Overlord thread

Did we really just gone full 24 hours without a thread?

Humiefag x Nazarickfag mating worn you out this much?

What extra materials are known to be released with vol11?
Any extra side stories or artbooks?

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I'm predicting the reveal of the Throne of Kings as the most powerful WCI in NW.

yeah i know, its weird. i think people are just waiting for the 30th now

Why would you think that user?

Also, anyone else hoping that Ainz exterminates all dwarfs?

>Why would you think that user?
As I've said in a previous thread, NW is more realistic therefore things that were for flavour become real.
The ToK becomes a Throne for Kings, essentially it is turning Ainz into the keikaku master.
That's my theory anyway.

Why would he?
The're magnificent drunkenbeards as well ass fine craftsmen.
He need them to provide E-Rantel with magical gear all adventurers want.
In LN it's back extended all the way up to the ceiling of Throne Hall.
Also the Throne Hall was predominantly white in color.

So, based on last few threads Humiefags claim that
>Fully geared Gazef can 1v1 any of the maids
>Go-gin can 1v1 any of the maids
>Clementine can also 1v1 any of the maids
>BS can destroy all the six maids

Let's put battle maids aside since they're obviously so "weak". So, here's a new scenario:
Fully geared Gazeff + Go-gin + BS Clementine vs Black Scripture (excluding CD)
Leaving CD out because she is "obviously" lvl80+

I spammed ctrl+f overl all day yesterday with no hits. Don't do this to me anons!

I don't buy it. Inspiring loyalty or intimidating visitors would be one thing, but Ainz sitting on the throne is the same Ainz not sitting on the throne.

So far are there any leaks? From 2chan?

BS as they were moments before running into Chair?
Obviously BS win.
They're now what, 3 people short?
That makes them 10 people strong and KC is stronger than Gazef, Go-Gin or Clem.
It's still BS win.

GGC can probably beat any 3 combo from the Black Scripture not including the Captain without suffering a casualty. Maybe they can take on a max 5 or 6 of them?

The Captain can probably solo all three of them (with difficulty), if he's really stronger than Solution.

How about if we put EE and Brain in the first team?

Any mage/cleric/druid/summoner from BS could solo all 3 meleefags. Most BS fighters can beat full Gazeff and Go Gin by themselves.

>3 people short
It was 2 people short. Kaire wasn't a member of BS.
Also they were both resurrected.

~35lvl Warrior with treasures
~40lvl Warrior with treasures
~30lvl, got no treasures
>Go Gin
~30lvl, stronk but not as good a warrior as 3 previous
~50lvl AOE mage
>They're missing a heal user.

Combined that team have something about ~190 lvls
BS have KC (~60 warrior) + each of BS should not be much weaker than Clem so 9*40=360 + KC it's ~400.
Still a bit lot for Gazef team to handle.
But EE can negative AOE so it's not clear.

It's not about whether he sits on the throne or not, it is the fact that it exists in the NW and that things are now more realistic. It's magic is the reason everything is going his way and why everyone sees him as this terrifyingly intelligent strategist.

Dead guys are back already and one of them is in for Frogmentine's place. So technically they are already back to their pre-Chair strength, it all depends on how difficult it's for New Worlders to get their lost Levels back.

>~40lvl Warrior with treasures
That's too much for her.

Nah, from Maruyama Twitter with treasures she's stronger than fully geared Gazef.
Gazef can't be much lower than 35 in his gear co Clem is bound to be around 40.
Brain was too much for VB to handle and they're supposed to be ~30lvl.
Gazef > Brain > VB and that's without treasures.
We can probably add 5 levels since I was holding back on my headcanons.

Humiefags don't actually exist, right?
It's just that one guy baiting all the time, right?

I at one time argued that Go Gin can win vs backliner Pleiades like Entoma or CZ.
>t. Novelfag

Clem is best girl.

>Humiefags don't actually exist
Original one is right above you.

The truth was spoken.

Can I ask you guys how to pronounce the name of that Black Scrip dude called "Beaumarchais"?
Does it sound like Bo-marcky? or Byu-marckys?

>Chain dude


>Demi-human and heteromorph God kins
>When cat or slime are fine enough too

Why do people keep dismissing Pleiades as weak?
They're supposed to defend the Throne hall against parties of level 100 players.
Do we have any evidence for > Captain [...] stronger than Solution.
or these people are talking out of their asses?

I believe that name was already taken by Dragon Lord Chaindorks Vaisself

>any evidence
Chair said it. Althugh the same volume has Chair admitting she can't really measure the strength of people below there and she doesn't have any ways to measure warrior's strength.

>Why do people keep dismissing Pleiades as weak?
Most people don't.
>defend the Throne hall
They're strong but they're not supposed to defend anything.
Anyone who get through 8th floor probably cannot be stopped by anything and Pleiades + Sebas are to stall for time while AOG prepare their chuuni last stand.
It's just Entoma lost to 3-man NW with only one member in ~50lvl others being ~25lvl.
NWers can beat maids individually if the come in force.
Exception is probably Narberal if her 8th tier is AOE.
>Captain [...] stronger than Solution.
Chair said that but Solution is Rogue so KC levels are unclear.
60lvl rogue probably can't beat 50lvl warrior in a straight PVP.

No, Shalltear herself admits she is bad judge of strength and such since she isn't specialized for it and people just eat up anything to support their own headcanon like it's heavenly gospel.

Same with people misreading which sealing crystal Ainz showed to the E-Rantel people before going after Shalltear.

Only Aura is known to have proper background to assess strength of something (she was at xmas tree and spoke it out loud and Zaryusu's resurrection), and probably Nigredo too due her divination background.

Ainz can do it somewhat too but his evaluation comes from his extensive background of what to match something against (Hamsuke and identification spells).

Well, Ainz did say they are nothing more then a show pieces, since he have no idea why his guildies made the Pleiades in the first place.

They are nothing more then show pieces, together with Sebas to delay invaders so the guild have time to gather in the throne room to greet them.

In third volume Shalltear specifically stated that this one (KC) is strong, probably stronger than Solution. But the thing is she specifically said Solution. Which means that KC isn't that above her. He's probably a bit stronger than Solution but weaker than Lupus. Also, it was jut an assumption so it's just a vague reference.

Regarding Pleiades being weak. They are weak in comparison to 100 level parties. Their purpose wasn't defending the throne hall. It was to stall the invaders to buy time so that 41 players could prepare for the final confrontation in the throne hall.

>people just eat up anything to support their own headcanon
I think it's just humiefag going through LN and taking single sentences out of context.
For example he uses the famous "Yuri and Shizu can't beat EE by levels alone" part even though EE needed Gagaran and Tina to barely beat Entoma.

>Entoma lost to 3-man NW with only one member in ~50lvl others being ~25lvl
Don't forget that EE had a hard counter for Entoma as well. Even then they had exhausted almost all of their mana and potions by the time Entoma went down. EE specifically stated that she won only because of other two's support.

Yeah I mean I don't necessarily believe it either, which is why I qualified that with "if he's really"

She could have meant 'higher level', which is possible, 'higher physical strength', which is definitely likely, or 'has a longer dick and can win in a 1v1 power level death match' which I doubt.

As mentioned, Chair just goes by her gut, and I don't really see any way a similarly strong warrior beats a physical damage resistant warp speed moving shoggoth assassin.

Yes, but it's still possible.

>60lvl rogue probably can't beat 50lvl warrior in a straight PVP
60lvl heteromorph assassin with better gear definitely can beat 50lvl human warrior in a straight PVP

>They are weak in comparison to 100 level parties
The point I was making was, if they can stand against level 100 players without being immediately obliterated they must be strong.

Anyway, I forgot about Chair saying that. I guess it's enough for speculations.

Does anyone have new manga ch's raw? Nips posted a few pages of lizards.

>better gear
Pleiades is not clad in Divine and BS have leftovers from 6GG.
I am not sure what gear both of them have.
And this is just an example, KC may be stronger or weaker than Solution.

They're supposed to stand together with Sebas though.

You're forgetting Pleiades were designed.
Each one was planned to have specific build and has gear that works for her build.
Meanwhile BS has just "leftovers". KC is probably using that spear because it's the highest tier weapon (after CD's scythe) not because it enhances his abilities.

The thing is, we have no idea of Plieades' strength as a team. It won't be a surprise if they have special buffs etc while fighting as a team. Also, I think that their teamwork is top notch which can make all sorts of differences. So, we still don't know Plieades' full strength as a whole group.

>Why do people keep dismissing Pleiades as weak?
Only humiefag do that.



This is all nips shared.

I'm not the one who's leading the discussion in BS vs Pleiades direction user.
I'm just saying KC is stronger than Solution by Chair estimate which can be shit.

Equipment doesn't add to Level, Gazef is max 30, maybe 29.

>spider bullying bug

More like 29 w\o equipment, MA and ring.
Ring and MA said to lift him into the "realm of Heroes" which is supposedly 30ygg.
>Equipment doesn't add to Level
Eh, we're talking about equivalents user.
After all
>NWers don't have levels

Entoma a cute!

Dat thigh gap

>NWers don't have levels
Now, user. What the hell is Lizards plus Enri&Enfi's deal then?

Cruhtch is a slut. I can understand NPCs, but an albino (who is apparently considered ugly) lizard saying "Do you want my body?" to a skeleton after her very first boyfriend died a little while ago clearly points her to being one.

>Pleiades up strength as a team

>We need Meidozord power now!
>*cue cheezy metal riffs*

My guess is NWers have implicit levels. They have stats and spell slots but they don't actually "keep count"

All of them now Ainz subordinates and he had investigated their status.
Ygg spell\skill he used presented him with approximate equivalent in Ygg levels.
No way Tina have prerequisites for Ninja class = NWers don't follow Ygg rules strictly, more likely Yggdrasil system blended in their "organic" natural growth through training.
They don't get stronger by just swinging a sword or farming mobs (like Players from 13Heroes did), they need a teacher, specific training or some special circumstances to obtain a Class etc.
In short they make use of Yggdrasil system infused into their world but they are oblivious to it.
Even the powerlevel they have is related to difficulty of challenge adventurer can overcome.
Levels are not their property like Age, height or weight.

