Drawfag Thread 1872

Drawfag Thread 1872

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Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
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Thread 1871

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Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them

Requesting the "Boss of this gym" scene with ExVeemon as Billy Herrington and Stingmon as Van-sama.

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

Requesting Rina eating ice cream straight out of the tub, while wearing cute pajamas.

Requesting Mato Kuroi(OVA version), Black Rock Shooter and Rock from BRS: Innocent Soul meeting up for lunch at a Fast food restaurant where they all try eating one of those Black Bun Cheeseburgers together!

Thanks if you pick this up!

Rock: imgur.com/a/LCBh9

does this week's WWD have a theme?


Requesting Nene and/or Clarion sporting Kusanagi's haircut.

We haven't done themes in the WWD for a long time. They're dead.

Requesting Agiri offering Hikage marijuana.

using stick on name tags as gags on girls to identify them!

Requesting Selvaria Bles wearing a wedding dress. Bonus points if she's blushing while wearing it.

Gonna have to second this

No, and never

Requesting a very smug Frolaytia in nyangerie.

gagged girls getting kissed by non-gagged girls

Request Maya as an embarrassed nude catgirl trying to teach her class even though she can only speak and write cat noises.

Deliver in # or another site to be safe.

This week's theme is dirndls

Is it really that bad in these threads?
How long has this been going on?

It's making me feel bad for my own request, as I haven't been in here for months.

Requesting Jeanne pole dancing and Nero throws money at her or put them in her bra or panties.

>Is it really that bad in these threads?
I'll fap to it if nobody else will
>It's making me feel bad for my own request, as I haven't been in here for months.
Request anyway, who cares?

Yeah, the theme will be gyaru.

gagged waifus talking dirty

Requesting Kajo writing Mara's dialog in the middle of the night and getting off on it.

As the guy requesting that....I'm a gagfag that is poking fun of his own fetish and Aika is the postergirl for bondage fagging here. Besides, Neena has virtually zero rule 34 and she is fappable.

ninjas kidnapping waifus for /m/ to save them who cause mass destruction upon doing so?

Waifus sharing a deep kiss with lots of tongue together before stuffing each other's mouths with gags


What about kidnapped waifus in skimpy outfits being auctioned off at a slave market?

Requesting Alucard/Girlycard wearing a cute dress befitting enough for the King of Vampires.

Requesting scantily clad Georgette

Requesting someone wrap up HTT like the girl on the right.
Since there's five of them, feel free to do it in SD as well

Well, I had fun with that.

Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss

I dunno what she fights against but I like the theme and the atmosphere. Good job!

SSF did nothing wrong.

THICC themed!

Requesting Medusa from Soul Eater in a nightgown.

Requesting a pear-shaped Red Cap with her hair tied up into a fluffy ponytail.

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.

Halloween costumes.

Requesting messy Enigma paizuri.

Eh, I changed my mind, I'll request this week. So to the user who was gonna make instead, you don't have to bother. Sorry.


user that was going to make instead here, okay.

was gonna make the thread instead*

I had planned on sitting out this weekend again and said that someone else can start the thread tonight, but decided against it so I'll make the thread tonight.


Fuck off, Tharjafag

No backing up and trip back on.

Requesting Domino from Team Rocket wearing a bunny suit, leaning forward with one arm crossed beneath her plump breasts supporting them, the other hand placed on her inner thigh and her licking her lips with heart pupils in her eyes.

Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.
Naizuri would be nice.

Or maybe just a drawing of Chiyo wearing this:

Requesting Carol Olston from Tomo-chan ha Onna no Ko! like in the picture below showing her uvula

And requesting anything of Luna from Konosuba: lewd, non-lewd, whatever. Maybe even hanging out at the bar with the Succubus lady from the same show.
Or maybe the 2 of them doing lewd stuff together.

Buenas noches!

Requesting Noire cosplaying as Noir! i.imgur.com/dWOS77w.jpg

Tanned Airi.

I drew one.

I wonder what she looks like without her hat.

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

How do i color digitally and make it look like I used crayons on them or how do I color it as if it was from a children's picture book?

Download some crayon or texture brushes.

