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Wait, are you trying to trick me again.

Hey wait a second, there's something that hasn't been solved yet.

Who was Monokuma?

So which of these sound better?

Tengan is not despair and creates the killing game for Mitarai to be pushed to make a hope video


Tengan gets brainwashed into loving despair, creates killing game for despair, then Mitarai is pushed anyways to broadcast hope video

Mitarai dies screaming

then his VA dies screaming

Then Kodaka dies screaming

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet

Looks like the Kamukura went to waste.

I prefer the second. How is creating a killing game the best way to get Mitarai to release a hope video? There has to be a smarter plan than that.

In the last episode where they showed every FF member dying they didn't show Kirigiri

That's from your corpse soiling its bowels.

It's not like the first time afterlife is represented this way.

13 Branch Head will kill Mitarai next episode



Hey Cred Forums

Suck my dick and swallow my load

No Ruruka's though, just her delivered one to her boytoy.

Why is Naegi so weak?
How did he get restrained by a girl?

1st Game: Villain is a sadist and wants to see people kill for amusement

Makes sense

2nd Game - Rehabiliation Program gets hijacked and turned into killing game by Edgelord with something to prove

Makes sense

3: Literally that episode of South Park where that one guy rapes chickens to teach Barbrady to read



All the dead waifus and husbandos will remain dead.
Let it go, and move on.

Is there any way for the Hope side to save this mess?

I don't think it's that this finale is retarded, I actually think it's retarded in all the wrong ways. It's boring retarded instead of exciting retarded. I guess I just got too hyped up over KiriJunko/Chikizuru/Nagito/AllTheOtherShit.

When Monokuma said "This will end both our stories" I really thought it'd be Junko in the end to tie it all together. Instead it was some faggot with a phone.

Everything in this series was the result of mindhacc anime and MEMES

let that sink in


Getting sept-7's

Understand now, this... is my talent.

I want to FUCK monaca.

Why didn't Tengan just take the phone

>not even a .gif
Only enough hope there to spontaneously ejaculate once.

Why would Tengan say this?


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Plot convenience, my friend!

Fuck off you shit prosecutor


Lets assemble a list of the stupid shit that happened in DR3.

>Chisa gave the videos to tengan instead of broadcasting the despair brainwash to the world.
>Tengan made a killing game to convince ryota instead of just taking his phone.
>Junko is somehow able to insert the despair brainwash editing techniques into a live broadcast.

Give me more things and I'll keep the list updated.

This will go as an unanswered plot hole. We're supposed to forget that Monokuma actually interacted with people and wasn't just a recording the whole time.

They could have explained it away with the other Junko AI from UDG but they ruined that chance already.

I still have many questions and I know they're not gonna be answered. What the fuck Kodaka.

Rayfa is the best part about SoJ

What episode was the one that essentially started all the Juzo/Seiko pairings?

>w-who cares if everything is retarded and doesn't make any sense, just turn your brain off, bro! it's a comedy, like epic movie! J-Junkoboys!

Is Cred Forums the worst part of the Dangan Ronpa fanbase? I've never seen a more apologetic fanbase.

>tfw this quote hyped me up for the series
>Looking back it really meant fucking nothing, the true finale was Hope vs NotHope and not the final battle of Hope vs Despair

Kill me.

He only interacted with Miyabot.

Why didn't Junko just MINDHACC Class 78 while making it look natural?
Why didn't Junko just stream the Despair MINDHACC video to the world?

Shit mean to reply to

Where did Shirokuma and Kurokuma come from anyway?

literally everyone shits on the anime what are you going on about

and to answer your question, juzoboys

Reminder that Tengan could have got the hope anime by stealing Mitarai's phone or just asking in a firm tone because his only character trait is being a weak-willed pussy.

>Tfw no Rayfa imouto

For fucks sakes stop saying this already, yes they didnt show her DEATH but they did still show ruruka, not as a scene where she was in it with izayoi but they specifically put in an angled shot that was only her, this was meant to show she was one of the ones who died too.

He was allowing it to happen user. Im sure he was in bliss to be in a lock with doughnut tits pressed against his back

>"Do you even lift, Naegi-kun?"

Why did Tengan take Ryota into the killing area when he clearly didn't want him to be a participant?

I just thought of the worst possible ending to all this.

The hope video is played on top of the despair video to create a nomalizing video and everyone is fixed with that.

Is junko waifu fagging only here?

To make people think it's Junko. That's the entire point of using Monokuma recordings.

Why did Tengan need a killing game at all? Just kill everyone with poison instantly and tell Ryota "Oh yeah there was a killing game".


Jesus Christ I just want to see him already, enough with the build-up. It's going to be disappointing isn't it?

Wasnt it cause mitarai was the only one who can control it? I always got that this was the implication and that the only reason junko could do it was cause of her analysis bullshit.

when was the exact moment when d3 turned into mind hacc the anime?

>Chiaki's torture set to happy music and kaleidoscopes

Holy shit guys, check this out!

Most likely.


The first one is what happened. If Tengan had stolen the video then there would be no next generation to take care of things after he's gone. This way he ensured Mitarai takes charge from now on, they were his hope.

Chiaki is alive

HOPE is another form of despair, stop being a faggot.

Ultimate Gains

Kodaka cant end the series without ruining his character

The vast majority are giving the anime the shit it deserves, only a few idiots and shitposters are defending it.

I want to see him too, but more than that I want to see other 77 people

I still can't get over how the entire cast of 3 has been killed for essentially no reason. What the actual fuck.

would Junko being the mastermind again be more satisfying?

Confused Juzo

Why are there no other dead people in the movie theater?

He wanted Ryota to watch it, thought it would push him over the limit to the point that he would make the mindrape hope anime, broadcast it to the entire world, and rule this artificial hope world

He wanted a fucking beta shut in whose skill was making anime to rule the fucking world

wtf I love hope now

wtf I love hope now

Mitarai is just being Junko but with Hope instead of despair. SDR2 was entirely about choosing your own future and making your own destiny. Mitaria's hope isn't true hope, because true hope can only be created willingly by people who have it. And true hope can only exist by conquering despair. That is the problem with mitarai's philosophy and why he will never be true hope, only a stepping stone for someone else's greater hope.

Of course.

>just ends with naegi and hajimeme spewing some shit about "da future"
>nothing gets answered
>hajizuru only gets like 2 lines

You know it.

wtf I hate despair now


wtf I love hope now

I think you mean Juzo with interrogation marks.

You know, Junko's brainwashing videos were already bullshit, but at least she had to get footage of people dying horribly for them to work. Now three seconds of a kaleidoscope is enough to turn anyone into a mindless slave.


because they're busy watching better movies

Holy shit this for fucks sakes, what do people not seem to get about tihs.

Dont get me wrong, this is a dumb motive but people seem to have such a hard time understanding that the reason he did all this was cause tengan was a dying old man and he needed someone not brainwashed to carry on in his stead, mitarai was his ideal replacement but he'd need mitarai to be so fargone and extreme with hope to go through with this.

The part of its thats dumb, was tengan not exempting mitarai from the game outright, not the actual part where he did all this for mitarai.

Worst ending is Sonia not dying

Class 77 in the finals episodes of Despair.
Just... that. Taking a class mostly of non-combatants to face a maniac who shoots without hesitation was oddly retarded.
We never got to know how Junko found out about Izuru, how she got her dungeon, or how she was never caught in general
I'd list more there are plenty but I want to go to bed happy tonight

hope wins everytime


Mitarai wasted a golden opportunity with the Asahina brainwash.

Doujins when?

>Cred Forums
>not le reddit or tumblr

wtf I love hope now

Wait, people actually wanted Junko again?
Waifufags are cancer.

