Can we have one last thread about the anime of the season?

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>Neo Venezia isn't real
>Pikari isn't real
>not even this thread is real

How do you know that you're real?

Active Raid already has a thread.

Dude what

It was a great ride through and through. I wouldn't mind having more threads even after it ended.

Don't worry user, S2 will be here soon

>Pikari telling Teko that she loves her lots
Yuri ending confirmed

I miss this autistic cutie so much

>using "love" instead of "like" for "suki"

>We're all dreamed by some entity

Let's not start this shit.

Pretty sure no entity can conceive a being as horrible as I.

I loved the manga, I liked the anime, but it is far from anime of the season.

Well, Cred Forums?



Teko need to consult psychiatrist. She have sign of depression.

>garbage of the season
Sorry for my typo.


why is she autistic

It's the bends.


Lack of oxygen

>tfw Pikari will never befriend me

Reading the manga while listening to the OST now that the anime is finished. Feels good.

Would you?


I'm just finish the Anime.

I would say it give different feeling than manga.

Manga version is SOL that will make you want to go diving. Anime, on the other hand, the drama element is more outstanding.

Some drama are good (EP.9 - the best episode) while some look forceful (EP.10). Overall, it's a good watch. It's different animal than Aria and Flying Witch. I like that two better but don't regret watching Amanchu at all.

why is she a muppet?

Ane-chan-senpai is so thick and sexy, I want to get lost.

>you will never be a teenager again

Really makes it hard to watch.

I watched the first episode of this last night

What the fuck mental handicap does Pikari have

>you will never be teenage girl
>you will never have pikari in your life

Help I can't stop lewding the amanchus


Boring compared to Aria.


>No more embarrassing lines between Pikari and Teko this week.
What do?


worst school uniform design in anime ever

>drama element

Yeah, episode 9 gave me some serious Aria vibes that I wasn't expecting. Reminded me of the new Aquaria chapter and most of the flashback episodes in the anime.

It can go both ways, frankly. In this case it was supposed to be "like", but the undertone was clearly trying to tease "love."

I can totally see a girl freaking out over this type of menial shit. It's not that outlandish.

What would sex with Pikari be like?

>increased libido

She'd go UPYO when you stick it in her butt.
>inb4 hurrdurr muh procreation

That's an interesting way of spelling "I have shit tatse", user. Good job.

What's this about, other than green-haired muppet-looking bitches?

Making friends in a new town, going jogging, cats, and learning to swim. Someone said its about diving, but they only went diving together like once at the end so I don't think that's the case.

Except it wasn't just "photos" that she didn't want to lose.

Elegance incarnated.

Pick your meme face


I really like that motto. It's like "FUN OR DEATH!".


Drama episodes were bad. Should have stayed being retarded SOL.

who does this drama even appeal to? I got some shoujo vibes but im sure even girls think the cell phone shit is retarded

I'm afraid it's you who is retarded.

What drama?
It's a SoL about oujo that moves to the country.
Like NNB but with high-schoolers with high-schoolers' bodies.

Pikari makes me happy.


best butts

perfect self-insert

nendoroids when

i'm on episode 6 and it is my 2nd favorite show of the season. ooki is way too cute

I'm listening to the OST while reading now, it's really good. Everything production-related is great, it seems people were only dissappointed with the content itself.

God I miss this already so much

how long will i have to hold my breath for underwater till I see pikari?

I don't know if anime of season but this show had butts of the season

At least an hour

She was never a risk of losing them, she could transfer some of those to the memory card. The "but muh random wallpaper" drama was exaggerated and I say this as a fan of the show.


Teko is a sensitive and sentimental girl, do not bully.


Anyone who walks like that should be escorted to the nearest mental institution.


>boobs make you float

Daijobu, I'll receive her warmly. And let her teach me this walking style step by step.

It's SoL about letting go of the past that hurts and moving forward in life and accept it.
Honestly I think the whole show is a metaphor for death and passing on.
Teko is dead, probably committed suicide.
The new town she moves to, is actually limbo and the granny is the gate keeper/ guide for people in it.
Diving symbolize the act of passing on.

>limbo theory


Actually i find it very plausible, the anime's atmosphere made it this way.

It was about losing her friends, you silly billy. Don't make my come over there and tuck you in bed.

their feet looks less cuter there than in the anime

>Double bikini top
Being Ane is suffering.
I doubt she understand what this imply never the less what sex is.

>Low lying belly button
Teko is pure sex

>you will never be a teenager again
This really hurt.
I'm 26 now, and started to go gray on the sides.
I've no longer have the strength that I used to have, No gf, virgin, but got a good career which I guess is good enough but I still feel like I've taken a wrong path in my life
These SoL the only thing that can make me go on.
I always self insert into these shows, and try to dream of it right before I go to sleep.


Booty for days.


I couldn't get past episode 3. Or whatever the episode where they jump in the pool in their drysuits is.

The pacing was way too slow, the main girl is super annoying and their school dress bothered me.

But if you guys enjoy it then good for you!

>school dress bothered me
It's a school uniform, and it's a proper one at that, reminds me of the older days of anime.
Not some slutty soapland sex worker tier uniform.

I've only seen the first three episodes, but what I really don't like about this show is that it's too sexual with it's framing, showing off pikari's tight body too much. If you are going to make a top tier comfy show you have to make it non-sexual, like Aria, Non Non Biyori, or K-On!!

>Multiple layer dress at a beach town. Fuck off it's not practical and is probably very uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

This was really a beautiful adaptation. I loved the art with the dark pencilled lines in the faces and eyes. The colours were also beautiful without being too bright, and the character designs were perfect.

The soundtrack was gorgeous also.

JC Staff is back. I can't think of a single thing they could have done better. I want them to animate more iyashikei series. How about a full cour of Yokohama Shopping Trip?

It was okay. I feel like they insisted too much on Teko's autism

Maybe try to find something new to do to cheer up, like what Teko did with diving. It's never too late to try.

>Aria, Non Non Biyori, or K-On!!
All of these shows have innuendo and every character is sexualized.
Even renge.

It's a pretty good time to be alive for loners. We have the internet so we can actually socialize and even make friends without leaving our bubbles. Escapism has never been easier. And media is practically free and everywhere.

Don't cheapen the feelings you get from fictional stories just because they are fiction. The emotions they create are real. And it's nice to be able to feel something like that, even for a while.

How can I become happy like Pikari~n?

Why are green-hair girls always so perfect?

Green hair a best

For sexualization?

Pikari's chest is even close to that big, god damn it.

I hate when artists do this.

I just extracted poison from myself from this image, even tho its retarded and nothing like the orignal

Is this thing supposed to be a cat?

explain how it isnt

That's obviously an ass.

Yes, it's a kitten


I am ashamed of the bulge between my crotch.

Teko anxiety and depresstion are pretty serious.

She need to consult the rapist.

Sorry, I mean therapist.

The head is too big.

>hear whooping outside
>see these two
What do?

brb, I'm going to my backyard and drown in my pool so I can join her.

Basically this show is all about shy self-insert character as center of the plot, and everyone else is just dancing around her, and trying to cheer her up and like that. This is get really repetitive and borind at the end.