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Happy makes me gappy

>Its called D4C because its short for Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap



>Live action movie will adapt, at the very least:
>Jotaro meets Josuke
>Vs. Angelo
>The Nijimura Brothers
>Koichi's Echoes (may be just added into Yukako to save time)
>Best girl is in love

That's at least seven 22-minute episodes compressed into, what? A 90-minute movie? Shit's going to be more rushed than the Prison School anime and Dimension W.

It's Weather Report on this pic, faggot

Worst Stand name.
Also, what was the point of the corpse?

>Show my mom araki drawing
>She is going to read the manga

It's not an animated TV show so the pacing will be completely different.

Post Johnny Joestar

>plays All Star Battles with my mom

>she thinks Giorno, Funny, Johnny and Narancia are women

>Plays ASB with my friend
>He only knows that Dio is bad and can stop time
>He thinks Pucci, Valentine, and Diavolo are the heroes
>Buccelati, Mista, and Johnny are evil
>"That black dude talks about the heaven and god, he can't be evil"

I want to fuck Koichi and Yukako at the same time

Fuck off rohan.

>When I started JoJo I thought Pucci were a good guy

Ew, Rohan's unfuckable
Fun character though, he can watch

>when I started JoJo I thought it ended with Stone Ocean and Steel Ball Run was just a parody of part 1

>and looong time ago I thought Gyro were also a JoJo

>I thought Johnny were the newest JoJo because some people started to spam a group chat with fanarts of him


>When I started Jojo I thought that part 7 was the main characters in a time travel story
>Part 8 sounds weird af and crazy
>Hermes was a dude
>Pucci was a hero
>Hol Horse was part of the main crew

>My gf thought Keicho Nijimura and Dio were the same person

When I started Jojo I thought all the characters would survive.
Especially since I got spoiled that Avdol fakes his death in the middle of Part 3.

>My friend thought Keicho was Polnareff son

When I first heard of jojo i thought everything was like Battle Tendancy, spanning the entire globe. I had no idea what to expect and I only picked up the series because of Joseph vs Santana engrish

Long time ago I thought Stands were actually the soul of dead persons. (Like... Star Platinum were an aztec guy)

>I started reading a random chapter to see what's going on with this shit
>Kars and the squirrels
>This is weird, and gay, there's no way I'd ended up liking this shit


I thought JoJo were the name of the main character.

>there's no way I'd ended up liking this shit

Yeah I thought the same thing.

So how is diavolos mental state looking right now boys?

ah shit niggas I thought jojo was called jojo's bizarre circus and it was about a circus with a guy with a hat hair thing in a school uniform, and a guy licking another guy in the face and calling him a liar and there would be clowns at some point and a lion. Started phantom blood and realized I jojo's circus was a kid's show.

>Read a chat from like 3 years ago
>We were talking about Jojo
>"This shit is so gay, look at that fucker, how do you like this shit dudes?"
I'm here now.

>I thought Hol Horse was Speedwagon

It gave people stands.

You made me laugh, user

Needs anatomy

This movie has the potential to not be absolutely terrible, but seeing as the anime has trouble adapting some scenes, I don't have much hope.

Eventually, he stopped thinking.

tfw no Gappy

>When I started Jojo I thought Smokey would be an important or at least recurring character

>Mona Lisa is literally Araki

>when I started JoJo I thought Joseph and Caesar would be an actual team like Gyro and Johnny instead of the latter jobbing constantly

Rohan is the most fuckable in part 4

>When I first started Jojo I didn't understand why people said it was so homo-erotic
>Now I want Joseph and Caesar to kiss

What kind of book was Dio reading that needed to have a full page with the Mona Lisa printed on it anyway?

>When I was about to start part 3 I thought Smokey was Avdol

Ayy lmao preview when?

>having shit taste

In about 17 hours iirc

>not Mikitaka

>who is David Bowie.png

>being a homosexual

>that live-action Okuyasu
looks like a generic pretty boy fag


Is that all it does? What's the point in collecting all parts? Hot Pants seems to be the only one who had a well-explained reason for doing so.

I feel like they casted the guy as Okuyasu instead of Koichi accidentally.

>Johnny: Walk
>Diego: Power
>Hot Pants: To buy a bear

I'm only gay for Koichi-kun, the only attractive male in Part 4

Now yes

>liking a shota type

Johnny walked with just one part, but he decided to find more because reasons.
Dio wanted power, but it was never explained what kind of power the whole corpse gives.
HP wanted to serve the church.

>Dio wanted power, but it was never explained what kind of power the whole corpse gives.
The power of LUCK, literally
and the power to be jacked af, like valentine

I already told you that Rohan is unfuckable

>not liking shotas
>being a faggot

>Before I read part 7 I actually thought that Funny Valentine was an ally and also a MILF

>The power of LUCK
That was just evolved D4C.


>When you have the corpse parts, you're blessed by the power of miracles
miracle=lots of luck

>liking shota
Disgusting degenerate faggot.

>Johnny walked with just one part, but he decided to find more because reasons.
No he didn't. He didn't start walking again until he got Tusk Act 4.
>Dio wanted power, but it was never explained what kind of power the whole corpse gives.
He sold the corpse parts off to Valentine for money, and when his job was fully fulfilled he was going to become mayor of Manhattan Island.

>Koichi isn't played by some dude with dwarfism

>Not liking a cute, warm, delicious shota

What's his appeal? He's a manlet and isn't even drawn good looking most of the time

Yeah, what this guy said

Finally got around to making one of these, now you guys can pick on me too!

That Yukako is pretty good.

Guys Josuke is crying

Wat do

>I thought part 1 was about joseph and Dio, part 2 was about Johnny and his stand, and that part 3 was the current part

There's literally no appeal to shota. If you don't want to be dominated by a masculine God like Rohan then you're a disgusting sinner.

