Danganronpa 3

The shitstorm continues. This thread commands you to post reaction to the latest episode and praise hope.

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How did the nips react to the episode

I'd be more inclined to praise HOPE if it didn't involve cops shooting Donuts

Just in time it seems


>ultimate animator
>brainwash video is literally just a kaleidoscope

WHAT IS THAT? Ah. So this is what Hope looks like. Hypnotizing, so peaceful.

Reminder that magical girl anime is a mistake.

I like how the brainwashing has evolved from needing to be meticulously edited footage to somehow being applied over a live broadcast to needing to watch a kaleidoscope for three seconds.

You sure?

>suspicious old man was the mastermind all along
>the 16th participant seriously was just weedman
>the new character who appears in both arcs and was shoehorned into class 77 ends up being the endgame villain

Is this despair?

Danganronpa has never been a series that relied on realism. Don't bother thinking too hard about anything that's happening.

This is the difference between Junko using WMM filters and the SHSL Animator making a Visualizer

Confused, but most hated it.

If you want a more intrinsic and elaborated explanation, here .

I want a clear explanation of Izuru's interaction with the FF and how AI Nanami was developed and her role in the NWP development right now!

Praise [Hope]

ha ha no


But monokuma interacted with usami
Monaka said explicitly that she had nothing to do with the mastermind


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only wants Munakata ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truly is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


61% Dislike 39% Like, my friend!

>Just turn your brain off and it's okay!

There's a difference between realism and verisimilitude.

I was happy actually, that Mitarai wanted to counter Junko's brainwashing with his own finalized video but then I looked at the result. Lost of individuality and no response like 'Hai!', just complete silence doing their actions.


I want Naegi's kind of Hope then.

So when do we get a spin-off anime of these two reviewing bad anime?

>best part of the episode was Byakuya____

Naegicchi is saved by Hagakure and Byakuya, that was awesome!

If there's anything Danganronpa has taught me, it's that women are all fucking evil.
That's why I'm switching to boys

Reporting in, brother!

To be fair, the color scheme is pretty fitting!

Isn't that what they were doing in this episode?

I'm still sad


I expected more from the series. Despair and Hope pretty much revolve around a fucking video which is as easy as making any weird ass plot go "it was just a dream", way too simplified.

Junko is supposed to be a super analyst, loves despair and knows how to cause it. Isn't it way too comfortable to do it in a way that that doesn't cause you despair to yourself instead of *hoping* a single plan would take effect?

Anyway, personally I was wishing to see the Danganronpa 2 cast actually causing the apocalypse and not a goddamn video.


oh fuck. how did Tengan get a hold of gloomy sunday?

These two are the new Monokuma theater for DRV3.

I fucking love Despair Science Theatre 3000

Here's my reaction.
Praise hope so I will become a step stone for even greater despair.


So who was Helicopter?

And how did Hajime convince the FF to take him to the killing game? (If they were unsure if he's still evil?)

Wait did Hajimeme make his own FUTURE brainwashing anime?

That guy screams "mastermind"

Take a guess user.

This would actually be a great if it happened. It would also mean Junko ISN'T the final boss in v3, so I'd love it.

I have literally no interest in playing the game ever. I watched the first danganronpa anime and enjoyed it. Should I watch this one? Or is it necessary to play the game to enjoy this anime?


You should just fuck off instead

Those are chinks, user.

The games are great and the anime is terrible.

My nips got hard, desu

Hand over all your donuts or the hopeboy gets it.


>tfw hell is endlessly watching shitty anime.

Who cares, he is no longer relevant


Not for Hope. Not for Despair. Not even for Future. For Donuts.


Is this what Monaca looked like when Komaeda's dick was inside her?

I can't believe donuts is fucking dead

So you're forced to watch DR3 anime all over again when you end up in Hell? The hell indeed.

So if they already cured Asahina, does that mean that everyone needs is a good hit to the back of the head?

>Mitarai has a le epic hope mindhax video
>I want to use it

>instead of fucking using your fucking kung-fu to fucking TAKE the weedy little cunt's stupid fucking phone and get your ULTIMATE FUCKING HACKER TO FUCKING HACK THE PIECE OF SHIT IF IT EVEN HAS A PASSWORD OR SECURITY OF ANY FUCKING KIND

If this is really, actually Tengan's motivation I think this anime might actually be the real suicide-inducing anime

He beat then all up, hijacked to ship, used his SHSL Spy ability to find out where FF secret base was, used his SHSL Sailor skills to get to the scene SUPER QUICK, and will now proceed to kick those armed soldiers's asses barehanded.

Seriously, any suspense (there wasn't much of it to begin with) vanished when they showed that Hajizuru is already there.

Rest in piss, Naegi.

Asahina is literally given the order to restrain Naegi however she needs to. With her predisposition towards breeding, the doujins write themselves.
Or a good hard Hopeful pounding

>Mitarai broadcasts the hope video
>world is full of hope
>last 10 minutes is just Komaeda having HOPE orgasms and saying it was all worth it

This would go good on a watched expected got chart

And you can't drop any if it.

