Monster Musume

Look at the birb read. Has science gone too far?

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Papi is cute and best girl




Miia is superior

the weak should fear the strong

That snake has a "Dude, what the fuck?" look there.

Yes, it has.

I feel sick as fuck.
Can't Lala dressed as a nurse visit and take care of me?

probably a guide on being a birdbrain

she doesn't need one

I'd take over the world with her

She's just looking at pictures.
Of dicks.

Only 45 days left till the OAD brahs.

Are you all ready for high energy genki, swimsuits, and an expanded story line? My body is ready. With MON showing up too who knows what the story is going to be like.

Will we get a Polt version of the OP? How does Lala even swim? What is Suu going to do in a school swimsuit?

What are the Vol 11 omake going to be?


>What the fuck am I looking at


For her to reap your soul and take it to the afterlife?

Some species of birds are smarter than dogs. What if Papi is just manipulating the characters into believing she's dumb and waiting for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it?

Oh man. I can't wait. I'm getting my copy 5-12 days after release. I hope Suu is going to be extra cute in the OAD, but now that I think about it it's impossible for her to not be cute. Also I want to hear Polt's voice.

What about her forgetfulness after taking three steps?

She's merely pretending to be retarded.

I'm really looking forward to Polts voice. I've said it before but I really, really, want to hear Polt sing the OP. It would be perfect to workout to. Especially hearing her "hey owner"「ね、オーナー」would melt my heart.

>bird eats snek
Oh my.

I imagine her voice being kind of gravelly like a dog with a bit of a growl. I would be stoked to hear her sing the OP and maybe get her own character song (that's probably wishful thinking at least until season 2).

Dude that would be fantastic, I hope they do that. It would be perfect music to listen to on walks and runs.

I'm especially excited since its coming out on my birthday, I ordered it and everything and i cant tell you how excited I am, it's gonna be a great week.

8 extra nipples

I don't think there isn't a person who's a fan of Monster Musume that isn't excited, we might get a season 2 after this if it sells well.

Do you think they'll ever show us all of Polt's nipples?

That could be interesting since the girls will compete with each other and Papi will just take Kimihito far away to a love hotel.

That sounds likely. After all she can just fly him away at any given moment.

Papi is most adorable cutie pa2t
Fak u, miia is second after papi


I'm just building a case for Papi actually being intelligent if a bit nefarious.

I think it's going to be extremely genki, I can only hope we get a "wan" or a bark.

It's gonna be great brah.

Even better.

I think everyone is hype.

It's an OAD so it should be uncensored so I'm gonna guess about 80% chance we get Polt nips.

My penis trembles with anticipation

Who's been drawing dicks?

Gonna be great. I wonder how long it'll be though.
Longer than a normal ep or shorter?

An hour i'm betting

Pretty sure they already said it was going to be the length of a normal episode. But while the anime was 1 episode per 2 chapters, it's 1 episode for 1 chapter. So it's effectively double the content. Also no ads

I'm going to marry Draco!

I know that the preorder is closed already, but where does one go to buy it from

>Miia's face

>holocaust Cerea
Never fails to give me nightmares.

It's the 22 minutes, so it's the length of a normal episode but since it's just one chapter it's expanded. A normal episode from the main anime series was 11 minutes per chapter.

Crab has said we're getting TONS of Polt fan service too. Enough that she can be considered a "main" character for the episode.

Ugh, screw the furry, we barely see enough Lala. And she already is a main character.

>Enough that she can be considered a "main" character for the episode.

Oh baby. This pleases me

Is this Hotline Miami?

>Enough that she can be considered a "main" character for the episode.
22 minutes
of genki
dog tiddies

Just remember it's just for the episode. So about as much as Miia and Cerea get for a typical episode. I feel like this is going to be a big group episode so "main" isn't so much "Polt to the exclusion of everyone else" as much as it is "Polt counted among the main girls for screen time".