He's a Jap. They're all dwarves over there.

>being a bottom bitch
>not wanting to dominate a cute little boy with your penis

Fuck, marry, kill
>Fuck okuyasu
>Fuck Koichi
>Fuck Josuke
>Fuck Koichi again
>Marry Josuke
>Still fuck koichi
>Fuck okuyasu
>Kill rohan

>tfw I thought all of the JoJo's were the same guy until after I finished Part 1, even Giorno.

It's a garmmar school art book


Sissy faggot. There's nothing more masculine than getting fucked in the ass by an attractive manly man.
>not masculine

>Fuck Koichi
>Marry Koichi
>continue marrying Koichi
>join Josuke in beating the shit out of Rohan
>tell Okuyasu he's a bro-tier bro
>Fuck Yukako for good measure
>Fuck both Koichi and Yukako at the same time
>Kill Kira
>Fuck Shinobu
>Fuck Yukako again
>Fuck Koichi for the rest of our happy lives

Oh the third one was supposed to be "continue fucking Koichi" but that works too

>DIO reading garmmar school books

That Jotaro has a nice jaw line
>in the manga Jotaro doesn't care for his jawline


>There's nothing more masculine than getting fucked in the ass by an attractive manly man

>Jotaro is not played by an hyper-jacked two meters tall jap with blue eyes

> When i was animeonly when DIu anime started i thought that Giorno is actualy grown up Koichi.

>A jap taller than 1.70


Something about the pleasure of being cummed inside

>no David Bowie to play Kira
What's the point.

Text is for a friend of mine

C'mon user I just wanna know what it says, just because I don't speak moon doesn't mean I'm that gullible

tell him to read the manga nigger

He needs to watch 1-3 and maybe start reading before Dio's World. The anime is objectively better before mid part 3

Okuyasu is 2handsome4me.

Angelo is also really handsome for some reason

Literally, 2cute4oku

Fuck off.

>Pierce myself with the arrow
>Get my stand 「Long John Silver」
>Pierce the stand with the arrow
>Get 「Long John Silver Requiem」
>Fuck Tomoko with infinite stamina, infinite sperm, and the combined sex knowledge of every pornstar

What about Tomoko's stamina ?

I mean stuff like his body shape and his weird looking fist,but I guess that's hard to correct since you drew with a pen

That's what Requiem is for.

>not Shinobu
>not Aya
>not Yukako

>An eternal loop to fuck a VERY hot milf
Stronger than GER MIH and SCR together

make it Loss.jpg instead and we'll talk

>not Shizuka

Yeah, you heard me.

delet this


Then you have literal shit taste
Tomoko is a last resort
She's used goods this supposed to be an alternate future where she grows up and uses her Stand to fight evil with older versions of the Part 5 crew?

>Christmas cake

The artist only put effort into Josuke, Shizuka, and Hayato's designs.

>Adult Hayato
>Adul Josuke
>Shizuka's name can be readed with the "Jo"
>She's a joestar
>Spin Off with Shizuka's Bizarre Adventures: Never
Maybe in the next Rohan spin off

Aya and Shinobu are the only Christmas cake you'll ever need
Shinobu had a kid but all she's ever had is shitty loveless sex
Tomoko will be thinking about Joseph the whole time you're fucking, and probably call out his name too

>tfw thought that the main character of Part 1 was going to be the main character in every part
>mfw the end of part 1

No weaknesses!

>when I started JoJo I thought it starred some Japanese dude with a hair hat
>why are we in England and who the motherfuck is this Jonathan guy

The Joestar curse is gone, so it's not like she'd be able to really do much.

>before I read part 6 I thought that in part 3 DIO had a huge scar along his neck where his body is attached to Johnathan's

Literally, araki forgot

>Believeing in memes and not actually going to Japan to check for yourself


I need the hol horse version of this gif

So... Diego is muslim, right ?

Could somebody point me in the direction of wherever I can find the Cred Forums mosaic for t Lets go eat Italian? Also, is another one of those being planned? I'd like to get in on one of those.

Your art is disgusting to look at, for some reason.

Please just fuck off and stop posting this fucking shit you fucking attention whore.

Name me literally ONE Japanese person why fits this description, let alone an actor.

Update from MarioKartfag. Here's the first test of custom vehicules. This idea was proposed by my wifes son.

In this game you get to play as the ambulance that killed Kira, but this time you get assistance from Rohan, who's a passanger in the back.

Its a bit shitty, but thats why its only v.0.4

>Going into JoJo I had only seen the OPs and thought that:
>Parts 1 through 3 took place within the span of a couple of years, or that all of the main characters became vampires and lived for a long time.
>Jonathan, Joseph and Jotaro were all the same person.
>Dio, Ceaser and Giorno were the same person.
>It was really weird that Jonathan would just become Dio's friend again in part 2 when they fought some naked men together.
>From the one manga cover of JoJolion I had seen, I thought that Gappy had a weird bird thing for a stand.

MFW at the end of Phantom Blood the main charecter died and I found out that the majority of the main cast of each part was different than that of the last.

Watch Araki's video on how to draw


No weakness.

People won't complain when Joseph is portrayed by a Japanese actor.
But will when fucking the chick from Ghost in the shell is.

Are you legitimately fucking stupid? Joseph appears in a handful of scenes throughout Part 4, and he wears so much stuff that you can barely see his face.

Thank you very much

>thinking buccellati is the bro-jo of part 5
>favorite stand ability is diavolo
i'm a VAfag and even i think this is ridiculous

this shit is awesome dude

>I thought Gyro's teeth panel was an iconic villain reveal (didn't see the text on them)
>I thought Sports Maxx was going to be the main villain of Part 6 because he was a gangster and he seemed like he would have gold teeth
>I though Pucci was going to be his Vanilla Ice

Thanks man. I really appreciate it

>When I started PB, I knew that the part 2 is set in the 1930's, and I vague memory of some old character appearing in that part, so I was really excited to see Grandpa Jonathan in it... When Jonathan died I cried a little. Damn DP made that scene perfect.

does MKWii have online? i've been playing MK8 so long i don't even remember. i can just imagine the hoards of /JJBAG/ throwing SHAs left and right

>Keicho is the best cast
huh alright then

>Favourite Jojo
>Least favourite villian

other than that it checks out ok.

