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Until I find a suitable replacement I'll post these qts and ask who's the most likely to be plump

What the fuck happened?


Daiya makes my dick diamonds
It's a pun

I'm jacking off to the Daiya fight as we speak

Gappy makes me happy

remember what to do

i sure wish i knew

Rohan is my husband.


Will we get a Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency/Stardust Crusaders tier animated opening?

>Your stand is a manifestation of your soul
>Polnareff is a knight in a shining armor

>Avdol is fried chicken

The fuck does that mean? A CGI one? Because that's not happening.


Is it Friday yet?

>fugo wants to kill the planet

>Joseph is just really into tentacle hentai and snapping pictures of people that don't realize they're being photographed.

Dont hold your breath on it if you want a CG OP, its gonna be a colorful 2d one
I sure hope they do a Bite the Dust ver.


>Your stand is a manifestation of your own soul
>fucking rods


>Melone rapes women

>Your stand is a manifestation of your soul

>BDSM ropes
>A puzzle
>A cold motorcycle

If the stand is a manifestation of your soul and inner desires...
Bruno wants to *unzips dick*

Low self opinion man

Who has BDSM ropes?

>Jotaro likes punching things
>Jouske likes punching things
>Gorno likes punching things
>Jolyne likes punching things

DIO is Cain, Jonathan is Abel.

TFW no kickghost

>Johnny likes shooting things
>Gappy likes punching things


Erina Pendleton and Holly Kujo-Joestar

Close enough

Jolyne and Daiya

Why doesn't JoJo get the budget it deserves? It's like they cut the budget for whatever reason and if viewership doesn't go down; which it hasn't; they never bring the original budget back. Financially speaking you're best off making the most you can while spending the least you can. Maybe it's time we just boycott JoJo until they get their shit together and give us Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency/Stardust Crusaders part 1 quality episodes again.

>Go back to early part 1
No fuck off.

There's a theory that stands, or at least requiem stands, are the souls of aliens from another universe, which is why weak willed people die when pierced by the arrow, it's their stand trying to kill them and move on to alien heaven.

Daiya's Stand looks more like a baby's toy or those mobiles you hang over a crib

This is the dumbest shit I've read today, and I teach elementary kids.

Stone Free did a fair share of kicking

The company that does the CG OPs was busy doing something else and they couldn't do one for DiU

Kakyoin likes to shoot gems out and surround people with sticky tentacle like appendages.

I'm probably doing this wrong.

I really hope she gets more fight scenes.
She's my favourite character after what she did to Damo

Looks like one of those virtual pet things people used to play with.

No it's not, this is:

It took me until I was 15 to realize black men had the same colored semen as while men.

Fitting since she has the brain of a baby

Josuke = Josefumi
Jotaro = Kira
Kira + Josefumi = Josuke


Since she has a regular classic punch/kick ghost it's very likely she'll get something when shit starts to kick off again

That explains the openings I guess but the quality has gone down since SDCp1 and shows no signs of rebounding.


That explains the openings I guess but the quality has gone down since SDCp1 and shows no signs of rebounding

Poor Holly

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Caesar = Gyro. Atleast Araki didn't fuck up Joseph.

The quality of the second half of SDC was still high, but it started running on fumes on the last two episodes
DiU is still high quality but they've spread out their budget more propperly fucusing on the stuff that mostly matters (for the most part), out of the 26/27 episode that are out so far 2 or 3 legit look like crap, the rest look between ok to top tier

He is zepelli, part 2 never happened in this new universe.

Reminder to ignore all Rohan posters, you may accidentally cause a Fujoshi to go ballistic like what happened in the previous thread.

Nigger, William is Gyro.

Joseph=SBR Joseph
Norisuke's father married Tomoko so
Joshou Higashikata=Joseph

>His name is Julius "Caesar" Zeppeli


He's william, Caeser didn't teach Joseph how to use Hamon, that was all loggins.

Or the other one, I get those foreign guys confused a lo.

>tfw Holly will never be your mother


Yeah but the episode wont come out in several hours

I don't know where he got the alien souls thing but Requiem being an entity living inside the Beetle Arrow is implied in the Japanese text. The alien souls was from SCR's soul powers in Rome.

That's the most retarded thing I've heard this week

Is there a preview for this week's episode?


>tfw you're going to black out before the episode airs because you accidentally drank an entire cup of coffee


Jonathan > Jotaro > Josuke > Joseph > Gappy > Jolyne > Joshuu > Johnny

"GioGios" need not apply

>Mister Rohan! My spending money is just about gone, so please, play me at Cee-Lo!

>Very well. By the way, do you know the history of the die? Apparently, it started out being made from bones of humans and animals. The time period where dice were used in games was after France's ....

>He's so annoying!

I don't see what's so bizarre about this adventure

Joshou, Norisuke's Father

>Men and women who lived their lives fighting for peace & justice suffer horrible fates
>not bizarre

It's bizarre because usually in stories heroes are rewarded for their actions with a "happily ever after" and instead Araki is painting a more realistic picture with the universe not giving a fuck what you did, you're still only human and you're going to get fucked up or die some day.

Head's up: Part 7 is fully translated in color.

>You are only human after all
>Human after all

>Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru Teru

>Teru Higashikata
You dont think..?

>Kaato inherit the same kind of stand
>Alt Enigma 2.0

>Kaato inherit

I'm going to marathon Jojo until the new episode comes out or I manifest a stand.

where are people getting chapter 59 of jojolion pages like

Joseph and Suzie W are listed right on the family tree. Joseph is Joseph. He was skipped and is as of yet untainted.

Suzie Q*

Please tell me I'm not the only who's hyped as fuck for the new OP

It feels like its such a little thing to hyped over

that's from the daiya chapters user

>an HD instrumental of "I'm in control" will never be released to the public

Who are the original owners of those memories?

Trying to edit all the removed body parts away on this shot of yukako


>still this triggered by best JoJo

>liking a piss drinking wop

Not sure if I'd bang Yukako. It'd literally be sticking your dick in crazy.

But he's not even a JoJo and his arc ain't shit. What's it got to do with anything other than the arrow? Jotaro's barely in it. It's a glorified spinoff.