Requesting Otoha giving a barefoot footjob

Requesting Takagi-san in this outfit, sitting in a comfortable chair with her bare feet up and drinking hot chocolate while a snowstorm is outside.


Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

Please? I would cry tears of happiness.

Requesting Mitarai and Ibuki having, hot and sweaty island sex.

activate it

Go back to bed. Its too early.


Last year I waited till Halloween to request costumes and that turned out to be a mistake.


Requesting Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) and Saya (Namco X Capcom/Project X Zone) making a non-descript shota feel uncomfortable

In chocolate milk.


Requesting an edit of this without the speech balloon

Requesting Kuuko with Adramelech as her stand.

Why'd you send a blank pic?

Sorry too
thanks though drawfriend


Such a lust of wait.


requesting color

wrong file

I have lewd thought about this pic.

Requesting Ryoka Narusawa from Occultic;Nine, giving a lubed up tittyfuck or getting a rough fucking while her breasts are out.

I don't know what's more unbelievable her tits or her age.

Maihime in halloween costume please.

Superheroine would be fine too!

Can someone post how they draw bodies with perspective? Do you just minimize the amount of size differentiation, instead of big differences like buildings?

Haven't watch it, but isn't getting fucked by the fat dude a better choice? It'd look more sweaty and hot

Don't know if this is more Cred Forums or more Cred Forums, but Requesting Mowgli and Ballo from The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli anime recreating a scene from the Disney version where they are floating down the river and Mowgli is siting on Baloo's stomach (and not singing "Bare Necessities"). Make sure Mowgli's is wearing his yellow loincloth, and has his ponytail and sideburns, and Full color please!


Hey look! mom and daughter are hookers now, how lovely!

I consider this Mitarai's punishment.

He got away scotch free so the least he can get is fucked by some chick on an island with no anime.

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.

Are you from Cred Forums by any chance?
Your comments are worse than BB's

He was run out of Cred Forums a while back. He still complains about the same things he was run out for here though.

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

Wow, not even Cred Forums wants him, that's actually kind of amazing

Wasn't he run out of Cred Forums because he complained about shitty refs

Yeah, he'd complain about there being no references for the backs of characters even if it wasn't necessary for the request, and sometimes even if he had no intention of even considering the request.

LED Mirage mecha musume girl please and thank you?

Nnnf that's the stuff! Good shit man!

Requesting Homura as an idol


Requesting Bouya Harumichi riding on a giant crow - Tony would be best - with Yasu freaking out behind him.

Yes it is excellent. Thank you very much!

Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)

Adlet and Hans spitroasting/DPing Chamot from Rokka no Yuusha after all the shit she put them through, as she's bound up or not if its just spitroast then have Adlet using a dildo on her ass

Cute superhime

Sexy lewd Horn, or just anything.

Requesting Chihaya taking a cute photo of your waifu or dressed as Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa

Requesting Airfield Hime wearing a cute frilly dress or dressed like an idol.

I'm not sure I get everything you're asking (about to fall asleep here), but if you can imagine/use prisms or cylinders around your subjects then you have the central idea. It's much like how they teach perspective in the first place with the boxes and stuff.
If you mean more like how to depict this or that (body part) from a certain angle, the main thing to make sure you're doing is overlapping the object with itself. To help with that, bisecting the object or prism will help you see how it stacks up while respecting how your perspective will warp or stretch the image.

This does answer what I was looking for, though not directly. Thank you!

What was getting to me was that even though bodies are really small we draw their features noticably bigger or smaller in size closer or farther away, even though its only maybe a few feet. I guess that depends on FOV?

Are you talking about foreshortening? If I knew the golden rule to help with that I'd tell you but for me it just boils down to practice and study.

Very cute, although I wish she had all her fingers

Airi got the extra finger.

Holy fuck

Requesting Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko clashing with whatever weapons of your choice.

The hand in your farthest right picture behind her is noticably smaller than the one in front of her, that sort of stuff is confuses me because I feel like it shouldn't be noticable. But I'm obviously wrong.

I'm actually not that guy but yes that is foreshortening, sometimes it's exaggerated to an extent but it really does indicate what actually happens in real life. You have to remember that despite drawings being a 2D plane, you are trying to present an object in 3D space, an object closer to the viewer will be larger and vice-versa.
If you didn't apply any aspect of foreshortening to your drawings you would get extremely flat drawings with no real sense of depth.

