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Making Junko into even more of a Saturday morning cartoon villain

Military goggles has integrated tv.


inability to write izuru

Future Side Story

Despair anime had it's rough spots, but it was leagues better than that shitty Future Side Story.

I don't care.
Just let me know what happens to class 77.

The only reason why I kept watching Future shit.

Nothing. I came here for the shitposting and boy I got what I wanted.

Would have been better with dr0 instead of those shitty cameos, oh well atleast both the OP and ED were god tier.

>Chisa gave the videos to Tengan instead of broadcasting the despair brainwash to the world.
>Tengan made a killing game to convince Ryota instead of just taking his phone.
>Junko is somehow able to insert the despair brainwash editing techniques into a live broadcast.
>Junko built a secret dungeon under Hope's Peak without anyone noticing.
>Class 77 goes after Chisa by themselves.
>Chiaki is a mary sue that didn't do anything but die.
>Izayoi has no character.
>Ruruka has absolutely horrendous motivations.
>Class 77 are brainwashed and retroactively absolved of any moral responsibility for their actions as Despairs.
>Tengan includes Ryota in the game and gives him an NG code increasing his chances of dying and the whole killing game being for nothing.
>Twilight Syndrome has absolutely no relevance to Despair side's greater plot.
>Kirigiri arbitrarily decides not to enter the secret room and misses an opportunity to stop the game right there.
>Why did Tengan even make the secret room?
>Monaca literally says fuck it and leaves

The only reason Junko 'worked' as a character in the games was that you had no real idea how she did anything. There were suggestions for some stuff related to Class 77 and the Tragedy, but nothing concrete - and you thus could just assume she did it in whatever way made sense to you.

There was never any way to logically. Explain how she pulled it all off, and the Despair side was doomed from the start to ensing up fucking retarded accordingly. Trying to give development to the class so they could convincingly have a proper fall from grace, including so many new characters from Future, and showing what was up with Izuru also starved it of screentime - there just wasn't enough to balance it all properly in one cour.

Future was stuck trying to simultaneously account for everything in Despair, figuring out what to do with Monaca, and resolving the plot arc of DR 1/2 - so it ran into similar issues with screentime. The new cast was also fairly uninteresting overall besides a handful of characters.

It's not ended yet so I can't really say this for sure, but it also seems to be based on a ridiculously convuluted plan on the part of Tengan that is just really, really disappointing compared to the twists in 1/2.

Also both series straight up look pretty ugly. Like not even just in comparison to the games, the animation and art is just not appealing imo.

Nothing. The writing in the games were shit, and if you seriously expecting anything better out of a fucking you should just end yourself right now.

Because of twilight syndrome murder case, I thought that they were going to fall to despair one by one. Twilight syndrome had no purpose, everyone became despair because Chaika died. Also brainwash. At least we only have one episode left. All and all it's very dissapointing, theories and fanfics had better origin stories than this.

Everything from when Junko showed up

Too much HOPE

Why are we still here?

You know why you know nothing.

Kodaka wanted to move on but the fans couldnt.

Nothing, it was fine.
People are just mad because they spent their entire time coming up with retarded theories and posting it every week just to get btfo in the end.

Nothing about me.

The Hope's Peak Academy Was Always Sunny, Then Came Juzo

>Fucking hell, I didn't left Earth for this shit

Or my dual katanas.

Mitarai was garbage and every plot point surrounding him was terrible.

>dual wielding Munakata

his right eye looks like monokuma's now


That eye healed fast.


Future >>>>> Despair


>Original anime (Blu-ray) Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World



His right eye sort of looks like Monokuma's red eye thing.


End yourself

Why are people not talking about this

Can Edgelord become even more edgy in the last episode?

I feel like I wasted 3 months of my life feeling excited for this shit.

Original anime (Blu-ray) Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World


Did he just charge in a straight line into a firing squad?


Oh my God what the fuck is going on

>Original anime (Blu-ray) Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World

Does this reveal their names?

The backstory for the SDR2 characters had all mystery behind it scrubbed away by brainwashing. And while I do know they were brainwashed, I don't think anyone took that to mean "they watched a brainwashing livestream that instantly brainwashed them to be completely different people". Especially after AE said Junko twisted them to despair individually, one at a time.

Mitarai became one of the focal points of both Animes, and he was utter fucking garbage. He never did anything worthwhile and spent the entire time whining about how nothing was his fault. And yeah, I get it, he's supposed to be a whiny pussy. But in the end that's all he's ever been. He has literally no character traits outside of that and he barely has any motivations. He's an absolute shit antagonist.

Junko's shtick became absurdly annoying because no matter what happened she somehow seemed capable of doing no wrong. Unlike previous games where it was clear there were points when she was outwitted and outdone, in the anime she was like some fucking deity. It's really hard to enjoy her character when everything goes her way so easily. It damages your suspension of disbelief and makes her look like a spoiled brat. The only people who actually enjoyed her in this anime were the waifufags.

What the hell

Shouldn't it be 1.5?

>yfw it's a 30 minute long Nagito x Monaca sex scene

Surely it wont be Limited Edition only right?

So she really is the Inventor. I'm starting to warm up to these characters.

Why are they giving this fucking fruit his own anime? Nobody even likes him

yeah he gonna be the new nagito


The fuck this means? Where does this take place?

as mentioned in the last thread, there were a couple of interesting ideas and scenes but all in all it left a lot to desire. the whole brainwash anime-scheme was stretched to irritating degrees and the pacing on despair-arc was honestly really bad. could have been so much better

His name is literally kibou?

>has double ahoge
What did Kodaka mean by this?

>It's really hard to enjoy her character when everything goes her way so easily.

And it was hard for her to enjoy life because everything was going her way so easily. So she become Despair, Destroyer of Worlds

What the fuck is that pose meant to convey?

What was Cred Forums's reaction when his Monokuma eye was revealed?

So does 2.5 take place after Hope?

My dick would fucking implode. Monaca was so hot in the anime.

probably before 3? same thing like Kingdom hearts

AE never said that

Mitarai's phone.

