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Yokosuka Naval District Anthology, Volume 15, Chapter 1
Title: Inazuma Wants to Be Friends, nodesu!
Author: Moroyan (pixiv.net/member.php?id=48111)

Page 4
Panel 1
Bag: Taiyaki

Panel 2
Ikazuchi: Jeez, I can't wait till we get back to our room!
Hibiki: Agreed.
SFX: Nod nod
Inazuma: We can't eat while walking down the hallway, nanodesu!
Akatsuki: Indeed, that'd be rude!!
SFX: Thud, thud, thud

Panel 3
Hikiki: [Dissapointed]
Ikazuchi: Bleh, but the Admiral gave it to us!
Akatsuki: You can't!
SFX: Thud

Panel 4
Ikazuchi: I'm starving~
Akatsuki: Just wait a bit.

first for best TTK

Page 5
Panel 1
SFX: Wink~

Panel 2
Akatsuki: (Hey!)
Don't just stop like that, that's dangerous.

Panel 3
Hibiki: ?
Inazuma: Awawawa nanodesu!

Page 6
Panel 1
Ikazuchi: So after that, you wanted
to be friends with Iowa-san?

Panel 2
Inazuma: B-But I haven't made any progress...
SFX: Fidget, fidget
Akatsuki: (Eh?)
But you've met her so many times since then!?

Panel 3
Inazuma: It can't be helped!
I've tried talking to her, but the moment I hear her speaking English, I get all nervous and...
SFX: Freeze
Iowa: Information check OK. * Score screen line
I see.

Panel 4
Inazuma: English... it's a big obstacle for me...
Kongou: HEY, everyone!
Is something the matter, Inazuma?

Page 7
Panel 1
Kongou: I see~
So Inazuma wants to be friends
with that girl she's curious about?
Kirishima: And thus... English is key...
SFX: Adjust
Inazuma: Nanodesu!

Panel 2
SFX: Shine
Inazuma: Iowa-san's incredible, nanodesu!

Panel 3
Inazuma: Her slim body and sparkly gold hair!
Her super-adult wink was really cool too, nanodesu!
Kongou: WOW...
Akatsuki: She's been like this for a while.

Panel 4
Kongou: Hmm...

Panel 5
Kongou: HEY, Inazuma!
Inazuma: Huh?

Panel 6
Kongou: Leave this
to ME!
SFX: Bang

Page 8
Panel 1
Kongou: Fufu...

Panel 2
Kongou: Teacher Kongou's Burning English Lesson! * All Engrish
Hibiki: Long...
Akatsuki: How long...
Ikazuchi: [Excited]
Inazuma: Wow, nanodesu!

Panel 3
Kongou: Teacher Kongou, who also has a wonderful wink,
will teach anxious Inazuma English!
Hikibi: Those glasses are...?
Kirishima: I knew this might happen,
so I had a spare pair ready!

Panel 4
SFX: Wink, wink
Kongou: How's this? I won't
lose to Iowa~
Kirishima: As expected, oneesama!

Panel 5
Inazuma: It's a little different...
Ikazuchi: It's different...
Kongou: Oof...

Page 9
Panel 1
SFX: Grumble
Kongou: Let's get started already! I won't go easy on you!
DesDiv6: Understood!
Kirishima: As expected, her crying face is wonderful too!

Panel 2
I came to Kure.
She is my sister.
[Actually accurate]

Panel 3
Inazuma: N-Naisu chuu mii chuu!
Kongou: Ach...

Panel 4
Kongou: Homework!
SFX: Slam

Panel 6
Ikazuchi: We're moving out~!

Page 10
Panel 1
Kongou: Well done~ You pass!!
Inazuma: (Wow~!!)
It's a 100% flower circle, nanodesu! * The cliche mark made by Japanese children's teachers for perfect scores

Panel 2
Kongou: Inazuma!!

Panel 3
Kongou: At 1400 hours, Destroyer Inazuma
shall charge for the office!

Panel 4
Kongou: There, you shall try to establish contact with Iowa!

Panel 5
Inazuma: Roger, nanodesu!

Panel 6
Inazuma: M-Miss Iowa!! * Engrish

Page 11
Panel 1
Inazuma: わっ私と
be my frend. [sic, but still better than most Danbooru translators]

Panel 3
Iowa: もちろんよ!
Sure thing!
SFX: Glomp
Inazuma: Hawawawa, what a warm welcome, nanodesu!

