Danganronpa 3

Fucking Naegi glands

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Shut it down already

Are they fucking now? Did my boy Souda finally score?

Feels good

>people want to shit all over the theme of friendship from UDG by making Toko and Komaru lesbians


Think he's going back to Inaba? He lost his girlfriend and best friend, maybe Chie and Yosuke would still accept him? Nanako's gotta still be willing to meet him again.

you just KNOW

What's all this about Gundham and copyright?

Feels good too.

Reposting the Juzofolder for those who missed it, enjoy, brothers!

Let us hope it will help fill the void!

Why did he never appear?

Say my name Cred Forums

Why does Nagito have a robotic arm?
What happened to Junko's arm?

Current average: 6.49


>All the female students have been thoroughly prepared for you Naegi-kun.

You know it.

Man that ending was horrible. Actually trash.
Munakata deserved a lot more than this shit. It wasn't even a good ending for the 77th class.


When/Why did Nagito fuck Monaca.
I didn't read or play despair girls tell me please.


Also please buy the special edition of V3 :^)

Class 78 got it worst, faggot.

Guntheham Tenkaka

He's acquired concubine status, Gundham Tanaka is still the husband.

Future 7.

It's a meme you dip

>this is canon now

It's going to be explained in Nagito's OVA

>all these high ratings

What the fuck, did you get this from reddit or something

So Kirigiri got cucked for high school girls.

Naegi never learns.

>naegi didn't even do jack shit the whole episode
>hopeman has a robotic arm
>hajime has split eye colors
>chiaki hallucination
what the fuck did i just watch

So did they fuck?

He rescued her and promised to teach her how to be an even better ultimate despair than Junko. Then in DR3 Monaca commented on how he made her into an adult.

Too OP

>It's a meme
Keep telling yourself that, fujo.

Why was she the only one who looked and sounded broken? This is literally Despair Chisa's smile.

It was pretty obvious she was coming back. If she was actually going to remain dead she would have been mentioned a lot more, she literally was not even mentioned by anyone until she returned to Naegi's side.

I just feel bad for the DR1 cast members who didn't have walking plot devices(Seiko and Izuru) to bring them back to life. Seiko's entire existence as a character was just so they could "kill Kirigiri" and bring her back and Izuru's magic.

It's a meme.

Yes, she pegs him every night

Class 76 got it worst.


It's been an honor to serve with you lads! I hoped and hoped I would see Mikan this final episode and there my angel was, alive and well. Not only that, but she nursed Kirigiri back to health! I see a bright and happy future ahead of her, full of love and friendship. MIKANFRIENDS, SALUTE YOUR ANGEL!

I never doubt you Kirigiri


Naegi did something. He protected them from the FF and his choice was proven to be the right one when the remnants saved the world.

>Class 78

Fukuoka said in Dangan Radio that Souda built his arm after Nagito removed Junko's.

Fanservice, of course!

He killed himself, mate


Danganronpa 3 should of been a game
Why did Kodaka make it into a shitty rushed anime?

No matter what anyone say and no matter what anyone think, Nanami Chiaki will always be the true, official and only Ultimate Hope.

Plus the whole twist was sort of spoiled when that BD ad with Togami broke the 4th wall about the fact that Kyoko wasn't clearly dead.

Why is Komaeda not on this list

Has this been shopped into the montage of all the DR2 characters being their sprite poses?

>Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet

so is the implication that AI chiaki just wormed her way into hajime's brain before dying or some shit



Good thing you can just act like it was irrelevant and move on to V3.

user why would komaeda keep the arm of junko
Of course hajime would have split eye color how is that shocking
If cure w failed then that would have truly made seikos existence pointless. She died thinking she was never able to help anyone but in death she managed to save one person. That alone would have pleased her more than anything but having sex with ruruka

souda x gundham pandering in despair anime

now this, three some confirmed

>Golden shoves Marie in to that picture.

I'm still mad.

He is a boy

I'm here to bring you facts. Japanese poll about Hope arc:

>27% It was good! (Male)
>10% It wasn't good (Male)
>37% It was good! (Female)
>26% It wasn't good (Female)

4 273 votes so far. The general opinion seems to be a little more positive compared to what I've seen on Cred Forums, but obviously they do find a lot of problems in it.

Yeah if was fanservice but i honestly liked that ending, i'd like to forget the retarded parts of DR3 happened but i'm going to stay satisfied with that ending.

I felt for the first time in the entire anime that an episode had good pacing and that it was well directed.

i understand why you anons didn't liked it though, however what did you anons even expect for an ending? Junko again?

Also as a giant Chiaki fag i'm honestly fine with Chiaki not suddenly coming back to life, if she were alive it would have completely devaluated AI chiaki's character and purpose, i'm actually glad they stated how different both characters are, it makes it so AI Chiaki is one of the things the anime didn't butcher up from DR2
It's sad that she's dead but it's honestly a miracle that they even remembered her at all.

Haha it's funny because she said that line, but if you ignore how she explained herself then it sounds lewd. Haha nice one dude.

She did the worst.

Still best girl

So do this ascend him from being manlet to being what?

>not believing Nagito has eyes for anything but hope

whatever, pedoshit.

Reporting!! It's was fun while it lasted. I'm kinda going to miss you guys.

So relax Chihiro fags your tranny did program the Chiaki AI, it's just that the AI was supposed to be a Taco which shat ice cream but instead became Chiaki because the canon OTP is Class 77 x Chiaki


A poorly put together ending because Kodhacka didn't want us to see Class 77 until the very end.

The twist with Tengen and the mind-control shit, though fucking stupid, I'll let it slide since its danganronpa. But everyone else was just poorly done. The only part that got me somewhat excited was Kirigiri being alive, and I don't even like Kirigiri.

I wish more of the new DR3 cast lived. The DR2 cast is good and all but man the way they were used in all of DR3 was horrible.

Mikan is okay I guess.

>they dragged hopeman away from naegi before he got to go full HOPE
The OVA had better fix this shit.

No, Nagito still towers over him.

Naegi didn't had to do anything because he didn't need to, he'd already done enough at that point, and if he did, then the class 77 wouldnt have gotten the screentime they deserved and people would have complained about it.

There is nothing wrong with Marie

>front and center to boot

she's literally fanfiction.net OC

That's still a pretty shitty approval rating for what was supposed to be the "perfect ending" of the series.

The videogame staff didn't want to subject the survivors of a previous killing game to another killing game and so the anime was made as far as I heard.

Nanami stays dead because Junko killed her.
Kirigiri gets to live because Tengan is a shitty mastermind.

Why people like Komaeda?
Is it memes or legit?

>literally had a son
>still in denial
k e k

was it really impostor munakata or just QUALITY?



