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Why is kuro so unsexy?

What cup is that?

She's a swamp running nigger.

Black lives don't matter. Kill 'em all.

Because if she was allowed to be sexy the universe would explode.

little boy



Wait what is this? An OVA? I don't see anything on TT/nyaa

spoken like a true nigger

Wow, Illya is really cute.

Oh, so it's unsexy time?

They should be rubbing those popsicles all over Illya to give her body some flavor for when it's time to lick it.



Those are some cute cups.

Stop sexualizing us!

Why do no good Prisma doujinshi ever get translated?


All of it sitting there being good, and none of it gets translated, because you're all probably assholes.

In before you write it all off for some petty reason.

>people are fucking assholes for not translating things I myself like

Damn, that cute loli butt

>all futashit
And yet you wonder why no one is translating it, scum.

Don't stand in my way. I'll fight you all for those translatos

Futa is the last good thing in the world.

New special is out!

Link where?

Kuro needs to be killed off especially now since her only reason for existing, being an Archer substitute, is gone.


Go to sleep Mimi.

OVA with Angelica when?

>Why is kuro so unsexy?
Worst forced meme of the year.

wow look another fanservice ova for the unsexy brown clone while luvia gets nothing


Is there a reason why I can't find this OVA?

As it should be.

futa is hot garbage


Welp, guess nobody actually wants quality screenshots that are at a reasonable resolution then.

You know, you could just say that these images are part of a teaser or something. There's no raw.

Still far better than some ugly old men ganging on 'em. And Shirou was ruined to be the PNO tier assclown look that one can't take seriously. Then again that's PNO in general.

Technically, this special isn't lewd either.

they are so big

I wish Luvia got more luv.

Grown up Ilya and Kuro when?

Nobody luvs Luvia.

I luv Luvia!

Literally impossible. It's a fundamental rule of the Nasuverse.
Luving Luvia is the equivalent of trying to hurt Heracles with an E rank attack.


That's not Luvia

Yes it is.

No it isn't.

It very clearly is.
Get your eyes checked.

Oh new SHG just got uploaded, that's nice. Too bad it's a pretty bad scan compared to the previous one.

As for it not being translated, consider it a reason to learn japanese.

Wrong again.
Maybe this will help your memory, It's hard to forget her face when you associate it with her signature laugh and her secret crush.

That's not Luvia, that's just a fat girl.
This is Luvia

why? they should stay lolis forever


Shizune-Rin makes my dick! go doki-doki in ways I've never experienced before.
Now I kinda want a short haired Rin.

Full of hopes and riches. The two things Rin does not have.

This is my Luvia. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

She's mine.

A shame those images were pretty much the only good part about this special. God damn tatsuko ruining everything.

They better deliver on some actual lewd ones like the beast ones in some of the later ones, or at the very least some really cute ones with focus on the cups rather than the shitty friends.

How can you tell she's Luvia if she doesn't even have a head?

You guys are not even trying, that fake slut doesn't even remotely resemble Luvia.

S-she wants the Rin. But that's forbidden love.

Meh, Herz's first special was better.

Rin wants the Luvia but she can't afford her.

>they don't do lewd even in specials
Just age them up for fuck's sake, no point in them being lolis if the staff is so disgusted at lolicon.

>the staff is so disgusted at lolicon
yeah that's why the loli characters get all of the attention while the adult characters average 8 frames of fanservice in 10 episodes,

Luvia would give herself away for free if Rin asked. She's fucking obsessed with her.

>yeah that's why the loli characters get all of the attention
No, that's because they are the main characters, still they didn't get fanservice themselves.
Only Tanaka got her fanservice scenes intact, while the lolis got panties removed (aside from Erika) and got zero budget stiff scenes for "fanservice" aside from another kiss.

She's obsessed in humiliating her and making her a part of her possessions.

Nah, she's just being tsundere. Why the fuck would she want to know her exact measurements and claim she looks good in red if she just wants to torment her.
Also, pic related. Nuff said.

I wish there was more porn of Luvia and less of Illya, Kuro and Miyu.

