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Hibiki team performance was awesome holy shit.

i like idle

I want to fuck Lala.

Thank you, thank you.

CGI live when? ;_;



Rinne will come next to you.

Since the last thread died, I want invite the Toronto Cred Forumsnon who bought Lala in the last thread to the IRC or Discord again so we can talk about stuff!

Posting the only Toronto-related /ai/ picture I have.

I want to kiss Non on the lips!

All five Nons?





Such a butt.
Also wearing something I imagine a toddler wearing for beach, but whatever, it looks good on her.


>five nons
There will come a day when the whole cast will be Non.

I sometimes wish I wouldn't have stopped watching this, but no subtitles.
Though I should have sticked with it and continue without them, but it too late now.


>meanwhile in negropara

Who is this Kokoro ripoff?

I like that we're getting shorter OPs. The ones before last thread were getting too long.

Poor little girls from the wiki, they will think this is their progresive shit instead of japan making fun of negros.

Does Ran's failed idol friend ever show up again?

I want to adopt her as my little sister and marry her years later.

She died of cancer, user.


Just after Yuu

I'd marry her right now, then adopt her as my little sister.

I love Mion-sama so fucking much.
So fucking much.
And all of you as well!

Aikatsu 2018 plot summary:
>MC is a rich, spoiled but sweet girl who has it all, she is a great singer and dreams to be an idol. Her father owns the largest production company and her sister is the top idol; however, her mother died of an illness. She attends the most prestigious and expensive idol school. But her destiny was a cruel one. Her father dies in an accident one day and her evil aunt plots to take over her and her sister's inheritance. After an scandal, her sister is found dead on her room and police rule it as a suicide. MC knows that's wrong but nobody believes her. MC ends up on the street and she has to climb up to the top and become a top idol and discover the truth behind her sister's death but things get worse when she discovers she has the same illness as her mother and may die in a year.

This isn't my passionate idle activities.

The guide: pastebin.com/iDebHQu6

Also, she gets raped by her sister's boyfriend desperate to find a replacement.

Dream Festival is terrible. I though male Aikatsu would be fun to watch but I was mistaken. They also did the deliberate shitty framerate CG thing in the performance. I thought we were done with that.


I'm taking her.
You get Raichi instead.

And she later discovers she isn't dying but her aunt(her mom's sister) is her real mother and her father cheated on her mom.


I'm going to guess this is based on a korean drama?

She also falls in love with a boy, gets a rider belt with the boy's phone number.

Somebody should just fund Puripara Circus.

Write it.

Is she actually an Orphenoch?

I want to believe that triangle will become real girls




Believe in the bugs.

>They also did the deliberate shitty framerate CG thing in the performance. I thought we were done with that.
On a scale of 1 to Love Live, how bad?



Sunshine cg looks better than ours though.

I liked it. It wasn't amazing or anything, but it reminded me of old Aikatsu and that made me happy.

>Kanon and Junon are gone
I know beauty is fleeting, but this is over the top.

I hope you're joking. PP's CG looks way better than Sunshine's, and while Stars was pretty bad at the start, it surpassed it with Yuzu's first performance.

Stars really had improvements but Yuzu performance was a miracle, I doubt they will top it soon. Sunshine's CG problems are the models and animations, the artstyle and the CG help each other so it doesn't look so jarring when they shift, unlike μ’s first lives, that's their purpose, you can't compare the 3D segments of both since they weren't made to be used the same way.

Even in Sunshine I found the constant switching to be really jarring, and think they should have just chose 2D or 3D. I get what you mean about them being used for different purposes, but I still think no matter the purpose the Sunshine models and animations should have looked better than they did, especially coming for as lucrative a franchise as LL.

>PP's CG looks way better than Sunshine's
Objectively very wrong.
It's fine to love PP over LL, but when you try to compare the zero budget show's amateur CG with Sunrise's high tier CG, you lose all your credit.

Duel Masters VSRF has supercheap 2D but the CG monsters are easily the best in anime right now.

>zero budget show's amateur CG
Are you sure you're talking about Pripara?

>Sunrise's high tier CG
It fluctuates depending on the team working on the CG since they outsource

Not true, you only think so because they aren't humanoid, so they don't look strange.
Same with Etotama/Show by Rock's "amazing CG".

Wait, are you being serious? PP's CG is amazing. They've been honing that shit since pretty rhythm.

Um, yes. It's pretty cheap.
Does the job fine for the kind of show it is, but you can't compare it either with Aikatsu's or Love Live's.

While yes, logically the higher budget show should look better, that doesn't mean it's always the case, and it most certainly isn't here. Pretty much the only defense I ever hear for Sunshine's is "muh Sunrise CG."

PriPara's are more proportionate, expressive, and better animated than Sunshine's.

Etotama's CG really was good though. As was SBR's even though I hate the style.

SB69 does have great CG, because they intentionally only make chibi anthropomorphic animals with no mouths. That allows it to exist cleanly in its own world, and besides that it's really fluid and aesthetic.

They can hone it however they want, the 1,000 yen budget will show.
Maybe they put more love into making them, and it shows here and there, but otherwise still falls flat compared to the other shows' CG.
As expected of a full on kid's show, really, not their fault.

Yeah, that's my point. They are great CGs, as is Duel Masters', but it's a completely different thing to animate humans, and chibis/monsters that look fine with random movements.

Yeah, I fucking hate Sunrise for keeping everything safe. Stars performances look really wierd sometimes, I think Yuzu's live shines because it doesn't deviate much from the arcade CG, which looks good from all angles, but they somehow fuck up the shades and filters and you end up with Lily's performance which looks like an alien on several shots.

