Danganronpa 3

How are Chiakifags coping?

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Why can't Izuru use his SHSL Dead Revival to bring her back?

This was terrible.


More importantly, how are Junkofags coping

Fine, her death still retains impact and it acts as a way to still retain the bittersweet ending of 2 whilst making everyone still come back like 2 hinted at being possible. It really didnt leave a bad taste in my mouth at all and frankly this was 20 times better than that fucking 16th participant theory people had about her being izuru 2.0. That actually would of ruined it.


Average so far: 6.63



Is this the correct version?

>Worst girl saved best girl

You are now deemed the title of average girl.

say hope in your language

>muh gundam
>muh hajimeme
>muh cuck

Never doubt OUR BOY Kazuichi SODA. He will plow that princess pussy until the end of time.

hope in your language

Fuck off.


>Characters that were improved by DR3
>Characters that remained mostly the same after DR3
DR1/UDG characters
>Characters that ended up worse after DR3
DR2 Characters


So let me get this straight.
Hajime/Izuru has all the talents in the fucking world.
Can make the impossible possible.
And he chooses to use this amazing power not to help make amends with the countless surviving victims him and Class 77 have created or to even help rebuild the world.

But to go fuck off on a tropical island forever?


>Sonia lets Souda down gently and fucks Gundham
>Mahiru comforts Souda afterwards and they end up becoming a couple
>Peko and Fuyuhiko tie the knot
>Ibuki eventually wins over the Imposter and they become a thing
>Saionji picks on Mitarai because he's even weaker than Mikn but eventually grows out of it and tsunderes him until they're in a relationship
>Hajime doesn't love again and instead lives peacefully loving the late Chiaki
>Nidai becomes Akane's husband/babysitter
>Komaeda loves Hope and all his classmates and doesn't give a fuck
>Teruteru and Mikan try to fuck just about everyone including each other


>Not ending with "...To, omou yo"

In to the trash it goes.

So basically Kodaka's proved that he's better at smaller stories/mysteries and not great at these bigger tales. With that in mind, here's hoping that V3 has no major ties to the HPA stuff.

Ikemen Hajime was fun for what he was. Too bad he got lost at sea for a couple episodes, if he arrived sooner this mess might've been solved earlier.

I didn't like her before today, but I'm a Chiakifag now because I've realized she deserved to live more than her hivemind classmates.

Post happy Juzo reuniting with Munakata

Someone put Chiaki dying at the end of this


>And he chooses to use this amazing power not to help make amends with the countless surviving victims him and Class 77 have created or to even help rebuild the world.

but that's exactly what he says they're gonna do


>But to go fuck off on a tropical island forever?
Did they say that they were heading back to Jabberwock? They're wanted criminals now, I assume that they can't just stay in one place forever

>So basically Kodaka's proved that he's better at smaller stories/mysteries and not great at these bigger tales.
So I guess you're just now finishing DR1, because it shouldn't have taken you up til now to figure that out.

Mostly agree, but I think Asahina was also somewhat improved.

this. i've been having trouble putting this into words the past few weeks.

You were so perfect, why did you have to bring such a shit character back?



Nothing in DR1 or 2 was to the scope of DR3 in terms of the overarching story being told though. Also DR3 had an intentional lesser focus on mystery and more focus on said overarching plot than usual

>No one from class 77 care enough about Chisa
kek hajime isn't even her student



I fanboyed and screamed like a girl.

Sue me Cred Forums

You people just like to get mad at things.

>the background


Did you miss the part where they outright said they were doing exactly that.


>deathfags meme Cred Forums into thinking that DR3 will be a major entry rather than a mediocre afterthought designed to tie up loose ends, despite evidence to the contrary from the very start
Admit it, half of you faggots wouldn't even be shitting on the ending if they revived Chiaki.



why the fuck would hajime care about mitarai? same for class 77

Nothing good came out of this ending

I really hope V3 isn't tied to any sort of worldwide story and is just self-contained. The whole "Most Tragic Event in Human History" angle was always the weakest part of the story going all the way back to DR1 and focusing on it is one of the big reasons why DR3 is shit.


Can I have the correct version?


strawpoll.me/11330786 best girl vote

>all those former SHSL out of nowhere

Will we ever know their stories?

No, I'd still be mad they designed a whole new cast of characters just to fucking shaft every last one of them.

Cred Forums sings Despair ED when?

Reformed bt Izuru masive cock.

So who was the 16th?

Reminder weedman actually was 30% correct because ~30% survived

What is Ibuki's appeal?


probably just a beta version so they overlayed it with the old game engine

I totally forgot about that with everything else going on. Chisa was their teacher, it's a huge missed opportunity not to have a scene following up on that.

If they revived Chiaki I would be even more mad


I'm just fucking happy they didn't somehow asspull Junko into the ending



>Ikemen Hajime
Iam glad Iam not the only one who noticed this.

You had one job.
They were even less important than the student council, so no.

He's 100% accurate, 30% of the time.



>tfw his hair finally went back to normal

Fucking weedman 30%
>30% live
>30% of arcs had a happy ending
>30% of MC's waifus survived


Say my real name Cred Forums

Kirigiri looks good in red

>Hajimeme's daily life after DR3.

I don't think they were SHSLs.

Umm I meant 100% correct because 30% survived

Where's that fag who said Izuru programmed AI Chiaki?

Oh, I'll fucking admit it, I waited the whole episode for her to show up.

Anybody can post a link to the subbed episode? I can't find one that isn't raw and it's so DESPAIRING

I was seriously expecting her to show up somehow after Mitarai was convinced to stop the Hope Video.

This show was... not good. It was fun, but it was not good.

That was so weird. What was even the point of introducing them just so they could be taken out in comical ways minutes later?


who was helicopter?

Who's your favorite?

I'm really glad Teruteru made it out alive. Poor guy really needed a second chance.

You've been in a coma for quite some time. Yes yes, I know, you'd like to know how long. I'm afraid it's been... a week.

How about masterani.me

>yfw komaeda saves naegi

SHSL Yo-Yo Girl is my waifu.

>Naegi in the epilogue is sitting in the same seat position as when he first woke up in DR1
I like little touches like this. It helps me convince myself that the anime wasn't an outsourced soulless cashin to keep fans busy while Kodaka worked on V3.

it's on nyaa

If someone got stranded on Jabberwock now, how would they be greeted?

Literally just to give class 77 something to do in order to justify their appearance in the episode.

Gotta love how it turned out that he was the only one who'd actually disfigured himself and everybody else looked exactly like they did pre-despair.

Kill yourself streamfags.

Chiaki or Rem, who is the shittiest waifubait character?

Any one of the thousands of nameless FF lackeys Tengan could control with the despair video.


>nobody even knows that Ruruka is dead




SHSL Circus Performer had the best theme. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a scrapped V3 character at one point.

Danganronpa 3 was good


Im just surprised kodoka didnt do this

Thank you user! This is perfect

It's how she would have wanted it

Reminder that the SHSL Sniper was defeated by the SHSL Photographer.