Don't forget that he used a ridiculous amount of resources to build a secret underwater replica of the Future Foundation headquarters to do it in.

Stop questioning Kodaka's brilliant writing!

How do you think they reacted to this scene?

Junko gives Chisa a smug look without saying a word while Chisa hides behind her bucket of popcorn.

Which one of you cucks wrote this?

>SHSL animator
>his talent is animating
>his forbidden action prevents him from using his talent
>this means that, instead of not being able to animate, he can't play prerecorded videos on his phone



What was that even for in the end? The secret copy was only a few feet away, it took them like an hour longer to find it and no one actually died in the destruction of the original building

You should go back.

(You) did

>chisa gets to seeing juzo getting out of his closet
>junko is loving every minute of it

This bothered me a bit too. Plus, his talent is Animator, not Brainwasher.

He can't USE his talent. That means he can't create new things, or put any of his creations to use.

don't question it

So they could have a cool shot of the building underwater.

How did you even end up there? Are you looking for the lose hope in humanity page?


I want to marry Mitarai!

That would count as using the fruits of his talent.

He can't fucking show his work to people, you dipshit

Why the fuck are you even on there? Fuck back there. Don't bring that shit here.

I have neither the time, patience, nor autism to write this.

It was just to have a twist like the one in DR2 case 4, I guess. There was really no reason for it in-universe.

I have say, it was a dank ride.

but the monitors played his videos, didn't they?

But how is playing a video on a phone something related to his talent? That'd mean if I'm a SHSL Writer (for example) I wouldn't be allowed to write a book, but also not allowed to read my book or let someone else read my book.


People really underestimate subliminal videos huh? Even though it may just be an animation of a kaleidoscope. Or maybe /x/ thought me to be paranoid of them. Anyway, those videos came from hell, I tell you!

NG codes only apply to the person wearing them. That was Tengan using his talent.

He isn't using them, and they aren't technically using his work, just his techniques as used by a crazy gyaru

That's like if he was the SHSL basketball player, and his NG code said "no playing basketball", it somehow turned into not letting him jump or run.

So if that was Asahina's NG Code she wouldn't be allowed to use her physical strength at all?

He's so good an animating he can use what he animates to brainwash people, if he weren't the SHSL animator he could not brainwash people, ergo brainwashing = part of his SHSL talent

You forgot one

Naegicchi didn't realize how lucky he is to be straddled by Asahina like that.

>an automatic feed that is modified by junko counts as mitarai using it

>yfw I watched the latest episode from Hope, BC


The suicide video was made by Junko, not Mitarai.

How would the bracelets be able to tell if Mitarai used his talent?


"I will not let the Kamukura Project go to waste"

>so good at anime, he can brainwash
>Might as well be SHSL Hypnotist

This is as stupid as it sounds

Thanks, I was looking for this one

Same way it could tell that the Drug slut shadow was being stepped on


Old man has some fucked up views on how to bring hope to the world

How can the bracelets tell if what just hit Asahina was an elbow or a fist? How do they read if Seiko's shadow is being stepped on? How can they tell if nigga doesn't look away?

Don't worry about it

Couldn't Seiko have nullified the sleep part of the bracelet? I mean unknown poison is probably much harder to formulate an antidote to but blocking a sleep inducing chemical sounds like a lot less trouble for a super pharmacist.

Dangit ronpaul deserved better than this

Sasuga, Kodaka

Why don't the bracelets have some sort of anti-removal protection measure?

>Hope episode
>It was all a dream/anime


Will Hajizuru do anything this Thursday?

0% chance of death
0% chance of redemption

>Hope's peak is going to end and we never got a Naegi-Nagito interaction.

You're not allowed to tamper with them. I think Tengan just assumed no one was as crazy as Our Boy Juzo



N-next episode. For sure!

>this thursday

Why do people even like that slut? She was the most boring character in the series

If you want to go even further.
DR3 was supposedly an automatic system the whole time, so how the fuck did the super specific NGs even work/activate without someone doing it?

Is it going to be another despair episode or a future episode?

Self insert waifu fags. She's the girl with the most screentime in DR1.

Where did all of those Izuru 2.0 fags go?

It's gonna be Hope, you blasphemer.

Lets name the only good things to come from DR3
>Class 74 trio

That's all I got

>he could have just given the phone to Naegi right at the start and solved everything without any infightning
Look, I enjoyed the anime, so i'll just stop thinking before my enjoyment starts to get hurt.

The rapist

>Hope episode
>Nagito shows up

I liked most of the cast. Class 74 is a bit overrated though.

I just want to tuck her in every night.

This enigma

>this thursday

Tell them, Byakuya

Lets name the only good things to come from DR3
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya

Anything else?

You cannot deny they were the most entertaining bunch though.

What have they been doing the entire time?

What the fuck was up with the mask anyways


Watching TV, clearly

Reminder that this was made before we even saw the body.
>You cannot deny they were the most entertaining bunch though.
Sure I can, because they weren't.

Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu

Literally just watching shit on their computer.