It has nothing to do with budget, Love Live CG was always bad until recently, Pretty Rhythm CG looks good even today and Pripara CG looks even better.

This user has to be trolling.

Rose is Fairilu's deuteragonist, right? She gets almost as much focus as Lip.

Why are you so convinced on hating PriPara's CG? It's probably the best CG in any current idol anime. S3/S4 Aikatsu was better, but now we have Stars, even with it's recent improvements it still isn't on PP's level.

>still falls flat compared to the other shows' CG

Please grow some eyes.
Just because kids don't notice it, and PriPara doesn't even think of, or cater to anyone else, you should.
Or are you already perfect little girls?

He's definitely trolling. I feel ashamed for falling for it at first.

The sad part is there really are people out there who will believe the Sunrise CG is the best no matter what because they've got money.

>Please grow some eyes.
Guys, who's going to tell him.

It's your love for PriPara, or expectations from LL that somehow blinds you.
Objectively speaking, they aren't even in the same league. That is the dry truth.

Of course they aren't even in the same league when PriPara looks so much better.

>S3/S4 Aikatsu was better
I will be eternally mad they perfected it (and probably would've perfected pefection) only to throw it out the window and start over again.

Ah, okay, it's "we, little ones need to show the world we are better than the big evil ones" kind of an argument, I guess no ration helps here.


Honestly I found Tsubasa's performance kinda disappointing coming off the heals of Yuzu's. It just didn't look nearly as good.

PP's cg is only fancier from a technical standpoint, but anyone with enough money and rendering power can put high res textures on high poly models, stick them under dynamic lighting, and clean up mocap data for movement.
There's nothing new or interesting there, and things get worse when you account for all the clipping in PP and the funky hair physics due to them placing so many bones and joints in them.
If you really take a step back and look at things, PP and Aikatsu CG haven't actually taken much of a step forward since AD 5 years ago, they just added lighting, mocap, higher res models, better textures, and a greater object count, and in Aikatsu's case specifically, learned how to use a camera and spam DOF, all things you can just tack on with more powerful rendering equipment.
PP CG is definitely more resource intensive than Sunshine, it just hasn't done anything interesting with it lately.
The reason why Sunshine CG works better is because they make an attempt to mesh it with the animation and static drawn backgrounds, there's an actual finite goal, and after years of shitting it up in vanilla LL, they created a method that that can be applied to reasonable efficacy.
People don't realize that Sunshine CG is a milestone in terms of integrating 2d and 3d, people also don't realize that it hasn't ever really been done successfully before.
They're doing interesting things, adding extra points of movements to the arms to facilitate bend on swinging movement, that fucking witchcraft that completely masks the head shape at angles (PP has a huge problem with this because of it's lighting) and eliminates uncanny face positioning, it's all cool stuff, they just need to fix the way they handle clothing.

I understood that reference.

Again, they serve different purposes, but just for giggles:

Snow Halation (2014)

You May Dream (2011)

Fairilu's idol scene was the best in 2016 because no CG.

Mixing CG and 2D never should have been a goal from the start, because it will look jarring no matter what creative stuff you try to do with it. Adding extra points of movement to the arms and what not doesn't matter when the models themselves don't look as good. Before they try to get crazy with that, they need to make the CG itself actually look good.

This sounds pretty convincing and I'm willing to believe you.
PP still looks better in the end though. All those lightning effects and cute animations do make for a better looking production after all.

Did you want to say something good with the absolutely stiff, derpy faced and hurtfully low FPS You May Dream or something?
The effects were good, but the human models horrid, and that's the tricky thing.

This is true. And it also wasn't a WUG-tier 2D idol performance.


Gotta love not-intended-to-be-lewd lewds in my little girl cartoons.

That's what they want you to think.


But these are not lewd.
And I think the last thing they intended is anything to look lewd. It probably so wasn't in their mind that a few shots actually turned out to be lewd.

They managed to fool you. You are a true little girl.

Lala's watermelon swimsuit is the lewdest thing.

I don't know maybe it's my dirty grown up mind inflicting my personal views on a kids show, but I'm pretty sure they were purposefully appealing to the Big Friend audience at some points.

Pripara knows its audience.

Pripara has bigfriend exclusive merchandise
They know

I'm pretty sure they weren't, since we never even saw a crotch area or such. It was a typical no-lewd swimsuit.

>Aikatsu CG
You do know that Samurai Pictures never used mocap, right?

Good job, bakanon.

They don't have to do really explicit fanservice to be lewd.

And that one time they did they got censored. Thanks Japanese moms.

I don't think PriPara is Big Friend catering, in fact, among all idol shows, it's probably the least.

They were never implicit either with the watermelon bathing suit, baka.

Showing crotch area in a swimsuit is not explicit, you know.

There's no reason for it not to be a goal, progress is incremental and it's more unbelievable to outright say we'll never get to a point where it will be feasible, if the market and industry demand it, we'll keep coming closer to it project by project.
People used to absolutely shit on cg in movies until the industry started embracing it in the 90s, now people go see movies and don't realize that a giant chunk of set pieces are now just CG add ins.
The models in Sunshine look fine, they just need to fix the clothing.
The only way for them to make the cg look better is for them to develop and use it, no one has money to just have an R&D team sit around working for years and not put out products in the meanwhile.
The entire reason they use the cg is because they can't maintain the high level of animation throughout an entire performance on the time constraints they have, you see the exact same issue in both im@s anime, you get a couple seconds of decent dancing animation then they cut away or stick a bunch of stills on screen.