Stop hating Chiaki. She did nothing wrong.

Long haired lady was cool, and yo-yo girl was kinda cute.

Rem was actually a good character despite being blatent waifubait, so Chiaki.

I'm glad to see that Guile is alive and kicking


That's the joke. With Seiko and Izayoi dead her arc is pretty much over so she just gets Kizakura killed to give Kyoko plot armor then lays down and dies.

Would anyone but Izayoi care if they did?

bottom left is husbando-tier

izuru helped them and fuyuhiko probly was the one who transplanted the eye

>forgetting about Kuzuryuu

Going to forget about this shitfest in a week, hopefully less threads will be here to remind me

user, I think it's safe to say they know she's dead by this point.

You did notice Kuzuryuu's missing eye, right?

Some kind of SHSL Sniper that takes that much time to line up a shot.

DR3 Chiaki, she only exists. More blatant and poorly developed.



The Remnants of Sweets take revenge in Danganronpa 4: Another Another episode.

Is impostor secretly the strongest out of them all after Izuru?
He can fucking copy everyone's battle move

oh no I had a few typos

Judging by the high-pitched voice, I'm pretty sure that's a lady. Or he could be like Bandai, I suppose.

But what about copyrights

They forgot the most important plot thread that was left open: Who tried to fuck Junko's corpse?

No, I know she's dead.

But nobody ever found her body. Nobody ever came across her body, it never factored into anything. She died and nobody ever even acknowledged it, which is just really funny for some reason.

Truly, an impactful and important character that needed to be in the story.

Can we just forget this shitshow never happened? They effectively managed to devalue DR1/2 with this horrible excuse of a sequel.

The sacrifice wasn't in vain
just according to keikaku

I hate morning classes. What was the stream's reaction when Komaeda showed up?

Does he really have to be covering his face with Gundham's?

fuck you I liked it

We know fanservice fag.

Process of elimination. Someone had to have died during that time.

It wasn't important.

Do you really believe that no one searched the building for the bodies after the killing game? Hell, it's confirmed that Mikan searched for survivors, at least. that's how she found Kirigiri.

>Impostor had the time to change his clothes from Munakata to Ryota while he was fighting his way to the control room
>And then to Byakuya before he got to the ship

I still think DR3 was a mistake but at least they left us open space for Jabberwock SoL.
This will lead to great hope.


Fuyuhiko's eye. But other than that they look radically different than how they did on Future/Despair's episode 1 with the board showing all their faces, yeah.

I'd understand why they'd all want to go back to their old clothes and stuff upon waking up, though.

>people actually, U N I R O N I C A L L Y thought Kirigiri would stay dead

You posted this picture 4 seconds before me

Where are my Junkofriends


I can see how it devalued 2 but this didn't affect 1 in anyway.

I think they had their old outfits before surrendering themselves to Naegi, because Komaeda has his old outfit in chapter 0. No idea about Hajime though.

>she probably had the most screentime of any character in future arc.

1 is more or less the same for me, but I'll never be able to look at 2 the same way.

Who else could it be but Mikan?
It's not mere brainwashing with her, she was hopelessly in love with Junko.


Well that fits since she was the most complex character among the FF

I agree with it devaluing DR2, but it kept the DR1 cast in pretty much the same place they were after DR2.


>Nanami may be dead and we did fucked up shit

They're dead, just like your shitty waifu.

can someone post the salty secondaries mad over no komahina pic

Izuru is such a convenient plot device. You can make any bullshit happen in your story, it's like a magic genie.

Why did Fuyuhiko decide closing one eye forever would be better than just wearing an eye patch?

Oh yeah that might be the case (though it'd be odd for them to swap before meeting Naegi). The only person we saw in the epilogue was Hajime in his white clothes instead of Izuru's signature black attire, after all.

I think they were trying to satisfy both those who wanted them to stay in comas and those who wanted them awake by having them decide to stay on Jabberwock.

more like

Why did Guts?

DR3 is still my friend

Seiko should've just let her NG code get activated and play dead the whole time.

Monaca's the only one I would go out and say was improved coming out of DR3, yeah.

With the rest of the cast it's a bit messy, since even being in the plot at all negatively impacted their characters I feel.
>Makoto backtracked as a character for about 3/4ths of the show (by the end of DR1 he was started to show competency in investigating stuff himself, yet in DR3 he made no attempt to ponder over Gozu's death despite being at the goddamn scene of the crime) but towards the end he got better. Him re-opening HPA and becoming it's headmaster does not sit well with me at all but whatever.
>Didn't really like Kyoko's arc in DR3 at all. Got matched up with a different character to Makoto, except that character ended up just being a wimpier Makoto? Her "sacrifice" was not as poetic as everyone insisted, we've been here already in DR1 where after sacrificing Makoto, she regrets it and then risks her life in order to save Makoto. You got your shipper-y shit between the two at the end of DR1 too with her little speech at the end. Not that bothered by her making it out alive, prefer that to her dying in a bad story to be honest.
>Hajime didn't get to do much outside of the Twilight Murder episode where he was fine. As Izuru, he did surprisingly little too really. The stuff Hajime was actually saying at the end there was good, problem was the plot going on around it.
>Nagito basically is the same. Even with the brainwashing, he was just saying the same shit he said to Chisa earlier in the series anyway.

Why did Sonia look so fucking depressed throughout the episode? Is it because of the shit she did?

Oh fuck you guys, yes I know about the eye, it should have been a lot more than that based on what we were told.

>nagito walks on screen
>first thing he does is employ weaponized luck

They all were in love with her when they were despairs. Any of them could of done it. It was mistranslated anyways.Someone took something out of her to make children.


DR3 does devalue DR2, but I don't understand this mentality. You don't have to actually accept it as canon. When/if I ever replay DR2, I'm just going to pretend DR3 never happened.

DR3 was never my friend.

I thought that was obvious since the first game. Let's hope V3 doesn't go the same route.

Souda remains a cuck

Her and the two others from Class 76 were totally pointless and took much needed time away from the main plot.

she's imagining komaru's strap-on

Ain't that made by the same dude who did the Student Council guro pics?

Is this Hajizuru's SHSL Schizophrenia?

I need a webm.

But how is Ibuki perfection?

The bitch might've actually thrown nukes on some countries.

As far as the Remnants go, she's very probably the one who could realistically do the most damage, along with (Izuru), Souda and Fuyuhiko's gang.

I'll never understand this. Some kid who wasn't even her student gave more of a fuck to see her than her actual students.

it triggers me how people call it DRV3 and always forget to put the N of New at the beggining

it's NDRV3

She and Hajime are the only ones that matured.

I'm happy Ibuki will finally be able to get some of that impostor's dick

So who WAS the 16th participant?

So was there no reason why the blood in Future was red as opposed to pink?

At least she got her last wish ;_;

Why is Valwin so salty?
Skip to around 8:00

Hagakure or Monaca

The ending was gonna be garbage no matter what.