But 3 starts right after 2

Hand over all your donuts or the hopeboy gets it.

It would be between 2 and 3 right?

It takes place after 2. So he is not a braindead tube ningen. That news pretty much confirms that he will show up in the next episode.

>It ain't gonna suck itself, Kaede

It always feels great to be a Hopefag

It's an OVA bundled in that's about Komaea and Junko


so lol LUCK?

> That mantle.
I like based racer even more now.

How do you feel about this

>Hope side ends with Mitarai winning and a small scene of Nagito waking up

>Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World

So Komaeda and Junko shit? I hope that's the case because that'd be pretty cool.

Does this have their names or just their talents?



Find out
>this thursday

so blond dude name is Tenkai?

I like Monokuma variations.

komaeda confirmed to survive and be turned into a cyborg

Shirokuma did literally nothing wrong

>case 5 or 6
>upupupu, my real name is actually ZETSUBOU

I'm done
I'm so done.

That's too good.

>Literally was Junko

actually neagi

>hope VS despair shit is contained into a single character
DRV3 confirmed GOAT.


>For the sake of Hope, we can't give in to the mastermind!
>Why thank you Kaede.

キーボ is it?
So Kiibo?

No one can't read the other three names?

Bullshit. The game is over and we know why and how it happend. There is no room for anyone else

That's incorrect.

Kurokuma brought to the kids, but they all hated him.
Shirokuma brought despair to the adults, but he was well loved.

Saying "hey we should definitely strike back and kill all our own children despite the monokumas outnumbering us" is w r o n g.

He'll be the first victim. It will be symbolic of the death of the hope/despair conflict.

Is this one of them meme magic cases again?

>mfw Hopebot gets offed in chapter 1 as a way to tell the players the hope vs despair theme is done with

it's weedman

Other than having 9999999 HP and forcing me to spend 10 minutes shooting his sorry ass, no he didn't

>Kurokuma brought hope to the kids*

there's literally an entire anime based on komaeda bundled with the limited edition of the game titled danganronpa 2.5, think again. he's coming back boys

Black Despair and White Hope

what the fuck is kibou

Just release V3 already

Your fault for not making him dance

It did, there was flavor text about it in the game it's been posted in these threads plenty of times before.

Japanese word for hope

Are you shitposting or did you miss the memo?

hope newfriend

the first famitsu mentioned that hopebot has something to do with naegi iirc that naegi is his hero something like that

Shirokuma only gathered adults with no children

literally hope

Calling it now - the plot twist is that it's a robot/clone based on Naegi and the plot twist is that it takes place in the far future

Why did he gather Weedmom then?

What is Pink Junko's name?

How quickly did you pick up Megumi Toyoguchis voice?

That really does make him look suspicious.

>hey we should definitely strike back and kill all our own children despite the monokumas outnumbering us
Pretty much all the surviving adults didn't have children and fighting back is still better than slowly starving underground

Guys please calm down キーボ ≠ 希望

Is he even a racer? That vial makes me think something else.

>Shirokuma only gathered adults with no children
Citation needed.

I'm not positive on readings because Dangan names have odd readings sometimes, but my best guesses:

Green Nagito: Tenkai Rantarou 天海蘭太郎
Bondage Junko: Irima Mito 入間未兎
Cap-kun: Ouma Kofuru 王馬小古
Bug-kun: Gokuhara Gonta 獄原ゴン太
Hopebot: Keybo キーボ

Are those their names? SOMEBODY TRANSLATE!

You're saying H.Ope isn't Hope?

The idea was that adults who don't have kids of their own would be more willing to attack the kids they were up against.

In my opinion:

Ultimate Cyborg
Ultimate Inventor
Ultimate Bug Catcher
Ultimate ??? (I thought Ultimate Potion Maker at first)

Well, I've lost all hope for future now.

Both animes were shit, Komaeda gets his own anime because lol hope and V3 doesn't seem that great.

Only thing I have to give them credit for is that they had balls to kill Kirigiri, but that's really about it.

Oh, I guess that's scarf-kun, not hat-kun. Whatever.

She went there on her own.

The game itself. The reasoning is that adults with no children would be more willing to kill the kids. It's a pretty big part of the climax of the game.

Their talents are
>Ultimate Arsonist
>Ultimate Graffiti Artist
>Ultimate Warden
>Ultimate Bug Catcher

Hopebot is called Hope but the other three have different ways to read their name and I'll need to consult a dictionary real quick.

>yfw Naegi loses his limbs and is put into a cryogenic state to preserve the last bit of hope

I'm gonna bet it's Nagito x Junko hentai

Do they state their Ultimate Talents?

Who is Weedman's mom?

>Literally Hopebot


They're on the scans yeah but it's way too small for me to make out.

I don't think that's an accurate english equivalent but okay.

Oh, nevermind, someone did the other names already.


So Kibou is a Warden looking after them or what?
And how did a Bug Catcher get thrown into jail.

The monokuma children were ordered to kill their parents first. Most of the surviving adults were those with kids that would be more easily manipulated into attacking children. All part of Monaca's plan.

>Graffiti artist

Which charcter to these talents have (do we know the main charcter's talent)

Wait, really? The Bug Catcher seems really out of place.

>Hopebot is Ultimate Warden


>To protect him from despair, his memories of his pre-limb-removal life are erased and his new HOPEbot personality sees Naegi as a mythical hero

I'd assume so, I can't make out much of the text even on the slightly higher res scans.

Bug Catcher probably poached rare species or something.

What about our main charcter and chair kun



Rare species poacing, maybe?

Even after death, I will live on inside the protagonist, Kaede. Fuck you bitch I'm taking the spot one way or another.

>Bug Catcher
>in prison
Catching bugs is illegal you guys.

Which one is which?

How did you manage to read their talents

Neither of their talents are legible from what I can see.

I'll need better scans.

Literally Gundam.