Space Neet going to space for no reason

His gimmick related to the Gozu, a Japanese urban legend about a man with a cow's head. Apparently, Kirigiri is enough of a wrestling fan to honor his gimmick after death


Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu
>Space NEET doing what we should have done and fucked off


fuck off chiaki is even more worst than her

>Every doors
>Both Munakatanas
>CURE W-chan

In what way?

Yeah and Chiaki is dead too.

Gozu literally means cow head in Japanese. Although it's possible it's based on the urban legend, I guess. I've never actually read it.

>danganronpa has a canon afterlife
>it's a movie theater


>Video game series gets an anime
>Gamer character is brutally killed in the longest torture sequence in the franchise
>Anime revealed to be the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems
Really gets the ol' noggin moving


Why do you think his bracelet even actually works, given the contents of Tengan's plan relied on Mitarai succeeding him as the leader of the world's hope? It'd be smart just to put a dud that scares him away from doing anything that could disrupt the plan.

The only thing that was an objectively bad decision in D3 was Mitarai as a character. Despair just being the result of watching a video instead of psychological manipulation really retroactively cheapens Junko.

Well Cred Forums is the best board on this site while Cred Forums is the worst so it all makes sense.


fuck I got it backwards


Chiaki's execution. Finally we had one more brutal than Leon's.
It was also pretty sexy in a way, how the rods went right through her tits. I wonder if they pierced her nipples and if it tickled.

So what was the deal with Fuyuhiko's sister?

She didn't do shit. She kinda just died and it didn't really affecy anything or anyone. It feels like she died just so one of the Danganronpa 2 cases could happen.

Kyouko's birthday is exactly one week after Hope side.

Why did they tease DR2 stuff last week?

It affected Hajime; he was going to enter the main building to ask for clues before Juzo punched his shit in, remember?

If he's so great, how come he's dead?

Also, the joke in that picture is lost because it was made between Future 2 and Future 3, before we knew he was dead.

I will forgive 90% of this anime if Togami gets ready to reveal shit, and then he forces Naegi to figure it out

They've been teasing DR2 since forever. Remember Izuru's "How boring" line, when they were getting to the island? That was like 6 episodes ago.


Pretty dumb that it somehow mattered more to Hajime than it did to Fuyuhiko, Peko or Mahiru.

Oh right, that happened.

What are you talking about?

Her chest was remarkably unscathed until an arrow pierced her sternum. Which is in the center of the chest and is neither boob.

Her rack remained untouched even when she got stabbed by a million spears.

Can someone edit this appropriately for this show? Like, put Mitarai's face in here or whoever's more fitting?

How can they fucking end this serie with a cliffhanger?

What is this "CONTINUED" IN HOPE shit.

Fuck everything. More mad than panty and stocking ending.

Peko murdered a bitch over it. So it was obviously enough to kill over.

Also, why would Mahiru care that her bully got what she had coming?

So does this foreshadow anything or what?

Because it'll be in hope

He likes getting penetrated

>future 12

>So does this foreshadow anything

I could've made a case for truth bullets from Naegi/Hinata if they were bullet wounds, but I have nothing for arrows.

Are you for real right now?

Watch the episode, this hope video isn't a good thing and it wouldn't have stopped the game.

he uses it he dies



That's assuming Tengan was never going to kill him for "breaking his code", and he'd probably kill his successor if they couldn't follow one simple order anyway.

Reminder that Kibou-hen is a half hour.

I hope he broadcasts the suicide video instead.

>what are ad breaks

Cameras mounted everywhere?

People keep forgetting that he's a chicken shit through and through until finally he was like "FUCK THIS, I'M DONE!" and just unleashed his powers

Still don't know why Tengen didn't just steal the phone from him or something

Will there be a movie later

I hope the last episode is a real suicide video and we all die after watching it.

or its an electric warrior porygon that gives us all seizures and kills us


Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu
>Space NEET doing what we should have done and fucked off
>Every doors
>Both Munakatanas
>CURE W-chan
>Chiaki's game over
>J U Z O B O Y S


Go to bed Komaeda

So is "Hope Side" is going to be a new season?

Tengan wanted SOMEONE ELSE to brainwash the world because he's too old to do it himself now.

Not gonna lie, Hagakure swooping in and being a big dumb bro made me smile.

Komaeda is in bed forever.


Did Izuru even do anything at all?

He was despicted as the ULTIMATE BADASS who killed the entire Student Council, but then Zetsubou-hen happened and now we know he was kinda...just there. He followed Junko everywhere and saved her from a bullet, but that's about it. He never did anything important during the most chaotic times and before those.

After this anime, he kinda became a plot device for Danganronpa 2.

probably an hour long special

No. But there will be a new Danganronpa game coming out in a few months and the ending will be buy the game.

Why did they get confused at this part?

Hes AI Chiakis daddy

He was always just a plot device.


Did you miss this post

>an hour long
Even that is being too hopeful

You know why you know nothing.

These threads.

Who IzuruxPeko here

Yeah I did. That sucks.


How do we fix Danganronapa 3?