Not officially, but some modders have created their own servers. It'll be pretty cool to have a race with others once everythings done.

Speaking of which, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, Im open

Because of seeing the first anime and speedwatching i somehow forgot johnathan died and went to watch the ova. Jumped in the middle of it and though old joseph was johnathan for the longest.

>thinking buccellati is the bro-jo of part 5
He literally is though.

>favorite stand ability is diavolo
Yes, so? It's a strong ability with great creative potential and a cool name, what's not to love.

Am I the only one who think the retarded part of the fandom will start to die after the end of the DiU anime ?

Get ready for Va user its coming.

No way. People will keep bitching about how bad VA is when the anime comes around, too.

are you looking for series-wide suggestions or just part 4 stuff?

>He literally is though.
no he's not, that would be Mista. Buccellati is more like part 4 Jotaro than he is like part 2 Caesar

>It's a strong ability with great creative potential and a cool name, what's not to love.
compared to other stands with similar powers (ie. The World), the actual canon applications of its powers are very lackluster. it pretty much reuses the same "confuse people by moving during erased time" tactic over and over again, but never really does anything creative that's on par with DIO's knives and road roller or Alt Diego's matches and wires

I know about that. But there is a "break" between the end of DiU and the beginning of VA

i think he means that casuals/animeonlies are only sticking around for the wacky SoL antics and will leave again once JoJo returns to being a more conventional shonen

>implying retarded part of the fandom will ever die.

Have you done the banana yet? Maybe you could do a slipping sound effect a la Echoes Act 2?

If they made it through SC, I don't think so. I feel like the only things keeping animeonlies interested in Part 4 are the memes and Duwang.

As long as part 5 exists and people like it there is going to be a retard part of the fandom

Yes user, I was talking about that.


How the fuck do you forget one of the most important plot points of the series as a whole? "I watched a long time" is no excuse. You are legitimaly stupid

>First time I met JoJo was through Heritage and hearing about the series on online Street Fighter forums that mentioned it around 2009 but it took me until 2013 to actually get into the series
>Hol Horse and Alessi were the first characters I had contact with (played with them in Heritage at a local arcade)
>I used to think Hanged Man was Hol Horse's Stand
>I used to think Hol Horse was a hero or part of the crew
>I used to think JoJo was about gypsies and that the tarot card thing had a lot more focus than it really had
>I had no idea Jonathan Joestar died when I started the anime
>I used to think Lisa Lisa was some sort of big protagonist or something
>I thought Dio was going to be the villain for all parts
>I seriously mistook Caesar for Dio the first time I saw a picture of the character
>I thought Okuyasu and Gyro were minor villains
>I thought DIO actually had sand abilities and that he became a hero of sorts (this was due to me discovering Dioism in Erepublik)

I kind of miss the days when JoJo was this new and weird obscure thing in the back of my mind that I had no way to access (the series completely surpassed all my expectations still)

Series wide. A full Jojo tribute
I've replaced the banana with Soft and Wet's bubbles, but they dont really show up when racing. I might replace it with an Echoes Act 2 sound effect. Which one do you prefer?

JoJo itself were never the problem. It's not the perfect manga but it's a great one. To me there is two problems ; The retarded anons of Cred Forums who tell the same shit against JoJo without good reasons AND the retarded fans who throw JoJo on the face of everybody.

>>I seriously mistook Caesar for Dio the first time I saw a picture of the character
Is there anyone who hasn't thought this after seeing the second OP?

>no he's not, that would be Mista. Buccellati is more like part 4 Jotaro than he is like part 2 Caesar
I don't agree but I also wonder why you yourself have listed Mista as "supporting" then, which is pretty much the "Part 4 Jotaro" category of the list.

>compared to other stands with similar powers (ie. The World), the actual canon applications of its powers are very lackluster. it pretty much reuses the same "confuse people by moving during erased time" tactic over and over again, but never really does anything creative that's on par with DIO's knives and road roller or Alt Diego's matches and wires
I like the ability itself. That doesn't necessarily mean that I also like how it's being used in the manga.

>When I first saw Jojo I thought Jotaro was the main character throughout every part solving mysteries and hunting vampires
>I thought Jolyne was his girlfriend/wife


Why the fuck did abdul/avdol keep pretending to be his father when polnaref and the rest got to that island? They didn't want to tell polnareff so abdul could heal in peace. That's stupid, but I guess I'll buy it. Why did he CONTINUE to bait polnareff after he was clearly healed though? Why didn't they tell polnareff on the way to the island even?

And also why was it no big deal when kakyoin was in the hospital? Darby clearly knew about Kakyoin being hospitalized, so so did all of Dio's followers

Cheeser looks a lot like Dio, especially in the anime.
It really was intentional on Araki's part since he describes in JoJonium that he created Caesar so he could do the Jonathan x Dio relationship from a different, less antagonistic perspective that focused more on the rivalry of the two characters.
I remember the first time Caesar shows up and it took me like two minutes to accept that this was not Dio and it was a different character.

>I thought Jotaro had some women conquests (like James Bond)


>I thought whatever gave Jojo his stand also made him immortal
>I thought Jolyne was just some random woman who had a similar sounding name, and she was secretly an underling of DIO who was the villain of the entire series

I was disappointed that the manga wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be.

Maybe put it up to a poll or something, I don't want to change the idea just because it's mine.

