Danganronpa 3

Famitsu Scans for V3 are out my friends

What? Danganronpa 3? Mind Hack? No such thing exists


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I would like to see what the Blonde Duo's Talents Are


So what's with the robot arms on bondage girl?

>Blonde Guy advertised with Kaede
Hello Male Sayaka

Really looking forward to SHSL Chair.
Arsonist is now my waifu.


Kaede is ultimate pianist

What about Green Hair Boy

Looks like he'll be the rival after all.

>literally making a thread that belongs on Cred Forums

Translations yet?

He says, posting an image found exclusively in a video game.

Don't worry, SHSL Hope is here.

Kibou is the male Sayaka user.

meh the character atleast has an anime, OP is literally posting shit that's exclusively only in a video game that's not even out

Chiaki got advertised with Hajime as well.

>the character has an anime
Oh great! Where can I download the Danganronpa 2 anime?

Picture related - totally from an anime. Not from one of those NASTY, EVIL video games!

If it doesn't exists then go back to which is your place





Hajiman is gon fuck shit up.

I'll believe it when I fucking see it

>what is despair arc
>nagito doesn't exist there where it shows how he became a despair

Stop trying to be a smart ass, end of the day OP is only promoting somethings that literally only a video game with nothing else that qualifies posting it here.


This basically confirms Tenkai will be the rival.


mindhack shit

>falling for promotional material

Reminder Weedman is the first victim in DR1 demo.

Why is the sky blue at the end of DR 2 but red at the start of 3?

are those scans for ants?

Don't fall for the scans indicating anything

He's the SHSL ???

He's late game.

>Original anime (Blu-ray) Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World

Sky color here seems to be only for indicating mood. It went from blue to red in UDG too, even though the tragedy was going on elsewhere.

Should have been the Mastermind instead of whiny faggot

>Tengan wasn't despair!
He killed 10 innocent people Naegi

He killed noone.

You don't have to be despair to kill people.

I'd say showing someone a mind control video that makes them suicide, with no chance of resistance, could be considered murder.

He set up monitors and bracelets that kill people, you fucking faggot

Was it confirmed he was the one who came up with the bracelets?

The only death he's not responsible for is the real Gekkougahara's.

Yeah but that was retarded

God I wish Monoca was the villain

Will Complex motives involved ?

>prison setting
>no anal rape


Dont bully my cock user

Is not-Komaeda the one whose talent is unknown? Looks like the franchise isn't ready to let go off this gimmick.


Art club member
Nursery school teacher
Tennis player
Insect expert

Fukawa is a dirty unlikable whore.

What if Not-Komaeda ends up being a good guy?

He won't be. Kirigiri and Hajime were. He won't be. That's the twist.

It wouldn't be a Danganronpa game if it wasn't reusing like 80% of the contents from the previous games.

>woah this Hopebot guy looks kinda cool I wonder what his name and talent are
>literally "Hopebot"
Cred Forums was right again!

But he looks like Komaeda, so people will naturally distrust him.

>The midget plays tennis
I'm gonna fucking love this character

>Hes probably going to be one of the first to die


The only non obvious ones are folklorist (my guess is twintails), teacher (blue hair glasses) and cosplayer (bandana manlet).

His name isn't "Hope" you illiterate fuck.

>Mitarai broadcasts his hope anime
>Entire world becomes obsessed with hope
>V3 cast is put in jail for ruining the good vibes

Danganronpa x Zero Escape when?

Thing is Komaeda wasn't trying to be a dick on purpose. He had brain disease. He thought he was doing right. Tenkai could end up being a dick just for the hell of it.

It's Keibou, it's an obvious pun YOU ENGLISH ONLY PLEB!

What do you think DR3 is?

>The cute bandana boy is SHSL dictator

Pretty sure bandana is magician


We need 9 players though. Preferably trial point getters

Maybe Robo Hope is terminator from the future sent to protect Kaede?


glasses girl is cosplay

>Kaede is described as taking charge and being a leader
>yfw this asshole will constantly compete with you for control of the group during trials

>5 minutes in paint

>Dies first
>Monokuma mentions how boring he finds hope and despair

Hajime was advertised with Twogami

Tengan killed them all by putting the poison bracelets on them

All forced into suicide because Tengan broadcasted the despair video

Cut off his own hand leading to his death by blood loss due to the bracelet Tengan put on him

Tengan pretty much goaded Persona into killing him

More like dick taker amirite?

>hat has to rackets crossing
I can't believe I didn't interpret it that way sooner.


>Neo Weedman is Austranaut
No way

You're fucking based, thank you user!

I'm so glad, I can't contain my KIBOU.

Ok so on the list of useful to useless, which ones are likelier to survive?

What is her name and talent? Checkerboard too

DR 1 Protag: Ultimate Luck

DR 2: Ultimate Nothing/Everything

DRv3: Randy Newman

Mitarai did NOTHING wrong

Will Twintails take care of children as well Chisa "If your age is on the clock, prepare for the glock" Yukizome?

confirmed best husbando

Detective: Kyoko 2.0
Inventor: Kazuichi 2.0
Nursery teacher: Mikan 2.0
Insect expert: Gundam 2.0
Folklorist: Touko/Hifumi 2.0

Detective, ??? and Robot will get pushed as Kaede's love interests.


>red uniform girl is child caretaker
I wonder why her clothes are music themed then.


How dead is he?

