Buyfag thread

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Mobile users are a bunch of faggots anyway. Don't bother resizing.
Hell, if enough people stop giving a shit, they might fuck off like all the tripfags.

but this is just a 600x900 pic, user.

I'm so glad you made this post here in the new thread.


I don't disagree.

I wish they had a not damaged version. That's a good outfit she only got to wear in an ova no one saw


You now own the magical cupboard. Which of your figs would you put inside it?

Porkchop nendo when


I don't want my beautiful scales to become jointshit.

You did order Lala before it was too late, right user?


When I ordered her it was almost too early. I hope the market does that crazy thing again though, it'd be nice.

I like my demon waifus a little thicker.

That T-Rex doesn't have joints so scales should be fine.

But Lala is an Ayy Lmao.

The spade tail had me fooled. That explains why my lust for succubi didn't activate when I saw that figure. Is ToLoveRu any good?

Show me a better 2.5d body than this.

You can't.

How do you feel about beta harem protags?
It's shit.

Oh boy here we go!

Smashed that order button. What are the chances Aquamarine will make another black base for this?

Ugly rat.


She's only ugly in comparison to You, Dia, Hanamaru, Riko...

Managed to find the product descriptions for my figures (they were all opened, nevermind); but how are you supposed to gleam any sort of useful information from this though? Literally all of them are more or less the exact same: "in regards to second hand goods, there may be some marks or dust. There may be a slight difference between the pictures and the actual product. The actual product is located at Mandarake's blablabla location for further dealings. If there are any unclear points please mail HP or call us (06-6363-7777 ext. 2・0) to get in touch." This is then followed by 1-2 cellphone photos, 3 maybe if you're lucky - with the product in the box so you can't see anything anyways.

I mean, partially it is my fault cause I saw 3 cheap figures at the Umeda store and went against my better judgement and got them since I really liked this line except for Homura's shitty pose. But nowhere does it say "The back of Homura's head kinda looks hotglued," "there is paint transfer on Mami's hand and a small noticible stain on her dress," and one I just noticed: "there is a manufactoring defect and Madoka's nails are not painted." "Because of these defects, the price is lower on this figure, buy with caution!"

They had to have known about these defects because the price was so low. I guess the lesson learned here is if the price too good to be true, it probably is - or did I just get super unlucky to happen across 3 flawed figures?

In any case, I caution everyone to avoid the lower price range of Mandarake's figures if you're looking for something without flaws; even if none are listed. This was my first time buying from them and while I'm still happy with the price, the quality was kinda like new goods returned for flaws.

Don't forget Yoshiko, Ruby, Kanan, and Mari


Are you excited yet?

That is a very slutty face.

I still don't know why this is so popular but to each their own.

Ever since she went up for po.

Outfits are so much cuter than the muse nendos.

Can't wait for the third years. I hope they get more meme face plates and not just one default face, one open mouth face. There are so many faces they could pull from the show

Try looking.

I think you just got really unlucky, everything I've gotten in the past from them has been fine.
That just sucks.

They are certainly more colorful.

Ops. I was looking at Mami's nails so I assumed Madoka's would be painted too. Looking at MFC though it looks like hers are not painted, so I guess one of them is without noticeable flaws! (So far)

If my October invoice wasn't packed I would have gotten her in a heartbeat. Though if her Release Quality is top notch, I'll definitely be grabbing her and the other girls when they come out.

No because her face is completely fucked. If I get a Lala scale I want it to actually look like Lala.

I did.

She's pretty meh.

It really is

A quartet of tiny Brooks YOHOHOHOing all over my desk before performing a most excellent minuscule melody together.

>I caution everyone to avoid the lower price range of Mandarake's figures if you're looking for something without flaws

No shit. I'm glad you posted it here though so I can feel happy that your dumbass had to lose money to figure this out.

anyone that wanted her and didn't pre order immediately deserves this fate

Is Ainz nendo any good?
Albedo seems like shit, but I wouldn't mind getting skelly.

>strategic photos to hide her panties
thats the most important part what the fuck are they doing

This is why she's my favorite girl. The whole damaged goods but longs to be a pure waifu tickles my dongus. My instinct to protect and comfort.

