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Let's unveil the secrets of the universe with Saki!

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this picture makes me so hard

the look in their eyes, you just KNOW they banged

Kay is known to be THE most hung gal in Girls und Panzer, possibly one of the biggest in the world. her cock has been described as "like an evian bottle", with gargantual thickness that would rival shane diesel and shorty mac. im estimating her size to be at least 8.5" bone pressed, with OVER 7" of girth. She would have absolutely destroyed Darjeeling's pussy.

they would have spent hours and hours on foreplay, getting herself wet enough just so she can take it. i can just imagine her begging for it, with Kay barely able to force it past the knob, and Darjeeling moaning and squirming, demanding her to force it in deeper. she would have orgasm'd within seconds of taking the entire length, being filled and stretched right up to her cervix.. the orgasm would have been powerful, with her vaginal muscles clamping down on Kay's throbbing monstrosity, her whole body quivering in euphoria...

Ai ai ai!

Daily reminder Darjeeling is best commander, Miho fags BTFO

>Let's unveil the secrets of the universe with Saki!
What is the context of this?

Reminder that Darjeeling's strategy didn't work against Maho and Miho's did.

Miho is best commander, if you say otherwise that means you have a deathwish.

I want to kidnap Reizei-chan and force her to love me.

Darjeeling used the exact same strategy as Miho and lost because Maho got lucky.

I love my mommy!

>Darjeeling used the exact same strategy as Miho
In a slower tank not suited for it

>draw one character
>call it three
why is this allowed

Gomoyo > Sodoko > Pazomi

Pazomi > Sodoko >>>> Gomoyo


>he can't tell Sodoko, Pazomi and Gomoyo apart
Sodoko > Gomoyo > Pazomi


Sodoko > Pazomi >>>>>>>> Gomoyo

Darjeeling is my wife!


Darjeeling almost won, the round hit at an odd angle and bounced off the side of Maho's turret.

Gomoyo is a shitty moe character with Sodokohair.

At least Pazomi is like Saki, but with cute short black hair.

Sodoko = Gomoyo = Pazomi

I want Darjeeling to serve me a fine British meal, prepare me tea prepared in a British fashion, as she serenades me with a classic British song.

So it's Assam's fault

I want to break the Sodoko.

>classic British song

Darjeeling is classier than that and only listens to the classiest of British music.

Cute couple!

I want to force Yukari to learn about Submarines and forget everything she knows about tanks!

What political party do you reckon Darjeeling would vote for (asking for Brit/pol/)?

Darjeeling doesn't know anything about politics, she is far too invested in Senshado, Tea, and famous quotes to have the time for such drivel.

The "Join USA as a state" party

Conservative, and she also voted for Brexit.



>More like the USA joins Britain


Why would that happen? Usually the smaller, inferior, weaker state joins the larger, not the other way around.

Holy shit my dick.

None, because she's a bloody jap.

"I'll let you keep them if you give me back those islands."

Darjeeling is a fraud who got lucky twice. Prove me wrong.

Miho is a fraud who got lucky in the tournaments due to pressure of losing the school prove me wrong

I come bringing more Anzu renders.

I thought it was pretty cool how she got Katyusha to take a bullet for her.

The Movie was the most emotionally charged action packed two hours to come out since Saving Private Ryan. Prove me wrong.

Anzu should render herself a better chest

How many actual friends does Darjeeling have?

after the movie? probably everyone there

What islands? I don't know anything about the islands

Anyone reading Ribbon-Chan version?

no bully pls

Pretty mean really. Prez has a wonderful body.


Petite girls with small breasts are love.
So are mature girls with large breasts and child bearing hips.

Wonderful for ironing clothing on, or for other good uses for a perfectly flat surface

What about otherwise petite girls who have childbearing hips?

wrong pic m8.

Saori isn't fat like the memes say, but she's definitely not in the petite category

Nice job.

I wonder if that's a potato flavored ice pop?


The only possibly canon chubber is Piyotan. Saori is just slightly thicker than the average Guppie.