That was specific to PP.
Aikatsu was never really great at dances anyways, just camerawork.
A lot of PP performances aren't mocapped either.

Can some kind anons seed the early 90s eps from smc? I remembered i can finally watch subbed again but 91 is gonna take another day to finish.

I want to lick Lala's cute foot.

I never said they should flat out not be using the CG, I agree that they need to keep using it in order to improve. I think it's find to use CG for performances in order to avoid what your example of the Im@s anime, or the disaster that was WUG, but switching between the two in LL is just jarring.

Also, I hope you're not trying to say that screenshot looks better than PP.

Mad Lala.


Sexy Lala

My upload speeds are shit (why it takes so long to upload in the first place) but I've got 91-100 seeding again now.

It does look better, at least from the neck up.
PP suffers in stills and at angles due to it's lighting and face geometry.
They opted to use dynamic lighting and shadows, which result in awkward shots like this being all over the place.


I see your point, but I still personally find PriPara's to be more pleasing to the eye.

We'll just have to agree to disagree at this point.

Thanks user.

I wish i were Sophie.


PP's shows are just really nice to look at.
The choreographies are super fun, the movement is very natural, the models are very expressive and cute as hell, there's also all the lightning effects, the audience screaming like crazy at the end, and the girls always look like they're having the time of their lives.

I wish i were Lala.

Lala is adorable.


One thing I really like is when the story means that the live is different from usual, and they actually change the stage to that effect.
Stuff like changing the size of the crowd, or in one case in chikapara, they added effects to a song so it sounded like they were playing in an empty hall with poor acoustics.
Even simple stuff like the crowd using different coloured glowsticks depending on who's performing.

For all the talk in the previous thread about inconsistencies, they do pay attention to detail in the oddest places.

>and they actually change the stage to that effect.
Well, Aikatsu does all of what you said too, in fact it has bigger changes during every single performance.

>A lot of PP performances aren't mocapped either.
PriPara has the same CG director as Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, and most performances were motion capped. I think it's been the case since Aurora Dream but I don't have immediate proof. They didn't change the way they work for PP.
I also used to have a tweet from october 2014 saying they just finished the latest motion capture session for a upcoming new performance in PP, but it got deleted.

Love Live first series director used to be part of the CG team of Pretty Rhythm and stopped when PriPara started.
Love Live Sunshine's director was also once episode director on an episode of Aurora Dream.

A lot of things learned or used in Pretty Rhythm series were used for Love Live 1st series CG, like the Aurora Dream feathers. And Love Live 1st series director and staff must have left guidelines for the Sunshine staff so even if Sunshine staff is different from first series it also benefited them.
So even assuming you're right about Sunshine's CG being better, one can argue Pretty Rhythm/PriPara CG team has the better expertise because Love Live people learned with them, and that PriPara just has worse CG because the show's staff is lazy and don't have a lot of budget since the show is so successful either way.

And remainder that Love Live at least the first season shared a lot of staff with Pretty Rhythm and PriPara, like same sound director, and they're all friends with each other, so if you're actually trolling to put fans against each other you should feel ashamed.

>since the show is so successful either way.
Being a success as an early morning little girls' cartton is pretty different than being a sucess as a late night series for older audience.
Not that it changes a lot of things.

Too bad PriPara decided to be nothing but sugary, tension-free fun show instead of Aurora Dream or Rainbow Live, which were actually good for more than just weekly sugar dose.
Guess they needed something enjoyable with shorter attention spam after all.

Mocap for Make It!: youtu.be/Zz6rn5_DAWw?t=330

Yeah but it's always the same crowd (and they're still wearing those stupid-looking dongles on their head to 'measure the excitement', even though they have barely showed the meter or mentioned it at all in stars) and the same sound.
They both do set designs well, Aikatsu is probably better on that front, but PP has the little details on occasion.

>Yeah but it's always the same crowd
I don't think that is true.
Was a long time since I last paid attention, but I know for a fact that in the past they used to make completely different crowds.

I honestly think it's a step up from all the unnecessary and almost retarded drama that plagued most of RL. I say most, because the rest was necessary and well made drama. Still, I don't think I'd have been able to stomach RL on a weekly basis.

Character drama is about the best thing you can get from any shows like this.
Remove them, and you get something that only appeals to little girls, and some creeps like us on occasions.
But still it will be a shallow show you don't even need to pay attention because nothing happens, and the characters are defined by their gimmicks alone like Aikatsu or PriPara.

Some of us aren't creeps.

the CG designer is so autistic, I guess that's what it takes to work for an anime company

Well, those are little girls, yeah.

Is that what they're for? I never watched OG Aikatsu. I thought it was so they can view the stage and all of its effects, even though they've been inconsistent about them.

Also they do change the CG crowd depending on the episode's audience.

>never seen Otome's Rise to Power
You're missing out.

The crowd is part real part 'virtual' viewers from the interwebs. The dongle measures the excitement and fills the performers little bar (which is almost hidden on stage during Stars) which was really important for like 5 episodes during OG-katsu. EG: you had to fill the bar too be able to do a constellation appeal... but no one ever failed to perform a constellation appeal, so who cares.
The excitement meter is also used to determine which side drew with the other side during contests.

I mean I don't think they even sell those things as toys, why bother still having them in the show?

There's a particular PP audience shot that's always recycled but I can't put my hand on it now. It's noticeable because of one of the girls has the same hairstyle as Chae Kyoung. It was even used during flashbacks once which makes it even lazier.
Well I say that but I just got a call and I'm surprised myself I didn't panic. I'm shy as hell but I find it much worse speaking on phone than face to face.

