My site for save a thread

My site for save a thread

hey! sry, I wanna intro my site!
This site save a my favorite thread(u images) of 4ch.
For instance, for study English with hobby,
for study Japanese with it,for only funny(killing time).
I hope you advice for my site and talk about anime,game,etc with friends of japan in my site by comments.
Finally, If you would save a some favorite thread,you teach me it.
Unless I sleep or busy, I maybe save it.
・category- animeアニメ/

thanks for reading!
and sorry my shit English... :(
welcome everyone!

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wow another mirror site.


Memes not meems, meh-mehs

I ain't clicking that shit nigga




Malware pls



UMARU was a mistake


It's time to stop posting.


zenn zenn dame daa

That site looks actually pretty funny. Somebody is collecting Japanese translations of threads from Cred Forums on that site and it even has nips commenting on it.

Ahaha, why that url?
Also, I don't think you need decimals when counting views.

Looks like UO denim work except for the face
I'm confused

You know this exists, right?

It's been dead for a while though.

Yeah it's him
Pamper Me is the name of the manga

oh thanks for reply!

The reason of crazy URL is I had wrote " How To RMT for Get RealMoney" in this site.
but,I'm boring to write it then.

So,I want to write some funny for me and someone.

thanks for following twitter account!

a idk

How can I paste correct URL in this thread?







Really don't know m8. Can't remember where I cropped it from, sorry

Found it

Bots are getting intelligent?

oh sorry!
Eventually, this thread will fuck off
and me too

The only problem was the site name
It looks like some kind of spam.
Also, the translations to Japanese look pretty good, wow


thanks for reply!
>It looks like some kind of spam.
sorry,I lol.
I wish I kill me at the time of start this site....

Also,thanks! response for my site.
I have just recovered now! ; )

Why do the drawings from your country make my dick explode?


is this adult site....?
oh...thank you brother