OK then.

Why chuuni always have nice butts?

The Falklands?

Is she fucking a bean with legs and a dick?

>No fluff allowed

Is that GuP game in Tabletop simulator?


They are made to be sexualized.

This render came out really well. Saori is always so beautiful.

>Rin a cuck
Suddenly she seems that much more interesting.


I forgot some of the transparencies I added in the big version, here's the fixed one.



I didn't know Klara also creeps into Katyusha's room to slurp on her pussy.


Very constructive comment, nice work.

Erwin is so cute, and she is also my wife!


I want to swap places with Boko.


>Erwinfags not killing each other on sight

Times are changing. For the better.

I want to be bokoboko-ed by both Miho and Arisu!

Shiho is now your wife, Miho and Maho have not yet been born. Shiho instead falls pregnant with your child, what changes?

Sharing is caring.

Everything would be much the same, except Maho and Miho will look even prettier and be huge fathercons.

Is that even possible?

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


Da-dang is Emiracle of the universe.

how can the darj be so cute

They are all trying to imitate me, but the original is always better than dome shitty copies.

You can't even spell properly, the other guy uses better images too.


Face it, the original hasn't been copied, he's been improved.

Arisu just sent me this.


Is it against the rules to field self propelled artillery as a tank?

What a coincidence, her mom sent me this.

I couldn't give a shit about your internal conflict nerd, I'm just pointing out your the worse poster here. You make the same post every thread and never anything different, you're less dedicated than the other one, simple as that.

Wouldn't be hard to one-up him though, he only makes a single post per thread as well, he only has the advantage of a new cute image each time.

Would you watch an 80's spin off of this with cold war tanks? T80's vs Challengers vs Leopards etc

I'm going to spread Saki's gates of truth wide open. She's so cute I want to carry her on my shoulders and hop up and down until she gets sick.

>Saki will never show you what's beyond

>I'm going to spread Saki's gates of truth wide open.
Is that what you call her vagina?

Let's not get graphic here.


That's the point, but you wouldn't understand it, since you don't share my devotion for Erwin.

>Saki will never own be the host of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
>each episode will never be 45 minutes of non-stop videos of space, stars, distant planets, with her saying something somewhere at the 30 minute mark, then more videos of space, stars, and distant planets with playing in the background

I want to bleed for her and because of her.

I miss sealposting.

Why does't Darjeeling swap her Churchill for a Centurion, like the autistic girl in he movie?

user that dog's legs are broken take it to a vet.

Fukuda's grown up.

It's a rare merdog.

Is it wrong that I do as well? Seals are incredibly cute and I love to look at them, despite the thread associating them with Saori a while ago.

This one always makes me feel great ever since someone posted it here:

I posted it.

Then all I can say is thank you.


It's because St. Gloriana don't to break up with their tradition of using slow, well-armored tanks.

There's no luck in senshado, only skill
And going for the front rather than for the rear

>dat /ak/-worthy captcha

> Maho and Miho will look even prettier

Think on Yukari's and Erika' hearts, user. There is a limit about how much Nishizumi hotness they can handle.

>miho and maho would be even prettier
No offence, but I would say that Mr. Nishizumi propably have better genes than you.




Well, here's this. Tell me what you think.

>draw one shitty character
>call it three shitty characters
It's even worse

My autism has ascended to a new plane of metaphysical thought and awareness, thank you.

Fuck you.

Why is she so weird?

>I finally bought an anko team shirt
This isn't interesting at all

You're welcome fellow seeker. I pray that you find the truth soon.

Both Saki and Miho are perfectly normal persons.
What do you mean, user?

Momo is so lonely now.

Won't you help satisfy her, user?

Wow, a good Momo, what is this sorcery?

That's a lewd Momo, the only thing that Momo is good


the fang

Erwin is ugly and she is also shit.

Well, she's got to earn that funds somehow, right?

Erikafag detected.