More satisfying? I don't know, it might be, but if it was it would still be unsatisfying.

Really, somebody please explain this to me.
What did he actually mean by this?

You can't keep getting away with it.



How'd you get such a crisp screenshot?

>He wanted a fucking beta shut in whose skill was making anime to rule the fucking world
This is the part of Tengan's plan I just can't get. Why the fuck Ryota? He's an invertebrate. Hell his plan would make more sense if he himself wanted to use the mindrape hope anime to rule the world.

Kibou can't be stopped now

Nice to see that somebody gets it.

Let's all be honest here, whatever ending they come for this series, It can't be worse than Kuma Miko

Are there any games that make you survive killings like in danganronpa?
I know town of salem does but I'm not sure about any others

He had dozens of likable characters already established from the two games and now all we have is 23 episodes of pure disappointment.

If Despair was just a pure 1:1 adaptation of DR:0 it'd be ten times better than what we currently have.

Future side could've been about literally anything but yet another fucking killing game no for no reason at all.


Holy shit, I love anime now.

>tfw we didn't get to see a little mystery science theater with all of the characters at the beginning of each episode
So much potential

Honestly I'd think she would make a (better) mastermind than Junko. If only she didn't kill herself. That being said... did she realize that meeting would hold a Killing Game event? The sleeping gas ball came from her direction, not Tengan which is weird. How did they carry all the bodies anyways. I'm sure Tengan was aware Chisa was despaired. I think all these missing clues will be filled in when the 16th participant gets revealed. He was probably Tengan's lackey who made sure the game proceeded smoothly.

Monokuma is Junko AI. The last scene of the anime will be Naegi meeting up with her alone in a dark room, one last conversation between Ultimate Hope // Ultimate Despair where she'll finally bow out and say he won before turning herself off forever

>implying there won't be Chisa mind rape/corruption/ntr doujins first
Juzo will be there, just tied watching everyone getting ntr and corrupted because fuck you

This. As stupid as the Kaleidoscope Hope Video is, I'm actually happy that our final bad guys are Tengan and Mitarai and not fucking Junko.

Hand over all your donuts or the hopeboy gets it.

I bet she can't even swim.

This is a world where one can digitalize their brain and turn themselves into AIs, Tengan had no need for a successor if he made himself into an AI like Junko did.

Umineko, kinda, but it's a sound novel

>Hell in the Danganronpa universe is being forced to watch Danganronpa 3

So what are people expecting to happen in Hope arc? Any predictions people wanna share?

On an unrelated note: Here you go lads. Got everyone in the screencap after the prune.

>Aoi's donuts pressed up against his back.
So this is luck.

Is he the Saitama of Danganronpa?


It was a programmed recording, Monaka hacked into it briefly but otherwise left it alone.

>The part of its thats dumb, was tengan not exempting mitarai from the game outright, not the actual part where he did all this for mitarai.
Probably thought the rest of the FF would find suspicious that the only guy exempt from the game was also the guy who made the HOPE anime.
Still stupid, but explainable.

He can turn all of them into hissex slaves. Chisa, Kyouko, Aoi, Seiko, Ruruka... Heck, maybe toss Gekkobot in there as well, and maybe Monaka by proxy. Those are just the FF cuties.

Naegi's back must be in heaven.

Always nice to see some intelligence here.

>He's an invertebrate.
Well, the whole point of the killing game was to get him to man up.


Izayoi was never given any character other than, muh Ruruka.

I think the idea is that this is specifically crafted to just be the mind-manipulating light and colour that he was previously only slipping into things. It's still dumb.

He's gonna do something, and you know it's gonna be good.

Between Junko and Chisa as spectators.

Which one are you Cred Forums?

Being the DR3 was supposed to be pure fanservice, I really think they should have played it safe and mad the grand finale Naegi/Hajime/Survivors From Previous Games vs Junko.

It may have been predictable but there's still plenty of room to throw twists in there while still making everyone mostly happy.

Except you cant, wait did you think ai junko was actually junko transferring her conscious and not just something monaca+izuru made?

I want to do jiu-jitsu with Aoi.

truly despair inducing

And it'll fail in the end because of Naegi's Kibou! Good job keikaku master Tengan. Leave the world to the easily manipulated maggot.


except Death itself.

SHSL luck gets you big brown tits on your back?
I am sorry, why did HPA bother with any other talents for Izuru?

Tengan isn't capable of doing that.

The ultimate programmer is dead. Junko copied Chihiro's technology to make hers.

I am the popcorn

Boat hope user here. Tried to make Mitarai's hand hover over No instead of Yes. Photoshop skills aren't the best but at least it's something. Hope it'll be useful to someone

Why wasnt he in the theater?

Where's Mukuro in the afterlife?

yes i understand that too, but i feel like there should of been some more safety measures set up to protect him

the funny thing is we had a out of universe scene of junko and chisa explaining things, then people miss the shit they point out and just complain that they wasted time on a recap when they could of explained things. Like niggas do you fucking read.

In a better place.

Did you even watch this show?
>not how Junko found out about Izuru.
Kiddnaped Trustee.
>how she got her dungeon.
She hadd mindhacks, she could do anything with that space under the school.
>not how she was never caught in general.
Blackmailed the only fag on to her, and again would just mindhack those who try and stop her.

Of course it will fail, it's not a very good plan. But I don't think Tengan had any options or hope left at this point.

I just want a webbum of Junko eating popcorn.

>Despair vs Hope
>Despair vs Future
>White Despair vs Black Hope
>Artificial Hope vs True Hope
Please save us V3

HPA had data on all their ultimate students, it's how they made Izuru.

Looking at the background. It was probably Junko, considering Monokuma's last line was "This is the conclusion to your and my(Naegi) story" and only Junko would say that.

Truth Hope vs. Lying Hope

I think we're supposed to forget that Monokuma was in this series at all.

Why is every single captcha the billboard one?

He's saying no hope can come from Kamukura Izuru because he's been stripped of everything that makes him human. In contrast Naegi Makoto is successful in spreading hope because he's the most human of all.

>are you seriously just mad cause chiaki got a brutal death?
Yes because that is all she was going to get.

Chiaki should have never been turned into a real person

Holy shit this, tengan's motives honestly kind of make sense, he was just trying to find a successor after he died that was so fucked up it would follow his ideals without question.

Like people bitched that junko had to rely on brainwashing instead of manipulation, meanwhile they reveal tengan as the mastermind, a guy who only got by through manipulation of multiple characters and people somehow miss it all. Dont get me wrong his motives are far fetched as fuck but they are a shit ton better than junko's.

>One Meme Man

>In a better place.
If she's not with Junko, she must be miserable. I am kind of happy to see Junko yukking it up in the afterlife though... Still having a good time.

It gives Izuru the motive he has in DR2-0

I honestly think the majority don't really pay attention to the show. They're either shitposting on Cred Forums or talking with their friends while it plays.

If you're anyone but Junko as a spectator, then you're watching it wrong.

So what would have happened to Tengan's plan if Mitarai was left alone near a monitor and got brainwashed into killing himself?

Why would he want a total bitch like Mitarai as a successor? Was there really nobody better?

But why? Was Miaya also in on the plan?

People seem to be bitching more at his poor choice of a successor.

He could have come up with the same motive on his own after seeing Juzo beat up normies or something..

He'd have no more use for this timeline.

He probably saw the fact that he made the brainwashing stuff in the first place as the main reason to pick him, that and him already being fucked up probably made him all the better a choice since he only needs a little nudge to go overboard.

