Two words

Post Tatsumaki

Does she have no shame? Why does she dress like a whore?

go back to your containment thread. fucking cancer fanbase.

What would sex with her be like?

At least they are not tumblr-lite like the mob generals.

The best thing ever.

Best girl.








Someone post that one frame from the anime
You know which one



There's something about Tatsumaki that makes me unironically like lolis.

What's with this girl? I don't even like lolis, I find tsundere the worst archetype possible, but somehow I find Tatsumaki far hotter than her sister

The artist fucked up her crotch big time, plus he made her right breasr and but visibly bigger than the should be, they don't follow he silhouette at all.

Loli cakes are god tier.

Cutest and overpowered brat is cutest and overpowered.

Like fucking a tornado.

post her vagina

What, in a long dress?


Oh yeah, it sure is modest user.

My Theory was:
She does not wear panties, but ... her Powers ensure that the respective areas are covered for every observers sight line (she is aware of).

(No-Bra visibility might be due to the fabric or insufficient resolution in the picture, or bad visibility of creases due to solid black color.

>still not gang rape doujins

Because she's not run of the mill loli. She's a curvy midget with ridiculous power and an attitude to boot.

So yeah, you want to screw her brains out.

Dosent she wear panties in cannon?

>tatsumaki will never save your life

Why live

Yep. King saw them in MA.

Are you even looking?

She isn't tsundere because she doesn't likes nobody except her sister. Ko

Yes. According to ONE comic she wears white panties.
Murata failed that screwing her design.

mind blowing

Great. But I would do it while she's drunk even if it kills me.



superior sister

I want to go full Asanagi on hee.

Is it true One Punch Man BDs look like shit?


Petite woman exist.

I hope they make her green like that in the new anime and keep her sister blue

> Tatsumaki is obsessed with candy apples and goes to festivals just to buy them

> I hope they make her green like that in the new anime and keep her sister blue

Highly doubt that will happen.


That feeling when you realise you'll never cum on her face.

Why even perform heroics?

like using a tenga

Green with tornadoes.


what is this?

Does she ever end up with Saitama?


This shit is baffling. Her character does NOTHING in the anime. Every line she spouts is pure trope. I got the distinct impression from start to finish that she was only included to be waifu bait. Merch peddler. Pillow salesman. On top of the fucking annoying personality she has just straight up telekinesis, most Mary Sue fucking bullshit possible.

Look at all you schmucks get bamboozled by this Mary Sue fap rag. Hook line and sinker.

Please find a better waifu lads this shit is truly sad.


think you mean "tripe"

I also don't think she's waifu bait considering how she was originally drawn

Eh she is basically what Mob would be if power blinded him.

> blinded him

More like they didn't have the same situation. Mob wasn't a guinea pig for his whole childhood for one thing.

Still wonder how the gouvernment viewed her before the HA, as she openly used her powers to do shits like making a school fly.

is her superpower look like fucking washboard?

>Her character does NOTHING in the anime. Every line she spouts is pure trope.
So like, nearly every other S-class hero?




if only her vulva was hidden this would've been perfect.

why is she so fucking flat

they lolie'd a 28 yo


We can dream.
How would be they children.

>How would be they children.
Literally Mob.

When you think about it, it would make sense that Mob and Ritsu are adopted when as brothers they're both espers but their parents aren't.

Mob and Ritsu only have esper powers, I don't see any reason for Saitama being the dad.

As far as we know, Teru and the awakening club kids also have normal parents.

Yeah, but both brothers? Twins are a special case, but the two brothers having powers is too much of a coincidence.

Powers in MP100 awaken from emotions; I can't say how genetics play into that.

They had a "fight" that mostly consisted of hugging, hand holding, and ripping Saitama's clothes off.

Do you even statistics? How about all those other espers? Why are their siblings normal people?

What? My logic is that an esper can be randomly born without their parents being ones. But then for two brothers being espers the chances are high that one of the parents is one as well.