There are countless Luvia lookalikes out there, go fap to their porn.
At least Illya, Kuro and Miyu have distinct looks and actual personalities.

It's always a fun "what if" situation.

I don't want some fake slut

There will never be canon porn of any of the girls other than Rin, Saber, Sakura, Rider and Caren.
Even if you get some Luvia porn with an artstyle that's a carbon copy of the original, it will still technically be a fake slut.

I watch this for fanservice.
And yet the [wizard] group never compile the fanservice scene of Fate Kaleid Liner.

Well then you should probably stop watching Prisma Illya anime, because it has nothing in the recent seasons, and read the manga.
THERE you can see some real fanservice.

After listening to some Bibi Jones pornstar stories those lolis kissing and licking each other are not even looking "special" anymore. When real people say that they were making out with each other at 4-6 years old it really puts 2d lolishit down.

Special isn't the point. Lolis just look the best is all.
Even 3D lolis > 3D whores.

This anime is a disgrace to fate series

Which is good since the Fate series is not.

It is, because it can't even do proper fucking fanservice.
What kind of special is this? Regular early morning chilrden's show PriPara is lewder.

I'm more disappointed that it's not yuri.

Not really, Zero was so bad it's not even considered canon.


that brown girl is a semen black hole

no semen can escape her event horizon



fucking gay

Oh my. Is this from the latest special?

No lewd though, aside from a Shiro gay scene.

What happened to Kuro's womb tattoo?

Did you even watch Herz?

Not every special is lewd retard, did you forget Pink Brock specials?


You mean 3rei, she removed it before her battle with Illya.

Yes, sorry, German was never my strong point.

I would burst Kuro out of that outfit, chest first, in 1 second

There is nothing wrong with liking a little girl sexually. We do not say it's wrong if you like sexually a little 2D girl based on how she looks so young, or her age is too low.

In my personal checklist, what's important are two things:
1.) It is 2D, not 3D and 3D is so unappealing anyways.
2.)That the loli does not act with discernment, meaning cannot differentiate right from wrong, and consequences of her actions.

As long as both are present it's okay to sexually like a little girl.

Kuro is garbage

Kuro is great, best teacher as well.

>best teacher

You can't be best teacher if you can't teach sex ed well enough.
Taiga Fujimura is an elementary school teacher in Homurahara elementary and the teacher of Illyasviel. Her first kiss was stolen by Chloe von Einzbern.


Pretty shitty teacher if she doesn't even wear pants.

Both are the worst.

>no actual lolidom /ll/
What a wasted opportunity.

When is Kuro going to fuck off and stop holding Illya back?

Why wear them if she was gonna take them off later anyway? She's the mana transfer teacher.

It's not hard to take off pants. You can wear them and still take them off pretty quickly.


Is the special not on nyaa?

It's scary to think how much semen have Illya and Kuro collectively drained from dicks.

Shame about the plain panties on that drawing as otherwise it's really good, but Illya needs to wear string panties.

Give me at least 5 reasons why I shouldn't.

No more and no less

Do any of the specials have the hags in them? I only care about the hags.

I only care about them if they are lewd with each other. Which will happen never :,(
And yes, a few specials feature them. Luvia has the weird honor of being the only Prisma girl whose nipples have been fully drawn and shown (albeit in a discrete way).

But Kuro has the even weirder honor of being the only Prisma girl whose open slit has been fully drawn and shown (albeit in a discrete way).

The Fate franchise has reay fallen low.

What? where?

In the 2wei OVA special where the grannies show their nips. There's a lot of steam, but if you look closely round about 11:00 you'll see it. Some kind user even posted some enhanced stills a while back.

Fate started as a series of porn games. There's nowhere to fall.

Fuck it ain't a lewd special but I sure as hell missed the silly comedy portion of Prisma.

Tatsuko a best.

I really want to hug an Ilya!

I want to see Rin and Illya /ll/.

>not making everything better
>implying turning a game into anime isn't downgrading it.
I mean, I hate Cred Forums with a passion, but no one on his right mind can say anime is actually superior to videogames as a storytelling medium.