I always thought foreshortening just meant overlapping of things that are in the way of others.

I am dumb. Thank you.

Thanks, i love both


Nice, I've been hoping that request got fulfilled. Nico's mom is such a hottie

Requesting Maho Nishizumi and Erika Itsumi symmetrical docking in bikinis, or bunnysuits or even nude please.

>wake up
>see this
>mom and daughter are hookers now.
Duuuude! Now I need to request these 2 giving a blowjob to one lucky fellow in their bunnysuits. But this is fine now, so thanks for the sexy AF pic

>pov of those two viciously sucking a dick
I need it

>Now I need to request these 2 giving a blowjob
Yes, request it, Nico's mom is pure sex and I need to see more of her too

>these 2 giving a blowjob to one lucky fellow in their bunnysuits

Glad to see here that I'm not the only one that thinks that there needs to be more porn of Nico's sexy mum

Requesting a giant Brandish μ and Mount Lady preparing to fight in front of a city.

I just got my hands on a tablet my neighbor is not using any more. How do I start if I have not touched a pencil since school?

Aiko as a sexy nurse/doctor please!

Read the /ic/ sticky

Start drawing a lot of penises.

Draw a penis


Requesting swordfighting dudes fighting with dildos at a sex shop

Posted in the wrong thread, but here ya go

He's just going to keep requesting. Shame, that's a great pic.

Gimme girls cosplaying Rem and Ram and doing "incest" play.

Patchouli wearing a frilly clothing while she lift the top and bottom to show a hint of her lewd bits please.

holy shit drawing is actually pretty fucking hard. I can't even draw a circle.

We all start at level 1. Keep at it

Requesting big, plump Sucy Manbavaran butt in the same pose as the picture on the left.

I know that feel.


Went for the milfiest of those. Love her.

Nice and all bastard but how if you start moving your lazy ass and paint some of my drawings? Consider this as a request.

Version with no glasses. I know, blasphemy, but i kinda like her better without them.

Requesting Hanna-Justina Marseille from Strike Witches in the same outfit as 2B from Nier Automata.

One day I'll get something from you.

Fucking nice

Don't be a faggot and post it.

I don't have any trouble asking I just can't think of anything good yet. Soon.

Digital drawing guide:
1. spend a day drawing circles and lines
2. spend a day drawing heads and eyes
3. try o trace your waifus body.
4. smash your tablet in rage
5. regret it and buy a new tablet.
6. repeat from step 1.

digital drawing is expensive.

Requesting Mutsu as a Hooters waitress please

What are the chances of getting you to do ??


Nah, already did a bondage drawing with those little bitches.

Dude, holy shit, you're like Santa Claus. But for perverts! Thanks so much!
And excellent choice of milf!

I have to say, I would love to color your stuff, and eventually I am going to, but lately I've been busy as fuck (busy as in not at home).
Also, coloring your stuff takes a bit of extra time for me, because of the greyscale shading. I've tried using multiply, color and overlay layers but I can't get the results I want.
So, what did I do when I colored this? I had to clean up the line art manually.

So yeah, I will color them, I just need time.

You just need to ask bastard. Here you go.

Damn, that's some nice coloring.

Without glasses.

The two bitches i posted nefore.

Requesting Tejina senpai making a dildo disappear.

>making a dildo disappear.

You should just post the lines in an imgur link when you make deliveries, in case anyone feels like coloring

Dude, thanks for the compliment and the clean line arts. By any chance do you have this one too? Would like to color this one as well

Or just posting them as lines from now on without any grayscale.

You have no excuses now mothefucker. Go and paint some shit.

Requesting a version of the photo on top, but with Karamatsu (bottom-left) instead of Mick Jagger (top-left) and Jyushimatsu (bottom-right) instead of Keith Richards (top-right).

Awesome, I will not sleep after work and become a coloring zombie bastard.
Thanks again, bro!

Is that you mate?

Are you the same user who requested her in the /e/ drawthread? Cause I made a delivery for that pretty old request. If not, carry on and I hope you like this one.