>Series wide. A full Jojo tribute
MKWii, you can probably swap out Flame Flier for Wheel of Fortune somehow? maybe also a frozen car like during the White Album fight?

>I also wonder why you yourself have listed Mista as "supporting" then
all BroJos are supporting characters, but not all supporting characters are BroJos

>I like the ability itself. That doesn't necessarily mean that I also like how it's being used in the manga.
that's fair. what sorts of creative uses do you have in mind for that stand power if it were up to you to apply it?

>Why did he CONTINUE to bait polnareff after he was clearly healed though? Why didn't they tell polnareff on the way to the island even?
pretty sure they outright say something like "we just liked fucking with you/wanted to keep the joke going" or "oh i guess i forgot to tell you" or something like that

>And also why was it no big deal when kakyoin was in the hospital?
pic related

>less antagonistic perspective that focused more on the rivalry of the two characters.
He kinda fucked that up, too. I'm glad Part 7 fixed most of the problems with the first two parts, but seeing Part 1 being redone would be really cool.

>Why the fuck did abdul/avdol keep pretending to be his father when polnaref and the rest got to that island?
They didn't want to reveal it until they were sure if there was a Stand user on the island, I suppose. The second question genuinely makes no sense, though.

You know what bothers me?

The world would have killed DIO if not for his willpower, yet Killer queen is arguably just as sinister of a stand, and Kira is a total coward.

>bitch about how "bad" VA is
>when Grateful fucking Dead is happening right before your eyes
Do even animeonlies have taste that bad? I doubt it.

>I was disappointed that the manga wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be.
You know, sometimes I think about that too. Like I said in this post , I sometimes miss the days when JoJo was this new thing where apparently everything was batshit insane and anything could happen.

But I realized that it's not that JoJo wasn't as crazy as I imagined it would be: it's just that, by now, I have gotten used to the insanity of the series, so it's not that surprising anymore. The mystery of JoJo is over to me and a lot of us.

But I guarantee that if I went back in time and spoiled myself on all the batshit crazy that does happen in JoJo, I'd be just as perplexed.

When I started JoJo I thought Kira was a Yakuza boss and that is first name was Kira.

Hey, no one here's really interested, unlike arcadefag. I'm just doing this for fun. Which one would you prefer?

>I thought Annasui and Diavolo were the same person

>I thought Gyro were a woman

>I thought Dio were a nice guy (kinda bullied)

>I thought Star Platinum were a normal person

>I thought Bruno were a girl

>I thought Part 8 were in the same universe than 1,2,3,4,5,6

>I thought Joseph will die

>I thought Yasuho and Joshuu were sibblings

>I thought SBR were happening during 1920-30

>I thought Yukako were just a normal girl

>I thought F.F were just human

>I thought Made in Heaven power were to create new universes

>I thought Diego weren't muslim

>MKWii, you can probably swap out Flame Flier for Wheel of Fortune somehow? maybe also a frozen car like during the White Album fight?

I like the Wheel of Fortune idea a lot. Not sure about the frozen car, its a bit too generic

The only conquest he wants is dolphins

>when Grateful fucking Dead is happening right before your eyes

Wait, the part 4 anime is over already?

Really I just chalk it up to my being an ignorant teenager and seeing all anime as "lol wacky japan" in that pseudo racist way a lot of Americans see it.

>in that pseudo racist way a lot of Americans see it.
come on man we're still on page 1, this thread was going smoothly

I didn't mean it like that, I just meant my general ignorance of japan.

I wasn't trying to start anything.

hug him

Echoes Act 2, then, if you want something that sticks out more.

Pat his head and tell him he's a pretty bird, and that I'm sure he'll lay plenty of eggs some day, he's jut a late bloomer.

what went wrong?

>The world would have killed DIO if not for his willpower
I see that on the wiki but I've never actually seen anywhere on the series stating that The World would go out of control if not for DIO's willpower. The wiki has plenty of things wrong when it comes to characterization.

Besides, even if it was true, Kira is a coward, but he has a lot of willpower as well, it's just a different type than DIO's since he is a fragile human.

And I think controlling a Stand that can explode things with a touch and fire a indestructible mini-tank from it's hand (not counting Bites The Dust) is easier than controlling a Stand that can pull time itself to a screeching halt in a universal basis.

seconding Echoes Act 2 > Soap Suds

>I see that on the wiki but I've never actually seen anywhere on the series stating that The World would go out of control if not for DIO's willpower.
>the wiki treats Over Heaven as canon
in other news, autists are autistic

Why is D wearing a onesie?

>I thought Diego's stand were separated from his body

>I thought Bad Company were as tall as an human


>an human
an hero please

woo another shitty Japanese live action adaptation for me to ignore, great

They don't really need to be considering how powerful their bullets are.

>I thought part 5 takes place in an alternate universe fantasy japan where people dressed like a faggot when i first saw the ps2 game's preview.

>I thought Part 3 is about a worldwide tournament hosted by Dio.

Show him my Insane C

It would be terrifying though knowing that a man with a literal ghost army lives in your town

DIO saw Joseph fucking Josuke's mommy and he got jealous and wanted to try it for himself.

And yet he can apparently speak Japanese fluently, considering the fact that he's talking to a Japanese right here.

He said read, not speak.

>you can speak a language without reading it

How do you think then, is there a ghost coming up with your thoughts for you and saying them out loud?

You kinda can. I can say "arigato" without know how it's spelt in Japanese.

I can speak Spanish pretty fluently but my parents were Mexican hill folk so I can't read a lick of it.

Also Rohan probably used hebuns dor on him and Holly probably taught him some conversational Japan.

Also Rohan could be speaking ingrish



Because he's DIO and he looks good on anything.

A lot of Spanish/euro towns could pass as morioh

more than a japanese one?

