Madoka Magica Thread

Why couldn't they tell the government about Magical Girls?
I mean, even if results on some girls "dissapearing", it would give humanity at least some control over Magical Girls and their nonsense.

For example, Remote controled bombs on their soul gems, shock collars, contidioting, etc.

Also, it would be good for the magical girls and Incubators, as the girls will get protected and be given a regular "job" and a secure way to get grief seeds.

The incubators get new magical girls and witches are easly eliminated by their gullibe former companions.

Imagine a whole arc with the goverment using magical girls for wars or against other armies of Magical girls, i think it would make a good spin-off.

As long Homura and Madoka don't fuck up humanity and the universe, that is.
(It's not like Madoka could fix the entropy forever and Homura had any interest on keeping the universe standing.)

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They couldn't tell the government because then they'd have to build a higher wall

Part of the theme is that it's a childish fantasy. And on top of that you throw hard decisions and tragedy and you get the central juxtaposition that runs the entire series.
Adults don't believe them. Or wouldn't.

But more importantly you've failed to understand extremely basic storytelling.

Hey man, its just a what if.


No, kyoko is best

Is this actually for real?

>Imagine a whole arc with the goverment using magical girls for wars or against other armies of Magical girls, i think it would make a good spin-off.
It's not exactly how you described it but if you haven't read the fanfic To The Stars, you should

It's a 'what if' that betrays your fundamental stupidity.

>he hasn't watched it

Make your doujin.

You had better not be concerned about this franchise any longer. It might turn into a pile of garbage.

Homura is love

Madoka thread filter list

Fuck off, Bad Apple.

I'm considering enabling the filter and working out regex just so I can filter out people boasting about filtering

Who's they? The incubators? Imagine if the magical girls died before becoming withces by your examples. What would the incubators have accomplished? They need the magical girls to despair so them dying through other means would defeat the purpose of contracting.

I know you are longing for Lawnchair's posts.

Homura is a good girl who deserves love and eternal salvation.

I'm not boasting. I'm just trying to help others that want actually discuss the series. Madoka threads are the only time I have felt filters have been useful.

What does that have to do with the thread, Lawnchair?

Various discussions, Apple?

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Filter all posts with more than 3 anchors and it kinda works good.

This is a really common madoka thread, there's nothing new or different in here

it's a retarded what-if

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Hi, Apple.

Thanks for reminding me why i abandoned these threads.
Why triphomos decided to plague this fanbase again? I've been keeping my distance and i forgot

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I would.

I am a total amateur to manga estructure and expressions, and i will surely be laughed off the board, but maybe i'll do it once i gain enough trust in myself.

It is nothing new but only Lawnchair and !Bebe have ever ruined them for me with Lawnchair being the worst of the two.


Well, i meant the girls.

The girls tell someone about the whole magical girl bussiness so they would get some help.

Maybe their parents or a professor.

And that will lead to the government taking a part on the bussiness.
Isn't the concept movie implying Mami will end her suffering with the space cannon?

Thanks, they tell me that a lot.

Hi apple!

Heh, thanks.

One big thing is that Kyuubeys could only be seen by those with magical potential. No government official can see them. And, while humans may benefit from the arrangement you speak of, it does not help Kyuubey at all so he does not bother.

The other people could not see Kyuubeys or witches so they would probably think the girls are just playing make believe.

What did I do?

You are stupid.

There is an enormous number of tripfags here. Do you guys turn off the trip when you post elsewhere or not?

I do now.

Last thread i posted this, we kind of assumed the government could hide the fact that magical girls turn into witches and have the rest of the girls kill the ones who do, forcing random orphans to make contracts would help Kyubey, i think.

Isn't it implied that magical girls are able to hurt stuff in "real life"?
Sayaka killed those two punks on the subway, didn't she?

The government would have tiny nuclear bombs at their disposal.

But on the good side, they would help humanity greatly when Walpurgis would arrive. (Multiple girls, nuclear weapons, maybe some tech that would allow us to see what they see after some experimentation, etc.)



When will we get something new?

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Because Kyubey, witches, and possibly even magical girl transformations themselves are invisible to normal people.

Sayaka wasn't.


The last person to find out about magical girls literally killed himself and his family with the exception of the magical girl. ;_;

What if Homura just f***ing shot Kyuubey at the start?

They outright show why she can't just kill him for good.

Why does Kyoko smile?

How did Kyoko's dad figure it out then?

I doubt Kyoko told him and he would believe her instead of catching her doing magic.

A bunch of unconscious bodies and a pile of torn bibles soaked in fuel suddenly showing up in the middle of their church would be what prompted Kyoko to explain things.

Yeah, Apple meant Kyoko was glad about the deaths of her family. What a shitposter.

Yeah, he is Bad Apple.

>Imagine a whole arc with the goverment using magical girls for wars or against other armies of Magical girls, i think it would make a good spin-off.

>To The Stars
already readed, too futuristic

continuous or discrete souls


This nigga knows his shit.

>Why couldn't they tell the government about Magical Girls?
I guess because the human-no human shit and experiment in name of great science

Are these threads still filled with cancerous tripfags?

I think she is hiding her feelings. She is really sad but she has to be strong because she has no one else to support her.

>childish fantasy
medieval europe child fantasy is fucking dark you mongrel, also megucas aren't exactly children and that "what if" is entirely possible




>good side
>implying countries didn't make their preventive walpurgis because others have
the only "good thing" is 3rd and 5th world counties have more potential weapons that 1st ones by nature

Go to sleep Lawnchair-tan.

Mods are strong supporters of the arrogant American.

Yes she deserves eternal salvation.

but she doesn't need (and want) salvation


No, i mean, when walpurgis (the "normal" one) appears, it will be taken down without much problem and humanity will be safe.

Multiple Mahou Shoujos, Nukes, insta-medical attention to hurt girls, etc.

Too bad.

Any chance of an explanation for us plebs who can't read moon-speak?

It's too much bother to translate the sentences for natural science.

Kyubey would think we are shit in comparison with them and we would never figure out anything about the girls and magic.

Sadly for him...we do.

And cruelty.

I mean, the girl becomes a witch and they we can send her former friends to take the evidence off the map for us!

And kill every girl who figures anything out.

In summary, !Bebe's graph is wrong and she is stupid.


Witches typically appear in their own pocket dimensions. Only normal humans that can pass through are ones with Witch's kisses. It is also accepted that some normal laws of physics don't exactly work right in there. So you would have no proofs for the existence of magic in the first place. Multiple MGs would mean they would have to share the grief seed, not exactly wise. Normal medical attention don't compare with their own healing abilities, nor do typical arm forces, as revealed in Tart that 4 seasoned magical girls can tear through an army consisted of thousands soldiers within seconds, medieval ones but still really impressive and dwarf anything a conventional force could do.

Also, if you fancy that kind of /k/ magical girl, read Magical Girl Spec Op Asuka.

Didn't Sayaka enter Charlotte's dimention on her own (even if somehow Kyubey 'allowed' her to enter?)

I can see some agents forcing a girl to let them thru, or at least fool her to.

They would die, but have some evidence of such incidents.

I know this is just a random spin off idea, but it does sound cool, right?

Sayaka is best girl.

Homu did nothing wrong
prove me wrong, nerds.

She appears to have upset Mami, this is a crime

Don't worry nothing to lose your head over user

So, do you think no-arms sayaka has something to do with her wish? Now that she's alive and all.