He didn't actually want to make a conclusion to the HPA arc. The games are the heart and soul of the series, so instead of defiling them, he made a fanservice anime for the committed fans as a thank-you.

There's a bright future for her child too!


I know Hopeman still is over him but after all the shit he went through in the anime, Naegi should be other thing, he doesn't deserve the title of manlet anymore.

There will be an OVA?

Is there anybody at all who can offer me at least a somewhat convincing explanation, even a suggestion, of how there could be a Zetsubou-hen IF, one where human Chiaki gets to have a happy ending?

>Makoto nowhere to be seen
Don't want to call him a shit brother but I really expected better from him

>We never saw the Remnants of despair doing ANYTHING except briefly in the boring Episode 11 of Despair arc

At least pane to shots of the world and how dead and broken it is.

>DR3 is over
>no good Zetsubou-hen Chisa doujins in her maid outfit
>not even Mirai-hen Chisa doujins



Play SDR2

that was a commercial. he was advertising Kirigiri-sou, the sound novel included with the upcoming bluray. he didn't say anything about her in-story status.

Komaru is the big brother, Makoto is the little sister

Okay guys. Now that it's all over. Who was your favorite character in the whole show/game/VN/etc so far. V3 doesn't count yet for it's not out.

Why does it feel as if the most detailed character is Hope Man? He seems to be the only character to have layers and is pretty interesting in his own right

Report in! friend

Bringing Junko into Despair was a mistake. That was the point the DR2 cast became nothing more than background characters.

Even if we got Izuru out of it, he doesn't really do much, doesn't he?

She's the canon love interest Chie cucks

>>There will be an OVA?
There's a Nagito OVA bundled with the CE of DRV3.

Human Chiaki was created to die. No death, no human Chiaki.

nah nigga nah the remnants are good boys and girls they go to church they dindu nuffin you just hopecist

That meme is the one I hate the most.

No your shitty waifubait trash stays dead.
Kirigiri was memed alive so cling to that slightly less-shitty waifu.

What you think doujins spawn at the same time as shows? Wait for winter comiket.

>Of course hajime would have split eye color how is that shocking
It would make more sense if he had kept both red eyes.


Why the hell are they even trying Hopes Peak Academy again?

Maybe at this point they should just realize that a regular highschool is probably a better environment for kids working towards a future or atleast better than whatever crazy shit the Academy comes up with.

user, the ad started with what was a joke about the fact that people aren't sure if she's alive or dead.

Digits confirm.

Don't they have a kid? or am I imaging things.
It's not confirmed is it tho?

>lmao look at this manlet

What would you do with DOUBLELUCK?


that poll has been posted since the first few threads, don't be in denial of how your fellow posters here actually liked it

Rather they not appear at all and left their futures ambigious, trashed the SDR2 ending

>Hajime has a literal tulpa of Chaiki cheering him on and since he has so many talents and is so smart he could literally engineer another person living in his head.
Fuck I would have rather she survived that spike job, that's harsh.

Just wait until their heads cool down.

That's still not a really good reception.

Guess most people didn't like the ending along with the anime as a whole. Then again it's not like Kodaka wanted to do it in the first place.

The basic premise of providing an environment for the truly exceptional to be better supported in is fine. The problem was that HPA's top brass where all talent fetishists.

It's there a way to contact kodaka and tell him if Naegi and Kirigiri are officially a couple after the end?

because those scenes didn't confirm it right

He's entertaining to watch. That's all there is to it.

Better to start at the ground back up. This time with no corrupt old men but young studs like Togami, Naegi and Weedman at the helm of the future's hope

I'm sure you are. I genuinely did not care about the episode at all because they didn't bring Chiaki back.

You're confusing memes for reality, friend.

All the DR3 OPs and EDs in MP3 320 for anyone who wants them

The same reason fancy prep schools or magnet schools exist. There's nothing wrong with the idea of HPA, just the execution.

Can Izuru fuck his tulpa?

Hajime looked so cool and tall there.

>Awkwardly shoved in to a story she wasn't originally a part of.
>Every cast member loves her despite the fact they barely know her and when she interacts them she isn't even that nice.

You know, Hinata could use Chiaki DNA to clone her. I mean with 5 Chiakis, you're talking about grand prizes from esports competitions that are worth millions! Plus Harems. Did I mention you can clone 5 Chiakis?

I mean, she probably killed more ppeople than anyone else on UD. Except for maybe Peko and Kuzuryuu.

>Someone posted my OC

Thanks user my motherboard fried and I lost all my shops

Now I atleast get to keep 1 of em while DR3 treads are going on (by the time I build my new pc and put my old hard drive in these treads would have stopped)

He's already been asked.


>didn't confirm it right
....what do you want them to hump each other on screen?

>the bottle really was relevant
oh for fuck's sake Kodaka
I can't handle all this hope I'm feeling
and how will the world cope with ROBOARM HOPEMAN


When's the OST coming out?


Why does the male Japanese fanbase have such shittastic taste? They were evenly split on future 12 which was a complete mess.

You know, at first I was kind of mad because it felt like the entirety of future was pointless and the entirety of the despair arc only served to kind of ruin the backstory of SDR2.

But you know what? I honestly realize it really wasn't meant to be a "Good anime" it was fanservice. I mean yeah it sucked that the entire DR3 cast outside of Munakata and Mitarai got destroyed without much fleshing out. And it sucks that they made the brainwashing shit of the SDR2 cast so lame, but in the end virtually nothing changes. The DR1 survivors who were around before it started are still alive. The entire SDR2 cast gets to be seen together again. I'm just not going to look at DR3 as anything more than a fanservice fest that really has very little impact on the games. It's a lot better that way.

Reminder that she got away with everything with no consequences.

Eh, that's still a bit much. Is there anything a little milder?

Komaeda shoots Junko because Hajimeme's memories kick in from seeing Chiaki.


So you dont like her because she isnt nice?

Choose harems

1. AI Chiaki, Chiaki, Natsumi, Class 77

2. Kirigiri, Komaru, Aoi, Junko, Sayaka

I want them to fug in missionary position with the only purpose of procreate more manlets

Izuru is literally a walking Deus Ex Machina. You can center literally every change around him. Maybe he decides to magically heal her because he's the ultimate doctor. Maybe he decides to kill Junko early because he happened to bump into Makoto, ensuing random luck shenanigans.

Like, there's nothing you can do to the story with that guy.

Looking at the cover, looks like it's only gonna cover Komaeda's suspension.

wishfully hoping here for something set after DR3

Junko was inevitable but they probably should have held her off till the very end. She simply is not a good villain.
Felt like they had a checklist of shit they needed to get done, and instead of having Junko manipulate things from the shadows (and only being alluded too) they had her hopping around with a Solider and Broken-Talent-Man with her.

I wish Izuru did anything.