Noire in a tightsuit on a motorcycle (black and blue Yamaha MT-10) holding a sword as well

You did?

Requesting more of Yukizome strapped to the chair, making erotic expressions and sweating and trying her hardest to somehow escape her binds.

Elle topless handbra with or without leaking milk

If its too lewd I would like just about anything else of her.


Request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi. Full color please!

Please draw Weiss Schnee riding on a giant icicle. Tao Bai Bai style.

Requesting Nero flashing her big tits with inverted nipples.

Stop you just got a delivery.

I'd love a drawing of Murakami and Kuroha making love outside under a sky full of stars. Alternatively Murakami posing like a boss with his harem (Kuroha, Kana, Kazumi, Kotori)

Requesting color:

Requesting Crusche fucking Ferris' tight boy pussy with a strap-on.

Requesting Chichi forcefully copulating with Goku for the sole purpose of procreation.

I'm thinking it would be funny to see my waifu wearing a ballgag or tapegag, with a "Really?" kind of expression on her face (her being mute, there being little point to it).


Requesting Fin E Ld Si Laffinty from Rinne no Lagrange as a male, and being taken advantage of by Madoka and Muginami.

Yes, exactly.

Notice me senpai!

Requesting Monaca taking it in the butt while making that face at the bottom.

Where is this from?

Requesting Ichika Mizuhara some lewd or footjob with her otouo or someone else please

Requesting Naka-chan cosplaying as Neon Katt

Requesting Nero unzipping her bride outfit, exposing her big, lactating titties.

Gumi driving a flamingo pink Cadillac and wearing aviators
SeeU in the passenger seat could be nice


Requesting Yuuri Wakasa from Gakkou Gurashi!, in a public bath looking embarrassed while trying to cover her large breasts and pussy with her hands, and in the background a couple of guys are sporting erections or jerking off.

Requesting Attila getting her battle hardened delicious tan skin covered white with cum.

OR here, looks great despite the sopping and wet parts being opted. I will gladly take another Nero image, thank you regardless.

The wetness was the point through...

Requestin' Ai Enma sitting on a park bench looking at a orange leaf.

No but thanks! This is funny as fuck.

request Asama Tomo from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere in an ultra skimpy sling bikini

If you are this it was already delivered. I remember i laughed about it.

That's not me, but it was? Can you show me?

No sorry. Just user passing through with the annual wind.

Aw, your art had really something Dan-like to it, you should take it as a compliment then.

I thought someone shopped a butt onto her chest for a second.

Gonna have to request that girl lactating.

Nope. But can I ask you for a shibari request?

Post it.

It was this one

>That ugly bitch

Only because i liked the pose.

Ok motherfucker. Tomorrow morning. Post it again in case i forget.

Ah no, of course; that someone would liken me to him is highly appreciable, thank you.

Yo, you should try


>disappear for whole summer due to laptop dying
>try to catch up by checking the booru
>90 pages in, gets lost

You people sure were productive with output.

Requesting Tsumugi from Amaama to Inazuma wearing a Inazuma Eleven uniform

Requesting Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe in lacy lingerie, licking each other's navels in a threesome daisy chain.

Requesting Saiai wiping sweat from between her thighs, having refused to take off her sweater during a hot spring day.

A Taihou automaton version please or ditching her bowgun for a Tommy gun also requesting anal

Christ, you're thirsty. Isn't posting on 2 boards at once enough for you? You're even going to beg on top of that?

Can I please request Goblin Slayer (the man in armour) with his helmet removed, revealing that he's Ryan Gosling from the movie "Drive"? If the other members of his party are around him and react with surprise like in the second image that's cool too, although not necessary. Thanks!

Bumping the thread as it's getting low on the board.

Requesting Erza and Kirito wearing sunglasses and fist bumping with an explosion in the background.



Worse things have been done ironically

That's some gorgeous work mate, thanks for taking interest!

Requesting a bunch of Gundam characters/mechs booing the return of IBO, please.

Could I have a picture (or of them taking one) of Subaru and Emilia together (like a selfie) please? Or it can be lewd but I'd much prefer something simple and cute.

People are still salty about IBO? Wow. Cred Forums never grows up.