I think levels don't really exist for NW-ers but Ygg items and equipments have some specific classes and level requirements. For that purpose some hypothetical class/race levels are assumed by YGG system based on individual strength and experience so that items/equipments could work properly.

It's in their nature and culture to submit to the strong.
When one tribe win a war with other - females probably present themselves to the victor to survive and further their lineage.
It's not like humans never did the same user.

>No way Tina have prerequisites for Ninja class
She still has the classes that were prerequisites for Ninja class like rogue and assassin.

And in no way she have enough Ygg levels for that Classes too or Entoma would be finished in a matter of minute.

If the ST has the ultimate objective of preserving humans, then why haven't they helped out loli princess and her nation yet?

I did mention that she was talking to a skeleton, a human(?) long-faced skeleton.

So, from what I can understand. Even Enfirea can learn 5th tier Dragon Lightning but he doesn't have enough mana or some other natural factors to actually perform it...is that it?

Because they're only worth keeping around as buffer and the "aid" to them is a secret. Hence the need to try persuade ex-BS to go and help them stand firm as a buffer.

Probably same view what they have for Kingdom and them being a buffer for Republic so that Theocracy doesn't have to share border with them.

He's motherfucking strong.
And she's a lizard.
2+2 = she's obviously thought there is nothing more she could offer and applied her culture knowledge\instincts to situation.

Only if he has a suitable teacher for I guess. I doubt he can just grab a class related item and learn it without a hich.

Just like it took long time for Brain to develop his own martial arts and how Fluder has been flailing in the dark to reach even 6th tier.

Manapool is a huge problem, yes.
We can see how NWers that live long and study hard (Rigrit, EE, Fluder) can become powerful magic casters.
I assume the lact of naturally trained 50+ warriors is related to withering of one's body: a sound-minded mage in his seventies (or equivalent if elongated with magic) is much more potent that retired warrior in his seventies (like that french dude that taught Gazef).
Vampires are undead so I assume in NW they can't get more powerful in melee since they don't grow or evolve.
Accumulating magical knowledge is another thing hence Evil Eye.
I speculated few threads back that native NW Werewolf may reach considerable Warrior powerlevel through centuries.
Maybe some other NW races with extended\unlimited lifespan can.

>lact of warriors
*lack of warriors

There should still be minotaurs with fresh player blood since minotaur player appeared only 200 years ago.

That's God kin, I wasn't talking about them.

NW scrubs ignore requirements but they still have levels it is just not constantly shown how is this so hard for people to understand?

Map's size is 1210x693 km.

we don't really know how learning magic and job classes relate with "levels". they may be indirectly related.

also there are human limitations, so maybe even in nfirea lived a million years he could only top out at tier 4, who knows.

we need more Level Charts

>Because they're only worth keeping around as buffer and the "aid" to them is a secret.
It's not a secret because they're still helping another human country. It's a secret because they're using secret unit to do this.
>Probably same view
The difference is that Theocracy leaders are afraid of DLs and Republic is still a "civilized" country. They don't have anything against killing demi-human tribes.

He is a skeleton, an Undead that typically hate the living, and she is a motherfucking Druid, you would think her knowledge of the occult, being clever enough to qualify as a chieftain and considering herself ugly before the appearance of her future boyfriend might have prevented her from saying what she said. But nothing of that did, instead it proved that getting fucked gave her multiple Level-ups in the Slut class.

>have levels
>ignore Ygg requirements
How is this Ygg levels then?
Why not "personal strength rating"?
What did people have before Yggdrasil?
Did Dragon Lords have levels before Yggdrasil?
Do you have them?
Do Grizzly Bear have them?

because there is some sort of the yggdrasil backend influencing every single living being in the new world, but we don't know to what extent

we know that a vague concept of levels exist, we know that a vague concept of leveling up exists, we know that a vague concept of experience (souls) exists, and we know that a vague concept of stats (talent) exist, which explicitly exist as a supernatural-like quality, which can explicitly not be gained through wisdom or training.

It's not like we've seen any old native vampires besides the one who obviously suppresses her Vamp side. Some non-mage Undead like Soul Eaters can at least grow stronger by eating souls.

It's not that I'm that against rubbing one off on Ainz x Lulu doujin, I just see the reasoning behind her words.
Lizardmen were just bent over royally and she as the last representative was ready to offer anything she could to ensure survival of her species.

>be me
>playing some yggdrasil as a female character
>server shutdown
>spawn in NW
>forced sex-change

>Do Grizzly Bear have them?
Go and kick some grizzly cub and then tell me it's mother doesn't have more levels in Grizzly Bear class than her child.

>touching with there tails

It's a reason for celebration in my book.
If you're toplvl with indefinite lifespan - you can whore yourself to your heart content and not worry about getting old, catching diseases or being beaten by a rough John.

>playing a different sex in a full dive MMORPG with one character slot and where people hear your real voice.
Why though?

It's nearly 30th and no chinese leak? what the hell, did the chinese suddenly care about copy right?

Is it 3 days now?

>implying I wouldn't be a cute girl
>implying that wouldn't be the best thing ever

It's just natural physical power though NWers also have MA, talents and Ygg classes.

>you can whore yourself to your heart content and not worry about getting old
>you can whore yourself
you are sick

>be fat ugly neckbeard
>spawn in NW
>now I'm fig beautiful woman

I have 27 levels in the Wizard class

If I shoot the Grizzly Bear in the head with a .44 Magnum does that mean I have more levels than the Grizzly Bear?

>not being heroic tier already

So what's this huge Overlord announcement is about that's coming at the end of this month?

>playing a disgusting-looking pink fleshy slime when you're a voice actress for eroge
Was it trolling?

I could make fun of you but nevermind that. Come on user it's the next volume.

No, it just means your gun is of high enough level to get past Grizzly Bear's passive.

Yeah, some people grasp too hard at things. It's obvious they have class levels but author has no reason to show them with numbers at this point.

Though they can circumvent some rules that apply to Yggdrasil entities like class restrictions (no need to be lvl 60 for high-end classes for one), pure luck or flunking it via training.

Yggdrasil entities are explicitly bound by the rules of their creation and Ainz can't overcome the magicians restrictions of wielding martial gear no matter how much he tries, same with Jugem or maids being unable to learn cooking.

NW entities can gain strength and can be measured by Yggdrasil style divination but alas there's no incentive to train divination spells in Yggdrasil so they gauge each other and themselves differently.

Magicians in NW have it easy since they can just trust their attained tiers but how do would you accurately gauge or rank martial arts? martial prowess?

There's nobody in New World to tell them a base to scale with or gauge it, "this warrior has this much str or dex and compared to him, this other guy is different in—"

tl;dr doesn't really matter, it's all comparing sapient organisms vs sentient "constructs". Or base 2 vs base 10.

Screenshotting this for when they announce season 2

>Good evening,

>I would like to cancel the following orders:

>xxxxxxxxxxx - Nendoroid Overlord Albedo
>xxxxxxxxxxx - Novel Overlord 11

>Thank you very much for your time and effort.

>Best regards,

Justin Time.

>whore yourself out
Is that better or you are genuinely disgusted by the fuck that I would fuck around if easy sexchange opportunity ever presented itself?
Turning into a girl is literally every second user dream including moot himself.

I will gladly eat a bag of dicks if that's what it takes.

As if 2200 AD eroge does not feature any slime girls.

>how do would you accurately gauge or rank martial arts? martial prowess?
Martial Arts seem to also have something like tiers. Eruya used the same MA as Clem but he did say he's a genius because he's able to use it at his level.

the lake is estimated to have a radius of 20km

on the map, the lake is roughly 27 pixels long and 15 wide, so a pixel is approximately 2km. that would make the map 7850x4258km, wouldn't it?

But you have to be of specific level to wield a strong enough weapon.

>implying you wouldn't do it for free

We know there are tiers. We don't know what this exactly means without testing to get a baseline. Ainz really needs to up the r&d.

But user, Our lord himself said all that comes out of shalltear's mouth is horse shit

In Yggdasil.
Why do you think we get shit like 6 year old kid killing his baby sister with his father's gun.

Well that can also be self-entitlement, like how Brain viewed his God Flash to reach divine speed of attack before he got his "scale" crushed in front of his eyes.

Eruya could have learned it "fast/easier" like Ninya was supposed to be double the efficient in learning magic though that was from her talent.

>how do would you accurately gauge or rank martial arts?
Like they do it irl.
With belts, dan's and competition rankings user.
It's not rocket science, even humies IRL do that.

I think Brain stated that he uses [Fourfold Slash of Light] because he couldn't do [Sixfold Slash of Light] like Gazef too, he saw it as the same MA but lower in difficulty and "fatigue cost".

You just had to be this bold aren't you?
Look at what you have done, look at it!

Yeah, but how does this compare towards people using the same MA. Is a Slash by Nemu as strong as a Slash from Gazef?

It's not worse, it's different.
Brain don't have stamina for 6 strikes but have accuracy to guide for of them with precision.
Gazef have had stamina for 6 strikes but he can could only roughly target surrounding opponents.

They use some empiric experiment like how deep it will carve into a rock.
If it can't be done for this specific MA - then they call a bearded sensei and make him asses it.

Who's the older sister in this relationship, Shalltear or Aura? and who's on top?

This is obviously Mare
look at em manly shoulders!


>In Yggdasil.
This just proves this anons point that there are no levels IRL and that probably is the case in NW as well. Only that NW had built in magic and then YGG system got imbued into its laws which changed its basic composition. But there are no explicit levels in NW.

