardation with loose ends and shafting the DR2 cast even more whenever they weren't acting completely retarded

>Yeah, after doing an overly convoluted thing that could easily have been done by essentially taking all of Ryota's stuff away and getting the video from his phone/computer through HACKING.

Kiznaiver is the Hope anime.

Trigger is saving the world.

All of them.

> Tfw literally zero wild rides or excitement in this entire anime.

That's totally true, even if the plot wasn't retarded the anime would still be a disappointment because of the total lack of any tension. The games are absolute rollercoaster rides while the anime is just dull.


Why the fuck are people expecting Danganronpa to have a good story? It's never had a good one. It's always been a crazy over the top series. What makes it enjoyable are the cases and characters.

>Souda is the only one to escape Jabberwock

What are you talking about? dub!Junko is the best among the cast. The accent makes serious Junko sounds scarier.

dub!Mikan is the worst.


Is there a new H-game that dethroned AA2?


Both of them are A++.

Its like people forget about DR1. In which she pretty much never lied.

Because the anime doesn't have cases at all and is lacking in characterization as well. The plot is the centerpiece of the anime and it's absolute garbage.

I just want his little sister, man. Is that so hard to ask for?

Are we really not having Hajime interact with his own fucking cast all of DR3?


>what is Chapter 5

Kirigiri is fucking alive
mark my words
she didnt get a ceremonial death, so that means she isn't dead
she deserved a ceremonial death because she is the ultimate detective, she saved everyone from DR1
I mean gamer grill got a ceremonial death because she was special
and Kirigiri is more special than gamer grill
also Kirigiri is a strong independent woman, she fights till the end.
there exist something called cure W
she got an idea about make up

so, yeah, she is alive

she is alive right? ;_;

I HIGHLY doubt de didn't know about that. The dude knew everybody's dirt in Future Foundation.

No it wasn't. Clearly it was Future Side that was going down the retard track while Despair was clealry doing better.

The only thing people liked about Future side were the MEMES it was generating.

Try your local swimming pool, check if there are any gluttonous tanned girls with huge gazongas who everyone says are great at swimming but you never see them swim.

I want Nagito's opinion of the HOPE anime.

What would happen if you had HOPE projected into one eye and DESPAIR into the other?

So because it's over the top it can't have a good story? I think that's debatable, Metal Gear is over the top and some games like the first and third had good stories. It's not just one of the other user.

DR1's story is a really good murder mystery. I don't give a shit if you think you can only have one or the other.

>that feel when AA2 got you interested in DR in the first place

They were the audience from the first game.
You're clearly one of them.

And now with Asahina's leg being shot we never will see her swim.

She's dead and died for no reason.

I don't like it either user, but you need to accept it.

>DR1 expected you to believe a high school girl took over the world.

Nigga. This is fiction. Of course its going to be exaggerated to a certain degree because it wouldn't be as interesting otherwise.

It was AA2 Junko, wasn't it?

Cultural difference.

Matsuda obviously.

This is what happens when you let other people write your finale for you.

You know we are shitting and kodaka and all, but you also got to realize this isnt really much dumber than the shit 1 and 2 pulled (frankly full blown AI's and virtual reality are dumber than brainwashing) yet this is the onlyone thats really egregious in execution. Then you notice kodaka isnt actually writing this one.

Basically the reason this is so bad isnt cause of kodaka, its the lack of kodaka to make the retardedness fun, DR has always been a super goofy parody series with occasionally serious scenes while this was a super serious drama with occasionally goofy scenes.

It's pretty suspicious how she both was the only character to have a weird blink-and-you-miss-it moment with her death (the pill bottle) and didn't appear at all in the death reel (even ruruka made an appearance with izayoi)

I want to marry Femhiko

That was a commercial for the BD. It means nothing.

Or maybe Kohacka is just trolling with you Kirigirifag.

What a load of bullshit. Plenty of fiction exists that doesn't unreasonably strain suspension of disbelief. There are tons of interesting stories set in every day reality that are supported purely by the strength of the writing and characters, such as Ping Pong.

Except the gamer girl had a cruel and unnecessary death. It's just as bad but in a different way.

I always saw the games the other way around. A killing game is a pretty serious deal.

Yes, I remember her being all over the threads. Unfortunately that meant I went into DR1 knowing twintails who died at the beginning was the mastermind, except I didn't know about the Junko/Mukuro twist at all so if anything I was just as surprised by the reveal but in a different way.

>>I HIGHLY doubt de didn't know about that. The dude knew everybody's dirt in Future Foundation.
Yea, He knew Junko learned her shit from Mitarai. And that if it's Mitarai he could probably make a video for hope. But with that boy's personality, it would take a literal killing game to get him to either make or use it.
And even then the guy only manned up when that kick in the balls message by Tengan came to his phone.

I dunno man, there's a fine difference between hyper-competency and and literal bullshit lazy writing.

