All the characters in the last series you watched are now all gender-flipped. What changes?

All the characters in the last series you watched are now all gender-flipped. What changes?

>Gon = cute genki girl
>Killua = femme-fatale in training
>Leorio = Onee-chan
>Kurapika = stays the same
>Hisoka = Ragyou Kiriyuin 2.0
>Meruem = Ant Queen
>Neferpitou = stays the same

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>Kurapika = stays the same
>Neferpitou = stays the same

Would be more accurate if they became reverse-traps

Genderbent Pitou would be a manly man.

What the fuck happened to their hair?

Not much would change with HxH honestly. Just more buff girls, and Bisky's issues are even weirder.

Killua's dad (female) would probably be hot as fuck.

Silva is already hot as fuck. Dude looks like a tiger.

>we have yet to see Hanzo shirtless yet
Togashi pls

The female symbolism surrounding Pitou would be odd if Pitou got swapped.

Yeah, there's fuck all symbolism around father animals.
Actually, this is Pitou, I don't think swapping would make any noticeable difference.

>virgin mary symbolism
>muse of dance
>playing with dolls
>"pitou" coming from a female character
Pitou would be pretty gay

>muse of dance
Huh, I missed that one. Aren't the Royal Guards all named after gods too?

post pitou pics

Their names are mixed with Gods and some characters from a kid's book

That's kind of appropriate.

Seems like these are the gods they're named after

>Nefertem, god of healing and beauty. Born from a blue lotus flower (remember that sash Pitou wore in her first appearance?). Sometimes portrayed as having the head of a cat or a lion.

(actually I'll come back and talk about the others in a bit I've got a meat pie getting cold over here)

Not a whole lot actually. (I'm at episode 4)

Togashi put a lot of thought into the royal ants. Wish they lived a bit longer.

Wow, Killolia is even cuter than before!

>not a whole lot
Tell that to Sara.

>Pitou is named after a MALE god of healing
>Youpi is named after a male god of war
>Pouf is named after a FEMALE god of fate

Genderbent Bisky is just a Jojo


I don't know.

Well she's fucked either way, right?


>Kazuma is a Tomoko-looking girl
>Aqua is the fanciest prince
>Megumin is... basically the same
>Darkness is a burly Reinhardt-looking mofo who still acts hot and bothered at the thought of being beaten up

>Pouf is a cat
>Youpi and Pitou are dogs
(in french. I mean)


It's the same

Alright, here's the others, ripped clean from the pages of wikipedia this time.

>Montu/Menthu, destructive god of war and power. One of the guardians of Ra the sun god on his nightly journey through the underworld (I guess Ra is Meruem, what with the sun symbolism from the OP.) Often depicted with the head of a falcon.

>Shai, personification of fate and destiny. Although generally"fate" was deemed to be male, there also exists a female form of this god called "Shait". ... Has jack to do with Shaiapouf's anything and is generally just a name for fate.

Not actually from wikipedia, though, I got a different source and forgot to change that part of the post.

>Non Non Biyori OVA

It turns into shit

I'd watch genderbent NNB. It'd be a different experience for sure.
this is probably the inspiration for pouf

>Jojo part 4
Cute highschoolers with superpowers hunting cute serial killer cakes starring a creepy hairy stalker

I can't see any similarities beyond Pouf being a butterfly and this being a butterfly.

>they're all still jacked as hell

>female rohan
Would marry.

>Re(tard) zero
A girl chasing guys and getting killed a lot?

Too bad he only managed to get Pitou under his spell.


Okuyasu has grey hair?


what does this mean

Would watch

>Irresponsible captain Tylor

Tylor becomes a ditzy slut

Koichi best girl

though Yukako would seem a lot more creepy and rapey in that scenario.

high school NHK

adult Watamote


would be more historically accurate

>Concrete Revolutio
i don't know, I guess it would stay mostly the same

Isn't that just regular Tylor?

It'd be extremely different in some ways and exactly the same in others. Mob probably wouldn't set her sights on getting ripped.

>Soul Eater

I guess now we have Soul making fun of Maka's small dick.


I don't know. It will probably become something action oriented. But some of the gay stuff will change.


>swaps gay for yuri
>asuka punches rei in the teeth rather than slapping him
>little changes apart from asuka coming off as a sexual predator
>shinji is actually slightly more fucked