Is Magician the new Chiaki?

>literally "Hopebot"
Man I really don't want him to die but...

Either Kodaka is going for the "doing the opposite of what everyone expects" ruse or he really dies first.

shitty translation

Shinguuji Yoshikiyo/Korekiyo – SHSL Folklore Specialist
Yonaga Angie – SHSL Artist (lit. Art Club Member)
Toujou Sanmi(?) – SHSL Maid
Ooba/Ooma Shoukichi/Koyoshi/Kokichi – SHSL Supreme Ruler
Shirogane Tsumugi – SHSL Cosplayer
Keebo – SHSL Robot
Chabashira Tenko – SHSL Aikidou Master
Akamatsu Kaede – SHSL Pianist
Hyakuta/Momota Kaito – SHSL Astronaut
Harukawa/Shunsen Maki – SHSL Nursery School Teacher
Saigen Shuuichi – SHSL Detective (interesting…)
Hoshi Ryouma – SHSL Tennis Player
Tenkai Rantarou – SHSL ???
Yumeno Himitsuko – SHSL Magician
Gokuhara Gonta – SHSL Entomologist
Iruma/Irima Mitsu – SHSL Inventor

SHSL slut
J/k it was Mikan

He is the second largest in the box after Madre.

>The SHSL Dictator is a manlet

Are you guys ready for the most annoying little piece of shit in the series?

Thanks. I wasn't expecting Twintails to be a teacher.

fug, this is gonna be interesting

Why is everyone saying Mitarai is the villain? Isn't it Naegi? Junko even called him out on that brainwashing island. Both of them want to brainwash people to get rid of despair.

Are these just your guesses or is this the definitive list?

I can see him getting killed because of the shock value of seeing someone with Kirigiri's talent being killed in a random chapter. Or he could be a murderer because of the twist of "detective causing the murder"

Folklorist, Maid, Aikido, Detective, Nursery school teacher, tennis player and magician are dead.

>Nursery teacher: Mikan 2.0
I don't think nursery means what you think it means, user.

It's on Famitsu.

Holy shit my sides


>High pitched voice
>Know it all
>Incredibly jealous of the MC
>Shitty Napoleon complex joke where he takes everything personally

Now that we know both their designs and talents, can we speculate about seiyuu?

Not him but it's the definitive list.


Thank you Kodaka for making at least one thing right, even though DR3 was a mistake.

Mitarai fuck off.

For the love of God, no more SHSL Luck please
It's so inherently bullshit

He looks poor as fuck, I'm sure he was the dictator of some banana republic.

Naegi was deprogramming the RoDs after they had been brainwashed thanks to fucking Mitarai

So Fuyuhiko?

>Is like Togami but 3x more annoying
>Is always on the opposite team as yours in trials because fuck you
>Survives to the end or likely to pull a Celeste and have someone else murder for him then kill said person for the obligatory Ch 3 double murder.

>We need 9 players though. Preferably trial point getters


Same here, user. My HOPE is diamonds

Junko is wrong, Naegi was trying to undo the brainwashing.

Shut up, you're joking right?

I meant if that's the definitive way the characters and the talents match. I know the talents are real.
Like, are we sure manlet is dictator?

>no juzo

Cosplayer looks too kind, she's going to be a secretly horrible person and kill someone while cosplaying as another character to throw off the investigation.

It's fucking great isn't it?

>Case 1
Tennis kills robot

>Case 2
Magician kills Teacher

>Case 3
Inventor kills Folklorist and Cosplayer

>Case 4
Insect expert commits suicide

>Case 5
??? makes it so that Maid kills him but Detective (Maid's twin brother) takes the blame

>soft, boyish voice
>comes off as polite and gives a false story about his reputation as "dictator"
>Makes himself out to look innocent
>reveals himself to be manipulative and smarter than he let on

Or alternatively

>Immediately comes across as arrogant and sure if himself despite his voice
>Has a soft spot for cute girls but is super tsun about it

But he sure as hell wanted to be the one responsible for it.

And all for that little faggot Mitarai, too. Fuck.

No, his name is literally キーボ

She's the mastermind

Maybe, but Magician seems prime blackened bait

You know, both for creative murder plot and also creative execution

The robot's name is clearly a pun on KIBOU. Will it be translated as Keybo, or something else?

The order coincides too many times with the list so people are assuming it's the correct placement.

From left to right alternating top to bottom the names we already know match their character so probably

I'm surprised Not! Sayaka is the SHSL Cosplayer.

nope Kee-bo is indeed based on “Kibou”/Hope. Just more robotic sounding of a name.

Robot will be dead by case 1 so he'll likely be the Sayaka.

Which is different than
> 希望 (きぼう)
Yeah but if they introduce with their talent then surely "SHSL Hitler" will make poeple suspicious of him.
But I like your idea

Kaede, Artist, Astronaut, Inventor, Dictator and ??? (or Detective) are the survivors.
Mark my words.


Questions they never answered:

1. Who's the 16th participant?
2. Is Kirigiri alive?
3. Why did we see Chisa and Junko watching the screen?
4. Why is the blood red?
5. Why did Kodaka tell us to read Killer Killer?

Pretty fucking dead. They're not going to let another detective survive a killing game.

I don't think there will be luck this time.

The blog gave the names and talents in the order of the image, left to right, so yeah.

>1. Who's the 16th participant?
it was weedman


V3 cast has so many characters that look like prime blackened material compared to 2 in which most people looked too kind. This is going to make for some good cases.