We also had Princess and Doujin maker in the past so it's not that far fetched

The killing game is over, not the anime

I am curious to see what MC's talent is

talent and name when

The last episode completely destroyed Future
Despair at least had a coherent narrative, Future literally made no sense

Taking cocks

>not titling the thread Danganronpa so people can find it
Retard. Also here's a thread with Famitsu scans for V3

So were those words on the box art not talents? I thought people were saying it had things like Robot, Doctor, Aikido, Inventor etc. Are the crimes and talents separate?

More important question is that a boy or a girl?

the fanbase, one of the worst Ive ever seen on this board

>Making a Cred Forums thread

This thumbnail keeps looking like Monaca deepthroating a Monokuma to me.

So we have an Ulimate Warden robot Naegi who's literally named Hope and people think he'll survive past the first chapter?

He has Ultimate Eyesight

Between 2.5 and Mirai I guess
We KH now guys

Literal cancer.

>complains about thread not being titled DR
>60 different posters still somehow found it
>makes splinter thread at ~180 replies
Fuck off, reported.

This is your final boss tonight.

2.5 pretty much confirms that Nagito woke up

They had to explain the most evil incident of all time was caused by a fucking video
Anime was a mistake

You can find this thread via catalog just find you fucking general retard

Tenkai will surpass Nagito.

Kaede is Ultimate Pianist from what I heard

Before that do tell me, if she's giving him a footjob there.

That means he's awake dumdum. Why do you think Hajime is out and about?

This dude is looking even better right now. I hope he does some baller shit.

Makes sense but what crime was she accused off? Hmmm

>they had balls to kill Kirigiri
Oh, user, it's cute that you still think this.

Well we know now who are first victim is.

I really want to protect a detective that's cool and cold most of the time but has a really warm and kind of gentle side that she hides from the world.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't call it the way they did, if the only scenes with Komaeda were him sleeping in his pod.
Why wasn't he in 3 then, though?
I guess that's going to explain it. I hope

ultimate rapist
finally someone who fits in the prison

He's the fucking cutest, please don't be a dick.


>his talent easily brainwashed the whole 77th
>his talent easily made plebs nuked "muh school full of talent"
>his talent told the plebs to kill themselves and they actually did
>his talent easily destroyed the whole world
>the whole Future Foundation was founded as a result of his talent
>his talent told them to kill themselves and they actually did
>the Ultimate Programmer, the Ultimate Neurologist, and the Ultimate Therapist, among other talented people created the New World Program just to fight against his talent
>they failed anyway and got 10 people killed in the process
>his talent made Munakata AHHHHHHHH
>his talent brainwashed Chisa and started the FF killing game hence resulted two main waifu's death
>his talent easily brainwashed SHSL Hope even Junko couldn't analyze nor defeat
>his talent so good he outlived the mastermind herself
>his talent easily reverse mindhaccs the whole world unlike the trash NWP
>his talent so convenient it progressed the entire plot of the franchise




I want to know what Green Hair Boy's Talent is

That doesn't mean much, they've found the mastermind and the motive but there's no guarantee that's all there was to it. They still haven't revealed whether Kirigiri is alive which is where the trickery with the numbers would matter anyway.

Now I know why protag has to be a female.

but kodaka isn't an anime man

where is the SHSL Game Developer


Ultimate Komaedafag.

You might have had a point if you didn't make a fucking Cred Forums thread instead.

And you'd have a point if Danganronpa 3 wasn't such unfettered dogshit

>and people thought Kaede wasn't getting raped

V3 can't come soon enough.

Mitarai. Everything wrong with DR3 can be traced back to him.

>thinking of writing DR fanfic with a new killing game and new characters
>everyone needs new talents
>think ultimate bug catcher and ultimate arsonist are too stupid
>confirmed in V3
So this is the power of MINDHACC

Should have never been anything more than a wacky PSP game.
The hope/despair thing was a metaphor, as expected they tried to explained and be serious about the story and it all came out as fucking stupid because that was never the fucking point.

But how brutal rape will it be?

>>think ultimate bug catcher and ultimate arsonist are too stupid

To be fair it has been stated that every single charcter has commited a crime of some kind which is why they are at a deliquents school

>Despair anime had it's rough spots, but it was leagues better than that shitty Future Side Story.

No, just rectons followed by rushed pacing

His talent isn't Ultimate Rapist you gullible fuck

Ultimate Arsonist makes sense

>tfw going to be dodging spoilers and leaving Cred Forums for a few years
>Realizing It's going to be inevitable and I won't be able to escape

Ah yes, the internet.

But isn't she the one that ends up trying to protect Naegi, specifically avoiding telling him his NG code to foil any attempt by him to protect her?

>raped by Tenkai in a prison school

It's ironic that Junko did that for the student council and everyone complained about it even though that's what they wanted instead of brainwashing.

Why did Junko slap Chisa?

>ant scans
fucking despair

Then again DR2 was a better game than the original
Fucking Kodaka
Bug catching is illegal now?
She has 2 giant mecha arms with a flamethrower, she looks like Junko, and her talent is that of a psycho, she's gonna give Nagito a run for his money

Do you think there's a rule against discussing bad anime on Cred Forums or are you just pretending to be retarded?

Bug Catcher: 獄原ゴン太
Inventor/Doctor Octopus: 入間末兎 (未兎 ?)
Cape-kun: 王馬小吉 (主馬?)
Robot: キーボ (KEE-BO)
Double Ahoge: 天海蘭郎

Interesting to note that the names are bolded and the kanji for them translates to (Jail, Rabbit, King/Chief, and Orchid)

I didn't complain.

Hell, it was the best part of Despair

No, dickhead. Everyone complained because it was done in 2 minutes to a bunch of literally whos. Like everything else in the anime it was rushed because of the 12 episode limitation and might've been good if we knew at least one of the fucking characters.

