Was this the best isekai or what?

Didn't watch it but i heard it was ok but a bit too focused on being the "edgy" isekai.

It does spend a lot of time mourning the death of a character.

Pretty nice even with all those song advertisements, too bad s2 never. The gang proceed to get raped by orc hordes later too.

>too bad s2 never
Why does this keeping happening to anime?

tfw no anime you ever like will get a S2, but crap like Attack on Titan and One Punch Man are getting it

It looked very nice. I just couldn't get very far into it, because it felt like all the breathtaking visuals were wasted on a boring, tepid story with no real tension or opportunity for emotional investment.

I mean, okay, that one guy died, but literally one scene before that, I was thinking to myself "gee, I'm on episode 4 and NOTHING OF NOTE HAS HAPPENED"

So, I guess it's a spiritual sequel to .hack//SIGN

No, not at all. The "darkest" thing that happens is that a important character dies early on and it becomes a plot point. That's literally it for edginess.

Most of the time it's very relaxed and slow paced. The most common criticisms I hear to it essentially sum up to it being too slow, not generic enough or not having an coherent plot. The first I completely understand. I heavily question the taste of the people who use the second. The third, I think, comes from people overstimating how little is actually "essential" for a work of literature to work or at least be enjoyable

>when your instakill procs on a world boss 50 levels higher than the best party in town and all your gear is still greens

I actully really hate that it was isekai at all.

There was no tangible reason for them to be from another world, other than the author wanted an excuse to drop them into an RPG setting. It's storywriting shorthand of the same ilk as Danmachi or Log Horizon: Anything weird, stupid, or nonsensical needed to push the plot forward? "That's just how the game world works."

They never questioned coming from another world, or explored the idea of going back, or even what brought them there in the first place. It's an absolutely unnecessary setting element that could have been removed by just writing a competent fantasy world in the first place.

Danmachi isn't isekai.

I rather liked how they showed the daily struggle to survive and all of the effort the party had to go through to rescue Ranta after they messed up, but then they pretty much threw all of that out of the window when Haruto volunteers to sacrifice himself and then promptly 1-shots the boss.

No, but it's still built on a similar premise: it takes place on an "rpg world" where things work out like they do in video/board/tabletop games; it's using these as an excuse to justify terrible writing.

Right, that's all well and good but that's not dependent on them being from another world. You could just as easily make them regular citizens of their world who where forced to become adventurers because of war or any number of reasons.

Im not sure if it's a bigger deal in the novels alter on but you really could have dropped the other world stuff entirely as far as the anime was concerned.

Nah, it's pretty meh honestly. The books were boring and the anime was a music commercial.

I liked it a lot

No one was overpowered, except MC at that one moment. A lot of miscommunication and trial and error as expected of anyone in that situation. Also, that wildlife was cute af, those balls of fluff.

It was an interesting contrast to Konosuba which was airing simultaneously.

I wouldn't rank either among my favorite pieces of fantasy anime but they where good to have all the same

The fact they were all weak and it took them a long ass time to kill Gobs was great but then they ruined it by the friends death and them mentioning it every episode to remind us the healer is dead.

You would need actual back stories though. I think the author wanted to avoid that for whatever reason(probably because it makes writing harder)

Not really. Nothing especially complex anyways.

like for example just say they're survivors of a monster attack on their village and with nowhere to turn became adventurers. The relationships wouldn't need to change any at all.

it's a lot easier than explaining how they came from a different world anyways

>mfw he starts hallucinating and talking to the dead healer
I thought it was gonna be a plot point and he starts losing his sanity.

It's a good show, but it does get a bit stuffy and full of itself at times. The pacing also slows to a crawl at some points-

That reminded me so much of TTGL. He's dead. Mourn him for one episode and maybe reference his death near the end, but crying for four episodes just isn't interesting to look at. It's realistic, people mourn the dead ones for a long time, but it's not something you show on screen.

Spill the beans, pal, what does "isekai" stand for? Fantasy world where normal-world people are transported to?

btw guy on the far left dies

I think that was just a way to symbolize his inner dialogue rather than actual hallucinations.