Aikatsu is one of the few TV anime where CG are really smooth.


>Character drama is about the best thing you can get from any shows like this.
What about idol performances.
RL had so much drama about unrelated shit, one after another, that were resolved right away and amounted to nothing anyways (Besides MUH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT which basically meant characters doing a 180 flip to their behavior and everyone else forgetting how much of a dick they used to be until the previous episode), that I basically stopped caring. Somebody always had to grab the idiot ball and cry over shit they didn't care about on the previous episode or just cause trouble just because. It almost feels like they were just doing it to fill up time 'till the finale because the show basically had no plot to advance. Like what were they even doing? Helping Rinne go back? Nope. Trying to beat June or something? Nope, nobody really cared about that. Bell did maybe. Was the plot about making Prism Stone survive till the end of the fiscal year?
I guess it's ok to have drama, but you know, it'd have been better if that drama was actually about ice skating.
Like, I'm quite sure it was getting it right at first. The first tournament, expecially Wakana vs Ann had that AD vibe, but after that it became a rollercoaster of fucking retard.

God DAMN I'm mad about this show.

PP is definitely a step up.
Hibiki not being able to say "friendship" makes for much better drama anyways. Fuwari with those signs, man. Fucking gold.

Pretty much the 1st time I hear any of these complaints with the show, I've also seen many people argue the drama is bad but not with these arguments either,I'm sorry to say the problem may lies with you.

IRis sucked ass

Wow, they kind of did.

They were much better at the musical and concerts, though I'm not sure how much lip-syncing or backing tracks, etc. they use.

I didn't know Shion's VA had such a high voice. I used to try to focus on finding her voice in the OPs of Pripara but I confuse it with Laala's VA. Also Laala's VA can have such a deep voice.
I'm so jealous of their vocal range.

Also why do I find's Sophie's VA so obnoxious.
Leaona's VA is A CUTE.
>mfw she's 145 cm
Can I pack her home with me?

Anyone else getting massive lag on sherming?


the lag is horrible

Yeah I'll just wait for raws. Not a good experience being able to hear everything but getting random frames through the post.

>Character drama is about the best thing you can get from any shows like this.

What about comedy?

Pripuz is back up with the Leona event. Also Casual Clothes SRs.
They also decided to put up a couple of news items to explain more of the game. There's more tutorials in the news section than in the freaking tutorials.

This time: What the powerups are and how gallery pieces work.
For powerups:
+5 = +5 seconds, duh
Music note = Boost to rhythm gauge
Lightning bolt = Ready one characters skills
3 Lightning Bolt = Ready all characters skills.

For gallery pieces:
Every time you clear it you get a random piece, not of remaining pieces, but of ALL pieces. Meaning you may get the same piece over and over again. So basically it's random chance. Obviously it's quicker to get pieces at the start when only one or two are already claimed, but to get the last one is 1/8 (centre piece doesn't count) chance every time you clear.


My favorite part of Pretty Rhythm were the tournaments, especially when they went batshit crazy shonen-like with the jumps. Stuff like the Prism Queen Cup in AD, Mia's Kirameki Future Star and everything in DMF from episode 38 on, June vs Rinne and the Prism Queen Cup in RL (specifically Bell's performance) are a lot of fun and I find myself going back to them over and over. I know it's shallow, but it's definitely easier to go back to than the character drama.

Anyone know what this is from? I want to know the other half's heights.

Same here

I'm glad that the whole tricolore thing is finally over. i can't wait for Nonsugar antics

Nice, so at least Nozomu is not a manlet.

Nozomu always looked like the tallest to me. And Asahi was drawn taller than Yozora (164 cm) so the boys are pretty average/tall for their age.

>Every time you clear it you get a random piece, not of remaining pieces, but of ALL pieces.
That was obvious enough from playing. Really wished they'd changed it, to be honest.

Wow, I barely broke 30K on the top-level Reona event. 5 characters, ffs. Only activated Making Drama once because there just weren't 6 pieces to get. I think I need a training arc to learn how to manipulate them better.

The girls are tall for their age as well.
In fact many are taller than the average adult woman.

They must have did that on purpose to inspire admiration from young girls.
"Wow she's tall like a non Japanese model!"

152 - Ako
154 - Yume, Rola
155 - Hime, Yuzu
??? - Lily
159 - Koharu
162 - Mahiru
164 - Tsubasa, Yozora
??? - Asahi
172 - Subaru
??? - Kanata
176 - Nozomu

Does anyone know what the PriParis Meganii is saying when he says ジョボン? My French is pretty decent for a non-French speaker, but I just can't tell what it's supposed to be, and Googling doesn't seem to help either.

Haven't seen the movie but I guess "Japon", which is "Japan" in French.

That'd be ジャポン (japon, not jobon).
It's at the 52s mark of episode 106 and at 2:14 into episode 104 (where the subtitles have it as ジュボン).

You should have said that earlier it's "jupon" which means skirt.

Strange that there's no girl that would be considered short in particular, even among adults.

I think older Aikatsu girls were shorter in average. For example Kii-chan was 150cm iirc, and Otome is shorter than her.

But it's not. ボ (bo), not ポ (po). I didn't realise the first vowel had been pronounced differently until I had checked the subtitle file for 104. I'm aware what jupon means, and if I weren't, it would be easy enough to look up. It also doesn't make sense in the context of the line.
>皆さん これを見てジョボン
I'm guessing it's a pun on something, but I can't figure out what the faux-French is meant to actually be.