>SHSL Robot
>SHSL Hitler

DR3 truly was the stepping stone for V3

This needs to happen.

The pun is obvious, though

>Guy so good at being robot he literally became Ultimate

>heavily advertised
>resembles former character
>named hope
It's not looking good for the robot

I think so too.

>cosplayer is actually cosplaying the entire game
>is actually a cold blood murder and doesn't look like it because of her talent
>ends up being the traitor
>changes her personality on the last trial because she's tired of the good girl facade
>ends up revealing her true identity aka syo 2.0
Calling it now

>MC with an actual talent


1. There is no 16th participant, only a 16th survivor (Weedman)
2. No.
3. Hell is a theater with the disaster that is DR3 on repeat.
4. For Monaka's ketchup prank.
5. Because he's an asshole.

One of the best things 2 has over 1 is the Hajime/Nagito dynamic.

I hope V3 can match that because 1 had nothing like it.

Who was controlling Monokuma?

Okay, I chuckled.

>Thinking tennis bro will die early
They know we're gonna expect him to die early so they will catch us by surprise
They will probably even lead you to suspect him in one case and then it turns out the culprit was someone else

>Artist is the new Asahina, Akane
>Togami + Fuyuhiko = Dictator
>Astronaut is smart Weedman
>Inventor is female Souda
>Kaede is the MC
Who's gonna be our Sonia or Kirigiri?

So Kiboubot? Kek.

It's ??? or Detective

add the names too

It was a recording.

Who's the bandana guy again? Not Komaeda? I can't recall the designs.

>Nursery School Teacher
Rival? Antagonist? Secret Lover?

>Guy so good at being junk
Wow so great
I hope there will be a bit more
Like groups in the cast that are antagonist to one another. Just having Hajime/Komaeda again will feel a bit stale imo.

The moment he was confirmed a decoy protagonist his chances of dying first shot up.

Found the biggest asshole in the game

I wish she was the MC instead


Best girl

But that's the dictator

chigau yo

She's the cutest, so she's probably dead as shit within 3 chapters.

Keebo is so fucked

She'll sing a nursery rhyme with Kaede for max yuri.

This guy will fuck everything up and WON'T do it for hope.

With the japanese release date being far earlier than I thought, I truly think now that Kodaka just wrote something quickly to be done with the HP stuff (DR3) while he actually focused on V3

Mikan's daughter

Exactly. I love good rivalry and cat and mouse play between the characters. DR1 was good but had nothing like that.

>assuming he's not the delusional Gundham type.

inb4 the dictator survives by having some sort of twisted moral high ground of never committing murders himself.

Watch as SHSL Hitler ends up being the nicest person in the game

Love triangle with Kaede, ??? and Detective!

This. He screams Gundham 2.0

I'm really surprised about her talent.

>Isn't zetsubou the best? Fuck hopebot amirite?


He's revealed to be a pompous chuuni and gets killed in the opening case

ID card reveals "???" to be SHSL Stationery-seller


Wasn't there supposed to be an arsonist? Why is he Folklore Specialist all of a sudden?

Too obvious

He's going to rape Kaede.

An user memed on us with fake translations

This just might happen.

He just looks TOO obviously evil

Is checkers our guy?

why do you do this

Gundham utterly destroyed him.
He talked about real plans and policies and Hajime just talked about Gundham.
He had him on the ropes the whole times. All Hajime could do was play air guitar when he was losing. It was embarrassing for him and the other mortals.
Almost all characters except for LOL(((Souda))) agree.
Gundham dominated.

He is SHSL Shitposter.

I Hope so

Go away Keebo and accept your Sayaka/Twogami status.

>Celes died in the third case
>Hiyoko also died in the third case, pretty much completely without reason
>Pikachu died within 5 seconds
>Miaya was dead before it even started

It really is true. For every killing game.

I thought it was obvious twink (SHSL ???) was going to die and detective would be the partner, but theres no way detective is going to live.
So I guess shsl twink will be the guy because it cant be both of them.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's some jovial and eccentric Coming to America-esque Dictator.

Why is Naegi such a retard and is trying to stop Mitarai? How is brainwashing the world with hope a bad thing? That's literally like that cliche of "if u kill him ur just like him :///". I'm mad as fuck.



He could just be a prick. A prick with a goal in mind.

Put the gun down fatty

Its amusing to me how many Cred Forumsacks are in these threads since you know theres a massive chunk of tumblr users also here

Good art must be appreciated, even when it hurts to do so.

It's going to be a love triangle until ??? rapes Kaede.

Put down the gun in the name of the Queen

Keebo will be called Hoop in English.

The Protag is a Pianist?

Huh. Wonder how they'll tie that in

Too sad, time to post some hope

What if I'm both?


>there's an astronaut
inb4 the game takes place on the moon

Anime is the ultimate Red Pill


>Kaede: We're stuck in this school and my mom is literally dying!
>Tenkai: Haha cool story babe. Now don't you have some investigating to do?
>Kaede: What...? But there's been no mur--
>Tenkai: I wasn't talking about murders. *looks down at his zipper*

Rhythm mini-game!

No, he will be H0p3.

I don't really have any predictions or hopes so far

Except that I hope twintails lives for a while. She's the cutest and my favorite so far, so I expect her to die fairly quickly ;_;

Will NISA keep Ki~bo/Keebo/Kiibo or change it to some similar derivative with Hope instead?