Completely rude and uncalled for.

how the hell was Nina able to carry that Ammunition?

hnngggg 10/10 would impregnate

With GUTS. Or a mix of krokodil and vodka.

A mixture of soviet spirit (also called vodka) and fear of gulags.

Your presence is completely rude and uncalled for to be honest.

She is a superloli from Nonna's Loli farm, same for Aki


Shut up and give Gibraltar back, you cunt.

Why is Alice so lewd?

Talentless hack who sleeps her way to the top.

I think it might be luck granted by sacrifices to her Boko god.

I want to comfort Momo, its not easy being dumped. I'd make sure to fill her belly up with thick, warm cum. I'll kiss her while I fill her up, as to also fill the hole in her heart as well. As I finish ejaculating inside of her and our tongues finally unwind from one another's ill ask her to marry me, and I'll promise to stay by her unlike the last man she had.

Once we're married I'll come home to regular blowjobs and make-out sessions on the couch, with the occasional fuck. She'll fall pregnant in just a few short months of us being married and we'll finally settle down after that. Years later I'll put on the afternoon News to see Momofag was hit by a truck while working one of his 6 part time jobs, I'll shake my head in pity and go about my daily life.

I for my part like both.

Can anyone translate?


How many old Japanese dicks did she suck to get where she is?

I wish this was a legit troll-translation.


>Maho lost Miho to the Smug.png


Sentai Filmworks Licenses Girls & Panzer Film With Theatrical Release Plans

I hope there is a Maho / Bakaroni / Caesar one.


Maho needs to learn how to smile.

I want to give Maho an ahegao.

Fucking gluttons


>9 months of anal sex
I take responsibility for both.

anyone got the full version of pic related?

You're such a good son.

I've finally decided: I'm not picky, I just want to cram my dick into a Guppie's ass.

fug :-DDD


They're all used goods anyway, I've masturbated to all of them.


Even to the boys?

If he didn't then he should start right now.


I want to have several minutes of consensual sex in the missionary position with Darjeeling, then drink tea with her in bed whilst moaning about the weather and the EU.

Saki? Literally (higher-functioning) autism. She's like a textbook case of Asperger's.
To be fair, Yukari seems to fit a mild case of Asperger's as well.


CYOA pls go and stay go.




Pay respect to Mr. Garupan


Darjeeling utterly destroyed her.

She talked about real proverbs and strategies and Miho just talked about keep firing.

She had her on the ropes the whole match. All she could do was bitterly smile while she was losing. It was embarrasing for her and the Oorai school.

Almost all fags agree except for LOL (((Mihofags))) agree

Darjeeling dominated

I want Arisu to give me a Boko anal plug.



And then Darjeeling found her master.

B-but i'm not a pedo



She should not be that lewd

Girls und Panzer? More like Girls und Peados

Lewder then?

There is like one Loli in GuP, the rest are little boys and an old hag






Enough with lewding Alice


>both eyes open

Is there one of Katyusha?

Boko no Pico?

Sadly, no.

>tfw I like listening to the Boku no Pico theme


Stop, or Mika will stab you


But Miho destroys her on every character polls. Now what Anglo shills?

>Saori being wider

Okay, I laughed more than I should have.

By the point we see here, we are way past 9 months being left, which is beside the point which is that it's not bad to have sex while pregnant until very late

So this is what you do when they ban your /vg/ pictures?



Who is the father of Mika and Alice Shimada?


deeply disappointed, probably

Now... we pump you through the blood refineries, ARYAN.

Prepare for the ARYANDIED!

>tfw Mika will never stab you

With her futadick?

Miho is so cute that she almost redeems this picture for having Erika in it!



In your dreams yank. This isn't the 50's anymore. The only thing America dominates in is military. You've become redundant politically, economically and culturally by your weak, and pathetic leaders and your equally weak and pathetic leaders and culture. Calling America a superpower is like calling the USSR or Britain a superpower.

Wait are Mika and Alica actually sisters? Her mom and Mika basically look and act the same now that I look at it

Fan theories exist and it's been teased by the producers, but nothing's concrete.

