Do girls really do this?

Do girls really do this?

I sure hope they do.

Yes. Just witnessed my blockmates do it.

They also fuck in the restroom in swimming class.

Our swimming classes use to be co-ed until some tard groped a girl. Ruined the final year.

They do things a lot worse in real life. In my place of study, I witnessed with my own eyes that some does not care even if they are seen by the opposite sex as they engage in acts of lewdness.

Does it matter what real girls do?
We have anime for a reason.

Do girls really do this?


This exact thing? Only autists.

Other various lewd things with each other? Sluts do it for attention.

Anime isn't real ya dips

nobody give a shit about 3DPD

You can fuck and touch real girls, snap back to reality autist.

The 2d>3d meme is only good for making jokes but when you are a 30+ wizard, the joke isn't so funny anymore.



Stab each other in the back? Constantly.

Tipped just for you.

They did that in my high school

Fuck off.

Back in high school I was close with a chick who publicly fondled herself. She was a good friend.


Girls do actually playfully grab their friends' boobs, yeah. Anime didn't invent this one.


how new?

Yes .

Just started college and I've already met a chick that likes to bite my lady friend's tits in public.
So...yes, maybe (?)

I think so.

I'm not speaking from experience though, since I'm a loser who sucks at communicating with women.

>I think this is 100% true because I see it in animu all the time though women don't talk to me
Cred Forums in a nutshell

Sure they do.

Just like you and your straight guy friends rubs each other's man nipples as a punishment all the time.

It's just a thing people do with their friends of the same sex.

yes and yurifags think that is yuri


Though not so much boob stuff, mostly butt stuff.

Are you telling me that you and your friends don't grab each others dicks as a joke?
What a bunch of faggots.

>breast rub
>implying Nico has any breasts to rub

And how will she ever get any with no to rub what she doesn't have?

I've known at least three girls throughout my life who have touched my breasts/ass and have tried kissing me. It was fucking annoying to say the least.

lel why would I want to fuck a 'real' girl, when virtual anime pussy is right around the corner?

You can't fuck virtual pussy user. You can only pretend to.

He never implied he would