>on todays episode, we learn that Maruyama is not as good with maps as Tolkien

Shalltear is S for Aura.

Check the original version. There is no lake.
I tried to measure roads from Re-Estize to E-Rantel as close as possible (didn't cross town symbols) and got 859.9px in total. Assuming the distance is 280 km (stated in WN) it gives 859.9/280≈3.07px/km.
Max land width is 3715px, max height is 2129px, therefore it's size ≈ 1210x693.5 km or 751.8x430.9 miles.

>no explicit levels in NW.

Once you have a baseline to work off of (Nazarick has this) determining levels should be possible in-universe. Do you really need the author to give every single character a full level sheet to spoon feed that they have levels? It has already been shown that there are levels.

Think of the NW as a D&D game. Nazarick is aware of the "dice" being rolled and the "system" that governs it but the NWers are not, just because the NWers can't measure their strength "in system" themselves does not mean that it's not there.

NW is not real life. They have classes and MAs.
If there were no levels then Fluder would be able to cast 6th tier of divine spells just like he can cast arcane spells.
But he can't because he's got not enough levels in divine spellcaster class.

>baseline to work off
This is literally what happens.
We only see levels for people who were assessed by Nazarick for one reason or the other.
Everyone else have ? in levels.

Yggdrasil entity that assess NW entity just see approximate ygg equivalent.

[Eighteen-fold Slash of Light]

oh shit, i didn't realize they photoshopped the lake into the english edit

>Can't into 6th tier divine
>not enough levels
user he just did not pursue this field eagerly or have no aptitude towards it.
That's it.
You give up halfway, you don't invest time and effort in studies and training - you don't progress.

>just because the NWers can't measure their strength "in system" themselves does not mean that it's not there.

>We only see levels for people who were assessed by Nazarick for one reason or the other.
this isn't a fact dude, it's just something people were shitposting about in one thread

i mean it could be true, but it's pure speculation

They do have a system for that, at least the Theocracy and the Adventurer Guild.

He can cast 6th tier of spells - arcane spells. If there were no levels then he would be able to learn and cast any 6th tier spell.

Their system is heavily biased and subjective. It is not set in stone like the lvl1-100 for now? system.

We have proof that they disregard Ygg level requirements so I will assume they don't have explicit levels as their internal property unlike "Yggdrasil Constructs who are born strong".
See above.
NWers don't "level up", they get stronger gradually through training, learning and experience.
If you dedicate your time to firearms shooting - you won't get far with your bow shooting.
Not because you now have shit build with dominantly firearms classes.
You did not invest enough time and effort in the bow, that's it.
And learning spells takes time (says Ninya).
Her talent allowed her to learn a spell that takes 8 years o learn in 4 years.
Do you see what's happening there?
Fluder who is a pioneer in NW magic is literally walking blind in the dark.
He had to invest a shitton of time in just determining what the fuck this 6th tier spell is and even extend his lifetime since regular mortal one was not enough for this research.
If you take someone like Ninya, Fluder or Arche and sat them down with magic textbooks designed to teach NWers how to magic - they will learn this faster.

Only if all spells required the same training. Levels doesn't matter, what matters is the time/effort/training/whatever you put into the task.
It's like a spell tree. You put "points" in arcane so you can cast 6th tier arcane. Other magic schools are irrelevant.

It baffles me how people ignore that the author has already shown that the NW has levels and that these people justify that the NW does not by "Nazarick did that" headcannon.

He says that he can't cast resurrection spell. Unlike 6th tier it's something that's not uncommon. But he still can't cast it.
If there was nothing that prevents him from learning divine spells then he should be able to do this.
Time is irrevelant to him since he's been living for over 200 years.

If we assume you just need time to learn spells then obviously he would learn the spells of highest possible tier.

>NWers don't "level up", they get stronger gradually through training, learning and experience.
it's the opposite

they do, explicitly, get supernaturally stronger in a way that is not related to strength training and learned experience. this is the entire point of climb in volume 5. there are like 10 examples supporting this, from the first to the last novel.

i understand why you are confused, because job classes and magic are seemingly unrestricted, and acquired through learning. it is not clear how job classes and magic are related to levels in the new world.

It baffles me how people ignore that all NW characters who have levels in their sheets was appraised by Nazarick and that these people justify that "NW have levels" while NW clearly do not follow Class level requirements and don't level up the same way it happened in Yggdrasil.

Then why doesn't Fluder have levels in his sheet?

That's about the size of Africa at ~33 million km^2. Lets assume that the ocean is the same size as the parts of the countries that are cut off.

We know that the Kingdom has a population of 9 million, but it is unusually fertile land, so lets assume that all the other countries had a population of 2/3 of the Kingdom ~6 million each.

Just looking at the part of the map that is shown, there are 5 countries other than the Kingdom so that's a total population of 5*6 + 9 =39 million.

That gives a population density of 39/33 = 1.18 people per km^2. That's less than Alaska which has a population density of 1.2. Europe in the medieval ages had a population density of between 5-9.

Why is this place such an underpopulated wasteland? With all the nasty monsters roaming around wouldn't it make more sense to build closer together for easier protection?

Because author decided to not post his levels yet?

My body is ready for Succubus Renner slutting it up with random monsters behind Climb's back.

Then everyone has levels but author decided to not post them yet.

Just because it says 1.18 per km^2 it doesnt mean it is literally it. There are many parts avoided cause territory of other races such as goblins or ogres. There are still "people" living there, but not humans.

>If there was nothing that prevents him from learning divine spells
For fucks sake user.
Time is relevant.
It's 8 years for what I assume is 1-3 tier spell for regular people and this spell is widely known before you start studying it.
Fluder had to pave his road to 6th Arcane tier himself, nobody taught him this spells, maybe no one ever used them in NW before.
Time prevents him from learning 6th tier Arcane spells AND 6th tier Divine spells in a span of two centuries.
Maybe personal aptitude and talent is a factor, maybe he can't advance divine as far as he did with Arcane.
user go read that bit again.
Climb learned MA that allowed him to temporarily remove shackles of mind over body.
Gazef probably know full version of this MA too.
This is how he got stronger in the middle of fight with Succulent while being stabbed in the stomach.
Also how he evaded Sebas fist though I assume Sebas faked killing intention and did not intend to actually kill Climb.
Enri has two sheets, maybe Fluder will have second.

Also the unknown regions that Ainz wants to discover.

>behind back
>not NTR

Climb just awakened [Limit Breaker - Mind], it's not like he got stronger in general, he learned a new MA/skill/technique/whatever.

For fucks sake user.
He's learning low tier divine spells. If he was able to he would learn 5th tier instead like resurrection spell.
But he can't.

You don't hear or feel rain, you don't see a beautiful but cold moon watching. Its a normal day, cloudy but warm. That is right, it was not a special day. The human armies came, now all that is left of the sorcerous kingdom's armies is you and a short skeleton. The skeleton is wearing tattered robes, its face is cracked, even if he has an unbreakable pokerface, the flickering red lights in his eyesockets betray it. You curse, you survived mostly due to luck, nazarik didn't care about you so they left you alone to be bullied by servants, but this skeleton, he survived by sacrificing his underlings. You were once captivated by endless life and this man's personality. No one else seemed to notice but, this man seemed nice and generous. You have alrealy forgotten that image. The current Ainz Oowl Gown is a pathethic visage of his former self. A human walks before you, he looks you in the eye and says: "Why did you choose this side, you are a human and even if you managed to change your outside you would still be human at heart". Your stomach drops, you knew you made a mistake the moment you entered this tomb so you open your mouth to beg for mercy but the man lifts his palm and denies your plea: "Those who have willingly colluded with a monster were destinied to die". He was right, a serene feeling of complete helplesness, you never wanted this in your heart so you ask: "please kill me". Behind you you hear the crushing of bones and a voice shrilly screaming "Please don't kill me, Please don't kill me, I don't want to die, help me help me help meeee!". What did you see in that creature you don't know, the man before you is expressionless but his expression has a trace of warmth in it. "Sleep well", he says, the view before you goes dark and you fall into a pleasant endless dream.

I just realized that that 7 star Pleiades and sebas have been created for the express purpose of jobbing to whoever is on the brink of capturing the guild.

So entoma losing was literally her fulfilling her assigned role in nazarick

>he survived by sacrificing his underlings
>implying Ainz doesn't try to do the exact opposite at any opportunity

>if he was able to he would learn 5th tier
Why Lakuys does not know 5th tier arcane?
Cuz she fucking focused on Divine Magic.
Why Fluder can't cast 5th tier Divine magic?
Cuz he focudes on Arcane.
How is this difficult to understand?
It took him centuries to R&D 6th tier Arcane from scratch, how the fuck do you think he had enough time to leart same tier on Divine?
Provided he does have same talent and aptitude towards Divine as he has towards Arcane - he CAN learn 6th tier Divine in few centuries if he FOCUSES on learning this school.
Which we know he did not.

Cancel vol11. But why RiskyAnon?

>How is this difficult to understand?
You're missint the point here.
Divine magic in NW doesn't come from deities like in D&D. If there are no levels then there's no difference between arcane and divine magic. So someone who's powerful enough to learn Nth tier of spells would be able to learn any arcane or divine spell of Nth or lower tier.

>mfw vol 11 soon


Raymond said that the God-kins can take care of Ainz' army of 200 DKs and 300 SEs. Consider that KC is around lvl 57-60 and CD is around 65-70. Also, considering that Ainz' DKs are stronger than regular ones and Raymond did not consider the 300 undead warriors riding SEs. Do you guys think that CD and KC can really wipe this army of 500(which is in fact 800)?