They should keep it that way. Fan theories belong to fans, not the official staff

I just want to fuck them in the asshole.

Are you implying it wasn't all part of Mizushima's keikaku?

What is this evidence of Mika Shimada? I'm curious because I think it's cute that they might be sisters

I want to make Emi bear children

>nip tourists donate over 10k euros to Parola Panzer museum because of GuP
As a Finn I'm not sure how I should feel about this

>They linked the Fury Road trailer parody

Rosehip is just extremely cute in general.

Is not mostly because Shimada Fumikane?

>give something as a gift
>thinks he can then take it back

Pedro pls.

I didn't even realize, I don't really follow GuP or mainstream movies.

>Häme News advertises lolis
Sounds about right.

Who's the best pinup Girl?



The hobo

Finns and Japs should just fuck already.

look, momo is yelling again, soon she'll crying too

I hope you'll make an effort to cheer her up knowing this.

What, she never struck you as a bit odd? She shows up out of nowhere in the world's worst tank, says nothing, talks to nobody and proceeds to shit on three highly successful late war tanks then vanishes without a trace. She's keeping her eyes closed all the time and covering her hair, which both match the description. Since she doesn't meet Arisu, like everybody else, we don't know their relationship. And there's that whole Fumikane Shimada thing

i'll pass, since i like watching her be pathetic

Reminder that school council is graduating in The Last Chapter.
It'll propably be the last time we're seeing Momo. What a time to be alive.

It's still rather suspect when all's said and done.

Who is Shimada Fumikane

That was certainly strange how she refused to stay for the victory ceremony. Funny thing is I can't imagine a reason why Mika would have been kicked out of the family. Her mother seems much more amiable



Maybe she ran away of her own free will. She certainly doesn't give off the PTSD vibes Miho does when her sister's around.
I wonder if those Pershing crews even suspected what hit them

Will the Momo bullying ever end? There's nobody to upset any more.

>Who is Shimada Fumikane
The character designer of Sky Girls, Strike Witches and GuP.

>Who is Shimada Fumikane


That would be hilarious but why run from becoming the successor to one of the most prestigious styles in the world to become a hobo? I mean it's almost horrifying to think what Mika would do with what Alice had available. I think it's pretty clear Mika is a better tactician than Alice.

Ah, okay. But is there a common connection aside from the fact he has the same last name of Shimada?

Taking Darjeeling's virginity is _____

>better tactician
Maybe, but don't underestimate her. Making a tank coordinate like that commands a lot of respect, and it did take a cheap trick to bring her down in the end.

It's a stretch but suppose Mika is short for Fumika If she really is Arisu's sister, and they ever met on screen, Arisu calling her by her name with the sister honorific would make a pretty slick pun

Maybe Mika didn't want any responsabilities, just want to be free and steal lolis

>they linked the parody trailer
Any finaboos in here can read whether they know that's not the real trailer?

Let them be. Their bullying can't hurt anyone anymore.

impossible, because that slut is not a virgin

Now I want it to come true just to see a crying Alice reunite with her sister after telling her how much she missed her. It would certainly be an interesting contrast to the Nishizumi family.

They're all replacements for Alice.

Speaking of which is her name Alice or Arisu?

I would be great if they give us that KKM vs Keiozoku OVA, i'd give a lot of info

>Watch Girls und Panzer the Movie trailer on YouTube
They don't know

Alice, so we don't trigger the spergs

What if Alice hates Mika? Now that'd be a nice contrast.

It hurts you, doesn't it?

Arisu and Mika Shimada VS Miho and Maho Nishizumi.

Who wins

Why on earth would Arisu hate her older sister?

The nips can't say and don't say "L" so whatever her name spells out in nipponese comes out as arisu. Take from this whatever you want
If it ever gets dubbed it'll probably be Alice to appeases the burgerclappers.
It doesn't matter, it's the Holo, Horo, Korbo argument all over again, call her whatever

That would make some sense, thanks to Mika, Alice would had suffered a lot of pressure


The Nishizumi have so much plot armor


Maybe she's is angry at Mika for abandoning the Shimada style and leaving the burden to carry it on herself? Maybe they both had an argument which led to her leaving? Maybe Alice hates Mikas eating habits?

