Was she actually gay for Tamako...

Was she actually gay for Tamako? The show does more than just hint about her homosexuality but Yamada just calls it adolescence, but what exactly does she mean by that?

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To be honest I didn't even notice that she had feelings other than friendship until someone mentioned it here. I don't think she's necessarily gay, but it's for sure possible.

>Tamako Market interview
Also, Midori’s existence was quite important for this work. That girl should be nicknamed “adolescence.” (laughs) Ever since we opened her up in episode 2 and showed her heart falling, we strongly felt that we couldn’t ignore her. I was so incredibly happy we could make this into a film for that reason.

Is this a good slice of life anime? How does it stack up against K-On or NNB?

>Tamako Love Story Interview
–there’s probably a lot of fans who were worried about Midori, who seemed to have feelings more than friendship for Tamako. Or perhaps it’s just me.
Yamada: She’s a girl with very very very complex emotions. I absolutely wanted to have something that showed her feelings given word.

– It seemed like there was going to be no way for Midori-chan’s feelings for Tamako to have an outlet but that wasn’t the case. There was a new path and an outlet appeared for her. We felt like “Good for you Midori-chan.”
Yamada: That was excellent! We planned it like that. We wanted Midori’s emotions to be involved, but furthermore, we wanted to be able to do it without messing up our development of Tamako.

– Was the development concerning Midori important to you?
Yamada: It was really really good. In the past Tamako strangely didn’t think very much about Midori at all; she was worried about her own things. Midori also saw that and understood how she felt.

– Midori-chan says at the beginning “if you confess to Tamako, it’ll just trouble her” like she’s somewhat shaming herself. Now that I say it, it feels kinda painful to think of it like that…
Yamada: It feels very rough like it’s a thorn from adolescence that she’s carrying around. She’s very much the kind of girl who would carry around something feminine like that. Very humid. That’s really the most charming aspect of her. She’s gloomy. Sharp. And yet cheerful. That’s what’s so fascinating about her.

– There’s a certain emotion inside her, yet she doesn’t know how to express it.
Yamada: Right. She doesn’t know. Not one bit but….

– She doesn’t appear to be disagreeable!
Yamada: Right! It was very important that she never appear to be disagreeable.

– It seemed like there was going to be no way for Midori-chan’s feelings for Tamako to have an outlet but that wasn’t the case. There was a new path and an outlet appeared for her. We felt like “Good for you Midori-chan.”
Yamada: That was excellent! We planned it like that. We wanted Midori’s emotions to be involved, but furthermore, we wanted to be able to do it without messing up our development of Tamako. It seemed like if we worked on Midori, then we couldn’t develop Tamako. I wanted to rescue her…. And then Tamako’s depiction worried me.

>Hibike Euphonium interview
Ishihara: I thought so in Tamako Market. It was awfully realistic.
Oguro: What, is that true?
Ishihara: She’s awfully serious when it comes to depicting yuri.
Oguro: But you don’t think of it as yuri, Yamada-san?
Yamada: That’s right.
Oguro: I thought there was also some yuri in Tamako Market.
Yamada: Ah, that’s right. Surely you mean about Midori.
Oguro: That’s right.
Ishihara: I agree. That’s somewhat serious too. (laughs)
Yamada: Is it?
Ishihara: Well, that doesn’t go to where men want yuri to be.
Oguro: (interrupting Ishihara) No, no, if Yamada-san doesn’t think it’s yuri, then it’s not!
Ishihara: (continuing on) What men want is a bit more giggly chuckly…..
Yamada: (interrupting both Ishihara/Oguro) Calm yourselves down! (laughs)
Oguro: Sorry. I got a bit excited.
All: (laughs)
Yamada: Okay. So I’ll say it clearly: I don’t think that’s depicted as yuri. I wanted to depict adolescence.
Oguro: For which case?
Yamada: Probably for all of them. For Tamako, for Reina, for all of it. I wanted to depict adolescence!
Oguro: Did you want to depict the feelings during that time.
Yamada: Yes, I wanted to depict those feelings. I have an interest in those points of view.

How could you not have noticed it?

Market's nearly on K-On's level, but it's very charming. NNB isn't very good. Tamako Love Story is where the real meat and potatoes of the series is, I think it's one of the best non-Ghibli films to come out in ages. I'd recommend that even if you don't watch Market.

I thought she was just being protective of her. I think that's a perfectly reasonable way for girls to behave, I've seen it in real life at least.