>TONS of Polt fan service
I'm not ready for this.

Can't wait for lewd lewds.


hypno horse?

I don't feel like my heart can take it

>TTF successfully tricked crabman into believing Polt is the most popular and in demand girl in the west.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

: ^ ) I apologize for nothing.

Real talk having Polt and the gym chapter be the OVA just makes sense from a narrative and business perspective. Though Crab did say I convinced him Polt was a good character I don't think he's under any impression she's the most popular in the west. Especially after AX

Zombina is the Superior Girl

He thinks you're the only Poltfan

suu is the best because she can be a loli whenever she feels like

An admirable goal.

Good luck, user.

Suu is cute! CUTE!

>some tripfag actually convinced a manga writer that his tastes accounted for the entirety of the west
I'm new here, how did this happen? im not complaining, just curious

I had a dream that I shoved my dick into her inverted nipples

He's a big guy for crab

Can someone link me to the imgur with the subspecies card rips?

That's the power of autism, baby

Man it's a long ass story. Basically I only really started tripping after I started translating the manga.

As for getting into the manga, I made a twitter account since I'm a huge plotfan and /fit/. I tweeted at Crabman (the manga author) and he thought it was cool that I had a Sports Club Kobold tanktop (hence the name) we kept talking on twitter, I translated questions from fans and let him know about goings on in the west as well as translating his comments to us.

I found out about a cameo application thing for the manga so I signed up and he put me in for a minor cameo.

He doesn't think Polt is the most popular character in the west for sure, I told him that Miia and Rach are really popular over here along with the other main girls (gave a shout out to Lala and dracofans too).

That's the quick run down.

This is a much shorter and more accurate explanation.

>Not making the story sound overblown and far fetched
TT, you had an opportunity to tell some bullshit story with twists and love interests and betrayals and an overarching 12 issue arc with a final battle that ends with THE POWER OF LOVE beating the villain
And you BLEW IT

So I have you to thank for most of the translations I read? And thanks for the explanation

As long as your autism gets me more sweet Polt ass, I support it.

I'm just a guy user, a guy who has a thing for a genki pupper.

Only since around chapter 40. I took over for the previous translator from there. Also no problem, I like translating for everyone as well as bringing crab and his western fans closer together. It's all fun for me.

The searching on the Cred Forums archives seems to be down, but search for the username "Draco-Fag" and you'll find it

got one for ya.
no effect layer at all

I'm out of the loop. Why does she look like that tall ghost woman who preys on the little boys?

She's the 'Hachishakusama' or 8-foot tall ghost.
Based on 2chan / creepypasta stuff. Kinda like slenderman.

>8 foot
>Looks like Sadako


So my hunch was right then

Don't get me wrong. She looks cute as a bug; it's just weird seeing her outside of a Kloah sketch

>starts crawling on you making 'Grudge' noises.
>starts unbuttoning your pants

>Especially after AX
Gee, I wonder why... :^)

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

Never supporting the rapist.

Is she actually based on the Grudge?

I usually find her name rendered as hasshakku sama(shorter form of hachi, also because chi+sha is a pain to pronounce I guess?).

no, she just looks similar.

A lot of Japanese female ghosts look similar with crazy long hair.

Why can't Lala get more love?

Japanese has a long hair fetish?

I think it might be based on that one hentai about the huge ghost girl that never got translated.

The hentai is based off the urban legend.



I love Lala!

>What is Suu going to do in a school swimsuit?

Hopefully she gets thrown in the pool and dissolves

>>From the Monster Musume Wiki:
Hasshaku-sama (八尺様, lit. Ms. Eight-shaku-tall) are a psudeo-human species known for their considerable height (eight-shaku) and distinctive laugh ("Po, po, po, po").

>>According to urban legend, Hasshaku-sama are quite fond of children between the ages of 3 to 17 and will stalk and abduct them within the span of several days.
No wonder people like that monster girl from MGE.