"Hmm... It's good to be young"

You're missing one too.
It still takes time to learn a spell regardless of what school does it belong to.
1-3 tier takes 8 years for a regular person.
Ninya's talent allowed to shorten it to 4 years.
Fluder have different talent than Ninya.
Two centuries to develop 6th tier Arcane Spells from scratch is not an overestimation.
He probably only tried Arcane to see if he's got the aptitude\talent for it and see if he can advance faster in this school.
He did not.
That's why he stopped at lower tier and devoted himself to Arcane Magic which he is already well-versed in.

>Raymond said
Ha ha.

Maybe he had a duplicate order.
>not buying TWO copies of v11, one with the PPP bonus ep and one with the deluxe package preorder bonus, Nendo Ainz and Nendo Alfredo

It's like he's trying to get his strings cut.

Didn't Tolkien's son draw his maps? he was good with a ruler though.

Probably not head on, but like hit and run.
If they face them in similar numbers per battle - yeah, probably.
If they face 2 times as much - it would be a tough fight.
If they face 3 times as much - they're fucked.

3 horses can wipe out a beastman city. If they had that much power they would have assaulted the beastmen instead of focusing so much on defense with sunlight scripture.

Literally every conversation about magic in the novels says that schools of magic completely separated from one another. One school practitioner has extremely shallow knowledge of other schools.
EE says it, Fluder says it and NZ people say it.

Wild Magic ain't shit

I stopped reading after the necromanced dragons/traitor vampire arc.
Should i pick it up again?

They can't move BS while PDL and CDL threats exist.
They only fielded them cuz they judged no force in the region except CDL could wipe Sunlit Scripture.

>they attack a small DKs patrol
>suddenly portal opens and the whole army led by Cocytus and Ainz appears.

>X title thread
>Should I pick it up?
user what answers do you honestly expect to receive here?

You're mixing few things here.
Divine tier 5th is already known so nothing would stop him from learning it but instead he started from the bottom.
Also he didn't stop at lower tier. He got to 6th tier in Arcane, hit the wall and then decided to learn Divine hoping he will have better shot at 7th tier.

No fuck off.

I can fap to this.
He did not hit a wall at 6th tier, where did you get this from?
Most obvious thing to assume that developing higher tier spells by yourself take exponentially growing amount of time.
He probably tried Divine to see if he can advance faster in this school and probably dropped it after realizing progress is slower or same as in Arcane.

I know faggot, just wanted to now what to expect because liches are fucking nice but the whole "disguised as human" thing is just generic ln trash.
I just want to see the world burn

Arcane and divine magic are general classifications of offensive/utility vs buffs/defensive magic. Every different style of magic caster (arcaner, sorcerer, bishop, cleric, etc.) learns their own set of spells and they can't cross over without learning an entirely new curriculum.

This is why Fluder has three different caster classes and why he doesn't combine them all; they teach different things and he basically had to waste time starting from scratch three times because none of them taught him the true abyss of magic.

>It's like he's trying to get his strings cut

Well user, he is always into Risky business.

>He did not hit a wall at 6th tier, where did you get this from?
He literally says that with his botched Immortality ritual he probably won't have enough time to reach 7th tier.

He'll handle this task to one of his NPC not much further down the road.
You can expect more sasugas, keikakus and strings cut.

What that other user said, there are reasons why they didn't simply send CD against the knife-ears.

>what to expect

Expect nothing and get on the ride.

It's not a wall then user.
He just don't have enough time is all.
Learning 7th tier will take him more than he have.
Climb hit the wall for example.
Without learning magic or new MA or race change - he can't get stronger than his current self.
I dig Climleric headcanon.
Some Divine buffs would suit his character well.

I think we're saying the same thing.

Pretty much, I think I replied to the wrong guy, it feels like I should have replied to instead.

there's a lot of suffering and world burning

4 and 5 are mostly from the new world perspective, which probably won't be your thing, but if you can stick it out you'll probably enjoy everything else

But he decided to try divine magic.
If there were no levels then Fluder who's short on time would learn the highest possible tier.
Instead he starts from the bottom.
Because he doesn't have enough levels in Divine spellcaster to learn 5th tier divine spells.

Well, even within divine spellcasters there are different traditions. So clerics and druids may both cast divine spells, and they might even cast a lot of the same spells, but a level 15 cleric does NOT function as a level 15 druid.

see this user He wanted to see if the results would be better for different schools.
They obviously were not.
>don't have levels
Or more naturally is to assume he don't have the aptitude\talent for Divine and progress to learn 5th tier divine will take him beyond what time he has left.

Adventurers are only limited to humans, or is there a pure group of demihuman/heteromorph adventurers in the other non-human countries? not counting that beastmen ape dude.

I think it was something about few vagabond demi-humans adventurers.
Was it?

evileye said slane founded the adventurer's guild, so it's probably in human countries only

Iirc, adveturing was founded by demihumans

>They obviously were not.
How does he know the results if he hasn't even started researching 6th Divine tier? He says that he's not proficient at Divine magic to learn Resurrection yet. Which implies he's still learning (which was stopped by Ainz showing up).

u wot m8

ST has no adventurers. They don't need them, they can exterminate all monsters within their own borders by themselves.

In the fanfic I'm writing, the Republic has demihuman adventurers. However, they don't kill monsters because the Dragon Lords have lots of house troops and they can belly flop onto any really nasty monsters who won't bend the knee.

Instead they're used like Workers in that they're hired for dirty jobs and things the Dragon Lords don't want to sully their hands with.

When you start learning something - you don't have to go full 10 years to understand that you have or don't have talent\aptitude towards it.
>He says that he's not proficient at Divine magic to learn Resurrection yet
Citation needed

>my grasp of divine magic is still inadequate to the task

>fanfic + headcannon

user, that is a pretty dangerous combination.

Because they don't need them now, they still were the ones who founded the first Adventurers' Guild.

EE can 1v3 Etoma Yuri and CZ

She has a counter spell against Enoma that immeditely takes her out of the fight. Yuri and CZ then struggle to take out EE as shown in vol 6. EE was fighting against Yuri in melee and doing just fine.

Here we go again.
RIP in peace, thread.

Should have waited until new thread with bait of this lowly class.

My fanfics where Aura becomes Shalltear's slave in place of Arche are not dangerous by any means.

Maybe he did start to learn Divine Magic seriously.
Maybe he said so just to save face before Jir.
There is nothing that indicates he was stopped by a wall or that being able to cast 6th tier Arcane will as a fact stop you from casting 6th tier Divine and vice versa.
It just takes a shitload of time to Learn and Fluder don't have enough for both.

Plz user, CZ almost wrecked her shield and Yuri was chasing her down even with [Flight] activated.

>"I didn't read" the post
Did you miss the part where a spellcaster was going toe to toe with a melee fighter and fending off CZ as well? 2v1 and Pleiades couldn't take down EE

>they were just pretending to fight
Solution clearly states before the battle begins that EE is a hard opponent for both of them.

So, does that mean EE can defeat KC...?

>before the battle begins
Nigga, don't speedread shit even if you just want to bait.

>fending off CZ
How, by getting n-1 of her Crystal Wall shield being one-shotted?
>toe to toe
She was beaten around, did not have enough time to use [Flight] to go up between the Yuri punches, bouncing off the ground and receiving a another shield shattering shot from CZ.

EE was also in a state of recovery so she was doing this at not 100% power.

Face it EE is better than most of the Pleiades, only Nabe can actually beat her.

user, you didn't answer this question.

Depends on if KC can use magic or not, he has access to divine tier equipment from the six gods though so he can probably deal with all the staus affects EE puts out.

Rest in peace in peace?

Too bad none of EE spells actually worked on Yuri, who was also able to one-shot EE's shield.

EE needed hardcounter, Gagaran and Tina to beat Entoma. Narberal would toast her. I won't even mention Lupus or Solution.


So according to google translate, there's some other news regarding Overlord on the 30th when the new LN volume releases. Can someone double check?

Shield was being brought down by CZ and Yuri still couldn't take down EE. It's not hard to imagine what would happen if EE had time to fully recover from the Demi fight.

Thanks guys. See you in 7 Volumes

>It also seems that there is a significant announcement Obaro. Volume 11 of OVA "prepreg Pleiades" is attached, thank you.
Looks like it. Pls, tell me a lizard movie.

>Shield was being brought down by CZ
Read LN again:
>as Alpha's foot struck the ground, she transmitted her inner force into the cracks in Evileye's wall, and it crumbled before her eye
>“Is this ‘Charged Energy Release’?!”

>Yuri still couldn't take down EE
It's as though you didn't read v6 at all.

MASAKA, another madhouse 2nd season?!?

Season 2


It's literally that: There's a big announcement coming. No details.

Yuri and CZ where chosen, not only because they are bssically immune to EE's spells.

They were chosen because they won't lose their heads and kill EE by accident.

user, he's baiting. It can't get any clearer.

They were also capable of taking EE apart, she was prepared to die against Yuri.

Also, CZ never once shot EE. Broke her shields, yes, but Yuri was the one who actually hit her.

So she casts it again, literally Magic and you can't deny CZ helped bring it down.

>didn't recover all your mana
>still fight off two Pleiades to a stand still

EE has over 200 years of fighting exp unlike the Pleiades they have no idea how to fight properly.

“Evileye is quite strong. By levels alone, she might not be an opponent Yuri-nee-san or
Shizu could beat alone.” A shadow passed over the face of the battle maids for the first time.

>By levels alone
And Yuri was handily beating the shit out of EE by herself.

>“Evileye is quite strong. By levels alone, she might not be an opponent Yuri-nee-san or Shizu could beat alone.
Entoma is the same level as Yuri so why wasn't EE able to beat her alone? Let's also not forget that she has hardcounter agains Entoma but her best spells and trump card is useless agains Yuri.

Seriously guys? I mean that bait is way too small for me for that you guys bite that is rather disappointing, and this is coming from a fanfic cancer user.