>Trips of Hope
How much did he cream his pants?

REPORTING! Our Mikan has come a long way! I was so happy that she came in with the assist and made sure Seiko's sacrifice wasn't in vain.

She is still a kid, goddammit.

Why are Chiakifags so desperate and embarrassing? Your waifu was always meant to die for the others.

Legit, of course

Yeah, but what then? Junko's spazzing out in a pool of her own blood whining about how great the despair from an anticlimactic death is, but Hajizuru is still Izuru and he's not exactly somebody who should be out and about. What's supposed to happen next?

That's the problem. You can solve everything with him but you can also solve nothing at all with him.

Fun to hate, nice design.

Haven't seen any listings for it yet, they'll probably announce it soon though.

It said it's about what he saw after he woke up IIRC.

japanese fans in general tend to be bad at theorizing and good at taking bait.

Either Izuru ass pull and no SDR2 or Chiakizuru Supreme Leader of new world

Reminder that Nagito was already batshit insane before being turned to despair and is a constant danger to himself and others.

You already said this exact same thing in a post earlier, why bother?

16 hours till these treads die


They had Monaca, and though I thought she was entertaining she was just another checkbox they had to fill.
It's as if in Jap-land they had a meeting about how they would wrap up Ultra Despair Girls and also tie it in so they just made a boring filler episode (in a series which does not need fillers) and have the antagonist just fly away.

Retcon? Or Junko deliberately screwing with facts to make herself look less lame and not let Naegi in on the fact that a brainwashing anime exists?

Probably Retcon

Marie was meh.

It's still hopeman, and i feel, based on the last episode and his interactions with the cast and such that he has actually changed, that he has no reason to try to create false hope using despair anymore since there's hope in the world again and he has attained true hope by finally getting real friends who accept him as the crazy fuck that he is.

Hajizuru and the rest of the class probably had a good talk with him in the boat and made up things deciding to "forget things" and move forward together based on how they talked to Mitarai, and how they interacted with him in the episode and were completely ok with having him around since he could at any moment betray them and do something stupid, which makes me think that honestly probably made Komaeda think things better and change for the better.

i honest doubt he'd try to do anything shady, he has no honest reason to, he has attained true hope. but if he ever wants to try well he can't with Izuru around.

But that's just how i see it, i may be completely wrong or not, who knows, i'd like to think that it will all be fine for Komaeda and the rest of the class.

Naegi keep on living my man

She's not my preferred archetype, no. However the main reason I don't like her is because she wasn't integrated in to the story very well. She comes off as someone's OC that they shoved on top of Persona 4's original story.

>m-muh retcons
>he made the hairclip into a usb!

Nice try Hajime but 5'10.5 isn't 6ft you manlet

Literally one of the smartest characters in Danganronpa. As well as creating the most interesting class trial. Also memes

Who sung that ED theme for the episode?

Komaeda is amazing, definitely my favorite DR character. I would never joke about that. V3 will have to have really good characters to try to top him.

> You can solve everything with him but you can also solve nothing at all with him.

So just make it one where he does solve it? Not much of a problem there, my man.

This time around they have the ultimate hope as the headmaster, the one who beat the ultimate super duper despair and brought back hope back to the world, i think that they'll try not to make the same mistakes HPA did in the past


Izuru has "Super High School Level chill-out-people-who-are-crazy" so if Nagito is near him, it's fine.

Chiaki takes the blame for Komaeda's bomb and gets sent to the Reserve Course.

Just watched, it was a 10/10

And then they did a Chiaki AI moment set to Beautiful Ruin and it was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. All the other bullshit was worth it, thanks for not ruining AI Chiaki Kodaka.

I was really sad we didn't see him in UDG along with the other important people to the DR1 cast members.

There was no need for her to lie about it. She could have just not said anything.

But it was Antagonist!

Well they made her role better in Ultimax

Chiaki heals his case of the tsumaranais with endless games and poontang.

I thought these threads were over, I-I said my goodbyes and everything?
Just let it end, please.

If Chisa came 5 minutes later, Chiaki and Nagito would of been made into a RoD first.

I-I fucking told you bros, Kigiri was alive, this time it's fucking fair bros! Kiriboyz!!!

R-Rules of nature!

Did you honestly expect her to live? it wouldn't have made sense story-wise and it would have completely ruined the point of AI Chiaki existing

In his dreams. And since she already exists in his head, He's fucking her for real.

I lost it the moment, Impostor came to help dressed as him

The thing is why is it that "satisfying plot development" cannot be fanservice?

Look Chiakifriends we may not have gotten the ending we wanted but let's be happy that she was able to help the classmates she loved through her AI. Her legacy helped in reforming them. She's smiling with Chisa at class 77 being saved and in the good hands of Hajime.

So wait, did Hajizuru cure Komaeda's brain cancer?
I mean, he gave him a perfectly functioning robot arm.

2. All 4 except Junko are some of my faves and I think they'd make a good team countering Junko's despair. As long as they stick together. Got physical, and personal strength needed to keep each other from despair

>that time when someone made a waifu poll and Komaeda won by a huge margin

This is such a meme word for "things that didn't go my way" I can't think of a single anime that wasn't "rushed" by Cred Forums's standards.

Hope/10 episode. Things went as well as could be hoped for, and nobody else fucking died.

I hoped the SDR2 cast would look older since they had the same look before they entered hope's peak academy .

I'm mixed as fuck over this. The brainwashing was shit, but having Neagi know his place and stay out of the final talk was a nice way to go about it.

And the world probably would of ended, seeing as if Izuru would of no longer had motivation to test hope. SHE NEEDS TO DIE TO SAVE THE WORLD! WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

He's one of the best written characters in the series, fun, complex, entretaining and more, you probably don't really understand the character if you can't see why people like him.

>Implying friendship never leads to romance
But seriously, it's just a yuri fetish. Ignore them.

Your wife lived on in everyone's hearts, user. Because they all wanted to see her again, they were brought back from zetsubou.
Be glad that even though your wife died, she wasn't useless.

Because that poll comes from Twitter, where the male Japanese fanbase doesn't sit for hours on end pouring over every detail in a discussion like we do over here.

Okay that HAS to mean Munakata was physically the strongest person there, because the Imposter could have impostered anybody but instead chose Munakata.

The problem is, as I noted above, that he's still Izuru and not somebody who should be out and about. What's HPA going to do with him? What would they do to Chiaki should she not only know him, but who he used to be and what she's doing to their project? You're running into another bad ending there.

But then she's a RoD and Izuru doesn't give a fuck about Hope. That's not viable either!

I survived the killing game too!

His classmates knew this and they still trusted him enough to have him come with them to the FF opperation, they made things up and honestly Komaeda has probably changed for the better user, that's the only reasonable explanation


He gets to watch them fuck. She might even let him clean up Gundam's jizz afterward now.