>Chisa gave the videos to Tengan instead of broadcasting the despair brainwash to the world.
>Tengan made a killing game to convince Ryota instead of just taking his phone.
>Junko is somehow able to insert the despair brainwash editing techniques into a live broadcast.
>Junko built a secret dungeon under Hope's Peak without anyone noticing.
>Class 77 goes after Chisa by themselves.
>Chiaki is a mary sue that didn't do anything but die.
>Izayoi has no character.
>Ruruka has absolutely horrendous motivations.
>Class 77 are brainwashed and retroactively absolved of any moral responsibility for their actions as Despairs.
>Tengan includes Ryota in the game and gives him an NG code increasing his chances of dying and the whole killing game being for nothing.
>Twilight Syndrome has absolutely no relevance to Despair side's greater plot.
>Kirigiri arbitrarily decides not to enter the secret room and misses an opportunity to stop the game right there.
>Why did Tengan even make the secret room?

please suggest more

It would crumble. Mitarai was never supposed to be there. Tengan was shitting his pants throughout the game for fear of Mitarai's life.

>Tengan is better at manipulation than Junko
How BTFO are Junkofags right now?

Who the fuck watches people murder each other with their friends?

Tengen isn't in Despair user. So there's literally no reason for him not to take the phone.

How bad will the final showdown be?

Life is simply despair, don't you think? A single anime can make the world go extinct.

Asahina's pretty strong though. Them swimmer arms.

So what exactly is stopping Hajime from walking up there with SHSL Walking, punching Ryota with SHSL Punching, and stopping the broadcast with SHSL Anti-Broadcasting?


There was literally no reason for Tengan to bring Ryota when he was moving everyone. They better fucking explain it in HOPE.

I wish they were, you and i both know people are specifically saying
>Why didnt he just steal the phone
>why didnt he just do it himself
then completely miss the part where both him himself and junko outright point out that hes barking up deaths door. This whole thing was to get a successor.

Surely there was a better way to go about it than sacrificing massive amount of resources to build an underwater replica of the Future Foundation headquarters to host yet another killing game that he didn't even have complete control over the outcome of.

I'm sleep deprived. Time for crack theories.
There is a 16th player involved, and they've been going around saving everyone and replacing their bodies with fakes while no one noticed.
The sole exception is Chisa, as they were too late to help her due to her being the first death.
Who is the 16th player? Well, that's obvious. There's only one person it can be.

Couldn't Tengan have convinced Mitarai to rule the world AFTER brainwashing it? I mean it's Mitarai, a simple nudge and demonstration of the results would be more than enough.

>She hadd mindhacks, she could do anything with that space under the school.
I am talking about her little secret base. She moved Ryouta there before she had her own version, it makes no sense to say she mindhacked anyone. How did she come accross that? Even if you say the trustee again, how did she never get caught?
>Blackmailed the only fag on to her, and again would just mindhack those who try and stop her.
What about the guards from when she invaded the place to get Izuru?
Mukuro was too injured to erase their tracks afterwards. Hell, she did unbelievable ammounts of shit before having her own brainwashing video.
And again, there were mountains of evidence pointing to her, as Munakata said.
I do admit being wrong about the trustee, but these 2 were not explained at all.


Naegi and Hajime will materialize real Truth Bullets out of thin air and kill Mitarai with them.

This actually kind of redeems this episode honestly, maybe i was getting too caught up in the goofiness of it all, but this kind of makes sense not. Its retarded, but its danganronpa so whatever.

>steal phone
>brainwash himself a successor

>A Physical God and an unlucky Manlet who's still stronger physically and mentally than the clownish antagonist
It won't be very good but they'll try to pretend that it is.

But Chisa is the real mastermind. She gave him those USBs to manipulate his actions.

What are you on about? How does tengan having a successor change anything at all? The main goal tengan had was to hope wash the world and eliminate despair. what difference does him or ryota doing it make?

Why on earth does tengan need a successor if the worth is free of despair?

Does Cred Forums like boats?

Tengan still wins in the end because it brings forth a hope strong enough to beat the hope he was supposed to be succeeded by.

Something really stupid.



Of course. Having a "For the Lolz" villain is much better than having a villain with retarded reasons.

The last time I even thought "oh shit" was Nagito pulling a fucking gun on Junko

Nah i think this was pretty needed, people are kind of neglecting that the whole reason he imitated the death game in the first place was that these supposed pillars of hope that kept the origination and the world together could also fall to despair and slaughter each other. Had they just been murdered by a suicide bomber for example it really wouldnt of pushed mitarai over the edge. Tengan needed to show that ROD are super sadistic as well as how no one is safe from falling into despair, tengan revealing himself as one to mitarai was the final straw that only works after all this.

Because she didn't want to. That's a too predictable and boring result. Junko likes to be entertained. She only did it in DR3 because it was new to her. She would naturally be bored of it afterward.

Yeah but that hope won't be into mindraping the world into hope.

It was already too late. Since Ryota was seen by everyone him suddenly not being there would be way too suspicious. There was no choice but to bring Ryota along.

Put the gun down.

If the finale cut from Naegi/Hajizuru's final showdown with Ryouta to the afterlife and we can see all the characters who died in DR1-3 beating the shit out of Junko while Chisa gives hope speeches on the sidelines, then I would forgive everything about DR3. Please, Kodaka, don't let me down.

Except no that defeats the whole purpose, the brainwashing isnt perfect, tengan needed someone in their own senses to control the brainwashing so even if it fails on a few people they could still keep it together and come up with alternative.

I want hope that physically rapes the world into hope.

Don't give up hope, he wouldn't. The show may at least end with a net loss of nothing.
>Q. Tell us who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think about 'Autumn’.

>Naegi: “Um…. Kirigiri-san, I guess. She’s cool but also has a really warm and gentle side– I believe that’s very much like her. I-I don’t mean that in a weird way! Y-You know, coincidentally her birthday is in October… O-Of course I would remember when her birthday is. I mean, she’s a really important friend to me… Eh, “When is Hagakure-kun’s birthday?” U-Umm…. A-Ahaha! I might’ve forgotten… I think?”

Do you understand something? Want me to point something out to you, retard?
When you use the exact same phrasing like introducing your post "Holy shit this", use the same formatting style

Like this

Like this

When you write the naer excat smae way with numerous grammatical and spelling errors

It's pretty fucking obvious to every single person that you're the same person. Anonymity won't change a thing.

Fuck off.

Kodaka won't kill Asahina from a random bullet wound to the leg.


>too suspicious
So what? It doesn't change the rules of the game in any manner. If anything it just causes Ryota even more despair as the entire FF blames him for it when it isn't his fault and thus accelerates him going off the deep end of HOPE.

and YOU inturn missed the fact he was manipulated by best girl/real mastermind.

The only thing "wild" about this is realizing that all the zany predictions people had for twists wouldn't happen. Yes, the incredibly suspicious Naegi clone is the final boss. Yes, the incredibly suspicious old man is the mastermind.

eh, they aren't boring.

I suggest you put it down, Im on 5 layers of luck right now

Am I the only one that thinks AI Tengan would've made a better final boss than a manlet?


Mother, put the weapons down and fix your hands!

probably not. She won't be able to bail Naegi out of anything though

To be fair at the start the despair monitors brainwashing people also seemed like a zany prediction.

So does Chisa go down as the 2nd most significant mastermind after Junko?

Anyone would have made a better boss than him

Will he be right? Or wrong? Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


It should have been Chiakizuru.

Holy shit this.

Reminder that DR3 happened all because you liked stupid anime.

Dude, Donuts lived through much worse death flags.
We are getting more of her adorableness either after she is saved by someone or in the epilogue when the rest of the DR1 survivors visit her in the hospital.

