This is your sidekick for tonight

This is your sidekick for tonight.


I'd make her the main character.

Fred a best

I hate it

She does not get how childbirth is supposed to work?

Would you fug the leftovers?

why is she such a jobber?

because she would have killed all the bad guys otherwise.

Because she didn't really care

Why she jobs so hard? Not even vegetta jobs this hard, even him can win a fight once in a while. But her? She only jobs. She never won a single fight.the mighty immortal dragon freddie did not win a SINGLE FIGHT. But how many times the got killed? More than a bother to count. Her sole purpose is jobbing and "lol i forgot she's a dragon and we actually have a flying transportation xD"
Fuck this shit, what a waste of cutie, she's way better than the memequeen

>she's way better than the memequeen

She didn't deserve been stuck as supreme jobber, she's the perfect loli: cute, older than she looks """strong""" and brutal

Nah, I'd make a coat.

Yes she is, the memequeen can only be a moeblob and meme. But oh well i guess that's better than jobber queen huh?
As character freddie win by far though

So I just kick her to the side or something?

>But oh well i guess that's better than jobber queen huh?
Yes, it is.

The whole anime was shit, nothing but meme. Especially the second season

best chaika

Define meme in this case. I think there was a lot to like.

Literal cumslut

this makes her so good. Also she comes with neat extras.

All the chailas were living memes even the whores, jobbing, power of friendship, tournament,incest(?),jobbing. That's what i can think of, it been a shile since i watched

Red Chaika is best Chaika.

But blue was even a bigger whore. Kinda impressive

wheelchair Chaika a best!

Your whole post is a meme, watch it again.

No way, while it was enjoyable the ending made me angry. SUDDENLY FRIENDSHIP

I want to fuck the anger out of her.

The ending of season 2? Yeah, everybody complains about that. Unfortunately the series is at its weakest at the end.

Though I think it wasn't that bullshit, Chaika has been stated to draw people to her by being nice and cute. It wasn't a huge asspull. Just a very anticlimactic way to end it.

>villain spend YEARS meticulously planning his death,resurrection and rise of himself and his empire
>He doesn't put a failproof in his motherfucking doomdays weapon

Chaika has pretty shitty villains in general. That fight against the kid didn't last two minutes.

>Chaika has pretty shitty villains in genera
someone post my sides.png chaika edition.

>You're shit mate, you'll never be a good agent
>Guess you're right huh? Guess i'll just use this op power up wreck the shit out of the guy receiving foreshadowing since season 1 without even bothering to dodge
The fights were pretty shit, yes. Not even a motivational speech like you can do it if you can work hard or belive in yourself

Can I fuck my sidekick?

How do you fuck a metal dragon user?

No need to worry if she make you diamonds

Can she also be my wife for ever?

D-do I stick it in?

>the fish is your dick

Freddie best chaika


She gave birth to her father. Nuff said.