Louie the Rune Soldier manga remake

I'm digging the new designs. Genie looks nice!

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anime sequel of this and Lodoss War anime sequel when?

She really loves kicking Louie's ass. Doesn't she?

Nice, I loved this show.

That would be lit!

>Design still look like it's a 90's series

Not that it's a bad thing.

Aila looks a lot younger. Wonder if this is some kind of prequel.

Best garus eating together. Dem abs again!

It's just muscular female superiority user.

This needs an scanlation. Right now.

Still cute though.

I remember watching the show for the muscle swordswoman. Sadly I didn't like it too much, but dat muscle swordswoman tho.

She was great. Now she got hotter with those six pack abs and a much more cute face.

All hail Genie!

Is that Merril? She looks like a boy.

Not as good as before.
Into the trash it goes.

That's the best part

What is the gender of the character wearing the blue jacket?


If I remember right, she's a thief.

>that Merrill

I'm glad to sea my childhood being reborn

What about the crossover where Louie comes to Lodoss?

She was always a goblin anyways.

Male but that's only when he's not genderbent through magic.

That loli is cute.

>that Merrill

I don't understand. Why would they do that?

I fucking hate Merril's new hair, she looks like a boy.

I like both Louie and Genie new designs. Melissa looks fine But not great. The rest not so much...

wait really? I quite liked the original.

Meyril looks like shit

As much as I love Lodoss...I don't think a sequel would live up to my expectations. Who would be best studio to handle it with care?

I prefer the original by far. I wouldn't call the new designs rape, but I really don't like the new faces.

The new artwork looks kind of generic.

>made her a dfc when she had tits
>not enough abs on best girl
If we're going back to the land of remakes shadow skill when?

>that Merrill
>no curves
>weird ribbon horn things
>that fucking hairstyle

I think Merrill's new design looks very good. She provides a nice contrast to other heroines who have prominent womanly figures. But then again I'm gay.

There were actually plans to make sequels when the OVA had been released, apparently according to the old usenet archives that got canned due to the management reshuffling at the book publishers (after the CEO got caught with drugs).

Ah I remember watching this when I was little. This is one of those anime where I thought they will show the nipple. I remember I had to sneak to my maid room to borrow this and watched it secretly when she's doing stuff or asleep.

Good times.

It's a shame Orson's party never got a an anime. Orson and Shiris showed up but not Cecil, Fohs, or Mahl.
Louie is based on Cecil but he's nowhere as insane.



>Genie looks nice!

Looks pretty meh.

But maybe we'll get new anime thanks to it.

Louie: Ok
Miranda: Ok
Genie; Passable I guess, don't like the face but still works
Merill: Only undead can know peace from this evil

What the heck? they ruined Merill.

Any more pictures of that brown girl? She looks ridiculously hot.

She is better now

>The rest
You can't say the rest when there is only one person left

The old artwork was generic

They improved her

These new designs look like ass.
Cred Forums will of course like it.


>not enough abs on best girl
Are you blind?

>not enough abs on best girl
If anything she's more muscular in the new design, user.

>not enough abs on best girl
As opposed to what? How she looked before?

Why does Meryl look like a gay Shota?

I like her new design better, honest.

Because she actually looks muscular now. Before she just looked toned.



They went full muscular Barbarian female which is a good thing so better.

She looks awful, the old one is clearly better.


>this girl looks like a trap
>gay shota
It's called loli you uncultured swine

She doesn't look one bit like a loli.

She's not a Loli, it's just a bad design, user.

If you're blind maybe
Thats just your shit taste

She doesn't even look like a trap. She just looks like a boy.

>Before she just looked toned

are they connected as both words, we can work out as an OVA

No joking, she looks like a boy.

Not really feeling the new designs, especially the noses. I guess new Genie looks ok.

That being said, the original manga design is still best design.



>As much as I love Lodoss...I don't think a sequel would live up to my expectations.

why do so few people not know Crystania.

I mean you're right about it not living up to Lodoss but still it's something to watch

Still not seeing that six pack the new one has

can we get more Ruin Explorers stuff?

Anyone care to uploaded ch.1-3 for download? Kinda hate those web reader, honestly.

I can already predict new Merril as some kind of perpetually angry about her chest tsundere and I don't like it

From what I can tell, the story is exactly the same. It's another adaptation of the novels. Just new art.

Aila a best. A BEST!

Meganekko being best girl is unicorn rare.

OVA 2-4 were kinda meh. Also that faggot prince didn't take Senpai because of reasons.


In the manga he gets a snake girlfriend

it's translated now.

It's the same world, Lodoss is just an island.
I haven't read the Rune Soldier novels, I'm still stuck in the early Lodoss ones so I don't know how much it's building on the previous events.
Lodoss itself has no real continuity since replay, novel, computer game, tabletop setting, manga and anime all play the events somewhat differently


Lodoss War, Rune Soldier and Legend of Crystania are all set in the same world just on different continents.

RS and Lodoss are fairly close together so you see a lot of common elements. Melissa is a preistess of Myrie which is a popular god in Lodoss as well.

Crystania is set some hundreds of years later after Ashram took the people of Marmo to find a new home and deals with that.

>Ryo Mizuno, The author of Louie and Lodoss War is now 53 years old.
>Louie LN ended for 3 years now.

Time sure flies, huh?