Anyone got any experience with the Aoshima/FunnyKnights and the GSC Kancolle figures? How do they compare in size and quality?

Disgusting ginger
I'll wait for scales and probably only get 3rd years and 1st years.

Post preorders. again

Has anyone's Eli been shipped out yet?


Yea, the 2nd years are the most boring of the group.

Please berate me for my taste again


Just these two, not interested in anything else really.

The shittest of shit tastes.

no sabers or mikus, good taste lad

And also the Ookurikara nendo but I'm too lazy to redo this

similar taste in swords

Good taste in KanColle scales.

Atago and Takao look like they'll be an amazing pair. That price tho.

I decided against getting them, despite their amazing pairs.

I see what you did there.


Not much has changed recently. Added some jointshit I may well cancel and a cheap loser is all. Still waiting to order one more but she doesn't quite belong on the list yet.

I really love boats.

I plan on selling half of them to people I know

>Ran out of space in by Detolf

I really didn't think I'd see myself buying another one of these things. Would that look too tacky?


having a crowded detolf looks tacky

>Would that look too tacky?
Likely, but that depends on how you set it up. Line them up on risers and you might be okay, split them up in the room and you'll probably be okay.


Just Yotsugi and Miss Monochrome.


I really want that Bismarck, but that price...

Yeah, she doesn't look good enough for how much she costs.

Where are you pre-ordering the Hime?

Have you ordered your candy yet?

Seaport? She's a GSC exclusive. you might wince at the price though.

Just got the payment request for her

yikes. Good thing sales ended or I would've taken a big hit.


Anyone here who got the Idolm@ster 10th Anniversary Three Stars Limited edition? The one with the Autographs of the idols in the extra base?

Not having candy in her mouth or anything sexually with her mouth is a big disappointment

I kinda want this because she's been messing with my dick since I was a kid. Most likely get her later if her is still available

She'll probably be around for a while try not to pay too much for her


I'm gonna regret not ordering Mizuki I know it



Where did you order the Tsumugi?

I know Anime Island is kinda shit but they seem to still have pre-orders open

No regrets from day one

she'll be my first lewd

Bottom of the barrel stuff. Been a rather disappointing year. Might stop buyfaging all together soon. I got the old figs I wanted and nothing good on the horizon, seems like a good time to get out.

e2046 gathering version :^)

So the Drakken goes up for pre-order Sept 30th, would that mean I need to watch for it at 8am Sept 29 PST?

You're actually paying for Artorias? Madman.

I only have Red on preorder
>tfw don't watch anime as much anymore
>barely bought anything in the last two years


I don't buy with my dick, so no.

CR was by far the cheapest, so mine'll probably ship in January or some ridiculous thing like that.

Expect to get it 2 months after release



Here's hoping for no delays on Remi

She'll be up tomorrow!


Which figure is that for March?

Where did you get that PO date from?

Wixoss? Don't remember her from the show. Must be from side material, right?
I don't need it.
I don't need it.
I don't need it.

Yeah you don't NEED it user but do you WANT it?


Sure you do!

ordered candy tits and the dancing slut

She was around for 1 episode, but the figure is based on a card I think.

Correct , and i addore the design. If i wasnt a poorfag i would have bought her. Maybe she bins


I have 4 detolfs that are all too crowded.

What are some good manga sites that accept paypal and ship to the UK?


Oh man, I really wanted that GSC Kaori figure. Can't believe I just missed the PO.


Doesn't accept paypal, moron.

I'll check that out. Is it reliable? How are the prices and UK shipping?


Is the pantsu cast-off?



Probably Bismarck too

I want her but I definitely shouldn't get her. I'm not familiar with the source material and I already have too many "expensive" figs pre-ordered.

But look at those legs, that generous blossom, that cute face. Fuck. Why is everything so expensive?

Can't help it, if you ask.

I made a promise to myself that if I ever spent more than $50 on a figure I would commence my suicide plan.

>Azunyan over mugi or mio
Yeah, time to commence it.