Literally just for the Asahina ketchup fakeout. I'm not joking.

I'm in need of some brainwashing here.

Well, she killed her parents and started some couple of wars

Honestly, be truthful here- did you like it?
I like it in the same way I like Zero Time Dilemma: it's absolutely, pants on head buttfucking retarded, but it was an incredible ride that i'm glad I got to experience.
V3 better be amazing, god fucking damnit.

Buy KillerKiller so you can see them do something for 1 chapter each!

No seriously I'm betting that's where you'll find out, that one girl with the rainbow nails just screams KillerKiller shit material.

No different than people going with DR2 instead of SDR2. Chances are it'll be localized as Dangan Ronpa V3 and not have the New at all, just like DR2 didn't have the Super.

>body not found
>was starting a breakaway organisation of the FF centered around herself
>in DR universe there's bound to be an image board of anons claiming she's still alive and well

>Chiaki's backup will go inside a robot body mark my words
Or better yet
>Hajizuru will reboot the NWP and have everyone collect their memories of Nanami and create AI Chiaki 2.0


She was from a tiny country obscure country like Andorra or Liechtenstein, she sure as hell didn't have nukes.

Despair, really. I'm certainly not going to bother with V3, I've had enough of this garbage.

She saw him as a person, and called him by his name. Between that and pre-Izuru Hinata's huge inferiority complex regarding his lack of talent, that's similar to how easy it is to make Mikan like you : make them feel appreciated.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Looks like Weedman, brother.

Is there going to be another Dangan Rado?

>best girl and worst girl save not my girl
Seiko truly was too good for this world

They even stopped being consistent about it and showed pink blood in a flashback.

Monaka was in a remote location with no bracelet
Hagakure was outside and thus was left out

>Chiaki dies in DR2
>Chiakifags mad that she also dies in DR3

Whats wrong with Chiakifags?

Reporting in my friend.

Have no fear Junko was not in DR3 Future because she realised how vomit making it was so she will appear in DRV3.

Do it.


The Polish worker Tengan brought in to do the grunt work of setting up the game.

Good call. I'll still refer to DR3 as canon, but I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist when looking back on SDR2.

There were plenty nice little moments in there
buried under a metric fuckton of disappointing plot though

>mfw we get a ova rerelease of the entire episode with added scenes an hour long and rewrites of some of the characters

i wanna believe


dude mindhack lmao

Nah, it sucked. Nothing really even happened in retrospect.

>TFW the one character I can relate to is Mitarai by which I mean I can't get over anything in life and constantly pondering why I'm such a failure in life

>TFW everyone hates Mitarai

J-just like real life

This anime was a joke. Let's not kid ourselves.

>Rocker girl. which is rare in idoshit-obsessed Japanese media.
>Crazy hair
>Piercings that actually work
>Likes cute girls
>Fun-loving and kind personality that usually isn't found in fictional portrayals of metalheads

I liked the ending, as much as I hate to admit it. But no, I did not like DR3 as a whole, and wish it never happened. Since it did happen, I'm still gonna enjoy the fanservice/pandering, though.

I pair Teru and Hiyoko and Mitarai and Mikan in yours.

Junko and Chiaki are the embodiment of Hope and Despair,they needed to go to end thia Hope vs Despair Saga


who cares?

Because I feel nice


Ryouta wasn't supposed to be in the game. He has Weedman's NG bracelet.

Was Junko's hair dyed and did she have contacts on? That's the only thing I'm wondering about DR.

25% enjoyment + high moments, 75% disappointment and anger.

>>in DR universe there's bound to be an image board of anons claiming she's still alive and well


>Guys, does anyone know what happened to the 8th division leader?
>Fucking remnants, killing our people again
>tfw your branch leader is dead
>I want to fuck my branch leader but a manlet is cockblocking me

V3 will have us time travel back to save Chiaki,r-right guys?

Fuck off nigger

This makes more sense than it should

I guess you can say she was thirsty

SHSL Foxhound


Mukuro remains best girl


Her design is god-tier too. What a fucking waste.

God I really want that Hopeman OVA or whatever now. He barely shows up an was still the best part of the episode.

Oh, and I'm mildly annoyed by that stupid implication that tried to merge AI Chiaki and real Chiaki even though we all know they were different characters and had different personalities, which was even outright said by AI Chiaki there.

what did they mean by this

>Letting a mediocre anime ruin a good game for you
>What happens in said anime doesn't even go against the game's ending
You're all sad as hell.

I'd like this.

I hope they took her body with them to give her a proper burial.
Next to Chiaki's make-shift grave... o7

FF relationship/opinion charts when?

It wasn't the best but I genuinely enjoyed it. However, that might be because I watched alongside Cred Forums. These threads really made me look forward to each new episode.

What would SHSL Pole be like?

If Hagakure was the 16th participant, doesn't that means Ruruka would have died right after the game started?

>tfw like Ibuki and Mahiru the same amount
i really cant choose who i like the most

during the first episode, when we saw the 77th class in their despair attire, there was a shot of kuzuryuu with an eyepatch. so he lost his eye at some point before NWP

Just gotta rub it in

Do these two even know who class 77 is?

>Kodaka prevented writers from making LN spinoffs for the DR2 survivors so that we could get this

I enjoyed it watching along with the threads. If I was marathoning alone I might have dropped it.

He kept his promise, though. Kirigiri didn't die. Honestly I'm glad she's alive almost more for him than Kirigiri herself.

Right here, awaiting for our Goddess' inevitable return in Hopeman's OVA.

technically he never left the island so he was always in the playing field.

as a whole?, yeah I liked alot of moments of it. I also liked the ending since I liked some of the DR2 cast.

I don't understand the butthurt at all
>no junko or chiaki or class 78th
they were dead, the class 77th was in coma
>Tengan had retarded motives
So did Junko for making the first killing game and Izuru for making the second one
>Mitarai brainwashing is stupid
So is Izuru's talent and Nagito's luck and alot of shit, but everyone bats an eye to them
>It made DR2 irrelevant
not really, besides its a great game by itself anyway

I could go on.
overall 8/10, getting V3 on release date.

It's really bad, but I kind of liked it because of the memes. If I was watching this show on it's own merits, though? Probably not.

>trying to come with something for characters who never even interacted with each other
>Izayoi has literally nothing to say about anyone besides Ruruka and Seiko
>Nobody knows what to say about Bandai so they just comment on his voice

Why are so many surviving characters under "Too Good For This World" tier?

Honestly, how else are you gonna introduce him?

the only thing that made up this anime was hajimeme and class 77 i think they put way to much emphasis on mitarai who is a literal who which ruined the anime while many of the cooler DR3 characters died for nothing

It's definitely not perfect, but it doesn't need to be a full-proof plot for me to enjoy it. I loved the ride to the end, and was entertained the whole way through. These threads helped a bit for sure, but I'm glad I experienced it with you guys. Gonna miss these threads for sure.

See you all for Komaeda's anime I guess.

I did it for you, user.

