Goddamit. It was every bit the sugary sweet...

Goddamit. It was every bit the sugary sweet, moeblob kawaiifest I thought it was going to be and I liked it and it made me feel all emotional and junk.

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Cool, glad you liked it. Please come again next time~!

Yep. That's what got me. She's a real sweetie. Her other friends better join her club their senior year.

I will. Thank you.

Welcome to the club. Now have fun trying to find remotely comparable CGDCT shows.
Protip: there aren't any


>you will never experience this

That's nice and all, but more importantly, did you realize that Mugi is best girl, right?

>you will never bully Mio

It always makes me happy that there are consistently threads from people discovering just how nice a show this is

>im a fucking retard
>slit my throat and let my blood fertilize the strawberries


K-On was good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but honestly I liked Sora no Woto more in every way.

Sora no Woto is fucking horrible

mi negro


I'll bully you, motherfucker.

the most depressing part of watching k-on is realizing afterwards that the majority of CGDCT shows are complete garbage with static bland characters and even more boring scenarios

You're telling me you don't like the idea of having a token genki, literal retard, lesbian straight-man, and plot device character in every single CGDCT show?

How? is it not moe enough for you you pathetic human?

I did not care for love live, no,

I didn't realize how much I enjoyed K-on! until I realized I was crying during that song of S2 episode 24. K-On! was fucking great, it's a show where not much happens but it managed to get me feeling for the

>Yep. That's what got me. She's a real sweetie. Her other friends better join her club their senior year.

You know K-On! actually has 2 sequels, right? There's a K-On! following the college girls, and a K-On! following Azusa in High School. The anime hints at the 2 friends joining her club next year, what with them practicing in the music room when the old guard come back and tell them to rock the next year's freshmen show.

feel my junk, fuccboi

Oh cool. Ill have to look those up.

They're not very good. The manga in general is not very good.

>watching kids' shows

There are some really good ones. Love Lab and Sabegebu are both recent ones I really enjoyed.

I don't watch many CGDCS shows, but I still think the best isn't K-on! but actually Azumanga Daioh.

K-On! was in a seinen magazine and the anime first aired on a timeslot and channel aimed at adult men. It's not a kid's show, unlike all that Shonen crap Cred Forums eats up.

>mfw they pull the exact same fucking thing in the movie

Greatest character designs of all time?

>There's a K-On! following the college girls

Did they get boyfriends, because then there's no point.

Mugi > Yui > Sawako > Mio = Ritsu > Ui > Azusa > Nodoka > Jun

I'm glad they did, I've rewatched that song/scene hundreds of times over the years and the movie version is far superior, outside of Azusa fucking speaking a line near the start of the song in the movie, interrupting the song. The animation of the friends all reading the lyrics off of a card is beautiful, and you actually get to see some hands on instruments in the movie.

because kawaii girls = kids show

jfc these westernfags

No? They have really generic basic designs, even Mugi is just a mix of "cute white german-looking girl" and "big eyebrows girl". The artist for Hidamari Sketch and Madoka is much better at SOL design.
Didn't you finish K-On!? They go to an all-girls college together. Boy friends are icky.



>The artist for Hidamari Sketch and Madoka is much better at SOL design.

The designs just look better. More detail, even if wideface isn't cute to you. Adorable eyes with great detail without being too realistic, cute mouths, and perfect tiny noses. Plenty of real estate for hair as well.


I fucking love Hidamari Sketch and Ume's art, but come on now.

such a sweetie

Good for you OP, Keion is one of the all time greats

I wish I watched it sooner

azusa ruined the whole episode

It's great, but I still like Azumanga Dioh more

Asusa is an angel!

Well Azumanga Daioh is the big mac of CGDCT

I didn't, k-on has cuter girls

I was not expecting this at all.

stupid sudden emotions

Welcome, you finally started to watch anime for real

BTW was the sixth girl in the ED supposed to be anyone in particular?

Azusa > Ritsu > Ui > Jun > Mio > the other Wakaba Girls >>> Yui > Mugi >Sawako > the College cast

Sabegebu is not CGDCT. It's sketch comedy.

Ritsu > Mio > Ui > Yui > Azusa > Mugi = Jun

Pretty sure it's Mio


Yeah. had to think of it a bit

Can't be, given that Mio is also leading the other four walking towards her.

It's symbolic, man.