Does that mean Kyousuke doesn't get healed?

He seems to be fine at the end of Rebellion. I just thought that the "sacrifice" for her wish might be another one in homus world. Hence the missing arms in the concept movie. Maybe she needed to trade her healthy ones for Kyousuke's.

This just got posted on Cred Forums, thought it deserved to be posted here. 1/2

It was some poor anons Essay about religion in High school or something like that.

I can confirm that sayaka is the worst character of all and kyouko is the most heartwarming, pure of all.


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>preview for new material comes out
>quick initial flurry of speculation and good discussion
>quickly gives way to a new wave of circlejerking and shitposting as people run out of things to talk about but want to keep having threads
Reminds me of the pre-Rebellion era

The irony is that you are the one who is actually in denial. Really, list a single way that image you posted supports Homura and Sayaka being paired up romantically.

nice try faglord.
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reminder that madoka loves homura and the proof is right here

She is hiding her emotion.

Bebe is so cute.

Why is Kyousuke crying?

Reminder that you're not a fan of Madoka, everyone hates you, you're going to die alone, and you will never amount to anything because your brain is just so defective and limited.

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Homura did nothing wrong and is best meguca.

So are the rumors true? Gen urobuchi won't be involved in the writing?

No, it was pretty called for actually. Considering you are one of the most disgusting and vile people to have ever lived. If you think otherwise, prove me wrong.

>Considering you are one of the most disgusting and vile people to have ever lived.
I guess I can't argue with that

I haven't seen anything to back that up. I think people are saying that just because he's busy with other things now, but we don't know when this will come out anyway. Or what it even is.

Nope. That would be Kyoko.

So what has become of the new project? I have heard nothing else ever since the leaked concept trailer.

Fucking shiet.

Actually, what of the wraith arc?


[ ] Hameru
[ ] Meduka
[ ] Mumi
[X] Kyaku
[ ] Seyiku

The series is meant to revolve around the interactions between characters, not some monolithic entity completely exterior to their situation. The main issue is the storytelling, since you might just as well argue that Coobie should convince some idiot girl to wish to rework the physical laws of the universe so their predicted heat death doesn't happen.

The only way to prevent the heat death is to either stop the loss of useful energy (i.e. stop entropy) or to gain enough energy out of nowhere to offset it. The former would spell the end for life in the universe, and the latter is exactly what they're trying to do.

If I had a wish I would wish that this girl would go away forever. She smells bad and she is mean anyway so there is no reason to try to be her friend. Everyone would be better off if she was just gone. Everyone knows this is true.

Yes, but again; there is no reason QB can't just get someone to wish their energy problem away through manipulation since he's apparently exceedingly clever. If that happened no-one would want to watch the anime since that's fucking boring.

It's suspension of disbelief, which includes ignoring whatever power the government might have over the megucas.

>QB can't just get someone to wish their energy problem away through manipulation
That's literally exactly what he's trying to do. His plan is to get Madoka to contract and become a witch therefore releasing a huge amount of energy.

because you touch yourself at night

That's another problem, because having QB grant a wish, any wish, implies that any possible wish may be granted with no fixed power. If so, then why does Madoka's wish supposedly have any additional sway due to the timelines in which she matters?

There's no need to have them become make a wish, be mahou for a while, then eventually become witches to release energy when you could just have one wish generate enough energy and then get let one girl become a witch.

It doesn't matter which way you generate the energy, any method is similarly flawed because it's not the point of the anime to agonize over trivial details like physics and governments.

The amount of change a wish can bring about is explicitly tied to the magical potential of the girl in question. Any regular girl could not have made the wish Madoka made. Therefore you cannot get an arbitrary amount of energy from a wish. Wishes are limited.
The greatest amount of energy comes from the phase change of emotional energy from hope to despair - this is simply a basic premise of the setting. That's the purpose behind the whole magical girl system. Even if you could get a girl to wish for energy in a transportable, convenient form for the Incubators to use, which is really inane as an idea, that's not going to solve the problem significantly faster than the method they're already using.

Then the various alternate timelines shouldn't matter, if it's just the delta from hope to despair.

I AGREE WITH YOU. I'm saying OP shouldn't care about governments or other trivialities.

>Then the various alternate timelines shouldn't matter
They matter because they increase Madoka's potential. As a more powerful magical girl, she despairs even harder to become a more powerful witch, thus more energy is gained.
I don't really understand your point. It just sounds like you're saying stupid things.

My point is this:
1. OP asked "Why couldn't they tell the government about Magical Girls?"
2. The core concept of the anime is interpersonal relationships in a universe that is acknowledged to make no sense.
3. Since it's irrelevant to the central theme of the anime, government has been glossed over, much in the same way the laws of physics or common sense has been.
4. Thus; the anime disregards it, and so should you if you want to appreciate the series without constantly thinking "Why did no-one see them preparing to fight on the overpass?"

That doesn't mean the basic premise of the show doesn't make sense under its own logic though.

Yes, but that's not what I'm saying here, you're arguing with me not about the point that I'm trying to make, but about one of the premises that I used to try and emphasize it. Under the physics of the show, literally anything is possible and I acknowledge that.

Maybe you shouldn't use stupid examples to make your points then.

It's not my problem if you can't follow the main thread of an argument, fortunately.

If the government was involved they would end up locking Homura up in a test lab underground and taking away her TV privileges if she acts up.

I finally got a (You) from you! Yay! I am right. You are longing for Lawnchair's posts.

I told you this girl was no good. Her family is dead and look she doesn't even care. What a disgusting creature. I don't even think I can call this THING a human.

Fanfiction like this can be entertaining, but it's absolutely painful to read sometimes. Is it really so hard to apply some basic high school-level rules to your writing?



>why don't they tell the government
>remote controlled bombs on their soul gems
I think you just answered your own question. But I think also because, barring the events of the show, I get the feeling magical girls mostly have their shit pretty much together. You make your contract, stake out a city for yourself, farm the local familiars for grief seeds, and chill. Repeat until you get bored / have a mental breakdown / eventually fuck up and get your face eaten. None of it's anything you'd really need or want government assistance with. Now, of course, you also have kyubey deliberately attempting to provoke said mental breakdowns, but nobody knows that.

Goddamn it, Lawnchair.

holy shit
100% pure cancer: the thread

What are you crazy? ACK is gone. This as sanitized a madoka thread as we've had in months.

Your standards are too low if that's all it takes.

How the hell did you get rid of him? I didn't think it was physically possible.

Please tell me you didn't put a hit on him or something like that.

Why are you replying to yourself, !Akemi?

Don't you have anything smarter to do? Oh wait, that's a rhetorical question, because I know you are literally brain dead.

You, as always, are the only person who tries to scream "durrrr ack". And it's easy to prove that both of these posts are by the same exact person. "Both" of these people will refuse to give any solid proof that "ack" is real, or even exists. And "Both" will refuse to address the fact that everyone has always been against shipping cancer, and that is the only way you identify "ack".

"Both" of these people will refuse to do these very specific things, thus proving it is the same person.

And I got a (You) also from you! May you be happy!

Rage core, direct your anger where it really belongs.

Do you know how much crack pairing is going on in the Madoka /u/ board?