>Nagito will at best get a cameo in the final episode
>his wild ride that was hyped by Monaca as only being wilder this time around will not happen
This is what ruined DR3.

Kodaka comes to you before DR3 releases. He knows his current story is shit.

Who do you make the mastermind instead and what twists do you include?

>>Surely there was a better way to go about it than sacrificing massive amount of resources to build an underwater replica of the Future Foundation headquarters to host yet another killing game that he didn't even have complete control over the outcome of.
Nah, that's just how much was needed to have Mitarai's balls drop.

>30% prediction accuracy

>Bad ending for Future
>Bad ending for Despair
>??? ending for Hope

>The final battle is Hope vs Twisted Hope
>The Final Boss is not Nagito Motherfucking Komeada

Why are Japs so shit at writing endings. The past couple of years it's been nothing but disappointing climax after climax.


Come the fuck on.

No, I'm actually super relieved they didn't do it, and the junkofag asshurt is so incredibly satisfying.

Kodaka and this guy collaborate together to bring the best possible Dangan Ronpa experience to the fans, how does it turn out?

Why didn't Ryota just make a Hope anime in the first place?

We always forget that she was training with Sakura after all.

See, I'm Junko in Despair side because that side was at least more enjoyable, bumps and bruises and all.

Then I'm Chisa when it's Future Side because it's retarded as all crap and just pure stupidity

Shes coming back, this anime was made solely as an excuse to bring the character back animated one last time but ultimately its not going to do something like off her and keep her gone.

Maybe ill eat shit next week, but considering shes the only one who got something like the bottle rolling, in addition to not showing the body even once after her death (well after asahina and naegi left the room), in addition to her being left out of the montage(ruruka was shown just not her death specifically, they show a shot of only her right before izayoi). Like i just dont buy it. This just screams the fake out they did in chapter 5 when she died last time.

No girl can resist the H

Was anyone else turned on by Naegi's moaning and pleading for Hina to let him go?

Nagito is Naegi's father.

Japs really like basing their stories around vague concepts they barely understand for "symbolism" and the stories suffer because of it.

everyone just needs to calm down

They always try to go too big.

>yfw Bravely Second's final battle involves forcing the player to delete their own save file

It's shit. They already had a fantastic antithesis for Naegi to overcome. Another HOPEster with LUCK going about things all wrong (WITH JUNKO's HAND) and yet they instead just make a new nega-Naegi with ANIMU MINDHACKU.

>bacon wasn't able to be this lewd with him

Bravely default rips off nier's 4th wall breaking ending?

It should've been Izuru 2.0. Chiaki or somebody else, it would be neat and explain a lot of weird things handily. I guess everything off I noticed (such as the missing locker in episode 2 or Munakata entering a closed room in episode 6) really did come down to simple animation errors.

But even now, I'm still bugged by this line. Monokuma specifically said twelve members and the survivor monitor said 13. I realize that it probably won't mean anything, but given the pacing so far I can't help but wonder if they'll suddenly pull somebody out at the last minute anyway. At least I won't have to worry about it after Thursday.

Nagito shoots first


Awkward stilted dialogue.
Chisa still killed the toddlers.
Munakata's dialogue is suddenly 20 times whinier and he ends up in a Darth Vader suit later on.


And yet he wants mitarai to use a hope video to BRAINWASH people into giving up on what makes people human, well done kohacka.

Alright so let's predict the dumbest fucking thing to happen next episode.
>Hajime arrives
>Ryota brainwashes him effortlessly.

Izuru 2.0 and tengan wanting to remove the undesirables from the FF would of been the best final conflict. Its partially my fault for setting it up so much in my head but its still a better outcome.

Not that dude but I leave out periods when I'm making a joke post or when asking a question that I want to be read deadpan, you might be mixing some people up out of paranoia.

Nagito is nothing but a fucking chump is good at drawing lots, getting his love Junko to live and winning russian roulette.

I dont know why some people here suck his dick thinking that he caused massacres. Did nobody play Another Episode? He was a bunch of kids' bitch.

He truly is worthless.


Hope side is the last episode of Despair arc or a new 12 episodes?

Well he was, Then Junko came along and used his own techniques for despair and then broke him. So he kinda stopped working on it for a while. But in the end he actually got back into it. He just didn't have the balls to go through with it til now.

Well Bravely always veers into funky meta shit at the end, so it's in line with how the games work

>Weedman rushing down and flying knees an armed man
Good ol' Weedman

That was a long time ago. Time changes people.

Please, stop being a goat and think.

Yes Nagito, self-deprecation is your gag, please get off of Cred Forums and go back to being a mastermind.


Why did this hack have to kill Kirigiri for no reason? Like she's been built up as a main character for all this time and nope just unceremoniously killed off by some masked faggot. Also did they REALLY need to make her body explode? Like yeah now I know she's not faking her death. I give this story a 0.

This bothers me too, especially cause the automated thing still doesnt make sense with tengan being knocked out by the gas too. Like there had to be someone assisting him with all this in addition to the NG codes.

But really its too late to pull this last minute. Like i cant see how they would reveal this at all nor how revealing a 16th participant would fit into tengan's goal.

That's one thing. A guy with the exact same posting and writing style replying to his own posts, not trying to add to them in an honest way, but dishonestly creating the appearance of discussion and agreement, is another.

He said that long before the world went to shit. After what happened he could have changed his mind or maybe he still believes that, but after fighting for so long he knows the world is fucked beyond saving and something needs to be done.

Kaede is Junko & Naegi's daughter.

They can do it via poor pacing and a shocking last-minute twist that will blow your mind and leave you wondering why they didn't do it sooner.

>no one died this episode
Wow, when did Kodaka lose his balls? The episode title even implied this was the "always darkest before the dawn" darkness and yet nothing bad really happened. Just Ryota doing some dumb shit the Ahoges will stop Thursday.

Rightfully so. No one wanted to believe mindhack anime. No one wanted to believe that Kodaka would sink to ZTD levels.

I just wanted an excuse to shill nier.

HAHAHA eat shit waifufags, kirigiri is fucking dead, how would they even bring her back from the dead from a fucking explosion.
>muh muh never saw the face of the body

Munakata walking in on this and going "what am I looking at" gave me a good chuckle.

It's okay I also just wanted an excuse to shill Bravely

Junko is the only good thing about this shitty ass anime.

Let's just take a quick moment and be thankful it didn't dissolve into time travel bullshit.

>complain that the DR1 characters are too safe and have too much plot armor
>complain when they have the balls to kill one of the major ones
What do you fags want?

DR3 was a dissappoint but don't kid yourselves into thinking shit like KiriJunko was a better idea.

It is super late, but to be fair, the mastermind reveal in DR2 happened in like the last 30 minutes of the game. Its not that far fetched to picture them doing this.

They were not 'zany predictions' in that sense. They were 'zany predictions' because people didn't want to believe that things were this simple.

I have no idea.
I really don't. Too ambitious might be what I am looking for, but the quality drop is normally way too great right at the finish line.


I agree.


Whose twitter is that from?

Munakata and Asahina will die next week

Someone didnt get the joke.

This isnt even remotely close to ZTD levels, honestly this isnt much worse than 2's ai reveal.

My brother!

>Junko's shit character made the anime worse
Fixed it for you user. No need to thank me!

Chisa for the sole purpose that I hate people who don't shut up in a movie theater.


>Hajime tearing shit up
>Chiaki Izuru 2.0 being the 16th who helped Tengan set the game up
>Kirigiri alive
>Literally everyone in the cast beating the shit out of Ryota
>Epilogue scene of the OTPs minus Muhkatana and his waifu/husbando

All in 22 minutes. It's going to be great guys. It's gonna be awesome.