Pls don't bully Mio

Azunyan nyan nyan

Azunyan nyan nyan


I stopped watching this show after episode 21 or 22. I don't know if I'll ever be able to finish it and watch the movie.

>it's a "Mio comes out of her shell and learns to have fun with the others" episode
my heart

You win the plebbest post of the day award.

So i wached the first two episodes. Is there any reason for you guys to watch this other than to gush at those moeblobs and imagining to fuck them? I dont see any appeal other than nice visuals and cute girls.

>imagining to fuck them

You are a terrible person.

It's Ritsu>Ui>Eveyone else.

20-something virgin male watching highschool girls do things, without any signs of a plot. I cant think of any other reason than imagining to fuck them, which is creepy mind you.

>I cant think of any other reason than imagining to fuck them
You have no ability to appreciate the beauty of the world, do you?

The beauty of watching 15 year old girls acting all cutesy and Moe, which you want to fuck? Not my cup of tea, wanna stay out of jail for a lil while, just wondering if there is anything else thats good about it.

they dont act, they are naturally cute and moe

please go back to wherever you came from

They act fucking artificially cute and Moe, cause you like that and want to fuck them, but cant, so you post pictures of them to fill your folder and talk about best girl and shit. Have you ever seen women act or even talk like that? Of course you didnt.

>trying this hard
You got some projection issues friend.

Cred Forums or even the whole anime community needs to be cleansed from you virgin moefags. They arent real dude, find a nice 3D girl.

I am fine, of course i watched that shit or similar shit when i was a kiddo, so i know about it. But you guys are grown ups now. Like 25 years old. What are you doing dude? This thread was fucking creepy to read.

Apply yourself kid

Anime community without moefags will consist of naruto kiddies, and these are certainly more disgisting.

I watched this show around the same time my band stopped being a thing because everyone moved. The feels, man.

No grown up will be into naruto after the age of 16 like that, after that age its just a nostalgic thing for them. You guys watched K-On recently like OP and are gushing over it. What did OP mention about the series, the plot or well written characters?
>It was every bit the sugary sweet, moeblob kawaiifest I thought it was

It was this fucking creepy shit. How the fuck do you end up like that. Moe is way more disgusting. Naruto fans would be nerds like people who enjoy star wars but you guys are on another level on the virgin scale.

Literally not even similar.

I agree

The fuck user?

Fuck off.


Why are you guys even replying to obvious bait?

>over the age of 20
>still watching cute girls doing cute
Virgin or not, hm i wonder.

we are bored

I dont get this guy either, he has no idea about the artistry behind K-On. Its a masterpiece of modern animation, never have animated characters looked that fuckable. So much Moe and Cute in one series. Everyday i cry and dream about them, wishing they were real. t.fucking virigns

You are really mad for some reason

The worst thing bout K-ON is it makes me wish I've done more stuff like that in HS. I don't want moe to make me reminisce about my adolscence
At the same time it does make me all warm and cozy inside and I want to make my future great because that's what K-ON's would approve of. It's bizzare and autistic kind of feel

I am Absolutely mad, i share a hobby with you degenerates. Sadly you take up most of the fanbase, so i get grouped in with you guys. Cant even tell new friends i meet that i like anime, have to package it and start with i like ghibli movies. You could say i despise you guys quite a lot.

You know, you are a fool. Just go out and meet people instead of watching moeshit. In 10 years time you will say the same damn thing about wishing you did more when you were in your 20s.

You are the only one with these thoughts in the thread. You're projecting like crazy.

Can't be bother with spoilers cuz phonefagging at the moment, so sorry for bloggin
I know it's stupid user, I know. I'm starting uni next week so hopefully thing will get better. But moe shows are still fine, they've been a great help for me and got me through some hard times. Does it sound pathetic to you? It probably is, but there is somethong about SoL's and the whole healing genre that makes me really glad it exists.

Of course i am, i came here to rant about you guys. In what way am i projecting, i dislike Moe and everything that goes with it, including its fanbase.

Well i got nothing against that, if it did help you through some harsh times thats actually quite amazing and not really pathetic. Uni is the perfect time to do the things you wanted to do during HS, just with more alcohol and hopefully girls down to fuck.

There is nothing wrong with K-ON, it's not stupid.
It's a healing, family friendly show, literally for any age group. The actual target audience for the show was for adults, it just happened that it became too popular for being what it is, a master piece that anyone can enjoy.