Shipping is cancer

Don't know about you faggots, but I very much enjoyed the DR3 ride.

I honestly expected a trainwreck, but it was actually quite decent and I don't think the story could've been told in the form of a game.

Solid 7/10 for me.

Hey, she's alive.

It's okay user, everything will end soon enough.

This is why everyone hates yurifags.

You called?

No, I expected her to be revived.


What DR Gaiden should've been

>watching it again
>just now caught the imposter disguising himself as Yu
apex kek

It does because it's representing Hajime and Izuru combined. With Izuru's red eyes and Hajime's green eyes.

How hilarious would it be if he showed up instead of Kirigiri in that scene?

Where is Monaca right now?

I mean, out of everyone who was left, Munakata was definitely the right choice if you needed to fight.

She's my favorite DR2 character, not a 'waifu', pal.

It would have made more sense if he stayed a Super Hajimeian.

Part of me wanted a it was all a anime ending so we could have the chance of giving the new characters some actual development in a new game this anime was way to rushed

Or even better seeing a remake of 3 as a game so we can get a less rushed version of it

Your opinion anons.

how does the hopelet looks using coat?

wtf is an ultimate robot and why is he in jail


They REALLY just didn't fucking care with these characters did they?

Between the brainwashing revelation and this ending, it feels like this entire anime was just set up to make it so that Class 77 actually dindu nuffin wrong.

Goddammit I wish Nagito succeeded and killed them all in 2-5.

Any new memes that have surfaced since the episode?

This anime was retarded.

Tengan's plan made no fucking sense

Why do these characters even exist? They didn't do anything. It's so bizarre when ever other unnamed character has been blue or sameface until now.

Surprisingly AI Chiaki was one of the things they didn't end up butchering, i really loved the ending.
And i actually teared up when AI Nanami appeared, i wasn't expecting it, i like to think that she lives on in Hajizuru's head somehow.

If your a "real" Chiakifriend then yeah I can get being sad since she got shafted. If you're an AI Chiakifriend though then this episode was fantastic. Her parting "please don't ever forget me" was fulfilled AND she's a tulpa in Izuru's head. How could it get any better.

SHSL Falconer is literally just a shittier Gundham, and I love it

post top tier pref cross-reference memes for me to save before I leave and this place goes down the shitter

>V3 will be introducing time travel

I hope you faggots know what this means.

That was a "meh" ending. It's a shame, cause DR3 could have been a lot better. At this point I didn't care about Kyoko being alive or the whole Class 77 coming back, since it was all clear fanservice. I feel like the ending, and DR3 as a whole would have been stronger if only the survivors from Class 77 appeared, and Kyoko stayed dead. Though even so, the anime would have serious problems with the whole brainwashing thing and the killing game in DR3 being retarded.

But whatever I'm happy cause Kyoko lived.

I'm not sure she's really alive in that sort of state, though.

They have the ultimate nurse at their side user.

Two ultimate nurses if we count Hajizuru

That bald guy just makes the DR/MGR even more obvious. Infact they could all be enemies you'll see in MGR.

Danganronpa does not work as a game dumbass UDG sucked

waistcoats are my fetish. today i've learned that they suit manlets the best.

nothing can kill hopeman, not even himself.

izuru cured them

>"Headmaster Naegi, it seems my panties are wet."


I thought you were talking about human Chiaki holy shit. I just realized this is about Marie from Persona 4.

Remember when we all thought his ramblings were cryptic foreshadowing?



>Any illness
>Terminal when SHSL Surgeon is right there
They'll be fine. Hajime cured all of that unpleasantness while he was getting them out of their comas

He probably did help him a lot before they came to help the FF

I never lost hope, not even once

>he didn't even try opening the spoiler image
You're such a clown.

Was the best part of the anime for me by a mile. Best girl set to best track being herself and not lusting after Hajime's joystick. A+

Pretty damn nice/10

What a ride it was. See you, space cowboys.

It's ok guys I'm sure they'll revive Chiaki and everybody else on the Peace Day
Just three days left

Kamukura Izuru is the SHSL Miracle Worker. See? Now if we ever have any plotholes, we can just say Hajime fixed them!

Were these guys also Student Council members in Munakata's era in highschool?

We still don't know what happened to the gun, do we?

I assumed Souda built the arm for him.


>Mahiru used her flash to defeat a sniper

But what you don't know was that this was only half of Tengan's plan. Mitarai was just a pawn for the real supreme leader of the world to have taken over the soulless masses, locked away in her pod at the recesses of Hopes Peak Academy only to never have been awakened as the countdown never reached 0.

Nagito integrated it into his arm

I miss him.

They served the same purpose as the student council, basically. Just adding some hype to the episode.

Souda gave him the arm.
The OVA might explain things, or not.

Any more news on v3?

Wait, there are 13 of these Jobbers.
Does that mean?
13th Branch Confirmed?

Human Chiaki is overly sweet. Having the entire cast love her makes sense at least. Marie barely interacts with the P4 cast and when she does she's bitchy. I think Rise is the only one who bothers to say anything against her(that's why she's best girl)

Why the fuck didn't they appear at all? Hiroko and Kanon at the very least should have shown up.

Munakata should have been the principal. This was way too cheesy and I knew he'd do something like this.

Why didn't he save Chiaki, then?

But best girl Seiko died

>Hey guys, I got a souvenir from the secret base!

who was the 16th participant and the 13th head?

I'm really happy that our girl won the Hajimebowl while Chiaki remains dead.

This episode made me really happy and answered all my prayers. Hajimikan is practically canon now.

Tengan makes her into Keebo.


Did you not hear me? post memes

>SHSL Fatass changed his disguise three times in the middle of the episode while running around
How does he do it?

Hajime mentioned that he was taking care of his friends, literally taking care of them using his super duper powers to help them heal.

I'm surprised they didn't give a final service shot without any obstruction, as a reward for her saving Kirigiri.

What if he knew all along that Naegi made the right decision and that the RoDs would come to the rescue, stop Mitarai, and Naegi would go on to take over Hope's Peak? Was he truly the Former SHSL Rusemaster?


Can't disagree. But it is fun.

I was mad. Why did they have Chiaki disappear? All she got was a mention by AI Chiaki that felt like they were clumsily trying to staple the two girls together.

How do they explain Danganronpa 2 kids looking exactly the same?

Apparently he did build it according to today's radio show


Aside from Hajime's autism eyes and Jabberwock orgies, probably only "TANAKA GUNDAM".

Name literally one thing of importance Naegi did this entire anime.

What do you want? Oh, and if Chisa came late, they probably would of used her in the execution and killed her in front of the students as Nagito and Chiaki despairgasm.

He can only save the living.

He is the Ultimate Imposter that's why.