>Kaede is Ultimate Pianist
>Falsely accused of a horrific crime, sent to jail after quick trial but then wakes up and finds herself imprisoned in a reform school
>School gets put in lockdown, killing game starts, only the survivor will be allowed to go free
>Big twist is that she was put in cryosleep as part of a new government initiative to permanently deal with the most vile criminals without killing them
>She was woken up a hundred years later as part of a humanitarian effort when the initiative is deemed inhumane in the future, being the first woken due to her young age
>Nobody else in the school knew
>And the mastermind?
>An incredibly old and sociopathic man who, as a boy, attended her last performance before the trail. Everything that he's done since - arranging her awakening and the game included - has just been his attempt to once again hear her play a song filled with true despair as she did back then, as it was the only time in his life he ever truly felt anything.
>She plays him a song for her lost life and the friends she made that died in the game, and he sets the survivors free with his dying breath

Rate my headcanon out of ten

1st one had better story.

It's just a prank bro.

>everyone complained about it even though that's what they wanted instead of brainwashing.

Because it was done in 2 seconds all in off panel for most of the class members with literally ONLY 1 guy that said fuck her

Ah fuck, scarf's first name is Shoukichi 小吉.

>Hey man I lobotomised you but it was a prank

Fucking stupid/10

MIND HACC song? Man you're a fucking faggot

best friends do that all time when hanging out

So it's pretty on point with the series then?

It means "slightly good luck" by the way.

I'm so curious as to what double ahoge-kun could be. I hope that he and Kaeda aren't actually just the Sayaka and Leon of V3.


At this point the finale would have to be amazing to save this anime.

I doubt anything can still save it.

>tfw I missed the shitstorm

How mad did you guys get after watching the shitepisode?


The theatre room is the limbo of Danganronpa.

Anyone who dies filled with Despair stays there.

Umineko thing

>only slightly
Confirmed dead.

Might as well kill yourself then

It sounded like Junko was describing heself. I'll just wait to see how Funi translated that line.

>cryo sleep
Kodaka stealing VLR shit now? Might be true.


So it's not just a poor excuse to recap everything before the real final episode?

This guy looks like I fag I hope he rapes Kaede and dies pretty early on

Stole Rare Bugs which is Theft. I don't know what Kaede's crime is - if i were to guess she accidentally murdered someone via a piano

How did last episode destroyer Future? It was meh but it wasn't the finale, things progressed as they were foreshadowed, there was nothing "asspull" like about it

People would be complaining no matter the outcome because that's Just how people are here

Future as a whole was better than despair and it's horrible pacing

But murder by piano is normal by Loony Tunes' standard.

What was double Ahoge talent?

>mfw the Theatre was real and it was just Chisa saying goodbye to Junko who ruined her life.

She dropped a piano on someone and killed them Looney Tunes style

Better scan when?

>dies early on

Ahaha. This article basically confirmed Kibou is dying first. Tenkai will rape Kaede later on in the game.

It's illegible.

Kaede doesn't look like the type of charcter to commit a crime on purpose - i think it was an accident unlike the others besides Hope Bot

Tomorrow probably.

Ultimate Rapist

It's illegible.

I think I can see the word "ship" (船) but it could very well be a dozen other things with how fucking blurry the text is.

>This screenshot again

When will people stop misinterpreting it?

It doesn't says how she turned them into despair

>komaeda2.0 is SHSL rapist
I don't think my body nor dumblr's sensibilities are ready for this.

I think it will be Ultimate Chess Master

Was it intentional that we don't know his talent yet know the others?

Fuck off ESL

Apparently the others were readable to someone.

We'll find out anyway once we get better scans, which won't be too long, so there's no reason to hide it on purpose.


user seeing our MC getting raped would make up for DR3 being shit. That's how important this is.

No it doesn't says how she turned them into UD, it only says how she recruited and controlled them but it still lacks the explanation of how they became UD, aka despair loving freaks like Junko

Learn to read, retard

Others can read the other students' talents. But can't make out Tenkai's for whatever reason. I think the same goes for Kaede.

>it says how she recruited and controlled them but not how they became recruited and controlled xD

Stop shitposting

>rape any form of Japanese media
>not being """rape"""

Despair Arc should've been all about my main man Hajime beating bitch ass niggas.

Fuck off ESL

Nothing. It went just as planned.

Danganronpa in a nutshell:
1. Here's a bunch of characters.
2. Now watch most of them die.
3. Plot twist that don't matter.
4. Highly ambiguous, frankly ambivalent ending about how hope still lives on in the hearts of the survivors or something.
5. Repeat.

One of the problems was that Tengan wasn't in despair
First of all, in the first episode Monokuma actually interacted with people and Tengan sure as fuck wasn't controlling him
After that, if he really wanted to spread the hope video he just needed to tell Ryota to hand it over, Ryota is a fucking pushover he would have never said no
Who was overseeing everything after Tengan died? Do the bracelets somehow have an AI that regulates the NG code violations
If Tengan wanted to make Ryota release the video why put him in the game in the first place?
The hope video itself being a glorified kaleidoscope that doesn't bring hope but turns people into Ryota's slaves, which is completely different from what the despair video did, because that just made people worship despair, not obey Junko
Broadcasting the fucking hope video to space

Great arguments, secondary.

Recruiting and turning them into UD are not tge same thing

SDR2 proves the cast, sans Nagito, where mostly normal People mentality wise before they met Junko so obviously she would have to turn them into UD first before recruiting them

Fuck off ESL

It looks like komaeda 2.0's talent is SHSL ??? from what I can see on the preview!

so pretty much like in the cover

>If Tengan wanted to make Ryota release the video why put him in the game in the first place?

That was unintended, did you not see that part of the episode?

>Recruiting them is not the same as recruiting them

Stop shitposting

> Broadcasting the fucking hope video to space
Space NEET probably set up the way to watch TV in space, but channel was hacked by a broadcast so it isn't really that much of a problem.

I would have accepted this because it would've been something different instead of doing yet another killing game.


>If Tengan wanted to make Ryota release the video why put him in the game in the first place?
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Chisa sabotaged Tengan's plan, and invited Mitarai to the FF.

Tengan is essentially a puppet for Chisa, Chisa is the true mastermind of Side: Future, because she caused everything.

You just described life in general

From the preview Kaede is the SHSL Pianist.

Tenkai aka Komaeda 2.0 is SHSL ???. That's why his talent isn't seen because it's not on there. It's left ???