They have good taste for once.

Who doesnt like creepy long and dark-haired ladies?

10 nipples
10 slimedongs to suck on them


Polt's fur is soaked, especially where it's the thickest, Suu is thirsty after drying out from her misadventure in the pool.

Must be inconvenient to have a butt on your waist

>ywn ride on Tara's back and stare at that perfect butt

>Who doesnt like creepy long and dark-haired ladies?
Fags like me who don't want to be rapw by a tall lady with long hairs.

Because only very few people has such refined taste like us.

Several of his non-bipedal girls have oddities like that. I'm not entirely convinced that Crabman knows that girls poo, so their butts are functional as well as decorative..

Well you're a fag, fag.

>I'm not entirely convinced that Crabman knows that girls poo

Fuck me thats funny

Update on daki pit miia

Miia user is pretty legit I have to say.

All that Kimihito daki for her to dry hump on.

Is that a Loen?

Who am I kidding? Only Loen gives her snekbooty bigger than Iormu's.

Suu is in fact the best girl

I want to fuck her delicious inverted nipples

Who is that nerd wearing the glasses?

Newt is cewt. I'm going to make her a mother

I'm going to fuck her in her tight, plump ass until she feels like the boy she was always meant to be.

>ywn put your arms around her waist

I think you're all autistic getting so obsessed with a non-character, but I'd totally gingerly trace her abdominals with my fingers tbqh senpai

That autism has paid off in at least two cases.

Y-san from Chiba and TTF

Hyped for the adaptation.

To be fair, I always did want to hug her more than anything else. Poor lass seemed like she needed one

The commissioner.

It's kinda sad that we love a girl who doesn't even have a personality or anything like that.

>Monster Musume gets a live action movie adaptation
>you have to pick a Hollywood actress to portray your waifu
Who do you choose?

>Who do you choose

An arsoninist


There aren't any women big enough to play too.

Ever notice how much 3d scum are drawn to rachnera?
Worst girl confirmed. 3d are attracted to her because she's a cunt, just like a real girl

I always assume that the butts are just decorative and/or muscles for the pedipalps while the actual anus is located somewhere under the abdomen.

Nice b8

This is my swamp.

She also has the objectively best cosplay out of any other Monster-girl.


I dont know why you all get so triggered by this like you're on fucking tumblr but she actually did a solid job on he makeup.

stop the presses!
new headline:
3DPD triggers channers


I want to make love to this bovine with her on top

You better be doing some squats to strengthen up your pelvis area.

Fuck outta here.

Rip hips

Where is the doujin of best girl?

Hell where is her porn? She's got nothing

You can still appreciate the fan effort without wanting to fuck a 3D waifu knock-off.

"keep the costume on, oneesan"

>Gentle giants

Superior Memes

Tio is too pure. You cannot make her lewd without it looking weird.

Fucking TTF

>doing a milk edit for me
Wew, saves me the work of doing it later


How does spooder spaghetti taste, Cred Forums?

they are blood stained threads

Gross, dude.

Just go to an Italian restaurant and order the pasta puttanesca .

Is Rachnee italian?

Miias is the only one who looks deadly. Everyone elses looks delish.


I mean blood stained spider silk. I dont know why i wrote "threads"

Tibetan mastiff kobold anyone?

yeah... why not?
Anybody willing to draw it?

>yfw Rachnee gives you the bada bing bada boom

Wasn't one at AX?

I always hear her with a French accent, but that could be because I think she's a real peach.

Fucking hell, she wasn't that fat. I never would've thought it if you all weren't so triggered by it.

I want to marry this snake.


thanks, user

>/fit/ polt
>landwhale cosplayer.
I just loved the irony of the thing.

>Slime apron best paron

I'd toss Cerea's salad, if you know what I'm saying.

>she wasn't that fat.
I loathe the modern world that has so skewed your benchmark for body proportions.

