Which one, senpai?

Which one, senpai?




Fuck Mars, Jupiter, Venus (in that order)
Marry Mercury
Kill Moon

A true connesiuer there!

Mars = Venus > Jupiter > who cares > Moon

Switch Moon with who cares, and then we'll talk.

Imagine a threesobe with Mars and Venus.

Stop, I can't fap just now.

Just think, user. Consider the benefits.

I wish those were Venus canon curves.


But they're not legal.

She's too good, guys.

Whatever. I like Venus better.


Fuck off, Mars.
You smell like a bunch of failed Nasa experiments.



I don't get it.

Go die in a hole, Mars.


You're liking this. Aren't you, Mars.

You just want me to keep posting reaction faces of Mars.

Yes. Do it.
Keep posting.

Give me a rare, good Venus before I do that.


Already have that.

true story

>at a friend's place smoking some dosh, playing some vidya, talking about crazy stuff
>suddenly the topic moves to sailor moon
>ask him who's his waifu
>he says Ami
>no way dude, Ami is MY waifu
>no, she's mine
>we go on for a few minutes
>tell him okay okay, you can get Ami... but I get Usagi!
>his fucking face when

Why wasn't the masked guy fucking them all?

Jupiter, Venus, Mars,Mercury are GOAT
the rest is pure shit

I don't remember much from my childhood. Do the girls have 1 specific boyfriend or do they get new ones as the seasons go?


Usagi does for obvious reasons.

The Inner Senshi have often been paired with Endymion's generals/lieutenants (and Venus also a slut). The Outer Senshi have Uranus and Neptune sticking together, Saturn being Saturn, and Pluto being Pluto.

Minako by day, Haruka at night

She's right, you know? But what are you going to do about it?

I want a doujin of tuxedo mask+ sailor harem.
I want to self-insert.

Venus is waifu for laifu.
I made that decision 20 years ago and haven't wavered once.

Do you cheat as often as she does?

We have an open relationship. At the end of the day though, we always come back to each other. Sometimes with company.


I didn't know that Venus is so popular on Cred Forums.

>mischievous but not malicious
>most experienced member of the team due to her time as Sailor V
>You know she's pure because of the prick Danburite's curse
>Will buck up anyone who messes with someone she cares about.
>Wouldn't be opposed to you checking out other girls as long as you extended her the same courtesy in regards to men
What's not to love?

>>Will buck up anyone who messes with someone she cares about.
that was supposed to be "fuck up," but she's also good at cheering people up, so it's still accurate.

>What's not to love?
>Wouldn't be opposed to you checking out other girls as long as you extended her the same courtesy in regards to men

I suppose if there was only thing about her someone might object to, it would be that. I'm fine with it though.

What's the name of that artist who always names his Sailor Moon doujins after JoJo Stands?

>she fucks around with all kind of guys and you are the only one that has to pay for her presents and listen to her bullshit

>she fucks around with all kind of guys
Given her prior track record, I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. Even if we include me her success with me in her dating bating average in this hypothetical situation, her record is still deplorable.

I bet you love the idea of kissing her mouth after she gave some random guys blowjobs.

Honestly, I'm more worried about her fucking her fellow Sailors than I am ever successfully landing a guy.
You can cut the sexual tension between her and Usagi with a knife. Rei too.

>sexual tension between her and Usagi
To be fair though, everyone has sexual tension with Usagi.
Even her Future Self.
Even her Future Child.


> Danburite's curse
Please explain further .Shirou meme

Weird question, there's a Senshi for every planet (plus Endymion for Earth), some asteroids, and so on.

Is there any representative for the sun?

At the very end of the Sailor V manga, the villain makes a half-curse half-prediction that Minako will never find love because she will always consider protecting Usagi more important than being with the person she loves.
As was stated, the sexual tension between Usagi and Minako can be cut with a knife, and this scene is a big part of it.

Helios maybe? I'm not 100% sure.

Sad for Minako, Venus will never have the Benis.

Black Dog

Yeah, it sucks for Minako. But it's great for me, I fucking love that scene. While Minako was my waifu long before I read the Sailor V manga, said manga is probably how she has managed to hold onto that spot for so long.


since no one here likes Usagi, I'll be more than happy to take her

>ctrl-F jupiter
>3 matches
>not one image


That's because you're 12.