>not liking piss-driking, car-stealing, life-giving, 7 page beatdown-giving, Jesus allegory JoJo

>first non-white, non-asian Jojo
>bribes cops, robs someone, and murders a guy, all in one hour


You know what I meant.

>Italians and British
>not white
>not asian

Is this the hot new Cred Forums meme?

>non asian
>Haruno Shiobana

i would
her kind of crazy is fine by me

Oh god dammit, I forgot his mom was Japanese.

>non-White, non-Asian

Jesus Christ user, i fucking hate part 5 and even i know that he is literally half Asian and half White

Leave me alone, I forgot.

>non-white, non-asian
>Literally half-british, half-japanese

yes yes
keep with the god work anons.
>non asian
Japanese mother and is Haruno Shiobana

i swear this isnt b8, please do an honest r8

No, it's an American meme. The ironic part is that Americans aren't white.

I'll be your 「SUB」 if you are my 「BULLY」

>can't even make jokes anymore

There was a time when pretending to be outraged was considered the pinnacle of comedy, I guess that concept is lost on some people.

Deadly Queen: Dont do it man..

Jesus please tell me this is going to spill over into the highway star, this is going to be rushed or cut to shit otherwise.

Thanks doc


>Mikitaka-san my dick is big like this

Ideal family man with pet cat

>7 chapters in one episode

what the fuck man

Thanks doc

Who's the mod 「bullying」 our 「submission」s?

So they're not moving the Shinobu pages AND it's going to have the OP aswell

Prepare for skipped dialogue

>New OP
>Kira's new life + the entirety of I am an Ayy Lmao

How will they handle this shit

dammit dude you just 「spoiled 」me out of the experience of watching this live

>they made part 3 too long so now part 4 is going to be rushed to hell


What do you mean? We don't know what happened to Joseph in the SBRverse, and it's still likely that he cheated on Suzi Q since Josefumi has the birthmark and neither of his parents are Joestars.

>pucci is a leather daddy with a mixtape
>until he is horsecock

Any chance they might leave this arc on a cliffhanger?
Cause holy fuck, if they do 7 fucking chapters ON TOP of there being a new OP, the pacing will be rushed as fuck.

I mean to be honest hes more Jojo than Joseph,Jotaro and Josuke since he comes directly from the original one Jonathan

once the Fruit Co. Crusaders go on their mission to Papua New Guinea, she'll likely be a mainstay

Why's random shit being trimmed from the thread?

We're lucky the mods tolerate this being a 24/7 general when there's only new content released once a week and then again once a month, don't push our luck.

Yeah they'll most likely leave it on a cliffhanger for the next episode.

Someone posted a symbol of hate and intolerance.

>8 animation directors

OPM had like, 17

And it's seven actually.

Hopefully. Highway Star would be two parts anyway, so adding in an extra chapter or two to the first part wouldn't be a bad idea.

Post OTPs

OPM or this week's episode?

>Stone Ocean anime never

I hope so.
Looking the at the PV pics, perhaps they'll cut it around when Josuke and Rohan do their first rolls and he starts getting suspicious. 6 chapters is already pushing it, I really don't see how they could possibly do 7 WITH an OP and not have it be awful.

>Same 3 Koreans who did last week's episode AND 4 japanese animators
Holy shit this will be good

Alien episode.

>Live-action Movie announcement:

Of all the parts they had to pick, they chose one of the longest and most episodic (or unfocused) arcs to adapt.

Why? How's that even going to work?

you forgot his entire ancestry

not only that, you willfully excluded both correct answers

not only that, what the fuck did you think his ancestry was? what's even left? if he's not european and he's not asian, then what is he? are you calling Giorno a fucking nigger, user?

Who cares? Is anyone here going to bother to watch more than the trailer? We all know it's going to suck.

This is going to be a complete mess of an episode, if anything they are slowly fixing Killer Queen as it goes on

What did Araki mean by this?

Updated the staff/episode chart, boys

Part 4 live action is here.

Only Kwon Heyok Jeong is the same Korean from RPS, everyone else are different.

Where's Google doc user when you need him, I'm curious how this episode will turn out.

How is DiU not the best part to adapt? There's only one or two non-Japanese characters in the entire part, it's less action-focused so they don't need to spend more money on that side of things, and it's set in fucking Japan.

Compare that to SC, where there's only one or two asian characters and people would complain about yellowwasing, it takes place across half of the planet, and half of the part itself is just fighting.

Not to mention the fact that the anime is currently airing, and the part itself is still popular enough in Japan.

>people getting this worried
They're not going to rush the entire thing, they'll do the Kira chapter then 4 chapters of Ayy Lmao just up to the first roll when Rohan gets suspicious (5 chapters for this episode then)

Next episode will have the the remaining chapters of Ayy Lmao and the first 3 chapters of Highway Star (5 chapters for that episode too) then Highway Star 2 will cover the rest, so 5 chapters for that episode too. They'll be able to fit the OP and pace it right.

I'm ignorant, I'm stupid and ignorant and I don't understand foreign countries. You beat me down and dragged it out of me. Are you happy now sailor man? Is this what you wanted? To force a grown man to admit his inadequacies to you as he breaks down into hysterics and begins to reconsider his life? Have I pleased you you sick monster?

Spoke too soon. Thanks, user.

What do you mean? There are new doujins every day!

No problem senpai

What do all the racist JoJo fans think of Avdol?

Please please let it be so.
I would really get anally anguished if they tried doing a 7 chapter episode, only to follow it with two 4 chapter ones.

Who else here has watched Takashi Miike's Yatterman?

If you haven't all ready, you're really missing out:

>3 Koreans and the japs who worked on RHCP 2, Rohan 1, Yukako 1
Sweet christ, looks like they're actually saving the budget for this arc.
There's no way they'd do that, 6 chapters is the limit and they've actually adapted those well (RPS Kid, Cinderella, etc) I doubt they'd stoop to 7 chapters. It's a perfect cliffhanger to end the Ayylmao episode on too.

yfw this is the cliff hanger with no ed, cut to black

Seems a little weird to pace it like that but I guess they just don't have time for 3.5 chapter episodes no more.

Image kind of makes it look like Killer Queen is wearing a shirt and tie.