Let's be honest, though, chubby kobold is pretty good

I'd have her for dinner.

The universe demands you kill yourself as atonement for that abhorrent opinion.

>not wanting a pudgy little pooch


>button nose
You are going to the dark side user, stop.

>That sweat
>That level of pudge

But that's a pussy.

Always will forever hate tall tit-monsters.

No, it's a pooch.

Oh fuck me it's a werecat.

Get rid of the button nose and the legs and I would fuck her for sure.

Who wants to fug a noseless amputee?

Why does the pooch have rabbit legs?

>inferior still image.
user pls.

It's phone can't handle webms.


Do you still help PrettyAnon with stuff Hound?




Fuzzy snek?

I've been drawing wans because class is boring

You should draw a sleepy snek

Any sub group will release the OAD, or are we left by ourselves to try to translate it?

Degenerate furry

where can I learn to become a lamia snake charmer

You should draw an everygirl

No, draw all the boys (that aren't TTF)

technically that could still be the same person. Dop dont care.

I wan(t) to draw heads good as yours, Imp

G'night fellas, sweet fuzzy dreams.

Snek is the worst.
She's not even warm-blooded.
Polt is best.

that was the wrong image

Papi is truly the most patrician wife. Anyone who chooses her is certified to have good taste and a fat bank account.

>Drifting off to sleep in her fuzzy embrace
I need Tara in my life. She's just perfect.

Cute snek

Polt is the worst.
She's not even oviparous.
Papi wa best.

Isn't papi like a blue jay or something ?

Judging by her talons it's likely she's a raptor of some sort that just happens to come in blue and probably other colors.

>just happens to come in blue
Her mom comes on blue, while her dad comes in brown.


Lala? Lala.

When asked. While I was gone Hitomi got dropped, but I'm always game for anyone to ask me to do anything.

>tfw new Hitomi never

Hey TTF!
Would you be willing to ask Crab these two questions?

1: Can Doppel mimic the voices of people she has not heard? Like a character she saw on TV, but did not hear. Does she divine the voice via Shapeshifter powers, or would she have to listen to a person constantly to get the ticks and patterns?

2: What are the odds of getting acoustic versions of the new MON songs? Like what was released with all the other character songs.

I'd have no issue working on it again, just no one to get raws really and then needing someone with enough time to translate it.

>new Smith art
it's a miracle!

looks like the Crab is very sick
praise for him

His Japanese immune system was probably too weak to hold off the superior gaijin germs TTF transferred to him.


He's always sick


Welp I've just read through the manga and finished up the anime. I think I'm on team Papi but Suu is pretty great as well, such a hard decision.

Reminder that Darling is secretly fucking Papi's butt to help her lay eggs and she is his one and only true love

Whats the name of that? I dont care to wrestle with my cookies today.

It's the Papi doujin where she doesn't get raped by a fat man or suu.

I love this bee

Oh yes. Thats a good one.

I've noticed she's been appearing in peoples top ten almost consistently.

That's beecause she's the best

Angerbee is pretty cute. Her Jaw thing is sexy for a reason I can't explain, plus four arms.

I really want a picture of her, Where her upper arms are reaching back and squeezing her ass, while her lower arms and squeezing her tits.

>ywn be woken up in the morning by Kiira tapping her antennae on your forehead
>ywn open your eyes and see her beautiful ruby compound eyes staring intently back at you
>ywn reach your hand up and gently stroke her chitin chin
>ywn pull her down into a passionate kiss
>ywn tickle the small of her back underneath her bee abdomen

Can bees do seduction?

Fuck wasps

Angerbee can only be sexy accidentally, which she has in spades.

>Apple devices can't handle webms.
FTFY. I can watch WebMs just fine on my phone.

I would if I could

>ywn catch Kiira watching videos to try to understand your strange mating customs
>she will never admit it's too confusing and she wishes you would just take her right there and pump her so full of sperm she can fertilize the next seven years worth of eggs

Hell yeah!