IBO was sloppy, but I didn't really hate it.
It also yielded this sexy beast,

People tend to overexaggerate how bad IBO is, when literally Reco was the worst pile of trash and came right before it. The problem with IBO is that it didn't really go anywhere, but the rest of the show was pretty solid overall.

G-Reco was such a clusterfuck I had no desire to continue watching past the first episode. Shame too, as it also had some lovely designs.

Yeah, shame really. I loved some of the designs and the artstyle. The girls were cuties too. I didn't like G-Self that much but the other designs made up for it.

A Rider-class Tamamo

Requesting Darling/Kurusu Kimihito in a Demonica attempting to recruit demons.

Hey, thank you for the delivery on the other thread and if the one who colored it is reading this too, thank you too!
Never expected that my delivery become the OP pic of this thread so I am really happy!
And Good luck to everyone!

requesting Vert, Noire, and Blanc as honey-bees like this.


Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing this outfit on the left

Requesting a picture of Karna, thirsty, spotting Jinako's 'lemonade' and drinking it only to discover it isn't lemonade

Also, Jinako wearing a Zero Suit or Eva plugsuit

Waifu-tan and Husbando-kun wearing the Cred Forums party hats?

OR here. Looks very cute, thanks!


Cute! Nice job!

If you had watched further you'll see how Tomino turned full senile in his directing.

A cute! Hora hora intensifies.

Fuck, I wanted to do it.

post it anyway m8

Them wearing the party hats while being stuck at work drawing on the weekend, texting or IMing their friend Cred Forums happy birthday.

You ever see that medea caster as rider drawing?

Requesting Chirico wiping moisture off his helmet like in the middle image.


Requesting thicc/milfy Trigger-chan/Luluco

This is really cute, great work drawfriend.

Stop downvoting without reason!

Requesting jagi (or another HnK villain) wielding a broom covered in barbed wire attacking pokemon trainers. Optionally in HnK style.


Kawaii as fuck nigga.

get fucked don't turn Trigger-chan into some tub of lard shitheel.

Requesting Lelouch/Zero saying
'I told Euphy to kill the Japanese and she actually did, it the absolute madman!'

Requesting a plate with a tower of pancakes on it that drip mountain dew and are topped with chocolate whipped cream

Requesting Lala (left) cutting Miia's bangs really short like her own.

Requesting Saaya from Suisei no Gargantia, dancing erotically for a bunch of pantless guys who are sporting large boners.

Requesting Mio Naruse wearing the Christmas outfit in the reference image, sitting on Santa Claus's lap while excitedly telling him what she wants for Christmas, with Santa looking slightly uncomfortable while having a visibly large bulge in his pants.

If possible have Mio have a slight wardrobe malfunction with her top.

Requesting Nero in the shirt on the right.

Requesting Kodaira sensei wearing a sling bikini

Again, your colorwork is absolutely gorgeous. Many many thanks colorbro!

Requesting Laura in a whorish boat-captain outfit yelling at a migrant worker to shovel faster. The migrant is dumping piles of Euros into a boiler fire to keep the SS EU on a collision course with a giant rock. Laura intends to crash this ship with no survivors, as per Herr Merkel's orders.

>Lovely girl
>Shitty request

The story of my life in Cred Forums

Or Laura pulling your dick by nipping on your foreskin and flicking it with her finger like she's playing a banjo

Requesting a yandere girl staring at the freshly impregnated cunt of her rival/enemy and smiling warmly as she says, "I'll see you in 9 months, Sempai's baby".
Can be any girl, even if she wasn't yandere in the source material.

Buenos días.

Fucking done.

Lines: imgur.com/U0iu9ky

In case someone wishes to paint it, and with that i mean colorfag of course.

Shit. Updated lines uploaded: imgur.com/svxtFpb

Great job! Their reaction is gold especially Aqua-sama.

requesting Yotsuba and Guts on the infamous cover (with the NGE crew on the corner)

Requesting Nami experiencing a wardrobe malfunction in this bikini

>All this shit to color
Oh fuck, what am I getting into....

Also excellent, just fucking excellent. Hard to contain this boner at work.

You should draw Wiz or the cute succubus girl from that show

If you complain then don't request too oftent colorfag. I'm stalking you.



