How can Aoko compete?

How can Aoko compete?

She's not a slut.

No, no, no. We are looking for reasons that put Aoko above her in this thread.

True Magic?

Does aoko's soul can get younger?

I used to be a diehard Aoko fan, but there's just no way to deny it, perfection has been surpassed.

but they have the same body

Good guy.


This and having a superior sister to counterbalance her.
Aoife a shit, Touko a best, Cu a Soujuurou.

Who? I don't remember such character.

It's a character with brown hair. Can you imagine that? Giving a heroine brown hair?

No, I cannot

You're allowed to like both, guys.

You have to decide which one to fuck first in a threesome though.

Well, yeah, but there's no point really


Yes, but only one can be the best.

By not being a copy with different eye and hair color.

Did they fug?

Cumming inside Sensei!

Yes. He also fucked her sister and her daughter.

She taught him the friendship of the thighs. What else could it be other than leglocking during missionary?



So she's a slut?
I don't even know what she's from and I don't like her already

>You'll never experience a thighfuck so great there were stories told of it
Why even consider living?

She really is one. All meme asides.

>not posting the superior version

It's not better.

I don't see any-

Oh my


Not really. A bit tsundere, perhaps.

>I don't even know what she's from

Back to school, son

Scat's experience just makes her sexier.

Same, dammit.
But at least Aoko is a MC in a real game.


Impregnating Sensei!

>Another bait thread...
I could argue my points but I'll be civil, it is fine to like either or even both. Shocking, right? Heck, you could hate both of them or the fact that Scat is the closest thing to character material that will be released for Aoko for the meantime. But a waifu is a waifu.
At least some people still care, damn you Nasu you greedy fuck.

Not being a turbo slut.

When Cu was only 12

/ss/ is the best.

She can't.

Seems to explain why he likes Rider.

Actually, Cu does his very best to avoid Scat because he is afraid of her.

>those thig

Is she slated to be in anything besides the shitty mobile game?

Not yet, but seeing how she is the absolute most popular new Servant we got, I say there is a high chance we get a DLC with her in Extella.

This Kisaragi is developed.

So, if i have a fig of Scathach, it will drive away bad luck?

No, why would it ?

I bet we'll get a fgo Anime.


>The anime willprobably the generic boring male MC
>We will never get Riyo Gudako
>We will never see her lonsing her shit against the gacha
>We will never see her molesting her Servant
>We will never see her insults DW/Type Moon

Tsuki/Melty era Aoko is desperate for Shiki's dick

>The manga jokes about how no one even knows what the male MC looks like

I think they know their audience.

Looking at how they went with a Saberface yet again with the Extra anime I don't have any hope user.


Would Scath be desperate for Shiki's dick, if they met?