>enslaved all her friends
>rewrote a decent universe into a twisted one where her friends are forced to live a lie
>split god in two
>purposefully asked questions to a madoka without her experiences of the series to justify splitting god
>dumped all of the curses onto one entity, likely creating a huge ass godslayer in the future, when wraiths were better or hell, homura could have just made knightmares instead of wraiths

Oh, good to see you! I was afraid something had happened to you!

First two: we know jack shit about the new world, other than that it was very pointedly designed to be a place where Madoka could be happy. And once you hit a certain level of reality warping, it's not a lie. It's a new truth.

Third: What, do you reccomend three parts? That would make the symbolism a little too blunt, I think.

Fourth: So you admit it was justified?

Fifth: Kyubey was the ones who eventually picked up all the curses in the witch universe and the wraith universe, I'm sure he can handle it in this one. Homura just made it a little more, oh, I don't know, efficient?

Sixth: Imagine if aliens visited earth, and the pope told them about God. I'm pretty sure it's not the pope's fault if the aliens come back next week with a machine to hijack God and turn Him into a glorified battery. It sucks that it happened, sure, but it's pretty much the defining feature of a god that you don't have to worry about them losing a fight to some aliens while you aren't paying attention.

Them some fighting words, boy.

Reposting this from last thread because somewhat related, and why not?

Rather than humanity using magical girls, or working alongside them, I'd rather see them go to war with one another.

The magical girls could, at first, be seen as demons, aliens, or monsters because of their powers. They'd be systematically hunted and experimented on, so that humanity could benefit from this "magic", and so they could never rise against us. A few escaped magical girls, now knowing of Homura's power, could turn to her for aid. Seeing the world descend into superstition and chaos, she agrees, hoping to one day find Madoka and harness her deific powers once more to rewrite the universe again.

Homura's forces, initially intended to simply find Madoka, soon grow into numbers far beyond her control. They organize, become militarized, and, seek retribution for mankind's crimes against them, declare war on the world. The globe soon deteriorates into ruin as entire nations fall within months, and forces beyond man's comprehension threatens his very existence.

Within this, Kyubey sees an opportunity. In an attempt to reclaim his power, he allies himself with humanity. He uses what remains of his magic to imbue their weapons and technology with power on par of the magical girls, so that they may hope to overcome extermination, and so he may have a standing army at his back.

Though all of this, Madoka, who has forgotten her godly standing, is forced to adapt to a world that has long abandoned love. Despite all of this, her heart remains pure, for a time, and so she tries and help her fellow man in any way she can. She enlists into Humanity's forces as a medic, and finds herself on the front lines of a fight she barely understands.

I've been playing too much Dark Souls

>headstone for god

Hanyuu a shit
Takano did nothing wrong

>God creates the incubators, the incubators kill God, incubators create the magical girls, magical girls become God.

The government can barely even pave the roads right and you're expecting it to have the competency to control magical girls?

Time for a reminder on the overthrow of the witch system perpetrated by Madoka, though one supposes it could turn out to be a first to many out there.

During the show, the magical girls are framed as victims of the evils incubator's schemes dedicated for the sake of collecting energy for sustaining the universe for a longer time, and its conclusion is reached with the complete overturn of the system, an authentic "worker's revolution" as bolsheviks would try to convince you IRL and mirrored like that in this fictional setting, with one of them taking it into her hands to change stuff the way she wants. Most importantly by erasing the very purpose that had even made possible their lifestyles, for them being provided their so to say jobs as magical girls to begin with.

Homura by her turn never had any real interest in reverting the grim situation that had the incubators in search of a better solution than those precarious grief seeds, she actively opposed the incubators efforts and then "rewarded" them with implied torture and also mass killing together with her precious "mentor" for no justifiable reason. She might as well be the Stalin to Madoka's Lenin for all the good they can be. If the incubators were before the ebil capitalist that oppressed everyone, in Rebellion they become the kulaks that are to be exterminated for daring to resist the new order of things imposed on everybody.

In short, it should be clear by now that all Goddess and also Devil apologists, thus, are in truth advocating for COMMUNISM regardless of them realizing it themselves.

No need for panicking if you only now understood how you were being fooled this entire time. It's enough to merely rethink your positions with this new knowledge in mind, and only then should you change your stance if need be and begin to hail the incubator's and to support their actions to bring back the good old times when the despair of magical girls would feed into the lifespan of the universe.

>ACK is gone forever

D-did he kill himself? I'm going to miss that bastard.

>tfw too late to read the meguka manga

So what you're saying is we need to strike a balance by having the magical girls unionize?

scroll a little past that post.

Madoka Magica was a special event in anime. It took the colorful characters of Miyazaki and mixed them with designs akin to Kill La Kill. It had the best special effects I've ever seen in an anime. I bought the figurine from a store and I have it right above my desk.

>ACK is still posting in these threads

Everything is alright with Madoka threads.

A resurrection of the old ways is first necessary, but in time, perhaps.

Communism is viable if you have god running it, though.

Homu a Homo

Who and why?


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>you will never be on the federal anti maho shoujo task force.

When will realize that little girls dreams and wishes are a threat to national security.
Trump will fix this shit.

I like it, but I almost feel like it would work better without the explicit Madoka flavor? So you don't have all your magical girls going witch as soon as they kill anyone, you don't have to deal with 'anyone with a sniper rifle or a grenade or what have you can kill a magical girl because small glass object,' you don't have to deal with megucas needing a steady supply of grief seeds to power their magic, which in turn requires a steady supply of witches, which in turn requires both a high magical girl turnover rate and densely populated urban centers, which you'd stop having after they all get levelled in the first week. And so on. There's a lot of established madoka fluff that works well for the story madoka tells and not so much for this story, I think.

Plus, with unfamiliar faces and mechanics, you'd have a lot more opportunities to play up the abject horror your ordinary humans would be experiencing, when any unfamiliar middle-schooler could actually be one transformation sequence away from killing you, your family, and your entire neighborhood, all the while spouting out sparkles and rainbows and giggles like there's no tomorrow. Because there isn't. Not for you, anyway. You could even go so far as to build up uncertainty as to whether or not magical girls are human or just look like them, if they're capable of speech and thought or just destruction, and save the fact that they're both fully conscious and have a very good reason for their grudge until midway through.

Thanks, but I thought the witch system had been replaced by the time Homura rewrote the universe, or even removed entirely. Or did she bring them back for some reason? Either way, I still need to flesh everything out, considering I haven't put full thought into everything yet. I just think that a contrast between two different "Madoka"s would be interesting; the kind and innocent one we all know, and one forced to adapt to a war ravaged apocalypse. The question if she would remain pure under even those circumstances, or if she would break and devolve into something "worse" than Homura herself is something that interests me.

I just watched Rebellion the other day.

The first half was SO GREAT. And then all the twists and retarded shit started happening.


>implying Rebellion's ending was bad

This fanfic is really good, actually. Thanks for linking it. In exchange, here's a homu.

Holy shit. Wide angle lens much?

Mami a pedo

I think we haven't the slightest idea what the fuck's going on in the new universe, so I guess for the time being, you have full freedom to go ahead and say Homura wrote the rules here, and use that to solve whatever details are problems. And if what interests you is what's going on with the characters, then by all means stick with the madokaverse.

I feel like one of the things that would give Madoka the most trouble is that both sides completely feel that they're justified. It's like the setup for the "do not throw souls" scene all over again, except on a massive scale.