Is it getting hopeful in here or is it just me?

What would Komaeda have done if he were there?
Would he have stopped Project Hope or assisted Ryota willingly?

Danganronpa is actually the most slice of life anime franchise ever created.

Looks like Hopebot's talent is literally Robot. I can barely make it out.

Did you watched the subs? Ryota wasn't supposed to br in the game

And the bracelets are very clearly automatic given how they wake up the person who is next to a monitor

The "Hope" video isn't a video to make people love hope because despair can come from that too (look at Nagito), it's a video to destroy every bad emotion and intent and make everyone into dolls

Pay attention to the episode, Ryota had a code for the video in his phone amd he was reluctant to use it, Tengan needed something drastic to push him into action and considering how broken Tengan was in general because of what the FF became and because of the constant war, it's no wonder he chose to execute his plan like that

Anyway I still think there is more to it, a few things Tengan said don't match up to his current plan

>Hope arc ends with Mitarai winning, everyone dying and the world being turned into Hopeslaves
>DRV3 takes place in the future of this world
>At the end of the game the survivors embrace despair and form a group to combat Hope
For fucks sake Kodaka.


Kaede being the Pianist was obvious though I wonder what she got imprisoned for. I knew the blonde guy would be the SHSL ???. He was the only one I couldn't really pinpoint what his talent was in the boxart.


It's not fair I was feeling like I could handle the year long wait for a localized V3 with how shitty D3 was, but now I'm hyped again.

It looks more like guard to me. What part are you looking at in the scans?

>recruiting them is the same as turning them into UD


>video itself being a glorified kaleidoscope that doesn't bring hope but turns people into Ryota's slaves
I thought that was the point since Mitarai tried to create hope without understanding what it is and how it worked (since he never felt it). So the video basically creates mindless blissful drones who dont have proactive agenda


I guess I should be glad they're hiding Tenkai's talent, means he will probably be a central character like I was hoping.

>Turning them into UD is not the same as recruiting then


Kaede Akamatus has been confirmed to be the Ultimate Pianist!

So he shows up and you postpone it
Nobody was going anywhere, just send him away on some bullshit and then start the game
Tengan is a fucking idiot
If Chisa really manipulated Tengan into everything it fixes that though
Do you even get tv reception in space, or internet for that matter?
Ok, he showed up, throw him out, don't put a bracelet on him that stops him from doing what you want
You can automatize who's closer to a tv, but how do you automatize someone stepping on your shadow? or telling a lie?
I can understand what you're saying about the video though
Yeah I guess that can be it

Literally zero effort was put into the script. Everything that happened was predictable and lazy. Most new characters have barebones motivation. Junko who was always a schemer with complex masterplans now just accidentally stumbled upon a mind control anime and mind controlled everyone. The students of class 77th already had good implied reasons for turning into the ultimate despairs but nope they were just mind controlled.

Why is she pale?

yeah robot also on the cover

>Ultimate Penis
What did they mean by this?

Hmm, I think you might be right. I think I was just seeing ボット as ガード because it's what I expected.

>DR1 Kirigiri was the SHSL ??? and the heroine/assistant
>DR2 Hajime was the SHSL ??? and was the MC
>DRV3 Tenkai is the SHSL ???

Well it's only fair the rival asshole out of a trio gets to have their talent hidden.

If Tengan wanted Mitarai to use that video, then why was Mitarai given that NG code when the game started, even if he wasn't meant to be there?

>implying he won't die in chapter 1

Kodaka should stop sucking Uchikoshi's dick

So guards? That's all Mitarai has, generic guards?

How boring

I want him and hat-kun to be late game.


Pretty sure the magazine stats his Ultimate Talent

It's difficult to boil down the reasons to one word...
He has complex motives.

Oh jesus Hopebot is so fucked

Having in mind that they still didn't know about what Makoto did in SDR2 (what would have stopped Tengan's plans, or changed them, at the very least) Why the hell Tengan's Monokuma said that third time was the charm and acting like it had beef with Makoto?

Mitarai is bad at interacting with others, he'd probably use his mind hack to get out of complicated situations and that would arouse suspicion.

It's literally 超高校級の???
You can make out the question marks if you squint.

No it doesn't. It only goes by SHSL ???. They're intentionally leaving it hidden. That's why it looked so difficult to see before.

to throw people off and think it's junko again somehow

the characters revealed are the ones going clockwise around starting from 4:00 position, and kibou for some reason.

perhaps this means that we'll get brown, maid, cap, and manlet, and red next, and then the rest in a (presumed) 3rd reveal

I was watching Danganronpa with my 5 year old brother(Don't worry he's watched far edgier shit before), and even he asked "Why didn't the old man just take Ryouta's phone?"

If Tengan threw Ryota out after he revealed himself, he would be prime suspect and everyone would unite themselves against him

Chisa kind of manipulated the current situation, she is the one that caused the rift between Munakata and Tengan by stimulating Munakata's destroy despair with force behavior and giving Tengan the tools and informatiom he needed to Look for a way out that isn't through force

And yeah I guess you could say the bracelet AI is complex but it definitely has an AI, it acting like that definitely isn't the most unreasonable thing in the series

Fucking disgusting
Not only did Junko have an army of blue-faced nobodies, she also had Ultimates at her command

But that mention to be the third try doesn't add up, Tengan didn't know about NWP's killing game.

>If Chisa really manipulated Tengan into everything it fixes that though
It fixes a lot of shit.

Chisa probably knew she could never pull off a Killing Game without using Tengan. So she gave Tengan the tools needed for his plan, then hijacked it at the last minute. She invited Mitarai which threw Tengan off but by then it was too late to stop it. Chisa threw the gas grenades and gave everyone an NG Code, and moved everyone to the underwater room.

Then as the final nail on the coffin to make Munakata despair, she killed herself to start the Killing Game.

So yes Tengan is the mastermind, but he's not the true mastermind, it's actually Chisa who caused all this shit.


I see - hmmm

So Green Nagito is Mastermind or Traitor.

