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Gonna finish Petit Tan then try and move onto Imouto.


"I didn't forget anything!!"
52: A new life

"I guess it's time to say goodbye to this room"
"I feel a little sad..."

"Getting outta here"

"Heeey, it's about time..."

"Cons-tan, why do you look like that...?"

"From now on I'm gonna seriously pursue my modelling career so when I go outside I gotta disguise myself"

"Then the way you usually look would hide your identity more, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah, where did Hana go?"

"Take care, Puchi"
"We'll come over to visit once in a while"

"Satori-chan it's about time..."

"Take care of yourselves, senpai!!"

"Hey there, you're messing your makeup up"

"Your clothes are getting messed up too, so now you look indecent!!"


"Goodbye everyone"



"Ah. Thanks for introducing me to the apartment"
"It's a nice find"

"Right? Thank my grandpa"

"It's close to my university too"

"This is kinda moving"


"I'm going to the post office"
"I got something to do in the convenience store too. Over there"

"Bye then"
"Oh bye..."

"That was a lighter goodbye than I thought..."

"Well, it's not like we're not seeing each other in our lifetimes"

"Those two are definitely looking to their future. I should also look ahead and go forward"

So, in her apartment that will become her new life.

"Maan, you're so late Hikari"
"Your stuff's over there"

"Why're you guys in my room?"

"This is a shared house right?"
"That's the first time I heard of it though!?"

"Yeah, is that one of shock!?"

"By the way, pets are OK here!"

"Oh, is she mad?"


"You guys really are hopeless"

"But you're gonna do on your own what you can do on your own okay? Like laundry"

"I don't bring my laundry out often so let's do it together. I'm not wearing panties anyways"
"Wear them!!"


Extra comic

Roll roll

"The fur really falls when you're keeping a pet"

"Well, deal with it and do it"

"Because I'm bulging and I don't have that much hair"
"So what"

Hahaha done. And nobody's here. Time to see where I am in Imouto.

I'm always here user.

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If it makes you feel any better these threads are probably my favorite on Cred Forums. I just love his manga so much, especially SYD.

There's nothing til tomorrow unless he bails again. So yeah.


A relationship between two

"Please go out with me!!" [TN: Emphasis on 'go out']

"Let's just be friends" [TN: Emphasis on 'friends']

"A wonderful love has blossomed"
"Huh? Where?"

"She meant sex friend, right?"
"Before you were more like..... no wait, nothing's really changed"

Comic 1
A new expression

"It's so hot"
"I can't stop sweating"

"Oh Aki-chan"
"Keep that pose and just lift your eyesight up"


"Your face after you have achieved endless pleasure"
"If I snap now, I'm not gonna stop"

Comic 2
Energy Saving measures

"I wonder if this 'Cool Biz' thing really works" [TN: Japanese Ministry of Environment campaign to make sure people wear lighter clothes and set air conditioners to 28 deg C]
Who knows

"It's more relaxing when you don't have a bra, right?"
"It's like that without a necktie"
"I get it. You guys like bullying me"

Comic 1
Komiyama in summer break


"Komiyama-sensei, you seem tired"
"A snake came out in my dream"

"Oh, snakes coming out in a dream is a good thing"
"Is it?"

"But I had a dream where I got wrapped by a snake as if it was a tortoise shell tie"
"Take your time with the story"

Comic 2
Lazy Kitty

"Kintama hasn't been lively these days"
Chinchilla Golden + Tama = Kintama

"It's the first time I saw Kintama so quiet like this"
"I'm worried"

"And it's breeding season too"
"So it's Kintama's golden balls!!" [TN: Kintama is colloquial for 'testicles' but literally translates to 'Golden Balls']
"I haven't had any shame these days

Comic 1
Two daily routines

I usually do some daily early morning jogging
When it's summer vacation, I participate in radio exercises

"Bend your body to the side"

"Now front and back super hard"

"Twist your upper body to the side"
Bust expansion exercises
"This is the only part onee-chan usually gets wrong"

Comic 2
Joke on a hot day

"Onii-chan, what do you wanna eat tonight?"
"Something spicy for when it's hot!!"

[Box] Curry Roux

"I tried making a joke based on a dry taste"

I wonder if this means that we'll get less dorm mother and imouto?


Christmas Eve

Tonight is the Christmas party

"There's no sign of snow huh"
"I guess we aren't having a white Christmas"

"Speaking of which, where's Shouko-chan?"
Well of course
"She's spending it with her boyfriend"

"How nice, Shouko-chan, right now you're having a White christmas in certain sense"
"Oh my bad"

Woo thanks user

Comic 1

"Speaking of which, today is Manaka's birthday isn't it"

"Oh is that so. How romantic, I envy you"
Do you really?

"Adding a year on a special day certainly is a moving thing. And yet-----"

"Why aren't my boobs growing? Sob"

Dumping what I have.














Comic 1
King's game

"I'm the king!!"

"Don't suddenly start off with a hard one....."
"I got it"

"First is something light. #3 will give #1-----"

"Hold uuuuuupp!!"
#1 --->

Comic 2
Punishment game?

"I don't really mind"



"She really gave it to him"
"Well of course she wouldn't know something like that"












"Ahhhhh I get so hot when I drink"

"Oh, did you see?"

"N-no not at all!! It was just a flash so I couldn't even tell the pattern on the panties!!"

"Yeah, all you could make out was the pubis mons area" [TN: モリマン is the layer of fat on the vagina which makes it protrude]
"Right right........!!"
"It would have been better if it had been my panties' pattern....."

Comic 2
Christmas Eve

"Manaka-chan, aren't you drinking too much?"

"Huh? I ain'tsh thrunk ath all kay?"
You're not making any sense
"No, you should lie down a little...."

"What're you sthaying!? The nighth is jus beginning, becauz thodayz----"

"The cumming of Christhmash!!"
"Go to bed"

only one tonight

Okay thanks user. See you tomorrow.

I'm calling it off too. I'm done with Petit Tan and there's no more Petit tan. Which leaves SYD as Ujiie Tozen's sole running work. I'll probably pick up whatever he does next though if it's accessible to me.

Thanks for your guys' hard work as usual.