I want to leave this figure in the magical cupboard. I want to watch this woman get pounded by the dog until I get noise complaints about the sound of constant sex. I want to have to change my carpets every few days because of the never ending flood of vaginal fluids and cum. I want to leave them alone to fuck while I leave my home to go on holiday, just to see how much mess is left when I return.

do love live nendos sell out?


tsundere waifu for laifu

Isis from Kyonyuu came today

Someone please enlighten me as to the point of buying lewd plastic Japanese dolls for exorbitant prices?

Surely they aren't better to fap to than the plethora of lewd 2D shit out there, and what use are they? To put on your shelf to broadcast your powerlevel at max volume to anyone who comes over to your house so they know how much of a weeb one is?

>end of september
>still no invoice

I need my blue hips demoness to go with her blue hips demoness mother.


Hotglue when?

I don't like the idea of putting seaman shepherds on my figures

You're probably overpaying for this too, brother? I have something else I want to add to the order too, but I'm not risking it until I know I won't end up paying for separate shipping because Amico stamped her foot.

Has anybody got this daki? Is there bulge?

I just want to pay for my Homura, bit some shitty daki cover is supposedly released late September, but I still haven't gotten a payment request.
I can only imagine my order being split and I'll have to pay customs and shipping out the ass, twice.

What do you guys prioritize on your bottom shelf?

what figure is this?

I haven't gotten my late September invoice yet either. Does it normally take this long? I didn't think late September would mean the Very last day of September.

Nice scarf

I really want a fig of Hotaru but I don't like this one. The thing is that there was nothing related to her at the last Wonfes so I'm a bit worried.

GSC processed my payment today for my Oct order, through PayPal. But how long will it take to hit my account? Will it not process until they've actually shipped?

You're The Worst.


Why is this hobby so consumer-unfriendly?

But there was, by a shitty company but it's there anyway.

Because it's not supposed to be consumer friendly, it's supposed to be about collecting limited items which means screwing some people so other can boast their ownership on some nice goods.

Just checked fakku out, but that's for porn. Any good sites for regular manga (raw Japanese) that accept paypal and ship to the UK?

The guide

Do you really need to use paypal? Amazon Japan is good for buying books.

Yes and I fucking love the original illustration of this one, but with that company, I'm sure that I would be disappointed

because not having the option to buy something whenever and wherever you want is basically the only thing that makes things "valuable" in a first world country

Why do you want it to be valuable? Can't people just have nice things?

I mean emotionally valuable

How can I be the worst when I'm a cute little lesbian girl?

Why would we be allowed to have nice things?

We like it rough

Does anyone know where to buy large format anime cardboard cutouts that are not from bleach or naruto.

I just want something like one of those cutouts you see at the cinema with of an anime girl.

making you buy it to find out what they look like

Please explain what steps you would take to make it more consumer-friendly.

>just watched the show
>really enjoyed it
>cried at the end
>check on amiami for anything nice
>see this
>orders closed
fuck's sake, it's like the nicest thing



I know, but I'd rather use my paypal. But what's stopping you guys from giving me the information I need to know?

What's the difference between Alphamax and Skytube? Alphamax= not always lewd, Skytube= always lewd?

Same company, different brands.

Alphamax is mainstream, Skytube is ero and nudity.

1. We already have
2. Thread culture

You've kinda got to use the resources provided and such it up a bit.

Can you imagine that in this quality?

>Buyfags say hotgluing is a meme
>Manufacturers hotglue figures as a standard

We did it r/cummingonfigs

It's called being faithful to the original art.

I won't lie. Hotgluing became my No.1 fetish since I discovered it and I just can't get enough with it. Also it got me into buyfagging.

Same here.
Shame I can't hotglue because ive got no dick and im too fat to find a bf to hotglue my figs.

Fuck off, degenerates.

Males are gross.

You could probably pay someone to jizz on your figures.

What the h*ck? Get out of here you pathetic perverts!

> no dick
> male

Slan and Conrad are up for preorder. Slan looks shit, and Conrad is a statue though.

Up where?

Not having to rely on preorders would go a long way, specially considering how many times figs don't turn out how they are shown in the pics.

A butchered male is still male.

Why do you guys post your pre-orders daily in every thread?

It's literally free (You).

To count anons that sit here and to exile the ones who are missing because what's the thing they are doing that is more important than posting in the thread.