Panel 4
Ikazuchi: That said, thankfully she didn't pick up that weird speech style, huh.
Akatsuki: I was thinking the same.
Kongou: Bahh.
What do you mean by that!?
Hibiki: ...


That was cute, thanks.

Is this love at first sight?

It's just Iowa ogling any cute ship that crosses her path.


Because then you'd feel lonely and I don't want you to feel lonely.

That was a cute read, thank you.

She would just go for another admiral's dick.

>Ah, Shigure-san. Thank you for your hard work. Huh, in autumn bulges are...? You're right. Shigure-san is alright but I have to be careful...

What does she meant by these 'autumn bulges'?

Those melons.

She needs to beware of shigure's feminine penis raping her

It should be "In autumn, bulges...?"


I love Kiso!

Yes, I am going to kiss and fuck that happy pudding.

You can't have my wife.

It's MY wife, stop replying to me when she's not your wife.

Especially when you didn't even marry her.

But I did. Show me yours first.

No, Akebono will not share her food with you.

What level then?

I love German engineering.

It doesn't matter the level as long as you love her dearly.

She's not a thing, you don't call her an it. You're unfit to ever call her your wife. She's my wife now.

Amatsukaze a cute,
More Kagachapter when?

It DOES matter, seeing it shows how much you have bonded with her.

Just because I slipped up on words doesn't mean I don't love her. She's still MY wife.

How many times do we have to tell you. No translator will touch Kaga thanks to you faggots spamming her every thread and at the end of every thread. She's as good as dead.

Poor Kaga-san

Partially. It depends how much you think of her often (being loyal, she's your one and only wife), give something for her (luck boost), and how much you put your faith on her through your darkest times (major events).

Leveling is just second-tier bragging rights.

>being loyal, she's your one and only wife
I agree with this one moreso the most important factor, I see many people marrying two or more ships rather than being loyal.

On the other hand, I don't think levelling is bragging and having the time to actually seeing your wife getting MvPs on her own to reach that max level is really satisfying.

As for luck, I have been only giving Maruyus to her now, no one else. Her high luck may take long to fulfil to max out but it's worth it even though it's highly unnecessary.

Yes she will.

Kissing with bono!

>Thinking your wife would be loyal to you and only you
The sooner you admit she's a dirty whore, the sooner you can start picking up every ship on base.

I will always love you, Kaga-san!

good end. i can sleep happy now

>not being yandere so you can make her yours only and yours alone

It's okay, I murder anyone who tries lay a hand on my wife.


Lewd boat.

Why is she bare legged?



Lewd ship.

TTK is using her pantyhose as a fap cloth.

Why is that boat tanned?


Sami a cute.

its rusting

I want to watch her pee.

Easily influenced by Mexicans.

I want to drink her pee.

>I want to watch her pee herself.

Mutsuki is lewd!

I want to know what that room smells like.

Like sweaty girl and love.

Mutsuki class lewd juices.

Rude. Shioi is not a Mexican.

Open door, see this, what do?

How is Kisaragi so perfect?

Do a 360 and walk away.

slip my penis inside of satsuki
She would make a great mother


Why is Yaoi so angry?


Because she's not being fucked right now.

Yaoi likes it in the pooper.

Give Satsuki her new dress.


>tfw will never grope Kisaragi from behind
Life sucks.

Please don't do anything to my pure daughteru as I leave for a while.

I want to wear her used panties on my face.


What if she's the one who wants to do something with me?

Don't open!


That's my fetish.

I want to lift up her skirt.

Pee in my mouth instead, Rai.

Then it means she loves you, so treat her well.


I'm going to expose myself in front of her!

How do you feel when she reacts to you like this?

It only makes me harder!

Did someone click on her vibrator remote?

You might like the Rai but what about the Den?

I like Inazuma a little more.

You can like her, just don't accidentally delete her.

Would Ikazuchi let me put it in her butt?

If the movie is good, Ashigara will get married!

Poor Ashigara.

But she's all ready married to me.

Inazuma is for sex before marriage.


But I thought she said I could rely on her?

Be a good Admiral and help Kaga with her hair.