I'm bored. And I'm trying to get out of writing my fanfic.

We know it's bait.
I'm just waiting what bullshit humiefag will come up with as an answer.

Yen Press Volume 2 is out on Amazon.

Shhhh, they are trying to bait him for better bait

If not Arche then who's gonna be Shalltear's new blonde bitch? Aura?

I mean we've been through with this with what, like 2 full threads of only EEvsPleidas with a dash of Nazarickfag and Humiefag sexual adventures? Plus about as much more Humiefag+Nazarickfag mating calls, which I'm convinced was done by one person.

We got so much better(in comparison) things to discuss, like the renewed discussion about levels! Which I will gladly contribute with my theory(as well as a dash of headcanon and sources out of my ass )

*my theory after I'm done with my fanfic and our new FanFic which is coming out soon.

>so much better(in comparison) things to discuss
Nothing is better than discussing how Climb can beat Ainz because
>good > evil
or KC can beat Cocytus because he killed ants as a kid and Cocytus is part ant.

There might be a blonde Vampire Bride, tough luck otherwise.

EE, threesome with Ainz.

Entoma could have beaten EE by herself, they even mention how Blue Rose was only staying in the fight by using up all their health pots.

Lizards, Climb and Sebas. Oh my.

CZ was breaking her shields and EE wasn't t full strength, yuri doesn't stand a chance 1on1.

>EE needed hardcounter

She couldn't use any big spells cause of her comrades would get caught in it so she settled for the bugspray.
EE can beat her without it.

Ah! I have found a worthy discussion point to divert from the current topic, boobs!

Does Shalltear stuffing her bra come as something Peroroncino put in her fluff, and if so was it some kind of mix match of being a flat chested S loli with a boob complex for some M play, OR did she start doing that on her own after Momonga/Ainz squeezed Albedo's boob in the beginning?

Ah, forgot the picture, now discuss!

Shalltear likes big tits. Notice how all her VBs have huge stonking boobs? She feels that she needs bigger boobs to be adequate. This is probably why she's so abusive to them; she's jelly as fuck.

Well yes, but does her stuffing come from the fluff, or rather because she does that by default(in your case sense of inadequacy and jealousy) or did that develop after the transfer, or precisely after hearing(probably from Albedo bragging) that Ainz squeezed Albedo's breast.

It makes as much sense as it doesn't for Peroroncino to build a flat chest loli with boob complex.

>people think the Pleiades are some invincible group because Nazarick is super awesome
They are mid-level nobodies with sub-par equipment. Blue Rose can take on a good chunk of them, someone like the BS would destroy them in a fight.

Pero was usual DFCfag. But Chair like every flatso understands big boobs are superior.

People think Pleiades are some invincible group because Sebas and Lastborn are part of that group.

I'm sorry your "strongest adventurers" can't beat
>mid-level nobodies with sub-par equipment

Don't bother, the nazarick fags can't accept that they aren't invincible and special snowflakes.

Pero is a loli lover, he said as much to Flatfoot during the prologue ("I thought you were one of us"). However, he probably appreciates the female form in all its glory, and I guess he didn't mind the fact that the default VBs came with titan titties.

However, his NPC, the one being who was made with all his love and passion, was created with a flat chest. Meanwhile, the mass produced vampire sluts were titty monsters.

I think it's clear what Pero thought, and it's sad that Chair cannot see beyond her lezzie programming.

Incidentally, I think the idea of a loli raping an older woman is pretty hot.

>humiefags think Blue Rose can beat Pleiades because they can't come up with better bait

Brain and Shalltear shipping when?

>fight BS
>outnumbered 2 to 1
>one guy is like level 70
>everyone is wearing better items than you

It's as dead as WN.

Brain is already in love with SHalltear.

Nice samefagging, humie.

read volume 5

Please read, that user is referring to Blue Rose, Black Scripture are not adventurers.

>with sub-par equipment
Now that's just wrong. Entoma's equipment was much better than, say, Gagaran's, and that mysterious lady has some of the best stuff around that isn't considered the Legendary Stuff of Legends. Entoma is also quite below top 3 of Pleiades.

>everyone is wearing better items than you
>le everyone in BS is wearing full divine set meme
>KC is 70
I won't point out your reading comprehension out of pity.

Even if Lastborn fight with her sisters she will get mind controlled. Pleiades literally can not in any scenario beat BS.

>outnumbered 2 to 1
Everyone except KC is trash

>one guy is lvl 70
Nice head cannon. More like 60.

>everyone is wearing better items than you
Another wonderful head cannon.

Pleiades > BS

She won't.
BS doesn't have anyone to use MC WCI.

Read volume 2.

You're such a slut, humie. Haven't you had enough cock?

There is a hope still. In volume 6 there is a hint.
But shipping when?

Sebas is also part of the Pleiades, and both him and Lastborn would be carrying a WCI, which automatically negates use of any other WCI against them.
ST started Adventurer's Guild, but abandoned it after their standing army and 6 scriptures could do their job better and faster and cheaper.

Newfag here.Can I ask what's a humiefag? I'm sorry for being a newfag or asking stupid questions if in case i have caused inconvenience to you

WCI does not auto negate another WCI

Him fangirling over Shalltear was one of the best scenes in Vol.6. Too bad that one fan picture of that scene is like 10MB for some reason.

Basically the faction which MC is part of is so far unchallanged by anything in the New World, and according to the writers twitter, it would have taken entire New World forces united to contain him inside his base, Humiefags are anons who come up with headcanons as to dangerous human opponents to MC.
Yes they do.

They're fags. Like you, Lurk moar.

>Sebas would fight with the Pleidas
except he never has and there's no reason to believe he would. Good to see Nazarick is so pathetic is has to immediately call in it's level 100 to bail out the incompetent Pleiades squad that's keeps getting destroyed by NW

Humiefag is someone who comes up with most bullshit reason why someone from NW is able to defeat stronger opponent from Nazarick.

If that was true then Ainz giving his subordinates WCIs would be like giving a free bonus to that EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL organisation that has a mind-control WCI.

Anyone who thinks the NW characters can beat the nazarick characters even thou they can.
Butthurt nazarick fags can't handle anyone beating them and ruining their special place..

>Yes they do.
Only if it specifically counters said opposing abilities

This is a humiefag Pay attention to;

>Nazarick is so pathetic
>incompetent Pleiades
>keeps getting destroyed by NW

Humiefags are cancer.

No, everyone owning WCI is immune to other WCI's effect.

Thank you good sirs. I'll lurk more from now on

He put his life on the line just to trim her fingernail, what a gentleman.

>“If you are human, you must evaluate those from the Theocracy highly. ... Not only that, there’s a very good chance they were the ones who formed the original adventurer guild.”
>“Maybe. The truth is unknown but there is still a high possibility. The adventurer guild was formed after the battle against the Demon God and in those days, humans were weak. They preserved their strength and, as to not cause friction between them and the kingdom, formed the guild so they could provide support.”
theocracy doesn't have a guild in their country because they don't need one, but founded it in the other countries to prepare for the "advent of the gods". if you can't understand this, you're trolling or have cognitive issues.

Can we start bullying humiefag instead of always biting? Why does one retarded user get to take control of every single Overlord thread?

This is what happens when generals try to exist without new content to actually discuss.

people who think Nazarick can never lose are literally children, they keep struggling in NW despite being much higher level.

Let's not forget that Nazarick has shitty intelligence gathering abilities and can't stop ST from learning everything about them.

I can't wait for Renner to instantly deduce Ainz is an idiot

Don't forget Ainz exposed himself as Momon in the Arena by using Clem's items and fighting style as well

these are all ticking time-bombs for when Project Utopia comes crashing down.

Gazef with his level 60 sword can completely negate All of Ainz's passives, once PDL activates all the level 100 golems and puts touch-me armor imbeded with Dwarf auto-passive negation runes on Nifrea Ainz is finished.

He will get mindcontrolled by Downfall and his guild weapon will be stolen.

I want to bully you, humie.

I'm not reading that fanfic, humie.

And he would rather do it alone than let Lockmeyer and Climb try to help and screw up somehow. It's so plain to see that he CARES.

>can't stop ST from learning everything about them
Ainz did exactly that in volume 9. Hat-chan almost offed herself after watching SPLAT.

Nazarick always wins.

What's her personality going to be like? shut-in NEET?

You forgot to mention how will PDL get touch-me armor.

i hope there's a new 15 minute ova of hat-chan refilling her orb with period blood

No, fuck off nazarick fag.
Ho many times do you need to samefag in the thread? it's pathetic.

>I can't wait for Renner to instantly deduce Ainz is an idiot

She can't even figure out crop rotations, humie.

She will probably piss herself everytime she hears goats.

Nice projection, humie. How many times have you samefagged in this thread? Like 20 times, now?

>ywn hear hat-chan moaning as she squats over her orb
>ywn see the blood oozing from between her thighs as she fills it up
>ywn watch her eyes roll up into her head as she orgasms from the feeling of mana transfer

her design origin story:

>Thousand Mile Astrologer locked herself in her room again
>Damn it, the smell is seeping out into the hall - is she shitting in her period ball again?!?
>Captain busts down her door, starts choking.
>Violently rummages through her drawers, throws the only clean clothing at her disgusting naked body.
>Nightgown, panties, pants, two mismatched socks - why the fuck does this hat have a hand?

Get bullied, humie.

***Head Waifu Tier***
Enri + Nemu
Aura + Mare

***Concubine Tier***
Tia + Tina

***Psycho Tier***

***Keep Your Eyes Closed Tier***

***Orgy Tier***
41 homunculi and Pestonya

***Forgotten Tier***

>hate reading on a computer screen
>have to buy the physical books
>they take forever to translate for whatever reason.

fucking WHY? isnt the series on like volume 10 or something in japan while the american one takes like 4-5 months between each physical volume. next volume comes out in January in the US.