>Junkoshitters upset their waifu isn't the villain again

No, he's writing it. He even said he had a 200 page manuscript for it. They just add tweaks to it.

Exactly, this series isnt shit because of Kodaka but entirely because of his absence.

She didn't lie in that chapter user. She pushed for Kirigiri to be the culprit and went with Neagi in the last moment. She abused the rules of her game but she didn't lie.

Yeah but the game was also constantly cracking jokes, like always, people tend to miss them sometimes but monobear was making punchlines throughout chiaki's death for example or even when fighting the masterminds and all that. There was always some form of comedy going on the drama just didnt offset it. DR3 took itself actually seriously

ill be honest though, i dont even find the brainwashing in and of itself a problem, its just tengan's motives were kind of dumb even when you consider it likley only worked when mitarai was at the command.

Here we see the Kodacuck Cred Forumspologist in his natural habitat.

Yeah, a perverted female would probably be a lot more funnier

A major reason that people are shitting on Kodaka so much with the anime is because it's become clear that his whole goal is to torch the Hope's Peak story and run off to V3.

>executing someone for something they didnt do
>not lying



The danganronpa stories have always been garbage and Kodaka has been a hack since day 1. The only thing this series executes well is certain characters and moment to moment twists.

How the fuck am I an apologist?

She literally lied about naegi being the correct culprit are you retarded


Kodaka is in charge of the overall plot and supervision, meaning that the overall events of the story and episodes are by him. But he doesn't actually write every episode's individual script (possibly because he has to devote his pen to NDRV3), and moreover his specialty is in game/prose writing so he's not even the writing director. So things like individual dialogue, episode pacing, every individual line adhering to characterization, what moments they focus on and what moments are emphasized and whatnot are certainly run by him for his approval, but they should be attributed to the staff that's actually directly responsible for it instead of just praising or blaming Kodaka for everything you like/don't like.

>not wanting Liquid Hopecelot for the craziest possible finale

It's a fantasy universe. It's called suspending your disbelief. Which characters and stories start becoming inconsistent and things happen that are far too convenient for the plot, it violates your suspension of disbelief. The problem is that DR3 has pushed shit so far into stupidville that things stop making sense, even in universe.

Throughout this entire series the best mastermind was Nagito and he only did it for one chapter of one game.

Honey Select is technically better, but they're different kinds of games. AA3 should be out by next year though.

Keep in mind this still means it was still Kodaka's idea to include a 15 minute Chiaki torture sequence for literally no reason.

Hes going to end this on a happy ending anyway, nothing really got ruined other than headcannon. Like trust me on this unless they actually keep kirigiri dead this really wont affect the enjoyment of the first 2 games at all and will ultimately be a pretty standalone experience just here as an excuse to please shippers and show all the characters one last time (ie monaca, the DR1 and 2 cast, and so on).

for your information, thats a tell tale way to find a person whose been following DR since the something awful lets play days when it was the only way a westerner could experience it without knowing nip.

I lay all responsibility, good and bad, on Kaz "DR3 is the Ultimate Fan Item" Kodaka.

>Creator wants to move on to different things
>Fan demands make him come back
>Results are unsatisfying and retarded

I hope you all enjoyed the anime equivalent of MGS4

Well if you believe it all works out right

>Kill la Kill

so V3 is Revengeance?

Monobear was fucking stupid, dude. You can't translate Monokuma.

Excuse you fucker, I never wanted an anime. I wanted DR3 the game.

Epilogue takes place after she has already healed and she invited Naegi to the pool. There we see her swim recreationally, Naegi looks at the scar on her leg and she tranquilizes him saying she will still try to train hard and get back to olympic level on pure force of will.
Would that make you happy?

Yeah, like the fans forced Kodaka to make DR3 at gunpoint. Fucking kill yourself hack apologist.

for 1 it was 8 minutes and wasnt even that bad, stop being a pussy.

>he's not upset the mastermind was some retarded old fuck instead of best girl

The decision to devote half an episode to Chiaki dying horribly would come down to the director and script writer.

Kodaka just did outlines I think.

Well if thats true, its going to be fun as hell.

Just abandon one or the other. If he hadn't been greedy, the show wouldn't have had anywhere near as many issues.

Plus, the blandness of V3's cast pretty clearly shows that Kodaka has no idea what made his own series worth bothering with in the first place: the cast.

>for 1 it was 8 minutes and wasnt even that bad, stop being a pussy.
It was that bad. It was the 2nd and half worst death in the series.

He still greenlit it. He approved of it.

new thread

>not fun.
Speak for yourself, I'm having a blast watching some of you retards crying as if this is the worst thing ever. You can't come back from "I'll make the whole world into Junko" anyway.

We literally dont know their names yet


user youre literally judging a book by its cover right now

He could have just made LNs of what the DR2 cast did after.

