How is she still single?

How is she still single?

She's knot.

OP, are you a SEAfag by any chance?


She was with me last night, she told me It was her first time.


>Being in a "relationship" while in middle school

Yeah only losers had relationships then. I'm so glad I wasn't that lame.

She had sex with boys to prove that she is 'normal.' What a slut

This explains everything.

Couldn't have been, she said I took her virginity two weeks ago

my dick

The real answer is Jap otaku and how they react when their waifu gets into a canon relationship.

But some men likes to be treated badly

Shinka used to be my waifu a few years back, but thanks to Cred Forums I have seen the light. Other words, you ruined her for me.


Closet lesbian.

Wants to date someone almost 2 years younger.

It'd be social scuicide for her.

Why isn't this a doujin?

She was never you're waifu if that's the case.

"Yes death" replied Deko, who attacked Shinka from behind and began fiddling with Shinka's netherregions with one of her hands.

I was with her the last month, she told me I was wonderful and I was the only one, that she would call next month, what the fuck.

still no doujins

She's crazy hot but a bitch.

Shinka wasn't a bitch, she was just redpilled.


It's hard to find other lesbians in middle school.

I want to mount Shinka.

>still single
I hope so. Is she into girls?

If you watch Chunnibyou you see exactly she's single.

She's a fucking bitch.

She wanted the Mochi D, stop with this meme. She's like the Tomoyo of the story, but straight.

She's an insufferable cunt.

Quite a few actually. Some of them are in full color even.

No, she's a sick cunt.

Yeah, but she's tsundere. It's all about the gap.

It is as if you have over 900 images of these

All of the boys in her school are too beta.

She's too alpha for everyone

She's a lesbo

Yeah but look at them, they're all nerds.

Stop being delusional. You already got a straight ending.

That's a big dog.


Is this how you capture a Shinka?

She is too self concious about her chu2 past and too unconfident about that, therefore she would never really open up to a guy, and will always feel like shit because she is keeping a facade constantly.
Shinka is literally one of us.

She likes girls. Deko cured her from her hetero flu.

How to fuck a Shinka?

Nobody has ever done that before so I dunno.


Nice meme.

>#13 is Koko Koko

I like the 3-1 girl. She's cute.

Oops, meant #15. Somehow only saw five per row.

That's Sunekoshi, you moron.

Why does no other studio put the same level of detail into their classes of background characters as kyoani?

3-2 is my boyfriend.

Where the hell are you counting from.

Gap moe is a myth.

you mean you haven't fapped to this yet?

delet this

I genuinely can't tell if these bestialityfags hate Shinka or love her in their own fucked up way.

But she's thicc. THICC. I just fapped to a 3DPD thicc girl anal porn, it's the best. Thicc girls are the best.

Sento is better though. She's the perfect thicc. She even beats Mai.

I love KyoAni thicc girls.

>I love KyoAni thicc girls.
I'm not gonna lie, I only started watching this because of how thicc Rikka and Shinka looked. I ended liking the show a lot anyway, but it was the wide hips, the fat asses, and the delicious thighs what attracted me in the first place.

Because they're lazy fucks.

I unironically love her

I like Shinka, she's attractive and fun. I'd probably get along with her, but I guess she'd be too high on her horse to even think of dating me.
Plus that I'm kinda twice her age ruins it too I guess.

Tis alright, most girls prefer older guys anyway.

Shinka is like 500 years old.


I'd ruin my entire social reputation if I dated a 16 year old. It'd be legal in my country though.

I guess it's just not worth it. I would probably not even get a job.

Hate her. The dogfucker meme is purely hate-fuelled.

This thread lacks a lot of best girl, whats that about?

I read some bestiality doujins once in a while, but that's mostly because they're fun. Reading hentai manga for fun might seem retarded, but some of them has really great stories. They're kinda few though.

It's kinda funny when you start fapping to a hentai manga, stop fapping and read it for the story.


I do that with TK doujins.

If it was true love you wouldn't care about what others say.

Besides, if games like KnJ taught me anything, it's that it's ok to date teenage girls provided you aren't overly open about it.

Don't understand how anyone can get off to that unless it's a hatefap. And even then I don't really get it.

She is gay as fuck.

>If it was true love you wouldn't care about what others say.

If it was true love I'd date her in secret until she was 18 years old. I'm kind of a medical doctor, so dating kids would really ruin my reputation.

Post your favourite pages

Then I'd have to go into sadpanda, and I'd probably fap again. I just took a shower dude.

If you fap too much your dick will fall off

I'm more worried about getting burns. Also fapping kinda works like a relaxant, so if you suffer from anxiety fapping can worsen your anxiety. That's the worst side effect of fapping I guess.

You posted the wrong image, friendo.

Why won't KyoAni release OVAs for their background characters?



>beats Mai


I'd post images of Sento to prove my point, but I really want to keep her to myself.

A Mai is fine too.

Mai is mine

I just pronounced it as I saw it.


She's a fictional character, she can't be yours

Fuck you


She's a closeted dyke. Kyo-Ani barely hid it too.

Sento is dating Kanie, user. Are you a cuck?

I'm self inserting as Kanye so it's fine.

It's 2D, it's not real.

>posting the thumbnail ant version
I don goofed

>Implying you will ever be as based as Kanye

>Implying I'm not.

You're not.

Detail in Classroom but everyone looks the sam. Wow user I sure hope everyone would put the same level of detail in their background
This is SHAFT, they make Art not some Mainstream Bullshit

>keeping trash to yourself



>This is SHAFT, they make Art not some Mainstream Bullshit

Don't mock SHAFT. They have perfected Hideaki Anno's budget skills with still, photographs and reused animation. SHAFT could cook together an anime from a nail.

How did I mock SHAFT

She's boring.

>This gif with the ducks on the background
Somehow my autism is being triggered.

That's OCD dear.


Excellent taste

I want to punch that little fuckface

Well you're a fucking asshole

She doesn't want to be tied down to just one cock.

w e w

Does chuuni have winter summer uniforms?

I meant with love because she is just to adorable

That hairclip is fucking huge

That's her horniness indicator

>shaftfags will actually defend this

> not realizling that SHAFT is SEKAI ICHI

>How is she still single?

She's too pushy and needs a Western boyfriend.

Beta japs with tiny dicks cannot satisfy her needs.

God dammit

>All the things that make her great

What a useless picture

I bet Nibutani couldn't do any seriously heavy shrugs. Her traps look puny.


for what purpose

What are you, some kind of duckophile?


too lowres

It was a simpler time

times have changed

I still have a bunch of images from 2012 that I'll probably carry to the grave

Chuu2 needs webms.

I've only got a few saved


Here you go.

It's alive.

>Deko's a footfag

ok what is the angle of her feet there?

Merry Christmas, user.

Those dog days of Summer.

this is now a sophia thread.

Shichimiya is weird for me because she's the sort of girl I would have (and did) crushed on when I was a kid.

She's dumb. No one likes her.


>She's dumb.
he says while posting a literal retard.

Literally who?

Literally best girl.

ruru is best

Wrong series mate.

best kyoani girl

Single most annoying

stop looking in your mirror

Rikka is best chu2

Pic related?