Tio is the Superior Girl
Is Tio allowed to be a Superior Meme?

>"you member chewbwaka?!"

Only if she's posted in every single thread
Is Tio dedicated enough to be a fellow Superior Girl?
I hope so

what about her?

You can't BEE serious.
spooder is obviously better.

Me might as well just make an overall MON post at that point.

Interpretive dance

>not having a chain of shitposters from doppel's arrival, zombina's shitpost, doppel/zombina friends/memes, tio's shitpost, manako's shitpost/arrival idk, then mon's arrival
Honestly at this rate it might just happen by 2017

"Could you BEE anymore wrong?"

kobold kobold kobold
kobold kobooooold

>This thread


Bees only dance to deliver important work reports. No bee has ever danced for pleasure.


All that repetitive shitposting of the same old pictures is contributing to the archive failure.

I've got a work report for her if you are capable of deducing what I am implying

Nice try Bill. Go back to Treehouse

'member when I used to do shit?

Big Beefy Brown Bovine

I member.

Good news then.
The Dacia Sandero is still no coming to the UK.

Reposting out of curiosity.

I wish Asterio would lay on top of me

Don't want more bimbos here. We have enough of them.


Asterio and Tio right?

throw cathyl in the mix and maybe merino just for fun and that'd be heaven

She definitely can user. In her date chapter Lilith thinks she's Rach completely that wouldn't be possible if she wasn't doing her voice too. Also in her character song she does a bunch of different voices.

As for acoustic versions Crabman doesn't have any influence (not much at all anyway) on merch. So he wouldn't know, though I doubt they'll rerelease songs just for acoustic versions.

>Asterio and Tio get Cathyl and Merino to be more assertive and honest with their feelings
>you have the most painful but amazing sex of your life and end your night with you and Merino gently having sex and ending with fluffy cuddles
big/fluffy girls are the best

someone who truly understands

Reread the 1st point. Doppel has met Rach. We haven't seen any 1:1 interaction, but Doppel should know what she sounds like. I was think of that very scene and chapter when the question hit me thought.

That's what I figured, just curious if it was something Crab thought was important enough to address.

We can deal with Tio, Cathyl, and even Cerea.
But adding Asterio, Tsundere Wolf, and that squid lady will be too much.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful Draco is?

Stella is love?

Really though, 12beast has nice looking girls but the time between chapters kinda kills any demand for it.

But it lets crab draw action and abs.

I noticed the moment she appeared user.


top kek

Why State the Obvious. Her piercing blue-indigo eyes convey her inner beauty to the beholder.

Oh for people she hasn't heard. My bad, yeah that's an interesting question.

>Polt being that open to mixed bathing, as if she isn't even naked
TTF you lucky dog

I can agree with the action part, especially seeing that harpy losing her wing. Crabman needs to do more of it.

Aren't all the girls in 12 beast used goods?

Makes you think she bathes with other monster girls and men. Possibly doing lewd with them.

Not favorite lizard, but Draco a cute.

I bet it'd be neat if animated with a decent budget.

Maybe. Just hope Crabman has enough money from Monster Musume to produce it.

Probably. They said that the MC's brother has passed on every girl in at least the mintaur and the harpy villages
Probably Aero is still virgin tho

The Orcs notice her alright.

She's just a common slut

Draco belongs to the Orcs.

Tara brought her cuddle chain.

I don't get Orc camp followers. Why do people put so much effort into aligning themselves with such a pathetic loser?

A ova would be amazing.

What's with the sudden flood of Tara in these generals?


the welsh fir some reasom

Cause we need to stick and work together.
He could do a 11-13 minute 10 episodes OVA.

Mostly Welsh insomniacs. Mostly.

so they saw kurusu dingus but did they see his balls?

Crabman's designs are pretty good but it needs way more popularity in Japan to do at least an OVA or something

they saw everything
still I would love to see Rachnee and Lala's reaction too

I have a long hair fetish.