Only if you give her headpats so she could tolerate the pain.

Kaga is lovely

>If the movie is good

Sure. I'll kiss her on the cheek during it too if she wants.

Why were you getting so friendly with Yuudachi, Teitoku?

Because she's so sexy.


I want to hold ikazuchi tight. While my penis is inside her

My Yuudachi is always out on expeditions though.

Rip Ashigara.

She ruined her.


So, Pola > Zadar? Is that the end result?

I was fucking her in the ass. Do you want me to be that friendly with you, Shiggy? You want me to fuck you in the ass?
Let me see that anus then.

I want to fuck Pola infinitely more, so yes.

>while my penis is inside her

You can't do that to my daughteru!

Of course Pola is better, is that even a question?

>You can't do that to my daughteru!
If he doesn't, then I will!

What if she is the one that leads the way instead?

That works too. Anything's fine so long as she satisfies my lust for her.

I want those legs to step on my dick.

Don't make me want to "play" the "game!"

Also dat motion capturing.

Would Maya go full spaghetti if I told her I wanted to fuck?

You'd just confuse the hell out of her.

I thought this was going to be about Haruna.

What if I show my penis to her at the same time?

She only has some vague idea of kissing after marriage, that's it.

Then I'll have to introduce her to adult kissing. Then what follows after that. It's for her own educational sake.

You'd have to put your money where your mouth is

Oh no. What a problem that would be.

Think you've got what it takes to handle Takao class grade meat?

Young Haruna is also my daughteru.

No, not really, someone else can adopt her.

Refrain, mango

Kagapout and Kagasmile?
Both are cute

I just want to fuck her so she can become regular Haruna again with the help of my semen

I want to touch Kagaboobs.

I want to touch Prinz's boobs.

But Kaga hates being touched

Tits are sure a miracle. I'm pity Yuubari and the dork.

But a perflat RJ is fine.

I want to touch her butt.

I bet her body feels like pudding.

If I masturbated with a cup of pudding, would it feel the same?

Well then it would be literally fucking pudding.

Just be glad you're not masturbating to a biscuit which seems to be harder than a pudding.

>wehaboos becomming as annoying as the kagafags

Pls stop.

Well, if you ring her, that's kind of expected.

You did ring her, yes.

No one cares


Would Hiryuu be more popular if she didn't fantasise too much about Tamonmaru?

Better picture

She'd be more popular if the T99 Tomonaga did as much damage as Ryuusei Kai.

Yeah, right

Based Shibafu

T99 tomonaga is already better then ryuusei kai.

Oops, T97 Tomonaga, not T99.

It only has 11 torp stat unlike Ryuusei Kai's 13. Contrast with Souryuu's ekusa.

If the anime MC had been one of the other starters.

Who would the other two friend DDs have been?

Fubuki is my wife.

Houshou has a cute butt.

That's nice but has nothing to do with the question


-got pwned by fucking WW1 relics.

Dude your waifu is a boat

My wife is pretty smart.


best starter

inb4 link to one of those Houshou anal doujin.

Only Bismarck though
Prinz would survive a couple of that

A lucky one too.

what about fucking a coffee? wont that be hot?

My cute and smart and fashionable wife.

Likes it in the butt.

>it's almost always Prinz fags
Not sure why the entire kriegsmarine gets flack for Prinz spam but ok.

Potato bullying.

I'm curious as to why they pulled Mutsuki and Yuudachi out to be her DD friends.

If it were me, I would've picked Miyuki and Isonami or something.



Mutsuki was not popular before the anime.

That's cute. I want in on that.

I don't know, would you risk scarring your penis with burns if you want to fuck coffee?

What did they mean by this?

>Iowa is American so she likes getting fucked by niggers
I hate this meme.

Because faggots keep misspelling her name.


>america in 1945
>not white



What else do you expect from the cucks that dislike Iowa?

New Maizuru chapter typesetting

Best and purest ship.





Atago a lovely and best blonde






And that's all for typesetting from me.


Good job, admiral.

I want to dick a sweaty Ise.
With her tightsuit on.

>I've never sw[u]m before

Sexually or non-?

Glad I didn't even have to ask for this one to be translated.

I want to fist Z1 and Z3 at the same time.

While Bismarck watches.

What happened?

Can it be both?

Underrated class.