Nothing about me.

Is Munakata dead?


MC can't remember their ultimate talent
It's Ultimate Despair

If Mukuro was BTFO in one move, Peko would have it even worse.


Or my dual katanas.


I ship them now.

Really don't feel like this is enough, honestly. They need a conversation between Hajime, Makoto, and Mitirai. If that happens they need a decent amount of time allocated to each person, and then the final closing points for them. They'll also need to follow up with Aoi, Byakuya/Weedman, and Kyoko supposedly. Then there's also Munakata. If the ultimate despairs show up with Hajime, then that's even more screen time that needs to be appropriately allotted.

Of course, when I talk about all of this I mean to say that this is the best case scenario that I would want. Realistically since it's only allotted the same time as a normal episode, it's probably gonna be a 15-20 minute long conversation between Makoto, Hajime, and Mitirai, which fine. However then the remaining time is just gonna be Togami narrating a bunch of passover shots of the other characters, explaining their fates or some shit.

Disgusting. Fuyuhiko x Peko is the only acceptable couple with peko


Redoing it from scratch, but with 24 chapters each side.

I've lived this before. Dangaronpa simply can't fit in 12 chapters.

I laughed harder than I should have at this post

Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu
>Space NEET doing what we should have done and fucked off
>Every doors
>Both Munakatanas
>CURE W-chan
>Chiaki's game over
>J U Z O B O Y S
>These shitty threads


So, Kirigiri hasn't appeared for like 3 episodes and with only one episode left, Ryota to defeat, Hajime to kick ass, and Asahina to kill offscreen from blood loss there's no time to shoehorn in Kirigiri reviving. So does that mean she's dead for good? Will we at least see her gravestone in the epilogue because fuck, her death was complete bullshit and yet Chiaki and Juzo both got better and longer death scenes than she did. It's just not fair that best girl got completely shafted. Fuck, Sayaka got as much screen time as Kirigiri in recent episodes and she hasn't been relevant since 1-1. I'm so mad.

Also, with how they only showed Hajime in the last scene I guess we're not getting any post-SDR2 Despair Sonia. Fuck you Kodaka, that was the one thing I wanted to see before the anime aired.

>Munakatana gets all the good animation
Why is this allowed?
Why doesn't he get even more screentime

Despair side OP

>Asahina to kill offscreen from blood loss
Delete this


>sahina to kill offscreen from blood loss
If Juzo is able to walk off a stab wound through the heart i'm pretty sure Aoi can deal with a bullet wound to the leg. Fucking talents and their fucking inconsistent lives

user you know she's gonna appear in the grand-finale.

Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu
>Space NEET doing what we should have done and fucked off
>Every doors
>Both Munakatanas
>CURE W-chan
>Chiaki's game over
>J U Z O B O Y S
>These shitty threads
>Both OPs

Was already angry and disappointed at the episode, seeing him made me even more mad

*unsheathes my katana*
Heh... taste my steel. *teleports behind u*



>mfw Chisa and Junko basically destroyed the world
>that's why they're the only 2 in the theatre

>Both OPs
Future side was good.

But Despair side OP was OPOTY.

It deserves an specific recognition on "good things from DR3".

The last sequence made worth the entire chapter. Togamicchi being badass and weedman being weedman


>yfw Mitarai fought mind hacc with mind hacc

Many are saying of me, “HOPE will not deliver him.”
But you, HOPE, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
I call out to the HOPE, and he answers me from his hope peak academy.
I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the HOPE sustains me.
6 I will not fear though tens of thousands assail me on every side.

I'm inclined to agree, I just didn't want to piss off the people who preferred the Mirai-hen OP

Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu
>Space NEET doing what we should have done and fucked off
>Every doors
>Both Munakatanas
>CURE W-chan
>Chiaki's game over
>J U Z O B O Y S
>These shitty threads
>Despair-hen's OP

It was all his shitty deus ex mindhacc!

How does the Hope Video even work? When Mitarai shows it to Asahina, he gives her an order. When he shows it to a soldier, he gives him an order.

But then every other soldier watching suddenly just KNOWS he has to stop Naegi from interfering. No words needed.

Munakata ditches Chisa for Juzo.

He's like the second worst male character from DR2 just behind of Teruteru.

You arent supposed to think about it

Ibuki will become relevant in the last episode!


I'm looking forward to Hajimeme's reappearance and all
but I'm pretty disappointed that he seems to be by himself. Atleast a couple of the survivors tagging along (Sonia & Fuyuhiko maybe? DR2's endgame seemed to be pushing those two as the game's main trio replacements) seems like the logical thing to do, it just doesn't seem like most of Zetsubou-hen was even worth existing if they're not going to atleast do this.

>having shit taste
>not wanting the pure love that is him and his obviously loving wife

Well that's just a lame excuse for lazy writing, isn't it?


>We will never see Despair Naegi again

Does that mean that Mitarai is going to theatre hell as well?


After the first soldier spread the vid, apparently Mitarai was giving a general order to all the squads through that guy.

Name a male character from DR2 worst than him besides Teruteru.