What does Class 77 think of Naegi?

Aside from Mikan and Nagito, they don't really seem to care about Naegi even though he believed in them.

Are you actually Kodaka?

So these guys are SHSL what?

Frisbee player
Fire Eater
Guile Impersonator
Geisha Boi
and Something?

It was the worst thing to come out of Dangan Ronpa but I can't hate it.

I'll always hate Another Episode though.

the viewer

>tfw when Rise, Chie, Naoto and Yukiko all lost to Yukizome

The pods they were in dressed them up automatically.

Pretty damn great. Would fuck.


Fucking Chiakifags.

She died, deal with it.

Nekomaru gets healed, but Nagito refuses it. He wants to die peacefully on that island, you know.

So, did Chihiro/Gekko/Yasuke make the Neo World Program before Class 78 was shut off from the outside world? I'm still confused about that.

>Chiaki shows up on the boat
>" Theres no way shes actually there it's just Hajizuru's imagination
>Still there tlaking back and forth
>"I refuse to H O P E"
>Komeada shows up
>Chiaki still there
>She starts disappearing
I actually chocked up


>people still think this was just a coincidence

Tricked yet again

If no one is around to bully Mikan by cutting her hair, how come her hair hasn't gone back to normal despite being in a pod?

I actually can't tell which one is the real Munakata, help

The more I stay in these threads after the last episode the more I realise how much I hated the show.

Goodbye lads, despair has taken me.

My guess is that Chihiro and Matsuda begun work on it, and Miaya finished it after they died.

Yeah I do think they did a really stupid job with real Chiaki. It was memories of real Chiaki Izuru thought back to though during the episode.

It helps to remember Izuru/Hinata has romantic feeling for real Chiaki, AI Chiaki was never really about that unless you went her route.

So, which Cred Forumsnon have put a bet at Kirigiri's staying dead?

Show up and pay up now!

>What do you want
An ending where she's alive and happy.

But she was still living for a time.

Name one thing he did the entire series.

It was just some experimental tech they made.

Whoa, remind me of this illness.
What was it about again?

>special student council cast introduced just for Despair 7
>special student council cast introduced just for Hope

>Rise, Chie, Naoto and Yukiko

Fuck I can't believe he banged those babes

The same way they explain the DR1 kids not noticing they had grown older.

Mitarai getting off easy maeks sense, it's not like he got anyone killed right?

So can the Imposter copy the abilities from the people he impersonates?

Stopped Yu from running around murdering people

I saw the pin and I saw her with Usami, and a hairpin, so I knew that it wasn't her.

Then why was he Byakuya at the end of it?

Stop being so tsundere Cred Forums
There's nothing wrong with fanservice.

Some of you are mad because YOU didn't get the fanservice YOU wanted. Let the other ones be happy.

>implying you are going to drop the series
>implying you are not going to watch the OVA
>implying you are not going to play NDRV3

i can't imagine asahina being one of them so nahhh.

AI Chiaki coming to life would be stupid and would ruin what she did in DR2. It was handled literally perfectly.

He shouted BOKUWA every 5 seconds and it made me laugh.

Because hair doesn't work like that.

They probably didn't look like we saw them when they woke up, but they had quite a bit of time in the island to fix themselves up a little.

He was Mitarai, not Togami.

Somewhere, in some timeline, Chiaki is saved boys.

>at the end the sky was pink
>pink is Chiaki's color
>she is cheering them on from heaven

But, seriously, I hate this. AI Chiaki died with dignity, real Chiaki's death was pitiful and just plain sad. I don't really disagree with the idea of bringing her back to kill her again but I seriously cannot fathom how that tiny ass speech was supposed to be hopeful.

>and would ruin what she did in DR2
The anime already ruined most of DR2, why stop there?

My memory is shit. What illness does Nekomaru have?

That's not that weird, though? They were past their growth spurts and any changes to their bodies would probably be minor and difficult to notice.

Kyoko noticed. She mentioned that her body was different.

I want a FF mode about these odd-ass agents. If anything, give me some sort of background or art sheets of these guys, especially fireman and ghost lady.

Good night sweet prince

That's not a plot hole!

>live exiled on an island with other people who ruined the world
sounds good to me

She was basically dead at that point. Besides Izuru was seeing Junko so he couldn't bother saving Chiaki.

But at least she's in paradise now.

fanservice is bad when it's related to a single character most of the time they're on screen. cough cough mikan

Sakura and Kyoko both mentioned something had been done to their bodies

It bugged me that Akane wasn't fucked up somewhat, she supposedly starved herself to fucking bones. You don't just recover from that.


I never played the original p4, so I don't think Marie was forced. She seemed to fit just fine to someone who doesn't know better. I can understand the problems someone would have when their looking for all of the new material vs someone who thinks everything is new, so I sort of get your frustration.

She probably secretly likes that hairstyle

Is there fanart of all the dead characters in the theater from the Despair arc?

he didn't get off easy, he has to live with the despairs now are you stupid?

Some kind of heart problem. It's why he is a manager and not a player.


It''ll be about Junko and Mukuro SoL shenanigans, getting people to build the dungeon under the school.

Count on it.

i believe it's some heart disease

it was bully-chan who pegged her with attempted incest

A swimmer would be right at home with talents like Discus Throwing and Falconry. Maybe the 13th Branch is all PE-style talents that allow its members to deliver food and information around as effectively as possible

>this picture is three years old
Holy fuck.

They honestly didn't look that different from when they enrolled at the school in their first year.

Anime was a mistake after all

Wait, this shit was true? I thought you guys were memeing me.

And they just view it as an insult because they can't separate entries in a series and are angry shits.

The fuck is long hair girl with claws talent? SHSL Witch?

weedman. monokuma wasn't lying when he said weedman was outside because no one likes him. he was supposed to be in the game but wasn't allowed inside. then ryouta joined even though he wasn't supposed to. so ryouta's NG code was actually for weedman.

I always figured Oogami noticed too (a martial artist would be attuned to the subtle changes in her body) and that was what she was about to say in her suicide note before Monokuma cut it off. Kirigiri noticed because she's analytical as a detective. Everyone else were just normal high school kids and they only aged two years so it was probably pretty subtle.

I agree. naegi should have been a stay-at-home dad taking care of his and Kyoko's offspring

It's about hopeman actually, but nice try anyway.

>never confirmed that Sonia killed her parents
>never confirmed that Teruteru cooked his mother
>never confirmed that someone banged junko's corpse
>never confirmed Mikan having a despair boner for Izuru
What was the point.

But it's garbage in general. That's the issue.