"The best moments in the Despair Arc come from the ever-scene-stealing Junko Enoshima".

Literally this. DR3 would have been unwatchable without Junko.

No you don't get it.

Using despair to create hope IS despair.

The only way to defeat that kind of despair (Mitarai) is to have an even greater hope (Naegi) over come that despair. This is all part of Tengan's plan.

In other words we must use despair to create hope to create despair to create the hope that will overcome that despair, which will then itself become despair.


NaegixWeedman is going to be the canon ship after DR3.

My brothers.

For you.

So much this. The only entertaining thing for me was Junko. I'm not counting these threads and memes.

this anime really was a mistake

Enjoy your stupid 20 minutes of Naegi and Hinata slowly plodding their way to Ryouta with a "let's look to the future" ending.

But user, the final episode is Hope? How can I despair knowing that hope will always win in the end?

I wouldn't say the only good thing, just the best thing.

This, but the opposite of what you said.

I keep everything the same except Future 12. Tengan is a red herring and the real mastermind is Munakata. Munakata became obsessed with rooting out Despair because (from a chance encounter with Nagito) he believes that if even a single seed of Despair remains, Hope can never truly bloom because Despair will always grow and always be able to corrupt Hope. He has always held these beliefs subconsciously but his worst fears are realized when he learned that Chisa was secretly Despair and that Juzo was lying to him.

He knows that Junko is the mastermind but can't do anything about it, so he begins preparing.

He creates the secret base and enlists Ryota's help in exchange for protecting him and keeping his secret that Ryota's Despair anime ruined the world.

His goal by using the brainwashing monitors is basically a trial by fire - anyone who would break under the influence of seeing their sins could fall to despair, and would therefore be forced to kill themselves before that could happen. Anyone who could believe in hope strongly enough to not fall prey to their sins would be spared. (in this version Makoto would be able to resist the brainwashing) Munakata would be chasing Makoto as a ruse, his true goal was to get Makoto close to a monitor by the knockout time so he could test him to see if he was really the Ultimate Hope.

He reveals himself as the mastermind after he kills Ryota for creating the Despair video. He admits that Makoto is the Ultimate Hope because Makoto was able to resist the video. However he is doubtful of Aoi. He restrains Makoto and forces Aoi to watch the video. Aoi tries to kill herself and Makoto appeals to him by explaining that everyone has the potential to become hope or despair, and that his platitudes are what turn the tables. Munakata thinks about how he killed Juzo and Chisa, and decides that the only right thing to do is watch the video himself. He succumbs to it and kills himself.

The End of Hope's Peak Academy.

>People complain about Ryouta not making a hope video to counteract the despair video. PLOT HOLE

>People bitch about the hope video when he uses it. LOLSTUPID

Why do we even need hope or despair anyways

This would honestly redeem the ep here for me. I just wish it was a longer special than just normal length.

I dont know though, im less offended by tengan's motives after thinking about it. I still think its fucking stupid to risk everything with mitarai there when he could of exempted him somehow, but i do think finding someone to succeed him so they have someone "sane" ruling in the brainwashed world isnt necessarily a bad motive. It probably would of just been safer to say "lol despair" though.

Hinata and Naegi manage to talk down animeman.

However a nuke proceeds to hit the area where everyone is and kills everyone. The remaining leaders of world not willing to risk the safety of the world by letting people from the school who destroyed everything survive after one of them starts trying to MIND HACC the entire world. Everyone dies. Society evolves to foster everyone to be the same and not excel at anything, to the point where people have to hide what they're good at or passionate about. All sports become boring to watch except Divegrass and baseball, which remain unchanged

Both were supposed to be replaced by FUTURE, but according to Chisa the future is over, now there is only hope.

If there's one thing I'm pleased about regarding the show, it's that the Juzoboys got something that they can be somewhat happy with, even if Juzo himself didn't make it. I'll always hold his choice to keep Junko's involvement a secret against him, but I'm glad his fans were at least a bit less shafted than most other people who watched DR3.

What was his name again?

It's true though. Nagito has average to above average intelligence which makes him seem like a genius compared to his class here but he's fucking retarded with talent=hope=conquer anything vision. Other than that, he is a piece of shit.

>implying hope will win
That's what Kodaka wants you to think.

Good thing the hopelet is determined, if I had those sweet Donuts pressed against my back I am not sure I'd want to get up even at gunpoint.

Junko won Zetsubou-hen.

>tfw every time Junko themes came on

I agree with this. The best thing.



A shitty bleak ending with mildly uplifting music is not "hope winning in the end".

I want Chisa and Junko to rub their tits on my dick, but never let me cum, to fill me with despair

Kazutaka "Waifu Killa" Kodaka

>people complain about junko using brainwashing instead of manipulation
>tengan uses only manipulation to do everything in this series and succeeds.

>hahahaha shit how did we reach ZTD levels of bad

Hope won in the last two games. Why wouldn't it win this time? Also, if they fail to stop Mitarai, hope wins and if they do stop Mitarai hope wins. Despair isn't in the equation anymore

> I just wish it was a longer special than just normal length.

It's still a half-hour timeslot. They'll probably eschew most commercials and it'll hit at 27 minutesish with no OP/ED.

Fund it.

>hope will always win in the end?
>its this shitty mitarai brainwash hope
No thank you.

But Junko was one of the worst things about it.

George Lucas

Really? I thought she was one of the most annoying things about the anime.

can it be concluded that Kishi literally carried this project

>tfw best girl gets the best theme

Yeah i know it'll be slightly longer than 24 minutes likley, but i still dont think it'll make that big a difference when 40 minutes could wind up turning it into something more worthwhile.

>Junkofriends win despite the anime being shit

We come from the war wounded, but at least I'm not dead!

Can't wait for the OST, I fucking love her theme

Except then was defeated in DR1 and absolutely BTFO'd in DR2. I laugh at the despairfags who think that Junko was anything more than a stepping stone.


Damn this OST is just so fucking good. As expected that Junko's theme is the best soundtrack.

Don't give Junkofags (You)s

More like jointly drove it into the ground.

>They have 24 minutes to resolve all of the plot
This is going to be a shitshow of gargantuan proportions.

If by carried you mean ran into the ground, remmember kodaka didnt actually have much of a hand in writing most of this, just the basic plot outline. Kishi is the idiot responsible for the poor pacing.

It's the same quality as Junko's shitty brainwash despair. Fitting that low test hope would beat low test despair

He's very good at driving me into despair, but it remains to be seen if he can give me a hope-inducing ending like what happened in YuYuYu.

WTF happened to Lelouch?

>Naegi getting his boipussy filled with Weedman's weed
Put this shit on GoFundMe

what the fuck is even happening anymore


Boring. Check THIS out.

Too late user.

>Destroyed the world

Billions died and she felt the despair she always dreamed of. Why was she laughing in the after-life? Because she won.

There were people who actually believe junko set up DR2's entire killing game and pretended like izuru was just some thug in comparison.

I dont understand why people hyped her up so much, the whole point of her character was for her to be entirely illogical and not even that cunning, like the series she was a parody of the black and white morality.

>Ryota stop being a faggot
>Hajime just fucking punch him or something
>Boring Punch.
>No how could I lose.
>Blah blah blah true hope
>Hey Kyoko's alive(Maybe others too depending on how bullshit we want to get).
>Montage of everyone X years later
>Happy end.
I think we can fit it.

So who else noticed that Kirigiri was distinctly absent from the flashes of dead people in the hell theater?

>didnt actually have much of a hand in writing most of this
Yes he did. 200 pages of scenarios, on top of greenlighting absolutely everything in the show.