Welcome to DR3, where you lose if you think.

Yes. When she marries Souda.

No, he doesn't deserve to be with them.

The theatre is reserved for people who basically fucked the world.

Junko fucked society as a whole
Chisa fucked the FF - the one thing that was combating despair, and caused Side: Future

>But then every other soldier watching suddenly just KNOWS he has to stop Naegi from interfering. No words needed.
first brainwashed dude was officer, he animator rule overs soldiers by him

Souda is for Mahiru.


I hope Kirigiri stays dead so she doesn't have to see the horrible ending of this series.

I want Junko and her smelly, ugly simpleton of a sister to MST3K both series

Kirigiri will come and basically fuck Mitarai up.

She knew what would happen, that's why she chose death.

but he was a bro, silly but bro

Isn't the video from the episode NOT the Hope video, but just a regular hypnotism-y video?

So, who's winning Ibuki then?

Ruru's Rurus were pretty good even if you don't like her

Are they putting out an OST? I liked some of these tracks more than anything from the actual games, where are your priorites, Takada.

shit taste

>It really makes me deeply and incredibly sad...
>Which is why I ended up doing it!
Holy shit how COMPLEX is this motive



the characters aren't even that bad, i love them all
don't you even talk he is the best moe boy ever and Sonia doesn't deserve him


Bravo Kodaka!

I'm from the future

v3 managed to be worse than DR3

Save your time, money, and effort

This is something only the original Japanese dialogue can solve at that point. You just have to take it at face value that Ryota was spreading info over the comm network in an effective manner.

Good things from DR3:
>Class 74 trio
>The rapist Miaya
>Our lord and saviour Great Gozu
>Space NEET doing what we should have done and fucked off
>Every doors
>Both Munakatanas
>CURE W-chan
>Chiaki's game over
>J U Z O B O Y S
>These shitty threads
>Despair-hen's OP
>Ruru's Rurus

I bet you any money Chisa was sabotaging his plan, so she invited Mitarai.

Welcome to 10 weeks ago.

They are going to announce 3-hours after the airing finished titled "Happy Ending With 30% Chance of Crystal Ball"

Breaking the forth wall though...

>No Hajime except for a 5 second teaser AGAIN

Fully expecting none of the other SDR2 characters to show up and for Hajime to only get 5~ minutes of screentime max towards the very end

>implying he won't fuck up society with his HOPE anime just as much


>tfw HOPE will end with a shot of every SDR2 character standing in the island
>No shot faces
>We never actually get to know if they were cured or not

>the episode on thursday will be a kelidaskope with the text (buy NDRV3)
>it'll work
That is the power of mindhack.

Tell us user, who is Kaede's love interest?

>hajime shows back up at the end of kibou hend
>says his meme speech again
>roll credits

She and Mikan share Impostor.

All characters are GOAT except Teruteru and Fuyushito.


>browsing tumblr

Probably you fuckign retard.

I'm not expecting the other survivors to show up either. Bums me out because that would've atleast validated a lot of the shit in Zetsubou-hen.

Hinata is in the logo with Makoto for Kibou-hen though, so here's hoping that it isn't just a brief "I'm here, I'm solving everything, now I'm fucking off, ok bye" 5 minute thing

>Sonia doesn't deserve him
Coming from someone who doesn't even dislike Souda
Sonia didn't really do anything wrong at all (didn't actually start giving Souda shit until he was being irrationally pushy and stalker-ish well after she'd made it clear that she didn't see him in that way) and Souda should've dropped the Soniafagging at some point, it got old quickly


He's not gonna user. They'll stop him before the timer reaches zero.

praise hope

Why did Tengan watched mind hacking videos and become despair?

>All of Junko's actions were carefully calculated to create a world full of Hope
Holy shit

Tell them, Naegi.

why not?

He had to make sure it was real

fucking stupid ass anime fucking stupid ass game serieis fucking ukck

SDR2 survivors besides Hajime were universally shit anyways:
>literally perfect Mary Sue who does nothing wrong the entire game
>murderer and criminal who is somehow redeemed because he got his girlfriend killed
>sleazy pervert and creepy loser who shits on Hajime every chance he gets
>a literal retard with zero redeemable qualities, a strictly inferior version of Asahina

How troublesome. Just for this, you merit a double dose of bullying, Precious Precious Flower Saionji!

That's exactly for this kind of mistakes that I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

What anime is this from? I know everyones hates these questions but sorry im a depressed loner who quells his pain with good anime.

2d season of chuuni

Someone replace "despair" with SHSL, and you basically have DR in a nutshell

Now Naegi must stop this HopeHeresy


Im so glad DRV3 will be a complete new story.

This is just too fucking awful.

Chuunibyou S2

You think that Junko was laughing her ass off at all the despair-inducing bullying she watched Saionji go through in this series, Bully-kun?

What the fuck happened to Junko she was supposed to be one of the slimmest,waifiest girls in the cast now she's Galko tier big.

> steal the fucking phone from weeb
> or spent the billions on murder game
Did Tengan secretly hated FF or what?