Is Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku /ai/?

> I'm aware what jupon means, and if I weren't, it would be easy enough to look up.
Yeah I guess, sorry.
I'll actually DL the episode and see how it goes, will answer if I figure it out.

Don't think so.
Also flash and shorts.

>states it hasn't improved
>then lists off like ten ways in which it has objectively improved
>dismisses them without justification



My guesses are either "Japon" or "c'est bon"/good.

Wait, found this from the same user. Still can't tell what it is though.

Asahi is 167? cm tall and Kanata 173? cm tall.

>Nozomu is as tall as I am
Fuck. I shouldn't care about a fictional Japanese middle schooler's height but I can't help but feel bad anyway.


>What about idol performances
I hope you realize that there are less than 30 unique performances in more than 110 episodes of show and they recycle literally everything shamelessly, even to the point of recoloring old coords and giving them new names?


I hope we get an M4 performance in the second half of the season. It doesn't need to be 3D, it'd be fine with a few 2D stills and limited 2D animation like the Callings in AD. It'd simply be cool to see them doing Special Appeals.

ever wonder what would be tumblr's idea of what an idol anime should look like? well, wonder no more!

I'll show her how.

The one on the left is cute.

I'm not sure I can get behind that idle, even though it's a cat.

thicc though

I think they're intended to be the same character.

I swear the exact same discussion already happened once.
Oh I remember it was with pics that chubby Yurika cosplayer.
I said "that one actually looks cute" and someone pointed out it was the same Yurika cosplayer.

Hashimoto Nyaa is always Hashimoto Nyaa though.


This weeks Pripara ep was as predictable as you'd expect after last week.

However, this was a bit of a surprise.
Andou got promoted to manager!

Next ep, guerrilla warfare.

Triangle Star is a really fun song, I haven't enjoyed a song this much since early S1.

I hadn't realized their jackets had fucked up lapels until now.

They have them because it's vital to the world of Aikatsu, just as the judges were vital to Rainbow Live. And in episode 1 of Aikatsu the staff person says "this will allow you to see the audience's excitement", not the stage effects.


who even drinks hydrogen these days

Solid episode.

That makes 13 episodes: time for a new OP/ED next week? The fact that we've looped around the versions and had Lala+Junon again makes me doubt it. I hope we get back to iRis. They don't seem to have a new single announced, and neither of the other songs on Re:Call seem to be PriPara-related.

>Please fuck me!
>I'll give birth to our baby!
Nobody can keep up with this man of men.

I wish they did more with Sophie being the all-knowing character of the cast.

I want to make a male harem story with characters so deep and sophisticated they won't be color coded and all have black hair and yet still have charisma.

There are some real uggos in the pripara ED, feel sorry for them

How do I pshuu?

Meganii saving the day by calling best woman.

They're still in the Kami Idol arena place. The fact that Hibiki set up an escape rope means that on their way to perform, when they were at risk of being disqualified, she bothered to set that up in case Ajimi turned up.
Or it's just a gag, I dunno.

Kashikomarinasai to Mikumo-sama.

Interesting that Hibiki doesn't seem to simply dismiss her or patronise her. I mean, even with the head patting. You will never pat Chiri's head.

Kubota Miyu eaten by a shark
It's not nice to say that. It's what inside that counts.

Will we ever be friends with the other idol threads?

Kubota Miyu and her friend at Pixar Adventure in Laforêt Harajuku.
So she still hangs out with her commoner friend even despite being a popular idol.
She really seems like a nice person.
But it's the inside that counts and it could also be all an act. Can't know what others hide deep in their hearts.
It's not impossible.



if you don't post kokoro your favorite idol will die!!

I don't remember the Starkatsus having this much trouble sleeping at night aside from localized cases such as Hime having a nightmare about rainbow cancer; it feels like the Oldkatsus lied in bed awake every other episode for one reason or another.


It's a typical and cheap way to show the character is worrying/stressed/taking seriously the upcoming audition/acting jig/tournament/election/school transfer of Koharu





Why do you post these every thread? Keep your meme posting to one or two posts max.


It doesn't happen that often, you'll see that months pass between each time as you can tell by the episode number.

That just means we don't see all those off-screen nights where the girls also had trouble sleeping.

Seeding here as well now.

>while everyone else doesn't

get sloshed hard
or you can kill yourself, too, by inhaling too much carbon monoxide
or develop anemia




>sleeping with Yurika

>Yurika drags that coffin round every tour
What dedication


>not sleeping with Yurika-sama

That's Aikatsu


>Ichigo's trance state

She's probably welathy like most of the others, so she has someone help her carry it around.
Maybe even custodian-kun.


>Chilli got fixed to make her look less bitch
>Hibiki still the same asshole

What did you see that changed?

Have we ever seen Aikatsu characters paying for something or getting paid for their work? Utopian socialist idol-driven society?

It's like she lost her ojou-sama thing to be just another spoiled brat
Even her gag got cut at 50% efficiency.

That's a weird way of interpreting it. I didn't see it as Chili losing potency, it's just that most of the girls developed a resistance. You can't expect them to always listen to what she tells them, Lala excepted.

Hibiki is a nice girl, your loss if you can't see that.


Not my place to say as someone 30+episodes behind and always complaining PP plots is inconsistent and incoherent and lazy but please use spoilers about today's episode.


Which of the following should be in Stars second half?

>A performance by M4
>A performance by Rola together with Metal Dolls
>A performance by Koharu


Damn I miss OG Aikatsu's style.