>tfw I'm an elite and I keep track of people that post their preorders
>that way I know to put their elite application straight in the bin
Only plebs feel the need to post their preorders, true elites are busy making and contributing to the great figure discussions going on.

Preorders are great, you normally. Know what you're going to get the actual ship date. It's not being able to cancel that sucks, and that's a retailer dependent thing.

to make more anons suffer by making them preorder more when they see things they want :^)

>elite buyfag
I bet you aren't even in the Skype group, friend.

This is Tom posting, while I decided not to get the tshirt because I preferred the black on white design, I'm still part of the Skype group.

There's very little discussion in these threads, it's usually just people with shit taste or customer support for newfags.

>figure discussions

We just be seeing 2 different threads

>great figure discussions


3D version looking good, glad this was the winning design

can i join and lurk this thread even if i have only one fig?


I don't have any figs and I do (just artbooks/dvds and toku toys).

I have no figs but I lurk this thread every day user, it's ok.

>going to preorder 10th anniversary Sonico
>this is revealed
>still getting the chef and Miku Sonico


I haven't bought a figs in 3 years, I still come here and post regularly. I like looking at pretty pvc butts.

What point system is not shit?


Will you hotglue her?

Sure Satan, you're welcome.

Or at least these


Astolfo fig when?

None you aren't supposed to get free shit asshole

I don't think an ass that beautiful deserves to get hotglued, user

Oh thank god the final prototype looks decent. When this was the only image we had, I was worried.

What's this?

Looks like a box

What's in the box?????


Looks like over 20 pounds of pussy and ass



Now punch her

and post it as a webm

how big is it?

Fairly large; 80cm.

>I just dropped £200 (incl.shipping) on a 1/4 figure

I remember debating getting that Kagamin, but decided against it because of the strange facial expression.

Stick your dick in it.

What's the best Misaka Mikoto fig, in your opinion?

It was marked as "used" but I see no contamination.

Who are you quoting?

Whats this from?

Who else spends all of their scholarship money on Japanese dolls?

Is that an as109 daki?

Where can I buy the shark hat separately?

>browsing buyfag threads with 1 fig
I remember those days. Now I need to move to a bigger place just to fit all the plastic butts.

Muh dick
Sonicos figures keep getting THICCER
Porkchop is jelly

Look how cute this boy is

>still can't find any trace of the Asuka plush in the live action segment
This shouldn't be so hard with how long i've been buyfagging. Would anyone else happen to know? Earliest I can find is 2001, which would be a few years later.

>tfw got my grail today
Not anything spectacular, expensive or incredibly hard to find, but I've been meaning to get her for a few years and it just feels really good. I love every one of you fags and hope all your future packages reach you promptly and in great condition.

Does anyone know what International ePacket is? Is it like registered Airmail?

Wtf?! I love boys now!

Nevermind, found the answer in the guide.


>actually read the guide


I was thinking of setting up a display on my south-facing window sill with a couple prize figures and a nendo. So nothing terribly valuable, but I was wondering if there will be discoloration with the sun beating on them eight hours a day. Has anyone else experienced UV discoloration on their figs? Should I abandon the window display idea?




Why do people call her rat? That doesn't seem very nice

The truth isn't always nice.

Yes. Both before and after release.

She looks like a cute and swell young lady leave her alone or else I'll hurt you


>nvm fixed ;)

>or else I'll hurt you

Bring it on, she's an ugly little rat and nothing will change that.

I want to give you a (You) too!


I post in this thread and only own 2 figures

I also post and browse in the dollfag threads on /jp/ despite not owning one


Still waiting to see an offical update from Skytube or an email from AmiAmi about the release date changing for these two. Holding my breath but I can almost feel the delay email coming to my inbox whilst im asleep. I don't think I can wait another month...

This is a terrible idea. Not only does it kill the figs, but it invites niggers to break in, because only a white boy would pull this (and niggers love anime).

Just got my shipment today, Tomato cute!

Order Koumajou Densetsu Remilia while you have a chance.

The only trash I see is aquors.

>Alter Maki and Nesoberi

Are you me?


I was planning to get kashima, but I've been losing interest in her. Should I cancel and wait for her to bin?