I haven't been paying careful attention, and only just found about the dr3 anthology. Are there scans anywhere?

Nice bait, Akane is a great big sis.

Don't do it, bully-kun
She wants you to bully her now

This is why I laugh when people say DR2 had better characters. It's literally Hopeman carrying everyone else on his back.

Side:hope is a commercial telling you to buy NDRV3.
Do not fall for conman kodaka's ruse.

I want to marry Mahiru!

>ZE3 is shit
>DR3 is shit

What a surprise.

Akane is near Celes level of missing opportunities to do something good with character

You could say his motives were.... fucking retarded....

>implying it won't all lead back to Junko

I totally want Mahiru to nag at me

>looks at archives of DR threads during the first two weeks of the anime
>the resounding consensus of "man the first two respective eps of Future and Despair are really good! this is looking competent!" posts
>the "we are fucking lucky we are being this spoiled, user. Two series running at the same time! What more could you want?" posts
>the multitude of "Despair > Future definitely. I'm more interested than Future's edge shit"
>the domination of the Saijonji bullying copypasta compared to Juzoboy's copypasta in recent weeks

At what point did despair convert everything, Cred Forums?

Difference is Akane didn't kill anyone. Making her better than half the cast by default

No need for FF in a world full of hope. Might as well have some fun on the way out and fuck over the people who tried to go against you.

Instable like Enoshima is, she would get bored of this quickly. That's why she'll never be a competent bully, because she is relying on pure dumb luck and circumstances 50% of time or even higher!

No, that's impossible. If Saionji is the best Target, one of the main reasons is that she would never enjoy being bullied and would resist every single time!


>entirely capable of snapping everyone but Nidai's neck
best girl

Can't wait for thursday.

She killed Nidai.

> It's okay when I do it with Virtual Reality
> But doing THAT with fucking anime, THIS IS COMPLETE MADNESS!

At least the doujins will be good

>Junko didn't choose her as the killer
>that makes her better somehow

>the whole point of the anime is to give the viewers despair because of how shit it is

Is Kodaka a genius or a hack?

Gundam killed nidai

But now she is despair
And she enjoys the despair of being bullied

What, Gundham killed him.

Though to be fair, Hopeman carries the entire series at this point

So why did Tengan go save Naegi? You'd think protecting the other hopelet who was completely vital for his plan to work would be more important than taunting Munakata about his dead waifu...

The first time

but hopelet didn't force anyone

The entire point of NWP was giving them a choice, fucking retard.


He orders the soldiers to spread the word.

You have a weird definition of kill.

90% of the doujins will be Munakata/Juzo, Jin/Fedora and Mitarai/Naegi

>Chuunibyou S2
sorry my lonely friend, only S1 is good

This was all just a stepping stone to hope (v3)

I know you are shitposting here but Mitarai's crap literally turns people into puppets. The NWP just reversed the original brainwashing (or was supposed to).

He obviously had a grudge.

Makoto wanted to revert class 77 to how they were before Junko happened to them. Mitarai wanted to turn people into something different, completely remove despair from them but leave them with nothing but hope. One of those acts isn't very humane.

There's a difference. And class 77 did the VR thing willingly, at least at the end of DR2 they accepted going through with the rehab process.

No, Saionji is still Saionji. She is still the same as before, therefore, she needs to be bullied.

Her behaviour didn't really changed, after all.

Newfag detected.

Pretty sure all the doujins will just be Kancolle, Touhou, and Granblue.

If you engaged in cock hero with Junko who threatens an execution if you finish before the threshold, how long would you last?

So the future foundation was:
>People out to brainwash the world
>Despair/Manipulated or Blackmailed by Remnant
Chisa, Munakata, Juzo, Robo Monaka
>Plotting to overthrow and seize power
Candygirl and boyfriend
>Carryovers from game 1
Asahina, Kirigiri, Naegi

So the only actually decent people were Gozu, Seiko, Bandai and Fedoraman?

Post art.

Cock hero? Is that like guitar hero?

>you will never dismantle that face with a sawed-off shotgun
why live

>godfuckingdamn you Mitarai I went to space to avoid this shit

So the extra mysteryman who kept the survivor numbers up too high this whole time actually was Weedman? Seriously?


This is your final boss tonight.

>you will never get those hours of life back from watching re:zero
why live

For the other guy who wanted this.

wtf I like Hope now

The survivors are not bad people just because they are carryovers.

Gozu, Bandai and Boozeman were decent people. No matter what the reason was, Seiko still went full retard and tried to kill Ruruka and Dewicious Sweets.

>chews every piece of popcorn without eating a single one
Truly despair-inducing

What a qt.

Just to show too many newfags watching shit.
Meta shit has been around since ages.

Why didn't they just make him the SHSL Nuero Psychologist or something. Why does an animator have control of such devastating mind hack magic

>tfw we will never get a bonus commentary track where Chisa and Junko are just narrating the entire anime

So Tengan didn't actually know Chisa was a Despair? He got her killed thinking she was innocent? What an asshole.


This guy summed it up pretty well.