>Darkness blush

I'm one of those weirdos who like her the most

Fucking finally a VOTOMs delivery

I wonder if this is how an e-celeb feels...


Ravel wearing a babydoll or a rainbow-striped bikini, or phoenix-inspired armor.


I'm here bastard.

>Page 9

Requesting:Junko enoshima sitting on a chair with monokuma plush.On her left,standing Izuru kamukura and Monaca.On her right standing Tengan kazuo

Requesting Tabunny showing off her latest invention: a Clap-On! style device that makes obedient shotas/futas cum on demand with a clap.


Something isn't right

Yes, it should be bustier.

Well, one thing among many is that her face is at a different angle than her facial features. Makes it super uncanny.

Hana dressed for autumn. A sundress doesn't cut it anymore so she should dress more appropriately; for instance a sweater, skirt, leggings...

Give me waifus and/or sexy outfits, I need some ideas


Draw Reoko covered in flames only. can't get any hotter.

Actually, give me just sexy outfit ideas, I like Lisanna but not that outfit

>Actually, give me just sexy outfit idea

Babydoll with those openings on the nips

how about non traditional miko?

Or Another Bloods outfit from demonbane if you are up for a challenge:

Petite or tittymonster focused?


Requesting color of Shion wearing cat lingerie
Color ref: imgur.com/a/aFK2r
Thanks in advance and sorry for the messy lines

I keep thinking every delivery of Shion is Mimi for some reason. Fuck.

Sexy Iris

It's like I've seen all these outfits millions of times already, I want something new, fresh, is there a flavor of the month lewd outfit?

Nothing like the nyangerie has popped up yet. But keyhole sweaters started up around a few Falls/Winters ago.

Guess I'll be on the lookout, then. What a pretty grill though

She's quite the looker.

I'm wondering how something of that nature can be colored cause I have something similar.

Requesting anything with the Chaikas from Chaika and the Biblioprincesses from Dantalian like tea party or dressing up

What about u.pomf.is/kfmyfi.png

Also not exactly new, but you can also use racing Miku's bikini
Or draw girls as the corrupt MeMeMe

How about naked_hoodie with Sawyer?


I can think of a few other lewd outfits which haven't been exploited much as a flavor of the month.

>Naked hoodie
>anything new
You're pretty boring huh

I have more, what kind of lewd outfit are you looking for exactly? Underwear? A dress?

Thanks a lot, my man.
I hope I'll be able to use this a lot.

Ah, I've got one that I almost never see, to the point that I can't find an image of it.

A bodysuit made out of a lace material, that's see-through at various places, but just enough that it isn't technically explicit (like just the vague glance of aerola, etc).

Of course it would feature a midriff cutout and cleavage.

/r/ the girls form Qualidea Code sold off at some alien auction.

This is old but it never picked up much attention.

girls in swim trunks

Requesting you tap into your inner autist and draw the most special snowflake Gundam that comes to mind.

I DID find a picture of a top that vaguely shows at least part of what I was thinking of.

The bottom part were kind of like a pair of shorts/yogapants (or spats, almost), but as if made of lace.



Could someone do Nastume wearing a Canada hoodie? Alternatively something halloween related?

R.I.P. drawings

anchor for uni wearing gothic lolita clothing

Requesting Scathach in an alternate version of her outfit similar to Cu's Extra-Tron costume.

Requesting Fuu from Samurai Champloo in a sling bikini

Any WIPs?

requesting corrupted Abyssal Iowa

Requesting Kogasa and Sekibanki sharing a double dildo on a heart shaped bed.



amazing! More slings please.

Really nice. Loving that camel toe

>page 9

Requesting Nene getting dunked

>two hours ago
This thread's slow as hell.

Welcome to the weekend.

Oh right, there's that other thread.

Nice, who is it?

It's sexhair, dummy.

Nel in a sexier version of her white uniform please.

>Like bare midriff, exposed cleavage, no pants or just short-shorts

I am never going to finish this...

Very nice! That way you draw faces reminds me of Heikatsu

thats because it is me.

Cool. Wasn't 100% sure.

I don't think I can control anymore.