H-Hoop ?

You should have brough more guns

Keebo is the Makoto Naegi = rearranged Nagito Komaeda mess all over again.

We're getting rused his name means nothing. NOTHING

This needs to happen.


Nip names are hard, anyone wanna have a go translating the rest?


>inb4 Monaca
>inb4 Rhizomes
>inb4 Radicool 6
>inb4 mindhaccs

Or ??? could be the asshole who triggers Kaede and Detective boy could be her partner until he dies at least. Problem solved.


So, we magic now? Guess I'll prepare myself for demon summoning, fireballs and reviving in Danganronpa.

tumlr translated it already mane

Shinguuji Yoshikiyo/Korekiyo – SHSL Folklore Specialist
Yonaga Angie – SHSL Artist (lit. Art Club Member)
Toujou Sanmi(?) – SHSL Maid
Ooba/Ooma Shoukichi/Koyoshi/Kokichi – SHSL Supreme Ruler
Shirogane Tsumugi – SHSL Cosplayer
Keebo – SHSL Robot
Chabashira Tenko – SHSL Aikidou Master
Akamatsu Kaede – SHSL Pianist
Hyakuta/Momota Kaito – SHSL Astronaut
Harukawa/Shunsen Maki – SHSL Nursery School Teacher
Saigen Shuuichi – SHSL Detective (interesting…)
Hoshi Ryouma – SHSL Tennis Player
Tenkai Rantarou – SHSL ???
Yumeno Himitsuko – SHSL Magician
Gokuhara Gonta – SHSL Entomologist
Iruma/Irima Mitsu – SHSL Inventor


>Hopebot is the Vinceborg of the game
>Starts as an incredibly based ally, then is forced to turn evil due to his programming and you have to face him several times during the story
>In the end he manages to resist his programming and goes out in a heroic sacrifice

Aikido's name is Tenko.
Teacher surname is Harukawa.
Folklorist is Shinguuji.
No idea about Dictator.

Oh god, what did she do to the children to end up in super jail?

Raping Kaedechang!

I don't trust him especially around Kaede.

They were translated in the other thread.

Will detective get the Sayaka treatment or will it be Hopebot? Because you just know they're going to be playing around with the Kirigiri and Naegi expectations.

>prison setting
>their talents aren't named after crimes they could have committed

She did a Chisa impersonation.


Then we should translate his name to Hop.

SHSL Supreme Ruler is fucking great

>Aikido and Twintails aren't sisters

I'm actually surprised, they look so damn similar.

her personality probably changes based on who she cosplays. Truly stays in character even when she would cosplay a killer like Genocider for example

That'd be fucking based. I like cliche but powerful stories like that.
We'll never have the second episode right ? We'll never know what happened to the dwarf.

oops meant for I can't do anything right. Why can't I do anything right. Im not Juzo or anything...

>Another detective
cap boy will be best boy though that much is for sure

Supreme Ruler will be the Togami of V3 just because Kaede nominates herself to lead.

Pay attention to the episode, he isn't just brainwashing People to love hope, he is turning them into dolls

>"Thanks for coming out with me to investigate, Kaede-chan~. I get scared going to dark places like this alone..."
>"N-no problem, Tenkai-kun."
>"Haha...you know, I told a little white lie to you earlier."
>"Huh, what?"

>"...That I didn't know what my talent was ︎."

I really like the gap between SHSL Hitler's looks and talent.

Keep going.

It's because Mitarai's idea of hope is being devoid of all emotions, personality, and free will.

Yumeno Himitsuko...so that is her name....

What would make someone an Ultimate Rapist? What can he do that a regular rapist can't?

>by the end of this game, I'm going to have every single one of you faggots join the SHSL Triggered

This episode sure is retarded as hell.
Yes he did. What he is doing is no different than junko.

Not sure about some of those but I added them anyway

Make them like it by the end.

Make them enjoy it?

Wtf now I ship kaede x tenkai

In keeping with the lie mechanic, Kaede being ultimate pianist will be a lie. She's going to have another talent related to the crime she committed to get jailed.

What vague emotion will the V3 antagonist be the embodiment of?

Rape girls into loving him. Using already raped girls if needed. I beleive I saw a hentai like that. It must be a child of main character from that hentai.

But is it a rape then?

Thank you, paint user!

I think that's the point. These kids are delinquents. They are not your usual highschool students. So it should come as no surprise that they feel like criminals.

... This could happen. I tremble with anticipation for V3. My body is truly ready.

I hope that Keebo lives. We know that he is not the first murder victim from the trailers. We can only hope he is not the second.

So Magician will use some crazy illusion trick to mask her murder. Meh, I liked her design and had hoped for her survival.

Reminder that Kohacka has just 30 (thirty) minutes to explain what happened to everyone, resolve the plot and put in an epilogue.

That's how he never got arrested until he messed up and fucked someone a little too young.

So what? How's that worse than having people be devoid of all emotion BUT wanting to kill, maim, pillage, rape, etc.? Sure, Mitarais idea isn't that great either, but it'd definitely be easier to work with than with the current situation.

But then it stops being rape. He'd be Ultimate Consensual Intercourse.

Continue user. I like where this is going. Looks like Kaede's virginity is going to get murdered.

Who is noone? i've never heard of them. I look over the cast list and no one has the name noone.