Koharu performance.
Metal Dolls will probably get an appearance regardless, the covers were too well-designed to be throwaway for a single episode.

twin tails > hat > mole

>Hibiki will never give you headpats

The Metal Dolls also seem more unique and better designed that your average sidle.

I'm glad the Tricolore arc is over, and we're getting to NonSugar next episode. I fully expected them to just give us some filler and cram all the NonSugar stuff in at the start of the next Grand Pri.

isn't that the idol from Osomatsu-san in ugly tumblr art

>wanting headpats
Slutty little ainon.

user, If you continue bullying headpats you will pay.

>B-Project's last episode
What did I just watch

Is that the one with cute boy idles?

I want to fuck Akari's armpits.

D-Did he just say he wants to bear Mirei's child?

Yes, it is the best selling summer until LL Sunshine is released.
The last episode was disappointing and the performances were terrible, but A-1 never bothers to make an effort not even Utapri is decently animated despite being the biggest boy idol franchise.

Tsukiuta's anime was funded by Animate and its store is the only place selling the BDs, Oricon won't report how much it will sell and we will never know if it was successful or not.

Tsukiuta's last episode airs tomorrow but compare B-Project's last episode ending concert
with Tsukiuta's concerts

No, he thinks Jururu is Mirei's and his daughter, in his mind somehow that happen.

Now THIS is a Hibiki I can get behind.

Chili-sama got told, nice.

>in his mind somehow that happen.
Amamiya has more issues than I thought he had.

Or this one.

He's imagining it's happening, he's not delusional. Then he imagines having a baby boy named Rema, and making sure he's raised into a cute idol just like Mirei.


He is, watch again Mirei's episode when she babysit Jururu.

My favorite part is that he yells it out in public. Amamiya-kun truly is a man among men.

>new OP/ED next week?
I think so, I hope the Non Sugar girls are the ones that sing the next OP.

Amamiya is /ai/ indeed.

How is Tsukiuta? I've been interested in it since a user here mentioned it before.

I gave B-Project a try because I thought the main boy was cute, but only watched the first episode. I thought about getting back to it, but from what you say it sounds like it's for the best I don't.

Rose is Lip's friend.

Another victim for Lip.

At first I thought B-Project was going to be better because it had AD/DMF script writer and TM Revolution as the producer of the project. It wasn't a waste of time and I will probably try the rhythm game they are going to release but I found Tsukiuta more comfy and engaging.

It was funny watching both at the same time because they had similar episodes although the executions were different (guys doing a shinsengumi play with Okita as main character or being in a deserted island with a 'monster' creeping)


Doroshi looks pretty manly.

I like it

I need to watch the anime.

Why do you have a Lala nendo then?

Mina! let's all become kami idols like Lala-chan and Mirei-chan!

Bitch they ain't no kami idols yet, they're salami idols.


It was a great bargain.

They're not even Kami Idol, and Lala is still a Major class scrub.

Not that user but the reason I watched Pripara was because I liked her design.

I want ass to ass with a ainon.

Let's press our butts together.

Keyword being "yet".
Every little girl has the potential for kami idolhood (even you).

I miss ichigo ;_;

I don't. Not in Pripuz anyway. I could barely do the first levels.

I don't.

I miss ichigo ARMS

P-perfection is overrated anyway.


I miss Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)

>that mic flip

Ichigo a best.

let there be life!

Me, too. ;___;

>barely beaten by Seira

Me too dude, remove Akari gen.

Ichigo was done and over by then, it was time to move on to brighter prospects.


I think I might like Akari more than Ichigo.

I like how she wasn't inherently talented like Ichigo. She had to bust her butt to get even the simplest of things done.

But Akari is worst dork, at least Ichigo was cute dork

Whoa, now, let's calm down down.
That's going to far.
Extrañamos a ésta belleza.

Nu-uh, Ichigo is worst dork, and Akari is cute dork.

Help, I've been staring at this for the past three minutes!

I like Yume more than Akari and Ichigo, I get you user, I liked Akari and I never felt anything special for Ichigo.

Of course.

Akari a poop, Ichigo a Perfection™.
Perfectio Absoluta™
honoraire Femme Fantastique™
Bellitas Maximus™

Don't get me wrong, I think Ichigo is great, but Akari is maximum fluffy and is perfect wife material.

Old post, but I started LL before anything else here and I can't agree with that.

same here

It seen we're 3 then.

I liked Akari before she became a machine.

I like all three, and preferred Akari gen to Ichigo gen, but Ichigo is still my number one as far as the protagonists go.

An idle isn't a wife, it's something unreachable that shines down on you. Like the sun.

I want to wake up next to Akari.

This is a strawberry.


Great, cause that didn't happen.

>Like the sun.

Her only good moments in S3 were her interactions with Sena.

What happened to your love for Kii?


They aren't Kiifag(s).
And your waifu sucks.

Her whole relationship with Sena was pretty good.

I mostly only like Yume better than Akari or Ichigo (or Lala, for that matter) because she feels more bratty. Akari was comfy and Ichigo was taiyou, but they were both super-vanilla.

Okay, but that's unrelated. Just to speed this up let me say that Akari, too, took a while to find her own light as an idol just as Sumire and Hinaki did. Her one natural talent besides never giving up is her bright smile, and it's from that and her excessive care for her fans that made her great.

Do you think they'll get married?

Don't misunderstand! I love Kii, she is my wife. I was just commenting on how great Akari is.

