Can we have a Hellsing thread

Can we have a Hellsing thread

Don't think I've ever seen one and its one of my favorite manga/anime

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Seras is the worst girl ever.

Woah, let's slow down there buddy, the thread just started, it's too early for bad opinions

Lurk more, newfag.

Seras is a good example of what an actual strong female character should be: supportive, humble, strong willed, and perfectly flawed.

>retarded and obnoxious
FTFY. Not that it isn't realistic since she's a woman, but still.


Don't be an oldfag, oldfag.

>Don't think I've ever seen one
What a riot.

Literally Edge:the animated series. I haven't seen Tokyo ghoul yet, but from my understanding I would guess it takes a few pages from hellsing.

>Don't think I've ever seen one
You should lurk a WHOLE LOT MORE before posting.

Is mindless violence legitimate criticism against the series or just buzzwords so people could feel better about watching cute stuff?

Tokyo Ghoul wishes it was this fun.
>still using "edgy" buzzword
>hating on Evil Dead 2 levels of violent campiness and dumb fun

It's a crossboarding shitposter from Cred Forums. Don't give it attention.

Nah, especially edgy coupled with the dub dialogue, I haven't watched the subs. It is gratuitously violent. Remember elfin lied? No pupper killing, but like "lol I'm going to rape you kill you then fuck your dead body"

Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean it's bad, just you have to have a tolerance for that kind of stuff. Not a strong stomach as much as an anti cringe shield.

Anderson did literally nothing wrong.

Can someone convince me to pick Ultimate back up? I just couldn't take the hard juxtaposition between scenes like there would be harsh moments like a city being invaded where women are being raped and children killed in the streets and then 2 minutes later we would get gag faces like pic related and I dropped after episode 6 because the clashing tones were just too much for me.

She's just annoying

When scenes like this happen it makes me think the show is trying to tell me not to take it seriously, but five minutes later they try to make those same characters look emotional and badass in a serious way and there's just way too much difference between the two.

I really hate it when "being faithful to the source material" means keeping the out-of-place, tone whiplash-inducing forced comedic bits done in a jarringly different art style. FMA: Brotherhood had this problem, too.

The humours too japanese for you. Either get used to it by watching more japanese comedies, or miss out on really good shows cuz you don't like one aspect of it

It wouldn't be quite so bad if they at least kept the art style consistent.

> you just dont get it !

Get that bitch a cannon. Bitches love cannons.

but user we tend to have at least 2 a week on Hellsing and theyre usually some of the best threads because people go into detail about stuff with minimal shitposts.

She should have had the same fate as her whore mother.


Not my fault she makes me want to punch her stupid face and kill her.

"In a serious way"
A fucking five foot tall Ozzy Osbourne with a fucking canon for a gun is not "serious".

I want Integra to make m her bitchboy.

I liked the TV anime even though it ended without answering a lot of questions and wish they had continued with that line (also that fucking music which the OVA lacked). I really disliked the "hurr nazis are behind this" meme and stopped caring

no, I never read the manga

>5 feet

TV seras > OVA seras

Well, yeah, you don't get the comedy.

There's a difference between gratuitous violence done to be "deep" and it being done because it's unironically enjoyable. Elfen Lied was violent because it tried to convey a really poorly constructed message on good and evil as it relates to human nature. Hellsing was violent because it's fun to watch a chick with a big gun blast the shit out of Nazi vampires.

>OVA Villain >>> TV Villain

That's just the writer's humor style. Drifters does it too.

I like it.
Maybe you don't idk.

Also Drifters threads when?

Drifters will be the next Hellsing Ultimate.

I can't fucking wait.

Ultimate was a pretty fun show and had good action plus power level fights desu. The dark humor combined with chibi sections was actually pretty hilarious.

Never seen Hellsing though.

>you will never fuck Schrodinger

Shota Walter was more delicious. Also
>you will never fuck Lolicard

Hellsing was pretty dope, but I think too many, ahem, newcomers, get too easily into it because of the vasts amounts of gore, violence and blood.

I should rewatch this shit.

Would Lolicard evem be as scary as Alucard?

Ultimate is always fun to rewatch.

>not watching it for the historywank and axiswank

I'm sure Alucard will find a way to make it so.

I never said anything that could make you assume that

Seras tits are so big though

Yeah Hellsing threads aren't that common but they do pop up. Stating you've never seen one before shows how retarded you are though.

That's all well and good but what about this? sure he maybe deserved it, but every single line, and every single visual aspect of this scene, is edgy.

Yeah he would definitely be one of the only people that can make a loli scary.