Not the user you quoted but Ritsu would have never developed any powers if he had kept his emotions leveled.
Reigen awoke his ghost seeing power by coming in contact with Mob's powers that means that anyone can awaken their powers if they have potential, claw was trying to do it through physical pain instead of emotional stress so their success was minimal since everyone reacts to the experience differently.
I don't think genetics matter here, it would kill the importance of emotions in the story if it was all just a genetic mutation.

If I liked OPM will I like Mob Psycho 100?


I'd like to add that Reigen didn't even get flashy esper powers, he can just see ghosts now so it's not much.
It has less action and more coming of age elements in the story, check it out if that's your thing.

Tatsumaki a cute and a best.

emotion matters a lot but Ritsu still had the potential inside of him.

I never said that he lacked potential.
Why do you want the boys to be adopted?

I don't "want", I'm just saying having brothers with high and very high potential means it's logical that one of their parents was a strong psychic as well. And since their known parents aren't, the theory of being adopted naturally comes.

And I may be stretching it, but look at the similarities between them and Fubuki/Tatsumaki who were also adopted

Stupid people have smart kids all the time; the similarities between them and Fubuki/Tatsumaki exist only because ONE likes the idea, the stories do not exist in the same universe so we can't tell if the same rules apply.

We don't know if Fubuki and Tatsu's real parents were espers or not, so what are you basing this theory on?

it was just about them being adopted here, combined with what I said earlier. If they ends up being adopted, I doubt their real parents wouldn't be espers.

And yeah, I know, no shit, it's all just theories, the ongoing arc is most probably the last, doubt ONE will try to do this kind of plot now.

Why bring up the adopted part at all when saying that at least one of their real parents must have been an esper, when we know next to nothing about them?
I just dislike the theory because it turns the story into X-men genetics crap instead of the power of a human's feelings and emotions.

>I just dislike the theory because it turns the story into X-men genetics crap instead of the power of a human's feelings and emotions.

Because both? Ritsu has a high potential and Mob is the biggest genius by far of the series just because. Emotions matters to use them but genetics also explains why their potential in the first place is high.

Mob's "emotions" definitely aren't special enough to get that level of power.

So your logic says its genetics when the series say it's not genetic.

>not a real loli
Sexy as fuck but still points down

why are mob general so bad.

Mob has been repressing his emotions since the accident with Ritsu getting hurt, this is why his powers have become the way they are. Reaching 100% just means that he can no longer hold his feelings back which spill over and strengthen his esper output.
If this stuff was genetic then Ritsu would have had ???% going on as well.

>ONE Tatsumaki wears white little girl panties
>Murata Tatsumaki goes bare bottom

Someone explain this shit.

Quints of truth.

> If this stuff was genetic then Ritsu would have had ???% going on as well.

Yeah, no. They're both gifted with psychic powers but Mob just got the biggest "prize". We still don't really know what ??? is either, if it's part of his powers or something else.

The very fact he wasn't anything special before this accident shows he's naturally super gifted. His emotions suppress his powers and allows him to use them, they're conductors, not the source.

Ritsu always had the potential but he needed a certain level of stress for the powers to manifest; what if their laid back and boring parents never hit that level or stress and have the same potential that they never even realized? The kids don't have to be adopted at all.

> what if their laid back and boring parents never hit that level or stress and have the same potential that they never even realized? The kids don't have to be adopted at all.

Not like I said this theory doesn't works, adopted was just an idea, nothing more. Natural potential is clearly a thing in MP, then emotion allows to use that potential.

Just watched the stream.
Watchdogbumfags on suicide watch.

Came buckets

Natural potential and genetics only help the powers manifest if they are triggered by emotions so why mention the adopted part at all?
The importance of feelings and connecting with people is what makes the story so nice and heartwarming.

Ready and waiting

So you're implying that if they're adopted their relation with their known parents doesn't matter and it's not heartwarming anymore? Don't make me say what I never implied, the fact they'd be adopted wouldn't change a single thing about their situation.

For the last time the adopted part was a theory to explain where they could have gotten so much potential. Nothing more.

I didn't imply that at all; I thought it was sweet thing to say about the show that it shows how important feelings are, I don't care if the boys are adopted or not, I just think that powers being genetic is not as nice as powers controlled by emotions; Don't make up stuff I didn't even say.