At least Part 4 might be considered to have superior pacing

>in eyes of heaven Jonathan asks Josuke if he's an asian
>not "oriental" or "chinaman"


That's a nice ass

the game was written in Japanese, and the Japanese just use one word for Asian. they don't bother with "that word that also means Asian has a more offensive connotation"

Apparently Yukako's story significance will be different, she's "ordered to take care of Koichi after he transfers to the school".


Why would they do that?

>tfw had idea of Shizuka adventures with Kira and Shinobu's kid
>tfw her real mother could be the main antagonist so the two would have similar origin stories to tie them together thematically

Why can't Shizuka just have a happy life?

Maybe it's from Pucci's pov and he didn't see DIO as having stole Jonathan's Body but rather just as one, whole God and the only reason we see the scar at all is because the Joestars know the truth

>Nips actually having options to cast white guys

We're lucky to get blacks and Asians in our movies. It took them several decades for a white guy to get cast in Sentai

>and all have had only one woman in their whole life


>Joseph is a greedy fucking cheater

Hello Jojotards. Some of you noticed the live movie will be shitty (as jojo)
It was in the plan, actually. I am creating the movie so people will be disguted of JoJo and like that everybody will hate it !



jotaro's face on that family tree is seriously fucked up

>Giorno and Jotaro don't give a fuck
>Jolyne was a bit of a slut, but Irene pretty young and engaged to Anakiss

Cant wait till he gets oku's and tries to scowl.


Jolyne isn't a slut




She dated more than one guy, at least.

Between the pimp suit and his name you'd think he was a black.

To be fair there is not one good-looking woman drawn by Araki in that entire page


Probably not super credible but someone in the JoJo group I'm in on FB posted some translated tidbits from I assume the actual website.

kekyoin confirmed for shit taste

>The combined sex knowledge of every pornstar.
>Implying that this is a large amount of knowledge relative to it being every pornstar.
I'm sure that a lot of great sexual knowledge has been lost to history. I would have said "The combine knowledge of every kamasutra ever written."

>before starting reading it I thought JoJo's is good

Why do you think it would be DiU?

It would be Stardust Crusaders or Phantom Blood. I guess phantom blood.


It is good if you don't take it seriously like the Part 5 fags do

>"The combine knowledge of every kamasutra ever written."
firstly, learn english, this is atrocious
secondly, there is only one Kama Sutra, and it's widely circulated with easily available information

Any info on Joseph?


He is not in the first movie.

because Warner JP outright said "Diamond is Unbreakable Movie"

brutally murder koichi
fuck josuke and stroke his feminine penis
marry best boy okuyasu

>Angelo looks like a fucking scumbag still
>Yukako is probably the closest to perfect
>Josuke actor almost has eyebrows as thick as the character

Who will play him in the inevitable part6 trilogy?

>fuck josuke and stroke his feminine penis
is josuke's penis small enough for him to stick it inside the tip of my penis

So... You read part 7 before part 2?

I skipped parts 5 and 6. I see that people in this thread have much fucked up reading orders than me.

>Koichi is the joint shortest one there
Maybe this adaptation won't be so bad

Maybe they'll look better dressed up

>Implying Japan gives enough of a fuck to even attempt Part 6

I was just fishing for (You)s, I actually love it

Are you fucking stupid? Did you really misinterpret my post that badly?

Jotaro actually looks like a perfect Kira here

Perfect Kosaku.

>thick eyebrows

Fuck you now I can't stop seeing it

Ah, I figured they would have chosen the role before making the first movie but I guess not

>when i started JoJo i thought Joseph and Caesar would be an actual team like Gyro and Johnny
how could you possibly have thought this without knowing who Gyro and Johnny were?

Dafuck did they do

>Skipping parts

>Araki will never use a time machine to kidnap a young David Bowie, hypnotize him, and force him to be in the live action adaptation

Who is the best supporting character and why is it Stroheim?

Why are you still posting? Have you still not realized what I meant?

I thought Joseph and Caesar would be a tag team, similar to how Johnny and Gyro are. Nowhere did I say that I read Part 7 first.


did i get it right?

Don't give up hope!

>when i started JoJo, i thought Joseph and Ceasar would be like Johnny and Gyro
i realize what you mean, i just want to make sure you're aware that your illiteracy was the root of this confusion

>your illiteracy
Whatever you say.

>he saw pictures of jonny and gyro hanging, read their bios on the wiki, and assumed the same for part 2 before reading it


So this is Jotaro's actor, apparently.
I like it. Looks maybe a bit too old but I can see it working out.
Really, the fact that Takashi Miike is involved as director in this makes me actually excited for the movie since he is the perfect guy for the job.

>This is our Stardust Man
It.... could work...

>defending wikifags

So I'm a wikifag now?

i don't know who you are, i'm just saying "he might not be illiterate, he's just a wikifag!" isn't much better

>live action on part 4
Why? Of all the animated parts, it's the least popular and the least fitting for a live action movie.

>least fitting for a live action movie.
How? The pacing is much more suited for a series of films, and the lack of constant action is better for budgetting. The cast are all Japanese apart from Joseph, too, so they can get away with only hiring asian people.

Stardust Crusaders volume 16.

i think it's the most fitting for a live action movie. it has lots of inconsequential filler compared to later parts, it has a lot more humor than 5 or 6, and it all takes place in one town, which saves a ton of money, as opposed to having to do location shoots at iconic landmarks in Egypt, Italy, or Florida

Post Tomokos

Under Execution, under Jailbreak
Rohan at the louvre


There's no reason for them to not animate part 6.

>This shit aint disney without Mickey

>Kennedy Space Center
>direct references to Disney IPs
>pivotal plot scenes featuring the KKK
not great movie fodder for a niche Japanese anime-to-live-action adaptation

>be me
>be depressed
>see gappy

> Live-action anouncement: (embed)

Anonymous 09/28/16(Wed)08:17:47 No.147833351


confirmed for awesome. i actually liked his yatterman.

post QUALITY fanart

>fitting for a live action movie
People don't go to a jojo movie to get comfy and watch filler, they want the action.