It's all but explicitly stated they don't actually know shit about Manato and more or less just fill in the blanks by posthumously projecting positive traits into him. This is an important part of Haruhiro's act and everything, him coming into his own as a leader rather than clinging into an essentially imaginary role model

Haruhiro's arc*

>Why does this keeping happening to anime?
Because you forced it every time you derided an anime original ending. So now you get nothing. You realize those anime original endings were there to give you some closure right? Instead you derided them, and now look where we are, in a land where almost no adaption ever has a plot resolution

>I actully really hate that it was isekai at all.
>There was no tangible reason for them to be from another world

it would have been better if it didn't have some pretty obvious market pandering in general

Isekai means 異世界.

That actually makes more sense. "Different World".

Thanks pal.

Yume has a nice butt

If nothing else Grimgar at least works as a stand alone slice of life fantasy adventure story. There's no huge looming threats or demon lords to conquer.

The story of the anime can very much be summed up as "this is your life now, make the best of it"

I do agree about anime original endings though. Id much prefer something made up that closes the story out than a cliffhanger. If you invest me in the characters and world Ill read the books or manga for that. Teasing me with crap and then ending before anything happens just sours me on the whole franchise.

The irony is when the shitty anime original ending is better than the manga ending, like Akame ga Kill or Claymore.

Ill still take a shitty ending over a non ending any day.

Ever see silent mobius? Here's the ending. This pops up as the team goes off to face the epic final battle we don't get to see. The anime made a lot of diversions from the manga already so why not give us a final battle and ending? Beats the fuck out of me, but we sure did need all those episodes where nothing fucking happens

There is always that one guy who doesn't get that he isn't literally talking to a spirit or hallucination of his friend. Did you think Dexter actually spoke to the ghost of his father as well?

Really. I don't get what's so hard to understand. It's not like Ghost Manato was telling him to "Go to Dagoba" or some shit

>There was no tangible reason for them to be from another world
> It's an absolutely unnecessary setting element that could have been removed by just writing a competent fantasy world in the first place
I disagree.

For one: It was a convenient set up. This isn't necessarily lazy writing. The story itself is already very long winded and slow by itself, you may as well cut to the chase. Story elements are tools which are never necessarily bad in and of themselves.

Second, it kind of ruins the point: The story was not just "watch these random villagers suddenly decide they want to become adventurers and struggle to pay their bills". It was a deliberate play on the genre and the audience expectations that come with it

Third: It removes the impact that is essentially following the characters from the moment they're "born" and finding a place for themselves in a new world, because if you know that these guys MUST have had family and pets and childhood crushes you see this as one part of their life which they can fail or succeed at, to then potentially go back to older ways if it doesn't turn out, rather than their literal whole life story. Manato's death was significant despite being so early and sudden because it was the destruction of the one beacon of structure and familarity they had all found and agreed upon, and the only one they ever had up to that point.

lmao what's with his legs



>Healer tried to DPS

I don't even feel bad that he died

It's not edgy at all. It's incredibly uplifting.

Volume 9 summary when?

this desu

Keep your MMO logic out of Wizardry.

He got sniped when they ran away. If it is anyone's fault it's Moguzo's for letting a cloth wearer make up the rearguard.

I liked the insert songs

>For one: It was a convenient set up. This isn't necessarily lazy writing. The story itself is already very long winded and slow by itself, you may as well cut to the chase. Story elements are tools which are never necessarily bad in and of themselves.

What chase? It takes just as much effort to establish them as out worlders as it does refugees. Maybe more so. They're still completely green either way.

You could easily open with them as a fresh party without all the gate way stuff and leave the heavy exposition as parts of discussion or narration. They already kind of did the en medias thing anyways.

If they use people from our world as monster fodder anyways there's no reason to say they can't have so little regard for the impoverished of other countries

>Second, it kind of ruins the point: The story was not just "watch these random villagers suddenly decide they want to become adventurers and struggle to pay their bills". It was a deliberate play on the genre and the audience expectations that come with it

It really wasn't. There's nothing in here where the other world shit actually matters. There is no point. They're only from another world so they can bill it as an isekai when it works just fine as a normal fantasy. Them being bums from either world changes nothing.

