Hibike! Euphonium S02E01

Script: Jukki Hanada
Storyboard: Tatsuya Ishihara
Episode Directors: Tatsuya Ishihara, Haruka Fujita
Animation Directors: Seiichi Akitake, Yuuki Kakuda

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>Animation Directors: Seiichi Akitake, Yuuki Kakuda
And Kohei Okamura.

Here's our guy.

>7 days


is this the new k-on?



/u/ on suicide watch

So is he getting the girls?

He's getting only one girl(Kumiko)


No one's getting Kumiko but me.

Let it go and move on, Reina



I bet she's with Hazuki. Make Shuichi x Hazuki happen, Kyoani.

She wont give up!

>And then I told that beta-ass faggot to fuck off and took you out on a date


What did she mean by this?

He wants the tomboy pussy.

Do you have the Yuuko one?

What, you want another 80 kilobyte sample image?



feel so tsun

What is he doing is a lesbian show!?



I would still love reina no matter what!

Kumiko pls.



> I M P L Y I N G

Ishihara and Fujita? Nice.


Time for /u/

Yuri or het, the shitstorms will be glorious and I don't even watch this show

>So is he getting the girls?

No, but he's getting corn dogs

best girls (only friends)

not forgotten


serious Natsuki

Still perfect as ever.

Starting today, I'm Taki-senseis boyfriend.
Nice to meet you.

this season's Reina is here.

Kyoani going full homo would be pretty fun

Can someone post memes for this show

I suspect KyoAni will cut her screen time and Kumiko will end up with Mizore.

seems like he's in the festival I thought he got rejected for reina or perhaps Kyoani is adding shit.

The only noteworthy meme this show produced is using adolescence as a synonym for girls loving girls.
And even that is slowly being forgotten.

>less Yamada involvement in S2 due to Koe no Katachi, leaving Ishihara to pick up the slack

Ishihara is shit, there's no way he'll be able carry the show as well without Yamada.

Good to see my boy still at it

I've havnt watched the first season, is it good? I like SoL's and comedays. Does this have a tiny bit of either?

He could do it with Fujita.

Competition drama

so i wont like it? thanks

Sweet regurgitated opinion

You know I'm right. Ishihara is a hack with shit taste.

Still try it out, it's just a good show in general and it starts out kinda like you're hoping

No I don't think so


>storyboard: Ishihara
>ep director: Ishihara and Fujita
I always welcome Ishihara in charge of 1st episode. It's always fun.

>he thinks Yamada will bring your delusional yuri end
>he forgets Yamada thinks all of the yuribaits she made is just adolescence

Reminder that Yamapoo would never bless us with something like this.

>Yuuki Kakuda

Since Phantom World yes.

I don't think you understand the broader symbolism of the scene. She's drinking out of a pink flower shaped bowl, and Reina has a little pink flower decoration on her sash, over her uterus. It's about a hundred times more lewd than just hand holding.


>3 animation directors for one episode
Is KyoAni finished?

Isn't it a double episode

Whoa really? I'm so excited, Eupho is one of the best shows we've had in a long time. Glad it's getting such good treatment.

Ishihara did the storyboard for both episodes?

Yeah it's supposed to be an hour long special. Get hyped

>2 episode directors
>3 animation directors
>on episode 1
Production disaster confirmed, KyoAni is fucked. The only thing they have working for them is their schedule and now they don't even have that.


its over, /u/ is destroyed.

it's like Christmas

Ishihara is the best KA director. His episodes are always great.

But Ishihara made Shinka and Deko gay.

Wrong Ishi.

Ishidate is best KA director and he does VEG

Yamada is best series director. Kigami is best episode director.

Yamada is a hack.
Ishihara can least do fun.
Takemoto is old talent.
Ishidate is new talent.
Kigami shoudnt be let direct anything and stick to animation.

And Yamakan is best.

VEG is going to be Kyoukai no Kanata tier.

I agree with this but add Takemoto and Fujita to good episode directors.

This is the only thing I'm watching this season. Well, so far.

I'm not even kidding. This season sucks so bad.

Me too but I'm still a little hopeful for Flip Flappers.

Pretty much this.
Also Ishidate will probably be the 2nd best, because he does things with heavy thematic elements like Yamada. Ishihara is a bore lately(Chu22 and Phantom World) and so is Takemoto.


>※初回は、10月5日(水) 24:00 ~ 25:00の放送となります。

1 hour of rare Kumikos.