>Listen here Anashit, I know we under the effects of an enemy stand but that Mickey is Disney, and that shit is a Universal Guidebook


This. And besides, Part 4 is currently very popular because of the anime and the resulting merchandise. And this allows them to do one, initial movie to test the waters a bit, and if it proves to be a success, they can then invest money in adapting the other parts.

do you know what QUALITY means? the subject matter of this art is hot garbage obviously, but the execution is actually very well done. if this person were taking requests, we'd all be clamoring

sorry i should've been more clear, the fact that a lot of it is filler means that the director has a lot of room to cut or rearrange bits and pieces to better suit a cinematic adaptation as opposed to a weekly manga or tv show

Weather Report had dealt with alot of shit, but a crossdressing tourist who cant set his priorities straight is a bit annoying.

>this allows them to do one, initial movie to test the waters a bit, and if it proves to be a success, they can then invest money in adapting the other parts
god fucking damnit it's going to be Series of Unfortunate Events all over again

So this is going to cover just the first arc, right?

Animating Part 6 is a huge, Trump's wall difference than getting people to do a live action film

that's what we're assuming based on the characters who have been revealed. up to Cinderella, but not SHA

Should Araki stop with the unisex faces?

Presumably yes. If they were including Kira I'm pretty sure he would have been announced already, but so far it seems like it's going up to Keicho or Yukako at least. Maybe it will end with RHCP. Or maybe it'll be a trilogy

I hope it isn't (especially because I like A Series Of Unfortunate Events and I liked the movie).

If I could swim with the dolphins,
the soft and gentle dolphins...
Why can't I swim with the dolphins?...

These are not Unisex.

Why does every single jojo have to have shitty parents?

he did though?

No. Andro is most aesthetic, and it's probably from all the sculpture work Araki looks at.

>Jotaro married an Italian-American like his mom

I was using kamasutra as a blanket term for "document of sexual instruction" and I'll admit, I wasn't sure if it was one or two words, but once I had typed "kama" my phone sugested "kamasutra" without any spaces or capitalization. I'm sorry for blindly following the suggestions of technology and not being as learned as you. Also I'm sorry for being a mobile user. My laptop is 17.3" and 7.5 lb with screen flashing issues, so I am often tempted into the convenience of using my moble app.

>Why does every single jojo have to have shitty parents?
>George Joestar
>George II and Lisa Lisa
>Holly Kira
not all of them

you're putting more thought into it than Araki ever did

Jotaro's wasn't that bad, apart from Sadao never being there.

we all make mistakes user, your sins are forgiven

Is it really happening?

>Also Johnny Joestar

Johnny was a little shit, but his dad was a cunt.

he was referring to Johnny as a parent to a young Joestar, not Johnny as a JoJo himself

yeah that's fair, sacrificing yourself for your child is pretty solid parenting

Serendipitous symbolism

It's obvious he didn't give a fuck about DIO in Part 6

fuck,why is sbr so sad...

Sheer Heart Attack car

>George was an idiot who showed mercy to a lying thief which inadvertently led to the death of both him and his own son

>jojo live action movie
What could go wrong

i'm almost done with jonathan. still need to do sunlight yellow overdrive and to make something with life magnetism overdrive. if you have any ideas for how to make leaves work in a fighting game send them my way. after he is done with him im doing stroheim.

>and ended up starting a family curse that would last for 2 centuires and resulted in the creation of alternate universes

Because Joestar

Because SBR was written as a tragedy.

>killing yourself with your stand and leaving your son to be raised by a jap is solid parenting
>they probably lived in squalor and died off completely anyways after little Jorge finally died of old age

George I worst JoJo.

It's not made by Americans , and it's not for Americans

I suppose stealing the corpse of Jesus Christ so your son stops being ill does sort of make you a good parent.


>Picks the most Japanese part for live action. Makes sense
>Proceed to Fuck the budget over by filming in Spain.

What could go wrong with this film?

>Johnny's face in this whole scene
Imagine your dad saying that to you, Jesus Christ (no pun intended) that'd be awful.

[DELET THIS in spanish]

Probably nothing. He's a talented director and his adaptations are pretty spot on. We are lucky to get Miike, because he will produce something over the top and bizarre like the source material.

he is best jojo tho

There's already a Sheer Heart Attack powerup but I can do a Sheer Heart Attack car


i would argue that George knew damn well how evil the Brandos were, and nobly shouldered that burden knowing that it would damn his entire bloodline, to protect others from the Brando curse by binding it to his family only

lookin real good, glad you included SPW as a Jonathan assist instead of trying to make him his own thing. for the leaves, maybe a recovery move? heal a wilted flower or tree and recover some health?

>probably lived in squalor
did you forget that Johnny was married to the daughter of the guy who won a fuckload of money in the Steel Ball Run? he knew that she and her family would be able to provide for the child much better than he would've been able to do without her

It's not being made by a western director, and I feel like JoJo is a bit harder to fuck up than JoJo. As long as there's still horror elements and the cast are handsome as fuck, it'll be good enough.

>JoJo is a bit harder to fuck up than JoJo

I'd be pissed, then I'd tell him to go fuck himself before stealing a bunch of valuables and running away to be a cowboy

Wait wait I have a better idea

SHA instead of Bullet Bill power up. Unless this is the power up you mean.

>But sometimes JoJo is easier to do than JoJo

What engine is this?

Now if only I could find the courage to forgive myself.

They had no idea Avdol was still alive.

I am trying, and failing, to imagine how the hell a live action version of JoJo could look anything other than horrible.

I didn't mean to type that, but I suppose DiU is harder to fuck up than most of the other parts.



Got a trip. fuck of.

You left your name on.