I dont know, juzo, chisa, seiko, and munakata are all pretty memorable.

and as much as people are shitting on tengan for his dumb motives, hes probably the most fun mastermind in the series and the only one that actually seemed to be good at manipulating people. You cannot deny his god tier bants were not the best part of this entry.

actually its the murder mystery for me

>wasnt even that bad
Holy shit, kill yourself. It was, bar none, the most terrible death scene that the series has ever had. It is a relentlessly cruel way to treat an innocent girl and it would frankly be fucking rotten for Junko's "no miracles for you" talk to be proven right.

>kodaka says that he hates stories that kill off survivors from previous entires and that he wouldn't have any of the previous killing game survivors die
>kodaka says that DR3 is the ultimate fanservice material
>kodaka announces he's going on a vacation until the end of DR3's runtime suspiciously around the time kirigiri died
What did he mean by this?

>getting mad that the villain actually had COMPLEX MOTIVES this time

Tengan mastermind would've actually been cool if they went with what AE hinted towards with him being the true SHSL Despair

>literally no reason
Yeah no. The scene was longer to make a real impact and to show why DR2 cast fell into despair. It would had been worse if it was some meme killing video offscreen like what happened with Mikan.

are you seriously just mad cause chiaki got a brutal death? Like no shit it was cruel thats the entire fucking point to junko being a sadistic bitch

you know what was far more cruel and brutal, the student council deaths, you just dont give a shit cause its not chiaki.

Kojima wanted to end Metal Gear with Solid, though. How do you explain 2 and 3 being good?

It sounds like Kodaka wanted to do the V3 game, but not everyone was on board, so they compromised and made the original games conclusion an anime. That said, Kodaka probably gave very little effort into the anime, because he was much more focused on the V3 game. The game should be great.

2 is him making of fans wanting a sequel
3 is him selling out and making a stupid game for the stupid fans

We hardly know the student council mooks, of course no one give a fuck

Nope. It didn't need to be that bad.

Fucking work on your punctuation, dumbass. Yeah, I care that much more about a character I'm attached to, it was a character who got taunted by the main villain.

DR1 & DR0 are horribly written.

I like anything after though (SDR2, DR:AE, DR3). I guess I don't like the first two because it introduced this whole hope vs despair concept, and the world being despaired, and tries to elaborate on Junko's character. These are all the weakest parts of DR's story.

Is that Celes and Peko's lovechild? I prefer the more anime-esque style of AA2 to that sort of 3D, honestly.

Not really both DR1 & SDR2 were fine. DR:AE had its problems as well but pulled through in the end. DR3 is the only problem.

He wasn't greedy, the staff couldn't agree whether to continue the original games or start something new. They ended up doing both.

>When deciding whether to create a sequel or something new for the third installment, Spike Chunsoft settled on both because there was divided opinion among the studio.


it was the most forced drama death ever, fuck off chiakicuck

He likely wanted to focus on the game and didn't give a crap about the anime.

>god tier bants
He had like two. Both shitting on Munakata.

>the blandness of V3's cast
You're literally basing this on character designs alone. People were complaining about the exact same thing when SDR2 was announced.

It had to be that bad. It actually should have been 20 minutes long even. It's literally the climax of Despair Arc and the moment everything was leading to and what everyone has been wanting to see for ages. They couldn't hold back on that.

That's more than anyone else's

>everyone has been wanting to see
Speak for yourself, you worthless edgy scum.

But DR1 was the least hope/despair-focused of the entire franchise. It was DR2 and subsequent materials that started to go overboard with it and turn it into the monster we have now.

>Complex motives done right>>>For the Lolz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Complex motives done wrong.

I would rather have "For the lolz" then someone having utterly retarded reasons to justify their actions.

Heroes have Mitarai cornered, then Hopeman shows up and his negative luck kicks in allowing the anime to play. We then get a teaser for V3. The End. Play V3 to find out what happened.

> Tfw KiriJunko would have been better than what we got.
> Tfw the 16th participant being (you) would have been better than what we got.
> Tfw despair zombies would have been better than what we got.

>DR3 is the only problem
Not really. This has been happening for years, and will continue to happen. But endings are incredibly divisive, especially for mystery-focused stories, where viewers will turn on it and call unilaterally bad because they've put all their expectations, wishes, desires, fetish in the last episode. It's sad but DR3 brought me lots of joy and fun times, especially Future. Anyone but Tengan (+ Ryota) would have come out of nowhere, and then there's be a bunch of other complaining how "this is the worst ending evarrrr".

>the smell of their sweat and body odors intermingling

Chiakizuru would have been better than what we got, and I've been anxious for this episode all week precisely so chiakizurufags would get BTFO.

I feel really conflicted right now.

I want to give Chisa a hug and tell her she did nothing wrong.

That gaze will haunt me the rest of my life

Post one possibility that you think is worse than what we got.

So is Tengan a master puppeteer, or the ultimate CGI artist? Did he make a miniature Monokuma theater in his garage

Nothing which is why it stayed upupu in the games