Definitely this. Munakata was corrupted by Chisa to the extreme that Tengan needed extreme measures to change the atmosphere within FF. This is why he initiated his plan after SDR2. He wanted to rid the FF of their currently destructive mentality. He had faith in the SHSL Hope, "I will not let that go to waste," in changing the world. At FF's current rate, their fanatic hope was just as destructive as fanatic despair. There's a reason why he called Naegi SHSL Hope as well. He has faith within Naegi's ability to mollify FF's extreme mentality. However, Tengan needed to remove the hard shell, Munakata's closed mindedness, in order for this to be possible, hence the killing game. Placing his faith within Makoto, Hajime, and Mitarai to restore the balance within the world.

Nekomaru was born with a heart defect. The doctors said it would be a miracle if he could live to 20.

Nagito states that he has stage 3 malignant lymphoma and frontotemporal lobe dementia

Look again.

>The problem is, as I noted above, that he's still Izuru and not somebody who should be out and about. What's HPA going to do with him? What would they do to Chiaki should she not only know him, but who he used to be and what she's doing to their project? You're running into another bad ending there.

Or you could just write around it. The second you take a story off the rails, you introduce a bunch of unknown unless the characters are forever heading towards a brick wall. In this case they aren't, so just imagine a scenario where they don't have to. It's not that hard.

That's my problem. In one moment he's remembering Chiaki and "Talent isn't everything but PSYCHE, it really is", and the next he's staring at her and AI Chiaki appears. They even had the gall to have her say "Not like we're the same people at all but it was like I came back for a bit, right".

Yes, while I admit I would've rather had a full-on revival, I would have greatly preferred it if real Chiaki came back as a ghost, with her HPA uniform and all, and they got to say goodbye properly. No Usami, no AI Chiaki, neither of them. Be firm and honest about separating the two girls instead of pretending that they're the same when we all know that they aren't. We already said goodbye to AI Chiaki anyway, I wanted some proper closure on real Chiaki.

SHSL Mojyo

Im going to miss you guys


Naegi and Kyoko are both stylish as hell in their neo-HPA getups.

Hey guys did you notice something creepy here?

Full Stitch of Kirigiri in her Red Uniform wear?

What did you tought the anime ruined about DR2?
Since we didn't saw much of class 77th in the despair anime i can't really say their characters got ruined.
I'd say that i imagined the way Junko ruined the world to be a lot crueler and i imagined she despair'd every kid of class 77th individually instead of doing it all at once, but that's mostly it.

Most of the time? Nah. Her is not that bad and most of the times its play for laughs.

I just hope if there's time traveling, it has very clearly established rules. Otherwise you can get away literally with anything.

>Hajime with that Katana
Kek at the edgelord who drew this

>It bugged me that Akane wasn't fucked up somewhat, she supposedly starved herself to fucking bones.
These were always literally just fan theories, nowhere in the game did it say that the DR2 cast were the ones who did it. There were other Remants, they were just the kingpins. Some of them did mutilate themselves (Nagito, Fuyuhiko) but that doesn't mean they all did.

Because he wasn't fighting? Duh.


Komaeda is cute!

I don't think Junko tossing popcorn at her while she's trying to play video games is paradise.

user, Strawberry panic last chapter reached 10 years in september 26

He's superfast, they mention that several times in DR2 as well.

It's been a while, but that's the same seat as the classroom he woke up in at the start of the first Danganronpa, right?


Not yet.

Yeah, somebody shopped Kyoko in

She had the ultimate chef in the island, she probably didn't fully starve herself and was able to somewhat recover considering how much she eats

You know, Hinata could use Chiaki DNA to clone her. I mean with 5 Chiakis, you're talking about grand prizes from esports competitions that are worth millions! Plus Harems. Did I mention you can clone 5 Chiakis?

Where did the hopeful Gekkofags go? Are they ded?

I need screenshots of hype moments from the episode

Did you shoop this?

Twogami holding his own murder weapon

Real Chiaki was just a stepping stone for AI Chiaki being born. The latter is relevant.

My problem exactly. It just kept me in despair.

Where the fuck is Mitarai's anime?

That's rough. Thanks.

REPORTING! Mikan did it, she saved the giri!
I hope there will be a bright HajiMikan future

SHSL Himiko's mom.

>we buy 'em in bulk

Here you go, user.

Akane did say she was going to "eat her fill" in the last despair episode, at the same time Soda said he would "stop air pollution" and Peko would "not kill anyone".

There's also Asahina on the right side.

>that mole


>Look Chiakifriends we may not have gotten the ending we wanted

There was no way to asspull her back to life nor make her AI real, sorry user. She suffered the same fate as the deceased DR1 characters.


>Drinking myself into a coma cause I was convinced Kirigiri was dead for good
>That last scene
Fuck yeah

>there were other remnants

Like? I'm pretty sure it's only ever been used to refer to the DR2 cast.

Gekko is gone but not forgotten.

It is! It's a hole in the plot that is my feelings!

Anime's over, no more hope unless an AI of her shows up in 2.5 OVA.

I've had Beautiful Ruin on repeat since the episode ended.

Just placeholders.

>implying it wasn't obvious even before that


So the brainwash anime only brainwashes you if you watch 30 minutes of it? Or....?

We don't know if they'll actually die of their diseases or not, it may or may not happen
But it's very likely that hopeman will survive because of his insane luck


So basically they're playing the long game and having a complete reset? Some Stein's Gate shenanigans?

That means EVERYONE is coming back. Please no Kodaka.

he threw his phone into the ocean like a doofus


So is she Kirigiri's daughter or Mikan's?

Komaeda is the cutest.

Teruteru probably was the worst character of the entire series.

the phone only contains the brainwashing kaleidoscope though

He could fashion her into a multi-purpose onnahole with his ability. Point is, he didn't. Possibly. There just might be a refashioned Chiaki lying somewhere in the Danganronpa universe.

So is Naegi fucking Asahina now right?

Remember Naegi's parents? Me neither
t. Kodaka

That's just how we can perceive his anime

>hope anime takes 30 minutes
>despair anime takes 10 seconds

Naegi never ever mentioned his parents again.

>black hair
>red eyes
>that mole
It's Mikazuru child. New detective is the inheritor of the giri name

The thing is him getting diagnosed was immediately followed by being accepted into Hope's Peak Academy so the disease has already been offset.
But yeah I guess he could luck it out again.

I died of excitement the moment Hopeman and the rest of the cast showed up and this started playing:


This anime was terrible but I still liked it.
Is that weird?

Nah, he's getting that sweet Kyouko pussy.

Should have been wearing an apron, cooking Kirigiri's dinner.

How come they didn't physically age up the SDR2 cast by a few years like they did with the others?

Well telling her all the fun things she did with Izuru could make up for it?

So do the DR2 kids just ignore their murderers form virtual world? The fuck

All 400 anons cummed at that moment

>He could fashion her into a multi-purpose onnahole with his ability.
Isn't she already, even before being turned into swiss cheese?