Got my September shipment.
>shipped the 24th
>was out of Los Angeles at 10.30 last night
>delivered to my house at 10.54 am
S-so this is the power of EMS! when it isn't stuck in customs for a week

I never ship EMS. Last time that happened I had to pay a hefty amount to customs.

My Galko probably won't get to me until mid-October.

My Maki collection featuring no batteries so I had to use a laser pointer for the light and shitty phone camera.

Oh boo hoo one week. I waited a month for my merchandise, and they didn't even charge me customs duty. So what the fuck were they doing with it?

Do it.

How the fuck did you even find one of these?


A few years ago and I'd have had as shit a taste as you do, but now I just buy scales.

Alter Maki is lovely.

Have you tried That's how I found this Ika.

Nice collection, Nico-chan.

They finally arrived guys, I'm so happy~

I just got my Max Factory Megurine Luka. So happy with her! Hope you enjoy your haul user :)

Welcome to the thread, my Lord and Savior


The Galko nendo is 10/10 like the character herself


i want that Link
what is that Link?

I bought it just for the blushing face. The rest of is turned out to be pretty boring, for a nendo.


I can't wait for Galko to get here.

There's a Zelda too.

Have checked in the past. Though trying again couldn't hurt.

I rather wonder what the heck is that demon-like Zinogre armor.

But that's not that Link at all user

That Link sold out of pre-orders a while ago. You're boned, my friend.

This is so cute and she looks adorable. Wish I could at least try the game.

>Fat fuck galko got a nendo before porkchop

Im still salty

Stay salty fatfag.

She's not fat
You are

Porkfat already has way more merchandise than it ever deserved.

Post pics of the loli, user


Almost all the kancolle nendos have eventually gone on sale.

Only 1, sucks being Canadian desu

not like this

Yea, mapleland just keeps getting worse.

leaffucker here desu
nothing's gonna keep me from my plastic butts

>all these people buying my tomato wife's new scale
>too poor to buy her myself
Being NEET is tough. Hopefully my current collection is enough for her while I save up some autismbux.

You always have the option to sell your body, user.

>too poor to buy one when he already bought one, a nendo, a BD volume and several other merch

>He bought all that at the same time.
Come on user use your brain.

What's the most you've spent on a single item?

Who said anything about buying it all at once?

Stay with me on this one.
He had money to buy them then.
But doesn't have money now.

The betsu ni face on the Maki nendo is the cutest thing.

I don't get it.



Anyone got a link to get this daki by orange maru? I found his others but not this one.

The face she makes when she's gets all angry/awkward is cute and they transferred that well to the nendo.

>That resistance on the left side.


Just got these, how did i do?

please no bully

>2.52 MB, 4128x2322

Not bad. user loves em baby!

There must be some secret message in there, must be.

A good keion, cute rabbit and a tank. Not bad att all!

Cute pillow

>buying Artorias with the fucking loonie

Absolute madman.

Thanks to Play-Asia free's shipping Artorias will only cost me around 600 moosedollars

Someone knows where I can find the manga?
Someone is translating it?

I just caved and bought all the JP volumes.

Sadly, my moonrunes skill is lacking
That's why I ask

Do this

I'm testing a script
Someone post your MFC username. I'll generate some pictures from your lists

General Noodles

If anyone else clicks it, feel free to visit my lists and buy some of the stuff I'm selling.

I want to be a part of your world. Let me rock it.

>Uploading photos to MFC

>Still has that Satsuki for sale.
God damn that's funny.

>went to nippon and bought so much shit I had to lowball the fuck out of my declaration form
My suitcase is filled completely but only weighs 15lbs and all my clothing is shoved into my carryon baggage.
Was worth it.

What fig do you have user?

I sold it a few days ago, I have the ad set to expire after 30 days so I didn't bother deleting it.

Now to pack them into a box immediately to prepare for moving

I chuckled at your name after I saw your location.

I can't wait to get home and unpack mine. Galko is definitely girl of the year.

It's a shame someone else started using the name, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Post more doggos


they're tired so they aren't working well with me


She's totally going to bin right? I don't have to spend 10k on her to get her, right guys?

I don't remember seeing that Mako anywhere to buy

Kind of regretting not getting that dork.