Re Zero was a better show than Danganronpa.
EMT was a better waifu than any of the Danganronpa girls

Every Ultimate can Mind Hack with their abilities, but not many were dedicated to do that.




That was just a guy watching the episode with shutter shades.

>EMT was a better waifu than any of the Danganronpa girls
Don't fucking start that shit you fuck.

That's what it looks like to me. The hypno vid takes like 3 seconds to take effect while the hope video apparently takes half an hour.

typical re:tard

>Yo Mitarai-Kun, can you lend me your phone need make a call real quick
>lol tricked hope


What reason would he have to believe it was even on the phone? Or that it was even completed?

From my interpretation. It seems like Chisa killed herself on purpose.
>starts to sabotage Tengan's plan
>invited Mitarai
>threw the gas grenades
>put the bangles on everyone
>then to avoid suspicion and maximum despair, kills herself

She essentially is the true mastermind behind Side: Future, because she caused it all to happen.

DID SOMEBODY SAY [Thunderfury, Blessed War of the Waifufaggotry]


>now she's Galko tier big
You say that like it's a bad thing.

I want gyaruko to oshieru me another season

How would Hiyoko react if I rubbed her budding mounds through her flimsy kimono?

Hopefully we'll get one after the OVA.

It was done to get him to drop his balls and either complete or use his ability to create hope.
Whether the video was done or not wouldn't matter anymore because Mitarai would have the conviction to complete it and achieve world hope.

Her little hills are not for rubbing




The Killing Game wasn't being broadcasted to the entire world. As long as Mitarai learned out it's existence, does it matter if he uploaded the video right afterwards or in a month?



She exists for strangling and yelling for revenge and mercy!

What if I stuck my tongue in her mouth and sucked on her lips?

how many games is this anime right now

If you want to see the future of Japanese fiction just imagine a guy with glasses ranting about how complex his motives to brainwash people are... forever

I don't think i'd appreciate that because I am her husband. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

dumb frogposter

I thought it was established that Mitarai wasn't supposed to be part of the killing game.

But Saionji isn't married! Just because you watch her daily show dancing, doesn't really proves your point!

And besides, she deserve being bullied every day and nothing will convince me otherwise!

Serious talk.

Why did Tengan go out of his way to save Naegi from Munakatana?

If he wanted to force Mitarai's hand, nothing would be more effective than the ultimate hope being killed by the OTHER Future Foundation hope.

Also, why the fuck does Naegi think that he's not despair when he outright states that the sadness he would feel from watching the FF destroy itself is why he set up the game, and SMILES WHEN HE SAYS IT?

These motives are just too fucking complex for me.

They got hope hacc'd just to keep them out of the finale.

Install asian fonts, retard.

What were they watching on the TV before that

Hiyoko is my own private dancer. I won't share!

>Why did Tengan go out of his way to save Naegi from Munakatana?
I'm pretty sure he wanted to settle some stuff with Munakata

They didn't get hacc'd, Mitarai said 'in half an hour this will happen' and it showed a montage of what it would look like.

It takes half an hour because we need to give Naegi and Hajimeme time to waste half of the final episode talking him out of it.

> The sadness he would feel from watching the FF destroy itself is why he set up the game, and SMILES WHEN HE SAYS IT?
Tricked, it was a lie to push Mitarai over the edge. He just pretending to be despair.

Disappointed that Tengan didn't dressed up like Junko

Hajizuru's gonna destroy the broadcast station. SURELY that will save the world.

No, she's mine.

Shouldn't the train be a snail?

>why the fuck does Naegi think that he's not despair when he outright states that the sadness he would feel from watching the FF destroy itself is why he set up the game, and SMILES WHEN HE SAYS IT?
Naegi became observant and smart as hell after Kirigiri died for some reason.

Maybe he thought Naegi surviving would somehow lead to Mitarai surviving. After all it would be pointless if Mitarai died as well.

13th is still missing

13th is Killer Killer, he just hides somewhere

He's gonna hijack the video feed and give the planet a big dosage of FUTURE.

13th is a non-entity. Will probably only show up in Killer Killer to explain their absence.

Chisa most likely invited him so he could join the FF in the Final Killing Game

Is that seriously what we're running with?

Wait, I know, I bet that his REAL motive is to have the REAL ultimate hope, Naegi, do something ridiculous that will make the whole world feel HOPE by defeating Mitarai and uniting the remaining members of the FF.

He also got to wipe out Chisa, as well as Candyslut who was planning to stage a coup. Also he killed the nigger because he's a former KKK member.

But you both can have her! But only after I done bullying her! Poking, kicking, throwing into the pool, humiliating, blackmailing, or just pulling her cheek in all directions.

She would need to pass her nerfs on someone after that before getting bullied the very next day, like usual!

it's too late for me bros

>the series ended without ever revealing the mystery participant

Yea, he wasn't. It's probably why Tengan sticked close to him for as long as he did.

Well, his waifu did die for him. He's going all out now.

too bad Souda a cute and did nothing wrong

>Hope side

I just want this fucking ride to be over

What's his plan then?