I once was having similar thoughts about liking Akari more than Ichigo, but then the movie came out and I rewatched season 1, and I fell in love with Ichigo all over again. I don't think anyone could ever surpass her for me now. I still love Akari though.

Good. I was beginning to think you might be one of those seasonal waifufags.

Ichigo > Yume > Akari

If you disagree you're fans of different things from me but it's okay.

I'm loyal to only one girl! Kii is my wife and I love her very much! I want to cuddle her.



So, are you ready to convert to Yuzufagging once you start watching Stars?


Que bien puesto está ese acento

They have similar designs and are both genki, but Kii and Yuzu are pretty different. And Kii is better.


I want to not wake up next to Akari in a morgue.

dang this is cool. twitter.com/oozora_otenki

You want her to be looking over your dead body?

I was hoping that she would be dead too.


Episode 71 of Aikatsu is very sweet.

Well you can't always get what you want.

It's the ther way around.

Akari a shit

Which aikatsu has the sexiest mom?


Your can't marry memes.

Kii is not memes.

Nice memes Ako nyanko

Tell me about it.

>tfw wanna use this everyday now but too tedius and inconvient to type in shit everytime


Worst fillerkatsu idle

Yuu is a cute loser.

She won my heart.




Idols have butts.

Why do idols have butts?

Hinaki's is the best there, followed closely by Rin's.

I want to steal it from her.


For attracting mates.

She's basically, ok ok ok emoticon meme that likes computers and what ever upper drug she likes in her drink.

Kii is a walking meme.

should i watch the previous pretty rhythm shows or can i skip to pripara?

You can skip them, but don't.

Yuu is not a loser. She is very cute though.

You can skip straight to PP, but I wouldn't recommend it.

And yet none of them has attracted one.

Except Akari.


Not him, but why?

because PR is good and you should watch it either way

Because PR it's a fucking masterpiece that everyone should watch at least one time in their lives.

Pretty Rhythm's generally considered a better show. Although for that reason I would probably recommend starting with PriPara, because we've had a lot of people who went into PP expecting more PR and being completely disappointed.

That said, if you don't even know basic Japanese, I wouldn't really recommend getting into PP since the best part of the show is still completely unsubbed.


>because we've had a lot of people who went into PP expecting more PR and being completely disappointed.
I think it's fine now because people know they're gonna get into a Comedy show for little girls, at that time, we didn't really know what we were getting into without checking the staff list.


poteto on the idle chip

That's true. I still think it could be confusing for people new to the series though, but as long as they're properly warned it should be fine.

I want to adopt Nozomi. Her current parents evidently don't have enough time for her, and it seems fairly likely that her contract wish is for her parents to spend more time with her, or something to that effect.

I don't think she wants to be adopted by an ainon.

You don't know

Would you want to be adopted by an ainon?

Fuwari the womanlet.




Someday I wanna be as cool/ld as her.






I hope she doesn't turn out to be a boring character.

If i had photoshop skills would change that meat for KFC.



I only recognize Haruka, Honoka, Ichigo and Lala, how bad is that?

Who's the girl on the far left and the one next to Mirai?



>Not recognizing Cyan
Shame on you.

I wonder why they always left out the PR ones.

Is that a Kamen Rider?

She got assassinated, but HatTori Rebellion can't be stopped!
We will never see her to perform with Akari.
We will never see the performance of Thunderbolt.
But we will never abandon Yuu!

Thanks to whoever mentioned Full Moon wo Sagashite in the last thread. Amazingly warm and bittersweet story with some beautiful songs.

I just finished marathoning it. I couldn't find any decent torrents but luckily all eps are on YouTube (yes yes, I know but needs must).

These threads really can be a goldmine of shows that I never would have thought of watching.

Nice, I found the playlist, I'll watch it too once I have time.

Man, I would've helped you find a torrent somewhere. Even if I had to get it from a different site and reupload it somewhere public.

You can still do it for me if you want.

Is true that her seiyu is another wug?

I laughed harder than I should have.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. You should check out the Manga as well, it's a bit different from the anime.

>An smug, smart, intellectual girl who loves classic music hates idols and pop music. She dances ballet and has is the main singer in a chorus. However, she discovers the boy she has had a crush on her entire life is madly in love with idols. She decides to swallow her pride and become an idol to win his heart thinking that it will be easy for a traditionally trained dancer and singer like her. However...


>An smug, smart, intellectual girl
I don't know is this but I'm gonna pick it up when I find out what it is.


But she keeps being an ojousama or she goes dere when he's near?

>boy she has a crush on

Why there's 2 clovers but not sword?

The only idle-approved bladed weapon is the axe.

Pripara is still about idols and not about someone's dad's dark past as a rockstar and murderer or whatever.

Why is Bell literally perfect?

But she wasn't, that's why she's so great, perfect people are boring, Bell was so awesome because she was a flawed person and her flaws got in her way to fuck her up, but with all that she learned how to deal with them and got better, if she were perfect from the very beginning she would have been rather forgettable besides your usual Mary Sue shitpost. Go away Otoha, you have some Princes to fend off.

Bell is literal excrement.

If she's excrement then I wanna eat pop all my life.


Imperfection is perfection. The Orient understands this.

That's not very nice to say

In that case, then I totally agree.

Bell was perfect until the mindbreak. Then she became kind of pathetic because she was still trying to pretend she was the awesome alpha bitch she used to be but at the same time she was like "omigosh naru-san let's be friends!"

Me too dude.

I didn't know you could pretend that and become the Prism Queen.

post your rare Yurikas

This kind of scene would be perfect for end-of-episodes omake. I wish Stars had those instead of S4 Presents if we can never get Aikatsu Aphorisms back.

