Holo thread? Holo thread

Post rare foxes

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I miss the old days.

Holo is a qt and mai waifu

Fuck, I feel old.

Nah, she's mine.


Just finishing season 2 download.

No Krobo is mine.

Post all your puffy vulvas.



1 week!

sorry I said so first

Whats with the sudden resurgence of Holo threads lately?



New LNs

Tempting given how I got the novels as PDFs and I just cant bring myself to read them on a pad

>Up to reading book 6
>They come out with a fully sick version of all books

Fucking merchants. Anyway the books are pretty addicting, I'm obsessed with Holo bants.




Was she raped back then?

Cant rape he willing

pretty fucking day desu

What? I don't see one.

No, she did dogeza and admitted superiority to the other wolf, despite wanting to rip and tear it to shreds.

raped by the wold god


Does it have broken english like some translations do?

The Yen Press translation of S&W is actually pretty good.

I can't believe I'm spending 100 bongbucks on a mongolian slideshow picture book.

There an ETA on an official translation of spring log? I prefer to read physical copies.

Does it have complete sentences with decent use of clauses? Does it have decent grammar among other small things which make engish enjoyable to read?

I dont usually care about the quality of english but my god is it some times abhorrent

S&W is one of the better translations of light novels out there.

See for yourself, user.


season 3 never

>go to fap to Spice and Wolf Doujins
>end up feeling instead

Make it stop.

Would you be happy if there was an OVA about Myuri? What if she got her own LN series and S3 was about her?




Stinky whore

Now you're just being unnecessarily rude.

>What if she got her own LN series
She is

>She is

If that's true then my body is ready for demigod wolfgirl shenanigans.

She is though

Is the spin off a one shot, or a series?

It'd be cool if it's an Cred Forumsnon who gets #1.

I hope he puts out some more doujins in the near future. Bet you the next one will be Myuri x Col

Please stop posting my wife.