What a weird list of animation directors. It's half Korean shitters from the worst looking episodes, and half good nips who did the better looking episodes.
Script, storyboard and director are all good though.

>that dumbass stabbing game

Rohan deserved it.

Highway star part 1 will have plenty of room, so its probably for the best to squeeze the end of alien in there, although i would be disappointed that we have to wait another week for Josuke's arson adventure.

They might've just saved the budget for this cour, and are using most of it for the action-oriented episodes and the final arc.

We must accept our flaws in order to grow. I love you, user. This was meant to help. Now take my hand.....

It'll be a fine way to pace it if they end with Rohan getting suspicious after Josuke's first move, maybe throw in a line to show that. Then the next episode continues with the rest of the gambling match followed by Rohan's favorite song, Burning Down The House for the 1st half of the ep. Then the 2nd half will have the first 2-3 chapters of highway star, if HS is 6 chapters it might not actually be bad considering it's mostly action and less dialogue.
To be fair the Korean shitters haven't pushed out a bad episode since RHCP 1, Kim Eunsun isn't doing this one thank god. The last episode had some glorious looking shots like Rohan's hamon-hand and when he jumped in front of the truck. Sweet christ this episode is going to be fun if it's as over-the-top as it looks like it'll be.

Also because they're using koreans here, is it safe to presume Highway Star will get the BUDGET treatment and based Shin Hyung Woo will be doing it?

i knew the ratt episode had a special animator
i could just feel it

>Post YFW the based animator for the Ratt episode (Sekikawa) and based Shin Hyung Woo (Guy who did Tonio, RHCP 2, Rohan 2, Bad Company fight and SHA 1) are majorly in charge of doing the last 5 episode for Bite the Dust and Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable.

My only problem with that is that the episode ending on Rohans house burning to the ground would've been god tier, but I guess its for the best

Don't get my hopes up, user.
I'll bet my left nut that Woo will do at least one of the Highway Star episodes. I think they know well enough not to skimp out on it.

I honestly don't know what to expect. I'm afraid it's going to be rushed as all hell though

Yeah, good ol' Sekikawa. I hope he's going to animate something else, because I really loved the Ratt episode

I hope they can maintain the abrupt impact of this mutilation.

Josuke could have probably fixed up his house, but Rohan was likely too proud to let him.

Is he drunk here?

If so that makes this even more funny.

this is as much as i can do with my shitty editing skills

I think it's safe to expect Highway Star 1 to be handled by some Koreans because it's before the huge amount of action in Highway Star 2.
If Shin Hyung Woo does Highway Star 2 we're in the safest hands possible, he fucking nailed RHCP 2 and Rohan 2 and made them stylish to boot. Fuck it really does look like they've been planning their budget properly.
They most likely wont, they've had chapters spill over before. It'll be a 5 chapter episode and the next episode will cover the end of it and Highway Star's beginning.

So is it safe to say that if we don't get a special ED, Oingo/Boingo style, this episode then we're not getting one at all?
I want an ED with Ayylmao's goofy space adventures so bad, but I really shouldn't get my hopes up.


me too dude
it looked awesome

If they're doing 5 chapters this episode (Which they most likely will) it's quite plausible that they'll include the ED. Whether it's a special one or not, who knows, but fuck I want it to be.
That would be fucking phenomenal.

A special ED for Mikitaka is the first thing I thought of when I saw the Oingo Boingo Brothers one.
Man I hope so.

>ED where Josuke sings about Rohan being a cunt and tries to persuade Mikitaka into helping trick him

I dunno, I was sure Tonio will be the one to get it, but Im hopeful Miki gets something

>The guy who did the D'arby episodes (Watanabe Haru) is also doing this episode.
Looks like this guy's bounded to animate every gambling fight in the series.

Maybe he could animate ARaki's oneshot.


>yfw the special ending is Cheap Trick and rohan

Atom heart father was a 6 chapter episode with an ED and OP, so theoretically they might be able to fit 7 chapters into an episode if they cut both of those, i feel like cheap trick might get that treatment.

>Are you done yet Kira?
I'm very hungry.

>Yfw they release a backpack with Cheap Trick's design

I was counting on Tonio as well, so I really don't want to expect something this episode as it will probably just mean setting yourself up for disappointment.

7 chapters would be too much especially with how slower-paced the Ayylmao chapters were. I can easily see them giving Cheap Trick that treatment though, 6 chapter episodes aren't really something to be too afraid of from what's been shown so far. Cinderella was great and worked fine, RPS Kid didn't feel rushed at all and flowed quite nicely.

What they should've done is move Kira's New Life 2 somewhere else (except the pages with Kira's dad stabbing Miki) and skip the OP.

>New OP today
>This episode's getting BUDGET treatment (Hopefully they pace it right and leave on a cliffhanger)
>Live action DiU movie might not suck
Christ on a boat today will be fun.

Paisley Park is for kisu

As long as they don't try and do the whole arc this episode, it's bound to be good.

How much would Phantom Blood change if Huge mcLargestar had been trained in the Spin instead of Hamon? Would he have survived non-all caps Dio at all?

That depends on whether the spin would actually be effective against vampires.

As much as I want the rest of the episodes to be good, I hope they save the best for last (Bites the Dust)

I wouldn't mind if they re use this on Highway Star
SDC OST was god tier at times

How the fuck do I not remember this track? Jesus christ that's great.
I think this theme would fit too, especially if it began when Josuke breaks the motorcycle to jump over the baby and goes "Fix it"

ATF had no OP, user. Plus they rushed the whole safe thing and the interaction with the landlord.