I thought NNB was very good on its own right, it's different from Tamako or K-On, it's kind of more melancholic and slow paced.

I thought it was pretty cheap. I dunno, I didn't care for it beyond a surface level, shallow enjoyment.

The real meat and potatoes of Tamako Love Story come from Tamako Market though.

TM is a good SOL but TLS transcends genre.

Awesome, thanks

No, I don't think so. Absolutely fine as a standalone film. The show is fine and I'd recommend watching it, but it's not important to the Love Story besides the throwaway intro.

I should correct myself, I meant "not nearly" on K-On's level. I still recommend it though, it's only 12 episodes and at least one of them (9) is fucking brilliant.

The very core of Tamako Love Story, Tamako's fear of change that appeared from the trauma of her mother dying, comes from her development in Tamako Market. If you just watched the movie without seeing the series, you'd miss it entirely.

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Stop trusting homophobics directors. There is something called "Death of the Author" just take what the show factually gives you.

That's literally the first thing that's established in the movie.

In episode 2 she worries if Tamako is giving Valentine chocolate to someone, and she keeps looking at her with googly eyes when she's dressed up as a bunny during the filming of the commercial. Not to mention there's that french song that talks about keeping feelings in the closet, and also when Kanna tells Midori that everyone can love anyone they want and she looks directly at Tamako.


There's also the second half of episode 5 with her not wanting Mochizou to confess and how both Mochi and her feel relieved when Tamako tells the prince to fuck off.

Was it? I don't remember. I was thinking Mochizou had the focus until the confession.
Even if it is, I'd still not recommend watching the movie on its own. Knowing about it and experiencing it are two different things. Tamako had the same amount of development in the series as the movie. She really builds as a character.

I can't remember episode 2 very well, but I do remember episode 5. Again, I just thought it was a protective thing. Midori is remarkably more mature than Tamako and I saw it as watching over her, trying to prevent her from getting hurt.

Yeah, it's there in the first like five minutes of the film. I see Market as less developing Tamako and more the market itself. Like an "expansion pack" to the movie, we get insight into the world they inhabit, but not so much into Tamako herself. That's how I saw it, at least.

Sure you could take it that way, but it doesn't really change the story if you do.

While Tamako didn't have the sweeping dramatic development in the TV series like she did in the movie, she was fleshed out pretty well. Stuff like her attachment to her dad's song, that one time she panicked when she thought all the stores were closed, and just all around how much she adores the market.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Tamako mentioned how she wanted to be just like her mom, and you really see that personality in the TV series (while not so much in the movie) so its a pretty big moment.

Executive Producer-san told Yamada not to worry about the budget

I just had that thought, that maybe the background to the song is important. But maybe it's cause I just fuckin loved that episode, also the song itself. Daaakeeedooo~


Maybe adolescence in Yamada's dictionary are just mixed emotions. There's enough arguments to call her gay, but she could also just be very protective of Tamako. Maybe Midori herself doesn't even know what she feels, as the interviews tell.

>That girl should be nicknamed “adolescence.”
>She’s a girl with very very very complex emotions.
>It feels very rough like it’s a thorn from adolescence that she’s carrying around.
>There’s a certain emotion inside her, yet she doesn’t know how to express it. -Yamada: Right. She doesn’t know. Not one bit but….
>She doesn’t appear to be disagreeable! -Yamada: Right! It was very important that she never appear to be disagreeable.

It could be one or the other, or maybe both.

>That girl should be nicknamed “adolescence.”

Tamako is objectively the worst thing KyoAni ever created.

I think the movie, certainly, is one of their best. And I like the show a heck of a lot more than like, everything pre-Keion and their recent bad shows. You seriously think it's less good than shit like Phantom World or Kyoukai no Kanata? Why?

I don't even consider them because they're so bad.

Tamako Market is one of the most underrated anime ever. I truly believe is one of KyoAni's top 5 at least. Clannaids and other keyshit garbage are the worst KyoAni shows in my objective opinion.

>Yamada just calls it adolescence, but what exactly does she mean by that?

It's complete shit. The only thing that's not shit about it is the animation. The plot and characters are insufferable.

I thought throughout the show that she was just going through adolescence, unsure of her own feelings and just not knowing how to deal with her friends and close ones. I still can't believe or feel that Midori was a lesbian.