>VEG is going to be Kyoukai no Kanata tier.
VEG is the best novel since Humanity has declined. If anything the only doubt is if KyoAni could do it justice.

>Reina is lesbian

My boy Shuichi is so alpha

The market will crash. Hope you've been shorting.

Kumiko is going to cure her.


Madoka despises Homura.
Sayaka doesn't love Kyoko.
Hibiki doesn't love Miku.
Yuuna doesn't love Togo thank god.
Nanoha doesn't love Fate.
Sakura has long abandoned Tomoyo.
Kumiko and Reina both want a dick and are adolescent, not gay.
All the girls in shows like Yuru Yuri, Sakura Trick, Yuyushiki and such are just in a phase and will all marry men.

Yuri is never real outside of shitty hentai for degenerates and that is never love, just lust. Lesbians are not loved by anyone they know.

Yamada and Kigami are very much a notch above anyone else on Kyoani. Koe no Katachi hype.

Nearly everything I've heard about the LN sounds terrible.

Nope. Shoe1 will cure Kumiko with his delicious yogurt first.

Kumiko needs a rough corndogging

Well, yuri is all about suffering and DRAMA so it being one sided love sounds okay.
>They will want a dick in the future
That's what you say but in the timeframe they exists that is not happening. Your post is as bad as saying "anime is not real"

5 D A Y S

>1 hour if yuri

Gonna be fun

>Yuru Yuri
>Sakura Trick
Those things are not like the others.

Well, you are an ignorant fag that bases his impressions on summaries and false pretenses. You can read the first chapter since its already translated, people already ordered and recieved the novel here and story and spoilers are known if you care to look.

Kill yourself newfag.


Yuri is not about suffering nor drama. Josei is.

Yuri is about SEX/sexual frustration. Always laugth when someone tells things like "purest form of love", considering platonic relationships do not exist in Yuri by definition, since what defines is is not friendship and admiration, but Lust.

How does it feel to be so wrong

You tell.

Enjoy your disappointment! Biggest case of misplaced hype I can think of.

That would be Kizumonogatari

>strong source material
Yeah sounds disappointing, my boy.

You might be right.

>strong source material

If that's what you said. It's reassuring that there's somebody here that read the novel. You do read the novel right?

There's a translation of chapter 1 and the prose is better than practically all LNs. Aside from one cliche scene it's pretty good.

That's just adolescence.

Ep 1: 5d 11m

I might cry, it's so close

Honestly at this point I think IRC is hyping this up like they did to Kyoukai No Kanata so that they get to laugh at retards when Ishidate comes up with another bad project. If in the next seasons we're going to get 2ch sales predictions for VEG know that this was done by IRC.

I wonder if i should rewatch it.

Pretty much this, it'll be a total shit project just we knew how Koe no Katachi would end up.

Hey dude, at least ultimatemegaxx says that it's actually a good light novel.

Of course, that doesn't have to mean anything at all, and ultimatemegaxx might have utterly shit taste in Japanese young adult literature, but eh.
At least it's not something utterly mundane.

Is this yuri


Have you read it or heard the spoilers from others who have? It reminds me most of a Key-esque melodrama, written to target the emotions. Take that as you will, but I personally really dislike that kinda thing.

Koe no Katachi ended up good on both financial and reviews levels.

>Key-esque melodrama
did we read the same thing?

But we knew Koe no Katachi would end up great, and it seems like that's what we're in for.

Nah, can't see it being a bad project. Ishidate already has shown improvement with Mirai-hen and now he's working with much better material. Hopefully Yoshida is series composer since Hanada is on Hibike.

Mirai-hen was terrible.

What? Someone will die or get cancer?

Explain yourself.

>ishidate and reiko
I approve.
They worked on the best Phantom World episode together.

Trashy everything, same as the show. I don't see how it improved in any way.



What an empty response. You might as well have not posted.

I haven't even seen KnK, but I always enjoy posts like this, which describe nothing and really give me an idea of why their opinion should be trusted.

It still has Yamada.

Yamada didn't work on Ep1. She worked on everything else. Also to everyone talking shit about ep1
>hating an Ishihara episode
He makes the most fun episodes of all time. Fuck you faggots.

Everyone will love the episode when it comes out.

They are not lesbians at all. On episode 8 during the date it's all banter

Crunchyroll will only show 30 minutes since they didn't know that it was a double episode and the translation wasn't ready for a simulcast.