Does anyone know if there is a part 3 of this pastebin.com/1YydvuQV

You try so hard, humie. But I'm not going to give you your reward. You're going to have to beg for it harder than that.

When are shitty generals going to get banned on sight?

sasuga yenpress.
Also, they need all that time to translate lamprey as >rabbit.

>Gazef with his level 60 sword
So fanfiction it hurts. It was clearly stated that it wasn't level 60 sword.

But jeez, Ainz hitting himself with a low-level sword raised a question whether a level 60 person with a so-so weapon could hurt him or not.

Hat-chan's bullying needs to be stopped.

And I wonder why Number 12 is called Heaven and Earth.

When you stop whining about generals.

in MMORPG, lv 30 mobs still can rekt a lv 60 you if they out number and gang on you user

He should be called I Can't Believe It's Not Voldo.

Beg for it, humie.

Yeah, this general is great. Proves all the stereotypes wrong.

>***Forgotten Tier***
Take it back.

Then why are you here? What's the point of whining about the same shit every time?

After /tg/ fucks off.

Enri destroying Brita in armwrestling when?

>implying Enri will not utterly dominate Britta and make her a sex slave

I'm not implying anything there.
I just want read about strong girls in strength competition.

Give me more bait, humie. Surely, that fanfic wasn't the best you could do? Show me your true power.


Is that you, humie?

>he can't recognize the strongest human

Show us your true power, humie. No more holding back. No more weak bait. No more shitty fanfics. Let us see your true form.


>Strongest human
>Not bald
Please user.

My favorite anime series is Dune. Best girl in it? Why, it's Duncan Idaho

Leinas. Everything is already set.

More bait. More bait. More bait.

Saitama is so weak that he still cares about enjoying fights and other unimportant stuff.

Escanor is so weak that he actually has to try to win.

>Did we really just gone full 24 hours without a thread?
Feels nice right?

Not the noon Escanor, that's for sure.

Haven't checked these threads since v10 came out. Are they still a garbage fire?

Yes, humiefag is going full autist now.

>people who think Nazarick can never lose are literally children, they keep struggling in NW despite being much higher level.
projecting, the same can be said for you who can't accept this isn't another shounen

>Let's not forget that Nazarick has shitty intelligence gathering abilities and can't stop ST from learning everything about them.
no one from NW has scrying magic on the same tier as Ainz what are you talking about?

>I can't wait for Renner to instantly deduce Ainz is an idiot
This is actually reasonably possible. Renner might be slightly below Demi and Albedo in intelligence but she isn't forced to worship Ainz. She is also a sociopath so Ainz's poker face might not play to his favor this time.

>Don't forget Ainz exposed himself as Momon in the Arena by using Clem's items and fighting style as well
First, how do you know those are the same weapons? Second, who is going to make this connection when Clem is currently MIA?

>these are all ticking time-bombs for when Project Utopia comes crashing down.
What difference does it make? Ainz can just conqueror the world through military force as a plan B?

>Gazef with his level 60 sword can completely negate All of Ainz's passives, once PDL activates all the level 100 golems and puts touch-me armor imbeded with Dwarf auto-passive negation runes on Nifrea Ainz is finished.

>He will get mindcontrolled by Downfall and his guild weapon will be stolen
He (Ainz?) has a WCI to prevent this, do you even read?

Blocks of 30min conversations are fun.

Form your own opinion based on what you see, you lazy fuckbag.

Nabe can one-shot the BS with 8th tier AOE.

Entoma can eat Go Gin alive.

Yuri can one punch Gazef and destroy his shitty lvl 30 sword in the process.

CZ and Yuri can beat EE individually if they actually fight seriously.

Shalltear can one-shot CD. Unarmed.

Demiurge and Albedo can implement crop rotation, Retard Renenr can't.

Sebas can rape PDL with his dragon cock.

Ainz can one-shot the ST.

Rubedo can one-shot muh 30 lvl 100 golems.

CZ can solo Blue Rose.

Don't get baited, user. If you take the humiefag seriously, he'll jizz himself.

So, he has to wait for sun to rise up otherwise he's a little bitch who can't even lift his own weapon...?

>Sebas can rape PDL with his dragon cock
this is my fetish

Big announcement on september 30. Season 2 hype? otakomu.jp/archives/425976.html

Volume 12. EE spinoff.

KC blocks it.

Go Gin squishes her.

Gazef does MA and kills her in 2 min.

EE is higher leveled and they had had trouble 2 on 1.

Shalltear didn't oneshot KC let alone CD.

Renner manipulated the emperor to do it for her from her room.

PDL has a bigger cock.

CD says hi.

5 golems is enough to kill her.

She can't even solo EE.

100 page So-Bin Clem-exclusive artbook, get your dicks ready boys!

Basically yes, majestic as the sun he is. He even gives his comrades some time to shine.

CD lost to DVD.

LCD sucks.

HIV leads to AIDS.

FUTA is better than TS.

NATO won, CCCP lost.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

KC dies along with the rest of the BS.

Go Gin gets raped by bugs.

Yuri laughs at his shitty MAs and one-shots him.

Yuri slaps EE around and CZ snipes her like a scrub.

Shalltear one-shots ST.

Renner still can't implement crop rotation. Ainz can.

PDL is a sub. He wants to get pounded by dragon cock.

CD gets one-shotted.

1500 golems wouldn't even be able to kill her.

CZ has a gun. gg Blue Rose.

> KC blocks
Whoah, NWs can block spells. New degree of headcanon.

Better open your wallet for that special Climb OVA coming anons.


It's a french name I believe.

it's not shitposting if I generate interesting and thought provoking discussion, otherwise you morons would just be waifu posting for 24 hours.

I'm an idiot "Bow" as in boat. Or a bow that that fires arrows.

Don't give yourself too much credit, humie. You're still cancer.

All the shit you get is getting to you, humie?

>CD says hi

Nabe can one-shot her

>I merely pretended
>ironic shitposting is not shitposting
>I like generals!
>fuck me in the ass
>I fight cancer with cancer

You mean
>if I take a sentence out of context and build a headcanon around it

>5 golems is enough to kill her.
i know this is bait, but it led me to something interesting regarding rubedo.

first, because she's made with one of the "twenty", i think it's possible, likely even, that she's of equivalent power to a "world-class enemy". remember, she's of the same class as "world savior" or "ouroboros".

>The undead were completely immune to sleep, poison,
disease and other effects which affected a living creature’s metabolism. However, some enemies’ attacks could bypass those resistances.
>Those attacks usually belonged to World class enemies. For instance, the Five Rainbow Buddhas’ ‘Five Celestial Death Throes’, the ‘Corpse Venom Breath’ exhaled by one of the Eight Dragons, or the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ of the Lords of the Seven Sins. Even if 30 level 100 players, fully prepared and forewarned of the battle ahead, did battle with one of these World-Class enemies, the outcome of the battle would still be in doubt.
>In Yggdrasil, the maximum size of a raid was five parties of six people each, or 30 people in total. Apart from exceptional cases like guild battles or fighting a World-class enemy, people who were over the limit would be subjected to friendly fire.

so basically, rubedo may be equivalent to a "world-class enemy," but not be a raid exception. therefore, when whatever was left of the 1500 got to the 8th floor, they had to deal with victim, "them," world-class enemy equivalent rubedo, and friendly fire.

So does everyone here just want 8 more volumes of Ainz wanking?

>t. butthurt humiefag

Nazarick beats the NW in every case. Stay butthurt, humie.


Yes. Stay butthurt, humie.

That's the entire point of Overlord

I want 500 more volumes of Ainz wanking.

>so basically, rubedo may be equivalent to a "world-class enemy," but not be a raid exception. therefore, when whatever was left of the 1500 got to the 8th floor, they had to deal with victim, "them," world-class enemy equivalent rubedo, and friendly fire.
Some user also had a theory that the Raid Ainz did in the prologue happened again on the 8th Floor.

Basically the 1500 human party had to fight the six-handed boss while an endless stream of monsters attacked the rest of them, and Victims job was to keep sacrificing himself to respawn the boss or something cheesy like that.

3 more days

Nah, Victim's sacrifice is used to kill enemies.

What are you; a faggot? Of course we do.

Give me more bait, humie.

Cocytus can't beat lizardmen even with a 3 to 1 advantage

Humie, you're the only one doesn't.

Where the fuck would you even get 3 Cocytuses from?

He beat like 500 of them. And used like 5% of his strength.

General Cocytus is an incompetent commander and needs to stick to getting bullied by Demi.

If all Nazarick is going to do is rely on being level 100 to win then they are going to get outplayed hard by PDL soon.

>muh PDL
You mean that loser who has to use RC armor because he's too fat to walk around? I bet you're still believing that
>PDL made 8 Greed Kings fight among themselves

Your argument was defeated but instead of acknowledging that, you just moved on to your next piece of bait. Sasuga, humietrash.

They weren't relying on a lvl 100 to beat the lizards. It was literally just a training exercise for Cocytus and a demonstration of their superiority to the lizardmen. Nazarick's undead army was more than enough to slaughter the lizards.

1 lvl 100 can easily destroy the world.
So retards from Nazarick won't lose even though they are retards.

If you want bugposting spam, that's a good way to do it

>Cocytus can't lead an army to beat lizardmen with a 3 to 1 advantage

PDL has access to all the resources of a top-tier guild, if nazrick has 11 WCI then the floating city has at least 15.

Ainz mentions that whoever has more WCI wins. It's pretty simple, at some point levels just don't matter anymore in games when end game gear starts showing up.

Your humie "genius" Retard Renner can't even figure out crop rotation and you want to talk about how incompetent Cocytus is? You're pathetic, humie.