Draco belongs to me
I'll straight murder an orc

The only bee worth loving.

I've been keeping this for months to use at this exact moment

Also, Hedgehog when?


>Lala's reaction too

My waifus a horse of course.

Didn't you know? There's already a hedgehog girl in MM
You just can't see her

Is it because she's so shy?



Too fast

>Lala raising her head to see over everyone else
10 keks

it won't be the last time tho

Blue Berry Boobs is adorable.


>ywn put Lala's head between her tits then pull the zipper on her top all the way up

>I told him that Miia and Rach are really popular over here
That's not how you spell Papi, homo.


Sweater snek

do you have that image with all her thigh shots
for research purposes

You're still spelling Cerea wrong.

Someone needs to remind crab there's more to her than just a pair of breasts.

Warms my heart that this pic sees more action in a week than the entire month I first posted it.

I now want hoodie Lala

>implying there is

it has to be updated tho

I'll screenshot every image of lala legs in both the anime and manga, and make an updated version, even if it kills me

Thigh jobs.

post rare papis

those thighs'd make great pillows

such a lewd body even without trying

Desire to breed rising

One more if you're up to it- we're on a roll today.


Nerdy girls are made for breeding.

When they are cute at least.

Someone post that pic of her in white stockings

I hope that we get more fanservice of hers in the 2nd season

>Whole fortnight of shorts during the mermaid arc about Lala enjoying having the house to herself



>Lala sitting in a bean bag chair naked eating cheetos and drinking mt dew watching netflix and playing video games

I want to FUCK Papi!

yes thank you

I love this pic. Those thigh highs make me want to FUCK and IMPREGNATE her


oh, that's right. Crabman never said what she was doing while the whole group was in Mero's kingdom
she probably spend her time wearing her underwear and a used t-shirt (too big for her maybe one of darling's old chuuni tshirt), eating chips and watching anime

and masturbating

Lots of it.

thanks again

I want to cum on Papi's talons.

no wonder she's so fond of her scythe

>Browsing my images and found folder of the completed Monster Girl Report that has Rachnera at the end
>Only cell photos
>Can't find it on hitomi or any of the known sites

Was that ever scanned and uploaded somewhere?

I doubt it's that dull, still probably sharp enough for sensitive areas to get hurt

Don't forget, she still has power.

That's anime only

Well it's not like Crab could animate that in the manga.

Well, she can rub against the grip

>a guide for the resting souls that needs to go to the afterlife
>has such breeding hips
My kind of girl

There's no implication it's anything more than a farm tool in the manga


Said it before, I'll say it again. It's still open for them to do a "as she imagined it/reality" scene where she's merely picking it up, but imagined herself summoning it.

Mero does it better, but this never stops being cute

Any pictures that show off Miia's hips?

I need this now.

Dojins when.

Most of them

Japan suffers from nationwide shit taste, so never ever

It's harder to find a picture that doesn't.

>Wedding ring
One of my favorite pictures of Miia

how naughty


She did
>*teleports in front of you*
when she zombified that kid



Horse here better there Meer





Anons, don't disrespect father.


No, that's your dad. My dad has much better taste.

You mean your mom's husband

I want to mount that girl.

I want her to be my knight.

>tfw will never purge Saracens from Jerusalem with your centaur waifu

You're the heretic here.

Dislike horses, prefer birds, but I'd go for a run or ride a bike to try and keep up with sportshorse and runbird.

Profligates like you will have their innards hanging from my waifu's lance once the holy lands are returned to the church.

Was bored, made a crop for the cute mono eye

Looks a bit odd without the rest of the gun.

Flat horse does things to me since I like fit girls.
But I prefer tits and muscle over just muscle.

Heretics like you will be purged together with your abominations in the name of God-Emperor of Mankind.