>Yamada nowhere in the credits
>people still think she's the most responsible for Hibike and not Ishihara

If Ishihara is so good, why are the shows solely led by him bad?

>>Yamada nowhere in the credits
What's it like being a retard? Can you put on your own socks?

I think the shows you're calling bad have source material you don't like to begin with, right?

>Clannad S1
>Chu2Koi S1
He's just bad at 2nd seasons. But his stuff is usually fun as fuck and has thicc girls.

Those are all pretty bad. I like Ishihara but I'm not about to defend those as good shows.





My boy Shuichi gonna close that distance you just watch

it would be glorious if someone add reina beside kumiko.

Nowhere in the first episode retard. Comprehension much?

None of those were "fun"

Goddamn he's such a beta male with no personality.

>moving goalposts

>Kumiko and Reina on a date in yukata at the festival
>Shubitchy there by himself like a total loser

My fucking sides

After Story was his only good solo work and it was still disgusting Keyshit.

She didn't have her name included in 10 out of the 13 episodes of the first season.
Besides Kanon everything I listed was fun as fuck. Not really Ishihara's prob that you're a faggot.

Not really. OP posted the credits for first episode and her name is not in there. That's what I was responding to.

Ishihara is fucking garbage. Takemoto's stuff is much more fun.

Can't wait for my nigga Shuichi to crush /u/ withj no survivors.

/u/ is going down


Explain THAT yurishitters

Please stop, I don't want you to cry latter on


>Just fuck my shit up LS!
>Just put me to sleep Hyouka
>Just pander to me to death Sento's Amazing Tits


Will we ever be able to have quality non-shitposting threads?

WTF, I hate KyoAni now
( sarcasm)

>Th-that's what I was responding to! Really!
You are literally either backpedaling this hard or you really are a retard.

No. Never.

mfw, people think he gonna win

I want to depict yurilesence

she loves him like god. it is not a romantic or sexual love, but a worship.

Sure thing man. Whatever you want to believe.

These threads are nothing compared to the threads that aired between episode eight and thirteen Everyone is just taking pot-shots at each other; no one is actually arguing with each other.

Truly a progressive and tolerant anime

Why this can't be hetbait?
it make more sense

Ishihara is just a hack. His only good anime was Clannad AS. Meanwhile all the good stuff he worked on like Haruhi and Hibike were great because of other people. He can't carry a show to save his life and he certainly doesn't know how to make anything fun. You probably have really low standards if you like his tripe.

Don't think you can get away with being wrong this easily, Anonymous.
I hope it bothers you for the rest of the day.

Chuu2 first season was (mostly) good.

Jesus fuck you're petty.

lmao I thought you called him pretty

Lesbians need to be sent to bible camp to overcome their affliction.

What's that?
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of your self esteem dropping.

I read that too, and felt a bit like a little girl.

You guys are arguing like fucking yurifags and vanillafags. Get a room already.

or a missionary school. Its the best way to keep them pure.

I have a feeling season 2 will shit the bed.

Only Shinka

Shinka is shit

I have a feeling S2 will be better.


It will. Season 1 was carried by Kumiko's relationship with Reina and her resulting character development. That's all done with in season 2, and the focus instead will be on generic drama between side characters.

Because it's not about a boring autist like Reina.

How rare is too rare?

Why does Cred Forums easily triggered by lesbians but not fags?

The fag population is way smaller here.

>I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of your self esteem dropping

>says the one posting in Cred Forums

That's real cute. If anything it feels like you're the one with issues. You could've done the more sensible thing and ignore my posts to begin with but I guess not?

>The fag population is way smaller here.
>That homo general that's always up
>Trap threads all the time
>Mob Psycho threads
I absolutely trust your judgment.

I'm normally like yuris. I like Saki and Strike Witches. Heck, I even like shitty yuri show like Sakura Trick. And although I've never gone to /u/ I like to participated in said anime's thread here.

But this timein I'm so disappointed in you guys to be honest. Hibikek thread used to be really good and most of us talk more about music and band stuff and whatsnot. Now is just never ending circle of stupid name calling and image spamming.

Of course there's the possibility these "people" that has been shitposting for months are just some no-life falseflagging shitposter turds but I really doubt that.

>implying I'd miss this chance to funpost

I didn't say it's nonexistent. Try comparing it to yuri people.

>like yuris
You're part of the problem.

There's literally no problem at all to liking yuri in the yuri show. But Hibike Euphonium is certainly not one of them.

Is there a yuri general? All I see is those dumb does Cred Forums like/hate yuri threads?