Underage people like are close minded and won't be able to enjoy a good Slice of Life. They will obviously make projections and assumptions on people who do enjoy it. They will won't be able to understand what a healing anime is and how people can enjoy it without necessarily sexualizing the characters. With that poor mindset they will right away call you a virgin, which is the most used "insult" by nowdays kids.

Lastly, you are on Cred Forums and this is not the place for you. If you are bothered by people who enjoy cute anime this is really not the place for you. Go back to facebook.
Also, if you are bothered by sharing a hobby with virgins you should not watch anime.

>not virgin
>Cred Forums
Choose one.

Cred Forums

I dont like slut or whore.

This. SnW is literally the most overrated anime on Cred Forums.


>without sexualizing
Oh shut the fuck up you major faggot. I assure you that everyone one of you perverts jerked of to those 15 year old girls and have folders full of pictures of them. Healing my ass. The BS you come up with is amazing.
Shit, these people are really serious on here. Cred Forums is a gold mine. Friends of mine said its this place filled with /pol trump supporters and you shouldnt go there but you guys are even more pathetic than that.

They're terrible


It's Mio
She's wearing the same bow as Mio, and once they touch hances, not-fairy Mio is wearing the bow

Nice blog, pedo-kun.

>he doesn't have over 9000 GB of pictures of anime girls in his Apple smartphone
>he is not serious talking about anime on the Internet
>he doesn't support Trump

>he calls other people pathetic

I have nothing better to do while I wait for season 3.


Hey i agree with everything, but i like anime.

wasn't it crazy popular in Japan. Im surprised they haven't tried to milk it beyond the movie

The majority of things aren't good. If a show tries to be funny, instead of simply including humor, it has more value and personality than the dozen that came before. A lot of series just keep recycling the same characters and ideas.

Please enjoy this picture of Ritsu. Have a nice day!

I am defending the show and anime genre you hate blindly when your problem is actually with a few fans who use fucking Cred Forums. You really got to be a complete imbecile not to get my point. Let me repeat this for you, you are on Cred Forums, and this is full of degenerates, virgins, anime fans, losers AND of course the 4 things together as well. That's what you can expect from people here, but you cannot judge the show itself, mostly a phenomenom of popularity like K-ON just based on a few perverts you see on Cred Forums. Still, believe it or not, even here there are people here who have the capacity to watch healing shows without sexualizing caracters or being degenerates. For example, sexualizing Yotsuba is a banable offense. Actually, i particularly take the "Do not sexualize the keions" concept very seriously.

Yui best girl

Just fucking with you, while i do dislike moe, i dont mind it just wanted to troll a bit.

a fuck you baka

KyoAni doesn't like making third seasons.

>but i like anime

let user-kun alone!

it airs on disney channel, and the time-slot is irrelevant, the content makes it clear


I just want to make those tears go away

watch more daytime anime not aimed at otakus

I tried that already. you need variety in your diet

Quote extracted from an article about an interview with Yamada
>This built upon an earlier question as to whether anything had been done to expand the audience of the original series. With the late night slot for the K-On series targeting the M1 (male, 20-35) audience, it was something both guests were aware of but anecdotally they said they though they had branched out into the F1 (female, 20-35) audience.


3/10 made my reply

EXTREMELY triggering thread

thank god

good post

>tfw I used to eat keiki and drink earl grey while watching the show every K-On Tuesday

I miss 2010

You too user


>The most revealing question was one I had wanted to ask myself: with Kyoto Animation's reputation for having a high number of female staff, does this have any effect in a typically male dominated industry and when producing something like K-On? The answer was slightly cagey with Naoko having not worked anywhere but Kyoto Animation in her career, but she mentioned the staff's propensity to "mother" the characters; so if one of them was showing too much skin they would cover her up saying "she would be cold!"

It would be bad if the K-ons caught a cold and had to miss the show


But Yui is idiot she shouldn't catch colds

Quote all you want, the content of the show makes it a kids' show, Disney agreed.
I rest my case.

Japanese cold is not for laugh. We will lose Yui if not for Ui's sisterly care.


Ui is truly a rock


i had a band in highschool and it was pretty fun

Yea Ritsu is my gf


Barnacle do nothing wrong

That's perfectly fine though, we are all cute little girls here.