I think there's going to be another villain. S/he'll kill Mitarai and laugh at him about how he was a useless pawn to the end

All 16 are revealed in the article, these two spreads are just previews Famitsu posted.


Not him but I can see the ??? in his SHSL title.

Looks like he really is the SHSL ???. Meaning he's got plot armor.

lol do you think this will turn into some shonen final battle?

oh shit. fucking hype then. this releases on the 29th, yeah?


Student council



And also, Chisa attacked the FF building. So as to not give Tengan enough time to kick Mitarai out.

He does seem sketchy. Like a Dio 2.0. So I'd say he could be connected to what's going on in this killing game. Or not. Him being mastermind would be too obvious though.

>everyone is knocked out with gas
>everyone wakes up but Ryota is missing
And nobody would know who did it
Now this would actually be good, but it's just headcanon as of now, unless they show Chisa at least throwing the gas grenades it's just a theory
Isn't it already a battle shonen? Munakatana is dual wielding now

Maybe that's what they want us to think

Ohh, forgot that one. And Makoto not remembering or considering the first killing game would throw him off the trail.

mind control was always hinted and nobody would ever become mass terrorists without being either indocrinated for a long time or justice because Junko explored their insecurities

Can't wait to see all the other talents

>thinking they'd toss out fujobait first
>thinking he was Sayaka 2.0. just because he was missing in a trailer that wouldn't spoil things.

Though I'm not liking Kibou's chances now. He's basically Naegibot with the old story theme as his basis. He screams first kill.

People would still suspect him though

>battle shounen

Just because it has fights it doesn't means it is a battle shounen, last confrontation was never going to be a physical one

How's Tengan supposed to keep an eye on Mitarai, though? The whole thing was basically a one man show.

> schemer with complex master plans
Mostly just blackmail or threats of violence.

I doubt he'll survive but he'll stick around for awhile until we get his real talent revealed.

Now you know how shit DR was

What is Green Nagito's Name

>unless they show Chisa at least throwing the gas grenades

The gas grenades came from the direction of Bandai, Munakata and Chisa. A simple deduction leaves Chisa as the only person to throw the gas grenades. She was also the only person to not turn around when Mitarai came in.

She won't re-appear as the true final boss, but the finale will at least show her sabotaging Tengan's plan for the sake of Despair and Junko. Hopefully.

Nreen Gagito

Tenkai Rantarou

Tenkai rantarou

Why not a superior Class 74 OVA?

Read Thethread

BTW I probably missed it, but where is the real Gekkougahara? I mean she couldn't have been a, robot all the time since she created the new world program for SDR

Just lock Mitarai up in that room and give him the option to end it all only if he releases the hope video
Why him?
Everyone could have been responsible
I hope so, she was a really good idea and character, and even her fall to despair even had more effort put in





Right here, sleeping.

Everything was prerecorded. I doubt Tengan would have had time to set up a customized viewing room for Mitarai.

Also, the plan could backfire and make everybody single out Mitarai as the traitor. Convenient that he's the only one who's taken out of the game as a "hostage", right?

>she was a really good idea and character,
Oh yeah, she's the reason Side: Future is even happening. She managed to take down the FF using the founder as a puppet.

She's more than likely dead, but in the instance she isn't I wouldn't be mad, at the very least it'd be better than Mitarai and his dumb hope anime.

Actually, Mitarai is reminding me a lot of what Aoi tried to pull off back in DR1, and that failed too.

I want to fill Chisa with my despair.

If the notJunko is Ultimate Arsonist who is Ultimate Inventor then?

When do Famitsus normally come out? Later today or tomorrow?

She believes in hope now user.

tenkai fanart when

The despair she desires inside her is Munakata's
Or Junko's, who knows what that brainwashing does, but turns girls into lesbians.

What was even the point of Despair side? We learn almost nothing new, all is explained in future side. All i wanted is to see class 77 but all i've got is Izuru fiesta and some backstories to Future side.
Fuck this, i'm out

Do it. Pull the trigger hopeman.

Despair was partly a prequel and partly to fill in gaps in Future side, like the backstories of the 76th class and Munakata's trio.

What was even the point of view of Future side?
The only good thing that could've possible came out of it, Jabberwock, didn't happen.
You fags cry about the evil DR2fags, but you didn't listen.
All we needed was Jabberwock, instead we just get Hajime.
Thanks cunts.

The battle for Kaede's virginity begins.

It's mostly to serve as fodder for Side: Future. Anything important that gets mentioned in Side: Future gets explained in Side: Despair. Which is why everyone except Chisa and Chiaki got demoted to extra.


I just rewatched trailer and older scans and in all of them Kaede is on the right when talking to someone.

But...here she is in front while Cap-kun is in the talking slot.

Second MC confirmed?

Probably not.

I think it switches back and forth depending on whos talking but Kaede has sprites now.

Cpa-kun is probably gonna be pretty important in some way, yeah

its multiple MC's like chapter 4 of dr2

Why is she supposed to get raped anyways?

Despair was never about the 77th class.

It was primarily a vehicle to set up all of events leading into Future Side.

user this doesn't mean anything. It's possible Cap boy came up to her to talk to her causing the screen to look like that.

Good thing I'm not talking about despair.
Despair was shit too, but fags pretending Future was any more acceptable need to fuck off.

Everyone is disappointed and a smudge of faith has been restored with the general audience of DR because this is fucking awful

poor Chisa, her afterlife consist of being stuck with Junko for all eternity

The whole despair apocalypse thing was a metaphor. It wasn't meant to be taken literally. That was obvious in DR2 because DR2 had an opportunity to explore those events in detail but it didn't.

The world was full of unfairness, some people, mostly teenagers, were sick and tired of it, so they decided to show the world their anger and it resulted in a huge catastrophe. Junko was a symbol of despair that drove those people to do it.

This despair inducingly awful anime is just a stepping stone to hope.

Look on the bright side guys

No Junko mastermind

At least she can keep watching Munakata's beautiful hope.