Good thing she's alive to tell everyone he's gone, since she's now the only surviving person that's seen him fall into the pit.
Doubt they'll find the body anyway.

>doesn't go against the game's ending
>the game's ending is about DR2 coping with being ulitmate despair
>DR3: they dindu nuffin wrong

because that chart was curbing off this chart, which used to be posted in these threads all the fucking time

>Smelly murderer who gets off to being beaten up by Junko and converted Chisa to despair
>Best girl

How can the Super Duper Highschool Level Sniper lose to the freaking Super Duper Highschool Level Photographer?

God, remember when the first two episodes came out and everyone was full of such hopes and expectations? I miss those days.


So is V3 going to be a reboot? What kind? Alternate Universe? Same universe but different setting?

Overall I was disappointed. Normally I would be furious with pandering episodes like Hope-side but frankly I just don't care anymore. Of course there were still parts I enjoyed. I'm even tempted just to go through the whole DR series again to see how differently it feels.

>have sex with Akane
>she yells out "Justin Bieber" while fucking

Izuru literally dindu nuffin wrong though

Needs a shot of Kirigiri alive at the end with the 'it seems my panties are wet' screencap underneath it (just the text, I mean).

Many thanks, user!

Retarded ass kisser.

It could be that they're not actually SHSLs themselves but are the SHSL Task Force. Whole is greater than the sum of the parts, etc. Or they're just jobbers, that's another option.

She was behind him and he had ear plugs.


You're thinking of Teruteru, idiot.

No SHSL Spotter to help the Sniper

Are you pretending to be retarded?

How else would you expect Mahiru to be useful? I expected her to knock the SHSL Nails woman who was on Hiyoko with her camera or something.

Same universe but decades in the future apparently.

I'm just happy they didn't shoehorn Junko in somehow again. The episode itself was pure fanservice though

>77-B being reduced to one-note background characters that act as a hivemind
>They weren't "brainwashed" by having their own problems exploited, they were brainwashed by magical anime
I can't do it.

No, I didn't.

>So did Junko for making the first killing game
Doing something to entertain yourself is not retarded user. That's like saying doing something you enjoy is retarded.

Wasn't Ryouta in the room when that happened, though? He should have seen it, too, in fact I think he even asked her about him when the two left together.


Mukuro is shit.

Did you even see how she was sucking that bottle right after that

That girl tries, if nothing else

don't bully the mukuro


There was definitely a lot of missed potential.

>yfw your waifu/husbando survived

Buy Kaede's game

I did it again to cut out the Asahina elbow.

Where was it stated that they're SHSLs? They could just be trained FF members.

It looks like the counter was there to simply trick us from the very beginning.

Enjoyment is just a buzzword invented by people who can't defend doing something



Danganronpa 3 was a mistake and shall be stricken from the record

Genuinely wanted to stop watching it multiple times and only continued so I could participate in these threads

>spreading Hope

Kill yourself Naegi


It wasn't my image. If someone would like to edit that in, I'm sure there's many anons here that would be fairly grateful. I've never really dabbed into shoppin' images myself.

We didn't think DR3 would get this bad.

Should have dropped out after the 6th episodes.

Do you think it was Makoto's luck that caused it to be Nagito who showed up?

>Hajime and/or Kazuichi were nice enough to make Komaeda a prosthetic arm
I thought they all hated him.

Truly this anime was quite the despairful experience, but it's an experience we must all cherish in order to create a hopeful future.
These were some great threads and I wish these could've lasted.

Japan only.

Dude we should reopen that school that ruined the world


Should've just been the DR2 survivors. Heck Hajizuru was pretty cool actually, despite all the dumb shit going on around him.

Well it's not like the plot wasn't too dumb to take seriously before this episode anyway, so whatever.

Mitarai is gone along with the 77th crew though.


I still remember when people were making those image edits about whose going to live and seriously discussing theories and speculation. Before it just turned into a big memefest.

She couldn't let anyone leave. He never "left", he stayed in the same place the entire time.

In the beginning.

Is there a way to get Komaeda's anime only?


Shouldn't Mikan be calling Naegi as Naegichan since she is his upperclassmen after all or was Naegisan actually appropriate?

It's pretty funny, Class 77 pulls a Dark Knight to save the Future Foundation's reputation, but reputations apparently mean nothing if they think anyone will want to anything to do with Hope's Peak again.


The school wasn't the problem. It was the evil old men who were doing experiments and segregating the students from each other.


Let's hope the V3 cast won't be as retarded as the first two casts.

>Trying this hard.

user just stop. You can think of her motives as boring or lame but there's nothing retarded about it.

How will anyone manage to get through this trainwreck without all the dank memes?

I'd give it a 3/10, and it'd probably be lower if it weren't for JUZOBOYS, "You know why", the Nagito gun and shit like that.

Seriously, this is what ruined DR3 for me. Grow some balls, Kohacka.

>Kirigirifags constantly post obnoxious memes and claim
>Chiakifags, besides one delusional theorycrafting faggot, were respectful and just wanted a happy ending for their waifu

>Kirigiri lives and gets manlet D, Chiaki stays dead

I don't think that's how it works.

DR2's cast weren't that dumb.

He could have caught them up offscreen before they departed. Either way I think the remainder of the FF would have eventually noticed he was missing.

stay mad. drop the series if you want, see if I care.
by that logic it's even more retarded. she did it for fun and despair.The world was fucked already anyway. Izuru and Tengan tried to accomplish something.
>see which one was more unpredictable between Hope or Despair
>convince Ryota to use his mindhacks to make everyone "feel Hope.
they are still retarded though

Mikan called Junko "Enoshima-san" before getting brainwashed, if that counts for something.

Dude Hope Academy is such a large campus, how are we gonna keep it open without scamming a bunch of parents out of their hard earned money again?

First half of DR3 was like this and it was pretty damn entertaining, then everything goes downhill after episode 6

It was pretty good. I liked it.


This will absolutely be one of those anime that's only worth watching while it's airing live. See: Memes, speculation and all that.

There's very little substance in the story itself.

>The post-episode rush is dying down here
>The irrational anger and hatred is seeping back into these threads
>Things I can't have fun with because I'm not mad

Guess I gotta go.

>Dude Naegi Ultimate Hope lol
>Munakata pointed out Naegi would become even more famous if he survived the final killing game

He beat Ultimate Despair and stopped the Remnants of Despair just ask Munakata

What's one more white lie at this

JUSTICEfags at work again.



It's like they literally learned nothing.

Class 78 confirmed dumber than Class 77.

>implying more bad men or students won't just weasel their way into power again down the road


Reminder that the game being set in a secret underwater Future Foundation HQ replica ultimately didn't matter.

Also that the bracelets and NG codes worked by magic and there's absolutely no way they could detect things like when someone's shadow was stepped on.

What happened in 6 again?

Here's the final one, brother!

