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There's something off about Kaga today.

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Yeah, she looks less shit than usual.

I'm going to kiss Akebono!

She looks cute

She got a haircut!

I'm going to fuck Haruna



I'm going to lick Haruna's butt!

>There is no path to daijoubu; daijoubu is the path.

What does her butt taste like?


What makes Haruna one of the most beautiful girls in the game?

Is it the hair?


I won't call her unattractive, but Haruna doesn't do anything for me.

I love daijoubu. Didn't marry her though.

Why is Nagato the most moe battleship?

Salty milk and coins

Why is Ushio the cutest thing?

My kokoro when I heard her MVP line.

mtu's dork


Zuihou is the cutest ship and she's very dear to me!

Murakumo is love.

>Those almost invisible tanlines on her thighs.

Are you that aroused?

Haruna with tanlines is pretty delicious.

My kokoro cannot contain it.

I miss when these were daily.

It's over, let it go.




Are these new?

They're not in.


I haven't updated the bloody albums in months, there's about twenty new images that's not uploaded there.


Nagato is happy that she can now build more destroyers?

any chance you could update them? some of those are the light in my darkness

Stalker is Russian, right? Would it be too much to ask for good tourist areas if I go to Russia for the 2018 World Cup?

I can help you with that. Good tourist spots in Russia are everywhere, just not in Russia. Hope that helps with your planning.

I want to sniff Muramura's legs!

I want to steal a Tokitsukaze too.

Why is best girl only in the background?

But Zuihou is the best girl.

Does Iowa gain any bonuses or penalties from Britbong guns?


Test it yourself if you want to know so badly.

HNNNGGG. Ushio's just the doll.

Too bad she's a victim of prostitution.

Kuma's feet.

I'm going to start masturbating to Kasumin right now!

Weak. I'm having XXX with Kasumin right now!

Are all the name-ships proper onee-sans?

Weak. I'm having XXX with Akebono right now!

Right and I am going to kiss AND fuck Prinz at the same time!

Oh and make Bismarck masturbate to us fucking.

Sorry you must have gotten My Wife Prinz and some other girl confused, the only person she kisses, fucks or is otherwise lewd with is ME.

Nice and flat, just the way I like her.



Takao is for ___

Snuggling with. After rigorous and sweaty fucking.


shotas only.


lap pillows

Man Warspite is so sweet

Poor post-tentaclegrape Max

Wrong. That's her after we made love on the beach.

Its a shame it took tentacles for Max to get a good sprite

Updated. New imgur interface is absolutely retarded.
Tourist area in a specific city or just the entire country?

Having threesomes with Atago




Bono is so into it even though she didn't want to at first.


Britannia stronk.

She's a big 7 year old.

I want to buy Nagato a nice dessert.

What a cute Kaga.

Traveling in Russia is very well documented, espically in major urban cities like Moscow so I'll just let you google those for information, there's plenty of website with tourist recommendation.
For location to see outside of the major cities like Moscow and St.Peter; I would recommend Nizhny Novgorod, it's a lovely city and there's not a lot of tourists either so you can have a peaceful relaxing time there, also have the lowest crime-rate in Volga district so you don't have to worry about much. It's about four hours by train from Moscow-Kurskaya rail station. Though I have to say that most of the tourist attraction there are just old Orthodox churches and cathedral so that might not be your thing.
I'm going to sleep now so if you have any specific information you want to know you can just email me.

>Not taking on Bismarck and Prinz at the same time
For shame, they are a packaged deal if you truly love them.

Why is there so little art of Prinz Kai?

Kind of ugly compared to her based if you ask me.

Because camo patterns are hard to draw.

How do you even see them in the first place?

Same reason why you don't see much of Kasumi B, because artist just see their default of whatever they are and decide to stick to that. Same with Zuikaku, Zuihou, Chitose and Chiyoda with their camo.


It's the personality for me.

What a bitch

This, it's both her good looks and her great personality which is supportive and all kinds of adorable.

I'm gonna do Akeboner.

But Akebono is mine and I'm going to cum inside her.

I do love this tsun DD

But that's NotKaga

Ouroboros is evil.

Then you'll be downgraded from shitty admiral to shitty rapist admiral.

What did Hamakaze do to deserve this?

But it's not rape. Akebono loves me more than anyone.