>Irima Mitsu
>Junko EnoshIMA

I hope V3 has obnoxiously long chapter titles

chuuni as fuck

Do we have a bilingual user here who could deconstruct the names of the class and what their meanings are?

Get away with it. The twist is that they didn't caught him, he went to prison because he wanted.


>Harukawa/Shunsen Maki – SHSL Nursery School Teacher
Since this is a crime-related entry... she's Chisa 2.0? Killed some kids?

Yumeno a best.

Of course it'd be easier to work with, Mitarai would be the only sentient being left alive on the entire planet.

I wish that the hat was bigger

>Weedman 2.0 is the SHSL Astronaut
Kanon must be the smart one in the relationship

Cosplayer is totally gonna cosplay as Junko at some point.

By setting up the killing game, he gave Monaka an opportunity to kill Miaya to take her place and watch Naegi.

You could say even Miaya's death can be blamed on him, except since he did it all to make Mitarai less of a fucking pussy, it's actually Mitarai who is responsible for everyone's deaths, along with already being the one responsible for Junko's plans to succeed.

Yeah I can tell her case aka V3-3 will be the most bullshit case of the game per tradition and maybe even outrank 2-3.

that's not how japanese works
but her name has the kanji for rabbit and it was colored in the scans so she's basically monomi

I knew you were going to say that. Lel.

Why would they even end up in jail

Only notNagito who looks like a rapist here

shes going to survive, simply because everyone thinks shes going to die. brown girl will die, as Kodaka wants a change of pace. r-right?

Kaito best boy

The best way to handle a SHSL Magician in my opinion would have them be one of the main characters and always under scrutiny for their deception and illusion (especially during particularly baffling cases), but have them be innocent every time.

And then in the end there's some sort of crazy twist that happens when magician enacts a master plan of sorts that somehow stops the game, maybe something that they had been building up towards the entire time as a final trick.

That's the sort of vague idea I had come up with when I was thinking up talents for another hypothetical killing game anyways.

We can rule out Weedman 2.0 as any sort of killer because we've already had enough rocketship based executions in the series.

I'll be sad if Kaito dies.

Hopebot is going to be the first murderer. Killed because he was programmed by tengai to fuck shit up instead of upholding the hope he believed in

One more thing: it was made evident how quickly people can snap out of that state of being brainwashed, see Asahina. There's literally nothing but upsides to Mitarais plan.

This has been said countless times but jesus christ was Mirai-hen shit

>Dat bulge on Hoshi
Finally a guy who I can dominate easily and top him.

Looks like an Aoi character tbqh

Guys Hopebot is gonna live Kodaka wouldn't kill 2 robots in a row

Magician seems like a blackened

You know, crazy illusionist magic trick tier murder, ironic magician death like being sawed in half but actually

Because Mitarai won and the world has been hope'd.
The kinds in jail don't give a fuck about hope or despair and are considered criminals by Mitarai's society.

Tengan or Tenkai?

She doesn't look crazy at all, she's like a chibi Chiaki.

Yeah Kaede played music that made people sad so OUR LORD AND SAVIOR MITARAI-SAMA imprisoned her

That's Chisa's son.

>Naegi robot

user he reeks of first victim.

I feel like Kodaka has one requirement when it comes to the character design, which is always include a brown girl. Good taste.

No, you see, because the first robot was based as fuck, he's gonna make the second one a complete piece of shit and have him blow someone to pieces with a hidden armcannon.

Harukawa is such a cute name.
It really fits her somehow.

He didn't show Asahina a 30 minute video.

Will he be right? Or wrong? Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


This, it's like the impostor in DR2

He's probably going to be comic relief so he's probably fine. If Weedman can survive 2 killing games then there's a chance Kaito can too if he's a comic relief character


Danganronpa would be better if every girl was a brown girl

Imposter and Sayaka also appeared on the trial trailers, Kibo being there doesn't means anything

Nice tiddies

>Tenkai Rantarou
Survivor, victim or killer?
Romantic interest or rival?

>mfw the SHSL Detective is Kirigiri in disguise

>yfw when someone created a safeplace on the moon for misfit ultimates after they all became targets on earth by rampant talent protesters (similar to people who want to kill cops to attempt to eliminate an issue), only to be hijacked by someone who made this killing game revolve around truth and lie about the reality of things
>drv3 logo has clouds on it to represent the school is in the "sky"
shut the fuck up and imagine it

And that's Tengan mindset apparently but we know nothing good comes from mass brainwashing

I want him to be as sinister as possible.

Quite a big girl.

Thicc enough for this guy.

So Keebo being their overseer means that he's basically the traitor right? Or is there another rat in the group?

Dead rvial, we had surviving love interest (that died in dr3) and protagonist, so that's last option.


>you will never have SHSL Nursery girl sing you a lullaby while you rest your head on her thighs and she pets you while you drift off to sleep
Damn it, they just keep making her better and better.

It's annoying how intentionally normal his design is to not tip us off.

>Survivor, victim or killer?
He kills himself in episode 5 a la Komaeda

>Romantic interest or rival?
Both. Just like Komaeda.


There's going to be a scene that shows off all of missiles and guns and shit that makes him look invincible just before he dies.

Will Tenkai surpass Hopeman as a meme machine?

Her case is going to be annoying as fuck.

Don't worry, that's the only one I had of her anyway.

He looks sketchy as fuck so probably the dickish rival. But won't be surprised if he hits on Kaede.

protags are not for fucc

why is she so fat?