>Hagakure didn't do shit in the entire fucking series
>Survives everything

>Seiko tries to help everyone even way back at Hope's Peak
>Goodluckman buttfucks her just because he wanted to fuck some shit up
>Gets second worst forbidden action
>Is hunted by ex-best friend
>Dies horribly
>Even then she was trying to help people by making antidotes

At least Kirigiri survived

>yfw the DR2s became despair so that they could create hope for the world
>yfw Komaeda was right

Will Souda ever get rid of his Sonia obsession?

Aside from threads, the only enjoyment i got was litterally riffing on the show with my friend and making a dumb head cannon.
Eventually the plot somehow turned into Yamakan decided to save anime my turning everyone in the world into Idolfags.

I'm a fanboy so I liked it. Excellent ride and I'm glad I got to experience it with all of you wonderful bastards.

>yfw the theme of V3 is JUSTICE

On the same way the FF worked without having a goddamn finance advisor.
That was the episode right before "Monaka becomes a space NEET" happened.

You'll carry that weight

Killing game featuring these goons when?

Despair arc disagrees with you

Naegi is banging Kirigiri, so this is just him taking on the family business.

Zero escape fags BLOWN THE FUCK OUT.
>"M-muh zero escape heavily influences DR."
>"T-there's going to be a Delta character"
Be banished forever shitters, you were always wrong and now you can hang yourselves in peace.

Report in! Mikanfriend

Mikan's involvement in the finale was a lot better than I expected.

We should have something from this episode instead of that blushing Mukuro, IMO. Maybe Fukawa guzzling?

Lets just say that Future episode 7 is the one Monaka buggers off to space and Despair 7 is the one where Junko meets Mitarai.

It's missing a smug-looking living Kyouko from the end

>Kirigirifags being cancer

More on 11

It was the episode that reintroduced every other main character outside of Future.

6 was the hype episode that everyone was excited for and then were let down by the rest of the series not measuring up.


As a kirigirifag, I'm really disappointed they revived her. Felt like all her development and time spent mourning her was wasted. It was a complete asspull too, since why would the drug work on Kirigiri but not Bandai? Was Seiko racist and only pretending to help him?
Really brought down the episode for me.


>"Izuru is the 16th participant and is hiding outside of frame"
Some people...

>This is the final chapter of both our stories

Why did Monokuma say this? Was he a living AI somehow? Why did Tengan put a living Monokuma AI into the game? Hell, why did he put Monokuma in at all?

I guess it was to trick everyone into believing it was Hope vs Despair when really it was Hope vs Hope?

What a waste, he could have been using it for getting laid in Jabberworck better

She's back! Based Mikan coming in with the cure!

Where the fuck was he intending to go? They're on an island and they were standing on the only pier/heliport.

Did you even try?

>My darling wife is alive
Yes, this is good. I am content.


I'm crying.

Hy Vọng

It was a good theory. Better than the missing locker and Munakata entering a closed room being animation errors.

Can't have danganronpa without dis bear

This anime was in real lack of Monokuma.

She didn't cure anyone. She literally just nursed Kirigiri back to health. Seiko cured her.

>Everyone told me it was a happy ending
>Get the subs
>Juzo didn't come back.
Fuck all of you.

>can't make fun of Saionjifags and Mikanfags now.

Teruteru killed a man
Teruteru STABBED a man to death multiple times because he was so worried sick about his potentially dead mother that he just had to see her.
He wakes up and immediately begins talking about his penis.

Wait, what? I don't remember writing this post. I guess I was so happy about MY wife I made it unconsciously.

I'm fine with it really, she was able to fullfill her wish, save her friends and give them hope for the future, so it's fine, she didn't die in vain, her will lives on with the rest of class 77


I liked it quite a lot. There were a lot of very very stupid things that I cant over look, but I enjoyed seeing all of the characters again

...Well that confirms Munakata for suicide, I guess.

>Sorry, I didn't save your bro

Explain Ibuki's character growth and impact on the plot of the series.

Crying that the anime sunk the franchise? Lot of nips hated this finale and pretty much disliked the anime from what I'm seeing. DR likely doesn't have a future after V3 now.

Um, back the fuck off?!?!!

>I guess it was to trick everyone into believing it was Hope vs Despair when really it was Hope vs Hope?

Yep it was a trick to make us all think that the finale is probably going to be one final confrontation with Naegi & Junko but instead we get Hajizuru & Mitarai.

Seiko slowed the poison, Kirigiri would have died eventually had Mikan not found her.

Now that you mention it, DR3 feels like shit fanfiction.

So how long will we have to wait for V3?
A year again?
There's no fucking way I'm gonna be able to keep myself safe for that long.
Hell, I literally got spoiled on P5 the very first day it released in Japan, by going to a completely unrelated board.

she's cute
I love her
she has pretty hair
she loves people
I like her a lot
she lived

She would of die still if she wasn't there.

She cute.



>repulsive gaijin art
Still saved.

>Munakata allies with Naegi because of their shared burdens of dead waifus
How butthurt will he be when he finds out Kirigiri isn't dead?

At least she posthumously saved someone

Seiko saved her, sure. But Cure W only slowed the effects of the poison.

I'm just sad we got anime Matsuda but not anime Ryoko

Remember when Mahiru lost her best friend and Fuyuhiko lost his sister and neither of them changed in the slightest.

I'm torn, while it had its good moments (gekko/monaca twist, first mutual killing game, juzo as a whole) it was still not great. I didn't mind the fan service ending because fuck it Naegi had a shit life he deserves something nice for once.

I was hoping that if the dr2 cast came back it would only be the surviving ones (and Nagito due to him knowing he was in a simulation when he died and luck bullshit) but bringing them all back does bring down dr2 a bit.

The brainwashing was bad, i understand they couldn't have had enough time to show each member getting specifically despair-ified but even a short montage would have been fine, we would have gotten the picture.

It's weird but before dr3 i still wanted drv3 to have some sort of connection to the previous games, and now I'm in the opposite of that i hope it really has nothing to do with hopes peak.

Overall im not in the "dr3 shouldnt have happened" side, but it had way more potential that it totally wasted.

Swap her and Bandai and there's literally no difference.

Peko caved Mahiru's skull in with a baseball bat because she was an accessory in the death of Fuyuhiko's sister and yet none of those three characters apparently care.

Why did everyone have a secret crush on Chiaki? They missed her so bad, more so than any other person.

Welcome to another instance of DR3 destroying the sdr2 characters.

Hopeman fag here, i cried when i saw that good ol hopeman finally has friends, hope truly wins in the end.
Also i had a giant boner in the LUCK MEETS LUCK scene

I think school would be a waste of time in a post apocalyptic world.

I think training kids how to identify edible plants versus poisonous plants would be better than lessons on literature or history.

Hope Peak Academy is just too fancy a school to operate during such hard times.

The idea of public education is also only a recent thing in human history.

Gonna have to start all over with teaching kids how to hunt and shit rather than stay inside a classroom all day because such a luxury can't be afforded right now with how shitty Earth became.

I am surprised the survivors aren't moving back to the country because it seems they are still staying in rubble filled cities.