Why did tengan ste up Bandai with such a shitty code? Does he hate black people?


Agreed. I want to be locked in a room with her and just let her degrade me.

Nice Sharingan/Geass

Pretty much everybody.

>one of my friends actually tried to defend the Tengan bullshit
>his only defense was "Oh, it's not as bad as the ghost bullshit from UDG"

>>tengan uses only manipulation to do everything in this series and succeeds.
because he didn't need to.
Junko needed to persuade people in order to succumb to despair, but the hope video was there the whole time with Mitarai, all he needed to do was knee Mitatrai in the balls, steal the video and bam, world is safe.
But instead he chose to kill many people only to have Mitarai upload it instead


W H Y ?

And yet the world survived and Hope drove out the despair. Junko was merely a stepping stone for the greatest hope

except Junko

Tengan programmed the video to be sent to Mitarai after the game was over. Mitarai wasn't supposed to be part of the game, but still regardless of him being part or not, the result was always going to be the same. He was always going to use the Hope Video at the end.

Because he was in the room before the game started there was no way he could have kept him out of the game anymore, so he gave him a harmless NG Code to keep him safe. He doesn't use his talent, nobody gets any ideas about brainwashing or suspects him, the game goes on like normal.

Yes, he could had been killed and the whole plan would crumble, but at that point there was nothing he could have done. It was a gamble. He still tried to stay close to him and also fought against Juzo/Munakata, the two people who could have killed him to protect him.

His plan was silly, but it makes sense. He never expected anyone to come out alive of the game or at least he expected the game to go long enough to push Mitarai to take action and the message he made be the final push to convince him.

Maybe Bandai was one of the most disruptive members of the FF and absolutely had to die.

Junko makes any scene she's in, instantly better.

>yfw he actually does this

She was the anime.


The ghost is still the #1 most bullshit moment in Danganronpa.


Whats with all the junko funposters?

You dont seem to understand.
Being defeated means winning when you are despair.
And obviously, winning also means winning.

before we end this series of with an inevitably sour note, lets talk about things that were actually good about the anime

the ost was dope

Good just making sure I'm not mistaking what I saw since a cold's been killing me the last few days.

And nothing in the basic plot was really that bad, yes brainwashing really isnt that far fetched in this universe especially since 1 and 2 already had it in addition to AI's and virtual reality. The thing that always made DR work was kodaka's writing and dialogue that added silliness at every turn and basically never stopped being a comedy at all times. Now here we have a series where he writes the plots and characters yet leaves the jokes and dialogue to others and suddenly its alot more bland and dumb.

Gee its almost like kodaka not being fully involved was this shows downfall or something.

Please look forward to the conclusion of this story in V3!

What part of dying old man wanted a successor do you people not fucking understand? It's not like he blatantly said he was entrusting his hope to the younger generation or anything.

Yes but it could easily be written out of the story and change nothing. It's about the end, not the means.
With Tengan, his actions were pretty much the only cause for Side Future's killing game

Weedman has more shipping with males as opposed to females
There's only really WeedDonuts and WeedxKanon for his female shippings

Yeah, and they didn't actually show Chiaki's death, just the remnants reactions to it. Always assume that they're trying to fuck with you.

Komaru is VERY talented.

Their brains broke from the shitty anime, now they're in despair.

His luck protected him by making Mitarai pick a different target.

Because it's cute

So, now that the dust has settled, which ended up being more disappointing: DR3 or Umineko?

Daily reminder Junko destroyed the world with anime and memes.

I truly don't care how much or how little this makes sense anymore.

Did Masafumi Tadaka work on this? I can't fucking wait for v3's soundtrack.

>world survived
Most of the world is dead.
>Hope drove out the despair.
Not yet, not yet. It's like you haven't been watching future.
>Junko was merely a stepping stone
Junko's goal was to feel despair. She accomplished it. If she loses, she wins. If she wins, she wins. Ultimate despair indeed.

Pfft, as if that can make me HOPE.

Most regular posters are away or asleep. Can't fault them for it after such a terrible episode.

>no delegates edit

Beatrice would approve of this gamble.

yeah its been brought up to no end, some people try to devalue it saying ruruka's death wasnt show but she at least was still included in the montage with her own dedicated shot. Kirigiri is likley coming back but im not getting my hopes up too much for it cause theres still a chance shes staying dead.

That said given that this exists solely as fanservice, and frankly thats pretty evident with how its shown all the cameo's they could of all the characters they have just one last time i dont buy them offing kirigiri. This was probably done only to fuck with the fans and create suspense. Even ogata teased last week that kirigiri was alive though she also included chiaki with it so that might shoot that down.

Tengan was able to relax because even if his plan completely backfired, at the very least he knew that Bandai the Real True Ultimate Ultimate Despair would be eliminated.


We have always been here, its just that this is our time.

Are there any other games that have the same setting as danganronpa, like town of salem? what other games share those similarities?

>hope episode is set decades in the future
>world is over run by brain washed hope zombies
>Mitarai land is even worse than Junko land
>Togami's grandson is leading small mysterious organization that goes only by the name, "past foundation
>their main goal is development of time machine
>after finally completing said machine, Togami III must go back in time to save this world/franchise
>reset end

>Hair down Junko

This is now a Junko thread.

Its amazing that the show outright explains this TWICE in the episode and people still miss it

how you would fix Danganronpa 3?

She seemed pretty disappointed at the end of DR2.

Post grins.


Zero Escape I've never even watched/played DR, I'm just here for the ZTD memes.

I'm feeling that same empty hole in my guy feeling phantom pain gave me.

Cry harder faggot.


>there are Junkofriends IN THIS THREAD RIGHT NOW that were NOT Junkofriends prior to the airing of today's episode

Welcome friends, welcome

The best kind of thread

This edit has filled me with hope.
Thank you.

More Junko.

>yfw you will never watch movies and eat popcorn with junko and chisa

Basically only change tengan's motives to wanting to weed out the undesirables of FF and maybe have a izuru 2.0

I don't get the hysteria over the brainwashing, It really doesnt seem that dumb for this series and isnt even the first time its been brought up, its been established since DR0 which mind you predates DR2.



I still am in utter disbelief that Komaeda is nowhere to be seen.

This entire arc has him written all over it, the fans love him, and he'd be easy to put him in if they trimmed the shitty pacing and nixed most of the trio backstory in Mirai.

Time to set expectations low and hope for Junko to at least have a part in wrecking Mitarai's shit by helping Naegi out and the rest of the dead 78th classmates cheering him on. The manlet is going to be at the top of the world in the end unless he kicks it.

This whole thing being noncanon like VLR's ??? scene would be more satisfying

>he was entrusting his hope to the younger generation or anything
i know right? If i wanted to do that the FIRST thing i would do is get a whole bunch of people together and make them murder each other, what's that? Talking to them? Pffft why would they agree to just help bring the world back from disaster without personally seeing some of their freinds die?


>Future ending was so shit that people got mad
>Despairbros loves schadenfreude

1 + 1 = 2

>More junkobros

>they talk through the whole thing


Make it so that it never happened. Instead, release Kirigiri-sou and an extra short VN that acts like extended FTEs for the FF and the pre-despair SDR2 cast at various points in the timeline. Leave out all the things that are best left vague and untold, like the way Junko brought despair to the world, and focus on V3.

But people dislike despair side when all the important characters were all goofy, with ridiculous powers and joking through the most of it, besides Chiaki, pre-Izuru Hajime and some of class 77 members during the reserve course protests.

The best.

Junko did nothing wrong.

I think the problem was that they tried to cram a whole new cast of characters into a plot that was supposed to conclude the stories of two already existing casts.


That doesn't mean shit. They didn't show her death either way.