Are you by any way saying that Erika doesn't look good in a dirndl?

>When I cum inside her.

I think Mika with an actual tank would arguably be the most powerful player in the series

Eesh that's something I don't want to see. Arisu screaming at Mika at how much she hates her and Mika staying calm but only crying when Arisu leaves

I bet that Mika always steal her pudding

愛里寿 is her name and the characters reads as Arisu
which is how nips would write down Alice (アリス)

Alice is a calm and polite young lass. I think that instead of screaming at Mika she would tell her how sad she is and how difficult it is for her.

By my count, it's 17:76 AM. And you know what that means.

Stay strong, friend. I will always remember your ai.




>when she finds out you got her pregnant

Good job user!

>I think Mika with an actual tank would arguably be the most powerful player in the series

Her Strength isn't in steel or fire, that is what the parasites will never understand, but in her intellect and will.


A tank crew entirely with TCs that should work great

I want to breathe in the air of that tank after about 5 hours of those girls driving around in it.

>these guys are still around


Girls und Panzer der Movie 2.

Mika inherits the Shimada style and gives up her hobo life while Arisu enjoys high school. We get a look at both

I really hope the next movie is about Mika and Arisu Shimada

What if there's a magical girl spin-off called Mädchen und Mahou?

Katyusha stop tempting me with your delicious charmpits

what the fuck man

What are the odds that wandering through Ukraine's wilderness you'd just find tanks like that lying around still?

>Katyusha's armpits
>Katyusha's navel
>Katyusha's hip-bones
>Katyusha's costume

I don't think my dick can handle such sexiness of this magnitude.

something Orange Peoe already did

How about the spin-off Erika and Maho?

>something Orange Peoe already did
with a cucumber and really strong sleeping pills

Sexually Depraved

>Sexually Depraved
Based Finland.

Now I need to open Space Engine, thanks Saki.


Do you load this breach with...








I want to press that shell directly forward, and I think she wants it too.

I can't stop lewding the Garupans. I keep thinking they all have particular fetishes and enjoy fapping a lot. Even poor Alice I imagine has a fetish of just being used. Someone help me.

Unlikely. Both sides would drag them to factory, revive, strap armor on it, and send it against each other.


>I keep thinking they all have particular fetishes
What kind of Fetishes user?

>enjoy fapping a lot.
Who doesn't?

They probably all do have some fetish or another but they're probably all tame with a few exception.

They also probably fap about as much as any other girls.


We know that Eclair has a Nishizumi fetish, and Shizuka.. well, you know.

No, since they also use the Crusader.
Its money, since Leyland is no more, the only place to get Meteor or Merlin spares is from Rolls Royce itself.
And you pay Rolls Royce prices.
Gloriana cannot afford that.

I really want to know how the University team gets their Pershings to do what they do. The GAF was maxed out and there was no replacement that would fit in the hull until Continental debugged the AV-1790, which was not until after the end of 1945.


They are finding tanks still in the Ukraine and Poland user. But they are no longer easy pickings. The ones that are left are either underground, because they sank in mud, or under water.
You would need a magnometer and an Schwimwagen or Ford GPA to find them.

>17:76 AM
That doesn't even make sense user kun.

I don't think you can fight with that. Too late for that.
Personally I've never fapped to a Garupan, but I think that if I've ever done it I would fall into a loophole of fapping to them.

her hymen is made to be broken


thought the same way for myself, long story short, i accidentally the best saori doujin and now i cant stop

Hush redcoat. It can make sense if you have freedom.

Gloriana is known to be rich as fuck and have a whole manner of crazy tanks locked away in their garage.

They use Churchills; Matildas and Crusaders due to the board of directors having huge nostalgia boners for them and those three tanks supposedly embody their vesion of senshadou.