Blame the weird ass text box that blocks off a chunk of it - if there's a version without it I can make a fixed version

And how are the Necron, Chaos Marines, Eldar, Tyranids, and Orks coming along?

>being this wrong

I don't even like Miia much, but horse is shit tier.

Big girls best girls. Others can't compete.

Horse is shit

Cathyl proves that statement wrong.

Why do people hate her so much?

post cute spider


Miia is not a big girl. If Miia was a big girl then the statement"big girls are best" wouldn't be true.

They're jealous of her TITS
Also they don't like beef. Buncha vegetarians

Because Crab wants us to


You're right, she's the bestest.

It's because she is the embodiment of NTR

Because she's dumb.

Wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't prone to violence instead of understanding.

But she has abs, great stonking tits, milk, and tan lines.

Cathyl is not violent enough

Who /Lilith/ here?

What is there to like about that shit cow? The only good things you can name about her have to do with her body. Her personality is absolute shit.

Only the braindead and retarded like Cathyl. Same goes for the people who spout the big girl meme.

She's the cow we need, but not the one we deserve, so we'll hate her, because she can take it.

I've been waiting for threads for you. I'm very much /lilith/ in here.

Yes please.


Cerea and Rach should lez out.

They're just one full moon away from making out with each other.

I dont have a ton of Lilith, but I do have a few.

I think this was the most up to date.

At least one user complained about her tiny nipples.

You're all weak and can't handle a REAL monster for a wife!

Where would you rate ? She's got much the same problem as Cathyl, just the other end of the body spectrum. Similar case could be made for Lala. Sexy potential, ruined by chuuni crap.

>that tit gap

nobody loves this little shit huh?

Its not that bad

I don't like flatties.

Flat chests nipples are more sensitive to pleasure.

While I doubt that's actually true, even if it is it doesn't change the fact that I don't like flatties.

Its true in my own personal life experience.

It's literally that bad, especially since she is flat

meh. I'd still fondle 'em

>user attempts to fondle breasts
>Is shocked and saddened by there being nothing

Just nipples is more than enough.

Really trying not tomresort to CUYE here, but Lilith doesn't have a lot of art.

She's not that popular

yeah, i know

>tfw crab will never give your little cared about waifu special treatment, because you don't pressure him on twitter

Her latest major chapter appearance just reinforced my previous suspicion that she'll go Hard Candy on you at the first opportunity.

I suppose.

I find it funny that her plan was literally "get raped, film it, and use it as blackmail"

meaning she had to first put up with getting raped.

So 24 hrs later the Poll is literally 50/50 on discussing 12Beast within the threads. So there's that. about them alternate monster girl designs?

She wants it


Because I, as a Welsh man, am bored of sheep. Fuzz is ultimate waifu material.

Is Papi house trained? or does she just fly out, steal somebody's chips and then do her business off of a motorway bridge?

Miia is sleeping

The Welsh have shit taste

And I should be sleeping as well

She does. I enjoy when her true personality shines through her childish act.

"the hell you filming, huh?! This ain't a peep show!"

I want to be the filling in a sleepy snek burrito.

Is that so?

Pupper is sleeping.

Probably goes to visit Kii to fertilize the woods. Cerea too, no way she is able to use the shitter

Polt never sleeps on the job, don't be silly

Post more wans


Who wants walkies?


Just kidding

Abomination is no longer sleeping




Cerea is awake.


How are /u/ getting away with such a filthy banner?

Papi is secretly a gnome with wings



Why is Cerea so fat?

That's horseshit.


All she eats is salad nigga, the only way she'd possibly gain weight is having a baby.

That's kind of... Sickening and romantic at the same time

She shoves Hostess goods up her HP. Her mouth is actually vestigal, her HP acts as her mouth.

It's all about putting a little manhood into Draco, that's all she ever wanted.

What the fuck man.