That looks like rape.
I love my wife.

I don't think you know what rape looks like.

Bono can't shut up about how much she hates her shitty admiral, so I doubt it.

Impregnating in the ass!

She's just shy about her own feelings and can't admit how much she loves me.

>Insists that CV-Oni/Hime isn't Kaga
>Posts a picture of Kaga evolving into CV-Oni/Hime

Whats with Takao and big butts

It kinda looked like she was crawling away for a moment.
No bully.

Gotta balance out the top-heaviness.

Sounds like somebody slept through Biology class.

But is it possible for a lone admiral to handle the entire Takao-class?

I think I can.

A loli Takao is fine too.

Lies taught by the government, you can totally impregnate an ass, you just have to keep trying!

Takao a cute

And holy shit all that meat

Fine only for headpats. Anything else requires full grown MEAT Takao.

I want to explore the inside of her ass with my tongue.

It's only possiblein terrrible yaoi fanfics written by 14 year-old girls.


Kaga is love, Kaga is life

Sup hip hop

That's one huge ass though

I'll take as long as I need to.

That's a lot of exploring, you'd better bring supplies for your journey.

All yaoi fanfics are terrible ya dingus.

Best CA class bar none.

It makes me feel a bit bad for Choukai being the youngest, having three grade A older sisters has got to be a lot of pressure.

I'm sure her ass will sustain me well enough while I explore her it.

She thinks you're shit and hates your guts.

Kasumin is such a pervert.

But she did kick ass at Savo Island.

Not the kind of supplies I'm talking about bud.

This outfit is retardedly sexy.

The only other supply will be my penis. I don't want anything inside her that's not me.

She secretly thinks I'm her darling and she loves me very much.

And then she died a very miserable death later on by a CVE turret.

She openly despises you.

Just to hide her secret love and adoration for me.

Still one of the most hilarious ship sinkings i can think of. I'm not sure how any of her crew could live with the shame.

My wife is perfect.

I wanna hug the fluffy edgy Kaga.

I don't think there were too many survivors

Stop! You're embarrassing Takao!

And if that was not enough,she's most likely the deepest-known wreck among ships, so no one will be able to witness it anytime soon. Its like she was born for misfortune.

Good, she should be embarrassed about her fat ass.

If she's embarrassed now, she's only going to get more embarrassed later once I finished eating her ass and filling it with my seed.

There were actually no survivors. Those that survived the sinking were rescued by the destroyer Fujinami, only to go down with that ship when she was sunk by dive bombers.

Ironically, Fujinami was destroyed in the exact same manner as Choukai-the dive bombers ended up detonating her torpedoes, causing her to break in half.

>Fatcow posting

Takao is too lovely for this lewdest of bodies.

Actually, she was scuttled by the destroyer Fujinami-which if you believe the Biskofags, means the Americans didn't sink her.

Time for lovely ship sterns?

im spending tonight with akatsuki

How come?

she's been feeling lonely

Her loveliness and lewdness accentuate each other.

You're so kind. She's lucky to have such a caring admiral.

Why are crying Kanmasu so delicious?

Takao is not lewd.
All kanmasu are pure.

i even spend my pitiful wages on her
crying in joy right?

>in joy

If only he could just do one doujin where a ttk is exploring her ass and not some weird tentacle stuff. That's not shota

We don't lewd the lady.

Depends on where all the matches are, I guess.

Your wife is very cute! Can I pat her head and drink beer with her?

Sleep with me, Kaga-san!

I want to get drunk with and stay up late with Akashi.

Her decision not mine, if she says yes then it's fine with me.

what are you talking about, nobody here is being lewded, cept for that cum dump tako

Akebono deserves to be slapped.

I agree. If by slapping you mean hugging.


I promise to bring her back by 7, can't guarantee she won't be drunk though



>can't guarantee she won't be drunk though
and possibly pregnant?

surely he means ass slap

>implying Bismarck is in to NTR.

Houshou a cute!

I want to hug her and kiss her goodnight and good morning every day!

A shit.

>still got tainted by another TTK's dick

Is her hair graying or is that the light on her hair?

Yet unlike shoukaku Bismarck didn't give in.

She's an old hag, what do you think?

Dopey maintenance guy says hi


I want to have a threesome with Houshou and Kamikaze!

t. Cuck ttk

why is Atago such a shotacon for TTK

Kamikaze would never share her admiral with anyone!