At least move to a city close to the harbor then so that way you can have students/survivors fish their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Shit, Munakata really got fucked over hard by this whole mess didn't he?

To disguise themselves as survivors of HPA, they have to wear their old outfits to trick FF.

only retards and Junkofags thought Junko was still alive
>s-shes going to show up at the end, youll see!
worst than the retards that thought the deaths in the opening had a meaning

To show that this anime literally could be deleted and nothing would change.


Best art I've seen today.

user, look about who they are talking about.

uhhm is that a yes?

Better start learning Japanese then.

>Class 78 confirmed dumber than Class 77
Now now user, let's not go too far. Class 78 didn't walk right into Junko's trap

i just want these threads to die



She's not the same character, though. They even acknowledge it and then have some stupid-ass attempt to gloss it over. It's stupid, it sucks, I hate it, and it didn't make me hope at all. I can still hear Hajizuru's stupid-ass "this is okay isn't it" in my head. Fuck you, cunt.


I'd imagine this was sorted out after they woke up, and while they were on the boat. You guys are all acting like they just teleported to the tower as soon as they woke up.

how it should have ended.

Because DR3 wanted to put all the blame and evils onto Junko and adding Ryoko in would have ruined this.

cry harder cuckloid

It was about 50/50 like/dislike in the twitter polls

>DR likely doesn't have a future after V3 now.
Now THIS is funny. Yes, user, I'm sure that anime you didn't like is going to tank this VIDEO GAME franchise after its next entry comes out. Kohacka will pay for that mediocre viewing experience!

I miss him already, lads

That's what I thought until I glanced at their profile.

Joke's on us, they're chinese.

Naegi has many dead waifus.

She's written as the "perfect" character.

REPORTING! My favorite girl from DR2 nursed my favorite girl from DR1 back to health. I literally could not be happier

>Mikan atones for killing DR2 waifubait character by reviving DR1 waifubait character.

Balances out, I suppose.

Ending would have been better if Kirigi stayed dead

Reporting! What a episode for her! It deepen my love for her.

>Predicted Mitarai's phone having some serious shit on it and his NG code being related to using it.
>Predicted the RoD showing up before the Jabberwock episode aired and predicted Hajime will redeem himself and Naegi.
I wonder what all the naysaying faggots thing now.

Gundham "Trademark This" Tanaka
Gundham "Copyrights My Ass, Right?" Tanaka
Gundham "Wing Of My Pets" Tanaka
Gundham "Double-O Serpent" Tanaka
Gundham "Built to Fight, But Not A Build Fighter" Tanaka
Gundham "Iron-Blooded, And Making Kids Orphans" Tanaka
Gundham "Unicorns? Tameable." Tanaka
Gundham "My Only Crime Was Copyright Infringement" Tanaka
Gundham "Seed On The Princess" Tanaka
Gundham "You Can't Ban The Scarfman" Tanaka
Gundham "Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise's Upset" Tanaka
Gundham "You Think That's Bad, Wait Until You Meet My Cousin Gintoki" Tanaka
Gundham "So The TPP Won't Let Me Be, Won't Let Me Be Me, My Seal Is Free" Tanaka
Gundham "Royalty Fees? I Also Tame Bees" Tanaka
Gundham "Are Model Kit Sales Down This Month Again?" Tanaka
Gundham "There Are No Copyright Laws in the Jungle" Tanaka

Fine Class 78 survivors confirmed dumber than Class 77.

It's ridiculously that every single character from sdr2 would miss a classmate more than anyone else. What about their families or other friends?

Fuck. people kept complaining about the outfit of the DR2 cast that I didn't realize user was talking about DR1 cast's

She's the SHSL Gamer. She played them like games.

Are they going to fuck?

I would have had to start at least 4 years ago.
It's way too late for that now

Vast majority was underwhelming, but there was enough good that I can say I enjoyed it.
>Gozu existing
>Seiko existing
>Kizakura existing
>Some great scenes, such as Munakata running for Juzo, Komaeda pulling a gun, Munakata and Naegi settling their differences, etc.
I also may be in the minority here, but I totally didn't mind at all how pandering the final episode was. I enjoyed it very much.

That's what people thought when playing SDR2 yet she appeared again. She also had a role in DR:AE as well, so can you blame anybody thinking she'll appear again?

cry harder for what? for being right? kek.
glad to see Junkofags are still mad. please drop Danganronpa now. don't go into V3 just for the inventor girl since she looks like Junko

Kirigiri is not waifubait

They probably needed her for the sequel.

Too bad, it's a lady!

Yeah V3 is likely the last DR game.

She's not even the same person.

Munakata already cremated her body and took her ash with him

Yes they did.

The show did a really bad job of showing why Chiaki was important to everyone. There was only one episode showing her interact with the rest of the class and that was right at the beginning so it's easy to forget about.

Everyone apologize to Mikan right now!

Kirigirifags still need to thank her

>Yes, user, I'm sure that anime you didn't like is going to tank this VIDEO GAME franchise after its next entry comes out.

When you put it like that, we made it out pretty unscathed. This is a video game anime. 50/50 approval on a VIDEO GAME ANIME. wew.

I think this is what disappointed me the most. Everyone talks about how annoying it would have been with Junko coming back but the anime itself was toted about as "THE ULTIMATE FANSERVICE".

I feel like it really should have been DR1/DR2 vs Junko one last final time instead of DR1 + LiterallyWhosWhoAllDieBut1 vs Literally Who (With DR2 swooping in for the last 20 minutes).

I feel it only lived up to the 'fanservice' title during the last episode.

Well he lost Sayaka so it's not like he doesn't get him.

Please don't submit Naegi to that torture.

Class 77 didn't even give Chisa a burial or farewell.

What the fuck.

but naegi's luck is way shittier than his

I'm content to delude myself that he's in a hospital offscreen, and that Munakata's only walking the earth to a) come to terms with the fact that he acted like a crazy, bro-killing fuckwit during the killing game, and b) his waifu was actually a lying honeypot

Oh, you're baiting. Never mind.

You had me for a little bit there.

My wife Ibuki was is cute. CUTE!

No they didn't.

I bet you think Ash losing the league is going to affect the Sun & Moon sales

Yes she is, she's a beautiful girl who works extremely close to the protagonist. You are intended to choose her as your favorite girl.

Naegi never even like Sayaka and vice versa, it doesn't even begin to compare

Pls explain?

They only did 1 dumb thing, which was to chase after someone who had abducted their teacher. And they had fifteen people, between them, so while dumb it wasn't like they were walking in completely vulnerable.


Not sure if shitposting but I actually like her now


>confirmed secondary

Not the game the anime wont do as good though

>This delusion.
Yeah, I'm sure they stuck to each other like glue because they just wanted to play Chess 24/7 with each other.


What a fucking mistake

>Makoto no where to be seen

Kirigiri was a social outcast before the mind wipe and 2nd killing game started.
Sayaka was the original waifu and Kirigiri was his backup.