Also, assuming they do 5 chapters per episode for this episode and the next two (Highway Star) the sequence of events would be this:

Episode 27 (today)
>Kira's New Life 2, Kosaku Kira tries to strangle Shinobu
>Josuke and Oku's interactions with the ayy lmao
>Josuke challenging Rohan to gamble
>Rohan's monologues about the dice, cee-lo and cheating
>Rohan getting suspicious

Episode 28 (next week)
>Rohan telling Josuke to not touch the dice so that he can inspect them
>oh damn I took a shit and forgot to wash my hands
>Rohan stabs his hand
>Tamami gets called in
>the house fire
>Josuke meeting with Mikitaka after all that
>Josuke meeting with Rohan in the bus
>Rohan seeing the illusion in the tunnel
>Rohan getting caught by the Stand
>but I refuse
>Josuke getting launched towards the bike

Episode 29
>Josuke grabbing the bike and leaving
>that one scene we're all waiting for
>calling Koichi
>running away from the Stand, using walls, using the car, etc
>Koichi using ACT 3 on the bitch nurse
>Josuke getting to Yuuya
>someone is like really off the walls mad here
>If I heal you then it's fair, right?

in the manga there are some lines about Josuke trying to befriend Rohan but realises its for naught and they still don't get along so maybe they will animate that too. (or not)

Looking at the upcoming arcs, I'm a lot more hyped for this arc since I had forgotten it's basically just Josuke, Rohan and Kira's Bizarre Adventure without anyone else getting in the way.
If they just manage to not blow the budget or ruin the pacing, this ought to be good.

My best guess is that because of ALL the complaints they got from SDC they're budgeting the last few episodes especially well. I have faith in DP that they're going to make the last 5 eps the best in Part 4, they already budgeted the important bits (Quiet Life 1 was a mistake I admit) like Rohan's intro, RHCP 2, and Quiet Life 2 and the SHA arc.

>Instead of hamon Jonathan uses Spin
>He doesn't spin shit
>He literally cover his arms in spinning power that makes you spin with punches

Why's Cappuccino such a dickhead to Giorno?

He's jealous of Giorno's "stand"

All those moonrune names got my head in a toozy. Who are the good animators and who aren't ? Just give me names of those categories to remember

What sound does searching make?

That faggot drink is the gayest thing about that homosexual incest picture

Terminator sounds.


I think I just un-repressed a memory of breaking my babysitter's modem with the butt of her gun.

>Lang Ranger doing that weird sound with his mouth like this:

he's just embarassed he has to call someone younger than him uncle

My uncle is 2 years old.

Ha ha your grandparents are fucking freaks



Weather looks a lot hotter when he's drawn black desu, the darker skin contrasts better with his hair/hat.


Mister skinhead there has a suspiciously large nose and squared face.

But... he's not black. He's literally not. His mother fucked a nigger sometime that's it.

>dat filename

Jolyne learns the golden rotation with her boobs (well that's practically what she does with that mobius strip thing)

Moar out of context jojo to finish the thread?

I know that the black 'father' the KKK detective is talking about isn't Weather's real dad (his 'mother' isn't his real mother either) but he's got to have some black or other dark-skinned (Middle-Eastern, possibly) genetics somewhere down the line, look at Pucci.

Who the fuck knows what's going on with Pucci

HE was the guy who hired the KKK dude

Pucci is not black. He's just dark-skinned.

But yeah, also, Anasui should have been a girl.


So what's her stand name?

"Walking Heart"?

Crawling King Snake?

I know it's gonna take a while to find out her mom's...

Voice actress of Tomoko Higashikata is pregnant and takes hiatus from work:

Everyone seems to expect Kaato's stand to have king in its name (pls be king crimson), but it would also be pretty cool if it was Queen or Ace, seeing as she isnt from the higashitaka bloodline.

Maybe Norisuke is a sister fucker.

Pucci was born with visibly darker skin than his brother.

Is posting a picture where Jolyne is white and orange and Pucci's hair is pink meant to prove something?

That explains Joshuu.

> cinderella and rps not rushed.
It was, as fuck. I readed manga recently, cringed all the way watching them. AHF too.

Is Killer Queen fixed once and for all?

>Shiny Pucci with pink hair and white skin

Was what you posted colored by Araki?

So no Teru or is it already recorded/made?

>it's Enigma episode without Tomoko saying a word

>wearing spacesuits made out of clouds in order to fight a man that controls gravity who stole a CD from you

in retrospect this fight is pretty absurd

Yes. Use your eyes.

I wonder what significance Killer Queen will have regarding the Highashikata Stand naming convention.

On that note, do you guys think that Gappy's S&W will ever regain KQ's old abilities? Sheer Heart Attack for instance?

I imagine it's already recorded

afaik studios record the audio months before the episode airs

He's a bit on the lankey side, but otherwise yes.

You can say that about most fights in the series.
Really though, I think it's what sets JoJo apart from me; it has the right blend of over the top tongue n cheek goofiness while also being serious and intense at the same time. But it manages this without falling into either side too much.

Link proof.

I'll be mad if it doesn't.

its kind of an animation rule

you animate an episode while voice recording it 9 months prior to air date

I want to fuck Pucci

I remember seeing it in some behind the scenes thing of Kill la kill which they talked about what goes into making an animu really.

I assume it's the same for most studios.

>Gappy spam bubbles
>"Sheer heart attack"
>The bubbles transforms into SHA
>Soft & Wet changes design with bits of Killer Queen
>Soft & Wet: Killer Queen


Makes sense, it'd definitely help in case of fuckups. Like if they have an actual kid voicing a kid they'll be able to find a replacement if his voice breaks.

You think it's gonna be CGI?

We would see what SBR possibly would be like.

I wish I could beat Gappy up and touch his four balls.

I feel like he wouldn't let me otherwise.

>Part 8 ends
>Gappy gets a happy ending
>Part 9 begins
>First panel is Gappy dying brutally

I don't want gappy to die.

I want him to be the old Joseph of part 9.

>Part 8 ends on Yasuho and Gappy fucking for 12 pages, we get to see Gappy's hair and 2x2 in the best detail yet. So good that it lands a spot in the JoJo art of the years panel for late JLL
>Part 9 is the adventure of the first JoJo twins

JoJo twins would litterly be the best shit ever

I'd be okay with this.
But knowing Hirohiko "No happy couples allowed" Araki, at least one of them will die, or if we're lucky, they'll just be separated. I just wish we could get a happy ending for once to mirror part 4.

Post god tier JoJo mashups

What sex? M&M/M&F/F&F

I'm still in love with the idea someone had in a thread a while ago where part 9 takes place during the Olympics and all the competitors have stands

Male and female, with shared name in the stand or the two names forms a song (like "soft" and "wet")

What country though, if follows the trend of parts 7 & 8 it should probably take place in Italy or the USA, but maybe Araki will set it somewhere new as an excuse to take time off to go on "scouting" trips.