>implying Kamikaze would be able to keep up with Houshou.

It's that or I just ignore her and only pay attention to Houshou.

Atago is TTKsexual.

a cute too

Maintenance guy a shit written by an author who has no respect for the girls he draws.


Only if the girl is not Atago or Iowa.

Now that's a cute lovely Kaga

You too eh? Think i'll have to put mine down, she's not looking so good.

I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?

She is definately the 4th best blonde BB


There's only three blonde BBs.

Is NTR really that popular among nips?

Just like the bismarck guy that draws a ton of her?

The idea of stealing some other TTK's girl is apparently attractive. People self insert the guy who is doing the NTR, like that maintenance guy for example.

i 19 is pure


Who, Oota Yuuichi? Na, he's ok i guess since Bismarck murdered her rapist and got ringed by her admiral in the end so it's not all bad.


Your Kaga tried to drink bleach, what a dumbass.


Looks like 4 to me

>This is your secretary ship tonight

Why are abyssals the best semen demons?

If he respected her he wouldn't have drawn that rape doujin. He just as bad as ichitaka

Musashi isn't blonde, her hair is white.

Grumpy but cute.

>there's not a lot of tourists either so you can have a peaceful relaxing time there
>one of the stadia to be used is there
Oh boy.

Though I guess if I come early I can enjoy it. Thanks for the info.

they look great and just want to have fun


She just loves her Admiral.

This is your new secretary.

Its blonde, bro. Platinum blonde

I want to have a kid with Shoukaku and then wonder if it is mine

Literally semen demons made for selling your soul in exchange of orgies

This is not platinum-blonde, it's straight up silver.

Secretaries in my office have to be mating pressed on the regular.
If I'm mating with them, they have to be giving stealth blowjobs or handjobs underneath the desk,

That's not platinum blonde

Ladies (and destroyers).

Thats blonde

Compare it to silver hair like Kashimas


Delicious melon.

Why don't you have a daki of your waifu yet?


I would get court-martialed.

I also don't want a daki period

I like your way of thinking.

I'm not that autistic yet.


Then why are you posting a picture of Shoukaku having a kid because of Zuikaku's futa dick.

Maybe he enjoys being NTR'd by girls with dicks.

Akibono is a lesbian!

Awful art.


If you don't like it then fuck off!



A box of poi.

Horrible art.

Fuck off.

What are those things


I want to marry her.

what are these things suppose to be?
they dont even look like human or whatever youre
suppose to use to make your point with.

If you hate yuri then fuck off.

Maybe he drew them himself. Poor guy.

Not that guy, but I don't like yuri. That said, I can appreciate good art, even if it depicts things I don't necessarily enjoy, and that art right there is bad. The necks, the faces, the lighting, bad.

Disgusting art.

>trys to post a yuri picture in an Cred Forums
first problem there
>gets mad when image is criticized for its accrual look.
You took this step
>attacks by stating "you hate Yuri"
this really something YOU drew or found?
you might wanna post it on the KanColle Thread in /u/, might get better compliments there.

seems like it.

need a new damn keyboard damn it.


>someone posted a yuri picture REEEEEEEEE

Bad NotKaga-san



I hope all new english ships will want to lezz out with kongou



Such a cozy DD.

Which DD is the coziest?

That one and Hatsuyuki.




>one of the stadia to be used is there
Ah fuck. I hope the influx of tourist doesn't destroy the peace, I really love Nizhy Novgorod. Now that I look at the planned locations, it seem like the matches will go through all the major cities so you'll be able to see most of the famous tourist attractions. Some of the location choices are pretty confusing though.

>You again? What is it? Could it be that you're lonely? You're an adult, aren't you? Well, whatever, I'll protect you... until the end.
This ducky has my vote.

I want to kidnap that qt baba.


Well done.

Is atago ever married in nonh doujin. They only see her for lewds it seems

Cutest ducky




I, too, want to kidnap the baba.

>Age 17

A shit.


Old potato and fat potato.

I want to find her in my bed when I return home from a night out drinking.

She gets married in this one and a couple of others. All H, though. I remember a drama non-H one where she rejects the admiral's marriage proposal, and exchanges hats instead she gets killed afterwards.