Did Munakata go fucking kill himself?
Because that certainly looks like what he was going to do by going in the opposite direction while on an island.

It was called the Hope arc. She wasn't going to stay dead. It's not fair to asspull all of the DR2 characters back to life and keep Kirigiri dead.

>Not pairing Komeada and Hajime
We all know they want each other's ahoges

I hope Hopeman meets Makoto in the OVA. I would love to see those two talking about HOPE.

I feel really bad for Munakata, he existed only to suffer.

Uh what? Did you even play DR1 or her FTE?

I don't really care for either of them but cmon.

They used the school as a shelter because they thought it was safe. What're you getting at?

>Gundham "Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise's Upset" Tanaka
This is the best one


Hinata-kun, why didn't you save me? ;_;

Naegi's luck is giving others bad luck.

They also said fuck-all about Chiaki. What a fucking waste.

Helicopters you fucking retards.
stop saying he offed himself.

But the plot literally WAS mindhacc.

i am so happy

To be fair, Nagito was shown with his old outfit in a SDR2 flashback and that was right before SDR2.

>have a favorite character this installment of the series
>it dies
>happened every single game and anime

I'll remember you always, drugs-chan

How did despaired young adults in a trapped school walk right into Junko's plan?

no even junko statet that, also makoto worst day ever shows how he even beat the other lucky student

Why did Gundham wait till the end to say his name?

What? did you expect them to bury her in the middle of a fucking war against the FF?
They probably did bury her afterwards but we didn't got to see it, which is fine because i always felt like the relationship with Chisa and class 77 was really artificial and boring.

It's always gotta be "muh Naegi is right and has to have everything and feel no loss"

What sucks is Munakata was right about him.

Thankfully we won't see the manlet ever again.

That image is beautiful

It's like a picture out of ISpy

That's an asspull even god can't do.

Everybody who wasn't a retard or a deathfag already knew she was alive. Both in-universe and meta, all signs pointed to her being alive.


You can't just announce the name of a void lord any time, user.

Because Junko was planning for them to kill each other?

am i supposed to be happy that komaeda is alive? how do we know he wont fuck up something for the sake of "stepping stone lol"

I don't understand how he is going to atone by leaving FF.

If he actually used his brain, he should be mentoring Naegi or becoming a teacher.

Munakata can become the next Fedora 2.0

Instead he is likely going to become a Wandering Hobo trying to sneak his Illegal Katana from Customs.

class 78 pandering, class 77 pandering. Worst anime I've ever watched till the end

>Brainwashing is now some retarded name this game gave it, on that note DR invented mindwashing because they stated it and used it first.

He thought she was cute but that's all, Hajime reacts similarly to Sonia.
And Sayaka was using Naegi.

They were childhood friends in a situation with strangers who want to kill them, of course they stuck together.

For Mitarai they wanted to atone so that was their first step. As well as considering him a classmate. also pity

Reminder that Nagito tried to kill the entire class, including himself, when he found out that they were Ultimate Despair and nothing should have changed between then and now.

Indeed. Quite frankly with the finale we've got they should have just gone ahead with Junko again no matter how retarded it would have been and probably beaten her down instead off "I'll kill myself" or "Deleted in a VR".

Dodging cease and desist until when it mattered is the funniest answer.

It was Izuru. I don't have it but if you look at that pic again each picture corresponds to the surviving remnants

Sonia sold her parents, Akane starved herself, Souda gunned down some civilians, Fuyuhiko transplanted the eye, Izuru fucked Junko's corpse and probably also Chiaki's

I love this.

This was a ride.
Arigato, minna

He deserved a better anime and franchise than this trash. Persona will take him back.

They didn't KNOW it was dangerous though, that's the point.

I didn't want it to happen but fully expected her to appear again, it's not just junkofags. She was shoehorned into the plot of previous games and she stole the show in Despair arc, so it was reasonable to expect her to show up via asspull magic in Future too.

What IS Munakata going to do now?
I wish we got one more cinema scene in the conclusion.

Not really Mindhacking is telepathy mixed with telekinesis that only works on people. Brainwashing is overwriting someone's personality and/or subconscious with magic/technology/other.

>wake up
>be not ultimate despair

Sounds like change to me.

Except for the fact Izuru would shut his ass down.
Nagito used a chance available to him through the rules of the killing game, no way he could kill the Remnants toe to toe, even with his luck, he knew this.
I'm guessing when a living god tells you to do something, you bend the knee and fucking do it.

They were outside doing dirty work. Do you wear YOUR nice clothes when doing that?

This. I don't trust Nagito.

With how creepy he is, that he even creeped out Monaca into becoming a SPACE NEET, what happens if he attempts to turn Komaru into Junko 2.0 since he failed with Monaca?

Because he didn't try to do that while he was their classmate, why would he do that now?

>He thought she was cute but that's all, Hajime reacts similarly to Sonia.
>And Sayaka was using Naegi.

So you didn't pay attention to the game nor do her FTE.

Carry on.

Wew lad

He will start a prison and detain all corrupted hope.

The point was they walked right into her trap. Was it her trap? Yes. Did they walk right in? Yes.

You could say, life is unfair.

well to be fair. he didn't know they could stop being Ultimate Despairs.

I wonder if they made him a bronze statue in Jabbewrock

I expected it to be pants on head so I enjoyed all of it. Hope side went almost exactly as I wanted expected with only leaving Chiaki dead. Was hoping for max asspull with reviving her



Izuru used SHSL therapist (thanks Miaya) and SHSL argumentation to convince him to stop.

Wait so were they really not allowed to say "Gundam"?

So Munakata becomes a Prison Warden?

Yeah if was fanservice but i honestly liked that ending, i'd like to forget the retarded parts of DR3 happened but i'm going to stay satisfied with that ending.

I felt for the first time in the entire anime that an episode had good pacing and that it was well directed.

i understand why you anons didn't liked it though, however what did you anons even expect for an ending? Junko again?

Also as a giant Chiaki fag i'm honestly fine with Chiaki not suddenly coming back to life, if she were alive it would have completely devaluated AI chiaki's character and purpose, i'm actually glad they stated how different both characters are, it makes it so AI Chiaki is one of the things the anime didn't butcher up from DR2
It's sad that she's dead but it's honestly a miracle that they even remembered her at all.

>If he actually used his brain, he should be mentoring Naegi or becoming a teacher.

>mentoring or teaching at a school that you wanted to run but is ran by some manlet who you don't agree with completely.

Yeah that would work.


Izuru converts it into a space ship.

>Asahina called her 'Omaru-chan'
>Even Fukawa has stopped calling her Omaru
>Asahina being lowkey bitchy because she let her bro die

I can buy the "murderers" apologizing to their victims offscreen and being forgiven. That's not too big of a stretch for me.

But why are any of them still tolerating THIS asshole?



No idea. It sounds strange, but nips are strangely cautious about it, and Disney.

she was began using him when the incentives got out and she freaked out with despair.

before then she liked him and wanted to be his friend. she even had him keep the sword to use for his protection.

