Get hyped because I realise bd-rips for samurai champloo finally exist

>Get hyped because I realise bd-rips for samurai champloo finally exist
>looks like garbage

Defend this shit, you told me the jews feared the samurai.

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It's an upscale of course it's going to look like shit you idiot.

Yes, why would they release an upscale if they are not working together with the jews?

For money? Like any business that has any hope of surviving?

Jesus christ that looks bad

Tell me it's the compression or something

So, like any other business why don't they actually put some effort into their re-release?

you think they can magically create higher resolution versions?

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, do you?

The only BD of an anime made between 2001 and 2005 that looks good is The Big O (Mai-Hime looks OK).

I want 14 year old Cred Forums to leave.

Vampire hunter D came out 30 years ago and the BD looks about 10 times better, so if you can explain this meme magic by all means.


Feel like showing an example?

Please kill yourself and never post on Cred Forums again.

What's the name of that image host where you can hover your mouse to look at another image again?


BD and DVD for samurai Champloo

BD and DVD for vampire hunter D.

samurai champloo is a cult classic and the soundtracks alone have earned manglobe more revenue than most studios make in a year (with the obvious exceptions)

Therefore there is no excuse to make such a lousy upscale looking to con fans out of their money.

Champloo was also stretched to fit into 16:9, but you're right in that it does look much worse.

Champloo is unfortunately the victim of early CG anime.
BDs of anime done on cells, like Vampire Hunter D, look so good because the cells were a physical medium. So they could go back and rescan them at higher resolutions and get a nice crisp image.
But there is no physical copy of the early CG stuff. It was made on computers at a low resolutions and often in 4:3. Short of reanimating it, there isn't much that can be done to improve it.

Samurai Champloo was actually done in 16:9, so it doesn't suffer as badly as something like Gundam Seed did when they tried to make it HD.

Very informative post, thank you.

I'm assuming that anime only got less physical as time progressed and by 2004/2005 it had become a digital product, but who were the first studio to actually pull it off properly, if you know?

This is a very interesting topic and I'd love to watch a documentary or something on it.

I own the Blu-ray, it looks good. No need to cherry-pick.

I don't know who did it first, the first successful digital anime I remember was GITS:SAC, but there were a lot of studios experimenting with digital anime in the early 2000's. From what I recall, the transition between cell and digital took place between 2000-2006 ish.

Fuu is still cute though.

Good, not great.