Isn't this the first time since her game art that Shibafu has drawn a picture of Houshou? Or at least one that was published, he might have drawn others too.

So Akagi's real lover is Houshou?

Akagi is getting too fat

>Mother Daughter relationship
You sick fuck

Akagi is older than Houshit.

No she isn't.

She's like a porcelain doll, would hug.

>Laid down: 6 December 1920
>Laid down: 16 December 1920

>Laid down

Shipgirl birthdays have always been launch days.

Launch date is used as the birthday for KanColle typically.

No. Houshou is my lover.

So Saratoga is older than Akagi?

Admiral Naganami!


What's her first order for me?

But Kongou is a lewd ship.

She started young, huh.


Does the Admiral's coat make every ship girl into a pervert?

Then what does that make keel-laying dates?



Shiggy takes it too far.

Lick her cunny

This is why I keep her on expedition duty.

It's cute.

Aoba saw everything.

Big Aoba is watching you.

Does she sell pictures of me jerking off to the other ships?


This foodship needs a diet!

It shows their deepest desire.


I'll help her with night exercises.

Can none of them resist?


any KC American DDs?

what about the Japanese BBVs like the Ise?

Nope, its too irresistible.

not yet

>casual shitter who hasn't even married Prinz in-game yet
>thinking Prinz is his wife

Prinz belongs to ME only. Go fuck some other heavy cruiser like Kako instead.

But I love bullying Bismarck!

It would be nice to get an American little brown girl DD

So does Prinz apparently.

And Warspite.

Those two are cute.

Kiso is Cute!

I want to kiss her on her forehead.

I think I should sortie both of them in a fleet together, nothing wrong is going to happen.

Probably, or just blackmail you.

Blackmail me into sex?

I am Akashi, Ooyodo is my wife

But Akashi is my wife.

>Not posting translated version.

this is quite an issue

Only Iowa would be shipping ships.

What's the issue?

Poor Kaga-san

Which ship has the tastiest navel?

Iowa gets into enough trouble as it is.

Thanks, Bill.


I love licking my wife's navel.

Tell me about Oboro.

Why does she like crabs so much?

I get rabbits, crabs not so much.

From Danbooru wiki

>Her real-life counterpart had a problem with crabs getting into her, so her official art shows a crab peeking out of her smokestack. She is frequently depicted in fanart having the crab with her 24/7 such as on her head or shoulder and treating it as a pet. Sometimes fanart will also depict crabs crawling out of her turrets when she least expects it.


She's a bitch who stole the TTK from Akebono that one time.

Who's holding her hand?


Trust the Americans to be the ones trolling everyone else, even if it's not intentional.


Thank you!

Welcome to the thread Akagi! Enjoy your stay

Iowa is just such a treat for her interactions with other ships.


Adding allied ships was the best idea they've ever had just for trolling.

Iowa stop, this isn't 1773.

Who wins the Kongou bowl?

when will we see the rest of the iowa class battleships. i want to see iowa's sisters



The only one I see them implementing is Missouri and that's because she's famous and a popular tourist attraction among Japanese.

Add a ship that actually sunk any of the others and then we'll see.

No, I want my fucking Enterprise goddammit.

They did.

ya snooze you lose


Iowa sank Katori and Iowa's sister sank some.

Iowa sank Katori. Ran her down and pelted her with HE.

>Thinking Tanaka will add the ship that sunk so many TTKs' waifus.


Iowa only sank Katori, a literal who, and none of the ships that were actually sunk by Warspite have been added yet.

Coffee with Kashima.

Soda with Kongou.

Tell me more about Samidare.

No one ever talks about her.

I only want Enterprise added so I can write her hatefucking Zuikaku all day long. Devs pleathe.

Pizza with Graf.

At least Samidare is a bit popular due to her being a starter. No one knows about Suzukaze.

>thinking he cares

Pocky with Bismark.

Beer with Prinz

Not some trash made by a dipshit indo fucktard.

Post sister ships having fun.

Why do you hate her so much? Did she run over your dog or what?


No, pretzels with Prinz.

Loneliness with Ashigara

Pudding with pudding.

Pudding in a pudding with biscuit in a pudding.

Kadokawa has commissioned you for an anime OVA unrelated to the TV series.

What would it be about?

Inception, pudding in pudding with a biscuit.

hopefully a SoL about cute boats doing bot things

Character specific shorts.