Nothing to pity the dork about, she's perflatly cute.

Bulldyke class BBs

She found out I cheated on her with Ashigara.

Couldn't you have at least picked Nachi?



Post kokoro busters.

A torpedo is a torpedo, regardless of who it hits.

Not as bad as the folks who think Warspite likes getting fucked by Pakis.

Haguro is daijoubu.

Nachi is mine!


I haven't been here for like half a year and I'm amazing the Kaga shitposting is still strong. That's some fucking dedication.

Can't beat autism.

Nachi is for committed relationships, not just being a mistress.

more americans when

>picking Nachi
>not picking Myoukou and trim her brows

Fuck off /tg/.


It's not good to lie, Shiggy.

Then I'll go sleep with Yuudachi instead.

>trimming her eyebrows
>not teasing and bullying her about them

Good. That means I can have Poi without any repercussion.

I love this plump duck.

Don't tempt her.

can you a ushio?

Tempt her with what? If she won't sleep with me, then I'll have Yuudachi service me. It's her own fault.

Would they be up for a threesome?

How would you take Ushio's confession?

I'd let her catch me fucking Akebono.

accept her as my daughter to be protected

Why not a foursome?

I sentence her to pregnancy.

wait, what
is that what the game looks like now?
or is that the vita version or something

Yes the game was upgraded a month ago you should download it and play it.

The natural state of Ushio

That's the arcade game.

Just have to scan them and clean them then I'll upload.

These two are so adorable.

Tell her I could never love a weapon.

>bullying Myoukou

Ganbatte user!


Only if the forth is Hai Hai.

And now for the misadventures of the autistic boat.


I'm going to find whoever is feeding this duck and congratulate him

Long live Nach!

>monster is just a fat dude
This doujin is useless.

Never watched this anime before. Played the game a bit. All I can say is Atago is the cutest girl

>This feeling.... is a bit lonely.
You'd keep her company, right?

I want to keep her company for the rest of my life!

As long as she doesn't end up loving booze more than she loves you.

But there's also a chance that I'll be loving booze more than her.

Glad I didn't buy them. Isn't most of it just prints of the online pantyshots though?

>every Friday is CVL Day
What is up with them and 酒?

They have nothing else to drink since Japanese beer is awful and weak.

I meant alcohol in general.

There's some that haven't been put online but yeah, most are already online.

Getting drunk is fun.

You could get away with just scanning the print exclusive ones, I don't think anybody would mind.




Well, it makes her stand out from the rest of the doggies.




Fucking Hibiki 24/7


How do you like your burgers cooked?

Cumming inside Hibiki 24/7

I don't care either way for Iowa.

I love tan lines so much.

Hatusuzuki is so pretty in casual.


Врешь ты все

That's nice user.

Made for breeding.


You don't understand!


Kashima is a good girl

Poar the tea, Harusame.

When will they tell us about the pregnancy, bros?

Mucchi is a big girl now. Satsuga Nagato-nee.

Harusame is so sexual.

I wish Harusame was always waiting for me at home.

A tail for you.




Bakeneko Rai is cute.


I want to cuddle with Kashima after she gets home from a long day at work and have her vent to me about her shitty job.

After she's been ploughed by her manager?

What the fuck is with the English?

Nice flippy wigglers.

It's CGrascal, it's just shit, like this gay doujin.

Kashima isn't that kind of girl.

Why the fuck does he translate and typeset without any QC check? How can it ever be allowed to be uploaded?
This shit pisses me off.


I want to see the face she makes as I drink her pee and call it delicious.

>How can it ever be allowed to be uploaded?

Have you seen the dogshit uploaded under western or other before? Staff doesn't give a fuck.

Not daijoubu!



I will post this occasionally until you like her.

Also daijoubu.

But I already like her a lot and frequently fantasise about having romantic, loving intercourse with her.

I love this mans DDs, Ducks the best.

>your 顔 when there are nine more Ducks to go

We're only getting one more and it's going to be Suzutsuki.

As much as I love the thought of us getting them all, I doubt we will. Unless Kadokawa really goes all out and pays the man to do it.

I doubt they'll add all of them. Have to put in more fucking potatoes.


I hope they're better than the last one we got.

We already got Uranami, the best Special Type I Destroyer of the war, there's no need to add the rest.