F&M. I might just like it because of Gravity Falls, but there is truly something special about F&M twins

Of course Japan, Olympics 2020 would be there.

If we're talking real-world Olympics, Tokyo 2020 is coming up.

Budapest, Los Angeles, and Paris are currently in the running for 2024. Maybe we could finally get JeauxJeaux's Bizarre Adventure.

>The kids are like 8 years old
>Jojo kids

Two twins moving from Japan to Italian village and solves mysteries.

JoJo twin kids.

2 parts in the same setting in a row doesn't sound like the sort of thing Araki would do. (Part 6 and 7 don't count because they are like 150 years apart)

But the Olymics would be a great setting for having a multi-national cast like stardust crusaders, its always been sort of a letdown that every other parts crew has mostly been from the same country.

> The whole part is made up of people who are using their stands to cheat and win medals/sabotage other players

I'd love to see it, honestly.

But like in SBR, i don't want whole part about sport, just the beginning.

Too bad JoJolion is already a town mystery. Part 9 will probably be a more traveling intense part again [/spoiler]I'm having my fingers crossed for JoJo pirates[/spoiler]

>Box Match
>One character stops time
>Is ready to win in one shot
>The other character stops the punch
>"We have the same type of stand"
>Stand Rush a la DIO vs Jotaro

Which sport would be the perfect setting for the final battle though, a Kayak race in reversing time?, Curling in 4 dimensions?

>random people all over the world get stands
>instead of using them for good or evil they just use them to get insanely good at sports
>swimmer who can manipulate the water around him in order to move faster
>table tennis prodigy with a stand that can pre-determine every shot and aim with 100% accuracy
>equestrian rider that can directly communicate with her horse
>boxing with stand rushes


>The main villain is a Greek from 776 BC that participated in the first Olympics
>He awakens from his slumber to conquer the games and become the「ULTIMATE ATHLETE」

>Fencing: My name is... Julien Pierre Polnareff
>Shooting is a stand user controlling the bullets with his stand
>Cycling is a stand user manipulating the wheels of his bike to move faster

> Polnareff doing fencing
> Literally just shoots the blade at the other guy

Easiest win in history.

Man i fucking want Ashita no JoJo.

>The main villain is the hoster of the games
>He wants to find the strongest stands
>His stand is 『We Are The Champions』

>Olympic Jojo
>The stand designs are the mascots

Alt Polnareff doesn't have the blade shoot, he just fence normally with more speed or some bullshit ability like Anubis

what the fuck.

>Talking Heads

Imagine this shit in the Araki Style

>stolen Van Gogh paintings found in possession of the Italian mafia
>in Naples
>stolen in 2002
>the year after Vento Aureo takes place

What's the release schedule for JoJo? How long till the next ep drops?

4,5 hours until live stream. 5,5 until torrent.


>Giorno you motherfucker, you can't go and steal a van gogh paint!
>Shut up mista, it combines with my hair

Was it one of Polpo's subordinates?

>What if we steal 100 paintings?

Anyone have the Vento Aureo funny edits?

>ywn pet Turtle Polnareff
Fuck this gay Earth

Since this is never explained i just like to believe he is one of Dio Brando's escaped zombies from the 1800s, just like the Air force chief. It seemed like they were implying that with his stand being weak to sunlight, and him feeling safer locked indoors.

Is there any Polpo porn

There's one of him raping Bruno and vore

Do you want shit openings again?

Please tell me you're just fucking with me to punish me for asking a stupid and revolting question

Please man

>pol pol
>90% of the people he cared about died
>can't even pass on as a spirit



I wonder who'll voice SeaKira and Josefumi when they get animated/added to the next JoJo fighting game (maybe EoH as DLC).

Same VAs as Part 4 Kira and Josuke respectively?


I think it's supposed to look like that crap girls put on their cellphones in Japan.

He can pass on when the turtle does, I'm sure. And think about it, his life in the turtle wouldn't be so bad.
>Has legs again, twice as many as he ever did, plus his eye's healed too
>Doesn't ever have to worry about using a bathroom ever again
>Can continue to keep the world safe from DIO's legacy by keeping an eye on his kid
>Chicks would find him cute, and being second-in-command of the fucking Mafia would net him loads of freaks he can invite back into the turtle-room anytime
>Jotaro likes him better than ever

Plus a turtle dick is huge

delet this

I love how nonpulussed Daiya is about this. Just like
"Oh I've got a gaping leg wound. Par for the course I guess"

wtf i want to rape bruno now


>Your stand is a manifestation of your soul
>A screeching woman who makes things softer.


>Your stand is a manifestation of your soul
>Yucky green and lined just like a melon

I have a question. If they wanted to do a live-action JoJo movie, why not do part 1 or 2? The least amount of CGI needed and some of the more popular parts out there as well. Easy to make, easy to market. Why something more obscure like DiU?

>a Sentai Hero Yucky green and lined just like a melon

Because it's long.
OPM, Mob Psycho, and even Hero Acedemia look pretty great but they're all also only 12 epiosodes a season.

Jojo still manages to look good when it's supposed to for the time and budget they have. David's not really Madhouse or Bones tier yet, but fuck, they're not Toei tier. Just sayin', as far as adaptations go, Jojo's far from a bad one.

Hermit Purple is a stand whose only purpose is to take lewd photos of people without their consent nor knowledge.

I want to fuck and marry Polnareff

Too many baka gaijins

Didn't Joseph lose his left hand?

Also nice dubs

I want to fuck and marry Coco Jumbo

If Joseph Joestar and Yoshihiro Kira worked together wouldn't they basically be the strongest duo in the world. They could just trap and stab anyone in the back from anywhere in the world without any fear or retaliation.

Even if he was in the turtle?

8sellent t8st

Can we agree that Heavy Weather is the stupidest Jojo has ever gotten? Every time I think about it I'm like "This doesn't make sense, even by Jojo standards"

shut up he's a cute daddy

>Jesus Christ tells a paralytic to shoot himself in order to kill the President of the USA

Sounds normal compared to the rest

Don't forget he went through a creepy green clown baby phase.