Homura didn't wish for Madoka 'to be saved,' she wished 'to save Madoka.' And while all the timelines were reset 'for Madoka,' they were also all reset 'by Homura.' So you've got a shit-ton of karmic potential or whatever lying around, and an unfulfilled wish. A wish that can't be fulfilled under the current laws of the universe. Not nearly as much of a twist when you start untangling it.

Oh regarding Homura's wish. Shouldn't it be different in AM (Anno Madoka) since Madoka wasn't around for Homura to make the wish regarding saving Madoka?

Homura's trip through naked-lesbian-space seems to have jumped her over the rewrite, in some sense, since she still remembers the old universe, and it seems the old universe is the one that "happened" to her for all practical intents and purposes.

It's not particularly clear, though, since we only see the wraith universe outside of homura's labyrinth for a grand total of like three minutes.

(if the wraith universe is AM, does that make homura's rewrite noon?)

In wraith arc no one knows(even qb) what was Homura's wish. Homura hasn't existed in this universe just like Madoka, but she appeared there in certain point rewriting everyone's memories. It's pretty solid explanation without any plot holes

that's fucked up

Yet inevitable

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Type louder because Mami can't hear you.

Reminder that Homura is pure evil and was never loved by Madoka, who wants her dead and forgotten.

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>paralelism with comunism revolution
But is not, you stupid douchebag, first madoka have inners and selfish objetives of self fulfilment, second she done all the work solo and third the alternative was somehow equal or worse read the wraith arc because one girl need 4 or more cubes in order to clean her gem
I'm not a devil apologist (you are right with homu) but madoka didn't make the world much better either

is worse, a threat to international security
psycho pass when?

Kyubey explains that the source of the the energy they collect comes from the human soul, and that girls going through puberty give off the most energy because blah-blah-emotions-blah.

If this is actually true, then the entire concept of magical girls is unnecessary. Sure, they get the most energy output from the girls falling into despair, but they could just as easily, if not easier, go around and rip out random people's souls and use that as an energy source. They obviously have the ability to, since they create magical girls but ripping out their soul and putting it into a soul gem.

And whose to say they don't do it from time to time? Surely waiting around for a few girls to become depressed isn't a reliable means of collecting energy.
What if they had an energy crisis and needed to generate a lot of energy quickly?
Did Kyubey do the Holocaust?

you are blind?

>go around and rip out random people's souls and use that as an energy source
That's equivalent of building a battery from raw materials, and then using the battery. You put in more energy to build the battery than you do from the battery's lifespan, resulting in a net loss.

Page 7? Not on my watch.

maybe QBs didn't want full reapers because they find humans when we are still in paleolithic age and they didn't know if we are useful or not, QB still was development the tecnology to convert souls into energy forced to use an intermediary and easier metod or energy used to extract and convert in one go are far less (if not so) inefficient and nowadays the protectionism of a endemic species just like we treated other

the question is, what is the maximun percent of little girls QB can use without perturbing the global demography dinamics per time?

forgive me for I have sinned

>a can of chūhai (whiskey or vodka with soda including a small quantity of fruit juice).

Dude. The Japanese must get fucked up.

Why does Sayaka's body disappear when her soul gets taken away by the Law of Cycles?
The other magical girls' bodies don't get taken away.

At the end of the series she disappears in whatever would be the wraith equivalent of a labyrinth, right? You can see the transitions between worlds at least. If she dies there then it would be the same as dying in a labyrinth I think, so her body would disappear too. Just like with Mami in episode 3.

That is a very cute Homu. I can imagine that is how she would look if she were a real person.


she would look like an infant?

But do the wraiths even make labyrinths (or something similar)?
The wraiths Homura fights a few minutes later don't.

The transition seen could just be Madoka's new laws updating the universe in real-time, because for some reason that's the starting point where Homura is dropped at once the new laws of the universe take effect.

>Surely waiting around for a few girls to become depressed isn't a reliable means of collecting energy
I think magical girls witching out is pretty reliable. QB describes it as inevitable that Madoka will become a witch after making a contract.

>The other magical girls' bodies don't get taken away.
Yes they do.


I absolutely love madoka's new dress

It's pretty cute. I hope she still has the ribbon on the back of her neck though, I can't tell from this.

As I understand it, ordinary humans aren't magical, and therefore can't be used to violate the laws of thermodynamics. It'd be like trying to increase the amount of blood in the universe by going around and stealing everyone's blood - you're not actually changing the total quantity of anything, just moving around the stuff that already exists, and that doesn't solve entropy. Magical girls, by contrast, visibly and effortlessly violate conservation of mass about fifty times per fight, so it makes sense that they'd be able to violate conservation of energy as well.

Alternatively, it's just an ethics thing. If it's against the rules for kyubey to suggest a wish, it's probably also against the rules for him to put everyone in a giant blender and eat their souls.

Human populations, demographics-wise, can tolerate a much larger loss of young males than of young females, but I don't really know what the numbers would be for either. The data is probably out there, though, if you look things up about the effects of massive population loss through war or plague on historical societies.

a cup of coffee would be rather nice now



Stop circlejerking.








so this is the circlejerking which begot lawnchair huh

Yes. Kapplin means Kevin-kun x Apple-chan but Lawnchair thinks it is another term for KyoSaya so he erps a lot thinking that's what they do when it is quite the opposite.



Why does Homu always go on about being evil, she really hasn't done anything to warrant being evil.

>Revived the dead magical girls
>gave Sayaka and Bebe a second chance
>let Madoka be with her family again

i got it
so that's why lawnchair calls himself madoka and posting pics with madoka and kyouko, craving replies from apple-chan
so it was all a part of his erp
kinda funny

Homura sees Madoka as a god, the embodiment of ultimate good. In Homura's perception, by opposing Madoka, she has has become the ultimate evil, even if the fruits of her Rebellion are beneficial. That, and copious amounts of self-loathing spanning from even before she became a magical girl.




So do you really love each other? Or are you just playing? Sorry if I am like Nagisa and ruin the mood.










So this is the quality of thread Apple was complaining about not having before?



what is the best forbidden meguca love


ask Hitomi

the dub was better

This is what we call "bad opinions"

daily reminder that anyone who loses their heads over mami's mammies is autistic

So will Mami ascend to godhood in Part 4?

Also when will Hitomi accept forbidden love and become am magical girl?


The dub was one of the more decent ones in the West. I prefer dub Madoka over sub Madoka but that's just me.

I was raised with dubs for stuff like Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop and Macross Plus. Maybe I'm spoiled.

Certainly nothing wrong with the dub, it is one of the better ones. It really comes down to what you prefer.

I wanted cute girl voices and I got two old ladies and three noses.

Everything about Sayaka centers around sex.

She died a virgin.

Sad, senpai.

Oh, shit I just discovered an automatic reformatting on Cred Forums. Cool, senpai.

subdoka is heretic
madomka submura is the only truth

Then watch the sub. Daaaaamn!

You say that like it's a bad thing

The voices of the girls in japanese are all old ladies though.

Behind every cute anime girl, there is a laggard old lady

Only Chiwa Saito is an old lady with her husband and a kid tho


What about Subayaka?