>undead army
user, even a single Death Knight can wipe them out to extinction. A whole army is too much.

Why are you samefagging?

>the floating city has at least 15
Why stop at 15? Just say they have 188.

>if nazrick has 11 WCI then the floating city has at least 15.
Next guild with most WCI has 3, dude read the LN.

>Just say they have 188.
don't be ridiculous im not delusional

second most wci owned by a single guild was 3

Yes, you are. Why deny it, humie?

Let the nazarick fags have their moment while they can.
When overlord 2 starts and we go the the other continents is when nazarick will get their shit pushed in.

3 that they knew of, learn to read

If he cared about LN evidences he wouldn't be spouting this shit.

Considering Nazarick Old Guard can easily beat mithril adventurers Ainz can just flood every known country in NW with them.

How strong do you guys think ST's best angel is? I'm guessing lvl 80

Nazarick has 5000 WCIs. What are you; retarded? Go read the LN.

This thread lacks best girl.

100, they go up by 10 levels each rank and there are 10 angel types.

>She is also a sociopath
No she isn't. Remember, cold-blooded psychopath, hot-blooded sociopath. Renner doesn't have fits of uncontrollable rage in the middle of the court, so she's not a sociopath.
Also, I feel like you're discounting the power of reputation. Ainz is believed to be playing eighth dimensional chess and he's incredibly lucky, so I'd be willing to bet that Renner would only doubt him until one of his "plans" works, then she'll be just like Demi.

DoA is most likely lower than Pleiades.

ST's best angel was Dominion Authority, which was probably more or less lvl 60.

that section specifies that wci are associated with the rankings provided by the developers, and how a single person owning a wci will "propel them to fame". the series also talks about the value of secrecy ad infinitum,

it's pretty safe to infer that this is developer provided info.

I was talking out of my ass so I don't know the technical term, but my point is Renner is pretty emotionless about most things and can judge them objectively. Ainz is incredibly lucky thanks to plot though and I would love for him to bullshit his way through Renner I just think it's going to be much harder with her than someone like Justniv.

Best summoned Angel is level 80, probably what ST has. But Angels in general reach level 100.

>Acronym General

If AOG has the most WCI then maybe the Throne is some kind of WCI radar and helped them gather so many?

There are probably lvl 90 summoned angels too but you need to be specced in it (kinda like Ainz in skellies) and use EXP.

Overlord Wiseman can beat Overlord Ainz in pure dmg right? I remember Wiseman being a class of overlord specialized in magic dmg and Ainz stating one of those summons was stronger than a single guardian.

I wonder if Ainz can find a way to gather exp and just summon him for free. ST would think it's their death god and start worshiping it.

that would make sense in game, but he would have used it to locate the mind control item.

Good point, I wonder why AOZ was never ranked #1 if they had so many WCI though. Was it because they kept their member count low?

>ST's fw a Godly being can summon even more Godly beings

Not him, but she might think of him as just aloof because of his godlike powers. Imagine if the Abrahamic god formed a kingdom in our world and kept making seemingly obvious mistakes. I don't know about you, but I would assume that he's just doing it because he knows he can get away with it.

That's still a better read than Demi and Albedo can make, sadly they are forever forced to worship Ainz for comedy relief.

I don't even think she really cares. Nazarick is showing that they are actually willing to work with her and giving her power to do what she wants.
She'll just take what Nazarick is giving, amuse them from time to time and have her thing with Climb.

Seriously though, I myself don't see Renner figuring out Ainz in any way. Genius people tend to overthink everything just like JUST-niv did. Coupling that with Renner's already developed impression of Ainz and Ainz' luck stat + his constant poker face...I don't see how it can be anything but another sasuga moment.

So S2 getting announced soon holy fuck. I am ready for some animated Climb ass kicking. Hope they skip the Lizardmen arc and go straight to Climb.

>inb4 we get a 2 cour season
>inb4 we get up to vol 9/10


We're getting PPP, vol 11 and probably a manga chapter. I wouldn't expect too much else. Maybe the special announcement is just some new premier BD bundle. If they actually announce S2 I will lose my shit and stop being a humiefag.

What if Shaft make s2?
Will we see Ainz headtilt?

>skip the Lizardmen


You think that Ainz charisma won't overwhelm Renner and prevent her to judge ainz ?
Ainz situation own't be found out , Ever..

>removing solution, sebas and twins

Even better, what if Toei Animation remakes whole series?

You can skip the part about fish farms


Pls, no.

Pick your poison


I'm just wondering why would you shop some things out.

Did anyone else have a problem with the Madhouse adaptation not being dark enough? The atmosphere felt like a fucking shounen. I mean just compare the LN illustrations.

>Static battle backgrounds
>Repeaded SFX in background
>600+ episodes
>2/3 of new episode is recap
>Tits bigger with every arc
Sure why not.
This pic is just waiting for Ainz to be added.

He didn't.
Things got added to it overtime.

Pls, no. I hate Shaft with all my heart.

What would an Overlord filler episode look like?

> I will lose my shit and stop being a humiefag.
We have only 3 dasy for kikcstarter, let's hurry.

Cuz we're different anons?
In my opinion they did a good job with 13 episodes.
>not dark enough
Throne room is predominantly white in LN, they made it dark and grim in anime.
It was okay in my book though if they plan to make more seasons - they'll have some gaps to explain.
Which is why S2 never.

Volume 8

Wait till you see the dub, they're literally turning it into full blown shounen, only thing saving it is outside Ainz voice being really good fit for spooky scary skeleton.
Like PPP but fully animated, and not cute chibi like.

>Implying Mad House or Enterbrain give a shit about filthy gaijins
>You should have thought twice before shaming glorious nippon rape gamedev

I know.
It's been long but I could swear I shopped Cocytus into version with Solution and CZ.

Is One Punch really getting second season?
If so - there is hope that Overlord eventually will too.

The anime will probably follow the manga this time.
Since it's easier to follow the manga instead of the novel.

So, what do you think we will get? s2 or prologue OVA ?

Yes, it is. And while i like OPM i would prefer a s2 of overlord.

>it would have taken entire New World forces united to contain him inside his base
This shit would look epic.
Is that what PDL works towards to?

OPM is popular amongst the normies though

Tell me you don't like it.
I'm just saying while few - Madhouse actually did sequels.


Gonna fail tho, he needs the WHOLE NW, so Fluder, Gazef, full Scriptures, beastmen, all undead, EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, even Philip

Who would win in a fight Saitama or Ainz?

They flip a coin, loser pays food.

>PDL getting a whiff of some fuckery happening in E-Rantel right after his RC toy got wrecked by Chair
>Finds out some Momom-something adventurer presumably wrecked this vampire
>That's fishy
>Takes two RC armors, puts up Orichalcum adventurers plate on them
>Goes to E-Rantel
>Nabs Clem and Kajit bodies from morgue
>Stuffs them into the armor
>Walks them all the way back to his base on foot
>Resurrects them with Wild magic
>PDL now have intelligence that Ainz=Momon

>runes that bypass nullification skills
What if someone built a shitton of rune golems?

Ainz teleports Saitama in outer space.
Wins since there is nothing baldie can do.
TFW when Saitama forcefully exhales air in his lungs to propel himself back to the Earth with Hero Landing and shit.

Ainz has insta-death magic that works 100% of the time guaranteed unless the enemy has a resistance to insta-death spells.
Saitama can kill people in a single punch UP TO A POINT.
Some enemies are strong enough to take a few hits.

Saitama wouldn't have any resistances to insta-death spells, we can argue whether Ainz could survive a punch or two.

Cry of the Banshee is a ranged AoE so even if Saitama could get in range to hit Ainz would have kileld him before he could land a punch.

>entire New World forces

That doesn't include players, npcs, godkins and other Yggdrasil creatures.

People saw Momon and Ainz beside each other and that's the case ever since the SKoAOG came to be. So, there's no way to prove it now. 2 fugitive's words are hardly credible anyway.

Rune of Razor Edge
Level: Minor
Prerequisite: BAB +3, and at least one Combat Feat.
Increases the critical threat range of any weapon this rune is imbued on, and lasts for one round per level. This rune may stack only with the Improved Critical feat, but not Keen or other similar enchantments.
Cannot be used on ammunition or thrown weapons, or armor of any kind including shields.

Suddenly I'm curious.
What class and level he would be in the new world?

PDL can still work with this intelligence.
He's a cunning lizard.
That's fron DnD?
Maruyama don't follow it too closely and this is just 1 specific rune.
Aren't there armor runes too?

It would still need even those guys to keep Ainz stuck inside Nazarick, EVERYTHING dude, everything we know and don't know of in NW is needed according to Maruyama to prevent Ainz in vol.1 from leaving Nazarick, and well, NW fucked that one up badly.
"Woah, is that magic? Like real magic? What else can you do with it?"- Saitama in vacuum of space chatting with Ainz who's on NW surface in another dimension in another series
Saitama has no limits, he can one punch anyone if he wants to.

PA can morph into Ainz and they can dual-cast TGOALID and kill everything around them even with res items.

It kinda does, everything that NW can muster, including other currently/previously present Yggdrasil entities, just to keep Ainz Ooal Gown from entering the NW.


That's now.
What if someone applies knowledge from Earth combined with runic magic to set up industrial production of weaponry and drones?
What if they built magical reinforced giants?

You need magic to hurt ainz since he has physical damage nullification.
Saitama loses.

>dual-cast TGOALID

Humie, Clem and Khajit's bodies have already been taken. They're not in the E-Rantel morgue anymore.

Saitama translates into 120lvl Yggdrasil.
He bypasses nullification.
"as long as it could not leave craters in the grounds or shatter a fortress in one hit - it could not hurt Ainz" - Saitama can do that.