With all this Junkoposting I think we need a little more HOPE in this thread.
Post Hopeman

French Junkofag, autistic Junkofag, the Junkofag from the 1800 pictures, and everyone else; I'm going to miss all of the Junkofriends when this ends.

At least we had the chance to see her again

... Good question.
Make Despair actually be about class 77, revise the whole damn script so they aren't hiveminded lobotomites and make Future a game.
Maybe just a visual novel with a building mode, but definitely a game with a revised twist.
Maybe make Tengan want to run a purge on the FF ON TOP of the HOPE anime, anything that could explain doing all that that accomplishes more than "Ryouta was too much of a little bitch to actually do something by himself."
I'd prefer to have trials again although I didn't mind Future that much before we reached this point because the excuse Kodaka gave was bullshit.

its a coping mechanism for junkofags

>And if anyone tries to stop me, do not hold back. Stop them at all costs.
This isn't even an "accidental command" like Lelouch's; Ryouta was willing to have people killed.

>when americans write japanese in all kana

But Junko is my hope.



Because even if despair were to completely disappear from the world, that would just be another reason to despair.

So Tengan's plan was to make a killing game so that Animan would be inspired or forced or whatever to use his hope video even though he didn't plan on having Animan participate in the killing game nor plan to have the killing game broadcasted for Animan to see?

Yeah I really will miss these threads once they end in a few days. Especially all the Junkofriends.

I was pretty satisfied with Umineko actually. Well, not episode 8, that was crap, but 7 gave you enough to figure out everything yourself.

>nyuk nyuk nyuk

Preach it brother.

Gonna post 1080p 60FPS HOPEbutt.

You may save it, but be warned it's very dangerous and I only use it for last resorts.


>all these Junkofags thinking hope will lose to despair
Stepping stone slut can never kill hope.


Well it does mean shit, cause the narration over the montage was all the people who died and by extension showing her means she was included.

but even then look at it like this, they still showed her, alive or dead is irrelevant she still showed up in the montage, kirigiri didnt at all and they even ended the montage on the person who sacrificed himself to save her. This is an actual hint.

He was to be there later to witness the aftermath

Blind people in Danganronpa's world must be on a fuckin wild ride.

>nor plan to have the killing game broadcasted for Animan to see?
It probably was meant to be broadcasted. Just to him though. But that flew out the window when he showed up.

Good things are on the way!

We've had enough Hopeman posting for the day, Its Junko's time to shine now.

My handsome Hope

Same here. It's been an honor funposting with you guys.

How delusional are you going to get before you realize you got btfo? She's fucking dead. You projected your non-existent ship so hard that you have no one but yourself to blame for getting so worked up for something that would never happen.

He wanted to put an absolute end to the fighting because he realized all it did was create more despair. He put his faith in Mitarai's anime, after years of war he would rather see a false peace full of brainwashed hope zombies than more needless bloodshed. But to force Mitarai's hand he would need to think that Tengan, the man who believed in him even though he was a pussy little faggot, had fallen into despair so he set up this killing game.

Daily reminder

Holy shit we've found another plothole. Maybe the sounds would be enough due to the enhanced hearing when you lose sight?

Guys. I just really miss Monokuma. I don't care about DR3 anymore. I just want him back in V3, even if it makes no sense. Monokuma was the glue that held DR's retarded plots together and made them tolerable. Now he's barely played a role in DR3 at all and the story is garbage. Coincidence? I think not.

Post kumas.

Can no one stop this sexy blue-eyed blondie?

Whatever the Hope Arc bring, it simply wont have enough time to mend today.

it might work via audio too

The greatest despair that our queen can give us is the fact that we will never see her again.

From the thumbnail this looked like an old guy's face with glasses, a mustache, and a fez placed on Junko's body.

Who let the Junkofags out of their cave?

The FF tried to do things the right away for a long time and look were it took them. No progress in restoring the world at all.

Mitarai's hope video was the last and best chance he had in fixing the world. Only Mitarai and he knew such thing existed (or if Tengan didn't know a hope video already existed, he knew Mitarai had the skills to make one thanks to what Chisa told him). Tengan and Mitarai were close, so he himself had to do it before he dies of old age and all hope is lost.

It's not hard to understand. People sure like to complain.


Despair tried to be funny but wasn't.

Also people who don't watch TV for the next 30 minutes.


It's not the same without the original voice.

Is the only difference between DR2 Komaeda and Brainwashed Komaeda that he didn't want to be a despair pre-brainwash?

Whoever managed to survive the initial Tragedy must be on one, hot damn.
Then again, you'd think sound techniques alone would suffice for them.

Nothing Ryota said made it seem that way.

Watch, Naegi will blind himself next episode in order to not be susceptible.

Or people away from TVs or connected smartphones in the following 30 minutes.

Poor Helen Keller

I can't wait for Thursday when it'll finally be confirmed that Kirigiri is dead.

It was a pleasure funposting with you all.


>tfw you slept through the whole HOPE shenanigans
Waking up must be one hell of an adventure.

>You will never see Junko again after DR3.

Why live?

I think part of the idea was to introduce to the world the despair video in a way that didn't incriminate Ryouta outright while cleansing the FF of all the undesirable power struggle and introducing Ryouta as the only solution.
This way, Ryouta could sput into action without catching flak and be a hero under a now united FF.
Does this make sense? No, not really, but it is actually much better than the actual reason: Tengan just realized Animeman was too much of a cowardly fuck to step up and use his brainwash anime because he was afraid of people putting 2 and 2 together and linking him to Junko, so he made the game as a pep talk and lost his marbles when Ryouta showed up uninvited.

This guy!

So this is what despair feels like.


Because you won't see Junko again after DR3.

Hush, Junkofag. Feel free to funpost without being a faggot.

i guess? he wasn't supposed to be in the killing games, but it's just so hard to think that all of these great characters were killed for this, i don't know why but it just feels like their deaths were in vain.

She'll always be in our hearts!

Yeah what the fuck, only 30 minutes for the entire world?

How is this fanservice nobody even knew who Mitarai and Tengan were


Don't worry guys the three Hopes will defeat ryota in the end,just like in the OP, where he gets shot by 3 arrows.

loljk,It's just going to be more mindhacc

Because life can always bring more and better despair!


This is Danganronpa, literally everyone except Junko and maybe Mukuro's deaths have been in vain.

Gigga Nigga was best girl.

You know they could always just round up the people it didnt work on.

>tfw Munakata was right all along

You people kept crying and joking about him being an edgelord clown that would never get redeemed, and look what happened.

He knew it was Tengan the whole time, and you called him stupid and irrational.

Chiaki, Kyoko, Seiko are all 100% dead. They're never coming back.

Taste the despair!


People in bed too because of timezones or people not watching TV, because who watches TV these days?

AE Nagito was willing to cause despair because he thought hope would win anyway. It's why he tried to train Monaca to be the successor. Pre despair Nagito was disgusted at the idea of Mikan asking him for help in 2-3. He wouldn't help someone if they were fighting for despair. Now he no longer gives a shit.

>v3 cast are all people who were sleeping during the hope broadcast and hopebot is there to set them straight

Danganronpa in general isn't funny though, just silly.

We're always here.

You want the real answer why?

Komaeda is dead like Chisa and Junko.
You know that one promo card with "Dead or alive" on it with him in the center and Chisa and Junko in the revolver spools?
Junko confirmed that she and Chisa are dead. Therefore...

>Naegi in DR1
It's not like I want you to die
>Naegi in SDR
I will destroy you

What changed?

You're at HPA and this girl slaps your waifu's ass. What do you do?

You're right, you should just kill yourself now.