Good art.

not bad
not bad at all

inc canon

mami is christmas cake, dies alone

Thanks senpai

non-canon ships are the most forbidden, though. Their very nature is rooted in that which should not exist.

i dont think homura and sayaka will ever develop a romantic relationship

perhaps they can pity each others' situation tho
but then again, this show is not a yuri romcom, it's all about suffering moe

I hope Gen lead relationships between megucas more unhealthy and destructive beyond salvation

i dont think homura and madoka will ever develop a romantic relationship

perhaps madokami can pity each homu's situation tho

but then again, this show is not a yuri romcom, it's all about suffering moe

I hope Gen lead relationships between megucas more unhealthy and destructive beyond salvation

That's what fanart is for
Homura might love Madoka, but there's no way to know if that love will be reciprocated. Hell, Homura could have meant "love" as in a non-romantic love, like one feels for a sibling, which would make their romance just as unlikely as any ship

This is stupid. Of course Homura and Madoka are in love. They all have strong feelings.
Except of course for this disgusting girl. She doesn't love anything, she is just a mean heartless beast.

She loves pocky and Sayaka

Don't you feel pathetic for being alive when not a single person wants you to be? I mean, you're such a vile human being with not a single redeeming trait.

And it's funny you call it "fan"art, because you are not a fan.

But it is fanart, and I am a fan.

>encouraging the homusaya poster
I expected better of you.

No, you're not. By the very definition of the word, you are not a fan of the series. Because if you are a fan, you do not degrade something. And you degrade and bastardize the characters. You do literally nothing but say the words "i am a fan", but none of your actions show that.

To be a fan means to appreciate something. To appreciate something means to recognize its full worth. The full worth of the characters is not be used as shallow shipping fodder.

And again, no one wants you alive.

Dude. If you want to bitch about crack posting go to Madoka threads. They crack post all the time on there.

How does crack "degrade and bastardize" anything? It's simply a form of fan content, which every fandom has. Enjoying something in a way that's different than you're used to doesn't mean it isn't being appreciated.

please do not feed trolls thank you

Dude, kill yourself. You are the one spamming it there as well, you fucking mongoloid.

And like you have been told so many fucking times before, it has hardly nothing to do with crack, and everything you to do with you ruining threads. You just happen to be ruining it with crack.

It's pathetic you reply to the same post twice just to spam more crack.

The very post you are replying to explains how you are not a fan. Just because you say "nuh uuuuuh" doesn't mean you are. It's not "you enjoying something different", it's you enjoying something that is factually bad. Crack directly contradicts the relationships built in the series and thus implies they are worthless. It doesn't matter if you think you are giving them worth, you are not. Because if you actually did think they have worth, you wouldn't break up the actual couples in the series. You are implying the relationships in the series are weak and would easily be broken up or otherwise not meaningful for lasting. Thus, you are degrading them.

You are also a disgusting person. Because you literally thrive on attacking and harassing people. There is zero reason for you to be spamming crack at someone who know is against crack being posted. You can just make a post that is all text.

And yes, it's obvious all three of these posts are yours. Because you crazy and need to try and think that other people think you are multiple people.

Contradiction doesn't imply worthlessness, it's simply an alternate way of thinking. A "what if". Of course crack ships would never happen in the canon series, that's what makes them crack. But canon isn't some scripture that one must adhere to and never stray from. Art, in any form, is to be molded and altered like clay, into whatever form the artist sees fit. There's nothing at all wrong with that.

Also, only one of those posts was made by me


A man can dream, I suppose

Dreams of witches.

Dude, kill yourself. You are the one spamming it there as well, you fucking mongoloid.

And like you have been told so many fucking times before, it has hardly nothing to do with crack, and everything you to do with you ruining threads. You just happen to be ruining it with crack.

It's pathetic you reply to the same post twice just to spam more crack.

The very post you are replying to explains how you are not a fan. Just because you say "nuh uuuuuh" doesn't mean you are. It's not "you enjoying something different", it's you enjoying something that is factually bad. Crack directly contradicts the relationships built in the series and thus implies they are worthless. It doesn't matter if you think you are giving them worth, you are not. Because if you actually did think they have worth, you wouldn't break up the actual couples in the series. You are implying the relationships in the series are weak and would easily be broken up or otherwise not meaningful for lasting. Thus, you are degrading them.

You are also a disgusting person. Because you literally thrive on attacking and harassing people. There is zero reason for you to be spamming crack at someone who know is against crack being posted. You can just make a post that is all text.

And yes, it's obvious all three of these posts are yours. Because you crazy and need to try and think that other people think you are multiple people.

Lewd witches?
Why did you post this a second time?

My copy and paste messed up.

Exactly all three of the posts were made by you. And like always, !Akemi, it's obvious it's you because you are the only one who in the world who think people over the internet should jsut baselessly believe you at your word. And it's also obvious it's you because you out right refuse to stop spamming crack to attack people. You also should pay more attention to the file names of things you are spamming if you want to later lie about it.

And yes, contradiction literally means worthlessness, even more so in this context. Just saying "durrr it a what if" doesn't change the fact that what you are doing is wrong.

You just list these random things like "alternate way of thinking" and what if" as if they actually mean anything. These things you are listing in no way implies that something bad is no longer bad. An "alternate way of thinking" does not imply something has no negative traits.

I mean, fuck, you're so inhumanly stupid you can't even understand simple concepts like explaining yourself. You only understand how to make lists of what you think.

"Art" does not excuse you either. You are like the nigger spray painting public parks.

You're assuming that straying away from the canonical script implies negativity or malice against said canon. It doesn't; it's simply the imagination wandering freely, as it should. You've set up these imaginary laws for yourself to deem what things are acceptable within a fandom, and somehow expect everyone else to adhere to them. The truth is, when it comes to fiction, everything is fair game. People are going to conjure up ideas, scenarios, and relationships that you may not necessarily agree with. There's nothing you can do to stop it, and they will pay you no mind. Isn't it better to simply let people do as they wish in peace, rather than ranting like a zealot on things no one agrees with you on?

The malice comes from the fact you refuse to stop spamming crack at people who you know are against it. You're a bad person, and you don't even care, because you know the shitbag mod of this site will protect you.

I am not assuming anything, I am telling you the result of your actions as they faculty are. It has nothing thing to with opinions, personal views, taste, or anything. And that was LITERALLY just explained to you. Yet you are literally retarded and I can't learn anything. The factual results of your actions is spreading and or producing low quality shit and damaging the fandom with it.

And I love how you are so pathetically desperate to think that your mentality of being self serving and belligerently obnoxious is the norm.

Do you not notice how your go to defense to everything is "durrrrrrr it finctioin lol xd i so msart i said da word fiction"? Yet, what you fail to understand is that calling something fiction does not take away its negative qualities. The negative qualities crack has have already been explained to you. It does not matter at all what your intentions are, the results are what matter.

Again, you are not a fan of the series, you are disgusting person, and everyone wants you dead.

>things no one agrees with you on
You know what's funny? That you can make a general statement about crack shippers that is 100% accurate. All of them are bad people. They but their own shallow serving shipping above everything else. Want to know what else is funny? How you are so fucking desperate to pretend you are more than one person. You can't claim that everyone disagrees with me when for ten whole years on this site, people have been against shipping cancer like you, and only in the past year has the shitbag mod been around to protect you while never enforcing the rules. Leaving aside how "agreement" has nothing to do with what is correct and incorrect.

Want to watch me prove you are !Akemi again?
You will refuse to stop spamming crack.