>Weedman's son is an astronaut
Impressive. I hope he doesn't die.

Seriously this last episode, holy fuck. I think I'm having a stroke.

It's like they went out of their way to ruin the series.

>Hope is evil now
>Let's make a new character who was actually the linchpin of the entire series

Is Mitarai the fucking Skullface of Danganronpa? Everything about both arcs of 3 is absolutely awful. I was honestly begining to subscribe to the whole meta "this is actually an anime made by Junko to cause Danganronpa fans to despair" theory, but it looks like that's out the window too.


names are hard

Or he'll end up being a killer himself. Don't make him too much like Komaeda. It would be boring.

>purple hair

>Hope is evil now

>Hope is evil now
That was always under question, only Naegi's hope is the right one.

>Let's make a new character who was actually the linchpin of the entire series
This one is more annoying.

He's the actual SHSL Fashionista


>Is Mitarai the Skullface of Danganronpa
>3 left the same empty feeling Phantom Pain did


The magician is 100% going to be a murderer. A magician for the culprit of a murder mystery is just too to pass.

>...Yeah, I killed her. Its whatever, she deserved it anyways. Just bring on the execution already.

I can see it already, the smugness after getting convicted of murder. Still, she won't die. We've already done the whole burn the witch salem witch execution. Shes murdered or surviving.

So how dead is cap boy? There is no way he is surviving this one but hes also the second largest one on the box

Bummed it wasn't Junko and Chiaki playing a game, that would have been cool


Astronaut-kun is Junko's and Jin's son and Kiri's half-brother.

What if this is all an experiment to her and the Inmates are her "kids"?

>Implying Hope has to necessarily be good

This is one thing they did right, for once the final battle won't be the same repeat of Hope vs despair with Junko as the one behind everything

And I wouldn't call Mitarai as a linchpin, Junko was still the one who caused everything, DR3 Just explained how she did it

Cosplayer is definitely disguising as one of them.

It's hard to say. He's got potential.

Hes not going to die because his talent isn't actually ultimate detective.





Dead in Chapter 5 probably

>Magician kills someone
>Reappears in the finale, having survived her execution because lolmagic

I don't think the 30 minute thing was supposed to mean the video was 30 minutes long, I think it was a countdown as to when it'd be broadcasted.

Juzo cause everything to be honest.

Brown:Art club member
Midget: Tennis player
LoliWitch: Magician
Bara: Insect expert
Mask: Folkorist
PurpleWeedman: Astronaut
Socksandals: Aikido
Pretty sure I'm right

I am so glad we know about the robots name.

If she's not dead in dr3 she's probably already dead by this point, cause you know this whole thing takes place in the future and shit.

Hes going to get fucked over by tenkai in the last or second to last chapter. Maid will also probably be involved if they really are siblings

What about it?

>Magician gets executed
>put through all the tricks like the water tank escape, swords through box, getting sawed in half

The best execution

you aware we already saw a pic without his cap and he has a ahoge too

>SHSL Nursery School Teacher
Mikazuru child is a miracle

What if Tenkai actually isn't important at all

>Not Junko is inventor
So she's female Souda?

He's gonna get SAYAKA'd

I'd like for him to be the Kirigiri AND the mastermind though. Playing on the "detectives can't be the culprit"

What do you mean by that? We saw his hidden ahoge and eye in the old trailer remember

He's tryna say it's Kirigiri is disguise.

Fuck, anyone saved it?


>Protag : robot
In your dream tincan

Juzo helped the situation to get worse because he was blackmailed but he didn't caused it

He was an accomplice like Yukizome, who also corrupted the FF from the inside


Detective will murder someone and try to frame the protagonist.


Nah if he was the sayaka he wouldn't be so large on the boxart. That job will be given to the robot




I somehow disabled autoupdate and didn't realize there were more posts
Sorry for being retarded

You're thinking about Tenkai Rantarou

So Is Hopebot still sure he's the main character?

Will robohope be the first victim or first blackened?

Your guesses don't matter because those talents are all listed in order based on that pic in the link.

>We get P4 protagonist as one of the protagonists of DR3
>We get the P3 protagonist as one of the MCs of V3


weak ahoge

He looks cool, don't die on me Kirogiro.

Probably this. I have a feeling Tenkai will have some role in his downfall.

>Monaca had the only satisfying sendoff in the series

He'll say he wont let anyone die,so he'll die first.

Neither. Killed by monokuma to demonstrate that the hope and despair conflict is dead

I hope he just straight up murders somebody without even trying to hide the fact that it was him

It seems like Keebo himself will think that, but unfortunately he's named Keebo in the first game that takes place outside of the Hope Despair conflict

Victim, his primary directive of KIBOU prohibits him from being blackened.

great design
best talent
best ahoge

generic desgin
shitty talent

So confirmed kiri x naegi son right

It'll be so fucking cool if he had a gun on him or something.

There is nothing wrong with female MC

>for once the final battle won't be the same repeat of Hope vs despair with Junko as the one behind everything
While that's true, it's not like what we're getting is any good.

>Implying he cant just be programmed to murder in hopes divine name


It's from a 2chan thread. They're good people.


>become a NEET
>Still get fucked over

Sasuga Cred Forums

>Ultimate Inventor looks like Junko
>Creates a robot that looks like Naegi
What did they mean by this?