I'd argue it's about the same, pretty much the only thing you can fuck up in live adaptations is straying too far from the source material and cheaping out on special effects

>king piccolo as an alien

I mean he was, but still they could have benefited from going a little more cartoonish like the original dragon ball was.

It's 2016, there's no way they can fuck up the special effects at this point.

Ill give you some courage you devilman

Original arcade man has a new trip too. Don't start shit


Nah man, its even better than that. Its a SHA blue shell.

The Bullit Bill is going to be Made In Heaven

Stop taking pictures of your screen

>Get a 4

Fuck, I should've called that. My Hermit Purple sucks


>had no idea he was alive
>somehow managed to take a private yacht directly to the island where he was secretly recovering
uh huh

>there's no way they can fuck up the special effects at this point
am i the only one who wants the whole thing filmed in bunraku style and for the stands to be practical effects and not cg effects?

how do you expect him to take screenshots of a Wii game for posting?

>When I started JoJo I thought it was going to be set in space

This is just from looking at the SDC cover, and when I started JoJo 2012 anime over a year ago, boy I was wrong.

Your shit taste.

Aida Mitsuo?

Emulate it, duh

Make the leaf glider an air dash.

Nice, but why Mario Kart?
I thought Smash Brawl modding was a lot more popular than MK.

I'd kill for a full JJBA mod for Brawl though. It would be better than any recent Jojo game.


It came from the conceptual kart fighter that happened a few days back, like from this image

>Danny powered

Delet this

So there's a background to this mod. Good.

The player models will be changed I hope, they're very low poly in MKWii. Is there any lag while playing?

Doing that plus this.

I throatfuck dogs before breaking their necks and winging them at my cunt neighbor's house. He stopped threatening to call the cops after I scrawled out "I wonder how pork would feel wrapped around my cock, let's hope I never find out you fat cracker" in blood on one of the corpses.


Okay Jason, we git it. Its totally not fair you got your skateboard taken away.

Is Pucci the worst kind of evil there is?

Yo angelo


The models can be a bit more detailed, but not too much or the game crashes. No lag so far but Ive only just started.
As soon as I get a better computer, Ill download Dolphin and take screenshots there

Post them
>literal keychain

>I won't kill Angelo
>But I'll make him suffer a fate worse than fucking Diavolo

I thought Hol Horse was a part 7 character because Horse.

why can't I find quality trish porn?


Is gappy related to Johnny?

Will we ever hear more about Norisuke 1 aside from him making his descendants rich?

What did you guys think of the latest chapter?

She's 15


I don't remember Josefumi

But SeaKira is Johnny's direct descendant

cant be assed to do a new list

do you guys ever find it weird how


legal in japan and most porn artists don't care anyways

Yes, Kira is a descendant of Johnny. Did you even read part 8?

Is Act 4 opening an AT Field?

I do actually!


Gappy can be argued to stem from their family tree since Seakira is From Johnny's family tree and JOsefumi has (or had?) The Star mark. So yes in some bizarre, complicated way, Gappy is related to Johnny.


Kira and Josefumi are both related to him.

>not dancing to yes

But she's Italian.

I guess little george 2 was a slut

Joseph probably cheated on Suzi Q again. Josefumi even has Joseph in his name.

better question

where's the Ermes porn?

I just want to beat my meat, man

Guess the wiki hasn't updated yet

So, I keep hearing that the New Universe at the end of Part 6 has no Joestar curse, why is this?

>Josefumi fused with his uncle

I want to see Gappy have a child, just so I can see how fucked up the little mutant would be.

Josefumi has the birthmark, but his mother, Kiyomi, does not have the birthmark. this means that the odds-on conclusion is that Sadafumi, Josefumi's dad, was SBR Joseph Joestar's illegitimate son/Holly Kira's half-brother

I'm convinced that my dog is a Stand user.
For whatever reason, if anyone was to come close to the dog (About the same area of effect The World has, half to a quarter of a block radius),
The approacher will suddenly turn at a 90 degree angle, and eventual J-walk with disregard of oncoming vehicles.

I'm sure it's some sort of illusion or even a mind altering Stand.

>Gappy's child has 4 colors in each eye
>Yet Perfect teeth


Pucci was basically that last bit of DIO influence left. Irene not having a "Jo" in her name basically symbolized the lack of a Joestar curse.

>Josefumi fused with his uncle
what the fuck are you talking about? if Josefumi were the illegitimate child of one of Joseph's affairs, that would make Josefumi Kira's half-uncle, not the other way around

but we know that's not the case. because we know the names of both of Josefumi's parents, and neither of them is Joseph. see

>No EoH Part 4 Jolyne porn

I like to fantasize about Jotaro getting lonely and sodomizing Jolyne in-between his adventures.

Dont start.

>around blacks, never relax

Around Pucci, protect your coochie.
What is the power of [Push It To The Limit]

>implying he wasn't hungry for that ass

>all those side characters/character family members from SBR who have yet to appear again in part 8

Better version of Survivor.

there is normal Jolyne porn but not nearly enough Trish

I was thinking, "Survivor...but it also affects machinery and plants"

>be kira yoshikage
>try to live a quiet life
>some delinquent highschooler,his friends and his niece wont stop bothering me
>decide not to bother with them
>they wont get out of my ass
>my perfect luck betrays me
>die,a ghost now
>dont remember shit
>suddenly universe ends
>literally everyone dies
>mfw it happened because i didnt deal with that dumbass family

>all those side characters/character family members from SBR who have yet to appear again in part 8
uhhh who do you mean other than Nori I, exactly? Part 8 takes place like 120 years after Part 7 ends, there's really not much reason for side characters or inconsequential family members to appear

it's one of those stands that are one with its user and it grants you the peak of human performance

also tons of coke


>>literally everyone dies
Read the manga properly asshole

Jolyne gave Jotaro a sheer heart attack


fwiw, Kira killing Josuke and Jotaro and Joseph would've done nothing. Jolyne was already born and on the track to the slammer, and GioGio was already born and being a motherfucking baller. all the [FATE] connected to the universal reset had already been set in place by the time Kira came onto the scene

Try slimming CD down a bit if you are planning on drawing it again.