>Got her bow ripped off in Operation Ten-Go
>Made it back home by steaming backwards

I can't wait to see what fanart does with this.

I feel like having duck soup

>there's no need to add the rest
Padding out content, lad.

That's why we have the Fletchers for.

Do your EOs you pieces of shit.

Why not both?

Only if Yodo blows me.

Too late. She's already blowing me.


>waiting till the end of the month to clear EOs
I will never understand this.

>end of the month
It's already the 1st in Japan.

I meant the reset.

EOs reset at midnight in Japan. It's 3:43 AM.

EOs have already reset. He's telling us to clear them asap.


Is Kadokawa ever gonna fix the Warspite BM4 bug?

No because she's trash and they don't care about her.


Just stay still.


I have 20,000 of every resource but

Does anyone else find it strange that Iowa never mentions Katori in any of her lines, given that she was the one who sank Katori at Truk?

Haruna is a national treasure

In 4 days, maybe.

Also change Aquila to CVL while they're at it.

Haruna is silly, in an adorable way.

Kaga is not a slut!

Kongou > Hiei > Haruna > Kirishima

Kaga funposting*

Sorry Kagafriends, my bad

>My flight deck is delicate, so please don't touch it too much.

>Is there something wrong with my aircraft hangar? I see... hn... I'd appreciate it if you don't overdo it.
She likes being touched casually by her admiral, super lewd.


Haruna > Kongou = Kirishima > Hiei



Why is Kongo named after an African country?

Hello. Why are you here?

No, Iowa a shit

>t. Communist

What's that? Post more Iowa? Okay.

A Yodo with a mission.

Iowa is such a treat.

You mean the spammer, its all he does, repeat the same shit in every thread.

Get the timing for dailies right and I might do them, otherwise nope.

>Assuming all the Iowa-hating posts come from the same user.

Nice try shitter.

Kongou = Hiei = Haruna = Kirishima!

>Kongou = Hiei = Haruna = Kirishima!


Smug Kaga is very adorable

>showing emotion

This, Iowautists are the worst thing in these threads

Hiei doesn't want to bang, so she's worse than the other three.

The irony of you making this statement.

What a dirty-minded battleship.

Both Kagas are cute

>implying anyone is worse than that kaga poster's autism.

>Says a genuine shitposter

Let's do our best today as well.

fucking piece of shit should be scrapped.

Oh my god Yodo, seriously? I'm not doing my dailies or EOs today, you blew it.

Ooyodo pls, just leave me alone doing my fucking dailies and EO.

I'll do my best if you give me morning sex Ooyodo!

Make Kaga Sink Again.

Akagi is bullying Kaga-san again!

Forgotten Kagapic

Every time you sink Kaga, you create another one of these.

Impossible, Kaga is the strongest

It's an improvement

Then why did she sink?

Because she's a steaming pile of shit.


That's my fetish.

She should give me a hand or 2.

I'd love to be served beer by Bismarck.

I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?

Her sister is secretly a bigger slut.

But neither of them are sluts.

That's really cute if houshou was that tiny


It makes me want to snuggle with her more.

How do I get into KanColle?

Jerk off to the porn.

Fap to the myriad doujins
Watch the awful show
Shitpost here

Play the game. That's the only way. Don't listen to or .

Play the game, you can easily get shit done by playing an hour or two a day on the side while you're doing other stuff.

1. Pick a waifu
2. Fap to your waifu
3. Dream of your waifu
4. Consider suicide because you'll never be with her

Pick a boat, then have waifu wars with other anons

>Consider suicide because you'll never be with her
This is the one series in which you can actually do both with most characters.

Kaga is rabu, Kaga is raibu, haters go homu

But never visit /jp/ if you do, they don't tolerate anything but elitism neetdom there.




Not for the poor shipgirls who actually have to deal with her.

She needs a good spanking.

Would fondle her butt instead.

Would it be worth it?

She's pretty much the designated meatshield these days though, with BB Hime.

Sup hip hop.

I want ooyodo to be my master

(Correct answer is yes.)

I want to be sandwiched between these beautiful cruisers.

They seem like the type of girls that talk to each other about their sexy lives and laugh about your small penis.

T-Thanks user.

>sexy lives
I meant sex life.

I just realised that Takoa is Atago spelled backwards


I hate you.


