Do you prefer newer comedies or older Cred Forums?

Do you prefer newer comedies or older Cred Forums?

People seem to forget about, or likely never even saw the old stuff like Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, or Urusei Yatsura

>roommates keep annoying the mc studing for an important test
>mc fails
>they all laugh at him

Yeah, Japan was kind never good at comedy

What is it with Japs and having a straight man explain each joke in an overexaggerated manner?


Everyone has at least encountered Ranma, holy shit.

a lot of older comedies aren't that good either

I guess I prefer newer. For me Osomatsu-san was a fucking riot. Nichijou is still pretty funny. Sakamoto was aight. I feel its not the type of humor, but the pacing and variety that japs don't understand quite well. Prison school was funny in concept but there was a joke like every 5 minutes which got boring eventually.

You just don't get male camaraderie.

>someone says something silly
>That was a silly thing you just said *BONK*

yeaaaaah, not quite Abbot and Costello tier word play

i prefer to stay away from old anime as their humor is too old that it's actually cringy for me

I like some nostalgia.

>tripfag idiot trying to lecture others on humor
You're as stupid as they come. Filtered.

Truly a stark contrast to today's anime humor, where everything is brilliant!

Such is the idiot's way of thinking.


> Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, or Urusei Yatsura
Out of the 5 million "old" shows you picked the three that are actually regularly talked about here.

We could talk about Lupin III or Akage no An.

It's not so much old vs. new, it's more like exotic/absurd vs. mundane. Maybe Japan sucks at comedy. They do. Maybe us baka gaijin just don't "get it". But the farther they move from ordinary Japanese high-school "misunderstandings". the better they tend to be.

Or City Hunter.

I do like the absurdity of some

Japan as a language does not lend itself to comedy outside of puns, because as we know comedy, their sentence structure ruins most jokes, so they tend to do more physical comedy.

There was one anime, the one with friend club, where they played an rpg, and gave the main character a fucked up name... that entire exchange had me losing my shit more than almost any other comedy anime/japan/american/standup has in decades... cant remember a time when I laughed to the point of pain and kept going but this was one of them.

as for new/old, i honestly prefer sarcasm mixed with a mundane situation taken to an absurd level.


New and Old are both good, but they're not really comparable in these cases. Literally 75% of the comedy situations in Maison Ikkoku are things that would be easily avoided with a quick phone call or something today. Anime is so full of girlyboys, tsunderes and fanservice now that most of the stuff in Ranma would have no impact. Yatsura actually holds up fairly well with both 'styles' of comedy, as its popularity here will tell you, but generally speaking these shows are best enjoyed in an 80s vacuum. They're all great, aside from Ranma's later seasons, but not for everyone.

>People seem to forget about, or likely never even saw the old stuff like Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, or Urusei Yatsura
You're joking?
These are shilled by "us oldfags"people every fucking day.