A+ work user

why is he wearing DIO's outfit?

okay,some gay kid lives through it

Were on our way, boss.

>the zeppeli family is still alive and well, and probably knows what happened to Gyro
>that black racer with the big lips probably got some before he died
>steven steel and his loli wife
>Diego's disfigured offspring

The only people who died were the main cast of Part 6. Seriously, stop posting about MiH when you don't know how it works.

how could pucci find dio's book if jotaro was dead?

Emporio didn't choose the thug life the thug life chose him.

tfw we'll never see Hamon again

i know what happened.they died,their souls were fine though

There was a line we werent meant to cross. and We crossed it.

What the fuck even was hamon? It did something different every other chapter.


Damn that would have been kinda cool. It might have made me care a little more about his deaths, but on the other hand the design shift from a young newyorker to an Egyptian fortune teller would be very odd.

Behold my stand, 『IT'S THE NUTSHACK』

>not Spin


He's a child with fetal alcohol syndrome and an upturned nose.

You apparently don't.

After Pucci died while MiH was active, the universe became normal again, and literally everything that happened (GioGio beating Diavolo, Josuke beating Kira, Jotaro beating DIO) happened again in this new universe, only it was like Pucci never existed and the part 6 gang is a slightly different group of people.

This is why people who use terms like 'Ireneverse' or say that the part 6 ending is 'so sad' and that 'SO's ending invalidates the last 6 parts' are utterly retarded. Nothing changed, except for a lot of the stuff in 6. Araki even fucking explains this and yet redditors just can't contain their autism.

because all that shit happened canonically in between SDC and DiU. like i said, by the time Kira shows up, which is halfway through DiU, all this shit has already happened

>tfw the spin technically still exists in the current jojoverse

when will we see a spin user appear in jojolion

>doobie wow

Best omake coming through

Hmm...I would have thought [Push It To The Limit] could affect other people and machines as well.

Also it needs to be paired with [Bat Outta Hell]

>they dont know the nutshack poster.

>SBR was written in 2005

>Holly is dying through the entire part
>In the very last chapter, some random guy tosses a ball at her, curing Holly immediately
>The rokkaka fruit rendered completely useless

Fund it

What this??
Is there more?

So this is what it feels like to be judged on something you can't control.

No i know full and well, but it was a line that i think we probably should not have crossed.
>Josuke kills 2 Innocent teens just to figure out he cant fix friendship


Speaking of [Bat Outta Hell] it's a Swarm stand that can bind into random objects and make vehicles out of them by breaking and distorting them.
Also it takes ages to manifest in full.

>Not knowing Jobin will use Jesus' corpse to cure Holly just to One-up Josuke and he now owes him a favor

That's one crazy dick alright

Just a one-off omake, as far as I know. I don't know much about it myself.

>Everything is circular...if it rotates.
[You Spin Me Round]!

How will Araki's replacement (R.I.P.) work Jojolion into the final chapter?

>People repost my shity oc
Im remaking another scene from jojo nutshack style. what do you think is a good one?

Is it "jo-jo-lie-on" or "jo-jo-lee-on" ?

OR is it "jo-jo-lee-own"?


Please stop posting.

Part 8

Goodbye, pixelfag. Please leave. We won't miss you.

no its

>DiU Live Action Movie
Ok. I'm interested


>No Jojovania game

Part 1 and 2 could be easily adapted into a side scrolling platform game

The same way as Evangelion, but replace Evange- with JoJo

It's proounced "Ah-soo-kah-is-best-girl"

So uh, is the old vagabond in the first Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe a stand user?

Anyone have the gifs of Dio putting Polnareff back down the stairs?

I get the feeling you're all just fucking with me.

Fuck me, that's not even right.

The actor is pretty short. He's only 2 inches taller than Koichi's specified height.

>SBR anime is at the very least 6 years away
>it's a greater than not chance that I die before seeing it

I don't like this

Hey I just wanted to ask if you like the drawing, no hard feelings?

Your drawings are pure shit
Leave and do not return

Is there a place I can read part 6 that isn't shitty res quality on 15% of pages

Ot's uh-sook-uh

Find comfort in the fact that Araki-sensei will outlive you.

did the current season already ended?

Read the colour scans instead if you want, those are good quality always
They're on

First guy had it right, the "lion" is pronounced like in Evangelion.




No, the DiU anime is 39 episodes long and is going to continue every week until Dec 23rd. There are 26 episodes out now, 13 to go.

How do you pronounce evangelion

Did JJCA finish King Crimson vs. Metallica yet?

>Ot's uh-sook-uh
Yes user, you may in fact suck her, but that doesn't change the fact you're getting the spelling entirely wrong.

Get out.

Leon Kennedy

Don't question English, the language is fucked and when I die I hope my reincarnation learns a better language


-lion part is like the -lion in medallion

thanks man

Early part 3 art is the ugliest fucking thing in all of Jojo.

>meh-dal as in dallas- yun


New thread when?

Do you remember how many threads you have been in your life ?

What is the Stand of Leon S Kennedy?

Shoot to Thrill?

A fuckin lot of em

Even Crazy Diamond can't fix your butthurt

slavs leave


Not even close, it's ee-van-gelion, all one word on that last part with the "g" sound as it is in gay like my babysitter, who fucked my ass


>live-action jojo
Is jojo finally becoming kino or is it just going to be a flick?


Yes, specially with Japanese with it's 3 writting languages

>They had no idea Avdol was still alive
Literally everyone in the crew except Polnareff knew, and kept it from him because he'd make a big scene about it.

>They had no idea Avdol was still alive.