The animation it Tamako is very average even for a non-KyoAni show. You could tell it was very low budget.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I never said it was stellar. That's how terrible the show is.

The animation isn't really noteworthy. I think its strengths are in creating a believable space for these characters to inhabit; all the characters know each other and it feels like even without us, things keep on moving. Relationships we're not privy to, histories of the marketfolk - it feels like there's a lot more there than is actually explained to us. Real strong sense of place and community, thick in atmosphere.

I don't disagree but the characters themselves were so lackluster that they didn't make you care about them.

Is it me or do they look exactly the same as the k-on girls?

It's the infamous KyoAni sameface.

Midori is Yamada self insert

I disliked all of the islanders, but the rest are great. Tamako's family and friends, the shopkeepers, I found myself wanting to know more about them, you know? That's like my biggest beef with the series, wasted potential. I wanted to learn about this depressed coffee shop guy or hear Midori's grandpa talk about the past, that kinda shit. That's why episode 9 is so great. It's a shame that the islanders took up so much of the story, but I can't deny that i liked the show.

Exact same staff, including character designer.

Yeah the brown people really felt like a hindrance. The prince wasn't developed at all and we already had a snarky loli with Anko more like manko. I was actually fine with the bird though. Should've removed the whole bride subplot to be honest.

The bird was the worst addition to the series.

I think most people agree with that. Rough around the edges, sure, but far from the worst Kyoani series.

The real question is why did Yamada come up with the adolescence euphemism for obvious yuribait?

>It's a shame that the islanders took up so much of the story
You mean like two episodes?

She wasnt, It was a joke trust me I'm a psychologist.

You can talk like that all you like, but for a show with a mere 12 episodes, focus is pretty fucking important. Dera and Choi should've not been there at all.

That it's just a phase

Dera was necessary as he was the narrator and a catalyst for other events, but you do have an argument for Choi. I can't really think of any reason why she should be in the show.
However, the islander subplot was mostly to say something about Tamako anyway, especially the ending.

The bird and his shenanigans took at least 25 minutes of screentime. The brown girl had an episode for herself before the prince appeared, episode 11 was all about Tamako not giving a shit about marriage and everyone going bonkers, so that's another lost episode, episode 12 is also wasted. Tamako Market spent easily 4 episodes worth of bride subplot.

No, I don't think Dera was necessary at all. I think he was supposed to be a kind of viewer surrogate, in that he's an outsider to this tight knit marketplace. But it fails there because firstly he's entirely unrelatable (example of a good viewer surrogate character: Azusa) and secondly because I don't think this kind of character actually adds to anything. I said earlier that one of the best things about the show was its sense of community. Why not delve straight into that without any outside nonsense? Let us observe its function on our own. That's what I'd have liked.

For some reason I enjoyed Tamako Market more than K-On. Some people say Dero is annoying but I actually enjoyed him. It also actually has parents, and the scene with the dad singing made me really fucking sad.

Does Tamako itch the ditch?

>It also actually has parents
Best thing about the show. And it wasn't only the MC's family. There were several others which is unbelievably rare.

>Best thing about the show.
Show must be really really bad then.

>two perfect girls made for each other
>one of them suddenly ends up with a boy with no reason
Omg no, feels like NTR, isn't it?

>Clannad was bad
This is why I hate neo-Cred Forums

Not him, but Clannad AS was EXTREMELY bad written, I watched it a year ago.

>A year ago
You stupid son of a bitch, don't you dare talk shit about Clannad if you haven't been here when it was aired.

Why should I? To make anons affect on my opinion? Glad I didn't.

Stay mad, Midori.

Midori Coming out of the Closet Story when?


Why would she be mad? She won the best girl instead.

Please don't.

As Kanna fag I actually mad about this.
My best girl is straight.

I watched both the series and movie and thought that she liked the dude and was competing with Tamako. Once I saw threads on Cred Forums I realized I was retarded. The excuse I'll use is that I wasn't taking the show too seriously and wasn't paying a whole lot of attention.

Even if she is a lesbian, you can always just fuck it out of her.

Dera was definitely annoying early on, but the way that he sort of became part of the family and ended up just being wise and helping people out was a fantastic character turn. I started out hating him and ended up loving him. If he had just been a comic relief character the whole way through he would have been terrible.





Episode 2 and 9 are the best. Spooky house episode was also great.

Bawled like a little baby last time I watched this scene. It was great, I felt very relaxed afterward.