It does if you've got Freedom in your heart, teaboo.


I'd give her my squash head.

What's the latest date a tank can be fielded from? Can they have cold war era MBT's?

Why are Mika and Arisu so cute together?

Also, translation anyone?

>Implying that it hasn't been broken already


Needs to have had a working prototype in the war. Special exceptions can be made for tanks that existed in blueprints before the end of the war and are considered on a case by case basis.

The nearest you'll get to a MBT is the Centurion Mk2


Because it's a shitty arcadey grindfest, but I will concede it looks good. You should play something like Panzer Corp instead.

Because I'm playing World of Tanks.

Because of Filthy Gaijin.

That's what they want people to think.
Their "wealth" to the extent they have it is from NOT spending anywhere near to capacity so they have a surplus every year, even if it means losing.
Kuromorimine on the other hand, when they reach their budget cap- they learn to make more money.

No, thats reality user. It was stated in the databook that they were rich as fuck with a whole load of wild and weird tanks.

My autism evolved into super autism, i feel closer to nature now.

One doesn't wipe her ass and the other one is smelly
Perfect combination

What a man.

Miho: Pain and humilitation
Hana: Kimono sex
Saori: Gangbangs
Yukari: war rapeplay
Mako: sleep sex
Anzu: exhibitionism
Yuzu: futa
Momo: humilitation
Darjeeling: bored sex and taste of cum
Kay: double penetration and casual sex
Alice: rape
Mika: lolicon and orgies
Katyusha: none, but secretly likes bestiality
Maho: normal vanilla sex but would enjoy being triple penetrated by futa Miho's
Erika: double penetration
Anchovy: being fucked while being praised
Nishi: rough large insertions
Yuuki: creampies and gangbangs
Nonna: raping Katyusha in her sleep
Emi: being stuck in the wall and guys taking turns on her without her knowing who is fucking her.
Rosehip: machine dildos
Sodoko, Gomoyo, Pozami: being raped together
Shiho: trying to hide being fucked in front of her daughters
Azusa: little brothers
Saki: her dad
Rest of the Rabbits: onii-chans
Mikko: being treated like a girl
All the Hippos: mutual masturbation
All the leopons: machine dildos and hitachis
Anzio girls: shotacons

The Anteaters are frequent masturbators and have various dildos and vibrators but their fetishes are not special.

Rest of the girls are normal and don't have special fetishes.

The rest are not really special in their fetishes.

What's Alice saying here?

The question here is...

Whom of all girls would fit in an Xration doujin?

Mako, pls

Probably Yuzu and Momo. And probably Mika, Maho and Nonna.

>Special exceptions can be made for tanks that existed in blueprints before the end of the war
you forgot "as long as they didn't actually exist AFTER the war", as in, that rule applie to "paper tanks" ONLY, and not to tanks that were in design stage during th ewar and finished after the cut-off date.
Not nitpicking at you, who mot likely knows; claryfying for the user who asked, who likely doesn't.

>The nearest you'll get to a MBT is the Centurion Mk2
also T-44-100, for all intents and purposes a T-55 (was named "medium" in its time, today considered a MBT)


What is Miho telling to traumatized Erika?
>inb4 something that will get her even more traumatized

Loli Miho: Surprise Buttsex

>you're waifu a shit

Emi: German dungeon torture

I see a lot of people posting about Alice and Mika so here's a cute comic I'm going to dump

Page 2

>not Rapefugee Dungeon Torture
Missed opportunity there my lad.

Page 3

"You have the worst fags."

You have to admit its hot.

Anteater team gets one paper tank that didn't exist in reality but is in one tank game that uses fake designs.

Which tank do you give them?

Page 4

That she'll arrange a threesome with Maho.


>Kay DP


she's PURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erika have some really nice erikas.

Why are Britboos such best girls?

Top tier fetish,sasuga DUCE!

Does anyone have that picture of a pissed off Mika shielding Alice?