Deader than ojiicord in here

Draw and color your waifu in her most beautiful and sublime smile you can muster.

release the beast

Requesting Miria Mariegold Mackenzie in a bikini

Kuroha having her breasts fondled by Murakami, and she's smiling while holding 1000yen or taken further than just groping


Fuck I laughed harder than I should have.

neat, pretty radical user.

I drew her once before, id draw her again but im too depressed.

Requesting Mari washing a windown with her body.

do it fag

OR here. Holy shit this is amazing stuff, user!

Wow, I didn't even see this.
Hell, I was about to give up on asking and try to draw it myself, even thought it would have been crap.


Requesting anything cutelewd of Tejina

U wot m8?

Wow, I didn't even see this.
Hell, I was about to give up on asking and try to draw it myself, even thought it would have been crap.
Would you consider doing the others?

Even if not, thanks!

retarded phoneposter

>la página nueve

varrying sort of want in second pannel


>page 9 again
>even the WWD is ded

Requesting Charlotte (wearing her girl uniform) with a short asymmetric haircut based on her own hair. (The pic on the right is just a general example of the style)



Are you the same one that keeps requesting her?

Can somebody do the skull knight as a skull samurai or guts as a samurai themed black swordsman?

Decided to paint that delicious cute tight brown ass. Here you go.

How did you achieve that kind of lineart?

By using superior software.

Does this program come with free talent or am i forced to grind?

>Expecting a program to do stuff for you

Sure, there is a filter called "Do art!". That made the trick.

Who's that adorable cutie?


Vert in booty shorts and small top

Thick Yukina, ready to be inspected.

OR requested this like a couple of weeks ago. So here you go.

You still haven't caught up yet?

Requesting Zenet Surrow in shibari, in this pose gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2943104

More references: bakugan.wikia.com/wiki/Zenet_Surrow/Image_Gallery

If I'm working to become an artist should I stick with pencil/paper or should I go ahead and buy a tablet?

Delicious brown girl is delicious

Do more of her

Requesting a cute little girl with black twintails waving goodbye.

Karas fighting Garo, in a city at night, or teaming up to cleanse the foul demon scum from the streets.

Tablet. It eventually be paid by itself. Who else have you drawn!


You have no idea how much I want to see you draw Sofya

Post it.

Do it.

This woman

Those are too big.

They're perfect, the biggest I'd go.

She looks pretty boring.

Too. Big.


Requesting Cinder Fall wearing a black version of Funny Valentine's outfit

requesting a bunch of Gundam characters wearing merchandise featuring pic related

Yoshino and Yoshinon cosplaying Sam & Max
I am not opposed to a picture of her being loli-gagged

>He wants more G-Reco

Hey, can you draw my generalfu?
Full res - danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1316574

Requesting your waifus fleeing to a life raft
That pharmapunk Martin Schkelii is trying to buy Cred Forums.

>Martin Schkelii is trying to buy Cred Forums.
Really? What for?

I don't know, but he had to google who moot was because he spelled it "moop"

He's rich, he doesn't have to for that shit I suppose.

Cred Forums is trying to convince him to take over the site. Just look at their front page.
Why does Cred Forums still exist? What is the point in keeping Cred Forums around?

Yeah whatever dude.

Dude could you draw some delicious Hoshino?

This is the end times. I just want to say when the site finally dies. You guys were kinda like my only friends, you're still a bunch of fags though.

Requesting Misaka Mikoto and Cole McGrath in this pose, make Cole wear his shirt and shorts and Misaka these clothes. The pic is censored coz I couldn't find one with clothes... Plz do it... ;-;

Why Misaka? Isn't there a better electric girl?

Why Cole, isn't there a better electric boy?

Why isn't Static dating Mikoto instead? Cole has no fucking swag.

Well I the main reason I watched A certain scientific railgun was Misaka... I don't know if there's another electric girl... And I like her design, she's cute.

Damn guys! Not this sheet again! And that Static boy is just a boring kiddo, no thanks.
Play inFAMOUS, better than Static's animated show.

inFamous is whack. Second Son was BETTER. Static has swag, tech, he can fly FOREVER and he has no limit to his skills! He's the koolest kat on the block! What's Cole got? Shit!

>Second Son was BETTER

But not as cute.