I hated both honestly. The only good thing I enjoyed from Side: Despair was Chisa and Despair!Chisa. But both series suffered from too many red herrings and severe pacing problems. And this "twist" serves as nothing but anger from the fans due to how bullshit it really is.

It's a stepping stone for V3

For us to have a new canon we needed the ending to be DUDE MY HOPE ANIME WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh

Would have preferred that over what we got desu

But Munakata is kill.

No it isn't Monokuma talked to people in the first episode
And why would anyone know where Ryota is?
There is no reason for them to know where he is and what he's doing
Chisa is my favorite DR3 OC
Overall I'd say she's in 3rd place after Junko and Nagito

Kirigiri will be back next episode, right?

I want them to fuck eternally

It probably switches between whos talking first or whatever

Who cares anymore

That's why it's called hope side.

I don't want Hopebot to die

Maybe, if she doesn't don't get sad. It means she doesn't have to suffer in this piece of shit anime anymore.

Who controlled the heli that shot weedman?

Can anyone make out their talents? They seem to be in katakana, should be easy.

I see グニスト for Kaeda but can't be right.

> The whole despair apocalypse thing was a metaphor

Uh no? It very clearly wasn't

DR is not that deep

> so they decided to show the world their anger and it resulted in a huge catastrophe.

This is what happened, Despair became a meme

The brainwashing + suicide vídeos were used only to destroy HPA, from there despair became a meme and infected the world through the UD

>Junko was a symbol of despair that drove those people to do it.

Nobody knew Junko was behind it until the end If first game, not even the FF

His name is Kibou in a series not about Zetsoubou and Kibou

I imagine his ideals are going to get BTFO pretty hard for a few cases, and THEN he'll die

He'll be the first victim. But because he's in a suit his real identity will become relevant in the final case.

>even in hell Yasuke gets NTRd

>those smiles
They sure were thirsty for the Hopemanlet dick.

SHSL Pianist and SHSL ???

I hope not because she deserves better than this.

Death was her escape plan. She knew this was going to be a shitshow.

So what the fuck is cap boy if green hair is the ultimate ??? ?

Mc - Pianist
Not Junko Biker - Arsonist
Scarf kun - Graffiti
Not Nagito Surfer - ???? (Hidden like Hinata/Kiri)
Hopebot - (literally) Robot

Probably SHSL Security

Nah, she can left whenever she wants, she is just there to trick Junko.


Hopefully not. She deserves better than this shit. Thankfully she'll have her own game that has nothing to do with this cancerous story.

But the anime will be over

Kirigiri wouldnt be putting up with this shit

He's pretty much first kill at this point.

The world is filled with hope zombies. Now it's up to this ragtag group of criminals with golden hearts to save the world.

Only thing that's missing is why did these Monokumas capture them in the first place. In DR1 it was to create despair, in SDR2 it's so Junkos could become a reality. And now?

>Thankfully she'll have her own game that has nothing to do with this cancerous story.
But there won't be anything interesting between the death of Junko and this arc.
She has to come back.

S-she'll be in Hope side, right?

Huh, you do know her game is a prequel to the HPA arc, right?

No she doesn't. Let her rest in peace. I'm glad she gets her own game.

That was pretty much the best moment to pull a Kirigiri revival. But they used it on Juuzo.

Also it seems these three were running the Academy before hijack.

So yes, it seems high chance one of them will kick the bucket early as a showcase by Monokuma.

Of course, that's what hope is for!

She will come back though

It's painfully obvious

That's what makes it worth playing. Game is written by the author of the DRK novels.

>Also it seems these three were running the Academy before hijack.
What makes you say that?

>The city of dead hopebotfags

Doesm't matter for most of us since it will never be translated

I get the feeling Hopebot is going to be all YOU'RE A CRIMINAL AND A COWARD, KAEDE!

>yfw none of the are apart of the main trio
>main trio is likely kaede, tenkai and cap boy.


Not really. It's 50/50. Well 60/40 with 60 her being dead and 40 her being alive.

I'd rather she stay dead.

So the guy named HOPE was running the prison

...Goddamn it this really is set in "Mitarai wins lol" future

For you americancucks yeah. But for us japs no.

Is this from the famtisu or just your headcanon?

His headcanon

WHY THE FUCK IS MITARAI CLIMBING THE ROPE instead of the soldiers pulling him in to save time?




Names and talents.

He's going be voiced by Ogata with a Voice Modulator, isn't he?


真宮寺是清   超高校級の民俗学者
夜長アンジー  超高校級の美術部
東条斬美    超高校級のメイド
王馬小吉    超高校級の総統
白銀つむぎ   超高校級のコスプレイヤー
キーボ      超高校級のロボット
茶柱転子    超高校級の合気道家
赤松楓(主人公) 超高校級のピアニスト
百田解斗    超高校級の宇宙飛行士
春川魔姫    超高校級の保育士
最原終一    超高校級の探偵
星竜馬      超高校級のテニス選手
天海蘭太郎   超高校級の???
夢野秘密子   超高校級のマジシャン
獄原ゴン太   超高校級の昆虫博士
入間未兎    超高校級の発明家

How dare you question animeman?

How the fuck did a group of soldiers with automatic rifles miss a running faggot towards them in a narrow hallway?

They're high on mind hack

Star Wars in a nutshell

forgot to quote

He looks so happy!

Muh guilt

>Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World
Holy shit, feels good to be a Hopemanfag

>Mitarai finally do something
>its totally wrong




Looks like they're reusing SHSL Detective?

What do they mean?

Wait so notJunko IS the inventor then?



Why not? It's a new school with new students.

Don't the troopers actually just fire warning shots or is it just plot convenience?

Wait a minute

Hopebot is literally called "Hope" and his talent is "Robot"?

They're going to give us a twist and have ???? die in the first or second trial

How can robots have talents?

>SHSL Fuhrer
Also, SHSL Inventor sounds like one of those busted talents.

Pick your poison, it's the same to me.

No they won't. That's Kibou's spot

Shut the fuck up kaede

How can robots have hope?