First victim. Though first killer would be an interesting twist. Would like to see his execution.

Kaede will be the first BLACKED

Kaede please, GIVE ME THE SPOT
I'm begging you. I need the money, I can't even afford the oil to live. I can feel myself slowly deactivating...
Just let me be the protagonist for 1 chapter, even half a chapter would do!

They ruined it by making her get HOPEHACC'D too.

This fuckboi is best character already

I don't know, The only reason Nagito is good because he's special.
Making a clone of him is not a good idea.

He does not follow the false prophets, his deus ex machina is the honorable Makoto Naegi. His hope flows through his circuitry.

>Human is SHSL Robot
Bravo Warden Jim

>P3 protagonist

But Naoto was in P4. And we have Not!Yukiko in Maki.

I can't decide if I like him or new nagito more. But one of them has to die...

Well, it's not the first time someone gets a ahoge, it happened to Cumaru and Touko.

ryouma a ref. to ryoma echizen of prince of tennis

You know he doesn't have to be Nagito 2.0 to fuck shit up.

Sorry, I forgot how fucking angry this made me. I mean holy fuck, this writing is so bad it's funny:

>"We have literally no idea what to do with Monoca, she has nothing to do with the story we have in mind, so let's literally shoot her into space so that she isn't of concern anymore."

I think it's more interesting than yet another Junko return, I'll wait and see how they'll handle the main conflict in Kibou-hen before saying it was bad or good

Is the next episode the last one?

Explain, the only talents I can think for him is the Ultimate Liar, deceiver or Sinner.

>a shitty Megaman

No thanks. Glad he's dying first.


It isn't unreasonable, Monaca just took after her big brother

Danganronpa has terrific female characters user

Ultimate Stalker

Note: Monaca died on the way back to her home planet

>Ultimate Liar

Actually its probably this since they seem to be making a huge deal about "Lying" with this one

This. As someone who watched a youtube playthrough of DR:AE I felt extremely disappointed. All of the build up for nothing.

>Not Ultimate Unlucky Inmate

I have hope. She's going to appear.

If not in the HOPE episode, it'll be in Nagito's special.

It's just a matter of time.

He's dying in case 5, isn't he?

>Ultimate liar
>In a game with the ultimate detective
This will be amazing

So Kaede is going to end up being the ultimate truth/truthteller

>it's just Hope VS Despair but replaced with Lies and Truth and makes even less sense

It would be too obvious if the game constantly has him say small fibs like telling Kaede she's fat and then say that he was just lying.

Give it up user, shes beyond dead.

>Ultimate Murderer
>It comes down to either Kaede or this guy in the final chapter
>It turns out he committed all the murders up to that point and just framed everyone because he's the mastermind

>Kirigiri Naegi kid
>Mikan Izuru kid
>Komaeda Hope kid
>Asahina Hagakura kid
>Sonia Someone kid

It's gonna happen

no it won't

Could be either of them. Using his talent to manipulate people into doing what he says and since he's a cunt with maybe some secret going on with him whether it's his goal or what since his talent is unknown, he could just cause drama among the students and get them trying to kill other.

I hope ???-kun dies early I'd rather not have another black hole character situation like Komaeda again where nobody else is allowed to do anything interesting while he's around.

What the shit, that's so far away

We always need luck.

There's still the magic of flashbacks. If not that, Nagito's special being 2.5 means it's before she died.

If anything, I have more hope than ever now.

Black haired boy's name literally translates to black horse small chance.

I will kill all liars in the name of TRUTH!

Truly Danganronpa is the Skub comic of video games.

No thats detectives job to call bullshit on his lies while tenkais job is to call bullshit on detectives truths.

So why exactly are they in jail?
Does it have anything to do with ther talents?

It comes out the first of January

Thought police

No its not what the fuck. It releases on Jan 12 in JP so if we get a May release date ill suck kodakas dick

Wait there's an official English release date?

This. Was hoping for Komaeda end game the whole time.

Play the game and find out.

>obvious machine translation
what do you think

Mitarai wasn't the mastermind

Hope and Despair are just the two emotions Kodaka wants you to fly back and forth from. Naegi and Junko are the embodiment's of it.

3 turned it into Star Wars and thats part of why it sucks.

Would have been better since it would mean that he grew a spine but no, Tengan had to do it for him.

That is a cute pic user

There's also Monokuma kids as well.

>despair arc was a mistake
>future arc was an even bigger mistake
so we all agree both arcs are shit and shouldn't exist

Mitarai sucks so much

He's like the worst parts of Yasu and Delta combined

I bet he doesnt even die

>January v3 release date
I guess im going ghost in January then.

I'm fine with this outcome.
So many assmad faggots that desperately wanted someone to pay for what happened to x character, so chose Mitarai.
Kodaka complied.
You got what you wanted.

I wouldn't say Future was a bigger mistake. It's fully retarded, but at least it didn't ruin the entire backstory like Despair did.

Are you going to die before that?

Ultimate Hopeful Lucky Detective.


Fucking how? Nobody has more unbelievable or roundabout motives than Yasu. Delta I agree although I'd prefer to compare him with Tengan since they're both old guys with COMPLEX MOTIVES.

>detective in jail
That guy's fishy.

I enjoyed both of them. So they have every right to exist. Kill yourself if you think only stuff you approve of should be allowed to exist

Trips speak the truth. Threads and memes were fun tho.