>Once a month you let Draco be the "man"
>She wears manly clothes and takes you out on a date
>She's really awkward and makes a big show of trying to be a "gentleman"
>At the end of the date you take her home and make her put on a dress and beg to be the girly girl she really is inside

You're the one into HP, user.

That would be this one.
There's 9 I never got around to finishing, but I got bored and i have better things to do

Pfft. That's just a ruining of the entire idea of Draco, the wild and untamed.
Plenty of womanly monmusu girls yet you still crave to made someone mediocre out of a pure gem

Which 9? Can't promise it'll be up to your standard, but I might give them a go.

You know deep down she wants to be treated like a princess user. She;d fight and scream about it at first but once you're inside her she'd turn into a lovey-dovey mess.

Oni, Troll, Kii, Dairy Breed, Lightweight breed, Rachnera, Early Zombie, Winged snake, and medusa.

That might be true... If you actually mean "like a prince"

So, 2 ogres, 2 hors, 2 snek, Thriller, Tree, Rach. Got it.

>No Rachnera.
You did good, user.

Too many legs

Season 3 when?


>No Lala
Don't care

after seeing a squid do Fourier transforms,
not such a stretch that Papi has sumthin resembling an intellect

>No one has done a Willy Wonka parody of her blowing up like a blue berry.

You underestimate deviantart.

It's time for some end of thread fuzz

What if she was a genius chemist that thought she had the solution to the energy crisis but got it on her wing nubs and made her retarded?

Lala is confirmed tho


>Ywn read "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear to your fuzzy spooderlings"

>Not wanting sexy Capoeira with your fuzzy spooder waifu

Would Tara be better if her fuzz was a different color?

Does Tara like Hot Fuzz?

My question is how can she consider herself a boy when her ass is just so amazingly girly.

It was made to take a hard loving pounding.

She doesn't consider herself a boy. She's just looks like it

Amazing ass for reference

God damn lizardbooty.

I would shove my face in there and never come out

But what when she needs to poop?

Girls don't poop


I'm a Polt man through and through but Goddamn does Draco have a fine ass.

2D girls don't poop unless otherwise specified.

>You will never suck Draco's masculine vagina

This is gettin' weird.

>ywn pull Draco's boipucci inside-out with your lungs alone

You mean gurlpucci

Stop this, it's doing strange things to me.

Weirdly arousing.

Cow a best, but I'd like to see more chocolate Merino

Try this:>137971366
I take no responsibility for stained pants.

Dont shit on me i really dont know, i dont really watch anime. I did watch this and i loved it. Cerea is best girl.
But whats an OVA?
And when will/is there a season 2 coming out?

I remember this, and was searching for it, thank you.


Cerea is horseshit, it's an OAD, not an OVA, and never. Glad i could help

I wonder what kind of pants she wears to hide that incredibly plump booty.

I suppose that's why she uses that long coat. One quick look at her behind and her womanliness would be exposed.

It's an OAD because it's content that is sourced from the manga but wasn't included in the anime. The OAD is going to be based on the gym chapter which was skipped in the anime.

Does that mean Miia poops?

I don't know, but for the good of the world she needs to stop hiding it

Okay whats an ODA?


Miia is poop

I bet you think you're so clever with your subtle bait

She goes through a lot of effort to disguise herself. Remove it and she becomes the most feminine character in the series

>Huge ass
>Skinny little body
>Small tits
>Them thighs
>Skinny waist

Wow. Uncalled for.

>Spoon looks like a used condom.

We can infer Darling poops and that he thinks Miia poops too and wonders how she does it. Beyond that is speculation.

Draco is not a slut, she would never willingly show off her amazing, perfect, godlike, wonderful, divine backside.

>i will never take Draco on a date and when girls start making eyes at her french kiss the air out of her lungs right there

fuck my whole shit up pham

Original Anime DVD apparently. Since it's bundled with Vol 11.

>french kissing Draco until you're both out of breath

dick status: MUH

You're welcome. I had it bookmarked.