Did you watch the episode where they stay over at his house and literally fight over his dick?


I choose the feminine one

She will always love Mamoru more than you.
Rei too probably.

>she will always consider protecting Usagi more important than being with the person she loves.

I fucking hate this about the manga. Usagi is the most important Mary Sue thing in the universe and everyone else is just all too happy to shove their feelings aside to put up with her fuck ups.

>I fucking hate this about the manga
It is exactly the same in the anime. They may call her out more often, but anime Usagi is much more incompetent than manga Usagi, and in the end everyone is just as eager to die for her.

Well, considering everything that happens in the manga, it's pretty safe to say that Usagi would do the same for everyone else

Considering that's what she does.

Wtf, I hate Usagi more now.

I would blame Naoko but given the tankoubon afterwords it seems the editor is a yurifag otaku.

How does someone hate Usagi? I literally don't get how that happens. She's well meaning and kind without being perfect and flawless. She's exactly the kind of person you'd want as a friend in real life, why would you hate her in fiction?

She's annoying. dumb and bland.

Congrats on listing her flaws without considering her strong points. You can do that with all the Sailor Senshi
>Ami: insecure and physically weak with poor communication skills
Rei: Overinflated ego, stubborn, and a gigantic bitch
Makoto: Insecure, stubborn, and can't get over her ex-boyfriend.
Minako: Everything bad about Usagi turned up a notch
Pluto: Keeps secrets that could save lives, expects trust without giving it in return, is willing to murder an innocent child
Uranus: Doesn't care if anyone other than Neptune dies, looks down on everyone except her fellow Outers, willing to murder an innocent child
Neptune: Doesn't care if anyone other than Uranus dies, looks down on anyone who except her fellow Outers, willing to murder an innocent child
Saturn: Okay, I can't really think of anything of Saturn off the top of my head, which is somewhat of a condemnation in and of itself

See, everyone can sound bad if you only look at their negative traits.

Dat awkward moment where you wake up from a dream where you were spooning Haruka

Saturn: sickly, a bit of a debbie downer, mentally unbalanced/unpredictable (if we're doing the S version)

Also, I'm only doing this for shits and giggles. It in no way warrants any kind of hatred for this sweet young lady

>Rei: Overinflated ego, stubborn, and a gigantic bitch
Why did you list pro Rei arguments?

>spooning Haruka
I could see a case for Michiru being bisexual, but I'm pretty sure Haruka is 100% lesbian and would punch you in the face for that.

I don't hate them either, any of them. I was just pointing out that only listing someone's bad traits will, of course, make them sound bad. Which is what was doing.

I suppose everyone is allowed their preferences, but most people would consider those bad things.


Youre not legal!

>Your waifu is literally this autistic.

no u!

My favourite is Usagi, seriously
please dont bully


Reminder that Rei and Usagi are officially the same height.



Why would anyone bully you for liking Usagi?

Good taste. She gets a lot of undeserved hate.
I still like The other inner senshi more though.

for a night.
for life.

Enough of small talk...Let's ask the question everyone wants ask - Is Tuxedo Mask a cuck?

Love Isao's obsession with the senshi specifically Jupiter. He draws them just the way I like them

How so?

>Is Tuxedo Mask a cuck?
Of course not.
She may look at other dudes, but the Stars ark proves that at the end of the day, there is only one dick Usagi really wants.

We have this discussion every few days.

It's an important topic, and we need to make sure everybody is on the same page at any given point.

Great taste, user. I mean it.

That's true I suppose.

I have always stayed by the side of the one with the most talent. Not just that "talent," either.

She seems to be lacking in "talent" there.

Venus looks like this one time Satoshi/Ash was dressed like a girl.


I wanna get in between Rei and Ami

Cystal S4 When?

And that is just a disgusting image. Have a better one.

It was necessary to contract the abomination the was flat Mako.

Mercury and Jupiter are best girls
Uranus is a sideways cunt
Venus is a backwards slut

No, but Usagi is

She's wearing an apron, bending her body down and away from the viewer, and honestly would still be bigger than the rest of the girls if they were present in that picture.


Genetically that's only 50% cuckoldry, since Chibiusa is half Usagi.