Probably. She's just an meme of the season.

>tfw I only have 1 figure, and its not even a cute anime girl (pic related)

I feel like I don't belong here

Thanks. You own a lot. Caught a lot of bugs

The Galko manga is getting licensed for the west, the first volume will apparently release in November.

Nice. I was thinking about writing something similar for building preorder collages. Is that your idea too?

Couldn't find you

You're missing a lot of stuff I own. Mako & Guts (Pre-painted)/25960/

fair warning though

Do me

A meme waifu two seasons old at least by the time she releases. Will bin for certain.

It's too hard to generate in PC and post on mobile. I'll open source the script later

If anyone has some nice image magick scripts please post

Look at every Hestia figure on the aftermarket that shit is crazy

It does an image for each pre-order, wished and owned.
You own too much



Cool. Throw your script somewhere and I'll see about putting a UI on it. I wanted to grab all the images and allow users to select the one they wanted.

>this will be the only figure she ever has

Misquoted. I did you earlier


I'll put it on GitHub tomorrow. Will make it take command line arguements for external use. At the moment it's Windows only
Anus has shit taste. What a surprise

Most of the stuff I want isn't up for pre-order, and probably won't be for a while.

Script-kun here. Last post. Friend me on MFC if you want to get the script


How would I cancel a preorder from ami?


email them and hope they dont ban you

Not related to figures, but does anyone here buy snacks from Japan?

I wanna try some of their kit kat and pringles. I there any store you know of that sells packs of those?

Read the guide

Do you know how to speak you beta faggot?
email them with the order number and say youre not paying, or just straight up ignore payment when the time comes.

Don't you have a local asian grocery store? Mine sells pocky and other japanese snacks

>or just straight up ignore payment when the time comes

Yeah dont do this, just send them an email and pray

could you be a bigger faggot?
Why are you the consumer, acting like you need to be bending over for the vendor?
Yes just ignore payment if you cant be assed to email or youre too retarded to speak.
Ive canceled 3 orders from them this year and only paid for one, they have not banned me nor gave a warning.
Quit being a pussy faggot.

Maki looks nice, glad I got her.


No, I am incapable of speaking you damn brat.

Well that sucks

sells candy, chips, drinks, snacks of all kinds.
Maybe some other anons have a better store for it, but this is the only decent one I know of is pretty good, extremely cheap prices but slow shipping because they're in Japan

Asian Food Grocer is another option and are located in the US, but they often run out and refund you. Also their customer support are assholes to deal with.

AmiAmi sells different Okashi Boxes filled with snacks, too

If you're just looking for random Kit Kats, you might try any local Asian grocery store, or even the Asian food section of any grocery store. I've also had luck buying on Amazon


>being this much of a pussy
Jesus Christ you faggots would eat literal shit just so you can get some postcards.

>tells someone to read the guide
>doesn't know how to get snacks from japan
Stop trying to fit in and fuck off.

You don't.


Stop using yurus for bullying, they're for friendship!

Here's Chinese Remilia

Thank you.

I know I'm late and you might not see this, but that's from Butcha-U or Eroqoius or whatever his name is.

Well worst case scenario would be to find somewhere else to buy things. Or get a friend to order from them.

I really like this, it's too bad I don't like the character.


You too.

>You too.

How exactly does Amiami ban you? Is it email, address, or payment option?

>being this new
Fuck off to mfc and never come back

obviously all 3 ya drooling retard

Shut up stupid smug brat.

New tapestry and some other stuff are up.

I've never missed a payment for 3 years, so I wouldn't know.

I just want a Cocoa figurine.

Make me.


no, ya wouldnt know because ya dumb as a brick.
Ya only need ta use ya brain ta understand that if a business is tryna ban ya they finna ban all the info ya provided.

>newfags still don't know how bans work

I want to defile Brat and every Bratposter

Smuganimegirl.jpg user, go to bed.

It feels like this has been in development for a long time.

You can't go to bed when you're dead inside.

>doesn't even come with attachable pube accessory


Never understood the attraction to this fucker. The outfit is hideous and his entire character just seemed like typical yaoi rape-bait.