What happened to Candy Slut's Secret Army she planned to use to take over FF?

he received messages from tengan and could probably do other stuff with it since it was a smartphone. you don't just throw a phone into the ocean.

In terms of sheer shitstorm, the defining hype moment of the entire show.

only because of his desgin

Looks like one hamplanet leg

>not Imouto pussy

Just blame Junko for everything.

why is it so hard to show a intimate hug

>Who is Chaiki?

>SHSL Madman gets transformed into class clown
Okay. Th-th-thanks Kodaka.

You're welcome Kirigiribros

Asahina's claim as the victor of the Naegibowl lasted a glorious 4 episode. It was a good run, but it simply wasn't her sport.

That doesn't sound very nice either! Judging from the one scene they had together, I think Junko would be a big bully to Chiaki even if she wasn't killing her!

yes and cumaru too

Asahina has dabe and togami

My point exactly.

Wait, shouldn't the self-aware Monokuma from the end stinger still be in that school

THIS. Especially now that phone manufacturers are extinct.

Now some poor shark probably ate the phone and will die from battery poisoning.

they're one-note background characters. they don't need new designs or development.

Why don't people accuse Narukami and Class 78 of using the RoD to launch a coup against the FF leadership?

I mean that's how it looks from the outside.

Turns out Mikan was alright after all.

Fuck off.

What do you think this represents?

Not enough time.

Nah he's getting high school girl pussy. Doing what he failed to do when he was the student.

Shut up fag, mikan would still be a disgusting slut if not for my girl Seiko.

Oh no, don't count me there. I would've rather had Kyouko die than Chiaki.

Ultimate Photographer truly is a fearsome talent

What do you mean there's time travel?

How does Hajizuru's luck work?

Same reason the same dude that released the RoD back into the world is now fucking headmaster of Hope's Peak

That was most likely the Junko AI from DR2.

Kirigiri would be dead without either

I can never get over how cute she looks here

They probably realized there was no point in staying angry over it and tried to start everything again, i'm sure Hajizuru convinced them

Could she be the strongest of Hopes Peak Academy....................

We may never know......................

Well Chiaki was locking eyes with Junko's boyfriend. How was Junko supposed to react to that?

I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. You're as big of a shit as I once thought.

The difference is that Seiko's Antagonist was necessary to keep Kirigiri alive in the first place.

Retconned lol

The best explanation I can think of is that that Monokuma is where the Junko AI originally came from and it was split into Shirokuma and Kurokuma.

come to think of it, they never did explain this moment.

are we suppose to accept it as non canon moment meant to tease a sequel?

or maybe he's the monkuma in DRV3

Pretty sure that R.L. Stein twist didn't actually happen.

What did you honestly expect with Chiaki? That would've been the dumbest possible situation.

you just made me feel genuinely bad for a hypothetical fictional shark

I feel bad for him. He got a real raw deal.

>Mikan redeems herself
>Juzo turns out to be best girl and best boy

the plot itself may have been predictable as fuck, but i did not see that coming.

Fine. I guess I'll just have to imagine Hajizuru vs the World as HPA tries to contain him in order to save his gamer girlfriend. It's sort of like The Tragedy, but instead of despair it's all to protect a single gamer girl and she becomes a meme.

She killed her family and ruined her country and many others.

Junko already had Matsuda, she could have shared Kamukura with Nanami.

Placeholder to generate more interest in a sequel.

Conflict literally got resolved in 5 minutes what the fuck. Why do Class 77 get all luck and have everyone survive?
I'm not just bitter that best girl is still dead I swear.

It'd be like wrath of the Lich King style too. She takes over Hopes Peak Academy and use her SHSL Necromancy to revive Junko, Class 78, and Yukizome sensei. I'd watch that.

I'm confused. Who does Nagito love more; Hajime or Makoto?

Thank you for being the only person who responded to me user

I just wanted to have a decent discussion

He really is the one of the few chars if not only who actually feels somewhat notable outside memes

Where were you when hope returned?

>As the new headmaster, I order you all to begin scouting Japan for the next SHSL idol! This is very important for restoring hope, I swear.

She was slowly dying. That's worse than a quick death.

The others were just bluefaces in Monokuma masks. Like most characters in this series, only the important ones ever actually get mentioned. Junko's whole thing was that she engulfed the world with despair, so while most of that dispersed after she died, there were still 'remnants' of people following her - do you really think the DR2 cast were the only ones? They were just the ringleaders keeping the other remnants going because they were SHSLs and obviously more competent to lead them.

Despite what some people say, it's perfectly fine to like bad anime. What matters the most is how much you enjoyed it.

Guys, got any high-def spreads of V3 characters?
Like the ones where there are two characters per page, you catch my drift.
I need them for reasons.

I still don't get how Junko's AI was uploaded to the New World Program.

Reminder that Hajimikan is officially canon now.

Chiakifags forever BTFO.

I honestly did expect her to come back because it was too pitiful. A lame speech from AI Chiaki is not enough for me.

Did Munakata just left Chisa and Juzo bodies inside the building and fucked off? where is he even going?

Sad that Hajime has no waifus.

I think they only mention that she had plans of a coup de gras?

Reminder to you canonically the better Chiaki wasn't romantically interested in Hajime.

reminder that V3 has nothing to do witht he other DR games so fuck off selfinsert cuck

where was it canon'd

Back to Inaba.

He's just the most fun character to watch. He's what Junko should have been.

To make history

Did anyone else think for a split second that when the remnants were walking up to Ryota, they'd just kill him and upload a despair video? Sort of like how police will try to talk down a crazed gunman but then beat the shit out of him when the opportunity arises?


Junko doesn't like sharing though. Matsuda was hers. Izuru was hers. That's all she cared about.

Chiaki simply didn't understand that and it's why she got killed.

SHSL Sniper Dyke had a cute voice. Would fuck.


Izuru used SHSL sleight of hand to jam her in.

>where is he even going?
He's going to join them soon.

Excellent voice acting and entertaining behaviour.

>tfw I actually enjoy him because he reminds me of a friend
I can see how he'd get annoying fast otherwise, though.

Junko already had sex with Naegi 3 times.

The doujins are canon after all.

Obviously, Junko had a lot more followers, but I'm pretty sure the title "remants of despair" specifically referred to that elite SDR2 group.

Don't worry, I understand how you feel.

I mean shit dude, if you want. Turn that thing a damn James "Izuru" Bond thriller if ya have to. Hell he's the ultimate physicist too, so just have him invent interstellar travel, and have the two of them go on Space adventures if you feel like it.

Oh boy, literally redeemed fully of all her misdeeds with one single action. Absolutely angelic.

Feels good to be a Mikanfag right now.

