I'm watching the Japanese version of Cardcaptor Sakura for the first time and I'm enjoying it...

I'm watching the Japanese version of Cardcaptor Sakura for the first time and I'm enjoying it. The whole show is incredibly comfy and adorable. Let's have a thread dedicated to this wonderful show!

I have a few questions too:
At what time in the show should I watch the movies and specials?
Should I watch the spin-off where Sakura and Li are in a different timeline?
Should I care about that other show where Sakura just makes cameos and is referenced?
Thank you and no major spoilers please.

Watch in production order
I dunno
I dunno


I don't know why I saved this it looks like shit

if you like comfy shoujo, please check out mizuiro jidai. it's not magical but its definitely comfy

I think I might just watch the first series, tsuburu and holic look kinda meh to me. Probably gets away from the original idea of the show too much.


Watched it for the first time recently as well and loved it, though it's perhaps a bit longer than it should be and has little payoff for it. Movie ending is pretty garbage compared to the manga and though it's vastly longer than the manga they still made some strange cutting decisions, like removing quite a bit of dialogue near the end at Eriol's house.

I'm not sure whether it was intended to be an iyashikei show, but it produces those responses in me.

So this is a monster thread then?

It was one of the first Animes that I watched as a kid and I had a hella huge crush on Sakura. She's even partially responsible for developing a few of my fetishes.

I recently rewatched it, and while the animation definitely looks dated it's still hella comfy. I hope the new anime is good.

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>Japanese version

>Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Don't do it. CCS is great but Tsubasa is a mess. xxxholic is pretty good though.

So should I drop it? Watching this and Tsubasa and xxxholic sounds like it might get old and become a chore.

Always loves her since I was a child without developing a crush fod her. I wish I have a daughter like her someday
Sakura is pure and the show always gave me peace :)

There's really little point in reading only one of them.

Personally I liked Tsubasa, more for the idea than the execution but I can certainly enjoy it and my only real gripe is the poor ending, which is to be expected of Clamp I suppose. Niraikanai Hen ended recently but I haven't read it so I've no idea if they took the opportunity to fix it.

Don't get me wrong, I thought the idea of Tsubasa was good as well. The execution was abysmal however. You're right that it's best read with the intention of completing them all but the series left a bad taste by the end.

Holic was great. Tsubasa was compete mess story wise.

Just watch CCS & XXXHolic separately. I've never accept Tsubasa as canon story.

I know nothing about Tsubasa but after skimming the wiki and looking at some images it seems like a convoluted mess. It should be its own original show not a sort of sequel. It becomes a generic action and shonen anime, Sakura is basically a side character.

Is the anime or manga better? And what are the differences?

That Teletoon dub man, so bad but so many fucking memories.

yeah, dubbed anime can get pretty terrible

>I've never accept Tsubasa as canon story.
You don't need to. That's the beauty of it. They're literally different people in different universes and Kinomoto Sakura is not Princess Sakura/Tsubasa.

The only effect Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle has on Cardcaptor Sakura is that Sakura gives her wand away sometime after the story.





>The whole show is incredibly comfy and adorable
ayy nice buzzwords famalam

It's cutesy and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I don't know how anyone can have her as a waifu or fap to her, she's TOO pure and innocent.


Overstayed it's welcome? Ran out of ideas? Became too wacky and weird and was barely Cardcaptor anymore?

Mostly all three of those. It faffed about far too long while becoming needlessly convoluted.

So it's not even Cardcaptor? Whatever I was gonna skip it anyways.

watch Bubu chacha

Enjoy her actual good voice in japanese, I can't get enough of it.

Matt Hill voiced Kerochan. I remember going to my local arcade and game centre and coming home to watch it religiously. I watched that and totally spies with my mom.

Like god intended.

It's perfect. The English voice made her sound 20

This maple leaf actually enjoyed Ed doing a new York accent.

People always suggest the production order, but how does that work with fillers?
Lots of sites list almost half of the episodes are filler. Are they worth watching?
I watched a dozen of CCS episodes when I was younger and remember liking it, but if I can save myself 30 episodes I would probably skip them.

If you can't watch a 70 episode show with 2 movies (1 is definitely required watching) without having to trim 30 episodes for "filler" then you might as well not start.

As far as I remember, there's very little you could consider filler without just scrapping most of the character development.

Watching something more than 24eps is always a daunting task for me, so thank you for the advice.
I'll probably have to give it a go and hope to stick with it.

Manga vs Anime

Know that the first part of the show has more inconsequential filler than the second and the end of the first part. It's all good, it's just that the second part has more plot going on all the time and it's referenced even in the filler.

That's what happens when you try to marathon every show. I tried doing it to sailor Moon but after 8 straight episodes i was so fucking drained.

>I know nothing about Tsubasa but after skimming the wiki and looking at some images
You might as well have started with ''I have literally NO idea what I'm talking about, but here's my worthless observation anyway''. It's not a sequel or whatever, they just reused characters because too lazy to design new ones, otherwise it is it's own thing.

Tsubasa is shit apparently

Maybe you should read it and form your own opinion.

>Lots of sites list almost half of the episodes are filler. Are they worth watching?
First time I read this show had fillers. If you like the characters you will enjoy these episodes. It's not like the episodes are low quality or something.

>First time I read this show had fillers

The anime has 53 Clow cards. The manga 19.
That said it does add a lot of characterization, though sometimes too much, as for instance I could have done without the Meiling Li drama, which doesn't exist in the manga.

No, I'm just going to watch the anime of CCS and that's it.

I usually am not into moe stuff, but I still find this show absolutely adorable.
It just works and CLAMP art style transfers really well to anime; I also love the subtlety for touchy relationship subjects.

What's better CCS or Sailor Moon?

I prefer CCS, but I can see people going either way, as their quality isn't too drastically different.

Only have three episodes left. Li's taking his sweet time not being a pussy bitch and confessing

There's nothing that could be considered filler, really. I suppose you could say there are episodes that don't result in Sakura collecting a particular card, but that really isn't the point of the show; it's not deep, it's comfy - you watch it for the happy feeling it gives you, not for some ultimate resolution. If you're looking for that, CCS isn't the show for you.

I would rank it up there as one of the great shows. It outstrips the manga in every way, has gorgeous animation, predates moe and is just a damn positive show that is above criticism in most ways.

How about that new clear card chapter?


I'll read it when I finish the series.

I wish I had a Sakura imouto to bully.