I have the first volume and it's some cute shit.

Well, if it's cute, then let's hope that the anime adaptation will do the cuteness enough justice.

Nukoduke anime when

>crazy cat lady the animation

More like AOTYEY

No one scanned it so can't say much.
But being adapted that fast into anime, it must be quite good.

>Nanyako Days
Would watch twice.

OP here, I bought the first tankoubon on a whim on yesasia some months ago (I just saw the cover) and knowing moon I can say it's super cute and comfy with some shoujo ai.

There's a lot of cat anime as of late.
Dog anime when


Started off fantastic, got weaker and weaker with each season. By S3, it was dragging. We need more variety.

>got weaker and weaker with each season.
But that's false. Season 2 was an improvement over the first one, and you can't talk about other season when they don't exist

Nanami becoming a hero was cool (albeit the transformation scene was largely out of place) and the Demon and Hero Kings were fun characters. Maybe the novelty wore off for me but other than those factors, S2 was more of the same but less engaging.

>you can't talk about other season when they don't exist

You can't run from the truth forever.

Cune wants to become the new Kirara?

Does it have enough content for full length episodes? This will probably be another pan de piece.

Unfortunately I don't think it does. There's only one volume out and it's a 4-koma so yeah it's probably going to be shorts. I just hope they don't fuck it up giving it a shoestring budget.



>Not only watching it for the cute girls

I'd rather have a Nukoduke adaptation.


Yeah, cat anime are great.

Pic unrelated I suppose.

It's stupid fun.

I recognized the artist from the thumbnail. Based Asanagi.

Nukoduke ripoff?