>Shiho: trying to hide being fucked in front of her daughters

Hey man I'm a Kayfag too but I like DP too much.

I play it on PS4

Comfy as fuck


I want to prepare some fresh squid and mollusks for Saori!



I want to eat out Carpaccio

I want to eat Miho's delicious spatzle

I want to break school regulations with Sodoko.


Thanks doc

Not particularly. I meant like being fucked while she uses anal dildo.

Hey otoko! Wan sum quick fucc?


You forgot ducks are into ss

Hatefuck with this femlet

Only the who duck

Fap to Sodoko at least once everyday.

O-I for shits and giggles trying to watching 3 people crew it

These are adorable. How can you not like these?

There are gay people out there who don't want to date the Sodoko.

I want to force her into committing sudoku.

O-I existed, user. Not eligile for this one

God damn Mika. Those Shimada genes are generous. I wonder how Alice will look when she's older

Name a better team.


They are lucky frauds. Nothing great about them.

Tyrannosaurus Hana > Chinese salamander Darjeeling


Crazy finns always the best



Saori have kinky thoughts about Panzerfaust.
Miho have panzerfaust with ribbon in her old room which means you can buy Panzerfaust as a gift.

Sawhreefag, you know what to do.

then ok, I assumed it was another guy

Saori a shit

>not Spinosaurus Erika

Saori a cute

Shizuka: killing you after sex.

> All that dinosaur talk

Moo Rah Rah Rain

I'm 5'8 I want to be adopted by Nonna and be breastfed by her so I can grow
and why not share her tits with Katyusha

I want /vg/ to leave.

Got a doll, baby, I love her so
Nothing else like her anywhere you go
Man, Kay is anything but calm
A regular pint sized atom bomb

Atom bomb baby, little atom bomb
I want Kay in my wigwam
Kay is just the way I want her to be
A million times hotter than TNT

>Shizuka and Erika fighting in the pit with Maho and Rin watching and munching popcorn when?

It's all over, but the crying
And nobody's crying but me
Friends all over know I'm trying
To forget about how much I care for you

It's all over, but the dreaming
Poor little dreams that keep trying to come true
It's all over, but the crying
And I can't get over crying over you

It's all over, but the crying
And nobody's crying but me
Friends all over know I'm trying
To forget about how much I care for you

It's all over, but the dreaming
Poor little dreams that keep trying to come true
It's all over, but the crying
And I can't get over crying over you

Hopefully soon, seeing Erika being slaughtered is always a pleasure.


I like interracial

I'd prefer to see Erika and Rin fighting to death while Maho and Erika watch stoically.

What are you doing,Miho? That's your big sisters Erika, not yours.

While i like Erika, two Erikas may be a bit strange.

I know Erika, you want my 6 inches big white cock

Can someone tell me why Mika is angry and what she is saying?

Speaking of which, I have never seen Mika angry. How scary would an angry Mika be?

chocolate only

>Angry Mika

>wanting anything else than Maho

Good joke.

nice bait, but I know Erika only love white guys and Maho


Mika doesn't discriminate!

Will Erika suffer a mental breakdown after Maho's graduating?

Who is she texting and what is he saying to her?

Why is Oreo so cute? she's almost perfect

"Nonna, how do I stop myself from wetting the bed?"

I just asked her for lewds.

Me, and I was just texting her to say that I'm taking her to a fancy restaurant tonight.

What I didn't tell her was that I'm going to propose to her.

>Erika pulls out her father's old Mauser
>starts killing people screaming "you wont have her"

She is reading this post right now.

Bugger, I was hoping to surprise her.

Which guppies other than Katyusha are the worst shitposters in this thread?

>"single father I suppose? I will tell the waiter to bring the kid's chair to your table, oh and by the way or kids menu are nuggets with mashed potatoes"

>"No, she is my girlfriend, just because she's short doesn't mean she's a child, she is a grown adult, and I'm taking her for a lovely meal, so you'll give her the normal menu and she'll have a normal chair."