Robots dont have brains

>Folklore scholar
>Can't read
>Space pilot
>Child something
>Tennis Player
>Insect catcher

Art club member
Nursery school teacher
Tennis player
Insect expert

I think

HPA is dead and forgotten.

Besides they're reusing the SHSL President title for Oba.

I think I'll just go with them being utterly useless, that's more funny.

Artificial intelligencewashing.

真宮寺是清   超高校級の民俗学者
夜長アンジー  超高校級の美術部
東条斬美    超高校級のメイド
王馬小吉    超高校級の総統
白銀つむぎ   超高校級のコスプレイヤー
キーボ      超高校級のロボット
茶柱転子    超高校級の合気道家
赤松楓(主人公) 超高校級のピアニスト
百田解斗    超高校級の宇宙飛行士
春川魔姫    超高校級の保育士
最原終一    超高校級の探偵
星竜馬      超高校級のテニス選手
天海蘭太郎   超高校級の???
夢野秘密子   超高校級のマジシャン
獄原ゴン太   超高校級の昆虫博士
入間未兎    超高校級の発明家


Hapkido you filthy animal

I'm sorry but Kibou is so fucked.

He's named Kibou in the game whose whole selling point is that "We're done with that Kibou shit"

>>Can't read

Can someone tell me if there is no hidden person. Who the fuck activates their poison shit when they do the forbidden action?

Is it automatic? How does that work?

Making the entire thing revolve around Ryota and his shitty anime.


Killing of the interesting characters way too fucking quickly.

There is no focus on anyone who isn't Hajimeme, Juzou and Chisa (All of whom basically carried the show), Nanami and Ryota. Literally all the other characters were basically non-existent.

I personally think that it could have been solved if they had made Side Despair 22-25 episodes long and made it a general prequel not just one too Side Future.

And if they stopped focusing on fucking Ryota and turned Junko into a cult of personality rather than use a shitty brainwashing anime. Seriously, there is a reason that people hated the Despair Book.

I want to cum inside Komaru


He's not named 'Kibou' exactly, though his name is obviously referencing it. The i is long so it's like Kiibo or Keebo

Totally not connected to previous games guys
>the president (?)
Very original
>SHSL Robot



Why are people surprised about this?

I'm more surprised that Not!Yukiko aka Mahime is SHSL Nursery(?)

So Neo Weedman is an astronaut?

Ryouta single handily ruins both arcs

I feel like Kodaka said WOW ANIMATOR IN ANIME #WOAH and gave up there

It's like that author bitch in Umineko, Featherine. Being meta isn't the same as writing well.

The artisto is 100% this girl based on the brushes she carries. Her first name is angie it seems. Probably a halfu.

So this game will also have a person whose talent is unknown at first. DR1 had Kyoko, DR2 had Hajime, now the same with DRv3. I wonder what kind of twist there will be with not-Komaeda's talent.

It just werks
It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fucking fact that this anime goes out of its way to make lackluster explanations for previous questions of "how did that work/happen?"

>Cap is detective

made for it

which ones hitler

Cause they are fucking robots. They are superior to humans from the moment they are made.


Did his jacket not give it away?


Someone tell me why broadcasting hope anime is a bad thing again?

True Miyadera Korekiyo ultra-high school class of folklorist
Long night Angie ultra-high-grade fine arts section
Tojo Kiyoshi ultra-high school class of maid
Oba Koyoshi ultra-high school class president
Silver Spinning ultra-high school class of cosplayers
Keyboards ultra-high school class of robot
Auspicious sign trochanter ultra-high school class of aikido house
Kaede Akamatsu (hero) ultra-high school class of pianist
Kenji kite ultra-high school class of astronaut
Chuncheon Mahime ultra-high school class of nursery
Of the most original final one ultra-high-grade detective
Ryoma Hoshi ultra-high-class tennis player
Amami RanTaro ultra-high school class? ? ?
Yumeno Himitsuko ultra-high school class of magician
GokuHara Gon thick ultra-high school class of insect Dr.
Iruma Not rabbit ultra-high school class of inventor

Too lazy to manually translate.
Have rosetta.

Wow, Cred Forums was right

Didn't you see most of them were shooting the ground in front of him?

>Of the most original final one ultra-high-grade detective

Who /tennisbro/ here?

>translating names
thanks shsl retard

>Not! Weedman is a fucking astronaut
Holy shit

Don't forget bugcatcher and artist. We got most of the cast.

great work

The manlet is a dictator?

So what is twintails?

I'm loving the fact that the midget plays tennis holy shit.

>lil nigga is a tennis player

Childcare worker.

> Chisa moved everyone
I'd like to see Chisa moving Juzo or Gozu
> to make Munakata despair, she killed herself
She said she could die for him so she did, but only to throw him into despair

we already know that

its Nursery School teacher, atleast from what we've learnt.

Art club
Supreme ruler
Ikido practitioner
Tennis player
Insect professor


What are their names though?

I'm alright with these. They're only reusing Detective. Which of them is the Cosplayer?

Literally Mikan daughter


blue hair glasses girl

Ok, thanks.

What's the gothic chick's name?

I hope twintails' trope is that she gets violent whenever angry and or immersed in extreme stress.

That would mean she might probably had beat up a kid or two in the past.

This is why waifus must stay dead

Move now

>His name gets localized as Keyboard.

I'll never doubt Cred Forums again

I want him to live all game yelling about hope and everyone just ignores him cause no one gives a shit about that crap anymore.


Her robo inspires much hope, I'm sure she does too

I highly doubt the hope video will be that effective in a post-apocalyptic society.
We saw several times how much the danganronpa world was devastated, It's likely that only a minority still has the means to watch the mindhack

So, we magic now? Guess I'll prepare myself for demon summoning, fireballs and reviving in Danganronpa.

>She learns revival magic in the finale
>Ultimate happy ending with everyone alive

This anime is retarded

They even threw in a line where Naegi says he can't kill himself because Kyoko would never forgive him. It would've been neat. But no, meme magic had to prevail.

fuck off braindead Junkofag

If Mitarai won there wouldn't be criminals in the first place. Everyone including spaceneet was getting brainwashed.