Does /ai/ have special plans for Halloween/ Dia de los sidles?

Isn't that a month away?

Why? If I post them they wouldn't be rare anymore isn't?

Sit in my room, watch anime, and browse Cred Forums. Just like every other holiday.

I'll probably watch a movie with friends, provided they're around then and not away for college.

watch idles, and shitposting like every other day

I'm gonna bake Halloween cookies and send them to my friends that live far away from me.

Stare at the ceiling for a few hours, and maybe cry for a bit.

Continue to write something I'm into.

H-Hang out with us i-instead, okay?

I want to fuck Koharu.

>Subaru-kun, have been okay lately?
>What do you mean?
>You've been acting weird y'know? Did something happen with Yume-chan?
>What does the Yudetako have anything to do with this?
>Subaru-kun sure gets touchy when the topic changes to Yume-chan
>You're too easy to read
>Hello, Subaru-kun
>What are you doing?
>Subaru-kun (,,>Which one of you is which Yudetako?
>go out with me...

I'm going to make an altar for Dia de los Muertos for Koharu.

Did they changed the drop rates for the rainbow gifts? I haven't gotten Leona from playing advance level since yesterday. Even when I'm one piece away from completing the fucking bromide.

Why are you bringing this here?

I liked the new episode of Stars. Nice to see Ako and Mahiru spending more time with Yume now. Hope it keeps up because it's getting a tad dull with just Laura and Koharu.

Also Koharu is a secret slut.

I like the rest of the M4 ganging up to tease Subaru.


Only chemistry comes to mind.

>yfw soccer moms get that scene axed



I bet they were writing up their complaints as soon as the preview ended.

I thought this artist was just throwing out a guess.

Not an issue, only big friends watch Stars anyway. They have their own TVs in their basements so mom can't watch.

What's the matter? Don't wanna aikatsu with Laura?

lewd koharu. muh dick.


Her official signature says Rola. Why is mezashite so stubborn about her name being laura?

That's the worst kept secret.

what's wrong with laura?

Laura? Rola? Are you talking about Lola?


It's Roller.

unholy hell, joyride
frickin' saved and stuff



/lah-oo-rah/ != /roh-lah/
utterly baka


English speakers don't pronounce Laura like that, I'm sure.

It's not my fault if they do it wrong, like many things.

Because ローラ is literally Laura everywhere. Like implied, do you really think the Japanese know how English names work?

I've never seen ローラ as Laura before, and as has been brought up before, if you google it you will get a model named Rola. Also, we can't just assume the writers were going for the name Laura when we have no idea what they were thinking, and when they have it romanized everywhere as Rola.

There's no need to be so triggered.


It's a text and voice chat program you can use on your phone or computer. Just open this link and make an account and you're good to go!

All /ai/-nons are welcome to join!

It's from ローラー Roller. So ローラ Rola isn't wrong.


Where did you pull that from?


As in, Rock and Roll(er), because Rola's thing is rock.

There was a magazine snippet with the director? discussing the new OP and how it was ロックンローラー iirc.

Where are you guys hiding whenever somebody calls Laala "Lala".

No one cares about Lala.

>Giving a shit about Lala besides her body
That is not how it works.

I want to fuck Lala.

Wouldn't be surprised. There's been occasional chatter about supposed stealth nerfs for some things in Pripuz, like some of the character skills/MDs being changed to lessen their effects.
But all rumours, no proof. The thing with Pripuz is that practically everything is RNG, so maybe you're just getting bad rolls.

I haven't actually played this event yet, I decided to finish up Gaarmageddon before it vanishes.

>Sit in my room, watch anime, and browse Cred Forums. Just like every other day.

I want to fuck a Lala kig.

If you look up her official signature, it's written as Rola in Roman chatacters.

Where are you guys hiding whenever somebody calls Sion "Shion".

Sion to Shion and Laala to Lala isn't as big of a deal as calling Rola Laura

I have never seen someone call Shion Sion.

Nice double standards.



Dropping a letter that doesn't change the sound isn't the same as renaming a character because you don't like the name she was given.




N-no homo.

>that doesn't change the sound
Actually, dropping an 'a' from Laala does change the sound, yet Rola and Laura are still ローラ.

Where is the restroom

40 days and I miss you.

In the white van.




You know, I can't find a names dictionary that even lists ローラ as "Rola".
I'm honestly not trying to start shit here.


Her cold ass on your face.

Because they made it up from Roller.

They didn't.


I think it's ok if they named her Rola and wrote it as ローラ because they can name their characters however the hell they want, but people wanting to call her Laura is definitely not as crazy and baseless as some anons try to make it seem.

>Chili is like 9 years old
>Hibiki is 18 at least

hibiki is too old for pripara

The thing is that it's obviously written as Rola in the show, but then the single sub group decided to act as if Laura was her official name. If it weren't for that, people probably wouldn't care and might treat Laura as cute nickname for her like Roller.

It's just some faggots circlejerking.

>they let womanlets into PP

Not too old for pripara but the fact she's already an adult and her only friends are a middle schooler and a doll make her kinda sad.

Shut up, cuck.
You'll take your fan localizations and like them.

Post more men riders

Please don't use buzzwords if you don't know what they mean.

To be fair, Fuwari doesn't attend a regular school.

To be fairer, there's Ajimi as well.

>make her kinda sad.
Did you miss the part where she wanted to become a doll herself while discarding her humanity? Hibiki's pretty fucked in a ton of senses.