Teaser for Plum's upcoming caster Illya scale.



>navy seal misaka


You mean Medea?

>Great figure discussion

You know where to go.

But it aint here.

Stop shitposting and post butts

>image macro

Nice try pigfucker, there's no room for uglies like her here.


What's a decent camera that doesn't look like shit?

any smart phone camera

What did that all cost you? 1,500 CAD?

I'd say closer to $2,000.

Best thing is your bedspread.

>canceled, hoping for a bin
>have to wait another month to find out

>smart phone camera

Artorias'? Godspeed to your wallet. I cancelled my preorder after I realized it would have cost me like fucking $800 Canabucks.

>those stares

They either really don't care for you or your hobby.

Get good lighting, resize, and crop. Once you do these, even smartphone pictures can look good.

>DSLR faggot
>still takes grainy pictures
Stick to your smartphone until you learn to take a picture.

>porkchop shiller
How very disgusting of you.

What's wrong with her mouth?

Not bad.

Still bootleg but they're getting better.

Perhaps it was just the angle, i'm still not the best at taking pictures either to be fair.

Photo review.

Without shipping?
Canada is suffering and cold.

She looks much better than the one I saw on Twitter

Yea, that's probably before shipping.



Fuso is kuso


Can't say I'm very impressed with her hair. The paint job seems off to me and the sculpt seems lumpier than I remember.

>sword straddling

She might get a slit!

We need more hoodies, shorts, expressionless girls, red eyes and swords. Black Rock Shooter 2 when?

My car cost about 10k USD.

Buy high sell low

Your lighting is the problem among other things.

Of course. I'm in a dorm, so the lighting won't be perfect, not to mention the angle could have been better as well.



I have a some scales in their boxes which are in cardboard boxes, the ones they were sent in from amiami, and they are starting to smell. Is it the PVC or the boxes?


Got her in yesterday.

Please express your feelings and sentiments.

make me

I'll fuck you up.

I placed my order.

You can't hurt anyone


You're dead kiddo.

>Still listed as pre-order

Same. Waiting for S2 and best girl Karin.

Did they get wet or do you live in a humid place? Moist cardboard smells bad.


i thought togo's togos were bigger
guess i was wrong

Preorders opening again for 5 hours.
2016/09/29 19:00 ~ 2016/09/30 00:00
I actually got my og cw Lala through the last preorder window they gave.

Are you the person that won her several weeks ago? Or did you get her from suruga-ya? I couldn't afford either of them.

Post pre-orders you are excited for the most

Post more Nep.


I can't. As of yet this is the only photo that they've teased.
Instead, you can have whatever this is.

Alice is fast.

The forced cast off leaves marks.

Texas. I'll start with the boxes then.

Look at that smug motherfucker. Doing the things you can't.

I'm going to rub my dick all over the nep figure.

I am very confused at what this is suppose to be.

What do they smell like?


Cardboard naturally degrades and leave a somewhat bad smell. I'd sat it's the cardboard.

Full photo review for the Aquamarine Rise scale.
This is the prototype and not the final product.

Is she puffy?

It's clearly an idol.

I haven't seen any crotch shots. We'll have to wait to see if anyone photographs her at an exhibition.

So how am I supposed to buy my loli fan books without the credit card company getting suspicious?

Find a site that accepts paypal?

>Indian Food


i knew this day was coming when i ordered the other dancing one


Is Ques Q known for good work?

Because my dick and my wallet are both pointing to splurging on this beauty.

having had no prior experience with them, i was very pleased with their liz

They are ok I guess. Kind of overpriced though for the quality

>DJing with HD800s

I want to believe.

Why did you buy a jizz cup?

That Burb is amazing.

Me too.

$849NZD for this statue


How can this be when there's STILL no good Tamamo figure?

What are you looking for in a "good" Tamamo scale?

>people will stop using their phones

Higher quality (GSC/Alter) and the original outfit.

WTF is a burb? It's a bird.

When is part 3 coming out?

I'm really torn about getting her especially knowing she won't ever get another.

Bird Up

Oh I don't know she'll get a nice lewd scale some day

It's a birb you mongs.

It's the worst idol on television.

Bird is the correct spelling.

It's worst muse.