The "negative qualities" are things only you complain about. You might have a point if you weren't the only one up in arms about this.

Besides, you know why I post crack. You're giving me reason to do right now.

little nigger, Im one step ahead of the game

Imagine if the schools started doing PSAs about why becoming a magical girl is bad.

On Sesame street instead of saying don't talk to strangers they'd say "don't talk to kyuubeys"

What's it like having honest to god downs syndrome?
No, really, have you ever considered seeking professional medical help? Because you need it.

How many times do you need to be told the exact same thing?

Not only are you wrong about it only being one person who can't stand you constantly ruining threads, it has literally NOTHING to do with how many people say something. Facts are facts because they are not dependent on personal views or values. You can explain them using absolute sources. This is not complex in the slightest. Even if not a single person agreed with a fact, it's still a fact.

Better yet, instead of medical attention, just put a bullet in your brain, !Akemi.

You realize you're using your personal views and values to try and regulate what others do, right?

You realize you're fucking brain damaged, right?
Because it has been explained to you countless times how that is wrong, and personal views have nothing to do with it, because you can factual note and contrast the difference between the series and the third party made content.

Please, for the love of everything that is good, end your life.

Contrast and difference doesn't make something "degrading" or malicious, lad.

I want Homura to strangulate me.

How much would you pay?

Everything I have. Including my life.

Different user. Yes, contrast and difference doesn't make something "degrading" or malicious, you are right. But, in a situation were you have been told many times that your actions are damaging to the thread and don´t add anything to it, over a long course of time and by many different people, and keep doing it anyway, then that can only means:

1- You actively want to to damage the threads, and you seek to anger the people in it (bad person, malicious)
2- You don´t comprehend what others are tellling you (retard, stupid)
3- You, knowing that it´s bad for the thread, using your freedom to post, keep doing it anyway without considering how others feel (egoist)

How many times have people in different Madoka threads have asked, begged and threatened you to stop? Clearly, if you cause so much discomfort, you should start thinking about changing your attitude.

But most likely you won´t or won´t even consider it. And that wil only start again the problem. Using the possibility of postig without consequences, you keep an actitude and actions that you know anger others, and you don´t care. See were the problem lies?


I want Mami to lick the Bebe



I’m drunk now.

It's beautiful. KyoSaya 4ever!

I have been yearning for Kapplin and turned into a tripfag in the summer of 2015.

Why can't I make the relationship with another tripfriend like Kapplin? They are perfect. Do you guys have any trouble with me?

Long time no see!

Yes, yes!!! I want to rot in hell with you. You are food and I am literally dead matter, though.
>maybe put a muzzle on !Bebe
Leave it to me!
I love you, Apple!!!


He is just a piece of shit.

Lawnchair? Yes he is a piece of shit.

>maybe put a muzzle on !Bebe
Actually, Apple loves Lawnchair's posts. It was confirmed he does not use any filters.


Why put a muzzle on !bebe?


She is a pretentious purefag. As you know she is not consistent with herself.

I want to kiss Bebe.

With your knife?

I will go to sleep early today.


Why are people against people who try to be nice? You people got issues. For real.

I bet you don't.

Just him.

Well, I will try to get back to the original topic. I don't think the government could really get involved because the Kyuubeys do not want it to happen. If the government would destroy the soul gems just before they fall to despair, that would ruin the Kyuubey's system. The Kyuubeys would either cover things up or manipulate the girls in such a way that they do not disclose their powers to government bodies.



Damn that see through shirt.

Considering Kyubey's comments about how magical girls were integral to humanity's historical and technological development, and that one of the only examples of an ideal magical girl candidate we get is "daughter of a high-ranking government official," it seems pretty clear that at least some amount of old-timey magical girls were public figures. Isn't there a spinoff manga where joan of arc is a magical girl?

Jesus fuck, how can you be so fucking stupid, !Akemi. You don't even know what the world contrast means. You contrast something to determine the differences which can be either positive or negative. Like, holy fucking shit, if you weren't so god damn stupid none of the bull shit in these threads would ever be happening.

In this case, of your crack bull shit, the contrast shows it is degrading. And again, your intent means nothing. Because the factual results of what you are doing is negative. And of course, you are a bad person for constantly attacking and spiting people.

>Isn't there a spinoff manga where joan of arc is a magical girl?
They think it's a gift granted from god. Literally now one can see Kyubey except young girls he wants to contract. Even the little girls he contracts believe him to be some sort of angel due to the rings/halos around his ears. The nobles don't have any reason to doubt this. There's a segment where they try to test Joan by trying to trick her. She claims an angel told her the correct answer and they have no reason to doubt that because the correct answer was impossible to know otherwise.. In her mind, Kyubey is an angel that only she and other chosen maidens can see.

If it happened today, most would start a cult around Kyubey or react the way Kyouko's dad did. There's nothing logical about the existence of an invisible, wish granting race of space rats.

Predictions for final movie
-Mami and Hitomi team up to BTFO the lesbian gods
-Madoka and Homura are forced to their own containment board where they can be gay together and not derail discussion/entropy fighting
-Universe is saved from god-tier lovers quarrel

It was all a dream.

Bebe is cute.


There is one.

I guess interpreting things in a religious context would rather discourage you from trying all the sorts of exploitionary ideas that have been popping up in this thread.

Kyubey can't fight homucifer directly, and all the established magical girls are kept under close watch, so Kyubey starts a resistance movement by secretly contracting Hitomi and Poor-chan. Hitomi ascends and becomes the Law of Forbidden Love, removing Homura's source of power. The depowered Homura teams up with Kyouko to fight for lesbians everywhere, against Mami and Hitomi's attempt to restore the old world.

Madoka gets a second wish a la Kazumi Magica. She even has a new magical girl outfit and soul gem. Kyubey's going to make a comment about never granting the wish Madoka claims she asked for and thus allow her to make a second one that can end this on a right note. Law of Cycles is fine because a wish can't be cancelled out (the LoC was functioning fine while they were in Homura's dream labyrinth so it can function without Madoka) but it's currently being blocked due to Homura's barrier. Mami's trying to break the barrier and let the LoC in. Madoka and Homura will be reunited, but not in heaven. Madoka joins Homura in hell, because good or bad, Madoka's one selfish desire which she is willing to give her life for is going to be with Homura-chan again. Hell is a dark plane of existence, where the only light will be the full moon created by them being together. For the first time, Madoka will have Homura on her mind when making her wish, which is what Gen said was the true cruelty of the series in that Madoka never knew Homura was always there for her. A bitter sweet end where love doesn't conquer all, rather it's a ray of light within the darkness that is existence.

They already said in the concept movie that if the secrets of magic were leaked, it would lose it's effect

An interesting thing is that Tart Vol 3 universal rule that the fulfillment of a wish on another magical girl increases its potential, even if she has already made a contract. This means that the wish of Homura is most extreme case of this rule, because of repeatability.

An implication is that the most powerful magical girls are not necessarily those that have great natural potential, but rather those that motivate and inspire other girls to make sacrifices for them. Theoretically a girl who made a wish like Kyouko but affecting her, could acquire great power to convince other girls to make wishes on her.

Joan of Arc was a magical girl in the original series too.

Anyone else remember the days when there'd be a different thread for each Meguka?

Good times.

Those days were terrible.

In terms of Moadoka discussion or generally?