Shit taste

>An italian, a nazi cygorg, a MILF and her son fight against aztec gods of fitness

It made perfect sense up until the actual snail bit. Influencing the ozone to make subtle lighting changes that subconsciously altered thought patterns was cool as fuck and something someone with weather control could possibly do if they knew enough about weird phenomena, but the subliminal message Araki chose was YOU'RE BECOMING A SNAIL LOL.

>Two of the Aztec gods gay-marry the MC

Kinda yeah. A lot of stands in part 6 border on being *too* nonsensical.
Plus, some are so OP it bothers my autism.

>Favorite Bro-Jo is Shigechi
user... this isn't even Shiggy hate by any means but I don't think he constitutes a Brojo, he never got the chance to be particularly close to Josuke, never fought alongside him, etc.

I think we'd get along.

So now that we're getting a new OP today, what are your thoughts on Chase overall? Have they changed since you first heard and saw it?
It's my 2nd favorite OP now, the visuals are so fucking nice and the song's grown on me like hell, fits the tone of the 2nd 3rd of DiU brilliantly.

>Prettiest boy
>Animation looks Let's Go to The Mangaka's House Part 2 levels of good
>This as special ending:


They did all attempt to have lunch together. If kira hadn't fucked their little party, he would have probably become a brojo after a while.

I didn't know which BroJo to put so I just put him for shits and giggles. He is still my favourite character from the entire series.

>implying we're getting a different ED

>implying we're getting a ED

I just want a different ending than the one we've got. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the current one, but I'm not a fan of I Want You

Jolyne bros

I dunno, as much as I like Shiggy I find it hard to imagine him ever being more loyal to or liked by Josuke more than Okuyasu. But Okuyasu's one of my favorites so I'm pretty biased.

Fair enough, he's pretty underrated so it's nice seeing him on any of these charts, even if I'd put him in the 'supporting' slot instead.

What if the message of "You're becoming a snail" is the natural response to a certain light shift in the ozone layer?

I'm so disappointed to have to say this! Koichi fucks OLD men for money! I saw it with my eyes! I'm disgusted of him for doing that! His anus is probably ruined by ugly old perverts! Who would date or even MARRY someone like that! Someone HAS to make him STOP doing this! I hope he feels ashamed of himself for doing such an ugly thing! I want him to stop doing this as fast as possible!

>Stone Ocean

>Impliying the song will not play during the last scene with the house on fire and Rohan chasing Josuke

The way it's explained does make sense, the subliminal messages pretty much fuck up your mind to make you feel like the sun's your natural predator, reducing you to feeling like you're the weakest thing on the planet, so a snail. What's hard to understand about that? It's fucking weird and balls to the walls but it's the textbook example of the weirdest thing in the series and I fucking loved it for that.

The new opening is next week, not this episode.

Josuke, you're not an oujou with drills, stop saying those rude things

Visuals I've loved since it first aired, song I've always thought was okay but nothing too special. I like it more now than I did at first though, but it's not one of my favourites.

Also, have you read the lyrics? They're fucking great because they can be from both Josuke and Kira's perspectives.

Pretty nice-u.

that rockmen might be the people who rule the earth instead of us

the stonecutters are behind everything

But I wanted to put Hayato too.

Still remember my animeonly friend saying
and later

It's this week though, read the twitter link in the OP
Understandable, it took a while to grow on me but after seeing how well the song compliments the OP it's become pretty damn high on my list.
That just made the song better for me, iirc it's the only OP that has lyrics as unique as this, the fact it can be read from both Josuke and Kira's perspective was just plain genius.

New question: What do you want the 3rd OP to be like?

Then I'd applaud Araki for writing something based on that fact. Something that was actually pretty good despite what the memers say.

Loved it, like all JoJo openings, though I still hoped for a CGI op

Whose that bitch on the left? I wanna eat her ass like a starving man trying to dig his way out of a mountain made of jello with nothing but his tongue.

I think that's Gravity Falls you old creep

If you want CGI openings again then keep up with Kamikaze Douga, once we know what their internal project is and when it's planned to release then we'll know when they'll be free to do OPs for David again.

Pretty good, user

>Humans: Build stuff, warp the world to their advantage, invent new things constantly, have so much food, shelter and time that they're able to intent all sorts of leisure-activities
>Rockmen: Squat in the woods and get mad when birds shit on them

Honestly I felt the same too but after seeing Chase, it's pretty obvious that DP are VERY competent with making their own OPs. CGI for part 5 would be swell but if it's not gonna be CGI I'm perfectly fine with it, they know how to make a stylish OP full of symbolism and foreshadowing.

It was confirmed for this week.

Cred Forums pls

You just reminded me of that "a fucking attosecond" picture and now I'm pissed off.

Why on earth would you deliberately want a fucking CG opening? Part 4 openings have been great precisely because they put in the effort to digitally animate them.

It strikes me that I've never seen Abbacchio anywhere on one of those charts, which is weird because people here seem to like him and his death well enough. Poor guy. At least he's not in the least favorite section, though.

This, rockniggers are just parasites jelly of humanity and they try to leech off of us because of it. They should just stay in their god damn forests where they belong.

Which picture's that?

That's what I'm starting to think too man, the CGI OPs for parts 1-3 were really good but Chase has really shown how fucking great DP are at making their OPs. I hope Great Days has the beautiful colors of CNBT as well as the classy, stylish visuals and flare of Chase.

It's about The Flash and his stupid Gary Stu powers I believe.

>At least he's not in the least favorite section, though.

I'm pretty sure he would be on it, template just doesn't have 'Least Favorite Supporting', that's all.

He just got really little screentime since his stand isn't made for fighting, which is a shame since I really love his character and stand's design

He had a great arc and his death was really well done but he just fucking died after his most important development. He had wasted potential but not to the same level as other characters. Also his CONSTANT bitchiness towards Giorno got tiring quickly and made him feel like a fucking five year old. As a person he's the kind of guy I'd love to trip down a flight of stairs or trick him into hurting himself but as a character I really do like him, I wish he'd done more.

Nah, no one's worse as a supporting character than any of the supporting cast from parts 1-3.

Flash claims he can think and move faster than an attosecond.

The math trying to prove how bullshit that claim was off but that wasn't the point, I'm just tired of comic book writers who feel the need to one-up each other by throwing out scientific buzzwords to sound cool.