Does Akitsushima have a chance at love with her admiral?

Sure. She's only 88th in line.

I'm going to keep ignoring her.

Kamo is cute. More doujin and I would definitely like her more

*Non-H doujin
Sadly there are none.

Maybe she got chance, she is cute.

She's going to do it!

Is it bad I fantasize about cheating on Houshou with Kaga?

If she lets me touch her in strange places.

How would you do that when Kaga is a spiteful lesbian that only loves Akagi.


I, too, want to be sandwiched between Takao and Atago.

Im sure we will get all of them eventually. It just depends on how long this game is updated for. It needs to release a steady stream of new girls to maintain interest and the Duckies as a class are extremely popular.

Suzutsuki is almost certainly be next though

Hopefully the rest will have visible red underpants. It just feels right that way.

Im sure Hatsu has red ones underneath her bodysuit

There should a limit on how soft these cruisers can get.

Maybe someday he will release a concept art for her showing them off or through some damage CG in a seasonal.

And I'm willing to believe that, trust me, but it'd be nicer if they're more obvious.

When does a CA become too soft?

I love me some fat duck

I want to motorboat Atago's titties

You can't just have duck fat every night!

Standard response: "Challenge accepted."



I'd rather a Bismarck myself.

Atago can make a good Bismarck, but can Bismarck make a good Atago?

You tell me.

These duckies keep getting fatter and fatter.

Yes, and?

That's what happens when you keep buying their act and give them a ton of free food.

How the hell did those ducks got fat despite being poor?

Admiral wisely increased their food budget.

where all the white girls at?

In Argentina.

Cheaper foods in the modern era are more calorie, sugar and fat-heavy than more expensive foods. Many poor people can't afford to eat heathily, so obesity is more prevalent in poor populations than richer ones.

I have kidnapped these white girls.

Don't know where the rest have went.

How did the ducks being poor meme start?

Did you even read Akizuki's lines?

Did you even read their lines?


>group date with the Myoukos
>lose all your money
>gain a bouquet of four beautiful flowers

Jokes on you, she probably goes nopan.
The real-life Akizuki-class ships had rather meager food provisions for their crew even by IJN standards.


Though we know that most of her doujins will be like this:exhentai.org/g/966681/52ee4e8a02/

I don't get that one, they take Iowa away for what?

Why repost this from /jp/?

I really hate that sequel

Don't worry: The final page implies it was all just a perverted fantasy of Iowa's.

Because autism

Theoretically Iowa is transferred to headquarters.
But in the last page it turns out it's Iowa saying that's what would happen if she were to transfer.
So the commander hides his boner and spends most of the base's resources to keep her there.


I love my daughter.

>Minazuki last
Suck it Kagafag.

That's too lewd.

According to the first page, she and Yamato apparently trashed their base fighting over the admiral's affections.

Plenty of girls already get rape and mindbreak doujins, there was nothing special about Iowa getting one and there will be nothing special about Enterprise getting one.

>only one
>Implying that dozens of doujin artists won't savor the fantasy of breaking the ship that repeatedly humiliated the IJN in WW2.

Pretty much.

Sexy back.

>clumsy girl who is nevertheless ridiculously over-powered
>"ghost"-like attribute that makes people forget she's there
Calling it now.

She was Akarin all along.

And then there was one patched up carrier.

Seriously though, the Japanese really seem to love that quote though.

I wonder if New Jersey or Missouri will get doujin that would be based more on post-WW2 refit. It's like the Japanese don't really look at how to exploit the fact that the Iowa is still alive and kicking in making porn of her.

How is Akkarin over-powered?

Because it's not in the game, that's why.

>in game is prerequisite for doujin

Ahh, yes, granny porn, the missing link in doujinshi evolution.

I can see why.

She took down an UFO.

>Unryuu's Fabulous Orbs
Oh my.

>Implying that shipgirls age like normal humans


Mou sugoi, Warspite-san!



Kaga is love, Kaga is life

Kaga doesn't wipe after taking a shit.

Why would she, she lets Akagi lick her ass out every day.

Kaga is pure, Kaga is clean

as a toilet

That explains why she smells so bad.

Kaga covered in nigger cum.

The Royal cripple

Kaga is actually a robot.
Beware of the Kagabot.