It's still a mess, but at least Juzo survived and Munakata held his hand while saying that even though he carried scars from Chisa, he wanted to face the future together with him.

My characters are praised as LGBT icons and my anime will now never be forgotten. Score.


New thread

>Clips are shown of all of the people who died during this killing game
>Kirigiri is not shown.


One was a virus while the other was flesh and pink blood.

>junkofags in full force

Even if Junko honestly has nothing to do with V3 whatsoever, I hope they consider casting her VA as Monokuma instead of the person voicing him in DR3. Her Monokuma voice is great and still pleasingly well to listen to.

So true user.

They won't be in vain if Mitarai succeeds and brings peace to the world. Their deaths were necessary for it to happen. Now if Mitarai's plan is stopped by Naegi, Hajime or whoever as it is very likely to happen, then yeah, they were in vain.

I actually kind of dig tengan as a villain, he was a cheeky old fuck who actually manipulated the shit out of people based off their insecurities. Finding a successor isnt the worst motivation its just putting that successor in such danger was fucking stupid. Like i understand it was probably too late to stop the game by the time mitarai showed up but still he could of done something more to guarantee he'd survive.

And even if you hate the guy as a villain, you cant tell me his last little bit of him saying "so i did it anyway" was not the funniest part of the show so far.

He saw the massive scale of chaos she'd caused, he believed the videos she showed in DR1 were bullshit and she was just a massive bitch.


>Junkofags activating their coping mechanism

Killed his waifus (Kirigiri, Mukuro)

Heh, I was a Junkofriend all along. I just wanted to see if any hope posters remained.

Beg for her to slap mine too

He can't stick his dick in an AI.

What the? No, he had no idea, he thought Tengan was a fangless wolf.
If anything, Munakata just sped the whole game along by trying to kill people left and right.
Also, Tengan being retarded doesn't make the edgelord right. If people had listened to Munakata's method, they'd all be dead without question, they'd just lose 2 people per round instead of possibly only one
Funny enough, Naegi was the one who was right all along, the game intended to kill everyone but Ryouta who was not taken into account when the game was made.

Be insulted by her technique and show her how to really slap my waifu's ass.

Couldnt just Mitarai brainwash girls and rape them? he could have done that with Junko and Mukuro, imagine yourself with those powers.

>after watching the debate

What happens when you watch the Hope and Despair Video at the same time?

>can't even come up with a funny retort
What a boring shitpost. If you're going to bother at all, you could at least try to be entertaining.

We're always here user. Most of us just like to observe and see the despair in your comments.

Mitarai could have just brainwashed both Naegi and Asahina and be done with it.

What happens if Hopeman watches the vid?

I want to walk around a park while holding hands with Mahiru, then I want some guy to slap her ass real hard so she can be embarrassed in front of me.

>but still he could of done something more to guarantee he'd survive
Meh, who is to say he didn't? Oddly enough, Mitarai was the only memeber who was never under real danger.
Worst that happened to him was Juzo.


Why DIDN'T he brainwash Naegi? All he has to do is stick a phone in his face for 3 seconds, takes zero effort.

All I want is for Aoi to make it out okay.

>being this retarded

Not to mention that he was completely helpless at the time.

She was good at first cause she got the ball in Despair rolling finally, but she doesn't work as a central character cause she can never fail. She's at her best when we barely see her.

Slap her ass with my dick.

She will, she eats deathflags for breakfast.
She is probably going to be saved either by Togami, Weedman and co. after Naegi tells them about her or by the 5 who woke up from class 77 to show that Naegi's gamble worked.

She will survive.
what should we put in for DONUTS pasta?

> I hope they consider casting her VA as Monokuma

No shit. The reason her seiyuu isn't around is because she developed dementia and went off her rocker. Kind of ironic, honestly, and possibly one of the reasons why her voice-acting for Monokuma was marvelous.

A damn shame the new seiyuu doesn't have the same dedication as Noriko Shitaya, who somehow managed to 99% nail Miyu Matsuki's voice. It wasn't as solid in her first appearance, but it massively improved episode to episode. By the end of the cour I couldn't distinguish them.

Monaca fucked off at the last second because she was bored. Everything she did wasted because she said fuck it

When he learns she died, so Episode 9?

>but still he could of done something more to guarantee he'd survive.
Like staying with him for as long as possible? making sure he was farther away from a TV from others, etc? Because it looked like he was keeping him within arms reach.

> Aoi survives all this shit over two fucking killing games while being proactive in both.
> Dies to a leg wound.

Watch it happen.

Losing a waifu can change a man. Losing two? That will break him.

this character had literally no purpose besides being the first to die bc of NG codes, there where so many better ways they could have done that though??

Naegi got lucky. Although Brainwashing Asahina was the better choice since she's much stronger.

in any killing game story, there has to be the fodder that dies first to establish the rules, thats just how it is

Looking back, Mitarai was never in the frontline of danger.
Doesn't explain everything he did, but it explains some.
His modus operandi still resembles much more the despair people.
>Make it all a winnable game
>Pit people and their issues against one another
>Make however many sacrifices were made to win the game virtually worthless
Him being a RoD would have fit better


Monokuma is one of Junko's personas, I don't see how they are going to make Monokuma be the same as always without making Junko appear too.

Well, good thing they have her/Mikan's daughter in that game.

Was anyone (I mean character in the show) in love with Junko (aside from the potentially non-canon novel)? Seems everyone had a pairing but her popular one is one-sided with Naegi

I'm certain Monokuma will have a different personality or be sidestepped in favour of those new bears.

Kugirie was too expensive I guess


Her smelly sister loves her.

After surviving a killing game against the mastermind of the whole despair shit being one of the main heroines Kirigiri just die in all this shitty deal lmao

Even Juzo had a deeper meaning in dying here and ended up freeing everyone.

I think I've found what's been missing. I miss that fucking bear, I know he's just an extension/persona of Junko, but still.

Under the seat, eating Junko out.

Goofy looking characters always die, Teru was also the first to go. Hifumi lived way too long, a mistake they fixed with Teru.

Most of the bullshit came from /vg/ or Cred Forums that came to Cred Forums due to the anime.

She died so that he could man up a bit and finally be man enough to fuck her. She didn't think the plan through.

Quick shot of Monaca's bedroom in AE. Not sure if she still idolizes Junko nearly as much after Hopeman was finished with her.


As if she'd let a ugly slob like Mukuro get near her vagina. She'd probably stink it up with her halitosis.

Monokuma doesn't really act all that similar to Junko though. Like, obviously he's being controlled by her but their personalities are distinct.

Honestly I'm kind of hoping the Hope broadcast goes through, and Hope Side is just 20 minutes of Usami Adventures.

Objection! there is still hope.

All her personalities are pretty distinct.

I get what you mean though.

Oh absolutely. She was the one who brought down the FF.

All I could think of when I saw this scene was all the fodder it would add to the Aoi beat Kirigiri in the Naegib Owl copypasta.

I can't wait for the Ultimate Slap Fight.

So is Izuru gonna do anything else relevant in the last episode?

God this show was so dumb. The games had ten times better writing

>chisa and junko were watching shit unfold while in purgatory
>chisa says to junko to fuck off and just watch where hope wins now

Nagito's the guy that's so into a hobby that you think you're into that it drives you away from it, even if that hobby is lmao despair

Of course. The games are typically 30ish hours long, the anime was 200 something minutes.

that's what danganronpa v3 is for

her hair sort of looks like juzos

There should be a Jester character in V3 who has to get himself voted guilty for a crime he didn't commit.

Trouble in Terrorist Town
Epic Mafia

Adding to this, a LOT of TTT ends up like the first killing game.