That's the thing. They're all over Cred Forums in various threads for shows considered yuri by them instead of sitting in their box and not bothering anyone.

>they didn't know that it was a double episode
Sure are being professional over there.

You really think Haruhi is entirely an Yamakan show or Nichijou is entirely an Ishidate show or the Haruhi movie is entirely Takemoto or Hibike is entirely Yamada? We don't know for sure the extend of Ishihara's involvement in those shows.
Also I don't think that he's a bad director, it's just that he concentrated too much on the otaku type of humor. If he can suppress that then I think he can be just as good as the other directors.

>Eupho2um threads will be nothing but shitposting

is based wieners our guy?

he's Kumiko's guy

i het these threads.

Yurially need to lighten up, user.

such gay laughter

It's less "cute girls do cute things" and more like "cute girls play instruments"
>Tubacabra is best girl


Why is Reina grabbing Shu's hand?

Okay but really will Shuichi and Chewba get together? The cutest.



What do the comments say?

Can someone post that pasta about Asuka being too tall? I haven't seen it in a while

>this kinda pisses me off
>if it were me, I'd fall for her
>look at alla dem leg shots
>just fuck (go out) already
>normalfags a shit
You know, that sort of thing.

Who remembers about meme octopus hair?

>Who remembers
Looks like you haven't been browsing the threads in the off season.

let me remind you

>ugly as fuck
>meme octopus hair
>no concept of fashion sense in everyday life
>acts like insufferable bitch with other people except one girl
>tries to cosplay a turbo lesbian with that girl just because she wants to make one guy feel salt
>voiced by literally who and makes a stupid noises

>not too girly
>absolute 10/10 personality
>has pussy wrapped around her finger

Don't you dare say shit about my gf

>it's an Ishihara episode

>it's an adolescence episode

>it's a Fujita episode

>i want to blog more about my bandfag days
Fuck off.




Don't respond to the shitposting ESL.

People telling Kumiko is a lesbian are deluded. Kumiko is obsessed with her sister, wanting to become like her - and her sister is a slut that sucks at least 10 dicks a day.

>her sister is a slut that sucks at least 10 dicks a day.
Ok, but how many slits a day?

Ep 1: 4d 17h 8m

Yeah, there's livechart.me and other such trackers, you know.
It airs on Thursday with keijo!!!!!!!!!
That is all you need to know.

>wanting to become like her
I think you got something reaaaally backwards here

No, he's right, actually.

I want more Taki-sensei.

What? She despises her sister for leaving the trombone to study for her exams, and she even fights with her because her sister tells her to be like her and Kumiko doesn't want to, because she likes the Euphonium.

I love Reina!

Reina pleases Taki for LOVE

Reina more like GAYna haha

which of these fine straight ladies would you take to the beach?


She's bi and Kumiko will make Reina swing her way.

Nozomi. The thickest.


>no Yamada

>nozomi will never play your flute


All I want in life's a little bit of Midori to take the pain away

>those Nozomis


>Nozomi is big girl.
How tall is she, again?


Nozomi is 159cm, Natsuki and Yuuko are both 156cm and Mizore is 154cm

Kumiko's 162cm making her taller than all of them

would you make love to Kumiko?

My lord Yuuko is stacked.

I always got the impression that MIzore was taller than everyone but shes actually really short

New girl has a pretty lewd body.

Them perfect modest sized breasts.

Goliath genes

fuck, ribbons and Natsuki are so cute

>all the other sluts wearing bikinis
>Mizore wearing a one piece that covers her tummy

Anime for nerds

Yuuko has better body than I thought. Her student uniform hide her body really well.

Is it because camera angle that Nozomi looks so thick.

Sorry for the late reply.
Kumiko obviously joined band at all because she wanted to be like her sister. She even wanted originally play trombone like her too, but got stuck with the euphonium. She of course still wanted to play it even now, which we see when we see her consider dropping the euphonium for it. Although that's probably no longer due to a conscious desire to be like Mamiko. In any case, it at least proves she still holds the trombone in a special place in her heart. Although if I remember correctly, she also just likes the way you play it.

She may not show it on the outside, but there's likely also still a small amount of Kumiko that also wishes for her sister's approval. Or at least doesn't like her sister's disapproval. We see this a few times, like when she comes home with her euphonium and Mamiko goes "mata eupho jan".

It's just a little hard to notice these things on account of Kumiko being such a teenager when it comes to her sister. Or her family in general.