In terms of Madoka discussion. Having quarantined dueling generals for each girl is not my idea of a good time.

Princess of Dakini, Anne Frank, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and Himiko no Yamatai were all magical girls.

Also Bear-chan is from the future, so it just goes to show that incubators are still around in the future.

Maybe Bear-chan just worked in a futuristic-themed amusement park.

Maybe, but Madoka's wish DID state all witches, past, present and future.

>anne fank

>yellow star
>similar hair
>locked in a truck

It's Anne.

Yes but the meaning of that is pretty ambiguous. Until the movie airs I do not think we can take that line as any sort of proof.

Old kingdoms were not as worrisome to Kyuubey because they did not have the technology to monitor magical girls and watch when they are about to fall to despair, or have the intelligence networks capable of gathering all of the information needed.

what was her power though?
sitting in a attic while fucking some boy all day long?

She wished to win a hide-and-seek game but it got out of hand

Her power was probably fire related. Once she fell into despair and became a witch, she ended up burning everyone in her encampment and then some. Anne Frank's despair led to the Holocaust.

She wished to be famous. It backfired though.

To be fair, Cleopatra's power probably would be fucking important Romans.

it's always fucking bothered me why Isabella the first isn't on there
she's like the most bad ass woman ever

>main plot gets a DE JEWS ending and we get to bask in the resulting shitstorm
I say fund it.

these new models look hella good

Is this ANOTHER transfer student?

who knows? I just want someone to actually be able to counter homura

It is Madoka's and Homura's daughter.


What would the girls have for Stands?

They all already have Stands

How useful would a magical girl actually be to a modern-day government? Like, sure, pulling a bunch of swords or muskets out of nowhere is nice, and the healing is pretty useful, but given the choice between a coerced middle schooler with magical powers or a squad of trained adult volunteers with modern firearms and medical support that operate on known principles...

>Nazi officers at Nuremberg keep testifiying that it wasn't them who killed the jews, it was a giant invisible fire monster from another dimension made of paper-mache and knitting needles

Everyone but Kamijou has a stand, Kamijou only has a lie in bed until sayaka makes her wish.

Well said, you've said it many times. No one seems to care. Kindly go kill yourself.

In theory they could be secret agents or something, given how much better they are than regular humans at most things, and telepathy is nice. Also depends on what powers they have, obviously Homura would very useful, and Oriko is something any organization would kill for. The main problem is they tend not to live long enough to become emotionally mature.

>Have entire army of elite soldiers
>15 year old girl stops time while another teenage girl shoots a single arrow into your army killing every last soldier

he is just butthurt because homu x sayaka is a canon pairing now

Please stop.

Mami and Homura could decimate an entire country in the blink of an eye.

Or if you manage to get Super Sayaka, she can use the cotton puff guys as cannon fodder while summoning Oktavia as she goes berserk. Just have her put kevlar on her gem.

Have you ever considered the fact that you're a really, really disgusting person, !Akemi. And that's why people hate you. Not only are you shallow, low brow, crass, a pedophile and stupid, you go out of your way to constantly attack people and ruin everything you can for other people. You literally don't have a single good trait as a human being, and that's actually pretty hard to come by.

And like always, it's obvious when you are replying to yourself to try and pretend that you're multiple people. No one had said anything for hours and as soon as you show up you start pretending to be more than one person for the sake of agreeing with yourself. Get it through your head, right and wrong is not about majority vote, it never will be.

Anyone ever notice that ACK and Kyokohater's posts are very similar? Just replace !Akemi with Kyoko or 'this girl'

Ever notice that "ACK" is only a word that !Akemi uses, and that he's really autistic so he fails at reading basic social cues such as how people type and act. And of course, everyone knows you are all the fake "haters", !Akemi.

There's no way.

BTW, where the hell does Mami get off? It's like "yeah ok, you got breasts. We get it." Remember how she killed are her friends? She is pretty evil and definitely worst girl.

>BTW, where the hell does Mami get off? her room probably?
> It's like "yeah ok, you got breasts. We get it." Remember how she killed are her friends? She is pretty evil and definitely worst girl.
Oh, I understand now. She killed her friends because they would have died and become witches, it was a mercy kill and she was trying to reduce suffering (though maybe if she'd thought it through, trying to assasinate other girls à la Oriko would have been a better strategy)

You could say she lost her head.

he did it for the lulz
watching medugas suffering is more fun than just harvest souls

Could some kind soul please explain Rebellion because I'm a dumb fucking retard.

Of the people inside Homura's Soul Gem dimension, which ones were real?
How does Sayaka retain her memories (and, speaking of her, what did that scene at the concert hall from the end of the last episode mean?)
What happened after the credits? Did she sudoku?

>Of the people inside Homura's Soul Gem dimension, which ones were real?
The ones with faces after Homura realized something was wrong, and who showed up on sofas after the barrier was broken. So, the megucas, Hitomi, Kyousuke, the Kanames, Kazuko-sensei, and Nakazawa.

>How does Sayaka retain her memories
By being part of the Law of Cycles. It was her and Nagisa's job to hold on to Madoka's memories throughout the process. Since they're not actually alive and shouldn't be there, presumably they're exempt from the barrier's usual affects.

>what did that scene at the concert hall from the end of the last episode mean?
It meant Sayaka's dead? Not sure what's unclear.

>What happened after the credits?
Homura is sad. Her world is incomplete. She expresses this through dance.

>tfw you weren't in early madoka threads because you were fuckinghorses

twitch tv/angryjoeshow

>tfw Madoka is the GOAT
>tfw you will never watch another anime this good


Hello newfriend.

>madoka will never tell you that everything is daijoubu
why even live

For a potentially great new Madoka movie.


Is that even more futuristic Mitakihara? Scary thought.




Why aren't you friendly with Lawnchair? Can't you argue with him about Madoka Magica?

If they are to make a continuation of Madoka from Rebellion, what would it even cover at this point? All plot points are taken care of; even the alternative side-story but not actually side-story aspect is taken care of with Rebellion. Where would this all go? I can only really at this point see Homura getting toppled once and for all in terms of the fact that her delusion plan isn't all that great long term, ending the 'did nothing wrong' meme, but it's kinda unnecessary since that's in a way already covered by the main show.

>not having the most consistently thematic arc within the whole series
>not actually confirmed by the Urobutcher himself as the most interesting character to write
Go fuck yourself, memeing faggot.

Childish fantasy in what way? Like not even disagreeing, like I think it's childish in a very similar way the original Faust story itself is where Faust himself acts in a very immature yet also insecure manner to have had to make the deal that he did.

This idea doesn't work because it's far from the series thematically and doesn't take into context some of the rules established like why magical girls are needed.

According to my friend who traveled to the glorious nipponese land and met fans of anime/manga far more hardcore than anyone here, Madoka's considered quite overrated there apparently.

What is this?

>If they are to make a continuation of Madoka from Rebellion, what would it even cover at this point?
Basically an ideological debate between gods about what is best for each other and the universe.

On the other hand, Kevin-kun talks to Lawnchair. You should also do like your lovely Kevin-kun!

>According to my friend who traveled to the glorious nipponese land and met fans of anime/manga far more hardcore than anyone here, Madoka's considered quite overrated there apparently.
what anime do nips like?




Duality ending. It's gonna happen.

