>best girl got mind fucked


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By the way, if that's your favorite girl, you may not like what happens next.

>Yukina lost

Burn it all, burn it all to the ground.

>didn't the proposal mean anything
Oh, the one YOU turned down? Fucking BITCH!

Ken's jacket is so cool.

The whole proposal thing felt so forced.

I know right. How can anyone pick Yukina over Yukihime?

Well, One's dead and all.

Yukihime is dead for starters.

that's what sexy clones are for

It looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

But Yukina is effectively a clone of her, sharing the exact same DNA even though that should be impossible.

she's also a retard potato

I thought it was possible, just very rare.

Yup, possible, just rare as fuck.

Genes mutate over generations.
I heard it's possible to roughly estimate a blood sample's age by the deviation from current versions of the same genes.

See .
I just googled around a bit and it seems that what I heard about age estimations is correct. But the links I found were rather technical and not an enjoyable read.

Fuck Ken
Worst samurai
Hope he dies again for real this time

Wait for the last episode.

have the subs stabilized for this show? I really liked it, and now that it's nearly over I'd like to finish it up.

Yes, they're perfectly fine now.

>when a girl acts tsundere and gets blown out

If you felt it was forced, it means you know nothing about romance nor communication. Those two already recognized their mind and all they got left was just giving mouth.
Well the thing Akagi did at ep9 was a forced proposal.

No, it was forced, they never really developed the whole relationship between the two outside everyday stuff.
And the whole Akagi thing also makes me mad, why waste time in a whole character that adds absolutely nothing other than being a miserable cuck?
Same goes for the other group of friends.

That time should've been used in the other pilots, hell, i don't even remember the name of the chink lady.

Expected more from Okamura honestly.

>That time should've been used in the other pilots

Except they already had a lot of develop time in 2nd cour, unless you think they need 100 lines to make you understand their relationships.

So this is Otaku average. no friends no communication, learn social things only from Anime. I understand.

I still don't undertand why hime sama, yukina and muetta share the exact same genes.

I have my doubts about it being possible across multiple generations.

Stop samefagging, pilots lacked develpment, that's a fact, litteraly almost half of the episodes was everyday stuff with the friends and Akagi being a cuck.
The could've develop a little more romance between Yukina and Ken-sama if they wanted to ship them, they had plenty of time to do so.

Hime and Muetta make sense. However Yukina must have some alien magic behind her birth for it to be possible.

Likely still possible. It's just incredibly rare, like finding a needle in the sun rare. I can't for the life of me remember the term I've heard for this kinda of case though.

She will travel back in time and become Yukihime.

It's the only logical explanation.

Let me guess, she died.

She won't. Dr Hause already said that Muetta's DNA is old and Yukina's one isn't.

>Likely still possible.
Mutations happen. It's a simple fact.
It's why old people's children have an increased chance of disabilities.

>mind fucked
She's dead user.

Yukina will stay on Earth, Samurai will go fight the aliens. Both are immortal so when Samurai comes back in 250 years they'll have a "and then they had tos of s○x" happy end.

Screencap this.

What is this, Planetes?