>Hajizuru uses his form of SHSL Animator to overwrite the HOPE anime with a FUTURE anime
>it's the 12 episodes of Side:Future we just watched

They only interacted for like 5 minutes before he exploded though.

>that picture

desu I'm glad he was the mastermind and not Junko.

>not something real spicy like Hagakure and Komaru

I know but this hope has taken its toll on me
and I have no choice

>watching the whole thing
>no emotions whatsoever
>walks out before the HOPEFUL ending
What a bitch. I'm so glad she's dead.

Did the Kamukura Project go to waste?

did you miss munakata explanation at ep5 that the remnant need naegi alive so he can pretend to be one of hero when games end?

She's coming back for the finale user.

Because she already knows how things will end.

>yfw HOPE loli satan flys back and lands on him by mistake


Literally only the dead can know peace from this despair.

>after sending the world to shit, saves it by landing on the broadcast station and destroying it
I'll take it.

>Chisa is actually leaving because she's gonna reveal to Naegi she was the one who inspired Tengan

On a scale of 1 to 10, how mad would you be?

I mean, he probably already figured that out.

definitely seiko

If I can get one shot of Chisa pulling a cheeky little grin before throwing the gas grenades I'll be satisfied.

Why is Hinata the only one on Jabberwock Island? Where did Kazuichi, Sonia, etc go?

She'll be in the HOPE episode. I know it.


They went back into the pods

Working as SDHS Housekeepers.

>Shit, someone used my bullshit mindhaccs to mindhacc the world into destruction
>Better use a different bullshit mindhacc to mindhacc the world

Because if Naegi dies too soon, Kirigiri lives.

I still can't believe how fuckable she is.

What I don't get is how the video that makes you kill yourself was just Monokuma theater. I saw lots of Monokuma theater during the games and I didn't fall into despair and kill myself.

What's so unbelievable about it?

What makes her so fuckable then?

How could one man be so great?


>so did you like it, Chisa?
>I give it 2 out of 5 despairs, it was shit

Am I alone in loving Junkos cartoon smile?

>Miayabot's real NG code is still a mystery
>How Monokuma was able to interact with Usami is still a mystery
>The person who was piloting the helicopter that shot at Weedman is still a mystery
>The whereabouts of the gun Izayoi found is still a mystery

I find it surprisingly despairful that I know what you're talking about

How would you make DR3 good?


You are implying someone actually look at the monitor through the camera, but no

Considering the Hope video fucks people's brains up even worse than the Despair video it's probably a good thing he kept it to himself.

Mitarai literally turned into an smt lawfag
He's gonna cleanse the despair by brainwashing everyone to worship hope

I'm in love with all Junko's smiles.

Not at all. It really sells how goofy and silly she is, the best addition DR3 ever gave to a character

> Miayabot's real NG code is still a mystery
The same as fake one, user.

From the way Mitarai was talking about it, it erases people emotions and personality and pretty much turns them into living robots. Guessing the 30 minute version is just to make the process permanent and irreversible.

Mitarai is literally that kid who dropped out of high school to watch anime all day
Oh wait...

I played one those once. Too bad they're no longer popular/good quality



Because he didn't? The whole point is that Hope is worse than Despair ever was.

don't tease

post it all

Mukuro's the cinema usher who cleans up afterwards

The robit turned right without the bangle activating.

Obviously the poison from it wouldn't do shit, but it should still have made the noise and everything if her NG code really was turning right.

What was the original hope anime Ryota was talking about?
The one that looked like a ghibli movie.


Is she still under brainwash even after going to hell?

The theater is Hell. Mukuro is in Heaven.

That's the one that died when she got her head messed up.

But teasing is all I can do! It's my entire existence!


Mukuro will never get her happy ending.


That's an unbelievably good pic.



Maybe Kodaka just hates Mukuro.


so who's the 16th participant? it can't be hakagure - and if he is I hope they off him in the hope-arc episode. and who was controlling the helicopter?

and pls don't reply with delta

It's easily one of the best to come out of DR3.

Not that it had much competition, but still.

0/10, not even mad.


Whats is she doing in that pic?

A blue faced guy who got mind hacked.

I rewatched the first 11 episodes and it made me realize I like most of the new characters, except Ruruka. Seiko was an angel who didn't deserve her fate.

There never was a 16th participant, there only was a 16th survivor, which was Weedman.

The new characters were good and its clear Kodaka had a lot of input here rather than the plot.

Hopeman hiding in a closet along with Killer Killer, Chiakizuru and Kirijunko.

yeah but whats the point if all of them are just gonna die besides the shittiest one

to bring you despair lmao


It's danganronpa, m8.

Monaka killed the guards, it's not hard to believe she had some monokuma servants patrolling outside the building with helicopters too.

Why's that user?


Danganronpa never had either of those.

Hail Despair

It's gotta be Tengan with a little Mitarai on the forehead.

I still think Izuru saying "memes", would sum it up better.

waiting for my husbando to save the day

But we might see Double Hope Naegi



I think I'll do the same.


Those Psalms