>Third reason trimmed for space

That also doesn't change just because they're not from our world anymore.

After they become uprooted and lost they form a band and then start to find a sense of family among them and BOOM dead Manato. It has the same effect. Hell Id argue it would make for more because they'd be losing a person they actually knew instead of a person who was only his job to him as well as one of the last things they had of their old life. Each other.

How do you feel about this song?

Mmmm. Music to my dick

Inb4 pages upon pages of perfect waifu descriptions by the MC akin to Mahouka's MC's little sister descriptions

I want to marry Marry

I think the anime had a good enough ending for what it was, there's no story to begin with yet and it already had a lot of original stuff (which improved on the original), unless you went all original, this is about the best you'd get, it resolved the plot points it presented and left it rather open for more if it would ever happens. Even the way they cut important parts that would be needed for S2, they can just put those scenes at the start of S2 and you could still go with it without a problem, obviously they didn't know if they'd get one and it was very unlikely to begin with. More often than not I think I'd rather have an anime adaptation like this that still sticks to the source but keeps itself contained so it's not like "now read the books" at the end.

This anime is a prime example of why Goblin Slayer needs to be around, to stop retarded noobies like in Grimgar from getting ass raped by the first goblin pack they run into.

well it helps if the books have a "stopping point that works"

Too many though will present a larger goal and never move toward that. Accel World introduces a mystery about what happens when you hit max level, sets it up as the heroes goal and then the anime spends half of its time fighting some random asshole.

Id have rather see that get some original content if only to at least tell a self contained story.

The worst.

You really liked the butts right?

you have to ass?

It was a pretty good season.

The show was good, but mainly for it's design and progression. The visuals were very pretty and fairly unique and the incompetent helpless party is fairly rare to come by as of late.

I actually liked the portrayal of downtime and the struggles of everyday life when you're a poor fuck who can barely get by because your party is just that pathetic. Somehow this lent it a 'comfy' and 'cozy' atmosphere for lack of a better phrasing. It didn't really try too hard to be edgy (fuck you manatee's death wasn't that edgy) and although I did find the grieving to be too long winded it did add to the realism and reinforced the incompetence of the party to the viewer.

I didn't really care for much of the characters individually, with that said I did enjoy the interactions between the party members since it more or less plays out how I imagine a bunch of rejects would interact.

The OST wasn't that bad and tried to fit the scenes, although I did recall the shilling actually hurting a few scenes.

One thing to note is that I think the show was good because it only adapted the beginning struggles. If it were to adapt the later arcs/chapters I think it would lose alot of it's charm.

This doesn't sound like my cup of tea if there's no grand overarching plot

Well, Grimgar ended at volume 2 and that had a pretty meh ending in the novels, too abrupt, it was mostly thanks to anime original content that it was a smoother ending.
But yeah, Grimgar does benefit a bit from not really having a story, it does foreshadow some things in the first volumes but the anime cut that out too. In a way it's good for the anime, but to get people interested in the series and allow people to just pick up the next volume of novels after the anime, maybe not so much.


But that's kind of what makes it stand out. It's focused on the cast figuring out how to survive in a fantasy medieval world. If the cast was overpowered and had to take down the evil No Life King, it wouldn't be any different from SAO, Log Horizon or NGNL.

Please stop making light novel advertisements, anime industry. Finish your series.

The Japanese love to bandwagon popular genres. Then again, I can't say much when American TV is the same atm, I suppose. CW is almost entirely superhero shows, and there are quite a few spread across the other networks as well.

What HAS changed is the new dynamic of fanfiction/amateur authors being signed off to actual light novel deals. So not only do you have the usual genre bandwagoning going on, but publishers latching onto that and flooding the market with revised editions of all those "fanfics".