Technically Saitama always wins by default. I love Ainz, but Saitama would be like getting hit with Longinus, Grand Catastrophe and World Break just as a appetizer.
Isn't that what Vol.11 is going to be about? Also space exploring Elder Liches and DKs.

>source my ass

Both are rational and reasonable fellows.
They will talk things out.

Yes, PDL took them.

because if you have a ring of revive you won't die, so you have to cast it twice.

I see a vast field for application.
E.g. Albedo's 3-layer armor will count for 3 items.
You can layer up golem defence as a electrical tape condenser packed with runes for better effect.

>Friendly Fire is on in NW
Good job PA, you killed your father.

Ainz would scry Saitama before fighting, then cast insta-death magic from afar with AOE, easy win.

Yes, that's why PDL doesn't have them in the Vol 7 prologue. Zuranon took them, humie.

>being this narberal
You just need to use a single target spell with TGOALID.

>scry where siaitama is
>stop time
>teleport in
>use delayed true death
OPMfags are actually stupid, warrior can not beat magic casters

>Rune of Disintegration: A deadly ray with a chance to disintegrate afflicted enemies.
>Rune of Aegis: Heavy Shield enhancement.
Absolutely fucking exploitable.
I already see flying artificial fortresses packed with runic technology.

You can stop samefagging already.

>Zuranon took them
You don't get to counter my headcanon with my other headcanon

you can't prove Saitama can resist magic, in fact he is shown to be weak against supernatural powers. If all you can do is punch against a wizard you will lose.

They can in OPM world, as seen when Garou whooped Tastumaki's ass easily, and then our favourite Baldie whooped his ass in turn.
>in fact he is shown to be weak against supernatural powers.
Fucking when?

Most likely it was Zuranon. The ST doesn't have them since they're still looking for Clem. PDL doesn't have them; the bodies disappeared before Ainz killed Shalltear, so your head cannon is destroyed. The only ones who even know of Clem and Khajit are Zuranon; they're the ones who most likely took their bodies.

I agree.
But you Clem and Kajit corpses being marched inside walking armors through half the world seems too ridiculous to pass on.

once time is stopped it's over. Ainz can just rewrite all of Saitama's memories or mind control him, polymorph him. There is nothing his brute strength can do.

Why the fuck would PDL even take some corpses?

He's a lizard.
Why not?

Can't do that dude, for fuck sake if Ainz is a god by being guild leader of Ainz Ooal Gown then Saitama is the fucking GM or a Dev, do you not understand basic plot?
I mean I'd go on as to why magic doesn't affect him but damn, you're throwing basic stuff at this.

PDL will sacrifice the world to kill Ainz and company. Wild Magic has no limit.

>taking corpses
Is that some Cred Forums meme?

I've only seen the anime for OPM
Is there some shit I should know?

>OPM would win because I say so
nice argument but Saitama has no way to counter all the esoteric abilities of a mage.

>Is that some Cred Forums meme?
You tell me, Satan.

>OPM can resist time stop, insta death, mind control etc. because it's plot that he can
It's also plot that Ainz is very lucky and will find a way to kill him by accident, Sasuga Ainz-sama!

I'm another user. It will solely depend on the writer.
Because I think that Saitama's abilities cannot be explained by super toughness and super strength.
It's probably cause/effect manipulation. So anything is possible.

>PDL will sacrifice the world to kill Ainz and company
>sacrifice the world

He's trying to protect the world, why would he destroy it? Are you retarded, humie?

>Wild Magic has no limit

Citation needed. His entire race got BTFO by the 8GK with their superior tiered magic.

>Another user
>Entire race got BTFO
Not entire race user, his race is Dragon.
They just never stop growing and the older they get - the stronger and smarter they are, becoming Dragon Lords.
Younger dragons have intelligence of an animal but are good enough for PDL also no one will know about that.

>He's trying to protect the world, why would he destroy it? Are you retarded, humie?
last resort, then try to rebuild in the aftermath

>Citation needed. His entire race got BTFO by the 8GK with their superior tiered magic
Maybe they didn't get enough souls to cast a really strong spell in time?

The possibility is there

So in order to save the NW from Ainz he'll sacrifice the entire NW to kill Ainz? Sasuga humiefag. Your stupidity knows no bounds.

And Ainz has autorez ring.

Wild magic gets stronger with more souls, PDL can eventually cast a [Wish]-tier spell by sacrificing all the human nations and erase Ainz from existence.

PDL gets raped by Sebas and becomes his cum dump.

Nice headcanon.

>superior tiered magic

The dragons lost because of the difference in equipment which pdl now has.

No point, as in OL Wiseman need him to sacifice exp on top of gold. He have no idea how to get back exp.

>Was it because they kept their member count low?
Yes, although there could really be any number of other reasons. For example, Nazarick as a raw guild base was high tier but not even the best, other bases had even more lvl100 NPCs. It's also mentioned that despite being PK specialists, AOZ was pretty lenient with people doing sub-optimal builds while others were all business.

As an aside, I believe AOZ and Momonga in particular may have had a tendency to shun orthodox gameplay compared to other high tier guilds, and by doing that they got WCIs that more cautious guilds could never obtain, like the Throne of Kings.
I'm reminded of the Greed Island arc in HxH where Gon was the first to get two rare cards because the behavior required to unlock them was aberrant for the average player.

The 8GK were higher leveled, had better equipment, and had superior tiered magic. That's why the dragons lost, humie.

AOG, I have no idea why I copied the typo

Oh and I'm pretty sure the number one reason was that everyone in AOG had a job, while other guilds probably had a lot of NEETs. On the other hand, maybe the extra income allowed them to buy more cash items.

AOG was a fully P2W guild, yeah.

So they were that powerful and still couldn't instantly wipe out the dragons which had no equipment? checkmate nazarick fags.
PL solos any guardian.

Nemu will defeat Ainz


PDL wants his lizard cunt to get pounded by Sebas' dragon cock. Checkmate humiefags.

wait is PDL a female?

Dragons can change sex according to nips 's sick mentality.

No, he isn't. He still wants dragon cock, though.

hot, I want doujin of Sebas forcing PDL into a sex-change

PDL has a bigger cock so subdragon sebas will beg for it.

PDL is a sub. He wants to get bred by superior Nazarick dragon cock.

PDL and Sebas will spitroast Tsuare in dragon form

She might stronger in pure strength, but if you can't hit your opponent, who's really stronger then?

AOG single-handedly paid for the college tuition of all the developer's children

Sebas has a tiny 2 inch dick since he wants to fuck a human instead of semen demons.

Sebas and Tsuare will spitroast PDL.

You're projecting again, humie.

Sebas is a cuck who pays dudes not to beat him up. PDL is going to make him watch while he pouns Tsuare senseless.

tfw so-bin has been documenting Clem and Kajiit's corpses' Bogus Journey with his blog art

Is that why you want Nazarickfag's 10 inch cock, humie?

You want to get cucked by Nazarickfag, humie?


I never knew humiefag was a cuckold. Now it all makes sense.

ntr is a sophisticated mans fetish

Always finding new lows, humiefag

Nice projection. You would pay Nazarickfag to beat you up and cuckold you, humie.

You're a cuck, humie.

It sounds like you want Sebas to pound you with his 12 inch cock.

Ainz has a bigger dick than you, humiefag.

>2 inch dick


Who doesn't?

Ainz will lose all his followers to superior good looking NW denizens. He'll slowly go crazy watching everyone around him taken by level 1 adventurers with good looks.

>t. butthurt humie cuck

You retarded, humiefag? Ainz is the sexiest motherfucker in all of Overlord.

>no dick
Ainz is the living embodiment of a cuck

The plot ends with them teaming up and fisting Cred Forums to death.

>implying you need a dick
Just read volumes 5&6.

Just like you? Nice projection, humie.

>Sebas pays dudes to not beat him up
>Ainz is a virgin with no dick
>Albedo losing to a child
Why is Nazarick just full of cucks?

>No way Tina have prerequisites for Ninja class = NWers don't follow Ygg rules strictly, more likely Yggdrasil system blended in their "organic" natural growth through training.

A friendly reminder that Tina&Tia are not actually Ninjas.
They say so themselves! During the fight against Entoma: "Don't look down on Assa...Ninjas!" and later when the two resurrected BR members come back as surprise reinforcements for Lakyus: "Don't you need an awesome Ninja-TO-BE?"

Probable scenario: They heard stories about one of the 13 heroes who was a Ninja and now strive to become Ninjas themselves. They dress like Ninjas. They pretend to be Ninjas (at least towards outsiders). They (accidentally) bluff Entoma with their chuuni ways which helps them to win the battle, but that's it.

There are certainly parts of the NW which do not conform to Ygg rules (e.g. Wild Magic or Razor's Edge), but that seems more or less restricted to aspects of the NW which already existed before there where any Ygg influences.

For the Ninja class which comes from Ygg it goes more like this:

One of the prerequisites for the Ninja Class is Level 60. The twins want to become Ninjas. They don't meet the Level 60 prerequisite. Therefore, they are not Ninjas!

>no dick
>has unlimited fangirls

is ainz in a boyband?

>ugly yaoi face

I hope Phillip impregnates albedo and JUST impregnates mare.

You're trying too hard, humie.

They have ninja skills tough.


>Probable scenario: They heard stories about one of the 13 heroes who was a Ninja and now strive to become Ninjas themselves.
well they're two of the three sisters that were in charge of ijaniya, which was founded by that hero, so there's a good chance they're descendants.

Nazarickfags going to get cucked again, at least you're level 100 I guess.

Why are you samefagging, humie? Are you really that into cuckoldry? I'm sure Nazarickfag would accommodate your fetish if you just asked him.

>Albedo losing to a child
Please elaborate. I just reread everything up to volume 9 and I cannot remember.

He's talking about something that happens in Vol 10.

Chair got more love than Albedo ever will

Aura sitting on Ainz's lap.