>"you are disgusting, please leave before I call the cops"

The answer is always Erika

>team refuses to listen to their new commander
>bully her and the school is divided into East and West KMM for the few autists willing to stay by her side

Kaydar, Erikafags, Yukarifags and Erwinfags

Since KMM is basically the Nishizumi's school, Maho will probably regularly be there even after graduating and look how Erika is doing. So, no.

No, we talked about fags a few threads ago.

I meant guppies themselves. For instance, I bet Sodoko likes to lewd post a lot, specifically because it's against the rules.

>so you'll give her the normal menu and she'll have a normal chair
what if she wants otherwise, also I'm sure katyusha will sit in the table next to you and order just a coffee

You are worse than Fagfag. At least he was pure.

I found Emi's fetish

Is Sodoko the most sexually frustrated? Or is it Saori?

I like Nekota but I am going to be upset if I see her shitpost on how much she dislikes [email protected]

Nonna not Katyusha

Ah~ i wanna suck a dick

Oh no! The ship's been raided by this guy and his aerial friends, what do?

I love Miho's "Could you hurry it up?" expression.

An A45 was also built before VJ day.

Saori is well satisfied by her husband. God only knows what lewd acts they get up to in private though. They might even hold hands.

Man the AA guns and blow the planes out of the sky, after which I take Takashi, and throw him overboard.

>very honourable act

How can be a MC so shitty?

AA guns you said?

>tank shelter
I want to adopt a homeless tank

Erika loves the Merkava more than anything else!

She has a name

I can only remember Noriko by name, the others i only know as Slender Duck and American Duck, can't even remember which Duck this one is.

where can I buy a tank?

by having sex with gross old men


While I'd be confused as to why she'd go for the childrens menu and childrens chair, I'd concede to Katyusha.

So Nonna would be obersving my and Katyusha's date, well that's just going to make proposing to her even more nerve wracking, eh, if I'll be too nervous to propose to her then, I'll propose to her later when I drop her off home.

Whatever you say, Momo.

Who's dick?

Please post some transparent pngs

The large duck

Mika on Cred Forums!

give me something to do that

But that's Erika.

I hope it helps.

made a mistake

>you will never see an Anzio detective anime


She's Large duck (pic related)
Her name is Taeko
Slender ducks name is Shinobu
American ducks name is Akebi Sasaki
Norikos full name is Isobe Noriko
I don't know the other 2 ducks full name but then again I know very few full names both of the guppies and IRL

>you will never see an Hana Valentine Private Detective spin off

That's a nice cat


What a big baka.

>[gets dumped]

>"I'm relevant!"
?"Notice me!"

I don't understand the point of Azusa? She was supposed to be Miho's apprentice or something, but they hardly gave them screentime together.

What's wrong with lewd?


Not more than Maho, that's for sure.

other than Saki, I don't remember any of the rabbits names

>masturbates to fags and their waifus
At least he said nice things about me.

>that lazy job on the broom

She's looking at me

Shizuka is my waifu. All others are a shameful dispray.

Saki the cosmic demon
Yuuki the semen demon
Azusa the high priest demon
Karina the ai ai ai demon
Aya the all seeing demon
Ayumu the *PAM demon

Erwin > Caesar > Oryou > Saemonza

That's only because Erwin and Caesar got the most screentime.


why is it black?



This is correct however this user is also correct

Pure in the sense just about all of his stuff was vanilla.

Who is this cute boy?



cute and amazing


Anyone got the link on how to make it?



I just read LA2.

NotDarjeeling was really cute


fuck you lads




Your eyes hypnotize


Dead on my fucking screen.

Is it me you're looking for?


See what user?

I can see it in your smile~



>/ak/ after bump limit

I fucking love you people.

we all have autism


I want to sing Rasputin with Katyusha, Nonna and Clara.


You should get that checked out.

I want to get Darjeeling really drunk and make her sing Iron Maiden karaoke

Besides Mio, Yukari and Katyusha, i really can't remember their voices.