Its clear Tats at full power is she going ????? like Mob.

Very predictable.

>I just think that powers being genetic is not as nice as powers controlled by emotions

Except they are, or more exactly either genetic or natural. Mob wouldn't have any reason for being that much stronger than the rest if it was all about emotion. He's the best example of a natural genius. Even Tatsumaki was stated to train plenty and create lots of techniques, she's a skilled genius. Mob is nothing like that and still manages to pull tons of broken techniques (like against the boss) out of his ass. His powers alone and the reasons he have them are mary sue tier.


out of the way heathens

I never denied his strength or that his abilities are natural, I meant that saying that he and Ritsu should have at least one esper parent lessens the impact of how powers awaken, if his parents have untapped esper potential that's fine but that shouldn't be an important part of the story, genetics shouldn't matter.

you better not be lying to me

Is there a reason that Murata and ONE are both taking so long on updating both comics?

Murata said on twitter next week he is going to release a 30 pages chapter.

But what's ONE's excuse? Work on the Mob anime?

It's a hobby you fucktard. He could update it any time he wants.



ONE does the storyboard of the chapters Murata draws and releases along with drawing MP. Updating the webcomic is just a bonus for the fans, he has no need to do it.

Regularity of output is a critical aspect of gaining and maintaining an audience.

It's a hobby. Like he cares what you think.

It's even the theme of OPM. Having fans isn't bad but he only does this because he wants to.

>Two words


>tatsumaki will never save your life and then demand that you repay her with sexual favors

He was the animator for a chunk of the last episode, so yeah probably.

I didn't asked for those feels.

Do you will Murata will extend the Tatsumaki beatdown during the Monster Arc

>she will never keep finding excuses to "save your life" so that she can make you repay her more
>she will never drag you out of your apartment when the fire alarm accidentally goes off and demend that you let her sit on your face

>no 28 years old (same as me) loli cake (sex)friend


I don't get it. If it's not genetic, then why do Mob and Ritsu have similar auras? Should we ignore that because it's only in the anime?

user, there's only so much I can take

>she will never be terrified to actually find your apartment on fire one day and start freaking out because she can't find you anywhere
>except you're just at work and you're fine so she punches you across the face when she finally finds you
>except secretly she's really happy you're okay

Not the guy you quoted but I guess it's a beautiful visuals thing, auras in the manga are mostly left white.

Yeah, but I can't help but wonder if they consulted ONE on that.


And take the rest of the fucking crossboarding casuals with you. Thank you.

Fuck off


Maybe they did; but the auras look pretty different from each other in the pic so it seems more likely that it's because of how their personalities and their feelings effect them in different ways.

Well, they look more similar in the anime. The pattern is different, but the colors are similar (it's hard to take proper screencaps as the auras constanly change from blue to pink).

Forgot the pic

>she will never "save" you again one day but rather than ask for sexual favors she demands you treat her to dinner
>you will never have fancy italian food with tatsumaki who at the end remarks about how she "had a lot of fun and would like to do it again, despite you being a powerless nobody" before smiling at you and leaving

Why even live

Don't worry user, I tried to get a better screencap for comparison.

Dont think so

She's ugly



Are you blind

Why would you fuck a mosquito woman?
Hell while your at it fuck a wasp woman too?

Faggots ruin everything

because she's hot and gives good succ

> why would you tap that

I just want Tatsumaki to cuddle me and call me a dumb civilian

Something about seeing it in muratas detailed art style seems unlikely to me, could be just mu wishful thinking though


>huur what are mosnter girls

M-my heart.

She wears panties in the webcomic, in the garou arc saitama sees them

weird way of spelling King

she is tsundere
she keeps shittalking the other heroes saying she doesn't care about them but goes out of her way to make sure they're not hurt in MA arc

Can you still call it dere when she doesn't show it through her words or expressions but through her actions?

She still never blushed yet in the webcomic or manga, yet most of the fanarts and doujins have her blushing, that annoys the shit out of me.

Too old.

Nope,not my taste

Say it with me: Best Girl of 2017

Best girl of 2017's sister*

>name is Tatsumaki
>she has no tats


What are you a Google?