>No lewdness in the slightest
3rei was a mistake

Why is kuro so lewd?

She's a natural-born semen demon
She acts like a lesbian because she knows if she ever went up against cock she'd lose to it in a heartbeat

To make money from neckbeards.

It's cyclical. Wait for S5. They'll bring back the cats.

wasn't ova, just special, usually the majority of the specials are pretty meh with 1-2 good ones, hopefully the later ones will deliver. And of course we will most likely get a proper OVA with volume 8 of the manga.

Oh, good to hear

When is Hiroyama going to release full-length chapters again

Kuro can beat the cock as if was nothing!

When is that slut going to stop forcing his OCs and return to the real characters?

Quads confirm

Kuro stronger than cock confirmed

But Beatrice is cute

But Angelica is better than Beatrice in every metric.


You know, I think that picture might be the only time Hiroyama has drawn non-side-tie panties on anyone but Erika.

Gil is the only interesting part of Prisma.

I luv Luvia! I want to Edelfeel her Edelfelts!

>Those subtle nipples
Best OVA



This is a fucking masterpiece. Based SL.

I still can't unsee Angelica with bow-legged toothpicks
Why did it have to be so QUALITY, Cred Forums?

That's just you unable to see Angelica in all her beauty.

Where are Luvia's nipples?

In the BDs

Hater Faggot who report and delete this

¿Por qué no te callas?
No vuelvas a los hilos de TLRD

>That butt

Guess I'm gonna sit here and wait for the blu-ray.

I wonder if Angelica is wearing a pencil skirt or spats under the armor and red cloth.

Te Jodes Maldito Marikon

I think it's up to Gil. If he was commando under his armor, most likely Angelica would be commando since Illya Caster was wearing string panty, Medea was wearing one.

Spats with black thigh highs are pretty good.

Miyugamesh wears spats
Then again so does Saber Miyu, and Arturia definitely doesn't


There should have been more Miyu-gamesh.

>Miyugamesh will never trample your dick while she goes zasshu

Only bluerays can save us now.

Miyu chose the bear pajamas after all.

I want to give Illya's butt a nice, firm pat. Or maybe 40 of them.

You want to pat 40 Ilya butts? That's terrible.

>Most logical magical girl
>Best cat
>Is a maid at one point
>Installed Gilgamesh and lived
>Bear pajamas
Jesus Miyu, you can only be so best. Tone it down already.

>I still can't unsee Angelica with rickets


I kinda wish she put it back after. It was cute

>kuro will never sit on my lap and tease me

No, I want to pat one Illya butt 40 times.

I guess this is the best thread there is

Is that Julian headmaster guy Roa from Tsukihime?

I want Angelica to sit on my lap.

Kind of.

The possibility has already been mentioned.

So we got Roa, a Counter Guardian and Notes references. Dead Apostle or Arcueid when?

The anime is caught up the the manga, excluding Miyuverse Shiro's story. What will happen first; Manga finishes, or we get another season that ends the story before/at the same time as the manga?


Won't be another season for years after the movie. Especially if Hiroyama keeps doing 20 pages a month.

More lewd OVAs would be fine with me. It'll help keep interest up

>watching an OVA for a loli anime expecting cowtits lewd
What did you expect

>you'll never have enough semen for this semen demons



I wish they could move all the lewd magazine art to the actual show. The excess of edgy plot in 3rei is driving me fucking crazy.

What specific kinds of lewdness would you like to see? Pantsu? Butt? Acrobatic loli antics with both of the previously mentioned categories?

I mostly enjoyed the Miyu maid uniforms, although loli antics in general are a joy to watch.

I also have a secret fetish for the pure GARness that is Shirou, but that is another matter.

It's a plate.

She'll get Rin eventually.

Doing the literal impossible is a staple of the Nasuverse. And Rin certainly has a soft spot for Luvia.


Illya is the best.

Illya is the worst.

Illya and Kuro are the best and are unsexy.

Kuro sure knows how to take cute things and make them unsexy

i want more kuro

Don't we all?

Will Prisma Illya be considered one of the greatest loli works?