They have shit taste. See this list for example, it was the first result on google. (Madoka ended up in 2nd place, btw.)


i'm LITERALLY laughing my ass off here

It wasn't bad.

Why is the series named after Madoka when Homura is the MC?

The same reason Trump is the main character of this election. Madoka isn't afraid to make the real hard decisions while Homura's just a selfish little bitch who cares more about herself and her friends than she does the people of the world.

>Homura is the MC

Tfw I always laff when Mami and Sayaka dies

That ain't very nice.

Having sex with Kyouko is nice.

In the TV series, Madoka is the main character, while Homura is the (anti)hero.

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to be fair homuhomu at least got the entire 3rd movie.

Just craving Kyouko's pussy once more.


yeah she is a main character and has the most screen time

>what is a deuteragonist

It wouldn't benefit Kyuubey if the government knew about magical girls.

It is very obvious you are Lawnchair.
>apple-chan is a girl
>wanting to sex kyoko
>thinking kyoko is apple-chan
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They all need to shine.

Sayaka was a potential meguca which was why she could.

>legend of zelda
>MC is link

the mod once Kevin tried to have fun on Cred Forums but ended up getting banned


>starting civ5 thread on Cred Forums
that silly tripfag had it coming tho


Sayaka has magical potential.

Because the Incubators are clearly perfectly capable of keeping such a thing under wraps, they have done so for thousands of years, after all.








The Mecuga are fucking dumb.

I knew my wish from the start; Kyubey-chan, make me omnipotent.

You lack the karma for such a wish.

Long time no see!

No. the two posts are not mine.

For me?


>Magica Record
>a mobile game

What a piece of garbage!

Madoka Magica was over.

>*Magia Record
Fucking spell checker!

Hi, there! What do you think about the game? Thanks. I know you still sit on your lawnchair.

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Bebe, how do you feel about ?

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Why would you care? You hating Bebe has nothing to do with me.

Are you Buzzclaw or Apple?

I always loved this mod. Seeing Nagisa and the other girls appear in my games was amazing. I hope someone makes something similar for the next game.

Kevin-kun likes those games too? That is good. Maybe me and him could play together some time.

Fuck off.


I want to expose Shaft's secret westerners would not know. Especially, about Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, Kōji Kumeta and Mitsutoshi Kubota.

It's discrimination against justice. Why don't Mods delete other posts for abuse?

Max out the images. fifteen to go.






Nothing else to do, huh?

Every single day of my life. Why can't these threads give me the respite they used to?

They will give you the respite you deserve soon. For now, you must endure the hardhip.

SZS is an anime for Japanese Korean. See McCOL in SZS. It's made by Unification Church. That's why Kubota got a promotion to the president of Shaft. It's an organization of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Kōji Kumeta is an agent.メッコール
Soka Gakkai, Unification Church, Happy Science, Jehovah's Witnesses and Aum Shinrikyo are dark sections in Japan and internal structures of CIA. Soka Gakkai always rewrites votes for election in Japan and Dentsu, a Japanese international advertising company, brainwashes Japanese people by Anime. Also, they plot for Key persons' assassinations. Soka Gakkai killed Juzo Itami for his next movie which is about blood product, because it's taboo that the company is the emperor's of Japan.

I doubt all of the Magical Girls would be okay with that. Maybe it'd end up as a Magical Girl Civil War, ending with Iron Mami versus Captain Amerikyoko


Don't make megukas so milfy. If you do there will be too many time skip doujins.

Mami often makes me wonder what oppai Kyouko would look like.

I vigorously wanted to cooperate with people all over the world in order to renew our hopes for the rights and freedoms of Anime and Manga.


I attentively observed what was happening with the Madoka franchise but I want to throw away all my Madoka goods now.

All dat pussy displacement.

>I want to throw away all my Madoka goods now[/spoiler].[/spoiler]

Madoka Magica is a piece of garbage. Yeah, I stopped being the fan. ACK would enjoy the fact. Now, I just want incisive criticism.

I don't see any cats?

It's what I called thigh gap before thigh gap was a thing.

Thigh gaps are one of many miracles.

Pussy displacement.

You know damn well what I am talking about.

Wait. What's the spoiler tags? Yeah, I actually wrote the tags. Why didn't you copy only the sentence from my post? Why could you copy the tags? Are you a moderator?

You work in an office building with cute anime girls? Or you are a cute anime girl who works in an office?

Adorable. Even if some people think Nagisa is not a very good character because she doesn't do much, she is worthwhile because she is a friend to Mami.

She wasn't given a chance if anything. Nagisa had such little screentime for anything, but the new project may change that.

Why do you guys still watch Anime?

Why not?

I really hope so. A short with Nagisa's backstory would be nice, too, but it probably will not happen. Maybe a one-off manga could happen? I do not know. It would help develop Nagisa though.

They have cute girls in them and it is fun to watch. I haven't had a whole lot of time to watch anime recently though. I started to watch Symphogear and rewatch Precure but I only have gotten through a few episodes of each in the past month or so.

Thank you for the replies. I was thinking I might stop posting my opinion in Cred Forums, because it's not fun being with you guys. You can flirt with another tripfag without me and keep arguing with frail intellects.

Goodbye forever!

We all know this is a bold faced lie. You only done this 5 times.

And nothing of value was lost.

Kyubey is an extraterrestrial, and possibly extradimensional, gestalt intelligence that has harnessed ways to manipulate energy we can't even imagine, let alone research or control in any meaningful way (that is, if we actually buy that all the magic we see in the show is just sufficiently advanced science, per the premise).
If government sponsored magical girls suited their plan, then we would have government sponsored magical girls.We don't, so clearly his current plan is more efficient for him. Even if a magical girl were to go public, make someone believe it and mundanes (on any level, from mass public awareness to top-secret government stuff) became aware of the whole thing, there's STILL not a gosh-danged thing we can do to stop him. What are we going to do, systematically mass-exterminate his copies? (Assuming, of course, we can even see him). Whoop-de-doo, he can always make more. Subvert already-contracted magical girls for whatever purpose? They're ticking time bombs one way or another, they'll turn to witches sooner or later and he still gets what he wants. Then he makes sure to include a "you can't tell anyone about this" clause whenever he makes a contract. Even assuming he can't actually do that, he can just alter whatever parameter he has for choosing magical girls so that the ones he picks never go public themselves. Worst case scenario, he writes Earth off as a lost cause and finds a different planet somewhere in the multiverse. The fact that he hasn't had to do that in however many millenia he's been there shows he can't even be pushed that far.

Conclusion? You can't control Kyubey, you can't win against Kyubey, you can't even leverage a fight against Kyubey. He wins. Period.

But that's exactly what she did.
It's been a while since my last rewatch, but I believe he was beginning to be bewildered by how much people responded to his sermons, so she made the mistake of explaining.

I had a relevant screencap too, but some idiots reached the image limit with random spam already.

Or the later seasons of Nanoha.

why are her eyes yellow? THIS BOTHERS ME.

I hope this thread die already.

No one cares, Lawnchair.

Aniplex preying on another shut small developer and converting Madoka into a full on money making scheme if it wasn't clear that was where it was headed with Rebellion. I love the slapping Sora Amamiyas shitty half backed idol group TrySail onto the thing in a full on who gives a shit anymore gesture

I just love that they clearly have no idea why the TV series became popular in the first place or even what to do with it now or how to recreate those conditions but they're sure as hell going to try to monotize it