Is becoz he is a nigger?
And btw Cole can fly forever too, those limitations are just game mechanic stuff.
Not as cute as who?

>Horrible jacket
>Awful mask
>Ugly Gloves
No swag at all.

Requesting anime characters doing car surfing

Happy October!

I'm requesting Momo Kawashima sitting on top of an SV-001 from Metal Slug. Whether you have her sitting up there adjusting her monocle, pointing at a target whilst yelling an order to fire or whatever is fine!

I would like her wearing her jacket if possible.

Also if the SV-001 could be colored in the Hetzer's colors/ emblazed with the Turtle Team logo where the upside-down yellow triangle is, that'd be really cool!

Thank you for considering!

She's brown. wherever she lives probably just needs to put on some socks for autumn.

Well yeah she does live in the southern islands of Japan.

G-Reco didn't have abominations like Neo Relena Peacecraft

Relena 2.0 yielded some nice porn though.

Needs more non-rape stuff

That's true.

That's a lot of socks.

Thicc is great. she probably smells strong too being cooped up in the room.

>Nude version imgur.com/a/hFX6k

F-Reco had the problem of everything being god awful. Which makes IBO much better.

Requesting Satoko from Higurashi making Mexican food.

'Making guacamole is easy they said...'

Ultra size, damn man nice

What the fuck? How?

Requesting Jack in a tight fundoshi.

Reminds me of that time I nearly sliced off my pinky-toe by stepping on an unused food compacter blade.

It's what happens when you overestimate how hard a ripe avocado is when you attempt to stab into it.

I tend to stab the pit to get it out, but I'm more careful about it than this guy seems to be.

If Cred Forums gets axed, where will the drawfag threads relocate?

the 20 other boards with drawthreads

Thank you very much bastardmang. I appreciate it!

do not worry about us, requesters are fucked if that happens though

>If Cred Forums gets axed
Why would it get axed? Shkreli? He just said in his livestream he would keep boards the same, not remove any, and actually decrease the moderation

The only way Cred Forums gets axed is if Cred Forums as a whole gets axed.

Guess who's request I've just finished~

Rina or Agiri


>page nine yet again

Very nice

Posting something I finished coloring, now I can work on the stuff I have pending... right after I watch some japanese cartoon porn or something.

BTW, huge thanks again to the drawfag for this lovely picture of mah waifu.


Really nice, man

Nice mang.
>Tfw you saw that tamamo self-incest picture.

I love Tamamo, good work

Requesting Pipimi doing pipimi-things.


>Tamamo self incest picture

Rotate your head 90 degrees:

OH! Oh! Ooooooooh...


My fucking dick

I want to see self-cest with male and female Hakuno

requesting pipimi getting dunked



Give me some slutty flat blondes to bimbo up




Sharo from GochiUsa


Alice Cartelet from Kin-iro Mosaic

Mitsuba from Owari no Seraph?

And Eri Spencer from Saekano

not technically a blonde
a non-chibi version ref, pls
>has breasts


The one on the right


Aomi from Kurousagi please.


Their hairs are different enough to distinguish them.
What should the bimbos be doing?

Working the streets

Lesbian threesome

Have aomi poledancing, preferably without heels

Requesting noticeably buff Asuka doing a double stein-hold.

>preferably without heels
So close. You almost made the perfect post, but you added "out"

Advertising an MMO game, so like slutty bikini armor?

She is better off thicc though.


>there are furry dunk tank fetishists

And how do you know this

I was shown it by someone


fuck off nuifag

fuck off nuifag


fuck off nuifag

fuck off nuifag

Requesting Frenda pressing against a glass window and making a face like she's getting fucked by a dick that's a lot thicker than she was anticipating

Requesting Frenda lifting her bikini a bit to show her nipples.
Or her and Nico Yazawa doing something lewd together because both are DFC, short and hot. And they like the same type of swimsuit.

Also coloring WIP on the left

suggesting keijo

Requesting more of Angle Hifumi

Choke on a burger ycunny

Come back you bwaka!

Draw my waifu again, you dick

Requesting her giving a handjob.


Requesting Cinder Fall wearing a black version of Funny Valentine's outfit

I never left.

You said she was cute and bothered drawing her a few times.


500th post