>what's this guy's power? something something super smarts?
>have him mention how he just discovered something that will be an insane scientific breakthrough, make sure he trash talks the higg boson for good measure.
>funny how these guys haven't cured cancer yet, huh?

>disillusioned as a police officer
>eventually gains will to live again through Bruno and willing to turn traitor
>gets donut few hours later

it's not fair

Especially if he was in the turtle.


Isn't that an anti-crew?

Hated it the first time around since the song was pretty unispired. But I got used to it after a while. The visuals are fantastic but I don't like that shitty grimdark filter over everything. Hopefully Great Days will stylistically be somewhere between CNBT and chase

Does it matter?

Techinically the stand is the Cereal Box Prize Toy on his wrist

So it's sort of fitting given his mindset

He strikes me as the type of character (and with the type of stand) who'd be infinitely better-suited to part 8 or something like it, where it's not just a constant stream of fights.
Reminds me of that fucking horrible comic where Travis muses on the horror of being hideously murdered hours after he regained the will to live.

If you think about how Araki originally planned part 5 to go, Abbacchio's distrust of Giorno makes a lot more sense. Fugo was originally a mole who'd turn on the group (probably killing Abbacchio or Narancia in the process to prove it was serious) so Abba would've been absolutely right to be cautious about the people he was fighting alongside, he'd just have been wrong about who it was.

And even discounting that it makes more sense when you think about his own history, he sees his past-self in Giorno and his idealism, and thus viciously lashes out when he sees Giorno prioritizing other things instead of doing it by the book.

I'd say Part 1 would be best if it was done in actual Europe.

Find a flaw.

That gay ass hair/hat thing.

I know but it just got tiring at times. Like it's the same shit regardless of what happens. I get it but we could maybe have done with less of it if it was going to be that way.

Skin isn't black.

Christ I never looked at it that way, sorta reminds me of when a friend told me part 5's themes really put the "what-if?" perspectives into mind, like how one of the most interesting things to him about the part was the similarities between Giorno and Diavolo, and that they both had very similar goals but went down different paths and thus became very different people. Surprised at how much depth some of the characters in part 5 have, it's one of the most interesting parts to have actual discussion about.

What are those horns anyway?

That's literally Pucci in disguise

It took YEARS for Araki to finally confirm that it's a hat.

It's part of a hat. The JoJonium Stand trivia section that was only recently translated has Araki randomly say 'also the user for this one wears a buffalo hat' out of nowhere on the Weather Report section.

He's not his brother.

Moody Blues should have had some unique fighting capabilities in addition to it's time rewinding ability.

It's a buffalo hat

>this is his real hair
What the fuck is wrong with him?

>Weather Pucci

Why is this picture so pretty? Pucci looks humble as hell in it.

>Waiting for new op

you forgot about the harvest-style cg foot/handprints from highway star

He is bison-man, but Araki just don't want to believe.

No memories. He probably doesn't even realise it's a hat and just wears it all the time. Showers and sleeps in it. Pucci likes to think he's a morally righteous and upright guy when really he's just a cunt with problems letting go and moving on, so it wouldn't surprise me if he put the hat on him before he regained consciousness or whatever for shits. Kind of like how Gappy got Kira's hat during the exchange.

>Whitesnake on his side has Weather as his reflection, showing Pucci's biggest enemy in his goal and reflects the back-talking nature of Whitesnake
>Made in Heaven's reflection is Perla, representing Pucci's final goal and how it all came from her.
Not sure what C-Moon is meant to symbolize but fuck that's nice.

>not having C-Moon in the picture
I am trigger

inb4 everyone go
and then a month later same peoples will say
just like with chase

C-Moon is there, he's the one on the right standing up.

This pretty much. This is how I've been thinking they'd do it ever since we saw the episode listing as I Am An Alien to Highway Star 1.

Yoshikage Kira's New Life 2 / I Am An Alien 1-4 (5)
I Am An Alien 5-6 / Highway Star 1-3 (5)
Highway Star 4-8 (5)

Weather had a hard life


Fuck I'm an idiot. I thought that was a tree.

You mean

>Just like with every op

I remember the hordes of people in these threads bitching about how End of the World didn't fit part 3 at all.

They don't just "feel" like they are becoming snails, they are actually tuned into snails.

They aren't though, everytime they're shown it's what Jolyne and the group sees. They think they're becoming snails so that's what they all see, someone who isn't under Heavy Weather's effects would just see people crawling around and looking like weirdos.

No one complained about the first DiU OP.

>Bullying Rohan!
>Telling him his manga is shit!
>Ripping up his drawings!
>Emptying the ink out of all his pens!

They are. Jolyne squeezed in a tube because she was a snail.

Kill all rock-humans

Yes they did.

>Its not CG!
>Its too generic!
>Dancing?? WTF DAVID??

That means you were not here.

Wasn't that because she turned her body into string and could fit in the tube? She's done that in the part a few times.

They think they're snails so hard they become snails which is why they can be eaten by the bugs. How did you miss this? Did you speedread, user?

Getting real tired of your shit, Josuke.


What do you mean eaten by the bugs? I was pretty sure they were all just imagining it through the subliminal messages, no one turned into snails but they all saw themselves and others turning into snails when they came under Heavy Weather's effects.

>They think they're snails so hard they become snails
Reminds me of the theater play Metamorphosis

There were bugs that ate snail in one of the cars, it's been a long time since I read part 6 but I definitely remember it. You should reread the fight, user

There was a section where they were being menaced by some snail-eating insects. And later on when Pucci's explaining Heavy Weather's power, he adds that A) simply knowing the cause won't reverse it and B) they believe it so hard that it becomes real.

when's the new episode?
also stream link?

Post your favorite character in each part

Probably should re-read then, I needed an excuse to read part 6 again anyway. All I remember from HW was the shock aspect of how fucking weird it all was, and the brilliant Anasui/Weather Pucci showdown at the end.
neetball, now don't ask again

Half hour ago my dude, you are late.

It was shit.

