Left or right

left or right

Homura is the type of significant other , every significant other should strive to be.

There is no greater love then one who would become evil itself so that you may become goodness .


How can right even compete?



I chose right, it's a right choice

Then right choses left and no one is left alone

Madoka is a cutie

Homura is too much pressure

right for waifu if she loves me as much as she loves madoka

left can be a pretty cute daughteru i guess, pretty worthless without homura though

They represent two types of love; madoka is the free love, which you want to give to everyone and Homura is the selfish love, which you want to keep only for yourself.

if you want to overgeneralize and strip out their characterizations, sure

left on right

me on the right

that's not right

Haruka and Yuu relationship is far more interesting than fans head-canon of Homura/Madoka


Right because she's my wife


Right scissoring left

why not both?

Sayaka Mickey

You know :^)

Know what?

They're like 12.


Madoka reminds me about my waifu and Homura reminds me about myself.
Anyone else feel like that?


Madoka is actually too pure. Homura and I have been through shit, so we have something of a mutual understanding on how hard life can be.

do not sexualize the coobie


>hurr durr I sacrifice so much of myself for others, I'm just like Homura guys!
You're not. At all.
Keep on tipping, asshole.


>I sacrifice so much of myself for others
I think this way because Madoka seems kinda odd and unrealistic when compared to other girls. While everyone have real life problems and suffers, she just keeps being cute girl. She doesn't have strong personality or some goals for future, is sensitive and perfect, just like typical anime girl. After becoming god, she also seems unreachable and literally off the world. Homura however are in madly love with Madoka. She is ready to do absolutely anything to be with her, even if her actions may seems hostile on first from Madoka's perspective. She is very possessive and her passion cannot be understood by other people, just like typical waifufag.
Homura never sacrificed for others, she is selfish and she was doing all this for herself. Everything just accidentally turned out to be positive for everyone except QB.

I wish Homura were head over heels for me, Madoka is so lucky.

I don't know how to respond to those puns, so here's your (you)

The one that have no family or dependency so I can keep locked up in my basement and won't complain too much



(You) will be left alone. Or killed.

The post is not mine.

>user choses Homura, she is in another plane of existence
>Homura choses Madoka, she is in another plane of existence
>both are left alone

Finally I understand how in the hell can some people like Homura.

>Then right choses left and no one is left alone
This guy knows.

They aren't meant to be separated.

Of course MadoHomu. Also, Central is their invisible red string.


right is a stupid cunt

Yes they are, fate wills it and not even multiple universe rewrites changed this.

none they both are shit