No problem user, i'd be up for discussing anything hopeman since he's stlll one of the most interesting characters to me, and it's really interesting to think about what happened with him and the rest of his classmates after they all woke up and spent some time in the island

You take that back! She's a pure girl looking for a responsible husband.

They are already "buried" underground. Just seal off the building and make it into a memorial.

figuratively, literally, and metaphorically why

I wish at least Juzo had lived. It feels like a massive waste the two survivors are that shitter Mitarai and Munakata. Would it have been so bad to make more characters survive, or just not have Aoi and Kyouko show up in the killing game at all? They basically waste survivor spots.

because the world isnt fucked anymore

This has to be one guy. She doesn't look anything like Mikan. She looks like Celes.

Ibuki should have looked like this

Despair sent him to Hell, but he's going even deeper

do you want all of them?

Look at it this way user, at least you can cherish the memory of a pretty highschool girl. She'll never age in your imagination.

No, it was a fun wild ride

Because Naegi is a goddamn idiot.

Obviously she's Ryuko Matoi's daughter. Same color scheme.

Agreed. Our angel made it through

if anything the only ship that got confirmed was hajime and nagito, but i doubt hajime will ever let his videogame waifu go

THIS. People forget but Cherry Blossoms can also be a Metaphor for Suicide.

Naegi should have put Munakata under Suicide Watch.

Both girls are the reason Naegi survived for so long.

No user, I was talking about the >girl in that screenshot. Mahiru has always and will always be fine.

I'm sure they collected everyone from the building in time.
Who knows where boozeman's hole went though.

I cant tell the Dictator's deal
lovable dumbass?
new cunt that gets redeemed?
unaware foreigner?

Still pushed Chiaki to despair's arm so you did nothing but your obligation.

I'm actually kind of laughing. That shortcake pretty much has her fate set in stone to be a person who triggers the end of the world no matter if she lives or dies.

Yeah, with Simon.

>Hope's Peak eh? The school that created all those mass murderers that nearly ended the world? Sure I'll have my kid go there!

Can I just say that the Future Arc character designs are so much better than Despair's? Just look at this sexy Sonia, and people like Mikan don't have those annoying blush stickers anymore.

This. The killing game got ruined mostly because of the class 78 survivors being predictable survivors again and having these retarded fakeouts to generate dumb suspense.

Then all is forgiven. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

continuing family legacy

so new cunt that gets redeemed

Little shit who's surprisingly endearing.

>HYPER bug catching
I love it

>unaware foreigner
We sorta already did that with Sonia, so probably won't rehash it. I'm expecting him to talk big and act sort of like a more powerful Togami, but be cute/inept and no one will take him seriously.

Until he becomes a culprit.

New thread

Chiaki went into despair arms herself even when warn how stupidly dangerous it'll be.

You know, I can already do that with most pretty high school anime girls. I don't have to worry about them getting turned into swiss cheese canonically.

Also, I wish we had a full version of that Nanami design.

Damn no wonder suicide is Japan's favorite pastime.

It's a fucking anime(/manga). Facial similarities are common. It's just the art style, moron.

>I'll be home soon Nanako-chan

this affected me more than anything involving Yu in DR3 proper.

>Naegi thinking anybody would want to attend the school that helped fuck up the world.

I knew Naegi was retarded but damn.

You know where

play the game user

Why are you Chiakifags so upset? Look at her.

Gundham 2.0

>Fanta Grape
I don't know, he already seems alright in my book.
And holy shit, call me a slowpoke but I didn't know that Hopebot was literally called Hope and that he was SHSL Robot.

Ultimate surgeon Hijazuru removed it and Souda built him a new one.

Those Rurus were a waste. She should have lived and atoned for her shitty actions by saving people.

But nope, we couldn't have character development in this show, so she had to die.

I don't think Naegi thinks he's cut out for this Hope shit anymore.

She didn't die in pain and agony.

Juzo and Munakatana got pretty good character development, about as much as a DR character can get.

Vomiting blood as your organs shut down sounds pretty unpleasant.

I take comfort in the fact that she's there to look after the more unfortunate DRs who we've lost, like Chiaki and Seiko.

>tfw Hajizuru saved everybody else's waifu but not yours.


Fine, I guess that's pretty bad. You know what I meant.

>She doesn't look anything like Mikan.
>Same hair color
>Mole in the same place


That's a pretty common place for a mole though.

Dude. All you Chiakifags are just upset because she's more aesthetically pleasing and literally design to be a waifu bait. Sakura was JUST as caring about her class (she killed herself), but got shit on by her classmates unlike Chiaki. I'm not gonna lie, I did like her for what she was though. A plot device.

It was specific placement like Mikan as they said.Physical appearance matter in hereditary of the anime world.

Sakura was going to kill somebody.
Chiaki would not.
I'm just saying.

Cue a dying Naegi opening a time portal and delivering a message to his past self from DR1: "They...must...win!"

>Next game after V3 series ends will be a pseudo-remake of DR1 and 2 with a cliffhanger ending

She didn't follow through, did she? She was utterly guilt-ridden over it. What would you think Chiaki would do? Let her whole family die or a bunch of strangers survive? We're talking about family here. It's an ultimatum.

I agree. I think she was ready to redeem herself. She'd be surprise at Sakakura's loyalty, despite Munakata's seeming betrayal and I think that would of been a turning point in her character. To be proven wrong twice by her boyfriend and Sakakura.

DR2 kills are a lot more justified than DR1 kills, most of them should not hold grudges, only Teruteru fucked up.

Monokuma told her he had her family hostage and he'd destroy their historic dojo if she didn't. She waffled over it for several chapters before deciding to fight him back, and when he got even with her by revealing her as the traitor she chose to take her own life instead of someone else's. Literally too pure for this world.

I'm sure there was a lot of off-screen crying, apologizing, and forgiveness over the whole thing. Would've been nice to actually see that though.

Dude, the Chiaki from DR2 was an AI all along. The real one died before the game even started.

I love her character, it was very well portrayed in DR3 and they even expanded upon her personality. It was a great character but she had to die. She is like in the top 5 most important characters in the franchise.

Her death was necessary and it was very well done. But anyways, life is really unfair when you realize that Mukuro is dead and Hagakure is not...

I just wish they had made the real Chiaki a different-looking person. Like, made her skinny, flat, big nosed, with acne, black-framed glasses, i don't know. And the Chiaki AI was modeled after Real Chiaki's favorite video game character.

Male character:
Nagito. He is the most interesting character in the franchise.

Female character:
Aoi because she wants to help, but is kind of dumb... she's innocent but decided... she just wants the best for her and her friends. She really deserved to survive DR1.

Honorable mention: Mikan, if I had to choose a waifu, it would be her.

Even if I know all the plot points, should I still try the games?

Yes, They are still fun.