Part 1: Speedwagon
Part 2: Stroheim
Part 3: Polnareff and Hol Horse
Part 4: Okuyasu, Akira and Yuuya
Part 5: Mista, Bruno, Prosciutto and Pesci
Part 6: Anasui, F.F, Rykiel
Part 7: Gyro, AXL Ro and Diego
Part 8: Everyone

Speedwagon, Wamuu, Polnareff, Okuyasu, Jolyne, Gyro, Norisuke

I fucked up, Buccellati too

2 hours


P1: Speedwagon
P2: Wamuu
P3: Polnareff
P4: Rohan
P5: Bruno
P6: Jolyne
P7: Didn't read yet
P8: Didn't read yet
P4-6 are hard to just pick one, because a lot of the characters are great.

>All of part 7 now in colour
>Animated Alien in a few hours

what a time to be alive

>Everyone likes Polnareff


Pure perfection.


Don't flatter yourself too much french turtle, there is no much of a competition in SC.

>JJCA finished Part 7 color
Will they now focus on finishing Part 5 ?

Yy lmao

post little shits you would burn alive

Part 1: Tarkus
Part 2: Stroheim
Part 3: Pet Shop
Part 4: Shigechi
Part 5: Abbacchio
Part 6: Jolyne
Part 7: Lucy Steel
Part 8: Damo

I will end you

They've been blitzing through BW chapters in the past month and they'll be finished with the Part by the end of the year hopefully but for coloured stuff they're moving onto Part 8 now.

Who is this semen demon?

Part1: Dio
Part2: Joseph
Part 3:Hol Horse
Part 4: Josuke
Part 5:Narancia, Diavolo/Doppio
Part 6: Jolyne, Hermes, F.F
Part 7: Gyro, Lucy Steele,
Part 8: Daiya,

Looks like we won't get to joke about the VA anime being the first proper translation of the part.

3.Hol Horse and Super Barby Brothers
4.Rohan and Kira
5. Prosciutto, Pesci and Ghiaccio
6. Weather and Annasui
7. Ringo, Diego and Funny
8. I just can't.

>Believing he's an actual alien
He's a sperglord who's either brainfucked or some otherkin faggot who rejects his humanity a-la Dio. There are loads of weird stands in the series, and Earth Wind And Fire (confirmed as a stand by Araki years later) is far from the strangest as far as they come.

Fuck off Alessi

It's truly a great time to be alive. They have 6 more chapters of Doppio/Nero/Abbachio stuff then onto Green Day and Oasis, then the final battle. We're so close.


That guy was fucking savage. I wonder just how bomb Diego's mother's pussy was.

explain how he did not react or saw crazy diamond then ?

>tfw I misread that as emptying all of the ink out of his penis

>Characters made for rape and torture
Weather Report

The same reason he's either pretending or genuinely believing he's an alien, he's fucked in the head.


Sherry Polnareff, that is

Part 1 Speed Weed
Part 2 Joseph
Part 3 Joseph
Part 4 Josuke and Okuyasu
Part 5 Bruno and Mista
Part 6 F.F.
Part 7 Gyro
Part 8 Joubin

>Weather Report
Take it back, asshole.

It was good enough to die for.
>Weather Report
Nigga what.


Gay Priest is here now

Worst brother
Corrupted by Dio's semen

Not for long...

I'm excited as fuck for this movie.

>Pucci wants to rape his brother
>Incest runs in the family
>Unbeknownst to Pucci his parents and sister fucked each other constantly behind his back and never told or invited him because he sucked
>Perla knew about Wes being related to her and was foaming at the clit because of it

What was Araki thinking when he wrote Weather's backstory?

Wait pepole were hating on the DIU movie and now they are really looking foward to it - what happened?

We learned that Takeshi Miike is the director.

Saw a cute Diaya at con yesterday.

>"Is incest really wincest?"

Why there are some many people who are actively trying to ruining his character and enjoyment of him, that's the whole point of Mikitaka, that he is absolutely ambiguous and both theories of him being Morioh's Rupert Pupkin or a real alien are legitimate and inter unprovable at the same time.

Araki: I notice you're lacking a strong backstory behind your character, how would you like me to deal with this?
Weather: Just fuck me up senpai

Acceptable, but
>least favorite fight
>beach boy

I hope they keep all of Mikitaka's antics. But given how much they're cramming into this ep, they'll probably get rid of

>Mikitaka freaking out over sirens
>The ice-cream scene
>Josuke walking up the building
>Miki vomiting as a die

Hope David proves me wrong.

Primary bomb

D-Don't bully Diego!

New thread is ready, boys:

>Your stand is a manifestation of your soul

>implying you wouldn't rape a bitch if it made your stand better

>shit CGI like all wapanese live Action movies
>cast is all over the place,only decent ones are jotaro,yukako and angelo
>chose DiU and not a more self contained part like 1 or 2 because it's in a japanese setting and "would save budget", yet film it in spain because...?
I'm still quite against it desu. Not even Miike can save it.

aww sheeeeit

Explain the arrow and elf ears


It's very unlikely that they're doing 7 chapters this episode so if they end it right on I Am An Alien 4's ending (5 chapters in) then it ends with Josuke making the first throw and Rohan getting suspicious. Then the bulk of the dice game at the start of Highway Star Part 1 which is also pretty likely since it's only two chapters and can be covered fairly quickly without ruining the pacing. Plus Highway Star starts with Josuke running into Rohan the very next day so it'll feel fairly natural in terms of flow.

>>Mikitaka freaking out over sirens
That's in the ""plot"", its important because he hears them second time during the game when they arrive to the Rohan's house
>>The ice-cream scene
Can be
>>Josuke walking up the building
Why? We see them in the tower in the PV, why would they cut walking
>>Miki vomiting as a die
In the ""Plot"" again

Fuck that, give me a SHA roomba any day

How many more episodes until


Was skeptical at first but I liked it more every time I watched it. Current ranking is 4 > 6 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 5

Depending on how they pace it, 8 or 9 probably.

Somewhere around 7 i think


>I liked it more every time I watched it
>5 below everything

>whole ED is miki dancing in a spaceship with cute imagery in the background


This gives me some hope. Thanks user

Fuck that, I wanna see 'em die

Solid 9/10, visuals and lyrics suited the tone of that arc perfectly

"Kill yourself"
- Jesus Christ


What a good fucking taste

Wait i'm dumb, ignore this post.