Mutsuki and Kisaragi talking.

kamo's taitei gets kidnapped and she cries because it gets replaced by catalina

Hey, you into short ships?

I've seen this post before.

>no Uranami


Why is Prinz so lewd sticking her butt out of the water like that?

I want to visit that butt and draw some 正s on it.

Because she was built for anal.

I want to rest myself on that comfy butt.

Short ships you say?

I am pretty sure that's a large and tall ship.

A fluffy one while we're at it.

Young Houshou is a QT


I for one love bunny suits.

Souryuu's a shortstack though

She should start boating boats.

I'd attack them with my dive bomber if you know what I mean.

I don't know who you are


Maybe you would know her if the speedslut hadn't stolen her right full place along with her fellow DesDIv members.


I like my Germans bunny.


Bismarck is a solid Atago.

>Of related interest is a popular soldier's song which parodied an imaginary voyage by Eugene and the marquis de la Moussaye on the Rhine. A storm breaks and the general fears the worst, but the Marquis consoles him: "Our lives are safe/ For we are sodomites/ Destined to perish only by fire/ We shall land."

Oddly it works both ways.

These germans do look good in bunny suits or as rabbits it seems.

This will be your boat for tonight.

Punishing Taihou by removing her spats!

Sounds enjoyable.


What can Abukuma do to make everyone follow her orders?

This boat will be your servant for tonight.

Try not to do as many mana transfers as possible alright?

I don't like Fate, so she can piss off.

My favourite Atago is Yuubari.

>blaming Shimikaze and not Tanaka for not giving her to Yoshi

How cruel.



Are you blind?

That's Bismarck.

Mou sugoi Kagafag!

>giving him (You)s

>having vacation homes
I thought that commie aren't allow to own private land.

What's with Harusame and pee?

It's no longer the USSR m8.

I would drink her love juice.

She's delicious.

That must have been an amazing thing to see.

anyone have an in-game picture of that heart choker thing?

Fuck, Shibafu art is ugly.

That's true.

Is it acceptable to jerk off to KTKM-sama?

It is highly recommended.

Zuihou is perfect.

This is very true. I want to make her smile every day.

I want her to make me some breakfast every morning.

Are there even any decent Kitakami doujins to get off to?

I want to try and stop her getting out of bed to make breakfast every morning so we can cuddle for a bit longer.

Enterprise a Shit,
Just saying

You mean this? It's just an icon that appears when you lock a ship so you can't accidentally scrap her.


Harusame flavour juice is my favourite.

Young girl.

A rivalry between twintails and ponytail.

Mad Kaga a cute

Why a cup? I want it directly from the source.

Sidetail always wins,
Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

Straight from the source is the best, but she might be busy sometimes, so it's nice to have a cup or bottle ready for those situations.


But if she's a shit then what does that make every ship in the game?

But can she beat them all in mahjong?

I wanna taste this one too.

Can't get enough of it.

Grape flavored?

I want to use it in a cocktail.

Add legs.

She doesn't have legs but she can fly.

This beaver sure is lucky, huh?

Kill yourself, beaverfag

Can she land on my face with her cute little butt?

In cocktail of the Shiratsuyu class or other ships in particular.

But I was going to post Prinz.

Of course!
Kaga is the smartest carrier

I was just thinking like a long island iced tea, but topped up with Harusame's pee instead of cola.

But Warspite is the luckiest ship.

I bet Kaga wishes she was fucking Akagi in this picture

I want to fug her so bad.

>Muh autism

I wonder if she'd pee herself during anal. That turns me on quite a lot.

Poor girl.

It's time to sleep

I refuse

Sleep with me,



We've slept too much

Stop posting and sleep

Sleep was a mistake

Pretty much anything by komi zumiko

Just sleep already

Sleep with me,

Sleep forever

NotKaga: Sleep
NotAkagi: Sleep
Hoppo: Sleep

Less bait more sleep

Two four six eight,
You've been staying up too late

Don't sleep on an empty stomach

Hello sleep, my old friend
I've come to visit you again

>Takao in yukata
>still no ingame CG's

kill kaga

Laga is dead.

I want a seasonal with hair down Kitakami and Myoukou.

Dat Pola.

I just want a Kitakami seasonal.

I just want a Kitakami to fuck.