(Yes, they're original fiction, but I like to use fanfic as a general derogatory for shitty stories people post online, because that's what 98% of fanfics are)

>CW is almost entirely superhero shows, and there are quite a few spread across the other networks as well.

and that's nothing to say of summer movies

I think with America it's far more forced from the top down. Whatever the studios are pushing sells due to the marketing of it. I saw some ad on a football broadcast that was like "THE NUMBER 1 NEW SHOW STARTS SEPT 28TH" or something. But if it's a new show how is it "number 1"? Who decides these things? Marketeers or TV guide or whoever. Certainly not the viewers who have never seen it yet.

Every movie sells itself as the number 1. Even movies that don't so great like say Suicide Squad

>Grimgar thread
>no one has mentioned the word "armpit" yet

Can't be!

It was the shittiest isekai. Its nothing more than SoL of isekai. Boring through out the entirety of it. Also all the characters are idiots who do nothing but irritate me

It was best iseka-ZZzzzzzzzzzz


My precise feelings about Accel World at least. I wouldn't have even minded if they didn't get to the endgame within the anime if it had at least felt like the shit they were doing was making progress to that initial premise.

Up until Episode 10 it actually had substantial momentum.

I'm surprised to hear this. I assumed it was just a really slow paced adaptation of typical isekai shenanigans. So even if it had been a full adaptation we would have seen the same kind of non-ending at the end of season 2?

You got confused by that user confusing post or maybe I'm retarded. The light novel is still ongoing and there would be shit load of things to adapt seeing its now has 9 volumes released.

It was nice change of pace from usual chosen ones bullshit
it might have been slow but story was alright

Seriously. Everything pertaining to Dusk taker was filler. plain and simple. Im not against a episodic show, or a smaller story or even the odd breather episode but you set up this big deal and then just ran around in circles the whole show.

all it makes me feel about LN's is that they're purposely wasting time

>Didn't watch it but i heard it was ok but a bit too focused on being the "edgy" isekai.
that'd be reee zero you dumb fucking cunt

>Everything pertaining to Dusk taker was filler.

What anime fans were saying: hey it seems like you've got a lot of filler in your series so maybe you can cut series down from 26 eps to 13 and just have the plot?
What anime studios did: Cut series down from 26 eps to 13 and just retain the filler with no plot

It is a slow paced series, but the anime was even more slow paced at the start because the first volume is a bit awkward to adapt so they had to spend more time on it to buildup to its climax properly (it took like 8 episodes just for the first volume).
I'm not sure about how the ending of S2 would play out (the series isn't finished either) but the novels do foreshadow stuff like where they came from, in volume 3 Haruhiro meets a girl he knew from his original world and they kinda "recognize" each other and there's some flashbacks to his childhood, but then stuff happens. In volume 1 it also foreshadows that Haruhiro will be involved with the big guys in the series.
I haven't read enough to know how another 12 episodes would play out but I don't think the ending would be the same, the series does start to introduce other things other than them just fighting monster day in day out and going from monster to monster as they get strong, though, at its core, it's still that.

Aaah. You/He meant the individual volumes didn't really have solid endings. Fair.

I'm pretty torn on how I would want any more Grimgar done. I found the slow pace of the anime infuriating, but also really unique and chill. Haven't seen slow paced shit this good outside of Mushishi and Mononoke, but unlike those it did *bother me* that they were being this slow. Maybe my problem is that for all Grimgar's nice art, there's simply not a lot going on in-frame at any given time? Or not enough information, substance, or context about anything that's happening to consider yet?

They were heartwarming stories.

Besides J.C.Staff adaptations, god bless their souls.
Taboo Tattoo doesn't count because it was shit from the get-go.

Its a LN advertisement first than anything. Just google for the translation to see how it goes. The volumes usually ends with cliffhanger or with a breather on how shit went down.

I love Grimgar.

She's so flat chested

This started so well but it never really went anywhere outside of it's war and revenge is bad angle.

It must have been painful to watch this anime in ongoing. Liked the Gobs.

Akame ga kill hasn't even ended yet, and it's so much better than the anime so far.



I found it compelling.

merry is best girl and will win

>captcha was tag pillars or columns
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>I'm forming a column right now

>happened again for this post too
It's a goblin conspiracy.