>Tennis Player
literally how

Her execution is being forced to play music on a rigged piano. Basically an extended version of the piano or xylophone gags in old cartoons.

wtf dr3 sucks they killed chiaki

desu I just want somebody entertaining. Mitarai still has 1 more chance to do some crazy shit, but I doubt it will happen.

They use him as the racket

Why didn't Naegi just ask Mitarai to make him an anime which brainwashed the Remnants of Despair into acting like normal people?

Stop existing.

You got that wrong.
>Future arc was a mistake
>Despair arc was an even bigger mistake


Easy, she's not going to be the real protag. It's a fakeout. I'm not even anti-Kaede but unless she's lying about being SHSL pianist, she's not the real protag.

too complex


He probably got a little too involved with a case or was blamed by someone else in a murder

he would probably refuse to do it anyways

Or a piano with razorblade keyboard

He HOPEHACC'D the world. Even Space NEET and the lesbian bear hunters were affected

Threads are a fucking cancerous circlejerk of memes and hate. You're literally not allowed to post that you like the shows without people jumping at you for daring to like what they don't

>Cred Forums thread
Fucking really?

Well, he grew a spine in this episode, for the wrong reason yes but that he did

Probably reads as Iruma Miu. Could be wrong though. We need the official romanization.

Sometimes I feel like if DR3 didn't exist absolutely nothing would change.

The entirety of DR3 went in and out my ears almost instantly so my opinion is probably wrong and I should seppuku.

Stop shitposting

nah I just don't want to be spoiled this time around. V3 will be streamed on sites like twitch or youtube so people are going to have a field day with spoilers. I'll be gone for that

>openly making a v3 thread
can we get an actual dr3 thread in here

Enoshima Miu
SHSL inventor + analyst

>This is a KILLING GAME, Tenkai! People acutally died because of you!
>I know! Isn't it fun?

You'll only have to avoid everything for a week or two after that you just have to avoid Cred Forums

I'm not sure what happened but BD preorders on amazon stalker just shot up by a lot.
>*80位/*89位 (**2,427 pt) [*,*14予約] 16/09/28 ダンガンロンパ3 -The End of 希望ヶ峰学園- Blu-ray BOX I 〈イベント優先販売申込券付き初回生産限定版〉 [Blu-ray]

Welcome to Cred Forums

Did they recover from the Kirigiri death dip?

Did you miss the point that Mitarai's specific type of brainwash is a bad thing ? Which is why he didn't want to use it and Tengan had to do what he did so the project wouldn't be wasted?

>implying anyone actually wants to discuss that mess of an episode

Only a matter of time before side:hope causes every to mass suicide. Theres a 25% chance the conclusion of hopes peak arc will actually be good.

>Yumeno Sally
>Akko's series
We've got a majokko fangirl in our ranks.

Dictator is my nigga.

Komaeda's BD anime was announced


That Kyoko keychain nigga

Exactly. We need more discussion of that so everyone drowns in despair!

I hope we get a manga adaption that expands on this shit. Or at least some official spinoff material for 3.

Kodaka wrote a shit ton of material for Lerche to adapt and its obvious they didnt have time to explain everything AND develop the characters in 12 episodes.

There should be a commentary track with Chisa & Junko commenting on every episode, like Bakemonogatari once did.

Seriously The only way DRfags are better than Re:tards is that they kept their cancer to one thread at a time instead of creating 4 or 5 threads at once. But the threads are the same cancerous hive of memes and circlejerking an opinion to the point that daring to disagree instantly causes people to jump at you to tell you why you're having fun the wrong way

Komaeda. That's what. They're banking everything on the Komaeda OVA. Full Fujoronpa.

I want that damn keychain.


I'm prepped for him to do everything for me.


>no ryoko and co.
>no gekko
>no real chiaki background at ALL
>no explanation of chihiros connection to AI chiaki

Im a little disgusted in particular about the fact that they couldn't squeeze in Miaya or just one minute of chiakis backstory at all.


Real thread

Why should Chiaki's backstory be important?

fuck off

Now you understand that 3 was just a shitty commercial for the game right?

That thread is not real. It is a robot.

at this point. It might make people think twice about buying V3

Really, Future was pretty cool before we got Despair's shitty ideas of making a portable, quick action brainwashing device.
Really, I didn't even hate Future before 12, I am more in line with or .

>Both the killer and the victim are revealed to be alive during the trial
>Monokuma gets so annoyed he puts Himitsuko through the execution anyway and kills the victim in it too for kicks

He didn't know Mitarai could do that, dude. The animelet never told anyone, Tengan had to hear of it from fucking Chisa.
Naegi only realized Mitarai could do Geass stuff after seeing that a brainwash video with immediate action was possible

Replied wrongly to , I don't agree with him.
I just think Future wasn't all that bad before Animeman took center stage.


If he talks like a robot, i'm going to flip.

I see the Tennis guy and all I think is Radical Larry.

Kodaka, you jester.

Well, Hope is a legit name here so...
Then again, they're all japanese so maybe they just leave it as Keebo?


Hopoid is my best guess, but Maybe they'll leave it as Keebo since that sounds like a name they would give a humanoid robot project.

Are you blind? We see Touko, Mokona etc being brainwashed BEFORE the end of the countdown, it clearly already began airing. The only other theory would be "it's the time required to broadcast it EVERYWHERE" but it's unlikely and counter-intuitive.

That's only in Mitarais visions.