They had their moments, but for the most part both Zetsobou and Mirai were pretty bad.

The ending was probably the best they could do, just full on pander. Rip anyone who liked the DR1 cast members who died, though. The DR2 cast had a walking plot device to bring them back, but what happened to them was real.

Because if they don't, he will go make a mess again.


I hope Naegi eventually clears up this shit with Hinata & co taking the fall for Tengan's BULLSHIT and they can eventually join him at the new Hope's Peak. Sensei Komaeda, come on.

If they're going asspull a happy ending via Izuru he should have used the powers of the SHSL voodoo priest and brought everyone who died to despair and the killing games back to life.

It was just a game, no need to get so mad.

He wanted to blow up the gym just to get people out of a test. He's a danger to himself and others and nothing has changed about that.

Because this anime is incredibly badly written.

I had no expectations when I first watched it, I just wanted to see the RoD and the Class 78 gang.
And guess what? I did, and I enjoyed the shit outta it.

not in the long run. Komeada's luck sucks since it goes in cycles of bad then good luck, but is almost immediate. While Makoto's is unpredictable, his luck is bad luck that leads to good luck making his "bad luck" actually good luck.

Yeah but they didn't literally walk into to Junko's lair with the SHSL Soldier and SHSL Hope present, by themselves with their best fighter in Peko weakened and bringing along an unconscious Nagito. Class 78 prob would've avoided Junko's lair in the same situation, they're a more cautious and pessimistic than class 77

It made me wish Junko was the last boss again.

If you could go back in time and experience watching DR3 with Cred Forums for the first time again, would you do it?

Read through this entire reply thread. The conversation is about which class is dumber. You can't compare walking into a presumably safe shelter with walking into a situation you KNOW is dangerous.

>Guys, we have to go SAVE Ms. Chisa.
>She's in DANGER.
>The Reserve Course kids are RIOTING outside, but we have to go.
>Komaeda literally got SHOT with the GUN that he BROUGHT because he knew the situation was DANGEROUS.
>But we have to go!

Though I believe both classes are equally stupid, in the two situations we're comparing, 77 made the dumber decision.

Because there's hope in the world again, no need to create the ultimate hope since the world is already recovering it, and also got hope within him, he got part of what he wanted, friends, people who appreciate him, real friends who accept him even if he's crazy, yeah he's still crazy but i'm going to guess he'll stay chill since there's no reason to try and find a reason to create despair in the name of hope, besides Hajizu probably keeps an very close eye on him.

Actually didn't mean to post that picture in this thread, but I'll go ahead and say that it's bullshit that he never appeared on screen in any official installment.

He actually seems kind of alright on this side of the simulation. Maybe the mixture of his normal and despair personalities actually balanced him out a bit.

The world wasn't even in despair yet when he fucking set off a bomb at the school. He's just crazy, period. Komaeda apologists at their finest.

> nothing should have changed between then and now.

Izuru talked to him

Nuff said. He's literally the Deus Ex for any problem. Guy could even talk Sonia into loving Soda.

>Sensei Komaeda, come on.
Do you want the school to go down on flames again?
May as well undo the entire Tragedy.


HE was crazier due to despair, So when they woke up they remembered each other and made up on the boat.

Despite what he did, his classmates still accepted him and let him stay with them, i feel like being accepted like that would honestly make him change a little bit for the better

Wow even the manliest guy in the world knows DR3 sucked. And he's so manly that he won't fuck a girl unless she looks like a man.

Yes. These threads made the experience worth it, in the end. I'll miss you faggots ;_;

It depends. Do I keep my memories of the first time or not?

Yes. These threads were pretty much the only redeemable part about the anime.

It's not really confirmed that he left FF though. It's not clear at all what he was going to be doing afterwards. They flashback they showed when he talked about carrying his own burden showed his old friends in Hope's Peak.

Komaeda did NOTHING wrong.

Tolerate? He did the right thing attempting to kill the mass murderers


No. I'd watch it alone. These threads got a bit too bitter for me and I'd have been better off never stepping into them.

How is Komeada an asshole he just wants HOPE to shine and dazzle? He wanted to give the 77th class bjs for awhile until he realized they were evil terrorist who almost destroyed the world. Then realizing the HOPES he loved were really despair it would make sense for him to want to kill everyone and himself.

>Dont use your talent NG was supposed for Weedman so that he wouldn't predict happy ending to spark Hope

Too bad he was a mass murderer too. And had he succeeded, he would have unleashed a bunch of literal Junkos into the world.

Considering I didn't watch it the first time around, sure.

>What is SHSL luck?
Nigga knew they wouldn't die cause he knew he was on his good luck cycle

Not really.

15 NG codes prepared. Mitarai bumped up the counter and Weedman got shafted.

Well, shit. It actually does.

why was this their only interaction? they didnt even say a single word to each other. i was hoping hajime and naegi would both tell mitarai to fuck off

I'm more depressed Usami couldn't see her precious students one more time.

Thanks user. I can sleep peacefully tonight.

Chiaki has a better design while Rem looks stupid. So Rem.


She was unlucky enough to pass out near a monitor so that wouldn't have done shit, unless the monitors could magically wake her out of her coma, I guess.

I mean WEEDMAN did predict the ending correctly. (except for best husbando JUZO) It was filled with hope.

>That time when Megumi Ogata meets Megumi Ogata
Good times

There were some episodes I liked, mostly in Future. Despair was kind of shitty except for Nagito's gun.
The ending makes the whole thing seem pointless, though. The only new characters to survive are that shitter Mitarai and Munakata.

This the fucking mascot didn't even get a chance to talk.

Kun should have been more appropriate but Mikan is a huge beta who can't assert her seniority

You're welcome you guys. At least that's one plothole filled.

Fuyuhiko knew this at the time, but didn't kill Mahiru because she was his classmate

DR2 Fuyuhiko didn't know this bitch, found out his sister was dead and wanted revenge

Naegi didn't have it in him to keep going at that point. I think that was meant to be Hajime communicating that they've got it sorted from here or something to that effect.

Does anyone else feel like having Sonia suddenly like Souda is a huge ass-pull? She was progressively getting more and more fed up with him over the course of the actual game, not more tolerant. Even at the end she was sick of him. And with Gundham, the guy she actually liked in prior canon, back to life, I don't see why she would suddenly decide to give him the time of day and not pay attention to Gundham.

Man this show sucked.

All she did was tell him his Mini Nidai bombs were good? She was still all over Gundam there on the boat when they were eating.

Naegi's Luck gets him into shitty situations so you can say He actually Jinxes others and a bit of himself

Komaeda's Luck drains the luck of others to the point it's extreme and ends up causing death to give him the upper hand

Sonia and Souda woke up together. They probably had time to bond while working to wake the other members up

That said she still wants Gundham's dick as demonstrated in the ending

>remaining Cherry Blossoms wasn't the ED

Whoever that user was, we need a talk

The ED was made by a guy that killed himself, to signify what Munakata went off to do

Naegi keep on living my man